Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Question of Europe

It never amazes me that we pay enormous amounts to the illegal (cannot pass an audit) and in my opinion corrupt European Union and yet we have never had a vote on it. None of the Westmonster parties will oppose this European Union which has bullied, connived and corrupted so many countries.

Here in this country we have people from every party who would, if they had an opportunity, oppose our membership of this dodgy bunch of chancers. In particular the Conservative Party has a large faction within its ranks who do not want and never have wanted membership of Europe.

The European Question is the most important that we face today. Everyone knows that if we have a referendum on Europe then we,the public, would vote against it. That is the only reason that we are being refused the vote. If we pull out then a huge contribution to the economy of Europe would disappearand it may then disintegrate.

At the next election there is just a possibility that the NoLab party, which actually employs so many people, could win again. The reason is that the anti-Europeans are split. This next election is so very important because it will be the last chance to halt the march of Europe.

If only we could form an anti-Europe party. UKIP are fine but they are one dimensional, the BNP have the racist issue hanging over their heads and the others are too scared to commit outside of the mainstream parties. Some of the Tory MPs actually admit that they are anti EU but will not break cover.

It is time that a political opportunist pulled them all together and demanded a vote on the very subject that we have been denied. Unless our jobs depend on it we the English do not need the European Union. If we don't fight this then the war against Adolf Hitler was unnecessary because we have just been conquered without a shot being fired.

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