Saturday, 10 October 2009

MPs Expenses (continued)

So while our MPs have been travelling the world on their summer jollies somebody has been beavering away checking through what they have claimed over the past four years.
The rumour machine is beginning to work overtime and even Gordon Brown is quoted as saying that there may be court cases.

Let us hope so but I will make a prediction here; none of the Cabinet will be involved even though most of them have been abusing the expenses fiddle. Even Gordon Brown has claimed for his Sky Sports subscription and he can't possibly believe that a claim of that nature is legitimate.

I suspect that the people served up on a platter will be minor players with no influential political career. The people who the public want exposed will be allowed to pay back quietly. People like the Balls pair, Keith Vaz or Alistair Darling will be ignored even though the pracrtice of 'flipping' houses should be punished because it is cheating.

The guy who exposed all of this should be given a knighthood.

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