Thursday, 30 October 2008

Gordon Brown and the Economy

Gordon Brown and his pet poodle Alistair Darling seem to believe that their answer to this credit crunch is to borrow their way out of difficulty. Has anyone ever borrowed their way out of economic difficulty? Countless of idiots have tried to do it but all they get is more heavily in debt!

Some time ago I blogged that I was concerned that if we allowed Gordon Brown to remain in control of the country he would ruin us all. You see it is my contention that Gordon is not bothered about the welfare of the British economy. His only concern is the continuation of the New Labour Project (NLP). As I have often said the employment of so many stooges on such a high salary level is unsustainable.

Gordon is borrowing way above his own self imposed fiscal rules purely to keep the project, which has already ruined our country, in place. If he is allowed to continue then heaven help our grandchildren. Single handedly this man is being allowed to ruin the economy. I am amazed that the press have never cottoned onto his plan. He has already raided pension funds, sold off gold reserves and raised tax levels so high that every aspect of our lives is affected.

Gordon Brown is pushing us so far into debt, purely to sustain the unsustainable, that his very presence in government has to be questionable. He is ruining our economy and every day that he remains in office will eventually finish us off. How can one man who was never elected in the first place cause so much harm?

Monday, 27 October 2008

Sex and the State

I have three young, beautiful, grandaughters who are currently in the British education system. One of them lives in Scotland and she would appear to be immune from the absolute nonsense which is about to be inflicted on her cousins in the south.

Some pervert somewhere has decided that our youngest children should be exposed to the knowledge of sexual behaviour at the ages of five and seven! Now anything can be justified on any kinds of social grounds but we must always remember that since this NoLab government has come to power the morality of the country has frankly descended into the gutter.

We have never seen so many children born to so many absent fathers in the history of our country. Family life is being destroyed quite deliberately. This is the legacy of NoLab. For God's sake get real you all know the truth!

Do not allow your children to be corrupted by this sleazy Europhile government. Take them out of the school! BE PARENTS! Protect your kids from this government. Take a stand, get together, they are still your kids!! For God's sake defend them!

They should not be exposed to this government madness. What will it take before you say 'Fuck Off' I have had enough!!! (I am sorry for my language but sometimes it works)!


Throughout my life one of the bedrocks of the society that I held inviolate was the BBC. We all knew that the BBC was totally honest, absolutely neutral and could be trusted throughout the world. That is why we pay a licence fee to allow our national media to spread an honest appraisal of world events. I remember the World Service where the BBC would tell everyone the honest truth. We would crowd round our radios to learn what was happening in the world and knew that what we heard was the honest truth.

Fast forward to the NoLab years where the BBC was constantly threatened that if they became 'off message' (that meant not reporting what Alistair Campbell wanted them to report)they would lose their entitlement to taxpayer's money. That also means the loss of thousands of well paid jobs so we have seen the enslavement of the BBC staff.

They now distort the news to such an extent that frankly I regard it as a joke and won't watch it.

However, nothing will ever compare to the disgraceful behaviour of the darlings of the BBC, Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand! Their contracts, remember courtesy of you and me, ensure that these two pillocks walk away with millions of taxpayer's money. So they abuse their position believing that infantile and offensive behaviour would actually entertain the public in general.

What they did when they left messages on the phone of actor Andrew Sachs about his granddaughter was beyond belief! If we are to maintain any semblance of public decency in this country and in particular the BBC then these two clowns should be banned from broadcasting. They would not be missed! It will not happen!

We should cease paying for this disgraceful voice of the NoLab party. They no longer warrant our money. Another example of the loss of sovereignty that we face in this country. We are under attack like never before! Hitler has nothing on this bunch of Europhiles. Our children are facing the loss of their childhood!

What will it take before the British public will say..Fuck Off I have had enough!

Saturday, 25 October 2008


You know as I have become older I have got more resilient and it isn't very often that I get totally floored but yesterday evening I really got caught out. It was the AGM of my local bowls club and to cut a long story short I walked out at the end of the evening as the new President of the club.

Now I won't flatter myself that I deserved the honour more than any other member but for a variety of reasons others didn't want the job this year. I must admit that over the years the odd individual has suggested that I could do the job and yes I think that I can, but to be voted in has really boosted me at a time when I have been at a low ebb.

The other good thing is that my Vice President is also new to the job and I really like him as a person so I look forward to working with him.

When I joined the club I never thought that I would one day be President. My name will now go on the board for Presidents and it is nice to know that when I am long gone it will show that in the year 2009 I did my bit for the club. I am well chuffed!

David Cameron

I must admit I'm getting really caught up in the sleaze that seems to be dominating the press at the moment. Some of the reporters are excelling themselves by pieceing together all the missing links. When large sums of money is involved it does not surprise me that there is so much skullduggery. It does disappoint me though that so many of our elected representatives do not have the integrity to follow the rules of probity.

I realise that they have to rub shoulders with individuals who sometimes bend the rules but they can safeguard themselves by being sensible. Before our Civil Service was politicised the Civil Servants used to work alongside the politicians very often protecting their backs and ensuring that the rules were obeyed.

Since the Blair years when all thoughts of integrity and probity have been so trashed that The Home Office can go ten years publishing rubbish masquerading as crime statistics and nobody finds out. I mean how much worse can it get?

My one hope is that the Tories would learn from their past mistakes and ensure that they were transparent in their transactions. We know that they have the odd bad apple just look at who claims what in their expenses but by and large I had my hopes until this George Osborne episode came along. Now frankly I think that he has been stupid rather than criminal but now comes another episode which make me feel very uneasy.

The Daily Mail today published an entry made by David Cameron in the Register of Members' Interests which reads '16 Aug 2008 private plane from Farnborough to Istanbul for my wife and two children. Then from Istanbul to Santorini and return to Dalaman for myself my wife and two children; provided by Matthew Freud of London.'

On the surface there is nothing wrong with him jetting off to a family holiday but Matthew Freud is married to Elizabeth Murdoch the daughter of Rupert Murdoch. He is effectively the gateway to Rupert Murdoch. Now if David Cameron needs to meet Rupert Murdoch surely it would be better if he took a couple of Civil Servants to monitor and minute the meeting rather than his family. Why did he not say 'Heh guys I need to talk to Mr Murdoch'? What was the secrecy? What did they need to discuss and why so far away?

I'm sorry but the name of Rupert Murdoch worries me. He seems to be behind so much that threatens the social structure of this country. The power of 'The Sun' newspaper is well known so perhaps Mr Murdoch was just issuing his orders to the next PM. It is really sad that we the public have so little trust in the British Parliament but is it any wonder?

Friday, 24 October 2008

NOTA (None of the above)

Some of the reporters on the Daily Mail played a blinder today when they picked over Lord Mandelson's part in the creation of a billionaire's playground in little Montenegro. It now transpires that Lord Mandelson has been a friend of the Russian billionaire Oleg Derapiska for some time now even though he was the European Trade Commissioner at the time.

He appears to be easing the way for Montenegro to join the European Union by 2012. Now considering that the aim of the EU is to redistribute wealth then it is odds on that Montenegro could qualify for a huge chunk of European money when it joins.

A report in the Daily Mail claims that a Balkan Business Advisor described Montenegro as a 'kleptocracy'. Now I didn't know what that meant but considering that kleptomania is a compulsion to steal I reckon he was hinting that Montenegro was populated by a den of thieves!

This all came about when the Shadow Chancellor let slip that he and LM had had a private chat on board Deripaska's yacht. His mate Nat Rothschild who apparently is a business partner of Mr Deripaska, took exception to this indiscretion and wrote to the Times claiming that George Osborne had been soliciting for party funds.

It all took place at the birthday party of Elizabeth Murdoch who is the daughter of press baron Ruper Murdoch! It now also transpires that David Cameron has been meeting Rupert Murdoch in private which really saddens me. During his infamous reign as PM Tony Blair often referred to meeting with Rupert Murdoch and I now wonder if LM was imposed on Gordon Brown because he was messing everything up.

It all sounds like a James Bond movie but it is becoming increasingly clear that our vote counts for nothing if we cast it for either NoLab or the Tories. Some time ago someone suggested that at the next election we should begin to destroy the integrity of the proceedings by writing on the ballot paper 'NONE OF THE ABOVE' (NOTA). I dismissed it at the time as a non starter but with the recent disclosures in the press I think that we should try to discredit these major parties and this is one way of doing it.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

The Bilderberger Group

Following on from my last post I have long believed that our vote actually counts for nothing as both parties cooperate with each other albeit at a higher level than Parliament. I now believe that a handful of politicians in this country have the power and the rest actually count for nothing! They are a waste of space and are only good for the abuse of their privileges.

Today I googled 'Bilderberger' again and came up with a few interesting facts. This Bilderberger group first met in the Bilderberger Hotel in Holland in 1954. Apparently the meeting was set up by Prince Bernhardt of the Dutch Royal Family and brought together the most important people in the western world for an exchange of views. These people include, bankers, press barons, people with corporate interests and a few politicians.

There are really some huge hitters amongst the Bilderberger group and yet their meetings are never recorded and are apparently cloaked in obsessive secrecy. I tell you it's all on the Internet so it is no longer a secret. I stumbled across a web site which displays an attendance list for each year since 1991. I'm not really interested in the bankers and press barons because they will always do what they do. I was however interested in the Members of Parliament who have sneaked off to join this group.

You must also remember that this group is also credited with the formation of the European Union. It seems, according to reports, that the European Union is an extension of the Bilderberger people. Oh,judge for yourselves what this list brings up!

1991 GORDON BROWN and John Smith
1992 Nobody
1993 TONY BLAIR, Ken Clarke and David Owen(to talk about the events in the Balkans)
1994 Nobody
1995 Norman Lamont and Giles Radice
1996 Malcolm Rifkind
1997 Nobody
1998 Ken Clarke (again) and William Hague
1999 Ken Clarke (yet again) and PETER MANDELSON
2000 Ken Clarke (again!)
2003 ED BALLS and Ken Clarke
2004 Ken Clarke (annual holiday perhaps?)
2005 Nobody
2006 Ken Clarke, ED BALLS and GEORGE OSBORNE!
2007 Ken Clarke, ED BALLS and GEORGE OSBORNE!

The findings of these meetings are never reported and yet we have elected representatives taking time out to attend them. There is no doubt that at such a high level private meetings will obviously take place. It is inevitable but when publically elected Members of Parliament also attend then I for one smell a rat. Take a look at the names on that list. According to the web site that I visited Tony Blair and Ken Clarke did not even publically declare their interest claiming that they attended on behalf of the government.

Now you know why cuddly Ken is so pro European and why Ed Balls is such an arrogant prat. They are bomb proof and they know it!

What is your vote worth? I rest my case!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

George Osborne and the Oligarchs!

Do you know the more that I read, hear and see of our politicians the more I despair. Anybody who regularly reads this Blog will know that I hold NoLab in compete contempt but I also have no faith in the Cameron crowd and the LibDems are just useless (Vince Cable and Norman Baker apart).

There is not the width of a cigarette paper between any of them where policies are concerned and it is us the general public who are suffering. Another innocent young lad is stabbed in Liverpool and nobody bats an eyelid. Everyone with half a brain realises that a section of the youth culture have responded by taking advantage of the soft option policies of all our parties and are out of control. We desperately need very tough sentencing to combat the terror on the streets, we need a high police presence and judges who will stand up to be counted but nobody says a word.

The reason that I highlight this is to demonstrate how they are all singing from the same hymn sheet which an anonymous author has penned regardless of who wins the election.

What has this got to do with George Osborne you might ask? Well we now discover that some of our 'honest' politicians have been aboard the luxury yacht of a Russian billionaire more than once during August. Now I can understand why Peter Mandelsson was there because it would not be the first time that he has been seen 'cultivating' the wealthy but George Osborne is the Shadow Chancellor. Surely he has to use some judgement and wonder what the voter would think of him sneaking to secret meetings with Russian billionaires.

I just feel that our politicians are all so cash strapped that they are selling their soul to the devil. There are web sites all over the Internet which specialise in exposing the secret meetings of the wealthy. Just google 'Bilderberger' or the 'Illuminati' and the conspiracy theories abound. Of course the politicians will smirk and they will dismiss any of this speculation as rubbish but then things keep happening which makes me for one start to wonder if they are all in the pay of foreign billionaires. If that is the case is British democracy dead?

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Tony Bliar

During his inauspicious reign as PM Tony Blair was christened 'Bliar' throughout the Blogosphere. Time after time he made statements to Parliament which we all instinctively believed were misrepresentations of the truth. At the height of his infamy he took us into a questionable war in Iraq based on a dossier which most of us ex military people could hardly credit.

Nobody believed his protestations on the cash for peerages issue, the attack on the integrity of the BBC or his explanations of the naming of Professor David Kelly which ultimately led to his death. It is very difficult however, to make a case stick when he has every path to his door stuffed with cronies paid to deflect the bullets.

He has now gone and some of that protection is gradually evaporating. One by one his deceits are being unravelled and it is now looking very grim. He clearly did a deal on the cigarette advertising within Formula One which I find distasteful but not disgraceful but to cover up knowledge of the atrocities in the Al Gharaib prison is beyond comprehension. If you are prepared to tolerate behaviour on that level then frankly you have no moral scruples whatsover.

I think some of those government cronies should come out and confess their part in these scandals because frankly if they don't a lot of them might fall a very long way once things begin to fall apart. You see if you sell your soul to the devil then you must expect the consequences.

Perhaps justice will be done and one day we will see this man in a court of law.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Regulating the Blogosphere

Guido Fawkes warns us all on his famous BLOG that our great and glorious government is about to turn its attention to the Blogoshere. I have often wondered how long it would take before they decided that they didn't like what was being blogged across the land.

Let's face it under this Labour government our freedom has been eroded to such an extent that a BLOG is one of the few ways left for us to express an honestly held opinion. Those that are doing all they can to ruin a once decent, very responsible society should be exposed, ridiculed and challenged at every opportunity.

Our society is becoming more beleagured at every turn and in many ways Britain is being turned into another East Germany. Our leaders are kept out of harm's way from the public and only ever meet anyone from outside the political bubble if they have created a safe environment. Gordon Brown goes everywhere with a phalanx of 'minders' who clear the path in front of him.

The police no longer respond to 999 calls without a risk assessment and cannot be relied upon to protect the public. Every other body originally set up to serve the public is being mismanaged. It is difficult to trust the army of administrators recruited by NoLab at enormous expense to do anything competently. Despite the efforts of doctors, nurses, teachers, council workers, railwaymen and many others who try to serve the public they are continually thwarted, diverted and distracted by Brown's men and women in grey suits and skirts who must continually justify their existence.

It is these people who lose computer data, foul up hospital cleaning, destroy teaching patterns, fiddle with the bin rota and complicate rail prices and schedules. In every walk of our life today The Brown Army presides over incompetence in a massive scale.

Now they attack the blogosphere and good luck to them. I still don't think that there are sufficient of them to carry the next election and I look forward to them forming an orderly queue at JobCentre Plus shortly after the next election if we ever get one.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The Housing Market

I really feel for the young! Recently I have welcomed new neighbours on either side of me. I suspect that they are successful young professionals. One of them is an estate agent and this week he seems to be at home more than he is at work. I do not know what the other side do but they are nice people.

The problem that I query is that they both bought their houses at the height of the property market prices and even if they intend to stay as long as we have stayed it could be years before they break even.

Now I know that on one side the people that they bought it from had an unbelievable offer from a relative to purchase a property which was so beyond their dreams that they could not ignore it. My former neighbour in that side also runs his own business and currently they are in rented accommodation awaiting the the completion of their dream property. I do wonder if they will regret their decision. Personally I hope that they all win because we are dealing here with hard working, honest, decent folks who are only trying to improve their lives.

I wonder in the long run who if anyone will win from this situation. I really hope that in the end they all win and do you know I think they might do that. My reasoning for this is that my neighbours have both bought a house in a lovely row. This row is south facing, not overlooked, close to urban and rural facilities and all the neighbours are solid English citizens!

I do hope that our former neighbours will also gain from their gamble because to be honest they deserve to be successful but I do fear for them! Dream houses often come at a price!

England and Fabio Capello

I have always been a real football fan. It has been a huge part of my life and time after time I have been left disappointed by the performance of the England team. I remember drinking alone in Berlin the night that we lost a two goal lead against Germany in the 1970 World Cup.

I remember the devastation of the loss against Poland four years later. The 'hand of God goal'and the other defeats along the line. So many hopes and so little success. We have always had the players but in my opinion we have never had the management. OK I concede that Terry Venables nearly made it in 1996 but the best manager we never had was of course the irascible Brian Clough!

So here we go again because tonight we took on Belarus after a run of six games without defeat (I think) and once again our boys triumphed against a very skilful team. There is a spirit in the current team which is difficult to quantify. Something is going on because they are united, respectful and motivated. These boys are giving everything for the cause and they seem desperate to achieve.

This team is not the finished article. There are still deficiencies along the left flank which I am sure Joe Cole will solve. The full backs do not always fill people with confidence. The Lampard/Gerrard debate will continue which is probably the major challenge for the manager.

That is the conundrum. At long last England have a manager who the press cannot attack! He is the real deal and the players are responding. The press must be wondering how they will sell their papers! Fabio runs a tight ship. He obviously has the respect of the millionaires and even someone like Steven Gerrard is concerned that he may be dropped. That means that this team is together and that is the reputation that Fabio Capello has. He builds a family team. Nobody of stature wants to be on the outside looking in.

England may be on the march. It has been a long time but I hope that we win the World Cup again before I die. It is a major task.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The Olympic Games

It is currently being reported on the ITV ten o'clock news that the taxpayer is now liable for the Olympic Games. Apparently the private investors who promised to support the Games (in return for what?) have decided that they can no longer afford it!

So here we go again, the only answer that this government appear to have to their self indulgence is to pour more of the taxpayer's money at the problem. They are borrowing more and more and the cost will go up and up. Gordon Brown is trying to bask in the glory as the saviour of the World's economy but it is us who will suffer.

I cannot trust NoLab! Everything that they stand for is unravelling by the second. The 42 day detention bill (complete madness!), SATs tests for 14 years olds and now the Olympic Games. Is there any good news from this abject bunch of chancers. I read today that Tony Blair told lies about the Formula One Racing car deal that he did with Bernie Eccleston! Are we surprised? This has been reported again and again but nobody has done anything about it.

I love the Olympics! I am a sports fanatic and throughout my life I can tell you exactly where I was at the time of the Olympic Games. I fear that this country will bring the Olympics to an end! I fear that we are unable to stage this huge world event. I do not trust this political class to complete this task. I REALLY hope that I am wrong!

Monday, 13 October 2008

The Reinvention of Gordon Brown

I cannot believe that in these dreadful financial times that some sections of the media are trying to turn it into a triumph for Gordon Brown. His ratings have apparently increased because of his handling of the crisis. How can people be so utterly stupid?

This disaster happened on Gordon Brown's watch. He has been systematically crippling the country since he put his hands on the tiller by over borrowing. He has taxed us until the pips squeaked and encouraged the police to introduce a war on motorists.

He has created an empire of special advisors, trusts, committees and quangos all who earn high salaries to ensure their loyalty. This is a crippling and unsustainable drag on the country's economy and in order to support it his Chancellor is breaking the rules on borrowing. I read that even before the borrowing, which they have had to request in order to nationalize the banks, they had already exceeded the recommended 'red line' figure of 40% of the gross national product.

At the same time he must have known that the level of personal debt in this country was also unsustainable. Ever since NoLab came into power they have been encouraging the young to go into debt. I suspect that this current generation of teens and twenties are in for a very rude shock to their culture of drink today to forget tomorrow.

Gordon Brown must have seen warning signs that the banks were overstretching themselves in their search for massive bonuses and profits. He must have known that their culture was irresponsible and dangerous and yet they were allowed to destroy their banks every bit as much as Nick Leason destroyed Behrings. The difference is that Nick was sent to prison.

I seriously object that any of these incompetent mavericks should walk away with any money at all. That includes not only bonuses or lump sums but huge pensions as well. They have forfeited the right to any compensation because they have not only failed but their actions have endangered us all. They should be sacked summarily and then criminal investigations should take effect.

If Gordon Brown was warned then he chose to ignore the warnings. If he wasn't warned then he should have been. No way should he seek to make political capital out of his failures. He is still a poor PM and all this has done is to prove it.

Friday, 10 October 2008

Loughborough Greenfields

I have just returned from a night at my local club. I returned clutching a leg of lamb courtesy of a weekly meat raffle that we contribute to each week. Greenfields at one time was the Fisons club until it all went wrong with Fisons and a group of individuals decided to save the facility.

Loughborough Greenfields is our little piece of England. It is a location where friends can meet and enjoy the company of people who they know and trust. We have a bowls section, a tennis section and a cricket section but the core support of the club stems from the bowls. Tonight I looked around and realised that just a few individuals keep this club alive during the winter months.

It is probably the same all over the country because we have become a very selfish society. The youngsters take what they want from their club and then ignore the basic essentials which provide them with a club. In the summer the bar is often packed with tennis players and cricketers but where do they go in the winter when the club needs them?

Still the point of this post is to mention people like Bert, John, Derek and Colin who are real mates and turn up every week to keep their club alive. It is our little piece of England and we enjoy out natter. Heh and the credit crunch can take a running jump because we are too old to bother about it!

Thursday, 9 October 2008

The Credit Crunch and Iceland!

You really couldn't believe that this financial crisis could get any worse but then Iceland declares itself bankrupt and we subsequently discover that dozens of our local authorities are on the brink of losing millions! Apparently top of the list is Kent County Council who stand to lose 50 million pounds but even my own authority, Charnwood Borough Council, deposited one million in Iceland. My one question is why?

What was wrong with English banks? Why take a chance with a foreign bank? Who advised it? The questions keep mounting because in every walk of our public life greed has overtaken common sense. I have advocated for some time that what we 'old' people called 'common sense', the instinct that our parents instilled in us, has been replaced by the power of the state.

No longer are people rewarded for honest endeavour or experience they are only rewarded for supporting the right people or adopting the socially correct mantra. In modern society we don't have matrons, old fashioned police desk sergeants, foremen of apprentices or experienced Civil Servants. They have all long gone and more is the pity. That is why all this money has disappeared out of the country. Common sense would tell them that it would be better to keep the Council Tax proceedings closer to home but what do we know?

So now our glorious PM has used anti terrorist laws to threaten little Iceland. Is there nothing he won't do to make the situation worse. He has borrowed so much to save his own hide after years of boasting about 'no boom and bust' on his watch that we may never recover. Our once great country is staggering from this period of incompetence but what concerns me even more is why David Cameron is not challenging the PM.

It is all very well to claim that we are all in this together which of course we are but this PM has already proven to be incompetent and so has his Chancellor so why are the Tories not demanding more information? Why doesn't David Cameron insist on clarification of the deals that Brown is doing with the banks? He cannot possibly trust NoLab because his job is not to trust NoLab. They are the opposition for heaven's sake and yet they support the borrowing that is beyond belief!

I have this uncomfortable feeling that the people who are backing Gordon Brown are the very same people who are backing David Cameron. So let's face it our vote counts for nothing. Can anybody persuade me otherwise?

In the meantime it is the pensioners, the thrifty, the so called little people who will suffer as they always do. The fat cats who have caused this debacle should be named and shamed! They won't be because they are in the same club, the same stratosphere that NoLab have actually created. This political class protects their own and always will. The country is close to bankruptcy but of course nobody is to blame.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Boris Johnson

Anyone who has actually stuck with this little hobby of mine will know that I have continually whinged on about the lack of a charismatic political leader. In my humble opinion the current crop of politicians are the least charismatic that we have ever had. Let's face it, name a NoLab MP who has any charisma. The Blears woman is quite entertaining but hell she is not a serious politician.

The LibDems have Vince Cable and people like Norman Baker who has done a fantastic job in exposing the doubts about the so called suicide of Dr David Kelly but what about the Tories?

Where are the characters in this once great party? Can we really unite behind David Cameron who encouraged his party to rise to their feet for the departing and in my mind disgraced PM Tony Blair? Who else is there?

Well when I went to Spain for just one week there was nothing on the horizon but suddenly everything exploded. The head of the Metropolitan Police was sacked! Shit!! This does not happen in the world of the New Labour Project (NLP). In 12 years have we ever seen a totally useless prat lose his/her job? Never, ever, because they have everything so tightly stitched up that nobody is ever responsible for their idiotic decisions. Look at Cressida Dick, look at the bankers, look at the local councils, nobody ever loses his/her highly paid sinecure because that is the mantra by which the NLP survives. Nobody is ever responsible for failure!

Suddenly Sir Ian Blair the head honcho of the failed Police experiment, the one person who has taken the police off the streets, he who has raised political correctness to an unbelievable level has been binned! When we heard that on the satellite link in Spain, I tell you what, four mild mannered, genuinely patriotic people who have served their country for over twenty five years stood up and cheered!

Who has done this major breakthrough? Boris Johnson? The Lord Mayor of London? He who has been described as a buffoon, a clown, a person not fit to grace our politicial spectrum!

The question that I pose is simple. Is Boris Johnson the leader that we have been seeking? He has tackled a huge problem in the City of London and triumphed. The Met is in a state of total disarray. The so called Black Police Officers Association is a disgrace to the society which exists today. The successor to that Blair person is a crucial appointment. He must be a proper copper and personally I don't care what colour of skin he has!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Cressida Dick

I think Cressida Dick is probably quite lucky that the country is in the middle of a credit crunch and that with Peter Mandelsson has swept her off the front pages. You won't need reminding that she was the Gold Commander in charge of the operation which killed the Brazilian electrician Jean Charles Menezes at Stockwell Tube Station.

Now I know that the enquiry is still ongoing but I can't help but comment on some of the bullshit which she is coming out with. She apparently reckons that he was the victim of an exceptional set of circumstances one of which was that he bore a striking resemblance to Osman Hussein the bomber that they were seeking. No he didn't! He didn't look anything like him. At any rate it is reported that photographs of Osman Hussein had not been circulated to all the people on the case.

I still have the CCTV pictures etched on my mind of the police who were chasing the fugitive leaping the ticket barriers in a desperate attempt to catch up with him. It is quite obvious that they were frantic and firmly believed that he was a dangerous man. According to eyewitness reports in the press at the time the first two officers grabbed him without hesitation and pumped him full of bullets.

Now I am quite convinced that they would not have done that unless they had been told to stop him at all costs and yet Ms Dick refuses to confirm what order was given. She has yet to do the honourable thing and that is to admit that this happened on her watch. She is therefore responsible and should accept that and apologise. She should then be demoted and never be put into a situation like that again. But I forget, she is a product of the Bramshill Accelerated Promotion scheme, she has links to Common Purpose and is undoubtedly a NoLab devotee.

These people never apologise, they never resign, they are never wrong and they care not a jot that their actions have disastrous consequences. Predictably she has accepted further promotion since the debacle.

The Metropolitan Police appears to be full of them even though the top one has just been sacked. I will be very interested to see what the outcome of the enquiry will be because under normal circumstances nobody will be to blame. We all know that some kind of whitewash will be devised and they probably won't even ask the reason that only one set of CCTV cameras were in working order.

The people that I feel sorry for were the coppers who had to do the deed. They clearly thought that their leaders could not get something like this wrong. They did everything by the book and then they have to face the repercussions for the rest of their lives. Some people just have no shame.

Monday, 6 October 2008

The Credit Crunch

Well who do we believe? What is going on? I believe that Sir Michael Parkinson was correct on Saturday night when he opined that the financiers have treated the western economy as if they were in a betting shop! These fools have gambled trillions away but then my question is who has been regulating them?

Where have the governmental regulatory bodies disappeared? We all know what happened after Nick Leason brought down Behrings but has greed superceded common sense. We have still not introduced a system where those who are responsible for this disgrace will lose their houses, their yachts or their status. Nobody will name and shame them. This is down to the government. A Labour government would hound them down but a NoLab government props them up.

I cannot believe our financial regulatory services could not predict that we had overstretched ourselves. It is a joke but not a very funny joke. Somebody, somewhere has totally outfoxed every western government and that is a real problem.

Are we all not sick of the statement that our government is ready to do 'everything that is necessary' to keep us all safe? It is the same as 'I am getting on with the job'. They have not a clue and that is really scary.

Personally my savings hopefully will not be affected because I am not that rich but if I had a million I would really be worried. This 'government' whether it be led by Blair or Brown have capitulated to the money markets. I would really like to know what Alistair Darling is going to do and I don't want to hear that he is going to do 'everything that is necessary'.


Sunday, 5 October 2008

Peter Mandelsson

I suppose like most other honest taxpayers I was incredulous to read that Gordon the Moron had brought back his old enemy but new pal Peter Mandelsson into the Cabinet.

I could not conceive how any PM who ostensibly is trying to win an election should bring back a man who is almost universally despised by the public. This the same person who has had to resign twice before for breaking the rules. Frankly he cannot be trusted so why did daft Gordon do the deed? There are all kinds of rumour and innuendo but I don't buy most of it. The one I did buy was that the New Labour project (NLP) should not be allowed to die.

I read that the principal architects of the NLP were Blair, Brown, Mandelsson, Alistair Campbell and a fifth person who's names escapes me. Apparently they came up with the NLP round about the time that former Labour leader John Smith died. I don't know who is funding it but I sure would like to know.

Since Blair and his crowd came into power almost everything that I recognised as being part of the social structure of this country has been destroyed. As far as I am concerned the aim of the NLP was the destruction of England and they have all but achieved it in twelve years.

The only hope that we have is to kick them out at the next election and then work towards reversing every single decision that they have taken. It must be evident that Gordon Brown is useless. It has taken us a long time but we have at long last realised that the NLP is not for most of us. The NLP is dying and therefore they have thrown the dice for the last time. Gordon cannot be trusted to steer the ship through the troubled waters and so back comes Mandelsson to take control of that ship. Apparently Alistair Campbell is also back on board so here we go again; back to lies, spin and authoritarian regulation.

The problem is that Gordon is, in political terms, an amateur and these two are nasty professionals. Once they get their hands back on the tiller it will be a choppy voyage. Just remember General Elections in this country occur at the very least once every five years but anybody who could cook up a war against Iraq on the back of a dossier of drivel could also cook up a reason not to have a General Election! Mandelsson is not there for nothing! He is there to ensure the survival of the NLP.

Spain and the European Union

Well we arrived back from our holiday in the Sierra Nevada mountains and flew into a windswept and very wet East Midlands Airport yesterday evening. It is at that precise time that you appreciate your daughter arriving with the 'taxi' to whisk you home. Twenty four hours later the house has now warmed up but I digress.

We stayed with an old mate from my army days and his wife who have a rented apartment in a beautiful little village called Yegen which is I suppose about as high as Ben Nevis if not a little higher. The views are stunning and the weather was fantastic so you might gather that we had a great week.

The roads are challenging to say the least but according to my pal they have nearly all been improved in the last three years. The surfaces put our roads to shame and even though the hairpin bends take a little getting used to the drops have been well protected. Occasionally one can see the old derelict roads zigzagging to and fro and quite clearly travel in the Sierra Nevada has advanced into the twenty first century.

They are even carving modern motorways through the mountains and as the traffic flow is quite minimal by our standards they are beautiful highways to drive along. I wondered who was paying for this impressive array of road links.

"You are" said my pal. "Well not you personally but all this is being done with the help of European money."

This got me thinking because I cannot remember anything in Britain that is being funded by European money. I know of politicians who receive European money (lots of it) but when has the public actually benefitted from European money? If someone can enlighten me I would be happy to listen.

All I can ever remember us getting back from Europe are regulations. You know farming being harrassed about quotas, fishermen being almost wiped out by over regulation to such an extent that wonderful specimens which would grace any table are being thrown back and left to rot! The whole union is a monolithic, undemocratic, unregulated mess run by a bunch of people that we should be very wary of. It appears to me that honesty has never been their priority.

"So", I asked my mate, "What happens when they are told to produce things like straight bananas?" "They just ignore it", came back the reply. "They take the best bits and ignore the rest."

There it is then! That is what we should be doing...but...aah... I have forgotten. Spain isn't being governed by NoLab who have created so many regional governing bodies. Their role is simply to ensure that we peasants follow every piffling regulation to the letter. We have lost our national identity, our national characteristics and in my opinion we have also lost our guts.