Saturday, 30 January 2010

John Terry

I am not surprised that life has at last caught up with John Terry. He has always been a loose cannon and although he is a great footballer is it not time to teach the public that footballers have a responsibility? They are role models and as such they have a responsibility to the young.

Terry is a prat. He has always been a prat, his history is littered by indiscretions involving booze, sex and violence. His family are always in the press for indiscretions. They believe that the fame of their son make them inviolate. They can steal, deal in drugs and generally behave like idiots even though it damages their son.

I know that we want to win the World Cup. I accept that John Terry is a huge part of our World Cup team BUT I think that Fabio Capello should bin him!! Take him out because he is a disgrace! We have people to take his place so we should get rid of him.

Can you imagine the impact on the morality of the country. Suddenly the captain of England is not inviolate; he is actually being punished for being a prat! Someone is being publically chastised and I believe that Capello should leave him behind and let him suffer.

John Terry is a symbol of the malaise which inflicts our society today. Nobody has ever said 'No' to John Terry because he is an icon. Everyone wants to please him and so he does as he pleases. I want to call time on that. Fabio could bin him and I would hope that he might. It is time to call time on a disgraceful individual. Even now BBC are trying to excuse him. I wonder how Wayne Bridges feels about that!

Yeh I know that I am in dreamland but we must rediscover morality in this country. Perhaps we should start with John Terry? Perhaps when Matthew Upson is seen holding the World Cup on high then John Terry will think that Sh**ging his mate's girlfriend was not a good idea!

Friday, 29 January 2010

Well was that it...?

The Chillout enquiry had the opportunity today to grill an ex-PM who perpetrated a huge fraud on the British people and failed to hold him to account. This enquiry in my eyes lost all credibility today because at long last they brought this fraudster before them and then patted him on the head and allowed him off the hook.

Make no mistake Blair was sh*tting himself and yet nobody could land the fatal blow. This is all too gentlemanly, it is all too civil, it is all too British and yet we are dealing with someone responsible for the deaths of thousands of people without any kind of legal or political mandate. Tony Blair threw our soldiers into a major conflict on a personal whim. He bombed the hell out of a civil population (many of whom hated Saddam Hussein) because he alone thought it was a good idea.

He lied to Parliament consistently and failed to keep any vestige of a record on his performance. He knew that the lies that he was projecting were unsubstantiated but yet we were dragged into a revenge Bush War created purely because Daddy Bush cocked up a decade before and failed to nail Saddam Hussein.

Saddam had nothing to do with Al Quada and he balanced the Middle East because he helped to keep Iran in check. He was a bad man but was he worse than Robert Mugabe or the Chinese? We as a nation cannot flaunt international law and despite the Blair conviction he was no worse than many others. So why did he send us to war?

Tony Blair is an opportunist and so is his wife. They consistently during his premiership demonstrated a lack of class, a lack of quality and a lack of integrity. Today was the chance for the Chillout Enquiry to attack him and expose him. They failed and many of us believe that this enquiry like so many others assembled by NoLab will fail the public.

Today the Blairs have amassed a vast fortune purely because they did the bidding of the billionaires from America. It cost many lives but heh what the hell!!

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Bribing the Taliban!

I cannot believe that these people are really serious. Have we really lost the war to the extent that Gordon the Moron would pay the Taliban to stop shooting our troops. I cannot believe that this misguided man would offer them money! Does he not realise who he is dealing with? It will now cost us £86 million to reward the people who have killed our soldiers.

What does that tell us about our politicians? This is revolting! We have been fighting a war which has killed 250 of our soldiers and Gordon comes up with a reward for the very people who killed them. He is spitting on graves. It is ridiculous because these people will always take the money but nobody can ensure that they will abide by the terms. They never have done! History will recall that the Afghans are ruled by warlords. These people have suddenly discovered a huge new source of income other than controlling the drugs industry of course.

Now I cannot ever put myself in the position of an Afghan warlord but let me try! I have just been offered millions of pounds of western money to curtail my activities and I will gratefully accept and promise to abide by the conditions. Of course I know that nobody will be able to monitor my activities so that I will smile sweetly at that really ugly British PM and then carry on as usual. Why not?

Another victory for the Muslims who are not hindered by the cowardice of the western politicians! The world is changing and our grandchildren will not understand why we did not oppose the changes when they have to wear the burka!

Global Warming

It looks as if the Global Warming myth is beginning to unravel in many directions. Day after day another aspect of the once inviolate evidence which has been used to fleece countries of vast sums of money is debunked as unproven nonsense. Now the much vaunted University of East Anglia has been accused of breaching the Freedom of Information Act by refusing to disclose some of their scientific data.

Now the question I ask is why? Why did someone come up with this ruse and why did so many of our more dubious politicians immediately jump on the bandwagon. Not so long ago to doubt global warming was to invite immediate scorn and yet the evidence was sketchy to say the least.

I just wonder what was behind it all and why organisations like the BBC, despite the evidence, continues to parrot the global warming mantra. The guy who I really want to see squirm is Ed Milliband who was so often seen on television talking expansively about the global warming science as if it was the most important event in our lives, which of course it could have been!

So why the subtefuge? What are our ridiculously duplicitous politicians up to now? Just imagine if we had a future global problem? Nobody would believe anyone! They have damaged the credibility of the political class to convince us that we are in danger. Imagine the future ... a Tsunami is heading towards Tintagel...yeh yeh remember global warming...BOSH!!

The world has gone mad but at least we are not going to fry in the next twenty five years!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The World Cup in South Africa

I see that FIFA are beginning to panic because only one third of the tickets have been sold. Are they really surprised? They have handed their feature product to a country which has an horrendous record on violence. Friends of mine who have gone to visit relatives have related that white families lock their homes at 6pm and dare not venture out!

This is ridiculous and if I know that then so do many others. It costs a lot of money on a long haul flight and then when one gets to South Africa the venues are hundreds of miles apart. The cost of internal flights must also be prohibitive. Decent safe hotels could also be in short supply so all in all it was a stupid choice for a World Cup Final.

Like so many others I will sit at home and watch it on the telly knowing that the chance of me being macheted to death for stumbling into the wrong district has been marginally reduced!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Iraq Enquiry and this Government

Well at last, piece by piece, the events which led up to the Iraq War and in effect have all been aired in public are being confirmed. Today one of the few people that could tell the truth, because she had nothing to hide, came forward and nailed Jack Straw.

Elizabeth Wilmshurst, who had the courage to resign her position in the Foreign Office Legal Team, in protest against what she regarded as an illegal war told the enquiry that the whole legal team at the Foreign Office told Jack Straw that the war was illegal and he ignored them! Bingo! So far Straw has always skirted around the Blair cabal but now he is firmly tied into the scandal.

She also seemed to imply that the Attorney General, at the time (Lord Goldsmith) did not follow the advice of his team and ploughed a lone furrow in declaring the war legal. I well remember and there is archive film of both Straw and Blair arguing ferociously in the House of Commons that we had to invade Iraq on the grounds of the evidence they had that Saddam Hussein was hoarding weapons of mass destruction.

Of course we now know that it was a lie, we all now suspect that Bush and Blair cooked it all up (for what reason I have to ask) and the rest fell into line. Only the late Robin Cook and Clare Short had the courage to oppose the Blair cabal. I fear that Lord Goldsmith is in for a rocky ride tomorrow and on Friday if this keeps up Blair might be fighting to keep himself and Jack Straw out of The Hague!

Monday, 25 January 2010

Northern Ireland

So Gordon McDoom has travelled to Northern Ireland to solve the problem of their power sharing arrangements. Here we go again and Gordon is the last person who should poke his nose into their internal affairs.

During my military career I spent some considerable time in the middle of this centuries old dispute. The Irish have this wonderful talent to charm but behind this facade they have a culture that we will never understand. Their history, their culture, their very being is linked to a kind of apartheid. Frankly it is not the wish of the public but it is the wish of their politicians who have always held sway.

They traded on this apartheid and it will continue. To get involved is madness. Let them sort it out because that is what they want.

What the hell is happening in Haiti?

I cannot believe the scenes in Haiti. The whole world is trying to help these people but there appears to be nobody capable of distributing the food. The UN is failing these people and it is a disgrace. Why can't someone, anyone get the food out to the people?

I tell you what in the end it will discourage people from contributing to any disaster fund because the people who should be organised, who should immediately swing into action and who should support the affected people are obviously incapable. It is a indictment on the aid industry and that is what I believe. As in everywhere else the aid industry is now open to the accusation that they are making money out of the misery of people cursed by nature.

I detect another political plot but then we will have to wait and see. The Political Class and the New World Order have a lot to answer for. In the meantime people in Haiti are starving! Sort it out!!

Protecting our Children!?

There is more than a whiff of stench surrounding the decision by Lord Hutton to mothball the documents surrounding the death of Dr David Kelly for seventy years. I cannot remember this decision being publically declared at the time that he made it and it has only been revealed by a group of doctors who are querying the verdict of suicide.

This has already been challenged in a book written by the admirable MP Norman Baker who researched the death of Dr Kelly in depth and concluded that death attributed by Lord Hutton to suicide was highly questionable not to say impossible. It was widely believed that the Hutton enquiry was an amateurish whitewash but now it would appear to be rather more than that.

NoLab politicians habitually use the excuse for a cover up by insisting that they are 'protecting children'. Ed Balls uses it a great deal particularly when he wants to protect the Social Services against investigation so when I read that Hutton had excused his actions by insisting that he was 'protecting the children' of David Kelly I drew a deep breath.

The Chilcott Enquiry is said to be investigating all aspects of the Iraq War and the death of David Kelly is very much part of this action or should be. If the Hutton Enquiry has now lost any credibility surely there is someone with sufficient power who can reverse his decision and present the relevant documents to Chilcott? If not what is the point of it?

Friday, 22 January 2010

What will it take before Ed Balls gets the message?

We have yet to hear the details of the horrific case that has just been concluded in Sheffield but we know sufficient to comprehend that once again the social services have been found wanting. Once again Ed Balls appears on national television with his 'we must learn from this horrible case' act. It is little wonder that his inability to change direction from the NoLab mantra and dogma which bedevils all the government services which is the root cause of the constant failure of our social services.

Apparently nine different services over a period of fourteen years have been involved with the family of the little monsters who carried out this vile attack and yet they were still allowed to roam free to commit their acts. What is going on?

We are reaping the consequences of central government interference in every walk of life. Politicians are laying down 'guidelines' in every direction and then appointing political lackeys on high salaries to ensure that their 'guidelines' are slavishly imposed. The result is chaos and it doesn't matter where one looks. The police, the CPS, the NHS, welfare, education, immigration, benefits, transport (particularly the railways) doesn't matter where you look because nothing is working in a coordinated and controlled fashion. The lackeys who got their positions purely on the basis that they are 'a safe pair of hands' usually cannot manage, think on their feet or problem solve.

There is only one lesson that Ed Balls needs to learn and that is to stop interfering! He is the problem because he is so politically bigoted that he can only think in one direction. Until we dump the EU, discipline the young, disband the men in grey suits (the lackeys) and put the services back into the hands of the professionals we will always have this problem.

The message Ed Balls must learn is that HE is the problem but it is a message that he will never comprehend.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Why is Gordon destroying our economy?

I was watching the 'Daily Politics' Show on BBC2 this lunchtime and was drawn to the conversation between Andrew Neil, the presentor, Max Hastings a prominent journalist and a finance expert from the Tory party whose name escapes me at the moment. All three were predicting unbelievable consequences in about three years time because Gordon Brown will not rein in public expenditure. Not only is he still pumping 'quantative easing' (printing more money) into the economy but he is borrowing billions every month to prop up his government.

The Chancellor's growth predictions were also described as being highly optimistic as were his economic forecasts. Given that NoLab took over at a time when the country was in a relatively prosperous position I do wonder how Gordon Brown has managed, during his time as Chancellor and PM, to wreck the economy and why? We must also not forget that he has raided pension funds and sold off gold reserves at rock bottom prices.

Now it appears that we have discovered much, much, too late that this man has been responsible for destroying our economy to such an extent that knowledgeable media pundits are predicting years of dire and deep cuts in public services.

What I do not understand is why nobody is stopping him? Why isn't the governor of the Bank of England or the Financial Services Authority shouting from the rooftops? How can the International Monetary Fund continue to throw money at him? What is his own party doing about it? Surely someone is concerned about his borrowing levels?

Two years ago after I began this blog I wrote about the unsustainable rates began blown on the quangos, committees and trusts. He was pouring money into the Public Sector at on lunatic proportions and only Robert Mugabe seems to print more money to make his problems disappear. Surely going on the Zimbabwe model galloping and rampant inflation is the only logical consequence!

Therefore I return to my original question. Why is Gordon doing it? What is his agenda? It seems obvious that he knows what he is doing but why? I read that his mentor, Jack Jones, hated this country to such an extent that he spied for the Russians for many years. Can our PM really be held in similar regard? After all he has, since he arrived in the job, failed miserably to lead the country. There have been no major policies but he has, reneged on an election promise to hold a referendum on the EU, he then signed away our sovereignty, presided over a major banking crisis and starved local authorities of cash.

I am beginning to think the unthinkable because the more I look at his record the worse it looks. I just don't understand why he is being allowed to continue. He seems to be a very dangerous individual and I am concerned.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Does the election really matter...?

We are gearing up for another election in this country where we as Britains will all troop to the polling stations expecting that our vote will ensure democracy reigns in this country. But the question that I pose is this the first election in this country where your vote is actually not worth a light?

Gordon, Dave and Nick have all ensured that our sovereignty has been passed over to a cabal of European dictators who are unelected, unwanted and undemocratic. Our sole representative in this ridiculous conglomorate is Cathy Ashton who has never earned a vote from anyone. Frankly they have moved Moscow to Brussels and we have never had a say on this little matter of our lives.

The catalisk for this destruction of democracy is the Bilderberger Group who meet once a year and decide the agenda for the next year. Yes they are a secret society but Google them and then you will discover their disciples. These are the people who actually rule the world to such an extent that our vote is worthless. You will be amazed at who the Bilderberger group have courted over the years. You will also realise that they transcend our political spectrum. The Bilderberger group is so powerful that all our influential mainstream politicians have been summoned at one time or other.

Sorry folks but we have come to the point where our parliament has lost it's authority. We are ruled by Cathy Ashton (unelected, unwanted and unknown) and if you don't like it then don't vote for the Westmonster parties. We MUST, MUST, MUST, free ourselves from the EUssr or we lose our national identity. It may aleady be too late.

I believe that this next election should be a referendum on the European Union. That is if you want out of the EU then you cannot vote for any of the Westmonster parties. If that is the only choice given you them protest by spoiling your paper. We must demonstrate to the Political Class just how p*ssed off we are by the damage that they have done to the country over the past 30 years or more.

Of course if you don't care then you deserve all you get!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Ed Balls and Education

One thing is certain where Ed Balls appears to be concerned and that is he cannot bear not to abuse the power he has been granted. It is generally regarded, by those who think about it, that British Education is not very good. Our children who have to endure state education seem almost to lose the will to live half the time as they are spoonfed their exam results.

Most of our teenagers are convinced that they are 'stressed out' by the work they must do to pass exams but generally they don't have to 'learn' very much. Course work makes up a large percentage of the final exam result and the internet provides answers for many of the topics. Now I realise that I may appear hypercritical and I realise that the world has changed but the proof of my argument is that most of our teenagers are hugely ignorant of knowledge that I took for granted.

When I took the old GCE I entered the exam room almost naked. I had no backup course work. I had no Internet. I had absolutely no guidance or prior knowledge what the questions would be. I had swotted for weeks before the exam trying to cram as much as I could into my brain so that on the day I could regurgitate it onto my exam paper. Now that was stress!

But back to Ed Balls because I read today that he wants to introduce into the school curriculum three modern Languages, Mandarin, Japanese and Arabic. Where on earth does he get these totally barmy ideas. I know that NoLab ministers are masters of the soundbyte but just how many Japanese, Mandarin or Arabic speakers does he believe are hanging around desperate to teach in our state comprehensives?

There is one other problem which Mr Balls ignores. To learn a foreign language properly one has to have an extensive knowledge of your own language. British schools have ignored the principles of English grammar for decades now. Ask most people under fifty years of age to explain adverbs, past participles, pronouns and the subjunctive they will look at you as if you are an alien being.

This is where we have let our children down because foreign schools realise the importance of grammar. That is the reason that all these European kids arrive on our shores speaking good English and beating our own kids to good jobs. Basically they have been educated!

I believe that our teachers will have a celebration when Mr Balls is no longer interfering with his weekly curriculum change. I think that parents should have a far bigger say in education but in effect listening to grandparents would be an even better idea

Thursday, 14 January 2010

In support of NoLab....

Today I received a letter from the caseworker for my local MP asking me to declare in print my support for our local MP. Now when I needed his assistance he stood by me and actually gave us a positive result. He is a good constituency MP, he cares for his constituents and I have no beef against him. Before he was elected I had met him personally and I recognise that he is a decent family man.

HOWEVER! How can I vote for a party that has destroyed the country it was voted to protect. How can we ignore the lies, the broken promises, the social engineering or the deliberate sexualisation of our children. How can we ignore the deliberate policy of mass immigration, the political correctness and the politicisation of our police force.

My MP has been very good at local level but at national level he has been out of his depth. We never see him on the telly. He has never made his mark. He has just limped along agreeing with Tony and Gordon but never challenging their mistakes. It is now time for change and my local MP has utterly no chance of retaining his seat. I only hope that we get a candidate that we can support. I tell you now that if we only have candidates from the Westmonster parties I will spoil my vote!

Monday, 11 January 2010

Swine Flu!

I blogged twice last year on 20 July and 1 Sept that Swine Flu was probably a figment of the government's imagination to cover up their incompetence and an attempt to divert attention from their other misdeeds.

Even so Sir Liam Donaldson NoLab's Health supremo drove ahead and over ordered a huge consignment of swine flu vaccine which is now stockpiled and will eventually be out of date. Yet another example of government incompetence which has cost the taxpayer huge sums of money. This surely has to be grounds for at least one resignation but yet again Donaldson sails serenely on protected from honesty and decency by the system that he subscribes to.

Cheats, crooks, imposters, thieves.....

Can any group of people be as delusional as Gordon Brown and his cabinet of strange weirdos? They are paralysed by hatred of each other and consequently the country is sinking further and further into the mire. Gordon the Moron once said that he had cancelled an election so that the people could see his vision for the country. Since then nothing, no plan, no bright ideas and no help for the needy. Just a constant stream of soundbytes with no substance to support them, a constant demand for social engineering and potshots against people dubbed by NoLab stooges as 'toffs'.

The scullduggery over MPs expenses continues as plans to restore credibiility to the system are watered down yet again. The same snouts are still in the same troughs but The Times has just uncovered a fraud which dwarfs all the others and should immediately be a matter for a police investigation.

Apparently the Department which distributes Foreign Aid had given the TUC £2.4 million to do with as they wish. Now why they give this money to the TUC of all organisations beats me as it is blatantly and shamelessly an arm of NoLab but this is probably all part of the scam. You see the TUC did not distribute this money they gave it directly to the NoLab party. Taxpayer's money is therefore being used to prop up the most evil and corrupt regime ever seen in this country.

Now if this story in the Times has any vestige of truth then the police should follow it up and charge all concerned with fraud. They won't of course because the level of corruption surrounding NoLab is endemic. They have party officials in every walk of life who would block, hinder and bribe their way out of trouble. It should however, be the leading question when David Cameron arises in the House of Commons on Wednesday lunchtime. Well it would be if the Tories didn't have a funding problem to leave it alone then Dave eh?!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Why can't we cope?

It is ridiculous because in these unusual climatic conditions we just seem unable to cope. I bet Ed Miliband is gnashing his teeth because his ridiculous claims of global warming are being destroyed by ,whoops, the climate. He is beginning to resemble King Canute as he tries to control the climate by throwing shed loads of our money at it! These NoLab politicians are priceless.

I lived for 15 years in Germany and we rarely allowed a fall of snow to bother us. There were of course extenuating circumstances because most of the German drivers have passed a rather stiff driving test which includes motorway driving, night driving and a really difficult theory test.

We however in this country all know that there are very many female drivers who are actually incapable of anything other than pointing their cars in a direction and pressing their accelerator pedal. They actually have never been tested in difficult circumstances. Similarly we have young males who are barely 17 and yet are handed a licence to kill. The result is chaos!

We have airports where they cancel flights willy nilly and yet the airport that receives the most snow in Europe, Helsinki, never cancels a flight! The schools close and there is never any authority monitoring these closures. There appears to be a culture where, if the staff perceive that they cannot drive in snow, then the school closes. That is not an option. In a nation where both parents have to work and have been encouraged by NoLab to work then the care of the children should never be so cavalier. The schools have a social responsibilty to remain open.

They should never be allowed to close. Staff who live locally should be named to occupy schools until the weather relents. It is ridiculous but then whenever has Ed Balls, the so called Childrens Minister. ever proposed a policy which would help parents and not sexualise children years before they lose their childhood.

It goes on and on, nothing works because this government are so far up their own arses that they have no idea how to govern. Gordon Brown is a total twat! He is utterly useless as a Prime Minister and yet he postures on and on until the very last minute so that he can maximise the position which he was never elected to.

Guido is right..keep this arrogant bastard in position until he has to face the electorate and be totally humiliated. I still think that someone will remove him before it happens! I now hope not.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

So who do we vote for...?

It is a sign of the times when the ordinary man in the street does not have representation in Parliament. In about five months we will have a General Election but what does it mean? Who do we vote for? There is not the width of a cigarette paper between NoLab who have ignored their traditional vote and the Tories who also ignore their traditional supporters! We therefore have three Westmonster parties who are all actually LIbDems!

I support a blog called the Daily Mash and the administrator has a wonderful and quirky sense of humour. For example he reckons that Pat Hewitt and Geoff Hoon have ruined the election chances of Labour by reminding people that Gordon Brown is still Prime Minister! He also reckons that if the Tories win the next election then they will retain Gordon Brown as PM because their policies are actually the same.

Westmonster is in a sad state and it will not improve if you vote for any of the chancers who currently occupy the benches. I see that Guido has started a Facebook group campaigning to keep Gordon in situ. He wants him to feel the pain of electoral humiliation!

I am still unsure of that because too many of the traditional supporters are brain dead. Many others depend on NoLab for their jobs. They have created an enormous public sector and these poeple will vote for their futures. What can the Tories answer with? We are the opposition and so it is our natural inheritance to succeed a failing party.

The problem is that they failed the country and many of us have never forgotten how badly they failed us. I would never ever again vote Conservative and I would never ever again vote Labour. What really is the point of voting LibDem?

We need radical, independent, candidates but our political system is so biased towards the main parties, who in return are ruled by wealthy individuals, that frankly any review of our political system is unlikely. So who do we support?

Who do the people that want a total change of direction vote for? There is no option so we have to find a way to rebel against this unfair political system. Do we vote, how do we vote what can we do ....any suggestions?

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Who hates Gordon Brown...apart from everyone!

It would appear that Geoff Hoon and Patricia Hewitt have committed political suicide by their round robin letter advocating a NoLab leadership contest. I really cannot believe that these two experienced campaigners would ruin their political reputation when they had no significant support.

These people are not daft They are dyed in the wool, hard nosed, crafty NoLab politicians so what are they up to? Who is behind this embarrassing attack on Gordon the Moron? Who wants his job? Who has organised this challenge to himself? Someone is not breaking cover just yet! It is now becoming clear that there is a concerted attempt to discredit Gordon.

My bet is the female option. Gordon is not a ladies man...he is actually a very unattractive person and totally unsuitable to the job that he inherited. I therefore suspect that the women are plotting against him. Note that in the last political coup Caroline Flint and Hazel Blears left office and now we have yet another of the Blair Babes to rail against the PM.

Who therefore leads this female force? Well most of the male members of the Cabinet have comeout in favour of Gordon because we have already heard of all the guys from the Cabinet supporting the boss. Balls, Darling, Straw, Johnson, Millibands et all have all immediately come forward to support Gordon Brown. OK fine but who hasn't clearly supported him?

HARRIET HARMAN that is who!!!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The Childrens Minster is he the most dangerous man in Britain?

It never stops! What never stops? The incessant demands from Ed Balls on the time of our teachers. What next will he think up to distract them from their duty of educating our children? He alone has made the jobs of our teachers almost impossible because he trumpets initiative after initiative and never addresses the problem of youth discipline or parental resposibility.

He is obsessed with children and sexuality. Personally I think that this is deeply unhealthy. Yes we all know that we have a real problem with our promiscuous society and the pregnancy rate; but his party has caused the problem and he knows it. They have encouraged young girls to get pregnant by rewarding them to become pregnant so that they no longer need to seek work because the government pays them so much in benefits.

Now we hear his latest pronouncement which is beyond belief! Every school should teach the kids Mandarin?! I cannot believe that, what planet is he on? We need to teach our kids English! I mean proper English grammar because at the moment our kids are at a disadvantage when people from all over the world arrive here and write and speak better English grammar than our own kids who don't even know the meaning of English grammar! Nobody can learn a foreign language unless they understand their own language. Only Ed Balls, who frankly is a total nutter, would advocate anything else.

I cannot believe that this man is married (however he is married to Yvette Cooper who is another NoLab highly educated ideological prat) so it is understandable that they would want to destroy the childhood of children from the working class. Both come from privileged backgrounds as do most of the NoLab cabinet and they have ensured that their own kids are not subjected to the demands that they impose on the kids of the working class.

This man is dangerous and in my opinion quite deranged. He appears almost like I would imagine a disciple of Nazi Germany would behave. WE WILL TEACH OUR CHILDREN ALL ABOUT SEX EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE ONLY FIVE YEARS OF AGE! It is nauseous but then Ed Balls sees himself as a future Prime Minister... come on you voters this man does not deserve anybody's vote. Surely you people in South Yorkshire cannot believe that he represents your views? In my opinion he is an animal and so is his wife.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Asians who call themselves British!

Enough is enough! These 'British' Muslims who have been allowed by NoLab to populate this country are now pushing for a confrontation. They are quite deliberately challenging all the values that we hold dear. Why else would they want to march through Wootton Bassett? The little Wiltshire town has become a symbol of our grief and these so called 'British' subjects are challenging this symbol of the nation.

Why does this useless government continue to allow these Muslims to flaunt our nationality? Why are our hands always tied when it comes to confronting racism when it applies to the Muslims and not to the indigenous community.

Perhaps it is time that we ignored Westmonster and beat the Sh*t out of them because it is the only language that they will understand. It is incredible that all those people who get themselves into trouble always fall back on the 'British' card. They are so proud of their heritage but the very minute that they are in trouble they then become 'British'. We all know that a few of them have ruined our freedom, the reputation of the country(along with Gordon Brown) and our tolerance of immigrants.

It should not be beyond our ability to discourage these people and insist that they do not disrupt our lifestyles.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

The Task Ahead of David Cameron

I suspect that the sound heard around the UK at about 9.30am this morning was that of a million coffee cups shattering a million flat screen televisions as Andrew Marr once again interviwed Gordon Brown and allowed him to dominate the interview. Yet again this national embarrassment failed to connect with anyone other than the sycophants who need him for their pay cheques at the end of the month.

It did make me think though...because what happens after over a decade of financial mismanagement, marxist doctrine and social engineering who will have the skill to put broken Britain back together again? I watched David Cameron make an important policy speech the other day and frankly I cringed. We need a radical approach to our politics, we need a real hard man who will put fear into the wrongdoers and what we got was a cross between Tony Blair and Barack Obama.

He has done exactly what Blair did because he has ignored his grass root members and formulated a pro Europe, insipid, whitewashed party. For 'New Labour' now read 'The Modern Conservative Party' which means that we still dance to the tune of a corrupt and illegal organisation which has never been properly audited. If the EU sounds like the Kremlin and acts like the Kremlin then it is the bloody Kremlin. It has just shifted location.

Don't get me wrong I hope that David Cameron proves me wildly incorrect but if he does he has to take radical decisions on the economy. He must renegotiate our contribution to Europe and seriously review our foreign aid responsibilities. This is where huge amounts of money are being squandered. Then he has to rip apart the quango/committee commitments that NoLab has established which dig deep into the heart of the freedom of the individual. It is a huge job because the marxist professionals have almost organised the hell out of us.

David Cameron has a responsibilty to the victims of crime, to the rule of law and to appoint judges who will sentence the bad people to proper punishments and not to the the puerile sentences to which we have become accustomed. He has so much to ponder so that we can once again become a decent nation. Is he really up to the job?