Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Elderly and The Coalition.

OECD Warn That Elderly Care Costs Could Treble By 2050
My mother is 95. She has paid into the system her whole life but has never become rich. She lived in a council house for the best part of sixty years but has frugally saved just over £20000 which she believes is a huge sum! Now she requires care, not a lot of care because she is still lucid, she can still get around courtesy of her frame and she has no continence problems.

She does have a problem however, because she has lost her short term memory. This is so important because she forgets to drink, she cannot remember to take her medication and sometimes she forgets to go to meals. She is in a residential care home and the terms of her residency depends on her being independent. She already has a morning carer who gets her up and an evening carer who puts her to bed.

Today she was assessed by a Social Service employee because we know that it will not be long before her memory loss will become a real problem. We have already in the last six months had to call out the paramedics three times becuase she has dehydrated. Even her GP does not want to become involved.

It would appear that she is not a priority because she cannot be assessed as a 'substantial' case. In their world of government targets and financial cutbacks she is not a priority so we must wait for her to have another 'incident' before she can be reassessed. What an indictment on our politicians!

These are the same people who pour money into the abject EU, who readily involve us in wars which have nothing to do with us, who shower African property developers with Foreign Aid and allow public service employees to abuse some kind of public service credit card.  It is absolutely despicable. There are vast sums of money in the system but they are spending it on anything other than the welfare of our citizens. Someone somewhere has an agenda which is definitely anti indigenous population.

So what can we draw from this? Well the obvious conclusion is that we will all get old. If we do not improve the horrendous system that currently exists we all stand the chance of fading into a very uncomfortable old age. The care homes are decreasing and the care professionals are so poorly paid that nobody can guarantee care which is what we would wish for. If we don't vote for a revision of the current system for catering for the elderly then one day we too will lose our house! Think about it folks!!!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Child Abuse!

I sometimes wonder why I continue to write this blog because frankly I know that I don't really make a difference but then every now and then I stumble across other blogs who are making a difference. I know many of the people who help to boost my stats and they are interested in what is going on but they don't have the time that I have to expose the shortcomings of the Political Class.

So today I came across a blog called EU Referendum, there are countless blogs on the blogosphere all of whom are trying to make a difference, and some really do. I have recently publicised the story of Norman Scarth which came from Captain Ranty who is fighting his own personal war against the authorities.

EU Referendum has highlighted the multiple cases of child abusers who are escaping jail sentences despite horrendous collections of child pornography. It is quite clear that something is afoot, something that is so sordid that I fear for the safety of our children. Our society is under attack from lawyers. They are deciding what is right and what is wrong but their definition of right is wrong. We do not have a voice because we are not on their team. Having said that I do want to highlight the agenda that this Political Class is accepting.

I just thought that you all ought to know what is happening. We should not be hiding away from this because it is important. Our children are being sexualised by these disgusting individuals and nobody seems to care! This is of course not the first time that I have blogged about this theme.

The Olympic Games

Today's Mail on Sunday is carrying a report that our Olympocrats have plans to create their own transport lane to take them to and from the various events without hindrance from the rest of us. These special VIP lanes won't have red lights or zebra crossings and nothing will be allowed to impair their progress (something like the ZIL lanes they used to have in Soviet Moscow).

Now considering the number of disconnected young thugs who turned out in the riots this action could be like a red rag to a bull. Even for law abiding Londoners who are having to pay for this extravaganza the sight of Lord Coe's army thumbing their noses as they whizz past in their chauffeur driven BMWs could cause deep resentment.

I have a funny feeling that these Olympics could be a disaster for Britain. They have already been hijacked by the Political Class and the Bonus Class so that their profits can be maximised and the public are already feeling distanced.  I can just imagine stolen wheely bins filling the ZIL lanes in London. I fear that the social problems which have been piling up particularly in the London Boroughs could boil over and expose our troubled society to the world.  

I strongly suggest that if these so called VIPs want to avoid the public they use helicopters. I really don't think that Londoners would tolerate Soviet style hospitality no matter how much they wish to flaunt their wealth and connections. They may be trying to impose East Germany on us but too many are yet to accept this lifestyle!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

She is married to the Speaker of the House of Commons!

John and Sally Bercow

I have just stumbled upon this years's 'Big Brother' almost by accident and witnessed the wife of the Speaker of the House of Commons being the first person to be evicted ahead of some of the worst 'Z' list nonentities. Sally Bercow is married to one of the most prominent of politicians and yet she has demeaned him and her family by appearing on this trashy programme.

It defies belief! She is living in a grace and favour home courtesy of the taxpayer and yet she feels that it is appropriate to appear with people who just court publicity. I despise this current Speaker because he stood as a Conservative and yet constantly supports the socialists. That is why he was elected to the position. The problem is that his judgement is seriously at question. His wife apparently has a long history of indiscretion.

This is our Political Class. Remember the last Speaker had to resign. He was then ennobled and now resides in the House of Lords. Look at the other 'Lords' and their track records...Prescott and Mandelson and so many others who have disgraced their office.

Clearly the disciples of the bankers who rule the world have no discernible principles. They really believe that they are unaccountable and of course they are right. They are bought and paid for and they belong to the Ruling Class. If you are not in the club then 'tough luck' because they have the guns and the power. This country no longer has a democracy. We are being ruled by a power group of bankers who care not a jot for democracy and the Royal Family appears to have accepted the inevitable (or they part of it?).

What Sally Bercow has achieved is to draw attention to this ridiculous situation. She is a 'one off' and that is being polite. Her husband controls the House of Commons but cannot persuade his wife that she should show some decorum. A weak man is exactly what the politicians and the bankers thrive on. In particular the bankers have recruited, over many decades, weak people who will bow to their demands. Most of our MPs are from that ilk...they have been vetted and approved so that all will be well.

They only serve the Banking Class and that is why they have been elected. Most of the electorate still believe the joke that our elections are important. Actually they don't matter because all the parties support the bankers. So whether you vote Cameron/Miliband/Clegg you will get the same. Of course you can't vote BNP, EDL, UKIP because if you do, according to the mainstream media, you could be termed a traitor/racist/nutter!

Well done Sally m'love you have played a blinder!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

We caught them so ... now what?

The mainstream media trumpet about the arrests made after the riots which rebounded around the world. David Cameron predictably stood outside 10 Downing Street and addressed the world's media with his anger. We were left with the impression that all these rioters and looters would be punished but most of us knew differently. We have 86 year old Norman Scarth languishing in prison because he is a political nuisance and yet here is the proof that this government actually encourage anarchy on the streets!

Really what is going on? The more I read, the more I see, the more I fear for the future of this country unless we undo the duplicity of the bankers and the political class. Perhaps it is too late? Perhaps only an act of God will reverse the trend?

CROWN v Crown!

I have just spent an hour listening to a Canadian explaining why we the British, the original home of democracy, have been duped by persons or people unknown. We have trundled on in our ignorance and apathy refusing to challenge anyone or anything and in the meantime certain parties have actually conquered our country.

Now hands up all those people who really believe that our legal system is headed by Her Majesty the Queen of England? Is she not the only authority under the Magna Carta and is she not the defender of Common Law? When we hear the terms the Crown Prosecution Service and Crown Prosecutor do we not all believe that this refers to the Queen?

Would you be surprised to learn that it does not refer to the Queen? It actually refers to the Crown Corporation of Inner London. In fact it probably transpires that Elizabeth Windsor (hereinafter called 'The Queen') did not sign the Treaty of Lisbon, which signed away our freedom to Europe. It was probably signed by the Crown Corporation of Inner London.

Please do not ask me who the Crown Corporation of Inner London actually are...but any regular visitor to this blog would actually hazard a guess at a certain banking family!
This Canadian advises that if we challenge the courts on their legality then we could sue them. Remember the attempts in February to arrest the judge in Birkenhead? The legal system in this country has been usurped and one final thing. When you come to cast a vote in the future then just remember that all of these mainstream politicians know what is happeniing. They are part of the fraud!

Wake up England!


I see that the annual education results farce is about to hit the streets and we have already been alerted that surprise, surprise, the results will once again prove that the standards are even better than ever! This for the 23rd successive year and yet Tesco's are turning away school leavers because they don't possess the necessary basic skills for employment.

I blogged last year that soon all the kids would get 'A' grades and then it would depend on how many stars they received behind the grade to distinguish the level of performance. It would appear that this message has finally penetrated the devious minds of the exam 'adjusters' because I read that this will be the last year that exam results will improve! What? Are they confessing that they have been fiddling the stats for almost 30 years?

What angers me is that all the kids are being duped. The run of the mill are gaining grades that they don't deserve and the clever are being demeaned because their efforts are not being rewarded. How can the educationalists sanction this duplicity?

No wonder the English education system is regarded as a joke. No wonder parents are desperate to get their children into decent schools. No wonder that parents are prepared to get into debt to ensure that their kids are educated. The educationalists who have perpetrated this fraud on the children of this nation should be named and shamed.

The thought that people have been hiding in rooms with a sliding scale of results moving the cursor further up the scale just to defraud our children is appalling! No wonder we are sliding further down the international league tables. Whoever is in charge of this nonsense should be facing a judge. And one final you remember the Hoo-Ha when Michael Gove became Education Minister and what he was going to do? As usual all these politicians ever do is maintain a system which is rotten from top to bottom!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Libya ...the follow up!

So it appears that the rebels (the bankers' boys) must now mop up and everything will be hunky dory but I wonder if that is the real position? The mainstream media (the outlet controlled by the worlds' bankers) is telling us that Gaddafi and his army (tribesmen) are all but finished so now all we have to do is send in a peace keeping force (controlled by the bankers) and everything will be back to normal!

What will you bet that the peacekeeping force will largely be our soldiers. It would be madness to get involved in this tribal warfare and that is precisely the reason that we will be committed. NATO is the attack dog of the bankers. NATO generally only deploys British troops and we the taxpayer then pay for that. I know that we have so called partners but have you noticed how the Americans don't want to get involved in this squabble?

I really hope that I am wrong! I always say that I will immediately apologise if my prophesies fall short of the mark. I will withdraw any comment if it is proven incorrect. If British troops are not deployed to Libya in a follow up (in a useless protracted tribal battle) then I will grovel. In my humble opinion this war is far from over. This Gadaffi family still has clout because in power they looked after their own.

It would be the height of folly to get involved in the peace because there will  never be peace in Libya. The Gadaffi forces will become the rebels.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Derby County

OK I suppose that I owe Nigel Clough an apology! After an abysmal pre season (except the last game against the Villa) and the form of last year I, probably like many other Rams fans, have been shocked by the form of our beloved team which sees them facing almost an all-time record. Currently we have surpassed the team of 1905 and one match against Burnley will surely take them back to the nineteenth century!!

In the entire history of Derby County did anyone expect this? Four consecutive victories against good opposition, two of them premier teams last year, and not a hint of a wobble. What is the reason? What has caused this total reversal of the abysmal form which plagued the team last season. Why have we suddenly become a solid unit?

May I suggest a reason? Nigel , because of injuries, had to promote two lads from the academy and they are desperate to secure their futures. Top of the list is Mark O'Brien a 19 year old Irish lad who actually debued at the age of 16 but then broke his leg and had to recover. This boy is a star of the future and now threatens to hold his place even when Sean Barker is available. Then we have Jeff Hendrick who holds the midfield. He played thtroughout the summer with the Irish under 21 team which reached the European semi finals and has stepped up to the plate.

I would wager that Nigel  never thought that these two would knit the team together like they have done. This is a good team but in the background we have many others...Sean Barker, Paul Green and Stephen Pearson who are all respected professionals. I recently backed the Rams at 50-1 to win the Championship...yeah I know!!!

Where is he?

So as predicted the rebels are currently inside the Gaddafi compound in Tripoli but where is he? Predictably he has disappeared but I personally never thought that he would remain to be humiliated. His son Saif, who is as smooth as silk, allowed himself earlier one last gesture of defiance on television but he too has disappeared.

So the bankers have engineered and won another fight. I have no great feelings either way because Gadaffi needed to be deposed but after such a lot of human sacrifice isn't it a shame, if you follow the VMB's cynical approach to this conflict, that everything achieved will eventually end up in the hands of the bankers.

I suppose that tonight we celebrate with the brave 'freedom fighters' but tomorrow I know exactly what they face. Tonight is a time to celebrate the bravery of the Libyan people but tomorrow they face an uncertain future because as from tonight they entered the world of the banker. Read the history and recognise the pattern. As from tomorrow their cheap everything will begin to rise in line with world politics. They are no longer an independent nation.


I have now come to the conclusion that there is very little I believe when it comes from the mouths of our mainstream politicians. As it stands the media is reporting that the Ghaddafi regime is close to the end. Reports out of Tripoli state that the rebels were lulled into an ambush and that their rapid advance has been broken. The one TV reporter who regularly reports for the BBC and is embedded with the rebels seems to confirm the second report. I have no doubt however that the rebels will eventually prevail because they will not be allowed to fail

I have a theory which I follow whenever I am trying to discover the truth. I pretend that politicians like Cameron, Blair, Brown, Haig, Obama and all the rest are actually just pawns of a banking industry which is ruling the world. If they want something to happen they click their fingers and suddenly all hell breaks loose.

Then suddenly the politicians arrive on the box and explain to the public why it is essential for 'the people' to have 'democratic change' and for 'tyrants' to be defeated. Only certain tyrants mind you not the ones who pay homage to the bankers. So why did the New World Banking Order pick on Colonel Ghaddafi?

I must confess I did not know until I read today that Libya has no sovereign debt! Imagine that, no billions going to the EU, no Foreign Aid going to African property developers and no interest being paid on a massive loan secured from the IMF. Libyan money being spent on Libyans. We can't have that can we? Yes I know that he also committed atrocities on some of his people but is he alone in that?  The reason that this tyrant is the one to be deposed is that he made his country self sufficient.

Who will be next? Well the arab oil magnates are being threatened particularly in Bahrein so that be the next target for the world's bankers. It has already been written here and explains an awful lot. It is a long flog but when one takes in the past and then applies it to the present a lot can be explained.

How long before the next Libyan government is applying to the IMF for a huge loan to rebuild the country after the revolution?

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Norman Scarth

Norman Scarth

Very briefly can I draw your attention to a petition which is being publicised on Captain Ranty's blog. If you read what he has to say on the plight of an 86 year old ex-serviceman who has been incarcerated without legal representation or medication you cannot help to be disgusted of the spite of some of our politicians and judges.

There is no point of me repeating the details of this case but I feel duty bound to direct you to it.'s somehow different up here!

I have only been in Edinburgh for a few hours but somehow I detect that the atmosphere is different. There is some frustration but nothing like the seething resentment one sees everywhere in England. The people I have spoken to were shocked by the recent events south of the border but most seem to hold the opinion that it would not happen here.

The reason probably is that the Scottish justice system appears to be still in place and Scottish education is still getting results. There is a sub culture up here but probably nothing like the same numbers as we have south of the border. Even the feral elements are aware that the police would still go in hard if they decided to riot in numbers.

I wonder if Alex Salmond has something to do with it? A view I have heard is that he does what he says he will do. You may not always agree with him but he represents the people. The Scots kids don't have to pay university fees and prescriptions are still free so contrast just those two anomalies with life in England. Of course he can do this because of 'The Barnett Formula' which ensures that Scotland has a certain amount of subsidisation from the English taxpayer.

Salmond is a canny politician so if he can create a feeling of superiority for the electorate then he will also get the so important 'feel good' factor. He is doing something for the people where in England I never get the feeling that any politician cares a stuff for the electorate. However, just in case I am accused  of bias, let me tell you that the Edinburgh city roads are the worst I have seen anywhere!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Liberals against the Realists!

All day I have watched the news media struggling with the aftermath of the rioting youth. It is clear that David Cameron has passed down an edict that we cannot have young people looting and anarchy on the streets. He is of course right. I have often criticised him but this time he is bang on the button. The bottom line is that people died, homes were burnt out and small (and large) businesses were devastated.

Personally I don't care if they stole a packet of crisps I would jail them and the reason is that we must set an example. We must have a line which cannot be crossed. The young people must understand that stealing is wrong. There are no degrees of wrongdoing. What is wrong is wrong.

The reason that the riots happened was clearly that the British justice system has lost the respect of the youth of the country. They plainly believe that the police are ineffective, that the courts are weak and if you are unlucky enough to be jailed then you will have a cushy life.

Once again the victims of crime in this country are being ignored by the Liberal political elite who are fighting desperately to defend their failed policies. Constantly the term 'knee jerk reaction' is being used to describe anyone hoping to reverse the trend of weak sentencing and cushy prisons. Some of the offenders are screaming blue murder that they ONLY did this... and ONLY did that but this is the result of years where we have excused criminality.

I don't altogether trust David Cameron but at least he has grasped the nettle and at long, long last we are seeing sentences which reflect the crime. My only worry is that once he has demonstrated his response to the riots things will gradually slink back to the norm. Already the senior police chiefs are proposing that policing gets back to normal (you know... no police on the streets) and sentencing will also follow this example.

The riots of last weekend highlighted what has happend to this country. They have rebounded around the world. Friends of mine in NewZealand and Australia have been shocked by the images which have been shown because they are shocking!!

London was burning just like the Blitz and the people who did it were in the main the young criminals who are probably all on benefits. The politicians and the police and the judges have all encouraged them and must hold their hands up! They are just as guilty as the newspaper industry in encouraging this anarchy. Everywhere the public are under attack from criminal gangs and the mainstream media doesn't report it. If you don't believe me get onto Youtube and watch the police being chased down the streets by a Muslim group after a 'Freedom for Palestine' rally !

We must never drop our guard. This must be the fightback against criminality... yeah I know I can also see the flying pigs in the sky!! Tomorrow we will be back to the norm ...until the next time!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

News International lied...surely not!?

James Murdoch

I am watching ITV news at the moment and they are stating that a former News International chauffeur has evidence of payments to police officers by News International! Already their former employee Clive Goodman has blown their evidence to the House of Commons Select Committee apart.

I believe that this rotten empire, founded on sleaze and sex, is about to collapse. It will collapse because eventually all rotten enterprises collapse. The big question is who will be brought down with it? How far will the tentacles of any News International enquiry reach? Now that the genie is out of the lamp who will be brought down? David Cameron is the prime candidate because for whatever reason he employed Andy Coulson and nobody knows why.

The primary attack dog for the socialists is Tom Watson. I believe that he is a Gordon Brown (aaagh) supporter and as we all know News International recognised the incompetence of that man and deserted him. Gordon Brown is venomous when angry as we saw in Westmonster recently. Somehow he commands support from very powerful quarters. I wonder just what friends Gordon Brown has cultivated in his socialist years in power.

Of course of all this means that James Murdoch, his dad Rupert, Rebekah Brooks et al have all been lying to the Westmonster committee. Are we really surprised? One thing is certain and that this story will run and run! Oh Goody!

Monday, 15 August 2011

A 95 year old woman and the NHS!

My mother is very frail. She is 95 years of age. Her residential home phoned for the GP today because they thought she was dying. The on call GP refused to come out because he had a meeting! We are with Bridge Street Surgery Loughborough. The doctor who failed to respond to the call out refused to talk to my wife even though he knows her personally. My wife in desperation dialled 999 and the paramedics arrived. They decided that she be admitted directly to a ward. Seven hours later an ambulance arrived and took her 15 miles to the Royal at Leicester!! This is how we look after our elderly in the modern world. It is frankly disgraceful!

I actually doubt if there is a family in this country who have not suffered from the administrative incompetence of the Health Trusts in this country. The doctor who refused to attend knows my wife as she is a former Medical Receptionist. He is normally a wonderful doctor and almost a family friend but today was inexcusable.

Our socialist politicians, those that like to make political capital out of their own mistakes, often like to highlight those in poverty. We are constantly reminded of the poor in Africa and the poor in the government created ghettos like Tottenham and Hackney.  Believe me the only genuine poor in this country are the elderly trying to survive on government pensions. They have paid into the system their whole lives and now must face a miserable old age. They are also the last people to be represented by the likes of Ed Miliband. There is no glamour or political prestige in the elderly. Old age is not for cissies!

I have often blogged about the decline of civilization in this country but today really brought it home to me. The young are out of control and the elderly are ignored. Our politicians hand billions to the unaudited EU and millions to African property developers in Paris but they cannot get an ambulance to take my mother to hospital when she is dying and her own GP cared not a jot!

It says it all!

David Starkey - right or wrong?

David Starkey

On Newsnight a couple of evenings ago an historian called David Starkey caused a storm by stating that in his opinion white youth had adopted black culture in the ghettos. He quoted Enoch Powell and frankly I thought he had a point. When one hears the uneducated youth and see examples of Twitter the Jamaican patois is widely used.

Immediately the socialist media exploded in self righteousness damning David Starkey to hell for all eternity for expressing his view. Today Guido Fawkes has conducted a poll on his blog when he asked if the David Starkey view was racist as has been claimed. Take a look at the results of over 5000 voters!

Personally I think it reflects the view of a broad spectrum of the public. For too long we have been restricted in commenting on controversial issues. When I grew up we had never heard the term 'racist' but it has been used to curb the freedom of speech. Unless we allow free speech we will never solve the myriad of problems which multiculturalism has heaped on the country.

I may not agree with someone but I would defend to the death his/her right to express an opinion. I would only object if that person was deliberately offensive.

Criminal Justice

I see the recriminations and the political blame game has erupted between the police and the politicians.  David Cameron has apparently at long last realised that some senior police officers are playing their own political game and unless he does something about it the electorate will blame him! Do you know we might just have some reason to thank the stupid, young criminals who caused the riots because they exposed the senior police officers to charges of incompetence.

They were so busy analysing their own positions and the reaction to their reaction that they forgot that people were losing businesses and criminals were running riot. Their failure to respond immediately meant that they failed everyone. They failed the public (as usual) but more importantly they failed their own front line officers many of whem knew that they should be responding.

Now David Cameron is proposing to talk to a top American cop who has already cleaned up the gang culture in his local town. Predictably howls of rage from the top police brass. The BBC have wheeled in uniform after uniform raging at the politicians for not backing them. Not a hint of contrician that so many people lost their homes and businesses.

The truth is that our whole criminal justice system has to be reformed if we are to return to being a civilized country again.  Initially we must return to a uniform presence on our streets . The young offenders must begin to fear the law again.

Then we must punish offenders. No more light sentences, short sentences, ASBO's, warnings or community orders. At the moment criminals and more importantly young offenders don't respect or fear the law and they laugh at magistrates who have so many constraints placed upon them.

Then we must revamp the prisons and put prison offices back in charge. Get rid of the luxury goods and keep the lawyers away from the prisoners.  The complete system must be reformed so that the public and the victim is considered before the 'rights' of the offender.

Until David Cameron imposes himself on the criminal justice system then he will fail. Tinkering at the edges will not be sufficient. Margaret Thatcher had to confront the unions but Mr Cameron has a much more difficult job because he almost has to tackle everyone in the criminal justice system.

He would however emerge a national hero and would probably be the Prime Minister for as long as he wanted if he brought sanity back to the nation. Finally beware of those who are echoing the words 'knee jerk'; they are only defending a system which brought about the recent riots.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

What a nation!

This is a video that I have been made aware of. Surely it reflects the attitude of the selfish and frankly stupid Brits! I take my hat off to the guy who made it. I do hope the police followed it up but do you know what... I really doubt it.

How can people block up the emergency lane on the motorway and not feel guilty? Our society is indeed a hugely uneducated and selfish society. We seem to have forgotten basic decency. These people would probably be the first to condemn the looting and the riots but are they not just as guilty?

We have to punish irresponsible behaviour and we should begin with the number plates caught on camera. If I was injured on a motorway and could not be assisted because of selfish individuals then I would insist on punishment...oh and by the way so would they!

Surely Not?

Riots over fatal police shooting
Youtube is not always a nice place but it does give anyone access to events which the mainstream media fails to cover. The blogosphere also covers issues that remarkably the MSM misses for whatever reason.

I stumbled across this interview as I was trawling through various bits and pieces. There is also another clip of people witnessing a 16 year old girl being beaten by police but the language is hysterical and the evidence inconclusive.

Now some people are voicing the theory that these riots were started by the police. Earlier in the week they shot a young black man dead. In the atmosphere of mistrust that prevails in these government ghettos a group of people gathered outside a local police station demanding answers as to why this young man had been killed.

Police Officers left the station and paraded in front of the crowd. It was then that they apparently attacked the girl who had approached the police line. One can hear the anger in the second clip and of course the rest is history.

There are aspects of these riots that I find troublesome. The Met is the largest police force in Britain. For whatever reason they failed to get their act together for hours after the trouble began. Witnesses claim that they just stood and watched the looters for a lengthy period.  The police allege that their officers were not equipped or in some cases not trained to act. I just do not buy that. They are police officers. They have all been trained to stop crime. They chose not to and that means that someone in their ranks chose not to! I think questions should be asked of the most senior officers in the Met as to why their officers did not react and who ordered them to stand and watch. Of course the track record of the senior Met officers is particularly shameful  when action is demanded but this needs explaining.

It needs explaining because this evidence tends to reflect a chain of events which to put it mildly is not healthy. The ghetto population is particularly easy to inflame and a riot while all the politicians were on their hols was probably the most opportune moment.

Words, words, words...we need action!

I am listening to Ed Miliband as he drones on at the emergency session of Parliament following the riots. How can he conveniently forget that it was him and the Labour party who have created the conditions under which this criminal culture was allowed to thrive. It was the Labour party who opened our borders and failed to control the incoming numbers.

It was under the Labour party that education failed the children. It was under the Labour party that the welfare bill spiralled out of control. They were the people who encouraged young girls to have babies without the knowledge or background to tend for those babies. They created the 'nanny' state and the government sponsored ghettos. They allowed the town hall fat cats and the quangos to flourish. They took the police off the streets and politicised the Civil Service. They signed away our freedom to the unaudited EU and they took us into two (in my view) unneccssary wars.

The record of the Labour party from 1997 until 2010 is lamentable if not downright criminal. Even now they are using these riots to score petty political points. The one aspect of their politics is clear...they never have any policies which benefit the paying public. Every aspect of their political game is of benefit to the Criminal Class or the Bonus Class. Nothing is ever done which would benefit the humble taxpayer and even now it was the taxpayer who suffered in the riots when the police stood back and allowed the rioters hours of freedom to plunder the shops.

The first job that the PM must do is to instruct the senior police officers to deploy their officers onto the streets in force every day. They must patrol the streets and the parks and get closer to the kids who are running out of control. They are far too distant from the public. They are refusing to protect the public and never was this more evident than during the London riots. What the riots have done is demonstrate how weak their performance has become. Many bloggers and to be fair many front line police officers have complained that the senior officers have their own political agenda. It must stop!

It is time for the words to cease. We want action from our politicians. We the public are demanding change. We must bring order to the streets. Then we must bring order to the classroom. It will of course be obstructed by the odious trade unions (who back Ed Miliband) but the PM must take them on and defeat them! The big question is ...will he?!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Will anything change...don't bet on it!

Today David Cameron faced the press outside 10 Downing Street and gave one of his 'tough' speeches. It was the usual speech about not tolerating the looters, the courts had sat overnight, they will all get jail fact a speech that would appeal to the electorate who want to hear words like that.

David Cameron is very good at letting the electorate hear the words that they want to hear. Remember his 'bonfire of quangos', his 'British Bill of Rights' or the capping of the salaries of town hall fatcats. The problem is that they are just words and nothing ever changes. He mentions water cannon but then adds 'at 24 hours notice'. What good is that?  Does he expect these riots to last 24 hours?

He then mentioned prison sentences but has he told the judges or the prison service? Ken Clarke keeps letting people out early because we don't have enough prison places for them. So how have we found more and why now? Has he overnight changed the sentencing criteria to accommodate the rioters?

The problem between the Met Police and the black community has long been publicized. On one side we have the gangs that are probably responsible for much of the armed crime, drug running and crass behaviour in London and on the other a police force that I wouldn't trust to walk my dog. There are bound to be tensions!

If we want to solve this problem we must meet it head on. Bring the parents into the court and demand to know why these kids were out of control. Then punish the parents. Make them responsible for the discipline of their children. If the children are prepared to see their parents go to prison because of their actions then we know where the fault lies.

Then we must sort out education in these London boroughs. Get some inspectors to drop in and witness what goes on in the classrooms. Root out the bad teachers and reward the good ones. Not so long ago I posted about Miss Birbalsingh who spoke up at the Conservative party conference and was sacked for her troubles. These ghetto kids need good role models. I read today that there are about 1000 vacant apprenticeships in the London area which nobody wants.

We must begin to include these people in this new society. It is not my society. I never asked for it but the politicians created it and now they must deal with it. If you ignore so many people they will one day react. Don't leave it to the black community leaders get people in who have influence. To start with there are a lot of natural linguists in these communities. Use them! Some of these kids can speak three or four languages and are unemployed.

Children must learn that being clever is nothing to be ashamed of. We must change the ethos of our education system and until we do we will continue to have the scenes we have recently witnessed in London.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Wait for it...!

It is interesting that the young people from Enfield have decided to protect their own area. Similarly the Sikhs are on the streets protecting their temple. We have consistently been advised that the vigilante response is not necessary but obviously the public don't believe the politicians.

I have never seen such a threat to the Political Class. They have had a clear run for almost twenty years and during that clear run they have ruined the country. They have all failed to improve the education system. They have encouraged a degeneration of moral values. They have presided over mass immigration and a total breakdown of law and order. They have actually encouraged the destruction of the British legal system. We have had to witness the politicisation of the police, the soft sentencing policies, the lack of prison places and the loony sentencing by the judges. On top of that they are releasing hardened criminals with less than than half of their sentence served.

Now all their disgraceful policies, courtesy of the EU, are coming home to roost. They stopped us disciplining our kids. They stopped us smacking them. Every time we tried to discipline the kids we were told that it was illegal. We have seen parents losing their kids just for being normal parents.  We have secret courts that take kids from their parents. Teachers have been left without any form of discipline. If they dare to chastise anyone they were hauled before a board of governors. Every governor carefully selected and vetted.

Now we have created a class of kids who, unless they have good parents, believe that they can do as they like! This is what is happening... they have no fear, no respect, no education because they are actually feral. Their parents are feral, their friends are feral so they completely do not understand what civilisation is about. Feral kids are ruling the roost and it is absolutely and utterly down to the elite socialists who have brought this country to its knees.

I have blogged about the injustice in this country ever since I began this blog. Now the Greater Manchester police spokesman says he is 'sickened' by the violence (on SKY now) but he and his ilk created it!! They are responsible for the feral kids hell bent on destroying anything. They created them, they supported them and their diversity classes ensured that they could not be touched! Don't moan now you bastard! Get your girls and your social worker coppers out on the streets to face the the consequences of the policies of the Political Class.

You have been paid the money now earn it!

Not a bloody clue!

Teresa May with cleavage at the Commons
Teresa May
apparently Home Secretary

The lack of leadership currently emanating from our Political Class is staggering! They appear to be completely unprepared for the widespread violence committed by the young in London last night. This is out and out criminality and will continue until one of these idiots realises that we have just entered a war zone!

I heard Teresa May, apparently the Home Secretary in charge of this mess, this morning and even my wife who normally ignores anything political wanted to 'punch' her!! Her sole response was to ask friends and family to 'shop' those involved. How utterly naive! No mention of how the police were going to stop further episodes. No promise of water cannon or rubber bullets! Nothing to threaten the little dears who are burning people out of their homes.

This is going to spread! Once the young louts in provincial towns realise that they now have cart blanche to take anything they want and that we the honest citizen is actually unprotected then anarchy inevitably will follow.

Oh and by the way...what price the Olympics now? How can we invite the world to Lord Coe's party when the streets are aflame? Until we turn the tables on these young thugs and we 'hurt' them in retaliation then the situation will escalate. We have seen the results of decades of  soft policeing and now we must regain the streets. The only way is to meet violence with violence. It is a lesson that people like Teresa May do not seem able to recognise so it will get worse before it gets better.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Inter Communal Violence!

One step has just been reported that the Turkish community are fighting back to protect their businesses. You see when you strip away the defence mechanism ie the Metropolitan Police and discover that their diversity courses do not protect the people from bricks and bottles then the people only have one course of action...they must protect themselves!

The police have proven that they cannot cope. I have every sympathy for the lads and lasses on the streets. I have been there and I know what it is like to face a rioting mob. The problem is that the senior officers who have been handed their jobs on a plate coutesy of Common Purpose are unable to respond. It was the same when Jean Charles de Menezes was killed. It is a failure of leadership.

Buildings are burning because the police cannot guarantee the safety of the firemen! Come on guys get with the diversity courses because they will prepare you for the front line. Show the rioters your Common Purpose Matrix certificates...that will scare them. Come on girls get on the front line and face the music because years ago you wouldn't have been allowed near the front line. Girl power Yeh!

Today is the day for hard men. We don't seem to have enough of them. Where is the Territorial Support Group (TSG) the bullies who killed Iain Tomlinson. This is not a day for social is a day for proper policemen... and I feel very sorry for the few that are proper policemen.

London is burning!

I am watching SKY news and I believe that the authorities are seriously worried! Fires everywhere! Croydon, Ilford, Peckham, Lewisham...the capital is being threatened thanks to our Political Class. An anonymous visitor commented on my blog only two days ago that their days were numbered but I never expected this!

I do wonder how far it will go. I don't think that anyone knows but it seems as if it is being orchestrated. The politicians are still trying to play by the rules but it appears to me that their rulebook has just been torn up. The rioting has just spread to Birmingham. How long before it gets to Manchester or Leeds or Bradford?

This is how I remember Belfast in the seventies! Buildings are blazing and yet there is no evidence of fire crews attending. There is a huge fire in Croydon and absolutely not a fireman in sight. Now they are destroying shops in Clapham Junction and not a copper in sight. Reports are coming in from everywhere and breaking news... the PM is returning from his hols (must be serious then!).

I am beginning to think that this is a serious threat to our way of life. Our ethnic community is clearly determined to destroy our lives. They have just announced that there are 30000 police officers in the Met but only a small percentage are trained for riot control!! Is that not just fine and dandy? Pre Common Purpose every policeman could confront rioters! Still no firemen in Croydon!

This is mesmerizing! I have never seen anything so serious and our Political Class unable to respond. Now here's a thought will they march on Westmonster? Could this gang really threaten the very people who have caused it all? 

I expected it to kick off one day but I never expected this! I don't like it but perhaps it is what is needed to shake the politicians out of their lethargy and complacency. They have created this situation and deserve all they get. Apologies I have now seen white faces involved in the rioting (but not the looting) still this is too serious to worry about colour and I should never have mentioned it! I apologise!

Well I have been telling you for three years....!

The lawlessness of the black/immigrant community is now coming home to roost. The inability of the police to cope with this lawlessness is coming home to roost. The absence of the British army is coming home to roost. We now have anarchy on the streets of London and it could easily spread. Remember the Metropolitan Police is the largest and best resourced police force in the country and they cannot defend the businesses of people in these ethnic communities.

We have pandered to these people for years. They have been given every advantage and this is how they repay their community leaders and the abject politicians. It is high time that it stopped. I have been reading the comments of people on other sites and it is clear that the indigenous English are becoming really angry. It takes a lot to make the apathetic English angry.

I see the police are repeating the oft heard mantra that 'they will not tolerate mindless violence'...but they HAVE tolerated it for far, far, too long and now they are paying the penalty. Where are the water cannons? Where are the rubber bullets? Where is the tear gas? It is high time that they began to threaten the rioters with lawful violence. These people are just laughing at the law and from the clips I have seen there is not a white face in sight!

But beware because I still believe that this could be a precursor for the introduction of an armed European police force into this country. Our police and our armed forces have been weakened year upon year and we are close to being unable to contain the violence. We do not want any excuse to introduce the EU Stasi or Gestapo. I really do not trust our Political Class.

The introduction of mass immigration always had this scenario in mind. It was clear that if we allowed anyone in and failed to provide the necessary services to cope with them then disruption was bound to follow. I have been blogging about it for three years. We are entering a crucial stage of this confrontation. If our police do not start inflicting injuries on the rioters nothing will deter them. This is war and we are losing!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Tottenham, this the beginning?

Riots over fatal police shootingThe scenes being played out on the mainstream media is the result of the mass immigration programme which imported huge numbers of people and dumped them! Many of them cannot work in this country, many of them do not want to work in this country but now they are discovering that as a mob they have a voice.

It will increase. The police do not have the numbers to contain it. The army is effectively out of commission. So who is protecting you and I? Yeah you guessed it! If the local thugs get organised and realise the power of the mob then frankly there is nothing that any of us can do. We could of course import an armed European police force which would resemble the Stasi or the Gestapo but what do we care if they are protecting our property from the mob?

I believe that this has been the long term plan of the EU/Political Class/Bankers for some time. The riots in Tottenham are being orchestrated. It will spread and very soon this country will be in chaos. Then (somebody blow the bugle) the European Police Force will arrive, armed and dangerous and when that happens we will be as imprisoned as the East Germans used to be. PLEASE PEOPLE WAKE UP!

The Police ...yet again!!

Just when you think that it can't get any worse someone proves you wrong! The Mail on Sunday political correspondent has penned an exposure on the police credit card spree which I find inexcusable. Once again and I have touched on this before there appears to be a political plan to gorge themselves on public money.

Our Chancellor has on more than one accasion decreed 'that we are all in this together' but if that is true why is he allowing the police to spend money on credit cards largely on frivolous issues.. Who is monitoring this nonsense? I suppose the National Audit Office has also come under the wings of Common Purpose. After all three and a half million pounds is not chicken feed.

The Tories campaigned on many issues that the public felt strongly about but I personally can see very little difference in the social fabric of this country. Nothing has changed! So the only conclusion I can reach is that our politicians are actually just EU stooges put in place to con the public into believing that our parliament still matters.I don't know when the police were granted these credit cards but it falls in line with the rise of Common Purpose as a major power in the public services. Everything rotten stems from that organisation.

What concerns me most is that we have all these MPs? Surely some of them are honest, decent, family people? Why are they all just sitting there week after week and not contributing. Why will nobody talk about Common Purpose? Are they all so cowed and scared? It certainly would appear so.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Is everyone actually stupid...or corrupt?

Now we have seen what is happening in the financial markets and yet the mainstream media are trying to put a positive spin on the devastation. So what has wrecked almost every country's economy and why won't our politicians tell us the truth? I can only speculate because I know nothing about international finance so let us offer an explanation.

Once Adolf Hitler failed to conquer the UK and the Second World War went against the bankers and the industrialists thanks to the courage of the rank and file soldiers on places like Omaha Beach (google it) then the international bankers had to think again. They came up with the Soviet Union which floundered in Afghanistan and of course like always the socialists ran out of money.

So they thought of a scenario which would bring down the western economy. They moved Moscow to Brussels. They did it through the Bilderberger group (google it) and annually this secretive movement of bankers and industrialists and media moguls set the agenda for the next year. They sponsored the European Union. None of us ever elected an EU commisioner.  They were appointed like Cathy Ashton who has never had a vote cast for her EVER and yet somehow, thanks to Gordon 'bloody' Brown, holds a very senior position in the EU.

So now they have a vehicle for utter corruption. They can, if they convince people, that they want a Common Market, dominate Europe and that is what happened. Now they are in a position to create a common currency despite the discrepancy in the economic aspirations of the countries involved. Now the Euro has been created then the economies of so many countries are at risk. Remember the words of the patriarch of the Rothschild Empire... 'if I control the economy of a country I care not for their laws' (sic)! The EU has never been audited.

So then socialist governments in almost every country across Europe overspend. They all spend recklessly to remain in power. 'Look at us aren't we wonderful' should be their mantra! The International Monetary Fund encourages this recklessness, they keep lending the money so that stupid politicians will grab it to remain in power. Corruption has become endemic!

So now where are we? The governments of Portugal, Italy. Greece and Spain are probably in need of huge bailouts to maintain their current spending commitments. They are in hoc to the IMF (Rothschild) who actually own country after country. They obviously own the UK and have manipulated the mass immigration into our country. That is why people like David Cameron, Peter Mandelson and George Osborne keep visting the Rothschild yacht for their orders.

I despair!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Police ... again!

I shake my head yet again as I must return to the subject I have visited 20 times in the past. Yesterday came news that the Chief Constable of Cleveland and his Deputy had been arrested along with a female legal advisor on corruption charges. This after an investigation by officers from the Warwickshire force.

It is my opinion these charges must be very serious when a Chief Constable is arrested. The effect on morale and the adverse publicity is so damaging.

Hard on top of that 5 officers from the Greater Manchester Force have been sacked for 'inappropriate behaviour' whilst searching a house. What are these people on? Why do they believe that they can act like morons? They are supposed to be role models for the young and above superstition but we are increasingly beginning to suspect that many are thugs in uniform.

I am still trawling through the careers of police officers who graduated from 'Common Purpose' with their indoctrination matrix. It is very interesting to see how their career progressed after graduation and what jobs they aspired to. Clearly the females who gained their matrix have generally done best. It would appear that there has been a huge drive to get females into top positions in the police force.

The Greater Manchester Force is beginning to rival the Met for scandal. An Inspector Mohammed Razaq has been arrested for 'perverting the course of justice' and another Asian superintendent applied for a job with South Yorks police and falsified his application form! These are just a few of the incidents that make the mainstream media and so far I have just reached the letter 'D' which of course included Cressida Dick from the Met.

I suspect that these stories will run and run because we are recruiting the wrong people for the wrong job!

Corruption - the Great Westmonster Robbery!

The Houses of Parliament

The mainstream media is full of it. Everywhere we look it is staring us in the face. Corruption has become endemic in our society. As always it begins at the very top where three main political party who have a stranglehold on our political process thrive by debating a very narrow range of issues and ignore the questions which concern the public.

The compliance officer for the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, set up to police MPs expenses, Luke March, resigned yesterday over 'transparency guidelines'. It is a little over a year since Nigel Gooding, Head of IPSA resigned for 'the state of his health and sanity'.  In the meantime former MP Jim Devine is released from prison after only 4 months of a sixteen month sentence. Why was he given sixteen months in the first place if we are letting him out so early? Ridiculous!

Clearly there are MPs, who even after all the publicity, are still overclaiming their expenses and interfering with the work of IPSA. If we cannot clean this up and introduce acceptable guidelines (acceptable to the public that is) then what price democracy? The problem is that at one time MPs were well paid but now that corruption appears to be our national occupation the MPs, in comparison with the Town Hall fat cats, the Quango queens and the Bankers, are paid peanuts.

They still have the power to change it but most of them are walking a corridor of fear. Fear of rocking the boat and upsetting their sponsors. Until we elect conviction politicians again we remain at the mercy of EU and banking pawns.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Yet another massive failure at huge cost to us the taxpayer!

Once again the Public Services bosses have presided over a shambolic Whitehall procurement mechanism when they announce today that the computerisation of the NHS individual health records cannot be achieved. It is further evidence that the mandarins appointed by Common Purpose to run our public services are just not up to the job.

The politicisation of the Civil Service and the huge interference of the costly quangos continues unabated. Remember the boast of Eric Pickles and Danid Cameron before the last election that there would be a 'bonfire of quangos' and the salaries of town hall fat cats would be capped. Well today in the Mail they had a progress report which stated that the much vaunted headline 'bonfire of quangos' had turned into a 'damp squib'. I cannot think of a single policy voiced before the election by David Cameron or his team which has been implemented.

It is happening everywhere and in every case we, the public, pay for the never ending cock-ups. Look at the headlines achieved by the Inland Revenue, the shambolic immigration industry, the NHS or the Care Industry where I hear that Sharon Shoesmith, who presided over the team which allowed 'Baby P' to be tortured and killed, is now in line for a £1 million pound compensation package. This because that atrocious Ed Balls once again failed to follow proper procedure when he sacked her.

I honestly think that the 'Common Purpose' influence has been allowed to gain too strong a foothold. Thousands have gone through their 'matrix' training and many more schoolchildren have attended the 'Your Turn' programme and have by now filled the lucrative quango positions. Until the stranglehold is broken we will never return to the land most of us remember.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Chilcot - 'Blair was to blame'....what now?

It would appear that the findings of the Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq War are being leaked to the mainstream media. Despite my misgivings about these leaks it is being reported that Chilcot did not believe Blair's version of events (surprised?). Most people who have reviewed the events which took us to this illegal war have come to the same conclusion.

So what happens now? What happens when the Chilcot Report is actually published? It appears that there is a case for accusations of war crimes but is that how it works? Well I will bet that somewhere in this morass a clause will exist which states that, even though the Chilcot Inquiry has been very valuable (and cost a lot of money), it has no legal standing and therefore further legal proceedings cannot proceed.

You see this is how they work! I think that most of the public now believe that Blair was a wrong 'un. Alright he conned me as well back in 1996 (when we were desperate to get rid of the Tories) but I soon realised that he was not working for the best interests of Britain. In fact I got the impression that the government of the day was actively working against British interests as the world walked through our porous borders.

It was clear that Blair had made some kind of pact with George Bush and that he became increasingly desperate to fulfill that pact to such an extent that Alistair Campbell apparently 'adjusted' the Intelligence reports. Now during my time with the military I had some interest in missiles and the thought that Iraq had a missile which could threaten us in 45 minutes was ludicrous!

There appears to be little doubt that Tony Blair has serious questions to answer in a court of law where he would be on oath (I suspect that wouldn't matter too much) but where he would be subject to the laws on perjury. In fact I cannot think of anyone that I would rather see facing a judge and that is precisely the reason that it will never happen!