Sunday, 2 February 2014

Is UKIP the First People's Party since Keir Hardie?

In the early years of the twentieth century a guy called Keir Hardie founded  what is today the Labour Party.  It was a party founded to represent the people, the working class. against the tyranny of the aristocracy and the industrial bosses who ruled their businesses with a ruthless efficiency.

Since that day the working class have clung to the hope that the Labour Party and their own Trade Unions would represent their interests at parliamentary level.  They have been sadly disillusioned because since Tony Blair arrived, the Labour movement has been run by multi-millionaires most of whom have never done an honest day's work and would not recognise honest toil if they fell over it!

So having said that who exactly is representing the British worker? It cannot possibly be people like the Milibands, Ed Balls or Harriet Harman because they chill out in Islington which is a million miles from pits, steel works or muck and brass.  They are clueless when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of industry.

Since Keir Hardie nothing and nobody has emerged to challenge the authority of government.  Consequently we now have a one party state with all three major parties manipulating the system to contain any rebellion from the people.  We all know that the British people want a referendum on our membership of the EU but all three major parties refuse to allow it because they would lose which brings me to the point of the post.

When all three major parties are colluding to rule the country for the benefit of influential groupings like industrialists, bankers, Bilderbergers and the European Union then just who is representing us the people?

Step forward Nigel Farage and UKIP.  This is the first party to have made any inroads into the power game and the stranglehold that the puppet politicians have on British politics.  In the last few years UKIP has picked up votes from all across the political spectrum as the electorate turn against mainstream politicians.  UKIP could now be on the verge of a breakthrough which could eventually bring power back to Westmonster from Brussels and give 'the people' a voice once again.

The forthcoming European elections may be a marker which could measure the support for UKIP nationwide.  If they do as well as predicted then the 2015 elections could be the most significant for many a year because at last the people have a party that does not represent the interests of the lobby group.


newsboycap said...


Or, maybe we could organize ourselves, without becoming a political party.

Good to see you're back.

Anonymous said...

I don't think most people in this country expect or want a free ride, for even the most stupid realise that you can't spend what you don't earn for long, sooner or later its comes to a crashing halt, whether its a household or a national budget.

I also think most people want to be able to rule themselves, hence desperate to undo the actions of the traitor Heath when conning the country into the EEC, and subsequent quislings who have compounded his treachery.

Even Thatcher supported the YES to stay in vote in the referendum, so none of those who have gone since deserve anything but scorn.

UKIP have a big thing going for them...they ain't perfect, they say the wrong things...or rather (as in Godfrey Bloom's way) they say the right things but straight, without flowering it up in PC bollocks.

UKIP MEP's are like the rest of us, normal bloody people, warts and all, they say whats on their minds, their own minds that is.

Not, as in the case of the three cheeks of the same arse party, simply reading from the current hymn sheet, which might be different to yesterdays hymn sheet and will probably be different again tomorrow.

I'm sick and tired of the lies and bollocks that has come from Westminster for the last 40 years, i wouldn't trust those bastards (with a few notable and honourable in the true meaning of the word, exceptions) to be actually capable of telling the truth, let alone have a single principle of their own they could stand by.

UKIP is a refreshing change, and have my vote...mind you i haven't voted for the three cheeks of the same arse party for bloody decades, and will never do so again as long as i breathe.

I won't however hold me breath as the general election approaches in 2015 for a good result for the country.

Those of us with a grasp of reality know that you can't bake a cake without breaking some eggs, and withdrawl from the EU and subsequent rebuilding of our **real economy** will be painful, but must be done.

Farage in typical UKIP (or nationalist) way tells the truth, he won't speak friggin shite like Millibad or the Cameron (and i ignore the other twat completely, he'll tell people exactly what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.

I have my doubts that enough voters have the bottle to stand on their own two feet, so won't be holding me breath for them to act with their childrens interests at heart.

**Note to politicians here, the economy isn't just comprised of the amount of tax you take by force and how much of it you piss up the wall buying fucking votes.

Sorry about the expletives Bryboy, but believe me when i say there are not enough foul words in the world to adequately describe my hatred of our politicians and what they have done to this said previously with one or two exceptions..but they should stand up and fight their own masters, not snipe from the sidelines whilst conveniently pocketing the cash.

As ever, Regards.


bryboy said...

Tks for the interest guys. I take your point NBC but we British seem remarkably reluctant to confront authority. There are many and varied ways to pull their house down but somehow we cannot bring ourselves to do it.

Hi Judd, You sound like I do/did! The problem is that the more you read the more you understand the depth of their duplicity. The public however, will not seek out the truth and are content to believe what the mainstream media feed them. May be I am viewing the future a little on the rosy side but these days I am meeting more and more 'normal' people who fully intend voting UKIP in the future. I never found this a few years ago when right wing nationalists like me were all fruitcakes and racists.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Bry, excellent post. We all know we must change the system, UKIP offer the only alternative, let's hope more and more people realise this. It's the only option.

Kind regards



Well said, that man!

newsboycap said...


"... but we British seem remarkably reluctant to confront authority."

That would be the whole point of the union. Members can vote for the 'confrontation' they wish the union to take up on the members' behalf. Individuals would not be 'taking on authority' on their own, they would have the support of possibly many thousands of like minded people.