Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Time for a break!

Tomorrow my wife and I disappear for 30 days as we cruise around the Eastern Mediterranean. We have decided that at our late life it is time to explore the world. We love travelling so the prospect of Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Turkey and Greece to name but a few excites us. 

I cannot believe that in something like 8 hours I will be boarding the Oriana (P&O) for a real adventure. If I get the opportunity I will report back but I have had serious lectures from my son in law (Seanie) about the difference between the Internet abroad and Wi-Fi and the cost implications!

So in my half ignorance I must be careful how I use the Internet so please bear with me. My daughter is also looking after our recently adopted cat. She already has 2 rescued cats (a veterinary nurse who loves her job) but our little Dan seems quite at home. 

You see this avid blogger is really just a person! I am not a political animal but just a member of the hard pressed public. I have my personal views about the performance of our politicians and this blog gives me an opportunity to voice them. This and my ability to write English. 

So goodbye everyone...I will be back on 16 November please continue to tune in but then I began with nothing and you all found me so perhaps it will happen again?

Monday, 15 October 2012


I cannot believe that our political hierarchy have actually done a deal to split up the UK! I cannot believe that our mainstream politicians are even contemplating this action. It is even worse because the SNP politicians have decided that they will use the votes of 16 year olds to make this happen!!

What is going on? How can this nonsense continue? If 16 year olds can vote on this issue who decided that? Who agreed that people of (I am sorry) limited intellect and experience could sway an election of such importance.

I am sorry but this is a stitch up. These seamy politicians are organising a break up of a very strong alliance. Don't get me wrong, my parents were Scots and I had very many arguments with my father about my heritage. The Barnett formula that gave the Scots so many advantages and the popular animosity that the Scots rejoice in still make it acceptable. 

The reason it is acceptable is because when the chips are down we have always put aside our differences and fought together like lions.  The Scots are a major part of our armed forces.  Someone, the very people who are trying to destroy our society, are stoking this issue. Alex Salmond, that paragon of virtue, is taking advantage of national pride.

However, I really don't believe that how many 16 year olds Alex Salmond drafts into the equation the real people of Scotland will know that the break up of the UK would be disastrous. England would survive but Scotland would become a dependent of the EU.

Of course that is why the servants of the bankers Alex Salmond and David Cameron are shaking hands. The unthinkable is happening because they have been told to break up the UK. Otherwise it would never happen... think about it!

How about that for a controversial post? Answers on a postcard or on my comments list! 

Sunday, 14 October 2012

How Can They Do It?

Do our politicians and our lawyers know nothing about warfare? They have arrested five Royal Marines and charged them with murder! What exactly to they train them and pay them to do? If you send a trained soldier into battle, or into a 'difficult' situation, then you cannot impose civilian rules on them. They are trained to fight. They are trained to kill. They face an enemy who will kill them given an opportunity. 

What do they expect from our troops?  They cannot go to war with the thought that 'if I get this wrong I could be charged with murder'! It is ridiculous. If you have just lost your best mate in action then frankly you are not acting rationally. They are not out shopping in  Windsor on a Saturday morning.

Is it not about time that our lawyers departed to Afghanistan and hunted for the people who have killed over 400 of our soldiers in this utterly pointless war and asked the CPS to charge them! It is that stupid! 

How the hell can our soldiers fight a war against a very aggressive enemy with one hand tied behind their backs? I have consistently maintained for a few years now that there is an element of our Political Class/Civil Servants who do not support our armed forces.
They are hell bent on the destruction of the troops and this is just another example of their agenda.

I know that we must maintain a service code of conduct but when soldiers go to war and could be killed then, believe you me, normal ethics disappear. If you are faced with someone trying to kill you then you don't think twice. You kill him/her! 

The enemy of the British Army are very safe in the knowledge that if they are captured then the British Army have so many rules to observe that frankly they will have laugh at us. So many have donned friendly uniform and then reneged on the deal it is not surprising that they are not trusted. 

Our problem is that the British Army face not only the Afghan warlords, who have not actually lost an ounce of their power since the joint British/American forces invaded their territory, but they are being stabbed in the back by the British establishment...as ever!

The enemy is not in Afghanistan it is actually in Islington, Tower Hamlets and surrounding suburbs. Most of them travel into Westmonster by bicycle!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

So Many People Knew!

So it is all coming out now...the barmy eccentric who fund raised for so many charities was actually a dangerous weirdo. No... that is too mild because apparently he was the worst type of paedophile and so many people knew about him.

I am part of his generation and I must now confess that I found him strange. He was really not normal. He courted publicity ruthlessly and now we are discovering the extent of his calumny. His ability to fund raise apparently put him on a pedestal. Staff at various hospitals were so scared to 'out' him that he was allowed to abuse young patients.

What does that say about our culture and our morals and about the ability of NHS managers and BBC managers to protect the vulnerable? What has happened in our society to judgement and discipline? Why was it that staff who knew how sordid this man was did not feel able to report him?

The truth is that there were so many young girls who actually glorified in being 'groupies'; there were so many young women who pursued fame and fortune through the sex market that the male 'personalities' thought that they could do anything and did! 

I suspect that Jimmy Savile was the tip of the iceberg. It has actually happened throughout time.  The shock in this case was the access that this man had to VERY vulnerable youngsters.  I don't mean the girls who put themselves up for it like the girls who marry ageing billionaires. I mean the young and disabled. The very notion that this guy was able to approach and 'stick his tongue down their throat' of paralysed girls must be investigated.

I do not know where this is going? Girls have always been available to famous men. So who can judge who was abused and who was available?  It could get very nasty but the bottom line is that they all let him have his way because he raised money. He raised lots and lots of wonga so who cared about a few abused girls! 

The government have since then introduced sex education for the very young. The children are now aware of the sex act and must be curious so our teenage pregnancy rate will probably increase. It has all been planned so do not moan. Jimmy Savile was a product of his time. He took advantage of his situation like so many before him and I just hope that the lawyers don't make a shed load of money out of it because what is done is done!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Turkey and Syria...who is pulling the Strings?

In one week from now my wife and I will be setting off on a cruise to the Eastern Mediterranean. It has long been planned to visit countries which we have previously never experienced. They include Sicily, Egypt, Jordan, Israel and Turkey. We are really looking forward to traversing the Suez Canal but suddenly I am beginning to wonder if it will happen?

Today Turkish jets forced a Syrian civilian flight flying from Moscow to Damascus down onto their territorial soil. They illegally intercepted this flight which is a direct challenge to Moscow. Who is escalating this conflict? Who is widening the Syrian scenario?

I think that we all know by now who the aggressors are because they have been causing wars for centuries. It is always the same scenario. The 'people' suddenly rebel against a government (usually 'a dictator') who refuses to allow a 'Central' bank to invade their country. This revolution is supported by every media outlet and every prominent politician that can influence western public opinion.

The rebels are then armed and supported by NATO troops who ensure that the 'dictator' is removed.  Simple innit! Unfortunately  the Russian and the Chinese governments don't appear to agree with this action. So we seem to have a scenario where the Americans and Israelis are squaring up to the Russians and Chinese. 

That is really unhealthy. I cannot countenance a situation where someone, somewhere, in Turkey decides that it is a good idea to intercept a civilian flight from Moscow and force it down unless they are trying to escalate a conflict.

Fasten your seatbelts folks! 

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Conservative Party Conference.

They are clearly under pressure. I await the speech from David Cameron tomorrow. Today we had bumbling Boris. How can this total idiot be described as a future leader of a party? There is nothing of substance in this guy. He is a product of the media who continually talk him up. In reality he is a weak, privileged serial marital cheat who, without his family's money, would be classed as a buffoon.

Chris Grayling was the star turn today quoting stats which prove that the mass immigration policy has been a disaster for this country. Many thousands of foreign criminals are incarcerated in our jails and cannot be repatriated because of this ridiculous 'Human Rights Act'. He also give us permission to defend our homes against intruders...well thanks Chris but you didn't go far enough. As usual you fudged it because if anyone comes into my home uninvited then he will be stabbed if I get the opportunity.

Do these politicians really believe that we will not defend our loved ones with everything at our disposal? Do they really believe that if a burglar enters a home we would not hesitate to destroy them? What is reasonable force when they could attack your wife? Nobody knows the outcome of an intruder. They could be simple druggies or they could be psychos...who will take the chance?

Our politicians are gambling with our lives. Once again they are handing the advantage to the criminal.  Once again they have refused to protect the public. So what is left?

I just hope that UKIP refuse any approaches from this nest of vipers. The Tories are beginning to realise that many of the people still prepared to vote in 2015 are lining up behind  UKIP. The LimpDems are dead in the water because they broke all their promises ( Huhne, Clegg, Laws...what did you expect?).  Labour will always have their blind loyalty but the Tories are in crisis because their voters are often educated thinkers.

Far too many have now come to the conclusion that the Conservative leadership cannot be trusted. It is not because they  are a 'bunch of posh boys who don't know the price of milk' it is because they have been corrupted by their legacy. The people who have had their wealth created by the bankers must now pay homage.  They must now protect their heritage.  It has happened throughout the past three centuries.

The bankers control every country in the world except North Korea, Cuba, Syria and possibly Sudan. They have bought up all the  major western European politicians who just follow orders. This is not just at national level it is also at local level. Witness the position of the Leicestershire County Council Chairman (David Parsons) who lost his job because he had manipulated his expenses when he visited Brussels! Why did he visit Brussels? What has Leicestershire got to do with Brussels? 

He was clearly receiving orders but about what? Sorry but this country will never get back to normality until we vote for a government who will represent the people and not vested interests. We want a return to local MPs who want to represent their constituents not the ambitions of bankers who have caused so much damage.

So can the Tories deliver? Of course they can't! Their Chief Whip actually ducked their conference today because Andrew Marshall is toxic. They have buried the little git and they should because he is political poison. If UKIP ever, ever, support this cabal of opportunistic posh boys then I am sorry but I will resign my membership!

Monday, 8 October 2012

Mitt Romney wants intervention in Syria!

Mitt Romney...the next President?:
Believing like I do that we have a New World Order of bankers who have been manipulating events in this world for the past three centuries and often to the huge cost of human life I was not amazed to hear that the future President of the United States wants to intervene in Syria.

Did I just announce the result of the American presidential election which is scheduled to happen next month... Oops!? Sorry I forgot that a whole nation of people have yet to vote. Of course if you believe in Bambi and Donald Duck then you think that your vote counts. 

Someone once said that it is not your vote that counts it is the people who count your vote that counts. So when Mitt Romney announces that the United States (in support of Israel) wants to escalate the war in Syria and depose President Assad and then Turkey is being drawn into the equation then we have to assume that he will win the  election (wink wink nudge nudge).

So after Syria what next? If you believe that the bankers are so focussed on world domination then they have not very far to go. At the last count it is only Cuba and North Korea to devastate. I look forward to their assault on North Korea because I have never seen a more brain washed people. They are the perfect example of what the Illuminati want to do with the rest of us. Listen to Charlotte Iserbyt and then present an argument.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Harbinger and BryBoy?

I have recently had an altercation on my blog between two contributors. It was lengthy and at times venomous. Hell, the only other time that I have had 20 comments was when I upset the gay community so I was quite pleased to attract the attention. 

This blog normally attracts only friends and family and a few people who have found it independently but 'Captain Ranty' has also given me a platform which I have always appreciated.

I do however express opinions which are controversial. I read, I research and I know when something is wrong with our society. I have consistently claimed that there is a malign influence in British society which is being created without public approval. Our politicians have a disconnect with the British public which is unhealthy. Our police now have a disconnect with the British public which is unhealthy. 

Our army is engaged is an inexplicable war in Afghanistan which has never been explained. Our soldiers have been constantly repatriated in hearses and we don't know why? So I question? I cry when I see the families mourn their dead because I share their grief. Who has deployed our forces into a war that cannot be won?

How can our presence in Afghanistan be justified? So why are we there? We are there because people who control and order our politicians require our troops to fight on their behalf. The British are brave and the British are malleable so let them be the bankers' mercenaries.

The power of the blogosphere allows me to express my honestly held beliefs. So back to the point of the post...I attracted a guy who holds highly controversial opinions. He calls himself 'Harbinger' and comments on many blogs. He has a lot to say for himself but then he has also done a lot of research. 

I have another contributor 'Newsboycap' who I believe knows 'Harbinger' (I don't know either of them) but they have regularly encouraged this blog. I know that our society is under threat. We really have to fend off the threat of being a second East Germany. 

We have accommodated mass immigration, We have accommodated a European judicial system (Human Rights) and we have lost our fishing industry, our manufacturing industry and our British humour. We can no longer mock each other in jest.

Someone or something has attacked our society which at one time attracted anyone who valued fair play and democracy. We now have to watch what we say, our children cannot play outside unmolested and we whisper in corners if we want to be honest. Tell me honestly that the views of 'Harbinger' are not well placed.

He is actually voicing an alternative voice. Something entirely different from the mainstream media and he can be challenged. I believe that he should have a voice because some of what he has to say has a resonance. We have major problems of perception in our society and we need people to project an alternative opinion. 

So I can understand people being upset by what Harbinger has to say but let him have his platform because somewhere in the ranting is an enlightenment. He really is trying to tell us something... just read between the lines. (Neutrino please don't regard this as a criticism...I so agreed with so much that you challenged but some things have to be aired).

SAB tks!

The Conservative Party Conference

Tomorrow the final hideous political party conference commences when the Tories take the stage. As I have said many times they have a problem because they are the most deeply divided party of them all. The Socialists have a left and  right of their party but there is not such a mighty divide as exists in the party led by David Cameron.

So tomorrow someone must try and unite the Tories. I don't think that should be possible because the people (the rebels) usually termed 'euro sceptics' should by now be well versed in the calumny of their leaders.

There are no euro sceptics anywhere near the Cabinet. The leadership shuns them. They are invisible and confined to the backbenches for their entire career but tomorrow they are eligible to attend the conference. So I just wonder who will have the guts to put their head above the parapet and tell their leader that, unless he changes course, they could lose the next election? I wonder who will mention the threat of UKIP, the insignificant party who are eating into the Tory membership.

Now let me tell you and this is the point of this post, that the Tory leadership will hint at change on our membership of the EU. They will tell you that they will investigate the powers that we have given to the EU. They will tell you that our membership of the EU must change and they are lying!  They support a hidden enemy and always have. Nothing will change because all they are doing, like Ed Miliband last week, is trying to win a few votes.

None of these politicians have a thought for the public. They are playing a private game because they know that in the end nothing will change. I look forward to listening to what David Cameron will promise his party. He is a good orator like Tony Blair was before him and we all know how false he became!  The heir to Blair could be on trial this week.

The Army is Recruiting!

I have watched the steady decline of service numbers for many years now. As a former professional soldier my heart will always be with the services because I understand the culture and the hardships. The culture remains with me today and I rue the lack of honest discipline within modern society.

Youngsters growing up in the modern society appear to have been well educated in maintaining their rights but know little about their responsibilities. They know how to bully but do not know how to administer fair and firm discipline and this lack of knowledge is harming our industry.  Our justice system illustrates this tendency admirably when it has now been reported that the thug that supplied the gun to the killer of 11 year old Rhys Jones in Liverpool will be walking the streets after only 4 years of a 12 year sentence!

The same unfair system is now being perpetrated on the services. There appears to be a concerted effort to sack service people before they qualify for their military pension. For example I read that 8000 service people are soon to be made redundant.  OK it is plain daft but if it is fair across the board then I will have to understand but then, on the television, comes the advert...'The Army is Recruiting'. How can the army be recruiting when they are sacking trained personnel many of whom already have combat experience?

It is this skewed thinking which seems to drive on the Home Office and the UK Border Force. Time after time non UK citizens are targetted for deportation if they have served with our forces! We have a miscellany of dodgy foreign crooks of many nationalities serving time for villainy and yet we never hear of them being deported.

There is little doubt that any association with the military is regarded in some quarters as being akin to treason.  The reason for this is that the military is almost the last bastion of honesty and decency where old fashioned values like, loyalty, compassion, discipline and organisation are still taught not despised.  It has been watered down but it still exists even though it is constantly under attack from a despicable Political Class.

The army should not be recruiting, it should be maintaining its skilled and trained personnel.  It should also be ensuring that those who have come through the military experience are then fed into civilian jobs where they can utilise their experience.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

This was the Plan to Destroy our Society!

A list of the core aims of this odious doctrine (which consisted in essence of turning everything decent and wholesome upside down and back-to-front) ran as follows:-
  • The destruction of the traditional family unit, the promotion of divorce and the inception of a “permissive society” where informal, polygamous, mixed-race and homosexual relationships would become the new norm.
  •  The encouragement of young people to experiment with drink and hard drugs
  •  The sexualisation of young children and the promotion of same sex relationships as normal and entirely unremarkable to children in schools
  •  The undermining of the justice system so as to destroy belief in fairness in law & order and attach the blame for criminality to the victim and the cause of it to society as a whole.
  •  To destroy religion and faith in general; replace spirituality with consumerism and churches with shopping malls. 
  •  To create a wide array of racial offences to reinforce the dogma that all people are equal and no racial type is superior or inferior to any other type.
Now grab a drink and sit back and think of all the people who have supported this doctrine! This has been a deliberate programme of a group of people dating back to 1923.

If you recognise the horrific destruction of our society then please tweet this forward, EMail it forward, Facebook it on because this is at last is a summary of the aims of ALL of our main stream politicians.  I mean ALL of them! We the public who believe in the sanctity of marriage, who wince at same sex marriage, who disagree with sex education for 8 year olds, who believe in the teachings of the bible and who object to being described as racist because we object to foreign nationals being given priority on housing, education and health care just for some examples. We have all seen it.

I believe that this is the most important post that I have ever posted but if you really want to read the whole story then it is here!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Megan Stammers and Him!

I have so far refrained from the media frenzy on Megan Stammers and her teacher. However, now they have been found safe and well I feel obliged to give my tuppence worth. This tawdry affair is being repeated all over the country when attractive female under age teenagers flutter their eyes at weak male teachers.

Our politicians insisted on giving sex education to teeny weenies and then wonder why they are curious? In this country we have the highest teenage pregnancy rate probably in Europe because our politicians have encouraged outrageous sex education. We have a disgusting Internet chock full of porn which gives the impression that almost everyone, anywhere, is engaged in an abnormal activity which today is being portrayed as normal. 

Web cameras and sites like Facebook give youngsters a privacy which they have never previously enjoyed. They are being led down a path to perversity which no other generation has encountered. It will not stop! I don't think it can stop so my only hope is that when everything has been spilled onto the table then the kids learn to deal with it.

Megan Stammers is a product of this generation. Jeremy Forrest is a victim of the same system. His life is probably ruined because he will lose his profession and he is only 30. She, on the other hand, may become a minor celebrity and earn a lot of money because of her notoriety.  She is clearly attractive so the world is her oyster. He, on the other hand, is just another weak male.

She must have been aware however, that he had a wife. If she had any standards that should have been sufficient not to have entered a relationship with her Maths teacher. Unfortunately she is actually, according to law, a kid and the poor wife never entered her head so who is guilty?

In my humble opinion if you advance the knowledge of a group of young people then you ruin their childhood. They are not ready to absorb that kind of information. Our kids are being systematically corrupted by the government and the education authorities.

 No wonder Jimmy Saville escaped prison! No wonder the BBC turned a blind eye to child abuse. No wonder even the figurehead of 'Child Line', Esther Rantzen, who campaigned rigorously against child abuse 'closed her ears' against Jimmy Saville.  She knew (or had been advised)  that Saville was a wrong 'un but chose not to expose him.

When the lead campaigner for a campaign like 'Child Line' ducks the issue of a high profile child abuser then surely the whole issue needs reassessing. I am deeply saddened by it all. I have lost trust in every one of the nation's leaders. 

Today a little girl was abducted in North Wales. Her family must have gone through the tortures of the damned. I am sorry but if the abductor knew that, if caught, he would never again have a sex drive, then in my opinion he would hesitate before doing the deed.