Thursday, 31 December 2009

The Global Warming Scam

At long last the scientific world is waking up to the global warming scam and is replying with actual scientific reasoning and data which contradicts all the nonsense being pushed at us by the MSM (mainstream media).

This blog has been in the doldrums for a while because frankly I was despondent. I appeared to be repeating myself endlessly and yet Gordon the Moron and his dodgy crew continue to pillage the country unopposed. Our wealth is being flushed down the toilet as he continually concentrates on any policy which will destroy the country he supposedly leads.

A couple of days ago I was steered to a blog entitled 'Sort of Political' whose author appears to be Canadian. On 22 December he tackled the Global Warming scam big time. I wish I knew how to post a link but just Google 'sortofpolitical' and learn the truth behind all this nonsense. It has a four part 'Youtube' feature on Professor Bob Carter an Australian scientist who 'torpedoes' the Global Warming scam with alacrity. I warn you it will cost you some time because the research is extensive but if you wade through the evidence then you will laugh at the Global Warming scam forevermore.

So then why are all the major western powers climbing on the bandwagon and what was Copenhagen all about? As usual it appears to be about finance and the bankers. They are planning a major financial killing built around the sale of carbon credits. This is the bit that my limited intelligence and knowledge cannot grasp but there are plenty who will grasp it and so Al Gore and his merry band of climate conspirators have been rumbled.

The people who torpedoed the Copenhagen bun fight should earn our undying gratitude because they may have saved the taxpayer huge sums of money. I get the feeling that an awful lot of time and effort has been invested in this attempt to mislead the public and so it will not be easily destroyed. The effort has been made by the very people who control world finance and world media.

I sometimes get the feeling that corruption is endemic in the banking industry, the media and the political class. Wherever we look these days we see sleeze where people in power are inevitably trying to feather nests with public money. It is really quite disturbing mainly because honest men appear to have disappeared in this country. I hope that I am wrong but sometimes I get the impression that the blogosphere is the last refuge of the honest man.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

On the verge of the 'Teenies'...who will arise from the Council Estates?

Well one of the most disastrous decades ever embraced by our beleagured country is about to end. We enter the next decade, already being the dubbed 'the Teenies' as opposed to the 'Noughties' (who thinks up this rubbish) and we must start to recognise that we have a real fight on our hands if we are to reclaim the hereditary lifestyle that we have all taken for granted.

You know things like, freedom of speech, our home is sancrosanct, we are responsible for our family, we have freedom of movement and we are a democratic country. Let's just take all of these native born rights and bring them up to date.

Freedom of speech...our native humour was always based on the ability to take the mickey out of each other. Jokes about, Jocks, Taffys, the Irish, and every regional stereotype were the backbone of the country. We roared at Fawlty Towers, Dad's Army, Blackadder etc etc and all would now be condemned as unsuitable. I even winced at some of the repeats of the 'Two Ronnies' which shows the state of British comedy!

There are also reports that armies of government officials are being trained up to invade our homes so that they can decide what tax they can demand from us. Let them try!

The schools are forever, under the watchful eye of Ed Balls, forced to adopt government rulings particularly with regard to sex. We have no control what they will force feed our kids in the name of education. Our kids are no longer being educated they are being indoctrinated. We, of a certain generation, already know that the general knowledge of this generation and the previous generation does not equip them for the challenges which will face them.

This abysmal government has welcomed into this country, during the past decade(and even before that) all the enemies of society. All the brothers of Islam have wandered in under various guises and been openly welcomed by NoLab politicians anxiously seeking votes. Surprise, surprise people of 'British' nationality are trying to blow up planes.

We, the ordinary traveller, the real British citizen (as opposed to the world traveller who only adopts British citizenship when their crimes are discovered...China...?) now have to submit to undignified searches (who is winning this war?) and yet I could detect any potential enemies of the state. Well let me rephrase that... I could tell you who was not a threat to the state.

Finally the threat to our democracy... well that disappeared years ago, actually about the time that Ted Heath sold us out to Europe claiming that it was 'only' a Common Market. Ever since then we have never been in control of our country. It is a plot by the former marxists who enslaved the eastern half of Europe for many decades and are now targeting the western half of Europe with the same aims.

Their economic policies failed in the east and are now failing in the west. We are a fantastically wealthy country! Really we have riches beyond our dreams. Every one of us should live our lives out in luxury if we had a half decent political system. Nobody in Britain should live in penury. If we had a government which had policies advocated by the BNP then we may see a return for out taxes.

I am sorry to say but people will have to take to the streets before we reverse the trends. When someone arises from the 'benefit class' who realises that they are being condemned to perpetual poverty by the policies of the Political Class then our country will die.

One day soon a clever kid from the sink estates will rap him/herself in the flag of freedom and off we will go again. I just hope that I live to see it!

Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas Day

We had a wonderful day today having a real British Christmas with our daughter her husband and our two lovely granddaughters. I sometimes think that my family are the backbone of the country because everyone is and has been hardworking, respectable and live their lives on Christian principles.

Some of us believe in God and attend church regularly and others like me are not convinced by religion but I would never decry those members of my family who believe because that is their right and frankly they are better people for their belief.

Mother is 93 and three days before Christmas she fractured her pelvis stepping off the bottom stair in the house. She has not responded well but she is being well looked after in the local Community hospital. I believe that things will change from now on but my theme is family.

My brother died back in 1995 but his family keep in touch. They are really supportive and have regularly visited my mother/mother-in-law/Grandmother even though they have to travel from Derby. My son rang from Edinburgh and my only cousin rang from Hong Kong. We are small but close knit.

We do not have arguments even though we are all educated, independent in thought and qualified in something or other. All my family work nights but all bases are covered even by my wife who often sleeps over to look after our grandchildren, even though the cats sleep on her head!!

Today was magical and lovely and far removed from what is happening in the country today. We are all deserving of government support because we all pay our taxes but regularly we see our money pissed up against the wall by a ridiculous and incompetent Marxist government. Even the granddaughters boo when Gordon Brown appears on television.

This Cabinet will never understand how much they are reviled by the genuine familes of England. If we had a backbone somebody would arise and erect a gallows very close to Downing Street!

Monday, 21 December 2009

Climate Change

In the last couple of days the Met Office has released their stored data regarding rainfall and temperatures since their records began. Now to my mind these are the true records which could decide how much we are warming up as the politicians claim.
With Gordon Brown's reckless claim that he had 50 days to save the world I decided to have a look at how bad the situation actually was.

I took three cities, Armagh, Durham and Oxford at random purely because they were the centres which all had records going back to 1880 and beyond. I also selected them because they represented different areas of the UK.

I then decided to concentrate on July because it is usually the hottest month and I recorded the Met Office temperature for every July since 1880. I then averaged out the temperature for each decade to make the results more easily assimilated.

Here are the results:-

Armagh Durham Oxford
1880's 20.17 20.13 20.92
1890's 21.67 19.87 21.14
1900's 19.39 19.99 21.83
1910's 19.48 18.78 20.72
1920's 19.27 19.20 21.66
1930's 20.57 19.07 21.50
1940's 20.10 20.10 22.22
1950's 19.67 19.67 21.59
1960's 18.35 18.20 20.92
1970's 19.39 19.39 21.87
1980's 19.81 19.81 22.18
1990's 21.30 20.29 22.91
2000's 19.90 20.00 22.54

Note: I apologise that the presentation has compacted in publication. It was much clearer in the edit but the figures can still be seen.

It is incredible! Why are the politicians trying to scare the living daylights out of us. Here is the proof nothing is changing at all. Sometime we get a hot year and at other times it cools down (like now for example!). That is the climate and we cannot change it. All the people who, for whatever reason, have climbed on the global warming bandwagon (like Ed Miliband for example)have tried to con the public.

Friday, 18 December 2009

NoCopenhagen agreement thank God!

The politically conspired Copennhagen conference has failed to reach an agreement which will save most of us a whole ton of money. As we freeze here in Leicestershire then it is very difficult to agree that global warming is viable. It is a nonsense and nobody can blame the Chinese for ignoring it.

John Prescott who has a track record second to none for bullying and is currently on Newsnight looking totally knackered and the fact that he is desperate to justify this climate control policy is interesting. For whatever reason Prescott is absolutely desperate to advance the argument for climate control. That means to me that it is unnecessary, corrupt and out of control. Prescott is the worst of all politicians; he has lived off the hog of the land whilst purporting to represent the common man.

This man was sponsored all of his life by the unions and then decided that he would exploit their patronage by claiming everything that he could as expenses. Probably nobody from the Trade Union movement has ever enjoyed such luxury as John Prescott. He reneged on his background following his affair with Tracey and of course he now has continued to pursue any policy which will cost the country money. He is good at that!

I say again climate control is a politically inspired idea which generates money for those who are unscrupulous because it is a nonsense. It has been concocted by the western powers to explain their profligacy with our money. They can generate any amount of cash if they justify it by claiming climate control. Now that is why Gordon and John Prescott are so supportive of this crap!

In the meantime we freeze in Leicestershire!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

The Death Penalty

There are three cases highlighted in the mainstream media which merit attention. All concern people who have been found guilty of murder when the cases are open and shut. There is no doubt, no debate and no danger that these people committed the crimes for which they have been charged.

Peter Tobin has murdered many, many, women and now he will be held in jail for years at taxpayer's expense. He has totally forfeited any human right that he once had and so why are we keeping him alive?

Similarly we have had the case of the three drug addicts who shot dead the Post Office proprietor who was purely defending his property and thirdly the father who murdered his daughter for dating a guy who in his eyes was not suitable. Now we English have been lectured ad nauseum about diversity and when we get a murder case where ancient customs are blamed for the act then we are told to turn a blind eye.

If we are to admit into our country all these people who have their barbarous traditions then I am afraid we must revert to what some people claim are barbarous punishments. In my opinion crime in this country has become so serious that we must bring back the death penalty for crimes where guilt is uncontested.

Why should we keep an animal like Peter Tobin alive in luxury for the rest of his life? Why should we indulge dreadful Irish drug addicts who are the scum of the earth? Why should we keep alive a man who purely for his 'honour', murders his daughter?

I will vote for any party who advocates the reintroduction of the death penalty!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

The Climate change fiasco!

What the hell is going on? We cannot change the climate! We cannot alter the cycle of the weather. It has been going on for years and will continue to do so.

Hell, what can we get from this Copenhagen farce? It is a purely an effort by the underdeveloped countries to force more money from those who live in better climates. It is a bloody nonsense.

Of course we have a PM who will readily squander tax payers money on almost any hair brained scheme that he can imagine. The idiot Ed Miliband is currently almost admitting that the whole affair has been a waste of time. There is obviously some people who do not believe that this climate change agenda is frankly honest.

The whole thing is doomed to failure and has cost us a bloody fortune. That has to be par for the course for our current NoLab/EU administration. It is a flawed concept engineered by politicians to generate extra finance. What a load of bollocks and when Gordon and Prince Charles flew in separately in private jets when they could have done a conference link... yeah OK guys we still love you... NOT!!!

Two 10 year olds charged with raping an 8 year old!

My God what have we come to in this country? The depths to which we have plunged under the NoLab regime is epitomised by this charge. Despite all the rhetoric of Gordon Brown, Ed Balls and Jack Straw this is what they have led us to. They have destroyed for ideological purposes the hopes, the future and the safety of our children.

They refuse to punish the wicked and therefore they refuse to safeguard the law abiding and the innocent. It has continued unabated for how many years? We have all protested about this attack on our freedom and yet still they continue to destroy the infrastructure of our country. Well Gordon, Jack and Ed now you have the result that you wanted...we have a charge which is so utterly horrific that we cannot ignore it.

Remember Gordon what eventually happened to President Ceacescu (spelling) of Rumania because he ignored the will of the people. You are testing our patience and it is getting worse but constantly you ignore the public outcry.

Posture all you like Gordon because your time will come. If you don't believe us then wait for the future of your former flatmate 'Teflon' Tony who is now very exposed after lying about Iraq. You are not, as you think, omnipotent and one day you will be punished but I cannot think that any punishment would be sufficient for your treachery.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Climate Control

Have we ever in this world seen such an absolute nonsense as the current climate change meeting in Copenhagen? It is a junket and nothing more! They arrive in their limosines and their jets in an age when conference calls are routine.

Climate change is a political ruse and if it isn't then they have sold it very cheaply. In the meantime we freeze earlier than usual and the cycle of unusual events which have been recorded throughout the ages continues.

How can Gordon the Moron throw so much money at 'climate change' when his front line soldiers are dying for the lack of essential equipment. A fraction of the money that he throws at his political causes would probably save lives but he refuses to even countenance that...and we should know why... but we all know why...Gordon does not respect or want our country to succeed. He is a product of Jack Jones and we should all recognise it!

New Labour and the Forces

My last rant was aimed at Gordon Brown but I could never have imagined how predictable he would be. In order to save the lives of the British soldier in Afghanistan he is prepared to scupper RAF Cottesmore, the major employer in Rutland and also to reduce the navy and MOD staff. One can only assume that the people who should be made redundant at the MOD, the ex officers who have wasted millions in arms procurement and contract negotiation will probably be saved.

Now don't get me wrong if he needs to save money then it should be saved because we must protect our front line soldiers. They are dying because this government have been profligate in their priorities. Even now the new Chinook helicopters will not be in service for three years!

The thing that really sticks in my craw is the wasted money being thrown at Europe and Climate Change! We are trillions in debt, we have never been given a referendum on Europe, we are fighting a political war in Afghanistan which frankly we cannot afford and yet Gordon the Moron can announce grandiose plans to waste public funds which we cannot afford on dubious climate change projects.

Gordon obviously doesn't get it because he cannot recognise that he and he alone has 'almost' bankrupted the country! In his almost autistic fashion he ignores his participation in this scandal. He postures around the world always looking ridiculous and ill at ease and even though he has squandered the inheritance of at least a generation he continues to blow our money at every opportunity!

We still await a date for the next General Election and it is no shock to discover that Gordon will wait until the last possible moment for the inevitable. Frankly assassination is too good for this man!

Monday, 14 December 2009

Gordon Brown and Afghanistan

My oh my there must be an election of the horizon! For how many years has Gordon Brown ignored the requests from the military for finance to combat the lethal IED which have killed so many of our soldiers? So after one photo opportunity which included his hapless attempt to shake the hand of a saluting soldier he now announces that he is allocating money for the forces!

Wow! Gordon the Moron is allocating money to the forces. He has spent a lifetime contracting the forces, depriving them of essential funding so that he could downgrade their importance, downgrade their needs and downgrade their tradition. Gordon Brown has spent a lifetime opposing the forces because he has the Marxist, political and ideological attitude which is of course diametriacally opposed to his own.

Soldiers make instant decisions, Gordon does not. Soldiers think of their mates, Gordon does not. Soldiers are brave, Gordon is not. Soldiers face down their enemies Gordon does not. How dare he try to align himself with the forces after decades of trying to deny them the funds which would have saved so many lives.

He is a disgrace and always will be. Hapless is too good for this man...he is really in the same position as the man who sponsored him...Jack Jones. Read about Jack Jones elsewhere...!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

The Policing Pledge

I keep seeing adverts on this political gesture called 'The Policing Pledge'. The so called 'Policing Pledge' is interesting because it highlights all the things that the police should be doing and do not. We in Leicestershire know all about this because apparently Leicester is the city with the worst crime record in the country!

This multicultural nightmare is also one of the lowest in the Education ladder. It goes on and on and we all know it. There are some areas in Leicester where one can play the game 'spot the white face'. I am not denegrating the immigrants because I do not blame them for coming to a 'promised land'. I do however, blame the NoLab politicians, who encouraged them here and then left them to fend for themselves.

We could not afford the influx of these immigrants because they came from all over the world and we could not even afford to give them the police protection because frankly the police reneged on everything that the 'Policing Pledge' advocates. We had the case recently where a woman and her daughter were so desperate about bullying that the mother set fire to their car and committed suicide.

If that was not sufficient to provoke resignations and we were assured that the police would react in future. They were frankly lying because yet another case has emerged in Blaby where out of control teenagers made life hell for families and requests for police assistance were surprise, surprise ignored!!

This 'Policing Pledge' appears to ignore the City of Nottingham and there was a case in Loughborough recently where every police presence in the town was diverted to a brawl in one pub.

The 'Policing Pledge' is a political trick. They are spending millions on covering their tracks. They obviously know what they should be doing because the 'Policing Pledge' covers it all. They cannot do it because NoLab have destroyed our police force and replaced them with a neutered, politically correct, scared to act, useless set of pseudo police, who even if they caught a criminal (Ha!) do not have the physical strength to detain them.

I know that is a sweeping statement and that we do have strong policeman but they are vastly outnumbered by the fat, female, weak, gormless individuals who patrol our streets. One of whom recently pulled up in her car and asked me directions to the local police station...aaaagh!

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The Iraq Enquiry and this Government

Could anything get much worse? Military leader after leader are now coming forward to humiliate the NoLab government over their inability to cope or organise the post situation in Iraq. There is a general malaise in this government as they are unable to cope with anything other than political spin and ideological doctrine.

This is their world and even today in parliament when they admit that they have got everything wrong they continue to play politics. The pre-budget report today was horrendous. Nothing is the fault of Gordon Brown or his cohorts and of course it is all the fault of ther dastardly Tories and their wealth and private education!

They have bankrupted us and yet they rely on puerile political point scoring to blind the concrete brained NoLab traditionalists to hopefully win the next election. Make no mistake about it they only care about power. They have no plans for the future but they do want any incoming goverment to inherit a totally impossible situation!

You see where people like Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling are concerned it is all about power. It is not about me and you, or the country, or patriotism because in essence it is all about them! These privileged Marxists who have never had to struggle are prepared to bring down the whole country just to fulfill their political ambitions.

Assasination is really too good for them!

The Pre Budget Report

Well there we go then our Chancellor of the Exchequer has spoken and promised us more of the same! No plans to really reduce our borrowing but plenty of plans to keep going directly on the suicidal course that they set ten years ago. The problem is of course that, as I blogged almost two years ago, it is unsustainable.

We cannot have a bloated public sector and a crippled private sector. Someone has to pay for all the quangos and committees who contribute nothing to the economy. In addition major companies, almost national institutions, are closing down one after the other. The New Labour Project however, must continue even though I predicted that it would ruin the country.

It is really simple. We cannot afford the huge sums which disappear into thin air every year. We are no longer a major player on the world stage. We are fighting a war that we cannot afford. This war has lingered longer that the Second World War and we are still no nearer the end. Life is cheap in Afghanistan and they have many, many volunteers to keep our soldiers pinned down for as many years as they wish.

I do not believe that this war has anything to do with protecting our borders. We could do that easily ourselves if the government had the will. I don't believe either that climate change is man made. I don't believe that we have to be in Europe. In fact I don't believe a word that this corrupt and incompetent government thrusts upon us.

They have been liars and cheats from the very onset of taking power and it does not escape me that so many of then have incredibly dodgy political backgrounds. The early Marxist links of so many of the Cabinet and their dealings with so many twentieth century communist organisations makes them extremely difficult to trust.

Perhaps that is where the New Labour Project was initiated.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

I see that my visit counter has ceased to operate. I know that is not operating because I personally know who visits this blog and how often. If cannot operate in an impartial manner then I will close down and learn from my mistakes on this blog.

It is really disheartening. I did not begin this blog for commercial revenue but to have a voice. To disown a blog because it is either not commercial or not politically correct surely goes against all the rules of British impartiality.

Monday, 7 December 2009

What next?

I have not posted for a while because quite frankly I have been almost repeating myself for the past two years. Since I began this blog I cannot believe that things in Britain have got so much worse. Everything is disastrous. It does not matter where we look things cannot be worse. The Marxists of the seventies are in charge of the asylum and we are all paying for it.

People who were supported and sponsored by known traitors now rule the roost and are determined to make us pay. One cannot ruin the economy of a major western power unless you are devoted to doing it. Throughout the past two years I have been banging on about this and yet they have still managed to get us to the point of 'almost' bankruptcy.

The problem is that we all know it and yet we let them time after time to ruin us. Mass Immigration, loss of financial control of the banks, the NHS, Education and Welfare all run by Quangos instead of the professionals.

When Gordon Brown at last visited the military ward of Selly Oak three quarters of the soldiers refused to meet him. That was actually a mistake they should have throttled the living daylights out of him. It would probably have made them feel a helluva sight better for their grievous injuries. This week the British Legion once again asked me to increase my monthly contribution to the cause because so many soldiers require not only physical but mental help. We have now been in Afghanistan longer than it took to win the Second World War!

It goes deeper because apparently the very mention of Peter Mandelson brought boos from an audience watching 'Countdown'! Now that gives me real hope because if the audience of 'Countdown' wants to protest then perhaps the wounds of the country are beginning to really annoy the silent majority.

It illustrates the innate sensitivity of the British majority. We all know that we have been cheated, reviled and disregarded. We do not want the political situation that has been forced upon us. I can only suggest that whoever we vote for at the next election we disown the scum that currently occupy and have disgraced our Parliament.

Oh dear I have been told to lighten up but it is so, so, difficult when so much damage is being done which will affect my lovely granddaughters and their friends. I am currently watching the widow of SSgt Olaf Schmidt and I am in tears. It is Newsnight and she is doing a grand job. She was superb! Sorry I am too emotional to continue..

Wednesday, 2 December 2009


So yet more troops poured into this country which history shows cannot be defeated by force. They love it! Their warlords have been rejecting foreign invasion for centuries and yet our beloved leaders still believe that more soldiers are the answer!

How can more soldiers be the answer? We cannot impose our democracy on people who do not understand it. We can pour double the number and it still will not succeed. It is a useless and unnecessary waste of life. Our so called European allies already recognise it as they refuse to match the same number of deaths that we have to endure.

Our lads are being slaughtered in Afghanistan for reasons other than those that our informed and respected government will admit to. It should cease now. Our government has rowed in with the American government when it is quite apparent that they cannot win an ideological war. The problem is that that the Americans always believe that might is right. It won't work this time. It didn't work in Vietnam and it will not work in Afghansitan.

To defeat the Muslim surge we must copy Switzerland. We must then target every single Muslim in OUR country. When they PROVE themselves to be loyal, integrated and grateful members of our society then they can remain. The Luton boys must instantly be kicked out! It is that simple.

This is a war (that is what they believe) and we should not be taking prisoners!! We must get real and stop appeasing the Muslim faith. It threatens our very existence.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Another Apology...

A little boy gets bitten to death by a dog which should have been outlawed and yet again the police come onto the media to confess that it should never have happened if they had done their job.

Once again they prove that the current policing policy which was introduced by the NoLab government is frankly not viable. Once again we discover that people are dying because the police are not protecting us. Once again some PC senior officer is wheeled out to apologise that they ignored vital intelligence and as a result a little boy died in the most horrible manner.

I cannot help but think that the political police wheeled out a female black officer to face the flak. I am sorry but it is so obvious that the spokesperson could not be
attacked because she was so utterly PC! She could not explain why the police did not investigate the report that this family were breeding dangerous breeds of dogs. She simpered, apologised and whined and she looked good in uniform but like Cressida Dick who was in charge of the communication room when Jean Claude Menezes was murdered in London... she is only there for the media! Ugh!

Sorry litle boy but you died horribly because our PC police are totally incompetent and every night when they return to their loved ones these NoLab senior officers should reflect on their role in this slaughter. Is your salary and lifestyle worth the life of this little boy? Obviously so! Bastards!!