Monday, 19 October 2009

Parking outside the House!

On the 1st of October I blogged about the tyrranical approach to parking outside of my house by Charnwood Borough Council on behalf of Leicestershire County Council. Things took a strange turn last week when a local builder who was carrying out an extension for a neighbour had two of his vehicles ticketed on the same day!

Can you believe that? It means that seven households cannot improve their houses because if they do then their contractors will get their vehicles booked for parking on a strip of tarmac which was originally put down for parking purposes. We have parked on this strip of tarmac for 25 years without any recourse. It was only after the local council took over the responsibility for parking enforcement that the parking attendants arrived in force.

It is cheap! It is easy! We are revenue generators for a bullying local authority. On Friday my daughter and I meet with our local MP, Andy Reed, to seek his support. Oh dear, I used to know Andy when he was employed by Leicestershire County Council and I have to say that he was a really nice man. I was so pleased when he was elected in 1996...what have the years in between done? We will wait and see.

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