Thursday, 31 December 2009

The Global Warming Scam

At long last the scientific world is waking up to the global warming scam and is replying with actual scientific reasoning and data which contradicts all the nonsense being pushed at us by the MSM (mainstream media).

This blog has been in the doldrums for a while because frankly I was despondent. I appeared to be repeating myself endlessly and yet Gordon the Moron and his dodgy crew continue to pillage the country unopposed. Our wealth is being flushed down the toilet as he continually concentrates on any policy which will destroy the country he supposedly leads.

A couple of days ago I was steered to a blog entitled 'Sort of Political' whose author appears to be Canadian. On 22 December he tackled the Global Warming scam big time. I wish I knew how to post a link but just Google 'sortofpolitical' and learn the truth behind all this nonsense. It has a four part 'Youtube' feature on Professor Bob Carter an Australian scientist who 'torpedoes' the Global Warming scam with alacrity. I warn you it will cost you some time because the research is extensive but if you wade through the evidence then you will laugh at the Global Warming scam forevermore.

So then why are all the major western powers climbing on the bandwagon and what was Copenhagen all about? As usual it appears to be about finance and the bankers. They are planning a major financial killing built around the sale of carbon credits. This is the bit that my limited intelligence and knowledge cannot grasp but there are plenty who will grasp it and so Al Gore and his merry band of climate conspirators have been rumbled.

The people who torpedoed the Copenhagen bun fight should earn our undying gratitude because they may have saved the taxpayer huge sums of money. I get the feeling that an awful lot of time and effort has been invested in this attempt to mislead the public and so it will not be easily destroyed. The effort has been made by the very people who control world finance and world media.

I sometimes get the feeling that corruption is endemic in the banking industry, the media and the political class. Wherever we look these days we see sleeze where people in power are inevitably trying to feather nests with public money. It is really quite disturbing mainly because honest men appear to have disappeared in this country. I hope that I am wrong but sometimes I get the impression that the blogosphere is the last refuge of the honest man.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

On the verge of the 'Teenies'...who will arise from the Council Estates?

Well one of the most disastrous decades ever embraced by our beleagured country is about to end. We enter the next decade, already being the dubbed 'the Teenies' as opposed to the 'Noughties' (who thinks up this rubbish) and we must start to recognise that we have a real fight on our hands if we are to reclaim the hereditary lifestyle that we have all taken for granted.

You know things like, freedom of speech, our home is sancrosanct, we are responsible for our family, we have freedom of movement and we are a democratic country. Let's just take all of these native born rights and bring them up to date.

Freedom of speech...our native humour was always based on the ability to take the mickey out of each other. Jokes about, Jocks, Taffys, the Irish, and every regional stereotype were the backbone of the country. We roared at Fawlty Towers, Dad's Army, Blackadder etc etc and all would now be condemned as unsuitable. I even winced at some of the repeats of the 'Two Ronnies' which shows the state of British comedy!

There are also reports that armies of government officials are being trained up to invade our homes so that they can decide what tax they can demand from us. Let them try!

The schools are forever, under the watchful eye of Ed Balls, forced to adopt government rulings particularly with regard to sex. We have no control what they will force feed our kids in the name of education. Our kids are no longer being educated they are being indoctrinated. We, of a certain generation, already know that the general knowledge of this generation and the previous generation does not equip them for the challenges which will face them.

This abysmal government has welcomed into this country, during the past decade(and even before that) all the enemies of society. All the brothers of Islam have wandered in under various guises and been openly welcomed by NoLab politicians anxiously seeking votes. Surprise, surprise people of 'British' nationality are trying to blow up planes.

We, the ordinary traveller, the real British citizen (as opposed to the world traveller who only adopts British citizenship when their crimes are discovered...China...?) now have to submit to undignified searches (who is winning this war?) and yet I could detect any potential enemies of the state. Well let me rephrase that... I could tell you who was not a threat to the state.

Finally the threat to our democracy... well that disappeared years ago, actually about the time that Ted Heath sold us out to Europe claiming that it was 'only' a Common Market. Ever since then we have never been in control of our country. It is a plot by the former marxists who enslaved the eastern half of Europe for many decades and are now targeting the western half of Europe with the same aims.

Their economic policies failed in the east and are now failing in the west. We are a fantastically wealthy country! Really we have riches beyond our dreams. Every one of us should live our lives out in luxury if we had a half decent political system. Nobody in Britain should live in penury. If we had a government which had policies advocated by the BNP then we may see a return for out taxes.

I am sorry to say but people will have to take to the streets before we reverse the trends. When someone arises from the 'benefit class' who realises that they are being condemned to perpetual poverty by the policies of the Political Class then our country will die.

One day soon a clever kid from the sink estates will rap him/herself in the flag of freedom and off we will go again. I just hope that I live to see it!

Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas Day

We had a wonderful day today having a real British Christmas with our daughter her husband and our two lovely granddaughters. I sometimes think that my family are the backbone of the country because everyone is and has been hardworking, respectable and live their lives on Christian principles.

Some of us believe in God and attend church regularly and others like me are not convinced by religion but I would never decry those members of my family who believe because that is their right and frankly they are better people for their belief.

Mother is 93 and three days before Christmas she fractured her pelvis stepping off the bottom stair in the house. She has not responded well but she is being well looked after in the local Community hospital. I believe that things will change from now on but my theme is family.

My brother died back in 1995 but his family keep in touch. They are really supportive and have regularly visited my mother/mother-in-law/Grandmother even though they have to travel from Derby. My son rang from Edinburgh and my only cousin rang from Hong Kong. We are small but close knit.

We do not have arguments even though we are all educated, independent in thought and qualified in something or other. All my family work nights but all bases are covered even by my wife who often sleeps over to look after our grandchildren, even though the cats sleep on her head!!

Today was magical and lovely and far removed from what is happening in the country today. We are all deserving of government support because we all pay our taxes but regularly we see our money pissed up against the wall by a ridiculous and incompetent Marxist government. Even the granddaughters boo when Gordon Brown appears on television.

This Cabinet will never understand how much they are reviled by the genuine familes of England. If we had a backbone somebody would arise and erect a gallows very close to Downing Street!

Monday, 21 December 2009

Climate Change

In the last couple of days the Met Office has released their stored data regarding rainfall and temperatures since their records began. Now to my mind these are the true records which could decide how much we are warming up as the politicians claim.
With Gordon Brown's reckless claim that he had 50 days to save the world I decided to have a look at how bad the situation actually was.

I took three cities, Armagh, Durham and Oxford at random purely because they were the centres which all had records going back to 1880 and beyond. I also selected them because they represented different areas of the UK.

I then decided to concentrate on July because it is usually the hottest month and I recorded the Met Office temperature for every July since 1880. I then averaged out the temperature for each decade to make the results more easily assimilated.

Here are the results:-

Armagh Durham Oxford
1880's 20.17 20.13 20.92
1890's 21.67 19.87 21.14
1900's 19.39 19.99 21.83
1910's 19.48 18.78 20.72
1920's 19.27 19.20 21.66
1930's 20.57 19.07 21.50
1940's 20.10 20.10 22.22
1950's 19.67 19.67 21.59
1960's 18.35 18.20 20.92
1970's 19.39 19.39 21.87
1980's 19.81 19.81 22.18
1990's 21.30 20.29 22.91
2000's 19.90 20.00 22.54

Note: I apologise that the presentation has compacted in publication. It was much clearer in the edit but the figures can still be seen.

It is incredible! Why are the politicians trying to scare the living daylights out of us. Here is the proof nothing is changing at all. Sometime we get a hot year and at other times it cools down (like now for example!). That is the climate and we cannot change it. All the people who, for whatever reason, have climbed on the global warming bandwagon (like Ed Miliband for example)have tried to con the public.

Friday, 18 December 2009

NoCopenhagen agreement thank God!

The politically conspired Copennhagen conference has failed to reach an agreement which will save most of us a whole ton of money. As we freeze here in Leicestershire then it is very difficult to agree that global warming is viable. It is a nonsense and nobody can blame the Chinese for ignoring it.

John Prescott who has a track record second to none for bullying and is currently on Newsnight looking totally knackered and the fact that he is desperate to justify this climate control policy is interesting. For whatever reason Prescott is absolutely desperate to advance the argument for climate control. That means to me that it is unnecessary, corrupt and out of control. Prescott is the worst of all politicians; he has lived off the hog of the land whilst purporting to represent the common man.

This man was sponsored all of his life by the unions and then decided that he would exploit their patronage by claiming everything that he could as expenses. Probably nobody from the Trade Union movement has ever enjoyed such luxury as John Prescott. He reneged on his background following his affair with Tracey and of course he now has continued to pursue any policy which will cost the country money. He is good at that!

I say again climate control is a politically inspired idea which generates money for those who are unscrupulous because it is a nonsense. It has been concocted by the western powers to explain their profligacy with our money. They can generate any amount of cash if they justify it by claiming climate control. Now that is why Gordon and John Prescott are so supportive of this crap!

In the meantime we freeze in Leicestershire!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

The Death Penalty

There are three cases highlighted in the mainstream media which merit attention. All concern people who have been found guilty of murder when the cases are open and shut. There is no doubt, no debate and no danger that these people committed the crimes for which they have been charged.

Peter Tobin has murdered many, many, women and now he will be held in jail for years at taxpayer's expense. He has totally forfeited any human right that he once had and so why are we keeping him alive?

Similarly we have had the case of the three drug addicts who shot dead the Post Office proprietor who was purely defending his property and thirdly the father who murdered his daughter for dating a guy who in his eyes was not suitable. Now we English have been lectured ad nauseum about diversity and when we get a murder case where ancient customs are blamed for the act then we are told to turn a blind eye.

If we are to admit into our country all these people who have their barbarous traditions then I am afraid we must revert to what some people claim are barbarous punishments. In my opinion crime in this country has become so serious that we must bring back the death penalty for crimes where guilt is uncontested.

Why should we keep an animal like Peter Tobin alive in luxury for the rest of his life? Why should we indulge dreadful Irish drug addicts who are the scum of the earth? Why should we keep alive a man who purely for his 'honour', murders his daughter?

I will vote for any party who advocates the reintroduction of the death penalty!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

The Climate change fiasco!

What the hell is going on? We cannot change the climate! We cannot alter the cycle of the weather. It has been going on for years and will continue to do so.

Hell, what can we get from this Copenhagen farce? It is a purely an effort by the underdeveloped countries to force more money from those who live in better climates. It is a bloody nonsense.

Of course we have a PM who will readily squander tax payers money on almost any hair brained scheme that he can imagine. The idiot Ed Miliband is currently almost admitting that the whole affair has been a waste of time. There is obviously some people who do not believe that this climate change agenda is frankly honest.

The whole thing is doomed to failure and has cost us a bloody fortune. That has to be par for the course for our current NoLab/EU administration. It is a flawed concept engineered by politicians to generate extra finance. What a load of bollocks and when Gordon and Prince Charles flew in separately in private jets when they could have done a conference link... yeah OK guys we still love you... NOT!!!

Two 10 year olds charged with raping an 8 year old!

My God what have we come to in this country? The depths to which we have plunged under the NoLab regime is epitomised by this charge. Despite all the rhetoric of Gordon Brown, Ed Balls and Jack Straw this is what they have led us to. They have destroyed for ideological purposes the hopes, the future and the safety of our children.

They refuse to punish the wicked and therefore they refuse to safeguard the law abiding and the innocent. It has continued unabated for how many years? We have all protested about this attack on our freedom and yet still they continue to destroy the infrastructure of our country. Well Gordon, Jack and Ed now you have the result that you wanted...we have a charge which is so utterly horrific that we cannot ignore it.

Remember Gordon what eventually happened to President Ceacescu (spelling) of Rumania because he ignored the will of the people. You are testing our patience and it is getting worse but constantly you ignore the public outcry.

Posture all you like Gordon because your time will come. If you don't believe us then wait for the future of your former flatmate 'Teflon' Tony who is now very exposed after lying about Iraq. You are not, as you think, omnipotent and one day you will be punished but I cannot think that any punishment would be sufficient for your treachery.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Climate Control

Have we ever in this world seen such an absolute nonsense as the current climate change meeting in Copenhagen? It is a junket and nothing more! They arrive in their limosines and their jets in an age when conference calls are routine.

Climate change is a political ruse and if it isn't then they have sold it very cheaply. In the meantime we freeze earlier than usual and the cycle of unusual events which have been recorded throughout the ages continues.

How can Gordon the Moron throw so much money at 'climate change' when his front line soldiers are dying for the lack of essential equipment. A fraction of the money that he throws at his political causes would probably save lives but he refuses to even countenance that...and we should know why... but we all know why...Gordon does not respect or want our country to succeed. He is a product of Jack Jones and we should all recognise it!

New Labour and the Forces

My last rant was aimed at Gordon Brown but I could never have imagined how predictable he would be. In order to save the lives of the British soldier in Afghanistan he is prepared to scupper RAF Cottesmore, the major employer in Rutland and also to reduce the navy and MOD staff. One can only assume that the people who should be made redundant at the MOD, the ex officers who have wasted millions in arms procurement and contract negotiation will probably be saved.

Now don't get me wrong if he needs to save money then it should be saved because we must protect our front line soldiers. They are dying because this government have been profligate in their priorities. Even now the new Chinook helicopters will not be in service for three years!

The thing that really sticks in my craw is the wasted money being thrown at Europe and Climate Change! We are trillions in debt, we have never been given a referendum on Europe, we are fighting a political war in Afghanistan which frankly we cannot afford and yet Gordon the Moron can announce grandiose plans to waste public funds which we cannot afford on dubious climate change projects.

Gordon obviously doesn't get it because he cannot recognise that he and he alone has 'almost' bankrupted the country! In his almost autistic fashion he ignores his participation in this scandal. He postures around the world always looking ridiculous and ill at ease and even though he has squandered the inheritance of at least a generation he continues to blow our money at every opportunity!

We still await a date for the next General Election and it is no shock to discover that Gordon will wait until the last possible moment for the inevitable. Frankly assassination is too good for this man!

Monday, 14 December 2009

Gordon Brown and Afghanistan

My oh my there must be an election of the horizon! For how many years has Gordon Brown ignored the requests from the military for finance to combat the lethal IED which have killed so many of our soldiers? So after one photo opportunity which included his hapless attempt to shake the hand of a saluting soldier he now announces that he is allocating money for the forces!

Wow! Gordon the Moron is allocating money to the forces. He has spent a lifetime contracting the forces, depriving them of essential funding so that he could downgrade their importance, downgrade their needs and downgrade their tradition. Gordon Brown has spent a lifetime opposing the forces because he has the Marxist, political and ideological attitude which is of course diametriacally opposed to his own.

Soldiers make instant decisions, Gordon does not. Soldiers think of their mates, Gordon does not. Soldiers are brave, Gordon is not. Soldiers face down their enemies Gordon does not. How dare he try to align himself with the forces after decades of trying to deny them the funds which would have saved so many lives.

He is a disgrace and always will be. Hapless is too good for this man...he is really in the same position as the man who sponsored him...Jack Jones. Read about Jack Jones elsewhere...!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

The Policing Pledge

I keep seeing adverts on this political gesture called 'The Policing Pledge'. The so called 'Policing Pledge' is interesting because it highlights all the things that the police should be doing and do not. We in Leicestershire know all about this because apparently Leicester is the city with the worst crime record in the country!

This multicultural nightmare is also one of the lowest in the Education ladder. It goes on and on and we all know it. There are some areas in Leicester where one can play the game 'spot the white face'. I am not denegrating the immigrants because I do not blame them for coming to a 'promised land'. I do however, blame the NoLab politicians, who encouraged them here and then left them to fend for themselves.

We could not afford the influx of these immigrants because they came from all over the world and we could not even afford to give them the police protection because frankly the police reneged on everything that the 'Policing Pledge' advocates. We had the case recently where a woman and her daughter were so desperate about bullying that the mother set fire to their car and committed suicide.

If that was not sufficient to provoke resignations and we were assured that the police would react in future. They were frankly lying because yet another case has emerged in Blaby where out of control teenagers made life hell for families and requests for police assistance were surprise, surprise ignored!!

This 'Policing Pledge' appears to ignore the City of Nottingham and there was a case in Loughborough recently where every police presence in the town was diverted to a brawl in one pub.

The 'Policing Pledge' is a political trick. They are spending millions on covering their tracks. They obviously know what they should be doing because the 'Policing Pledge' covers it all. They cannot do it because NoLab have destroyed our police force and replaced them with a neutered, politically correct, scared to act, useless set of pseudo police, who even if they caught a criminal (Ha!) do not have the physical strength to detain them.

I know that is a sweeping statement and that we do have strong policeman but they are vastly outnumbered by the fat, female, weak, gormless individuals who patrol our streets. One of whom recently pulled up in her car and asked me directions to the local police station...aaaagh!

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The Iraq Enquiry and this Government

Could anything get much worse? Military leader after leader are now coming forward to humiliate the NoLab government over their inability to cope or organise the post situation in Iraq. There is a general malaise in this government as they are unable to cope with anything other than political spin and ideological doctrine.

This is their world and even today in parliament when they admit that they have got everything wrong they continue to play politics. The pre-budget report today was horrendous. Nothing is the fault of Gordon Brown or his cohorts and of course it is all the fault of ther dastardly Tories and their wealth and private education!

They have bankrupted us and yet they rely on puerile political point scoring to blind the concrete brained NoLab traditionalists to hopefully win the next election. Make no mistake about it they only care about power. They have no plans for the future but they do want any incoming goverment to inherit a totally impossible situation!

You see where people like Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling are concerned it is all about power. It is not about me and you, or the country, or patriotism because in essence it is all about them! These privileged Marxists who have never had to struggle are prepared to bring down the whole country just to fulfill their political ambitions.

Assasination is really too good for them!

The Pre Budget Report

Well there we go then our Chancellor of the Exchequer has spoken and promised us more of the same! No plans to really reduce our borrowing but plenty of plans to keep going directly on the suicidal course that they set ten years ago. The problem is of course that, as I blogged almost two years ago, it is unsustainable.

We cannot have a bloated public sector and a crippled private sector. Someone has to pay for all the quangos and committees who contribute nothing to the economy. In addition major companies, almost national institutions, are closing down one after the other. The New Labour Project however, must continue even though I predicted that it would ruin the country.

It is really simple. We cannot afford the huge sums which disappear into thin air every year. We are no longer a major player on the world stage. We are fighting a war that we cannot afford. This war has lingered longer that the Second World War and we are still no nearer the end. Life is cheap in Afghanistan and they have many, many volunteers to keep our soldiers pinned down for as many years as they wish.

I do not believe that this war has anything to do with protecting our borders. We could do that easily ourselves if the government had the will. I don't believe either that climate change is man made. I don't believe that we have to be in Europe. In fact I don't believe a word that this corrupt and incompetent government thrusts upon us.

They have been liars and cheats from the very onset of taking power and it does not escape me that so many of then have incredibly dodgy political backgrounds. The early Marxist links of so many of the Cabinet and their dealings with so many twentieth century communist organisations makes them extremely difficult to trust.

Perhaps that is where the New Labour Project was initiated.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

I see that my visit counter has ceased to operate. I know that is not operating because I personally know who visits this blog and how often. If cannot operate in an impartial manner then I will close down and learn from my mistakes on this blog.

It is really disheartening. I did not begin this blog for commercial revenue but to have a voice. To disown a blog because it is either not commercial or not politically correct surely goes against all the rules of British impartiality.

Monday, 7 December 2009

What next?

I have not posted for a while because quite frankly I have been almost repeating myself for the past two years. Since I began this blog I cannot believe that things in Britain have got so much worse. Everything is disastrous. It does not matter where we look things cannot be worse. The Marxists of the seventies are in charge of the asylum and we are all paying for it.

People who were supported and sponsored by known traitors now rule the roost and are determined to make us pay. One cannot ruin the economy of a major western power unless you are devoted to doing it. Throughout the past two years I have been banging on about this and yet they have still managed to get us to the point of 'almost' bankruptcy.

The problem is that we all know it and yet we let them time after time to ruin us. Mass Immigration, loss of financial control of the banks, the NHS, Education and Welfare all run by Quangos instead of the professionals.

When Gordon Brown at last visited the military ward of Selly Oak three quarters of the soldiers refused to meet him. That was actually a mistake they should have throttled the living daylights out of him. It would probably have made them feel a helluva sight better for their grievous injuries. This week the British Legion once again asked me to increase my monthly contribution to the cause because so many soldiers require not only physical but mental help. We have now been in Afghanistan longer than it took to win the Second World War!

It goes deeper because apparently the very mention of Peter Mandelson brought boos from an audience watching 'Countdown'! Now that gives me real hope because if the audience of 'Countdown' wants to protest then perhaps the wounds of the country are beginning to really annoy the silent majority.

It illustrates the innate sensitivity of the British majority. We all know that we have been cheated, reviled and disregarded. We do not want the political situation that has been forced upon us. I can only suggest that whoever we vote for at the next election we disown the scum that currently occupy and have disgraced our Parliament.

Oh dear I have been told to lighten up but it is so, so, difficult when so much damage is being done which will affect my lovely granddaughters and their friends. I am currently watching the widow of SSgt Olaf Schmidt and I am in tears. It is Newsnight and she is doing a grand job. She was superb! Sorry I am too emotional to continue..

Wednesday, 2 December 2009


So yet more troops poured into this country which history shows cannot be defeated by force. They love it! Their warlords have been rejecting foreign invasion for centuries and yet our beloved leaders still believe that more soldiers are the answer!

How can more soldiers be the answer? We cannot impose our democracy on people who do not understand it. We can pour double the number and it still will not succeed. It is a useless and unnecessary waste of life. Our so called European allies already recognise it as they refuse to match the same number of deaths that we have to endure.

Our lads are being slaughtered in Afghanistan for reasons other than those that our informed and respected government will admit to. It should cease now. Our government has rowed in with the American government when it is quite apparent that they cannot win an ideological war. The problem is that that the Americans always believe that might is right. It won't work this time. It didn't work in Vietnam and it will not work in Afghansitan.

To defeat the Muslim surge we must copy Switzerland. We must then target every single Muslim in OUR country. When they PROVE themselves to be loyal, integrated and grateful members of our society then they can remain. The Luton boys must instantly be kicked out! It is that simple.

This is a war (that is what they believe) and we should not be taking prisoners!! We must get real and stop appeasing the Muslim faith. It threatens our very existence.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Another Apology...

A little boy gets bitten to death by a dog which should have been outlawed and yet again the police come onto the media to confess that it should never have happened if they had done their job.

Once again they prove that the current policing policy which was introduced by the NoLab government is frankly not viable. Once again we discover that people are dying because the police are not protecting us. Once again some PC senior officer is wheeled out to apologise that they ignored vital intelligence and as a result a little boy died in the most horrible manner.

I cannot help but think that the political police wheeled out a female black officer to face the flak. I am sorry but it is so obvious that the spokesperson could not be
attacked because she was so utterly PC! She could not explain why the police did not investigate the report that this family were breeding dangerous breeds of dogs. She simpered, apologised and whined and she looked good in uniform but like Cressida Dick who was in charge of the communication room when Jean Claude Menezes was murdered in London... she is only there for the media! Ugh!

Sorry litle boy but you died horribly because our PC police are totally incompetent and every night when they return to their loved ones these NoLab senior officers should reflect on their role in this slaughter. Is your salary and lifestyle worth the life of this little boy? Obviously so! Bastards!!

Monday, 30 November 2009


If I believe what I read on other blogs then this is the last night of my freedom. Reading blogs like Captain Ranty and Old Holborn it would appear that European Law enters the UK tomorrow and it means that blogs like this will probably be outlawed.

You don't believe me that freedom of speech in the UK has vanished? Well you had better believe it because as from tomorrow the EU cannot be criticised! That means that I may be arrested at any moment!

I am beginning to feel more threatened by the EU than the Taliban! One day my grandchildren may have to fight on the streets to restore the freedom that I took for granted. Adolf Hitler and Karl Marx must be smiling somewhere!

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Spitting on the Public!

The legal system and the NoLab government continue to spit on the public. The decision to treat the relatives of those slaughtered in the 7/7 bombings with the same partiality as those who caused the bombings is frankly callous.

It is also typical of the behaviour of the Political Class who continue to ignore common decency in order to implement some form of weird Marxist doctrine. This incessant obsession with political and legal equality has no basis in human behaviour. There comes a time when personal action breaks this equality doctrine.

We must, must, destroy this culture of legal doctrine. It is nonsense to ignore personal responsibility. We are all responsible for our actions. We are all adults and we all know right from wrong. The legal profession are now able to twist anything so it is time to rewrite the law. The day that those people who intentionally strapped explosives onto their backs and detonated them to destroy innocent commuters are treated with the same impartiality as those who died is obscene!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Still no Good News!

At the beginning of the month I blogged an ongoing feature which continues unabated and entitled it 'Still no Good News'. Well here we are weeks later and matters just stumble from bad to worse. Frankly it is difficult to know where to begin. Our inactive, bewildered, incompetent government continue to press ahead with no plans to curb public spending and therefore no plan to protect our credit rating. There only plan is to print more money and then squander it by giving it to Islamic organisations which preach hatred.

Two of our major retailers have now exposed our ailing education system, often described by the government as 'world class', by bemoaning the fact that after at least eleven years in mainstream education far too many of our kids are illiterate and innumerate. That of course cuts no ice with Ed Balls who continues to fiddle at the edges while the schools drown in paperwork.

There are still no plans to crack dowen on crime and our judges continue to demonstrate their utter inability to meet the needs of the victims of crime. Needless to say our prisons are at bursting point as criminals take advantage of the wonderful luxuries available to them if they commit serious enough offences. As usual Jack Straw ignores everything and has no plans to build more prisons or even attempt to address the subject even though murder and assault are almost at epidemic levels on our streets.

Our banks who through sheer greed almost brought down the financial system continue to be given every advantage and have just been allowed to impose more charges on the customers who are in the greatest need of assiatance from them.

Another Iraq enquiry complete with loopholes and restrictions which once again will not come close to implicating the two prime offenders who ordered an illegal war. No doubt 'Teflon' Tony will turn up all smiles and apologies whilst apparently Gordon, who of course now loves our forces, won't even be called to expain why he sent the troops into battle with five bullets per rifle!

I could repeat myself over and over again and I haven't even started on Health, Welfare, Transport, the Social Services, Ofsted, Cumbria, Derby County, Foreign Aid or the European Union! Sleep well everyone!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Cowardice... stand up to them!

I believe that when history evaluates this decade then two men will feature heavily as being frankly traitors to the country of their birth. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have systematically taken decisions which were frankly undemocratic. Blair invaded Iraq which was probably just vanity and greed but Brown has destroyed the economy of a major western power.

Why have we allowed them to do this? Why has parliament just acceeded to this heinous pair? Have we all become cowards? Why were they not challenged? Why do MPs from all sides not strip bare the ineptitude of the NoLab leadership? They are useless and we all know it and yet MPs are prepared to tolerate the stupidity of PM's Question Times where the opposition ask inane questions which are regularly ignored.

We really need a revolution. Pop across to the OLd Holborn Blog and he is advocating all kinds of civil revolution. He is right! We (that is my family) recently refused to pay parking tickets because they were unfair. We stated categorically that we were coming to court armed with legal representation and they backed down.

We should all do exactly the same. Do not allow this government to cow you down because frankly it works! Challenge the bastards and they will back down because the system is so stretched that they have no option. Go on try it!

Monday, 23 November 2009

Climate Control

Well at last they have uncovered that this is a modern day invention for additional tax. It just does not add up. How can we little people affect the climate by flying to our holidays when super powers like China,India and USA refuse to acknowledge their part in this so called disaster.

Let us get it right...the Poles are still frozen...we cannot affect climate change...only nature affects climate change. Human behaviour cannot change our climate, It is far,far above our capablilities so leave it alone!!!

Where do we go next?

Looking around the blogs I detect a sense of almost desperation about the state of the country. So many bloggers realise that we are being sold down the river by a government which seems to be implacably anti-British. Most of us know that any referendum would take us out of Europe because it has never passed an audit and therefore is illegal.

So why do all three of our political parties refuse to acknowledge the anxiety of the British public about Europe? Why cannot David Cameron or Nick Clegg understand that this debate must be opened up? Why do they constantly refuse a referendum debate?

Are we being conned by the Political Class? Have we lost the battle for democratic freedom in Britain? Will we eventually have to fight for our freedom on the streets? There are very many questions being asked about the state of our democracy and the state of our freedom.

Our country has changed unbelievably since NoLab came to power. Given that so many prominent members of the current government were guided into power by the Transport and Generals Workers Union during the time that Jack Jones was their President then there are many questions to answer.

Jack Jones was outed by Soviet agents as being a traitor to this country. He was paid by the Soviet Union for many, many years for his patronage. He was the very man who identified Gordon Brown as the best man for the safe NoLab seat of Kirkcaldy.

Am I not the only person in the land who is very uncomfortable about this?

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Catherine Ashton

Well I first told people about Catherine Ashton in June of last year. She was the person NoLab nominated to be 'our' representative in Europe after 'Mandy' returned home to prop up Gordon. I said then that she had slithered up the political pole without any person ever having voted for her.

Now she is probably our most influential politician and yet in accordance with the EU's democratic principle and NoLab's democratic principle she has NEVER faced the electorate. Her appointment is singularly the most undemocratic appointment in the history of western democracy. We complain about Afghanistan and Mohammed Karsai being appointed the President but his election has nothing on this charade.

We are being stitched up! Democracy is being lost in every pore of the EU. They care for nothing apart from power and somehow the British public have been so dumbed down that they cannot see what is happening to them.

Eventually we may get an election but don't expect it to be fair and honest. This government have probably already planned for the postal votes from the immigrant community to be 'doctored' so that they seriously contest many seats that they expected to lose. I seriously feel that we must all be on our toes.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The Queen's Speech

I actually felt quite sorry for Her Majesty having to read out the crap that Gordon Brown had imposed upon her. I bet that she and Prince Philip had a right laugh in private about the nonsense proposed by this ridiculous Prime Minister.

Gordon Brown is looking more and more like an autistic Prime Minister. He cannot yet tie a tie, he cannot write fluently, he mispronounces simple foreign words like 'Alki Ada' and he cannot add up.

This rather flawed character has conned the British public into believing that he can run the country and as a result we have lost our sovereignty, ruined our economy and in every classroom in the country we have feral children. Nice one careful about what you wish for.

Drowning in paperwork...

I have it on good authority that our hapless teachers are drowning in paperwork. It is typical of this maladroit government that they impose such stringent conditions on people who are on the front line of the battle against the awful society created by NoLab's social policies.

Our children are out of control and the teachers know it. They try their best to teach but in every class is a product of the scumbag culture so willingly created by NoLab. The typical child is unsupervised at home, uncared for and undisciplined. They then bring their shocking behaviour into the class room and all the decent kids are subjected to their horrendous language, knowledge of sexual activity and ill discipline.

To combat these reptilian kids the government continue to ignore the problems and continue to burden the teachers with an amazing workload. They have of course done the same thing to the NHS, the Welfare authorities and the Police. This is the NoLab answer to our problems because they neuter our professionals and ensure that their control is paramount and it is so detrimental to the health and safety of our kids.

One day I seriously hope that the kids of Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper reap the rewards of the policies of their parents but frankly that is a horrible thought but we must protect our own.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Can David Cameron really mess it up?

I cannot believe it! David Cameron has not learned from the demise of NoLab and has actually angered his grass roots by imposing unsuitable candidates on them. I cannot believe that he is prepared to fragment his party purely for idealism. Whatever we say about NoLab they have created a climate where they are guaranteed a huge vote from the people that they employ!

The Conservative grass roots are by nature, would you believe, bloody conservative and they believe in traditional values. Don't tell them to embrace multiculturism, homosexuality or war crimes because they only have one set of values. These values have guided these people and their famiilies through centuries of practice.

It is probably not the right time for one of our major parties to fragment but David Cameron is failing and it is is really time that those conservaties who are sceptical of Europe and do not want a Tony Blair style of leadership should rebel.

If the Conservative party splits then only an Anti-Europe vote will save us from another term of Gordon Brown! Hell he has destroyed the country financially and socially and yet he may get yet another chance to finish us off. As my brother would say 'I don't believe it'!!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Parking outside the House!

I cannot quite believe it but my daughter has received a letter from Andy Reed MP for Charnwood informing her that our battle to stop the traffic Taliban from issuing parking tickets to our friends, family and neighbours when they park outside the house has been won!!

Apparently the enforcement officer at Charnwood Borough Council has agreed that although the double yellow lines exist we are not in fact committing any actual offence. Our tickets have been cancelled and we can now go back to normal.

I am very grateful for the help and support that I received from my County Councillor Peter Lewis and my two Borough Councillors David Walker and Ron Jukes.
I would also like to thank Ian Selby from Andy Reed's constituency office who has also had an input. I do not know who said what to whom but obviously something has worked and I can only say a big thank you.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Glasgow North East

My parents were born and reared in Motherwell so I had a pretty good grounding in Socialist dogma which thanks to the appalling social conditions endured in Central Scotland in the nineteen thirties spawned the most entrenched and blinkered communities in the UK.

Not to vote Labour in these communities is almost comparable to heresay so it was no surprise to hear that NoLab had held the Glasgow North East seat by a considerable margin. You see it will never dawn on the average impoverished Glaswegian that his NoLab politicians are feasting on their public money down in London whilst ensuring that their children are devoid of education and aspiration.

Well I believed that until I read that only 33% of the electorate had bothered to vote! It meant in effect that 82% of the same consituency did NOT vote Labour. What a way to win a seat in the House of Westmonster and what an indictment on our democratic system. This shower of nonentities who have given away their country on a plate to foreigners have just switched the country off politics entirely. That of course could be very good for Gordon Brown.

Just think folks if you do not vote at the next election you might just be lucky enough to get yet another dose of Gordon and his crowd of talentless but moronically dangerous political idealists. Just a thought...

Thursday, 12 November 2009

The Bonus for Civil Servants

I am wracking my brain to try and remember when I first had a bonus from the government for doing what I was paid for. It was probably around about 2002 and it was about £30 for the year. Even so I was surprised at the time but I was told that it was performance related. Well to be honest £30 was neither here or there so I didn't overconcern myself.

Now it would appear that this performance related culture in the Civil Service has ballooned as it would when the snouts get into the trough. According to Clare Short this was, would you believe one of Tony Bliar's ideas to bring Public Service in line with the Private sector, but of course the two are not compatible. I have never seen a Civil Servant given the boot for incompetence but I have seen thousands who deserved it!

For Gordon Brown to keep the military short of equipment to such an extent that it caused the deaths of many of our servicemen and then to reward the army of keyboard operators for manning a computer is a gross insult. If he feels that his grotesquely overpopulated Civil Service needs more money (and many of them in the lower echelons do)then he should sort out a decent salary structure. He should not sneak in bonus payments because these bonuses will never reach the people who need or deserve them.

This government should decide if we are at war or not. If, when they have faced up to to the consequences of what that means, then they should throw everything at it. Civil Servants should not get a bonus if we cannot afford helicopters! Don't tell me that it comes from another budget! Reduce the bloody budget and send out kit that detects IEDs.

I still believe that there is a government cell somewhere who are hell bent on trying to cause a public reaction to Gordons' policies. After all this news is certain to provoke huge resentment when servicemen who have lost limbs must almost beg for appropriate compensation. To leak this news only days after the rawness of Armistice Day and the Rememberance Parade is without doubt intentional.

They are spitting on the servicemen. Perhaps the servicemen should withdraw into Camp Bastion and go on strike! Something has got to crack but once it does what then? If this cell succeeds in getting the public onto the streets what have they got lined up in response?

I once read that there is a high powered armed European Police Force all lined up to prevent insurrection. What a better place to deploy it than the UK. After all our army is being picked off one by one in a far off land and our police have been neutered so we are in effect defenceless.

Nobody can really offer a plausible explanation for our presence in Afghanistan to prop up a tainted Afghan government but perhaps this is the reason. If we don't have a defence force then we would have to call on our allies in Europe particularly as we are now full paid up members since Gordon signed away his country.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Gordon Brown is dyslexic?

He is such an embarrassment! He is so dysfunctional! He is such a disaster area and yet he continues to cling to power. This is a man who has no experience of any other walk of life apart from politics. He clings to an ideology that he want to impose on us the public. His agenda is against everything that the indigenous population want and yet still he poses on the world stage.

In the whole history of our country could we ever believe that such a useless person could ever become Prime Minister? He appears in public dishevelled simply because he cannot tie a tie. He cannot write, he has so little charisma that he has to use his wife as a warm up act (twice in succession)and his staff ritually have bullied his party.

He is unelected, unwanted, unloved and now exposed as an illiterate, run of the mill bully who has fought his way to the position of Prime Minister by a devious path which only he could have devised. Useless is too good a word for him...he will ruin the country before he is deposed! He will also try every sinew to ensure that the Tories, if they are to win, have nothing left to win.

One final question! If we are now in Europe what happens to the Queen and our democracy? Why is she accepting the fact that Gordon Brown and NoLab have given away her sovereignty? Time to comment your Majesty!? We need a real leader!!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Remembrance Day

I have always enjoyed watching the march past at The Cenotaph on Remembrance Day. I find it quite emotional watching all the bemedalled veterans marching past The Cenotaph paying tribute to their fallen comrades. It is almost a show of strength from the nation. A show of determination, respect, loyalty and comradeship. Each has a personal story and they are determined that someone will not be forgotten.

As usual everything is timed to perfection until it came to the time for Gordon Brown to lay his wreath. He placed it in postion, stood up, took the required paces back and then stared directly in front of him. I waited for him to bow his head but he turned left and walked off having insulted the whole ceremony.

Following behind him David Cameron appeared to make a pointed gesture by bowing his head in a manner which could not be ignored and everyone else paid their respect to the fallen properly. Only our disgraceful PM could not do the job with dignity and frankly I was disgusted.

Friday, 6 November 2009

What did happen to the Royal Prerogative?

A letter in the Daily Mail today made me sit up and take notice. The letter was submitted by a lady from Wolverhampton and questioned the right of Gordon Brown to hand over the Royal Prerogative to foreigners.

She wrote that the power of the Crown is held in trust by the executive to be passed onto the next executive and that the power of the British Crown is the ultimate authority or sovereignty behind parliament. Interesting eh? Can it really be that Gordon Brown has made Her Majesty subservient to the EU? If so can he really give The Royal Prerogative away to foreigners? Is it his to cast aside? Now he has done it does that mean he is guilty of sedition against the state.

Does sedition against the state still carry the death penalty? Can't the Queen demand her Royal Prerogative back? Maybe Gordon is really in hot water, oh I do hope so!!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Lack of clear government...

Lord Ashdown has been touring the studios today talking a lot of common sense and laying our failures and deaths in Afghanistan squarely on the shoulders of Brown and his mess of a Cabinet. It is now quite clear that there is no real plan for the war in Afghanistan. The idiotic statement made by NoLab stalwart John Reid is now etched in history when he was of the opinion 'that we could be in and out without a shot being fired'.

That of course was the attitude of this government so the lads went in half cocked, half equipped, half supplied with no plan in effect. The lack of leadership is shameful and Brown must be ashamed of himself as he never goes near the funerals or the wounded. The only time he visits the soldiers he surrounds himself with minders and the officers have to respect his position.

I find the continuing ceremony in Wootton Bassett very emotional. The people who turn up every time a coffin arrives back in the country place a dagger into the heart of the treacherous NoLab cabinet. Heaven knows what emotion will be generated when the latest five arrive back.

I have continually blogged that the Afghans cannot be trusted and it pains me to be proven right week after week after week.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Oh dear back to Afghanistan as we lose five more of our lads to the corrupt and untrustworthy allies of Gordon Brown. Our soldiers are so exposed to these decadent Afghans that we will lose more and more. How many must die before Gordon Brown realises that they are on a hiding to nothing? The Afghans are so far away from our culture that we seriously cannot impose our thinking on them.

I had a life career with the forces but we are today, through the NoLab government, asking too much of them. This is an unwinnable war and as usual with NoLab and the forces there is no end game. Our guys have no chance of success. In five years time we could be counting more than a thousand of our soldiers dying, never mind the maimed and mentally disturbed.

In order to escape the misery of the NoLab economic crisis our young are risking their lives by joining the army. Then they have to sacrifice themselves in a useless war.

We will NEVER win this war! Nobody has ever won in Afghanistan where life is so cheap. We must find another way. I want to support all the lads who have been killed or wounded and even more their families and when I say that they died needlessly it is cruel. It is unthinkable that this government has sent all these soldiers to their deaths purely on a political objective but unfortunately that will eventually prove to be the truth.

The crap that this government issues claiming that our presence in Afghanistan is saving lives on our streets is so cheap it is pathetic! If we had effective border controls then not one soldier would lose his/her life! Our Home Office quite deliberately allowed Muslim extremists to penetrate our borders. It is a callous plan but when our forces arrive back home they should challenge their mission.

The more NoLab politicians that we can in the future line up for appearances at The Hague charged with war crimes the more I will die in peace.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Europe and the UK

So now we know that the Lisbon Treaty is about to become European Law and we have never had a vote on it. We the British people who reputedly had the home of democracy have been frogmarched into the EU like a bunch of slaves. Every major political party has moved into line one behind the other and on the sole major issue concerning the electorate have all agreed that there is nothing they can do. What a bunch of sycophants and cowards!

I suspect that many of the Tory MPs are also anti-EU and some are very vocal about it so why do they continue as Tory Party members? Their leader has acquiesced and now any vote that we have next year will be superfluous. Today we signed away our sovereignty and our grandchildren will face the prospect of being ruled by Europe and never knowing what it was like to have a British democracy.

I just hope that the British people next May will vote anti-EU in any way that they can and at the same time remember that most of the serving MPs also stole money from the public purse.

Monday, 2 November 2009

The latest death in Afghanistan

It is incredible! Yet another useless death just to keep this lying government in power. The people who deal with the IED's have so much courage that they shame our politicians. They are in Afghanistan for no other reason than we are keeping our army out of our country while the politicians continue to plunder it.

We are fighting a war which throughout history has never been won. One cannot win hearts and minds of a country in the hands of warlords. One cannot select just one of these warlords and support him because he says the right things. It is ridiculous.

What in the name of heaven are our troops dying for? If this irresponsible government had defended our borders then we should have never had a problem. We are an island for heaven's sake it is the easiest border any country can have and yet this hapless government decided that they could not defend it. Please believe is intentional!

Gordon Brown has intentionally and without conscience caused the death of every one of our soldiers who have fallen in Afghanistan. Tony Blair did the same in Iraq. The NoLab plan demanded the neutralisation of the army so this contrived war in Afghanistan intended to prop up a puppet government which has cost the lives of so many brave soldiers continues.

There is absolutely no utter reason for our troops to be deployed in Afghanistan. There was never a threat to us! The only threat came from the NoLab policy of encouraging every disaffected Muslim in the world to slide quietly into the country. Everything is being contrived but too many people rely on this government for their income so we will always have to fight for our security and our freedom.

Most of them are so selfish that they do not give a tuppenny damn about the deaths of our soldiers. To be honest they despise the people who are giving their lives for the country which is proven by the state of so many married quarters. Their mantra is to hell with the deaths in Afghanistan, my precious salary comes first and because I am earning so much and I am worth so little then it is a fair swop!!

Still no Good News!

As the country staggers blindly towards the proposed election next May (still 6 months to go) I still search for a modicum of good news without success. All we are fed is a diet of lies, deceit and dishonesty from over six hundred MPs who despite being exposed as cheats and liars try to hang on to the discredited expenses system as grimly as possible.

Very few are worth support next May but the system is so rigged that no doubt many of the same band of chancers will emerge yet again with wives and partners in tow to plunder the public purse all over again. It's even worse in the House of Lords! NoLab have stuffed it full of their cronies most of whom purchased their peerages when Blair was holding his hand out. So many of them have such little integrity that the Upper House is now rendered worthless (as was intended under the NoLab plan to ruin the country).

Our soldiers continue to be picked off one by one because Brown won't supply them with helicopters and now we are granted the Great Election Farce. Mohammed Karsai the west's pet poodle, rigged the first election so badly that the opposition candidate just packed up and went home. Undeterred the Afghans had a second election with only one candidate to elect their New President and predictably Gordon the Moron calls him Afghanistan's democratically elected President. Mind you how surpising is that? It is the kind of election Gordon would love to have (well that's how he got his job) so I can easily see him ignoring the idiocy in Afghanistan.The difference is that when Gordon got his position no soldiers got killed!

Elsewhere when we are bankrupt and drowning in national debt, when parents are reduced to lying in order to get their kids into a half decent school, when failing hospitals are still failing, when the young are drinking themselves to death what does Gordon come up with? He today addressed Parliament on bloody Climate Change!

I believe that this fixation on climate change is arrant nonsense. How can we affect climate change when countries like China and India have no intention in reducing carbon output? No it is the refuge of the scoundrel because nobody can change the climate.

We want parliamentarians addressing the problems on the streets. We want the police back. We should be disbanding the useless CPS. We should be building super prisons with little luxury and we should instruct judges to fill them. The sentences should carry no remission. We must retake the streets from the young thugs who dominate them at the moment. Of course all of this social breakdown is a major part of the NoLab plan to hand the country over to Europe. Soon no doubt we will have European super cops on our shores with a role to protect the Political Class from the people.

By the time that people realise that they have lost their sovereignty then it will be too late. To be honest it probably is already but we may just have one election left to fight back. I hope that we take it.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Question of Europe

It never amazes me that we pay enormous amounts to the illegal (cannot pass an audit) and in my opinion corrupt European Union and yet we have never had a vote on it. None of the Westmonster parties will oppose this European Union which has bullied, connived and corrupted so many countries.

Here in this country we have people from every party who would, if they had an opportunity, oppose our membership of this dodgy bunch of chancers. In particular the Conservative Party has a large faction within its ranks who do not want and never have wanted membership of Europe.

The European Question is the most important that we face today. Everyone knows that if we have a referendum on Europe then we,the public, would vote against it. That is the only reason that we are being refused the vote. If we pull out then a huge contribution to the economy of Europe would disappearand it may then disintegrate.

At the next election there is just a possibility that the NoLab party, which actually employs so many people, could win again. The reason is that the anti-Europeans are split. This next election is so very important because it will be the last chance to halt the march of Europe.

If only we could form an anti-Europe party. UKIP are fine but they are one dimensional, the BNP have the racist issue hanging over their heads and the others are too scared to commit outside of the mainstream parties. Some of the Tory MPs actually admit that they are anti EU but will not break cover.

It is time that a political opportunist pulled them all together and demanded a vote on the very subject that we have been denied. Unless our jobs depend on it we the English do not need the European Union. If we don't fight this then the war against Adolf Hitler was unnecessary because we have just been conquered without a shot being fired.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Derby County

So we lost our Chairman today and for one I am not sorry. He arrived in a blaze of publicity and immediately sacked Billy Davies and appointed Paul Jewell. Ever since then my club which attracts premiership level support week in and week out has constantly let the fans down.

He appointed Nigel Clough as manager even though he had not managed in any of the four leagues. Nigel seems to believe that if he signs players from the lower echelons with one eye on the wage bill then they will propel the team to success.

His father successfully followed this principle and unearthed many gems from the lower leagues...people like Roy McFarland and Archie Gemmell but the modern game is different. If people like Dean Moxey, Shaun Barker and Buxton are marked as the type of player who can give us the success that the fans deserve then statistics may prove him wrong.

I am however more concerned with the basics which coaches should instill into the players. I watched the game last Saturday and my team simply could not pass the ball! They had a great start and yet they were so inept that they were run off the park. We have so many players who frankly are not up to the job and as far as Derby are concerned they are drawing money under false pretences.

I know that we have a lot of injuries but to sign people on loan simply because they are good for the dressing room is ridiculous. Yes the wage bill for the club may be now on course for solvency but to sign ageing professionals is a mistake. How can Lee Hendrie and Paul Dickov be used to block the chances of the young reserves. How can we play Dickov ahead of Prijovic? If Prijovic is so useless then perhaps he should be binned.

So much wrong and I really feel for the loyal fans. My gut instinct is that we all support Nigel but he is not his Dad. His Dad was his own man and had a plan. This team does not have a plan which worries me. They simply run around like headless chickens and if Nigel had a plan then his team don't know about it! Get a grip Nigel even you only has limited time.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The Nimrod Culture

If ever a report damns a government and its priorities. This is yet another example of how the NoLab cabal ignored the reports, the recommendations and the advice purely to save money. Our servicemen were sacrificed because these arrogant and ignorant politicians decided that the lives of our servicemen were expendable.

If this disgusting and disreputable bunch of traitors have ever been exposed then it is in this report. Will our elected representatives hold them to account... do not hold your breath. Take PM's question time...what a farce...Gordon Brown just ignores all the questions and blethers on about what he perceives the Tories would do. He is allowed to destroy the finances of the country and then smugly ignores the questions.

In my past life I actually had a flight on the Nimrod. We circled Ramsgate airport seven times as the trainee pilots practised their land and takeoff procedures but I think it was just an exercise to make the Pongos throw up! In the main it worked but the point is that where Intelligence gathering was concerned the Nimrod was essential. That was in the early nineteen eighties.

It should have had priority consideration because the servicemen manning that aircraft were highly trained. It takes thousands of pounds to train top quality Nimrod operators. To destroy a whole crew because of finance is typical of NoLab and their approach to the destruction of everything that we hold dear.

The scum who are responsible should be outed. The people mentioned in the report should they actually should be shot! It is long past the time that these people with their snout in the trough should be protected by the NoLab culture. Gordon Brown is ultimately responsible. Once again apologies are not enough...we want resignations and the first one should be that of Gordon Brown.

So many of our servicemen died and yet nobody will lose their jobs. So typical New Labour so typical of the Political Class. Get real folks this bunch of NoLab politicians do not give a flying f**k about the welfare of our forces. The only reason that we have soldiers fighting in Afghanistan is poverty. Poverty in our society means that the young guys and girls will volunteer for active service because they have no choice.

Nice one Gordon!

The Dangerous Tony Blair

Now that the cat has been let out of the bag and the NoLab policy of destroying our civilization and social history by allowing mass immgration then we can draw our own conclusions. When I worked for the Asylum Appeals Authority I was shocked by the shambles that we inherited. I have blogged this before but the Home Office was a joke.

I drew the conclusion almost 10 years ago that the immigration shambles had to be intentional. Nobody could ignore it unless they had created it and of course Jack Straw was Home Secretary at the time. So we can perceive that Tony Blair was in charge, Jack Straw was his very willing accomplice and along the way they picked up others like Barbara Roche and a cabal of ambitious Civil Servants keen to jump on the gravy train.

Others are too close to Blair to be ignored, The Milibands, the squalid Prescott, the ultra Socialist Blunkett, Hain and Mandelson. All have been complicit in the destruction of the social structure of the UK. I won't bang on about what they did because we are all painfully aware but now we know that their ultimate aim was to destroy the country and they have come damned close to it.

Well now we are only 6 months from getting rid of them and beginning the repair job to rid the country of this bunch of villains and probable traitors. There is only one problem...the very man who led us into an illegal war by telling parliament lies has emerged again. This time he is angling after the top job in Europe. Just think that if he succeeds in his quest to be President and all the usual suspects are backing him then what would that mean for our democracy?

He could impose as many different laws upon us as he wishes. Our democratic election would be rendered impotent because now he could finish the very job that he started. No wonder David Miliband is backing him and backing a campaign for Turkey to enter the EU. That would mean legal access to the UK for millions of Turks!

No wonder the right wing press are screaming blue murder. David Cameron has suddenly realised that if Blair is shoehorned into the Presidency then his Premiership is worthless.

I just wince at what these NoLab cronies have imposed upon us and the depth of their deceit. I also wonder what the hell the rest of the Westmonster 'honest' politicians were doing to allow all of this to happen? The facts are however that if Blair is granted the Presidency of Europe (notice I omit the word 'elected') then we are all in for a very hard time because Tony Blair must despise the UK. Still it might mean that David Cameron will withdraw us from the EU just to save his job of PM.

Saturday, 24 October 2009


OK now the furore has died down I believe that I can blog. I honestly believe that I lost a lot of support for my perceived support for the BNP which I regret. I don't regret the support of a minority, controversial party but I do regret that I obviously did not clarify my position.

I want to bin Europe (so do the BNP), I want to restrict immigration (so do the BNP) I want a decent education system for my granddaughters (so do the BNP), I want a fair deal for our council estate classes (so do the BNP). I also want a challenge to the Muslim threat which is real because they have an extremist faction which they are not challenging.

We have so many Muslims in our society and yet none of them seem to be able to confront the extremists. They all pretend that they are good 'British' subjects but never oppose the views of the extremists which of course feeds the cause of the BNP.

That brings me back to Question Time which the BBC contrived for viewer ratings and it has spectacularly backfired on them. Some of us have have revered 'Question Time'for years but when compere David Dimbleby clearly compromised his impartiality then the game was up and Nick Griffin had won.

Don't get me wrong I do not support Nick Griffin; I do however support many of the policies of the BNP. I personally believe that Nick Griffin harms the BNP. If they could elect a leader who did not have the controversial background that Nick Griffin exudes then just possibly they would attract further support.

Having said that who has the balls to lead an independent political party against the might of the controlled press, the might of the controlled televised media and the might of the corrupt politicians. I tell you what, considering the pressure on Nick Griffin, he did quite well. One supporter would have been an advantage!

Our controlled media rabbit on about what it means to be British but they demonstrated on Thursday evening what is not British and we all know it.

Parking outside the House!

Our struggle to confront the local street wardens who continue to ticket householders who park on a strip of tarmac they have used for 25 years continues. Yesterday my daughter and I met with MP Andy Reed and his aide Ian Selby and were given a fair hearing.

Yesterday I also received E-Mails from our local councillors and they are all being really supportive. This is a battle against 'Jobsworth' council officials who believe that can bully us into submission. We now have the support of two Borough Councillors, a County Councillor and our MP.

The problem is that if they fail then we know that any election is useless because if Councillors are overruled by officials then, even though there are legal precedents,then why do we vote?

If we succeed however, then I will write to the 'Loughborough Echo' and give credit where credit is due. I am now hopeful.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

The Post Office

I cannot work out who is to blame for the current impasse between the Post Office Unions and the government/management. Somebody is playing a very dirty game and it will be the public who pay for it. I have never really trusted Trade Unions even though my father was a member.

My experience of Trade Unions is that they are blinkered, bullying and bellicose and the only people who seem to prosper from their activities are the Union officials themselves. We have all seen them living high on their membership fees and frankly ever since the days that Maggie Thatcher tackled Arthur Scargill their membership have been wasting their union fees.

In this case however I am not too sure. The name of Lord Mandelson continues to feature prominently and that is one man I could never trust. His agenda will never benefit the British public so we should suspect everything that he does.

It would appear that no matter what, under Gordon Brown and his mates, the public will inevitably suffer.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009


People who have read this blog will know that I am, from a distance, a supporter of the BNP, purely because they shake up the establishment and no other party have addressed the problems that face the white minority. I do not support their so called racist element but I do understand their anti Muslim reflection.

None of the mainstream parties are helping the very people who are desperate for their help, the poor, white, indigenous population. Is it any wonder that they are seeking assistance from a party who feel their pain.

This country has undergone a major demographic change which some of us can adjust to because we have the finance, the education and the intelligence but what happens if you haven't? Who do you turn to when Pakistanis, Muslims and Somalis are given help, advice and priority with the basics of life.

This morning I listened with interest to Keith Allen (the Sheriff of Nottingham and father of Lily) who publically declared that the government were turning a blind eye to the importation of cheap booze and fags so that the kitchen sink estates would not riot.

This is appalling! How can these politicians (Labour politicians) leave these poor people to this fate. According to Keith Allen his family (the family he joined for the TV programme) were kept alive by smoking 600 cheap cigarettes a week and a constant supply of cheap booze.

We all know that Gordon Brown and his cohorts can sink low. We all know that they can sink really low but...this sink so low is to almost disappear into an abyss. We have seen our so called students, let's call them our youth, being encouraged to blot out their brains.

I cannot wait for May and an end to the constant madness which Gordon Brown and his Cabinet have imposed upon us. Then perhaps we will have the arrests because if we don't have the arrests then we will relinquish democracy.

The BNP have nothing to answer for when one considers the crimes of the NoLab party. Peter Hain, who has so many misdemeanours to answer to, continues to climb on the political band wagon in his attack on the one party who are trying to represent the lower class white society. Believe you me the Political Class are scared. They know what they have done to this country.

Keith Allen is right! This government have kept the lid on a very serious problem. The BNP have addressed this problem and the government and the Political Class are embarrassed. That includes the Generals of the British Army who have constantly let down their soldiers in their quest for knighthoods and political power.

I look forward to Nick Griffin wiping the floor with his opponents on Question Time next Thursday and they had better be scared because he will. He is wrong, but he is not as wrong as the likes of Ed Balls, Jack Straw, Peter Hain and the great NoLab guru Gordon Brown! Let the games begin!

Monday, 19 October 2009

Parking outside the House!

On the 1st of October I blogged about the tyrranical approach to parking outside of my house by Charnwood Borough Council on behalf of Leicestershire County Council. Things took a strange turn last week when a local builder who was carrying out an extension for a neighbour had two of his vehicles ticketed on the same day!

Can you believe that? It means that seven households cannot improve their houses because if they do then their contractors will get their vehicles booked for parking on a strip of tarmac which was originally put down for parking purposes. We have parked on this strip of tarmac for 25 years without any recourse. It was only after the local council took over the responsibility for parking enforcement that the parking attendants arrived in force.

It is cheap! It is easy! We are revenue generators for a bullying local authority. On Friday my daughter and I meet with our local MP, Andy Reed, to seek his support. Oh dear, I used to know Andy when he was employed by Leicestershire County Council and I have to say that he was a really nice man. I was so pleased when he was elected in 1996...what have the years in between done? We will wait and see.

Will anything ever change?

It will seem like an eternity until next May when we can at last kick Gordon Brown and his bunch of miscreants and shysters into the long grass hopefully for a very, very long time. The problem is that in the period that they have been allowed to corrupt the country from top to bottom they have created a generation of young people who have been virtually brainwashed to ignore politics.

At the same time a generation of sane and sensible people who remember when we relied on commonm sense, when we could give and take a joke without worrying about political correctness and when we believed in a sensible and moral society are dying off.

I don't recognise the people who are taking their place because the country that I have known all of my life is changing in almost everyway and none of it is for the better. It is the same with our politicians. We have always known that politics was a dirty game but the current breed have taken the House of Westmonster into the gutter.

I have constantly blogged that many of them should be in the dock but I strongly suspect that very few will be dragged into court and then only the minor players. Consequently I have lost my faith in the police, the law and in the Political Class. Where does that leave me in this modern world? I have considered just shutting down this insignificant blog and saying sod 'em but here I can voice my thoughts and feelings.

I care about what is happening to my little bit of this planet. I see a Prime Minister posturing on the world stage blathering on about climate change when he personally has almost obliterated the economy of the country. We still have seven months of him and his cronies to tolerate. I just wish that the tree huggers who over the weekend decided to attack Ratcliffe Power Station would turn their attention on Downing Street!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

I think that we have finally all gone mad...

I sold my motor scooter today. It was my pride and joy and in fact probably the last link with youth. It is amazing how the sixteen year olds react to a person on a flash scooter even though they have no idea what is under the crash helmet!

The couple who bought the scooter for their son who lives in London are what I would describe as being just normal, respectable, indigenious English people. The type of people who my wife and I readily identify with. There was no bartering, no conning because we had agreed a price and it was paid. They got a good product and we got a fair price. It was like stepping back in time but one thing that we agreed upon in next to no time was that we feared for our children and grandchildren.

Why is it that every time we listen to the news we despair. There is never, ever, any good news. Why cannot we impeach Tony Blair for war crimes? We all know that is what he deserves. Why do we have to put up with the NoLab crooks? We all know that they have ruined the country with a ridiculous idealogy which has now been proven to be disastrous.

The controversy on MPs expenses rumbles on because the man who was charged with sorting it out forgot about the 'flipping' houses fiasco where so many of our leading politicians cheated on the nomination of their second homes to maximise their expenses.

It goes further and it is unbelieveable that this crowd of rogues continue to exploit every advantage. For example it is curious that many of the opposition politicians who should have pronounced a sentence on Jacqui Smith actually missed the meeting leaving her fate to NoLab politicians. Please don't tell me that this was not intentional. This disreputable woman, an icon of sleeze in a party which history will condemn as the most corrupt in living memory, should only have to apologise to the House of Corruption.

It goes much further. Who actually is running the country? We know who is ruining it but when will we ever get good news?

Tesco reckon our kids are not being educated (well we all knew that), dozens of NHS trusts are failing their patients (nothing new there), the elderly being abused everywhere (case after case in the dead tree press), crime rampant, 'travellers' constructing permanent sites on 'green belts' and being allowed to remain...soldiers being killed and maimed but immigrants being allowed favourable housing.

Married couples being penalised while young pregnant females gain priority in the housing queue. Oh we all know that I could go on and on ad nauseum.

The bottom line is that when Gordon Brown ducked the election after he was shoe-horned into the most important and prestigious position that we hold he excused this affront to democracy by relying upon his 'vision' for the future. Well we all now know that he never had a vision for the future unless it was to bankrupt the country.

We all know that we should march upon Downing Street and throw Brown into the Thames but it is not in our DNA and he knows it. However if we don't do it soon we will all go mad! The futures of our kids depend on our action and yet we still do nothing. We must redress this calumny or face the consequences.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009


The sight of our PM, no matter what we think of him, reeling off the names of 37 serving soldiers killed in Afghanistan while he has been on holiday revolts me. How can our elected representatives take so much holiday when our soldiers are being killed in droves. If they are serious about this war then there is NO holiday! I still cannot, unfortunately, see why we are fighting in Afghanistan.

Anyone who has studied history will know that peace in Afghanistan is dependent on the various strengths of their war lords. We will never change that and factually we are fighting to support one of the Afghan Warlords who has probably conned the western alliance that he will defeat the Taliban.

We have never ever been given a valid reason for the loss of all these lives. We have never ever been given a valid reason from NoLab for the war in Iraq. They continue to repeat the pathetic excuse that it is for our own security. Hell anyone can penetrate the security of the House of Commons as has been witnessed this weekend so should we be worried? Should we all be scared about the Muslim threat when the House of Commons frankly don't give a damn! Anyone concerned about a terrorist threat to this country would have capped immigration.

They seem to be convinced that the terrorist threat does not concern them because if it did then they would be a sight more secure. Our MPs are more concerned with a threat to their expenses than they are to their security. They know that it will not happen to them so why are our soldiers dying in Afghanistan. Something is wrong!

No somebody is not telling the truth. Our young men and women are dying for a cause that we know nothing about. If the Rothschild family can manipulate the world like they did in 1815 and 1914-1918 then why not now? It is just a thought.

Now if anyone can google a link between Tony Blair and the Rothschild family that would be interesting but then I bet it couldn't happen.

Monday, 12 October 2009

MPs Expenses (continued)

I am watching Newsnight and I still cannot believe that these thieves cannot understand that they have all let the public down. They still believe that they are hard done by.

Let me remind them that they have all stolen from the public purse! They should all be in a court. They have all let the public down. There should be no exceptions and they should all face the full force of the law. If they don't then we have a problem.

Eventually I believe that private prosecutions may happen. In the case of Jacqui Smith and Gordon Brown then perhaps it is merited. They held high office and yet still bent the rules. They have no excuses.

MPs Expenses (continued)

I cannot believe what an horrendous cover up this is becoming. These thieves are being whitewashed when they should be in court. The excuse that they were 'just following the rules' just does not wash. They all knew what is right and wrong and what would not stand up in any other walk of life.

The fact that we have a Prime Minister who falsely claimed over £12000 is a disgrace. It does prove once again however, that he has no moral scruples whatsoever a trait that we have seen repeatedly since he came to power. The finances of the country are in such a state that he is selling off government assets at rock bottom prices just so that he can cling to power until the last possible moment.

When will we get rid of this bunch of crooks? My big worry is however that party politics will transcend the next election so that the voters could have no option, if they wish to return the party of their choice but to vote for a person who they know is untrustworthy. There are unfortunately far too many of them who took advantage of this strange set of rules which were so lax as to allow them to switch the status of houses in order to gain maximum financial advantage.

This included far too many prominent politicians including Jackie Smith, the former Home Secretary, who has only had to apologise to the House of Commons for deliberate and wilful fraud. No wonder the public is disgusted!

Saturday, 10 October 2009

MPs Expenses (continued)

So while our MPs have been travelling the world on their summer jollies somebody has been beavering away checking through what they have claimed over the past four years.
The rumour machine is beginning to work overtime and even Gordon Brown is quoted as saying that there may be court cases.

Let us hope so but I will make a prediction here; none of the Cabinet will be involved even though most of them have been abusing the expenses fiddle. Even Gordon Brown has claimed for his Sky Sports subscription and he can't possibly believe that a claim of that nature is legitimate.

I suspect that the people served up on a platter will be minor players with no influential political career. The people who the public want exposed will be allowed to pay back quietly. People like the Balls pair, Keith Vaz or Alistair Darling will be ignored even though the pracrtice of 'flipping' houses should be punished because it is cheating.

The guy who exposed all of this should be given a knighthood.

The Territorial Army

I have just read a report which suggests that the TA will cease training for the next six months to save the government money. I cannot believe that this bunch of NoLab chancers would dare to attack the services again. Not content with closing the military hospitals, failing to provide adequate protection for the soldiers, not maintaining military housing to a decent standard and treating soldiers worse that criminals they now attack the TA.

If they close the TA down for 6 months it is very likely that it will dissolve because all these people will find other things to do. I also suspect that many of the TA solderis rely on the income to supplement their household budget. It could cause major hardship at the bottom end of the scale but then when did that worry Gordon Brown?

It is another attack on the honest, hard working, patrotic, working class.

Tony Blair

I don't know why Tony Blair thought that it was appropriate that he should attend the Service of Remembrance held yesterday following the end of the Iraq War. If I had been one of the injured soldiers or parents of fallen soldiers I would have reacted exactly the same as the father who refused to shake his hand.

We now know that Blair has been accused of committing perjury in the House of Commons. His interpretation of some dodgy intelligence caused us to follow George Bush into Iraq for regime change (and probably some dodgy business deals as well).
Our troops were despatched to war ill-equipped with no plan for peace.

I suspect that the Blairs are rapidly becoming one of the most hated couples in the country. Most of us would happily see him desptached to The Hague to answer charges of being a war criminal. Instead we are likely to see him fill his boots yet again when he is appointed President of Europe.

A president of Europe who would hardly dare set foot on any street in Britain is a very poor advert for the European Union. I just really hope that sometime, somewhere events will catch up with the Blairs because they have milked every situation for their own ends. One day, one day.....

Thursday, 8 October 2009

David Cameron

I am watching David Cameron giving his closing speech at the Tory Party Conference. He is giving one helluva kicking to the NoLab party and one thing is becoming clear our two major parties have swapped shirts at half time! If even a fraction of David Cameron's ambitions can come to fruition then the Tories will become the party with a social conscience.

Policy after policy is ripping up the 'big government' approach by NoLab and handing power back to the people. He has a helluva challenge ahead of him but he sounds as if he has got his finger on the pulse of the streets. Every sentence is designed to win back the votes of the heart of our country. He has recognised everything that is rotten at the heart of NoLabs policies. He has underlined and emphasised all of the issues which are at the core of our misery.

This man could be a Prime Minister!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Our huge Debt!

If the speech from George Osborne today at the Tory Party Conference is to be believed then this country is almost bankrupt and will be bankrupt if we continue to allow NoLab to run the country. It is quite clear that our National Debt is incredible which makes me wonder what formula Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling were using to lose so much money.

We are one of the most taxed countries in the world. We are crippled by tax and yet somehow they have managed to get rid of it all. How? Where has this money gone? Are they on drugs? How can a country which was so well placed now be so poverty stricken? How can the MPs spend so much money on themselves when we are in such a dire strait?

I say yet again why do we squander so much money on foreign aid? Why can't George Osborne declare that Foreign 'Aid', should it be 'Bribe', from Britain is no longer affordable. With regard to Europe someone once commented on this blog that we have to support the countries who have less than us. It was called redistribution of wealth so we have redistributed our wealth and now will we get anything back?

I personally have witnessed the huge expenditure in Spain. Now we risk being the poor relations of Europe. We now have massive debt partly due to our membership of the EU so when will the French and the Germans begin to support our debt. Don't hold your breath!

Successively both the Tories and NoLab have thrown our money at Europe. The policies laid out by George Osborne today don't even scratch the surface of our problems. If you really want to get this country back on track then the real answer is our foreign policy. We pull out of Europe, examine our roll in Afghanistan and stop all forms of foreign aid.

The poorer members of the public service should not be made the scapegoats for the money that our foreign policy is squandering. This is the crux of the matter. Barack Obama knows that we are no longer a world power. NoLab have proven that so why do we retain Trident, why are we playing such a leading role in Afghanistan and why are we subsidising the 'Pigs' (Portugal,Italy Greece and Spain)?

The politicians must understand that in order for this country to survive then we must become Switzerland. Our colonial past must be shed. We must become what we are; an impoverished former power who no longer can compete on the world stage. If we do that then perhaps out indigenous children have a chance of survival.

Gordon Brown v General Sir Richard Dannatt

I well remember Gordon Brown many times at PM's question time declaring to the House of Commons that the army had sufficient manpower in Afghanistan. Ths question has arisen more than once and every time we have been assured that everything is fine.

Now the former Head of the Army General Sir Richard Dannatt has declared in public that he asked for more men and was turned down. Downing Street has denied that this was not the case. Now General Dannatt is highly respected in military circles and would have absolutely no reason to lie. Gordon Brown is not respected by anyone unless they owe him their livelihood and had every reason to lie. Neither is it the first time that he has been accused of tampering with the truth.

If it can be proven that he lied it should be time for impeachment. I cannot think of any former PM who in a relatively short time has done so much damage to our country. He deserves a very sticky end but will probably sail off into Europe to make his fortune.

Monday, 5 October 2009

National Service or Community Service?

If we are to believe the government and the Americans, winning the war in Afghanistan is vital for the future of world security. If that is the case and I don't know if I believe them, then the western world must throw everything that we have at the Taliban. To my mind that means ALL our partners in Europe offering up every available troop that they can muster but it means more.

The Defence Minister, Bob Ainsworth, on a recent visit to the war front was told, by a Staff Sergeant in the Bomb Disposal team that the most vital requirement was more troops on the ground.

According to David Cameron we have millions out of work, many of whom have never contributed to the country's economy and have no intention of doing so. We all know that this is true and the likelihood is that they are actually unemployable. So what do we do with them?

I personally don't think that any able bodied person should be allowed to sit at home sponging off the state. The fact that they are doing so, in a time of war, when some of their mates are being killed and maimed is even more disgraceful. The problem is that this government is not acting as if we are at war. There is no war cabinet, there is nobody briefing the press, they don't seem to be aware that our boys and girls are really in action. Back in 1982 when Maggie went to war it was done properly; we were at war and we all knew it. That is the difference.

We need more troops on the ground and yet the Generals are repeatedly saying that we have not got the troops. Troops need rest and recuperation. This war appears to be intense and reading between the lines we are struggling to retain any ground that we have won. It is surely time to up the pace.

The NoLab government have spent billions on quangos and committees most of whom have been formed to assist the government. If The Tories have any sense and want to save money they will disband all these useless committees and make them redundant. Fine but what do we do with them then? Some of them are very capable who have just been helping the wrong people.

We now have two groups of unemployed but they must be put to work so what do we do with them? Well we are at war so we should give the workshy an opportunity to contribute. Many of them are tough guys who just don't want to work or who prefer to work out of the system and not pay taxes. We should give them all a choice. We are at war and so you have two choices you either work for the country or you work for the forces but you do not sit on your backside doing nothing.

All the people who will lose their jobs because they are non-jobs created purely to prop up the NoLab government should be offered the chance to work for the country. They should be offered the chance to join the National Community Service.

The workshy and those who work on the Black Market plus the illegal immigrants who do not have the skills to assist the Community Service should have the option of joining National Military Service. There can be no hiding place. This scheme would also ensure that any military member who has served the country has an automatic roll to play in the Community Service thus ensuring that nobody who has put their lives at risk for the sake of the country will ever have to sleep out rough in despair.

The choice is clear. We are at war. Everyone, bar the severely disabled, should contribute. Nobody should be exempt national duty. National duty has always been a pre-requisite in the time of war (remember the Land Girls). This could be the final solution to our problems. We would have no unemployed, apart from the severely disabled, because everybody could do something. Even if they can do nothing then they should be enforced to attend a centre for the totally useless!! Then they pick up rubbish!

In this time of National Emergency we can enforce employment for everyone but then why have the Political Class not gone down this route...and the answer is...???

We are at war. We therefore can mobilise every person like they did in 1939. If we do not mobilise everyone available then we are reneging on the lads and lasses who have lost their lives. They are fighting this war. It is not a joke. The problem is that only the good citizens of Wootten Basset seem to have understood the significance of the war in which our young guys/girls are being killed.

If this bloody war is so important then why are we all not being required to contribute? It is either important or we bring the guys and gals home. If it is important then we all get involved. That means all of us... all the shysters, the uninvolved, the rabid street rats and the illegal immigrants. Hell we have never had a better excuse to sort out the country! How many people who want to come here would want to come if their first act was to sign up to fight the Taliban?

It is time to give the takers a choice. This country is at war and you have a part to play!! Ha! No more camp at Calais then!!