Sunday, 31 May 2009

The noise that you heard at around 0940 am...

The noise that you heard at around 0940am was ths sound of millions of breakfast tea cups being thrown at a million flat screen televisions all across the country. It coincided with the appearance of Gordon Brown on the Andrew Marr Show yet again.

It was the same old Gordon Brown Show, arrogance, lies, distortions, deception and dishonesty. Andrew Marr allowed himself to be bullied and battered. He failed to pin the PM down on any specific point and made himself look like some kind of fifth former being harangued by the head boy.

Listening to 'Mugabe' you would think that he was the one and only reformer of the system which he personally set up that has almost destroyed the integrity of the country. His manner was patronizing, gross and self serving but then whenever has it been anything else. He is clearly living in his own la-la land. I must go for a lie down!

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Did the Whips Corrupt the MPs?

There have been persistent stories that party whips are to blame for the corruption of many of our MPs. I have read pathetic stories which blame party whips for the very fact that so many of the MPs had to overclaim their expenses. Personally I find this defence offensive because when one elects an MP one expects and demands integrity.

My local MP is Andy Reed. We bumped into each other on a few occasions when we both worked for Leicestershire County Council. He always struck me as a personable and pleasant young man. When he was elected in 1997 in the great Tony Blair bonanza I was delighted for him. Not that I ever thought of him as being a great politician (he was much too nice) but he deserved his chance.

I have therefore taken a personal interest in his part in the Great Westminster Robbery and generally he has played it fair. There are no nasty stories (as yet) about Andy BUT and it is a very big 'but' he has claimed £90,000 for staff. His staff costs have increased by 50% in five years and I am sorry but that cannot be kosha.

I just feel that he has been encouraged to grab whatever he can because he is a very minor cog in a very large sleaze wheel but that cannot be excused. If the MP for Kettering can claim a staff allowance of £400 then why does Andy need to claim £90,000 and who does he employ for that money when he can employ House of Commons staff?

My question is... if a really good guy like Andy Reed has been corrupted to claim ridiculously high expenses by party whips then who controls the whips? Who tells the whips to tempt the MPs into loyalty by offering them riches beyond their wildest dreams... do you need an answer?

Friday, 29 May 2009

VMB's Election Poll

I continue to record how the British public are actually voting in the local By-Elections and in the latest local by election in a ward of Middlesborough the BNP came second to NoLab with a 19.1% share of the vote. Once again the Tory vote collapsed in a NoLab stronghold.

This despite a poll which Guido has trumpeted indicates that the BNP will only receive 5% of the vote on 04 June. The establishment all want UKIP to be the party of protest because they are controllable. They have form for stealing from the public purse so they must be OK. The only party who are financially 'clean' are the BNP.

I know all about the racism slurs, there are aspects of their policy which I am uncomfortable with (I think) but you see I agree that we should come out of Europe. I agree that the mass immigration has to cease. I agree that anyone who lives in this country and should not be here should return home.

I really believe that our own people should be given priority in education, health and welfare. Our young couples come first. Don't get me wrong because there are many immigrant families living in this country who deserve to be here and I know have contributed vastly to our society. This is not a 'colour' issue. It is a 'fairness' issue. The British public want a fair playing field and they are sure not getting one at the moment.

So back to the poll! Will the BNP only get 5% of the vote? Ever since the beginning of the year they have polled far better and I tell you what, once people have crossed the line and decided to align themselves with the force of evil then there is no turning back.

It takes courage to vote BNP because all the controlled media are telling you that you are racist, bestial and bigoted. You will be termed 'vile' and 'odious' because believe you me they are scared that some of the people are not under their control. I personally may be terribly disappointed by the outcome but I just have to give them one go at reforming what is a dreadfully corrupt, outmoded and undemocratic electoral system.

Only time on 04 June will tell if I am correct! Are the British people as sickened by modern politics as I think they are?

The Greatest Political Scandal Ever?

There comes a time when the scale of the fraud being enacted out at Westminster takes your breath away. I have already uncovered the scandal of the staff allowance and now comes the huge pay-off rip off! The MPs who have so brazenly robbed the public that they are being forced to stand down at the next election have just qualified themselves for a huge final bonus pay off.

The Daily Express this morning revealed that they are likely to receive a final year's salary (unless of course Gordon succumbs to the temptation to hold an election - yeah I know - and by the by where is the man of 'courage') of £64,766, a pension contribution of £20,077, expenses of on average £144,176, a resettlement grant of £64,766 and a winding up allowance of £40,799!

Who on earth dreams these sums up? So Julie Kirkbride and her husband Andrew MacKay who have been so greedy that they are both being forced to stand down will receive (if the figures quoted by the Express are correct) a total of £669,168 as a final pay-off! It beggars belief and in the oft quoted words of my brother 'I don't believe it'!! It simply cannot be allowed to happen. They must go now with nothing. They have had all that they should get.

I believe that both Brown and Cameron realise that the public have rumbled that they presided over this dungheap and they are scared witless to face the public. The reason being that at this moment we are sitting on a scandal of a magnitude that no western government has ever faced or can contemplate.

The problem is that once the trapdoor had been placed into position we could have weeks and weeks of by-elections. There is only one recourse left and that is to hold a General Election. We must take this opportunity to rid ourselves of the Punch and Judy Show. I just wish that the Queen would intervene.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

What Next?

I have to admit that only Nick Clegg appears to have grasped the public anger about the misuse of public funds. David Cameron, who is a consummate politician, is beginning to lose the plot. He is feeding minnows to the cause but he is still protecting them. They should lose their seats now and how does it serve the cause for these discredited politicians to remain in their seats until the next election?
They should go now!

That is what we all want.

If they are offering to disappear at the next election then they are guilty of misconduct and that should preclude legal proceedings. I tell you what if this country is ever going to reclaim any moral ground in the world then we must clear out the whole lot and begin again.

And of course where is 'Mugabe' Brown in all of this? Well what do we expect? He is silent because he knows that most of his Cabinet have gorged themselves at public expense. When I first discovered that this appalling man had put his SKY TV subscription on his expenses I could not believe it.

Did he never stop to think how the public would perceive that calumny? It is ridiculous that these people think that they can claim for basics that most of us must pay for. Of course he didn't because he always believed that he was born to the manor. He believed that he had to be the Prime Minister of this country BUT only he believed that. He is a joke! He single handedly has brought this country to its knees and yet he continues to hang on to the very last minute because he knows that his disastrous government is despised throughout the country.

Where does this leave us in the eyes of the world? I hate to think because frankly I suspect that we have become a laughing stock. This is the home of democracy. We have always lectured the rest of the world and now we have been invaded by hordes of people who have no cultural or behavioural link to the British people.

In addition all of our MPs (except one) have been been seen to be grasping, corrupt and greedy. It continues day in and day out because at long last the Political Class has been outed as being corrupt, venal and incorrigible. The world will wonder what the hell is going on because it appears that we are being ruled by people who frankly rival the Mafia!

I personally believe that the Mafia actually rule the European Union but that is an argument for another day. Today we should be clearing out these 'troughers' now and not wait for some vague date in the future.

MPs Expenses (continued)

Well my quest for an honest MP has had a result. Yes folks that was a singular result because I only found ONE MP who is watching what he spends. All the rest think nothing of spending a six figure sum on personal expenses! Can you imagine in real life claiming £100,000 a year in expenses?

So let us applaud PHILIP HOLLOBINE MP for Kettering who kept his expenses down to £47737. That still seems quite a lot but the next best claimant weighed in with £74522 and that was Michael Martin from Glasgow North East. Who - I hear you shout not THAT Mr Martin from Glasgow. Yes the former Speaker did not have his snout very deep in the trough at all.

Only three others claimed less than ninety grand RICHARD TAYLOR Independent (Wyre Forest), ALAN WILLIAMS (Swansea West) and NICK WINTERTON. The vast majority hovered ten grand either side of £150,000 and I reserve special mention for Eric Joyce of Falkirk who weighed in at No 1 trougher with a annual expense claim of £187,334!!

The most significant expense was the staffing allowance where most claimed £80/90000! The staffing allowance in the past five years has almost doubled for most MPs and most of them seem to have followed along like sheep. So if for instance 645 MPs are claiming an average of let's say £80000 for staff that is a fair old wedge (my calculator reckons £51,600,000). Yes in plain terms they are spending over £50 million of our money on staff!! All except Mr Hollobine who does his own work and only claimed £400.

It makes you proud to be British.

MPs Expenses (continued)

The interruption of my internet connection has hindered my search for the MPs who have not been taking advantage of the parliamentary expenses scandal. All the details are published on the website 'They Work for You' but it does take time to examine each one of our 645 MPs. So far I have found one who has made the rest look like crooks and alphabetically I am now on the letter 'S'.

It has become quite evident however that the staff allowance is a major scandal which must be addressed. Most MP's claim at least £80,000 staff allowance even thought there are free researchers employed by parliament which they could use. In the last 5 years the staff allowance for the majority of MPs has doubled!

The Internet

Yesterday my internet service provider decided to take a day off. Throughout the day I tried at intervals to reach this blog and my mail without success. Today I am back on line again but there has been no explanation as to why I was out on a limb yesterday.

It made me realise just how dependent I have become on this medium for my news and information. I read a daily newspaper but somehow it does not always provide me with an accurate picture particularly of politics. The controlled media gives you a version of the truth, their version but it is only when one reads the blogs that the real story can be pieced together.

If I cannot rely on ny service provider I will have to change because an interruption of such length is really not acceptable.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The Public!

It now appears the the public are waking up to the fact that we have sleep walked our way into the twenty first century and we now find ourselves faced with a huge scandal, a massive fraud which has been committed by a Political Class who now appear to be out of control. At long last the public have woken up to the fact that the people that we have elected are actually criminals!

Witness the panic! Now we discover that Parliament needs to be reformed, we may get a referendum, we may get proportional representation, we may get actually anything that we want er ... unless it is the BNP...who actually continue to be the only party who have advocated all of the above!

Have any of the panicking political class actually mentioned the issues concerning the public? How can our kids get a decent education if most of the class needs an interpreter? Why do immigrants get free dental treatment when we cannot find it? How should anybody from elsewhere get priority over our desperate young couples on housing?

Why should our elderly fear old age? Why are the mentally ill not respected? Why are the police absent from the streets? Why can Tamils stop the traffic in inner London and yet indigenous people are moved on if they want to throw Gordon Brown into the Thames? Do you know it is now getting very late but I could go on and on. Parliament has been rumbled. They have been seen as a toxic influence on democracy.

They are all guilty. It is useless for Cameron or Clegg, who accepted the system, to now attempt to claim the moral high ground. They have been uncovered and are now desperately trying to reclaim the same high ground. Cameron knows it, Clegg feels it and Gordon Brown knows that there are still a lot of stupid tossers who will vote for him! Where is he?

MPs Expenses (continued)

It continues on and on because it appears that every layer that is peeled away reveals another layer of sleaze underneath. The disgraced MP Mike McNulty we now learn is married to the Ofstead chief Christine Gilbert and she earns copious amounts of bonuses even though she was involved in the Baby 'P'case. Sometimes you feel like giving up because this NoLab government have subverted democracy so badly that it doesn't exist anymore.

There is so much sleaze. We are mired in it. Every which way that we turn we learn of more and more horrendous abuse of the political system. As usual Gordon Brown has done his disappearing act and David Cameron appears to be in a state of panic. He is promising all kinds of changes that frankly I don't believe. We might even get a referendum on Europe. Yeah right!

Did you see the BNP political address tonight? That is recognition because I believe it is the first time that they have been allowed to address the nation. I believe that if they got rid of Nick Griffin then they would be viable. I do however concede that it takes a VERY tough individual to take on the political establishment and the controlled media. Perhaps he deserves his place in the sun.

I am still trawling through the expense claims of the MPs but it is a long job. There are some amazing revelations which I hope to reveal tomorrow evening and I mean amazing!! Not everything is as it seems!

Monday, 25 May 2009

MPs Expenses (continued)

There is a website called 'They Work For You' which is a detailed insight into the voting habits, the feelings and the expenses of all of the MPs. I have set myself the task of trawling through their expenses because I want to discover those MP's who are NOT trying to take advantage of 'The System'.

As I work through them one by one it becomes instantly clear that there is a 'respectable' figure of £150,000 which is a benchmark for most of the regular MPs when they claim for expenses. This is on top of their regular salary. Most of the regular MPs keep themselves to that figure so I am looking at the MPs who have decided to keep themselves well, well, below that figure.

It is a long job and I am only on the letter 'G' but let me tell you that the only MP so far who has claimed less that £100,000 for expenses in 2008 is Frank Dobson. Can you people in ordinary jobs even dream of claiming over £100,000 per year in expenses? I tell you that clearly £150,000 per year in expenses is the norm at Westminster.

I will put my anorak on and trawl through the rest of this sleazy government. You never know we may even find a public spirited MP! Ha!

MPs Expenses (continued)

Not long after I introduced Victor Meldrew's Brother to the blogosphere I accepted an invitation by the Guido Fawkes Blog to visit 'They Work for You' a site which details MPs expenses. As a bit of fun I extracted the worst of the 'troughers' and by calculating the expense claims against the distance from their constituency I came up with some of the worst excesses. This is an extract of what I wrote on 21 March 2008:-

Obviously the most expensive MPs generally lived in the wilds of northern Scotland and bearing in mind that they already have their own parliament in Edinburgh it does seem to be an expensive indulgence. One name did appear in the top ten however, who did not represent a constituency north of Glasgow. Phil Woollas (Lab) (218 miles from London)was claiming as if he represented a Highland constituency. Over £10000 for railfare, almost £6000 for car travel and over £7000 for air travel all this to get to Oldham for heaven's sake! His trips according to my little calculation worked out at £1.07 per mile. He stands out like a sore thumb at the top of the heap and I didn't expect to find anyone worse but hang on a mo.

Over at Doncaster (181 miles) I came across Rosie Winterton (Lab) who worked out at £1.28 per mile. She claimed almost a grand more than Charlie Kennedy and he represents Skye! There were other rather expensive MPs like Angela Browning a Tory from (Tiverton and Honiton), John Grogan Lab (Selby) and Alan Meale (Mansfield) but they paled into insignificance when I tumbled across Robert Wilson Con from Reading East (41 miles)who claimed £16900 and became the first MP to cost us over £4 a mile!

Surely he had to be the limit but my goodness no he wasn't because down at Croydon(11 miles)resides Richard Ottaway (Con) and it cost the public purse £13270 to transport him to and fro from Croydon which works out at £6.03 per mile. Now just possibly he travels every day but most of us pay for that ourselves. I have never been able to claim my fares to get to and from work on a daily basis.

I can already hear you thinking that nobody could get worse than that but then I nearly fell off my chair! The MP from Hampstead (5 miles) claimed travel expenses of...wait for it...£12266 which works out at £24.53 per mile!! So I award the title of SOW OF THE YEAR to Glenda Jackson (Lab). Nice one Glenda!

It would not be fair to ignore some of the better snouts like David Taylor Con (NW Leics)£1.45, Malcolm Moss Con (NE Cambs) £2.18, Mike O'Brien Lab (N Warwicks) £1.47and Paul Clarke Lab (Gillingham) the PPS to Ed Balls who clocked up a whopping £4.10
per mile!

Bearing in mind the revelations in the press this morning about the huge and monstrously extravagant claims by many MPs there will have to be a major investigation into the mass fraud that these parliamentarians have committed. If we are to ever again hold our heads up high to the world at large then this must be done.

The unacceptable truthis that it was there for all to see and yet the mainstream media (with a few individual exceptions) refused to expose it. It appears that we now have a country that is endemically mired in corruption. We desperately need to find decent and honest men and women so it will be just as important to name those who have not been corrupted by the system.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

The Great Westminster Robbery (continued)

This is getting monotonous. We are getting details of the failings of all the 'little' people (sorry Chipmunk) but the major players are being kept out of the firing line. I particularly mean on both sides because the mates of Gordon and David Cameron are being protected.

They are throwing people to the lions but they are not the people we want to be thrown to the lions. Who gives a tuppenny damn about the backbench MPs who have transgressed the rules? We want the big players. Recently the top twenty 'troughers' list has been published and they are almost all members of the NoLab party.

'Mugabe' Brown is shameless because he actually began this process and he is now protecting his most prolific 'troughers' and is persecuting the people(like Chipmunk) who have dared to criticise the great leader. There appears no doubt that there are people like the Balls/Cooper marriage who have as they say 'double dipped'. They have two homes (I think)and they claim (I think) that they don't live in London even though their kids go to school in London! Help me on this.

NoLab is not on its own because the Tories are taking the moral high ground with their 'so-called' grandees but if you are a mate of David Cameron then you have a chance. An individual is trying to summons Jacqui Smith into court for fraud but he is being obstructed at every turn. Do you really want to stop all of this nonsense?

Sorry folks but the only party who are not aligned with the pro Europe, pro immigration, pro political class, let's enslave the entire British public and corrupt the police and the Civil Service while we wreck the entire economy are the BNP!

They are, in my opinion, not the ultimate answer because I am not aligned to some of the policies of their leaders but they are prepared to make tough decisions and they would change the politics of this country and this needs doing. They are organised, committed and prepared to change the country.

My wife says beware of what you wish for and she is a wise woman but do we have a choice? Parliament has been proven to have been corrupt and venal. Our economy has been wrecked so what do we tell our children and grandchildren? Do we say that we were so cowardly, so cowed, so browbeaten that we dared not oppose Gordon Brown?

The whole mainstream media are attacking the BNP. It is relentless. It is sometimes pathetic but why is it so venal? They are shit scared that there is a party on the horizon who they cannot control. The BNP people are against the Political Class! That has to be worth supporting; The Irish Times states that the BNP could topple Gordon Brown. Hell I frankly don't care about anything else but I want rid of this 'son of the manse' because he has been the author of the worst excesses of this horrendous parliament.

They have no moral authority left. They have been exposed as corrupt beyond belief but still the mainstream media support this desperate government/system. Why? The reason is that ever since we entered the European Union we have been corrupted. This European Union has never been audited, they have no moral authority but they keep passing rules which destroy the moral authority of the people.

VMB's Election Poll

Here are the updated stats following the by election for the Irwell and Riverside constituency of Salford City Council. To be honest since I began collecting the data nothing much has changed NoLab and the Tories are almost neck and neck but they are still polling under 50% of the total poll. The Lib Dems and the BNP are also holding their share of the vote. The rest are really not at the races with UKIP only getting 3%.

NoLab 24.52%
Tories 24.11%
LIbDems 20%
BNP 16.33%
Greens 5.29%
Independent 6.8% (Unchanged)
UKIP 3.3%

Friday, 22 May 2009

VMB's Election Poll

We are closing in on 04 June the date of the European elections and yesterday a local by election occurred in a ward of Salford. Once again the prediction of this blog which ignores the fantasy polls and concentrates on fact and the way people are actually voting has come up trumps.

The NoLab vote continues to stand fast in their core areas. It does not seem to matter how poorly they perform, how corrupt they are because if your family depends on your salary/benefit/immigration status then you will vote for them. Their vote is standing up. Contrast that with the Tory vote in these inner city areas because they cannot break through.

Now what could be the real fight on the fourth of June could be between the darlings of the establishment UKIP and the hate party the BNP. Well I hate to tell the mainstream media but once again the BNP polled 17% of the vote. Well ahead of the Tories and double the vote of both the Greens and UKIP combined.

If you really want to punish the Westminster three then a vote for UKIP and the Greens is wasted. If you are voting for change then there is only one vote. If you don't believe me then visit the BNP website and look at the comments. They are not the ridiculous, spurious, obscene comments that one sees on the populist blogs. In this day and age it takes courage to support an anti establishment party.

I will update the figures over the weekend but I can tell you that it is the Tories who are losing ground! Can you believe that? Gordon Brown must know that there are so many people depending on him for a living that he may yet win through.

Perhaps if he was a man of courage he would chance a General Election. Naw he won't and we all know why!

Now We Know Then!

I have just listened to a BBC Radio 4 interview with Conservative MP Nadine Dorries who has explained why MPs have been 'troughing' on expenses. According to Nadine this 'allowance' was given to the MPs to compensate for not receiving a pay rise commensurate with their position in the country.

She stated that the Fees Office called everyone in and told them that this 'allowance' was theirs and that they should take it. So it was not an 'expense' in the normal way and they could spend it on whatever they wanted! She said that the mainstream media all knew what was happening and the Daily Telegraph is now carrying out a McCarthy style witchhunt. There are fears that some MPs might commit suicide!

The problem is that when public money is going to be spent then it is normal to inform the public. They have been so duplicitous by hiding their little secret that now it is out in the open they appear to be deeply treacherous. Ms Dorries did not offer an explanation for those who had 'flipped' houses, neglected to pay Capital Gains Tax of just blatantly lied about their main residence.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

The Gurkhas

I cannot believe that Gordon Brown, who opposed the rehabilitation of the Gurkhas into this country is now claiming credit for the bill which allows them entrance.

The Gurkhas are revered for their bravery and their loyalty to us the British. This revelation should never have been in question but the Gurkhas are loyal to us the British. That is the problem. They do not fit the immigration criteria that only those people who have no cultural, religious or financial background will be allowed to settle here. If you are a white Zimbabwean then you have to explain yourself. If you are an Afghan plane hijacker then whoopee you are exactly what we want.

It is ridiculous and exactly what the BNP (you remember those racists bastards) want to combat. Don't get me wrong there are some aspects of the BNP which do not fit neatly with my philosophy but most of the people are not what the mainstream media portray.

If you need an example then log onto the BNP website and look at the comments to any of their articles. Then log onto the comments on the,for example, Guido Fawkes website and view the comments there. Don't get me wrong because in my opinion Guido is the doyen of bloggers but he does have some prats on the comments column.

The people who respond to the BNP blogsite are frankly of different quality. They have an aim, a goal and a responsibility and they are not what the mainstream media which includes programmes like the 'Matthew Wright Show' cannot reflect. I view his show every morning but he is wrong to align himself with the mainstream media. He is a journalist and I must say (a pretty dodgy one) but his show is iconic.

Remember Gordon Brown had actually banned the Gurkhas from settling here. He has only recognised the rights of the Gurkhas because Joanna Lumley forced him to. He is a coward and a bully and what Ms Lumley did then we can all do. Do not let him last another year without an election.

He still doesn't get it!

Yet again Gordon Brown still cannot understand the public anger about his stance on the Hazel Blears affair. Hazel Blears obviously did wrong. She cannot escape the wrath of the public but is it not strange that only Hazel has been criticised by the PM.

Now it is no secret that Hazel actually did the unthinkable because she criticized Gordon Brown openly in the press. He has actually taken the opportunity to bin Hazel (even though he has confidence in her as a Minister). However, his mates like Hoon, Jacqui Smith, Darling, Kelly etc etc have not broken the rules. It is disgusting!

We have Cameron and Clegg trying very hard to distance themselves from the fraud and sack their MPs but Gordon continues to support people who frankly have defrauded the public purse. The problem is that he is so engrossed in his own political agenda and his defence of his own position that he has totally lost the plot. But then he never had a plot; well he did but it only concerned Gordon gaining the position of Prime Minister.

Gordon Brown is defending his Cabinet to the hilt but then he has no option. They have governed together and they all know where the 'bodies are buried'. They are now under pressure and you know what happens when thieves fall out!

MP's Expenses - who was to blame?

Sometimes we get instincts about people. We just know that they are not to be trusted but we have nothing to back up the instinct. That is how I have always felt about Gordon Brown. It was just a feeling until I read a reader's letter in today's Daily Mail.

The letter explained that the extraordinary system where MPs have been allowed to be exempted from tax on allowances and expenses and which also covers second home allowances, 'expenses', concessions, privileges and gains on second homes occurred when the 2003 Income Tax (Earnings and Pensions) Act was amended.

It was amended by the then Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown and was nodded through the House without debate. We the public, the taxpayer, had no idea that Gordon Brown by his action probably smoothed the path for his swift and unopposed leap into No 10 Downing Street. He had just bribed everybody! That is why all his principle supporters are amongst the worst in Westminster for exceeding the moral authority of parliament.

Now 'Mugabe' Brown talks about reforming the system and how angry he is! It is bullshit! He brought about this shameful 'Troughgate' just as he has mismanaged the British economy and allowed the bankers to walk away with billions. He reneged on the promise for the referendum and sneakily signed more of our freedom away to Brussels.

Gordon Brown single handedly has done more harm to the reputation of this country, to democracy and to the people of the country than any other politician in history. He is very fortunate that we are a civilized country because if we weren't then he would deserve a very public humiliation. There is still time!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

The Catholic Church

I find the reports of the abuse of children by members of the Catholic Church absolutely abhorrent. The trouble is that I believe it because that particular religion has a history of abuse of the poor.

I have never been a follower of any main stream religion. My beloved daughter is a committed Christian but I do not follow her beliefs because I cannot commit to something that I cannot prove. I have therefore no axe to grind but nobody can ignore the pleas by the former kids who have been criminally assaulted by people who they should have been able to trust.

If the Catholic Church does not give up those offenders then they are, in this modern world, totally discredited. The Pope must intervene here because if he doesn't then the religion itself will be discredited. The stories are awful!

Reward for Failure.

The steam came out of my ears this morning when I read that this failed Speaker is to be ennobled and awarded with a huge pension. This is preposterous! He is the first Speaker in what three hundred years to fail to see out his term of office because of his conduct.

He should have been sent packing immediately, the Deputy Speaker could have stood in for him until a new Speaker is elected. Then today at PM's Question Farce when Nick Clegg, who did the courageous act of telling him to his face to go, was made to look like a criminal as groveller followed groveller in praising a man who had let them all down. It was then that they all showed their true colours on the Labour benches when they tried to howl Clegg down. That was their true mood, not one of contrition or shame but one of righteous indignation that they had been rumbled.

If Speaker Martin moves to the Lords it will prove once and for all that The Political Class still do not understand the mood of the public. They just do not get it. They screeched foul at the conduct of the bankers and then proceeded to copy it.
The reward for failure culture must cease. Speaker Martin should have lost his chance at the House of Lords. Is there no moral authority left at Westminster?

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Gordon Brown

He faced the world's press at 5.30pm today and it was a sad affair. Here he was the leader of the 'mother of democracy' having to explain to foreign journalists why under his leadership the British parliament had invented a system which defrauded the public purse on his watch.

He tried to appear statesmanlike but frankly he is a busted flush. A sorry man refusing us a vote on the European Union and more importantly refusing us a General Election. He knows that he was never elected. It was the charisma of Tony Blair that won NoLab the last election even if it was a misplaced vote.

He surrounded himself with thieves and vagabonds, bully boys and cheats because make no bones about Gordon Brown he knows all the dark arts of politics and probably invented some of them. The Scottish Mafia is no myth. It was Gordon Brown who placed the Speaker into the chair even though by convention it was the turn of the opposition to provide The Speaker.

Gordon Brown has been the head of a government which has brought our democracy into disrepute. Parliament has been circumnavigated because he has terrified his backbenchers into submission. Debate has been stifled and his support of people like Damien McBride clearly involves him in the dark arts of politics. It is too late for Gordon Brown or his Speaker to apologise, explain or defend themselevs because they are irrevocably linked together.

Gordon Brown has not led this country. He has never been a PM. He is only interested in some kind of idealistic social engineering. This country has an economy in freefall because he and his Chancellor have wrecked it for the sake of the New Labour Project.

Guido Fawkes,who has suddenly become as important as the mainstream media,describes him as a 'Jonah' but it goes further than that. Gordon Brown is a bad man!
He is intrinsically linked with political sleaze. We all know that he is clinging on to the office of PM even though we know that he is a wrong 'un. Gordon Brown has been found out. His courtiers are all on the take. His Speaker has been a reflection of himself because he personally placed him into the Chair.

It is clear to anyone with an iota of common sense that the main problem with our parliament has been a lack of democracy. Tony Blair and later Gordon Brown dispensed with democracy because many of the MPs who have gorged themselves on expenses have cowardly allowed themselves to be subverted! They should all be ashamed of themselves and then because of their profligacy they can now look forward to the honest and reputable challenge from the BNP. It will be a rough ride guys and girls. You are about to be challenged by people with integrity!!


Stories are beginning to emerge which concern the battle for the anti-establishment protest votes which could be the major issue in the June European elections. At a time when the credibility of politicians has never been lower there is a report which quotes Nigel Farage the leader of UKIP as being the recipient of over two million pounds in expenses in the four years that he has been in Brussels! That is over and above his salary!

This was revealed by Labour Minister Dennis McShane on The Politics Show today. It is difficult to credit. Now I know that UKIP members have had problems with expenses before but this is utterly incredible. I have blogged previously that Euro MPs are known to have made huge sums in expenses but £2 Million? This totally discredits UKIP because they can no longer claim to being an 'honest' alternative to the sleazy MPs at Westminster.

Meanwhile the 'rotten to the core' BNP are having to field 10000 enquiries a day! This is the same party which can expect to poll only about 5% of the vote on 04 June.
The time for political change in this country has arrived. Those in the Westminster 'bubble' may not realise it but the people on the streets have.

A New Dawn

Well I just knew that he wouldn't go quickly. This could be a long drawn out painful death. It could also herald a new dawn but our politicians must have the courage of their convictions. It is not just about reforming expenses it must also encompass reforming procedures.

For too long we have seen Gordon Brown, using parliamentary procedure to dodge questions at PM's Question Time. He has recently been an abject figure in power but not in control. He has been tainted by his association with the Damien McBride's of this world and his Cabinet is now amongst the sleaziest in the land. According to Peter Oborne in the Daily Mail the PM is also accredited with 'shoehorning' Michael Martin into the Speaker's chair. He is either a very poor judge of character or as Guido Fawkes would put an utter 'Jonah'.

Most of us are sick of the Punch and Judy politics conducted by the NoLab and Tory parties. Parliament must be about more than that and should be more accountable. We seem to have lost the debating process so now is the time to open the Westminster doors to others with a wider range of abilities and interests.

We can only do that by adopting proportional representation the election system employed widely elsewhere in the world. In that way minority groups, who often have differing views and interests, could be represented and heard.

Somebody has to come up with some genuine 'outside of the box' thinking. I believe there is talent in Westminster but it has been stifled by Gordon Brown and his social engineering goals. We must keep the pressure on them.

The Speaker

It is all over the mainstream media that Michael Martin, The Speaker, will announce his resignation at 2.30 this afternoon. Now I do not wish to pour cold water on this joyous news but my first reaction is 'When'? I do not trust either him or Gordon Brown. They are experienced manipulators.

I suspect that Martin will be around until the summer recess so that he can meddle in any reforms which this Parliament desperately needs. He will then claim that he 'reformed' the House of Commons before he retired. I hope that the Commons en masse refuses to allow him this luxury. He has proven time and again that he is well out of his depth. Allowing him any leeway at all would be a ghastly error.

I hope that I am wrong but there are a lot of very weak characters in this House and the 'Scottish Mafia' know how to exploit weakeness. We will soon know.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Madeleine McCann

I see that the McCanns have taken my advice to sue the Portuguese detective who posted his illuminating videos on the Internet. I really hope that they expose him as an incompetent policeman.

I wonder however how they will explain the compelling evidence of the dogs trained to detect the odour of death. I cannot explain the reaction of the dogs. I only hope that Kate and Gerry, now that they are in court, will answer the forty odd questions which Kate refused to answer when interviewed by the Portuguese police.

I can only think that the reaction of the dogs was the result of camera trickery because they convinced me! Dogs don't lie!

I really want to believe Kate and Gerry because not to do so is unthinkable! This court case could be illuminating


Our country is in a parlous state. Most of the Blogosphere have recognised this because they have been in the forefront in the battle against this crazy government. Every freedom that our parents and grandparents fought for has been eroded.

We are now ruled by a European power but who are they? How can this illegal, unauthorised, unaudited organisation which costs us almost £40 million per day be supported by all three of our major political parties. Where are our options? Who is colluding with whom? We have over 600 MPs and a host of MEPs and yet none of them seem to have any power at all. Democracy in Europe has been killed but by whom? To be honest Adolf Hitler could not have done a better job!

Who is actually running this country? It sure as hell is not Gordon Brown because he is mired in The Speaker controversy but... does the issue of The Speaker really matter? Is this ancient ritual of The Speaker and his/her powers actually in fact just a little local difficulty?

The Speaker problem is deflecting from the European elections. Is this not deliberate? Are we being conned yet again? To be honest the election of MEPs is a farce because they do not matter. They only matter for small parties like the BNP because of the financial implications. If a small party gets a member elected into the European Parliament then they receive big bucks.

Be aware everyone, we are at a critical point in our democracy. This NoLab party have been leading us down the road where we have the same values as East Germany or Rumania in the eighties. Everywhere there are paralells with the old Communist ideals which are ever linked with absolute power.

The real victory has been the exposure of the Political Class. They have been exposed as charletons and only because of their greed. Almost all of the Cabinet, all appointed by Gordon Brown, have been caught with their snout firmly in the trough. They cannot be trusted. They have let us all down.

How can we get back to the British way of life, democracy, fair play and free speech? Well we can begin with the demolition of the Westminster parties who have led us down this path. We must continue the fight through the blogs for our independence because we are the only freedom writers!!!

The Speaker and Scotland

I first blogged about The Speaker on 24 Feb 2008 and followed up a month later. At that time it was already being suggested that he was the wrong man for the job. I remember thinking that he was an old fashioned Scottish Socialist and that as such he could never fulfill the role of Speaker because the Speaker should be impartial.

I was brought up in a Scottish socialist household and so I know that the bitterness, the bigotry and the lack of a rounded education prevents them from making impartial decisions. The Scots have been generally brainwashed to accept their version of Scottish history. My own mother who is now 92 tells me what she was taught at school about the English and it is laughable.

One of the problems about our current parliament is that far too many Scottish socialists are ruling the roost. Even in this modern world they have a warped view of England and the English. There is a deep rooted hatred of the English which only comes out when sport is involved. It is no accident that the only people in the United Kingdom who do not have their own Parliament are the English.

In 1996 I was in a Scottish pub in Newtown Stewart on a touring holiday and witnessed England being beaten by Rumania in the European football championships. To a man all the locals were on the side of the Rumanians. Frankly their bigoted attitude sickened me (and remember all my relations are Scots) and I have never forgotten it.

This Speaker should never have been appointed. He has been a disaster and in my opinion the Labour party knew what they were doing. From what I hear about the proceedings today they are quite prepared to bring down democracy and parliament to keep him in office. This will be the legacy of Gordon Brown and Tony Blair. It will take us decades to recover from the last ten years of NoLab rule and blood will be spilt before we do.

Sunday, 17 May 2009


Since the beginning of this year when I began to count up the votes in the Local By Elections in an effort to discover the reality of who was voting for whom and calculating the percentages in the Victor Meldrew's Brother Poll; UKIP (with one exception) has polled miserably. At the moment since January they have barely scraped over 3% of the vote.

In the same time the BNP have polled quite well often receiving well over 20% of the vote and in total are now on the 16% figure. Across the board the mainstream media are trying to destroy the credibility of the BNP. This constant barrage will I am sure have an effect on those who regard themselves as being moderate. There is something about the character of the British when it comes to confrontation. We like to be 'nice', that is why this bullying government has found it so easy to introduce their anti-social legislation and political correctness.

There are elements of the BNP who are not 'nice'. They want to air the thorny subject of mass immigration. They do not want the character of the population to be changed to accommodate newcomers. The do not want rule from Europe and they don't want any attempts at Islamification of this country.

Sometimes to combat something nasty you have to be a bit nasty yourself. UKIP is the acceptable face of the Political Class. They know that UKIP will never be a threat to the Westminster Three so they are happy to 'suggest' that your protest vote go to Mr Farage (he is the only recognisable member of UKIP). However, if you REALLY want to upset the establishment then be brave! You have seen what they can do when left unopposed - oppose them!

Where have they all gone?

Today the News of the World did a double page spread naming the worst of our MPs. In all it totalled 92 members but the most horrifying aspect was that it contained 19 members of the Cabinet and that did not included either Gordon Brown who made us pay for his cleaning or Lord Mandelsson.

That is over half of the Cabinet and some of them have made some pretty horrific claims. The practice of 'flipping' their homes to double their money seems to have been almost endemic. In some cases they have even treble 'flipped'. These are the people who have been on our television screens at every available opportunity for almost the past ten years.

Then it struck me after watching David Milliband squirming uncomfortably on the 'Andrew Marr' show and blaming the 'system' that the usual suspects have disappeared. Apart from Margaret Beckett's abject performance on Question Time where she was roundly jeered they have vanished. Where is the Chancellor? Where is the Home Secretary? Where is the Justice Minister, the Chipmunk, Geoff Hoon, Tony McNulty, Ed Balls, Yvette Cooper, Caroline Flint, Chris Bryant or Douglas Alexander?

Gone, all gone, all in hiding which probably confirms that they are pretty ashamed of themselves (or scared of the public reaction). The other thing that I noticed is that, with the noticeable exception of Hazel the Chipmunk, none of them have offered any kind of reparation. The Tories and LibDems are waving cheques around like confetti (in panic) but none of the major players have offered any kind of explanation.

I think that they believe that if they keep quiet then it will blow over. If I was a NoLab candidate standing in the European election on June 4th I would be spitting tacks that the 'big players' were not supporting me. Most of them have spent their life in politics and enjoyed the benefits of the grand lifestyle and yet when their party needs them they are all in hiding.

The Press reports that The Queen is about to rebuke Gordon Brown for his threat to democracy. I hope that HM tells him to call an election because with so many of his personally appointed Cabinet members now tainted by accusations of fraud they have lost all moral authority.

Add Ruth Kelly to the list. According to The Telegraph she has spent £31000 of public money on refurbishing her house. Another case for the police!

Friday, 15 May 2009

A New Dawn

Is there just a chance that the 'outing' of the cheating Political Class could summon a new dawn for British Politics. Most of us believe that the Political Class viewed the public their electorate with contempt. They have politicised the leadership of the police, the senior Civil Servants and the Judiciary.

The result has been a country which many of us do not recognise. We have no border controls as a result of our liaison with the unaudited European Union. Consequently we have no idea who should reside here and who should not. The result can be seen from our prison population. There is so much crime on our streets and so little police presence that our jails are full and they are letting out violent criminals early.

The people at the lower end of the working class have been abandoned by the NoLab politicians. They do not have a voice. Their children, the most vulnerable children in our society, have been encouraged into early sexual behaviour to such an extent that in every kitchen sink estate in the country we can see young girls pushing prams. This government gives them money and accommodation to become pregnant and in many cases it gives them independence from families that they are well rid of.

Marriage, security and responsibilty are not rewarded. People who believe in the traditional Christian family values are derided by government agencies as being 'retarded homophobes'. The 'gay' lobby has been allowed to flourish and prosper even though everyone knows that a married couple produce the most adjusted kids. I am sure that there must be 'gay' couples somewhere who have the best interest of a child at stake but hell it is still against the laws of nature.

Somewhere the successors to the Political Class lurk. I just hope that they will learn from the debacle which we have seen in Westminster this week. It is just not possible to change the character of a whole educated population in ten years.

The British people are many things, we are apathetic, complacent and sometimes arrogant. We are however slow to rile but if you arouse us then we can be bloody dangerous. I suspect that Brown, Mandelsson, Smith, Straw, Hoon, Milliband x 2, Blears, Beckett et al are soon going to discover that they have pushed us too far. I look forward to a change of direction in this country.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

The Great Westminster Robbery (continued)

You just wonder what can possibly happen next? What other scams have these MPs thought up to fill their boots with public money. They keep excusing and apologising but some of these guys have plotted quite ingeniously to rob the public purse. I see today one of the NoLab MP's lost the party whip and a Tory got the sack but in my opinion they are small beer.

From the NoLab senior party members we have not heard a whisper. The people who we suspect have dipped into the public coffers to some effect like Jackie Smith, Geoff Hoon, Prescott, Mandelsson, Alistair Darling and Jack Straw. We have heard nothing either from Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper (his wife) but there is a rumour circulating the blogs that they took out a high court injunction to stop publication of something due to appear in the Sunday Telegraph and failed.

We keep hearing as day after day goes by and the Telegraph has a field day that the worst is yet to come! Wow really! Could it really happen that a really big hitter will fall. You know someone who's sacking would make most of the country stand up and cheer. I can only hope so.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


They say a fish rots from its head. Many of the top MPs from the PM down have recently been mired in the expenses scandal which I termed The Great Westminster Robbery. Today one of them is paying back £41000 that he must have stolen from the public purse. This is a major crime which under any other circumsatnce would probably merit a jail sentence.

I read recently that police have been arrested for misusing public funds. They have apparently been suspected of making inflated expenses claims. There has reportedly been widespread used of American Express corporate credit cards which are currently being investigated. I have to say that nothing surprises me about the police. Their role in our society has changed remarkably in the past twelve years or so.

Today there is a report that fraud has now entered our Education system and that the Head of a school in the Brent Council area is suspected of fraud. On and on it goes because the integrity of the country has been damaged almost beyond belief. Public service has become an excuse for self enrichment. The salaries of Public servants has grown out of all proportion but whenever the public need a service then there is never enough money.

There must be honest, politicians, police and public servants somewhere but it is sometimes very difficult to spot them. Justice seems not to exist, the police often appear uncaring and unreasonable and try getting the council to be fair and objective. People in our street recently opposed a family dwelling being converted into a student let. Our case was that we already had 300 students living close to us in halls of residence so that we obviously had more than our share. We were informed that, although the fence of the halls of residence bordered our street, the actual building was in a different catchment area! Sigh!

When I saw David Cameron's anger the other day I saw the same anger that the public has. He appeared to understand that members of his party were acting in a fraudulent manner and he acted quickly. It was a rare show of leadership. If we are to save this country from dropping further into the mire then we need more of this riteous anger. We need inspired leadership from men of integrity. We will not get it from the authors of the New Labour Project or the European Union.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Paying Back?

I personally don't go along with the 'pay back' method of retribution. This is not about wealthy people paying back once they have been caught cheating the public. This is about integrity. If a criminal gets caught stealing then the courts don't accept that he/she will 'return the telly'. No he/she must accept that he/she was caught and he/she must then be punished.

It is far too late for people like Margaret Moran and Hazel Blears to panic and throw cheques at the Treasury. Sorry ladies by even offering to do so precludes acceptance of guilt. You are admitting guilt and unfortunately that means a criminal offence. The deed has been done and you must face the consequence.

Everyone knows that all the positions of authority which should administer justice have been usurped by NoLab sleaze. It is quite extraordinary that the judicial bodies who normally regulate the moral compass in this country are all now in the hands of NoLab politicians/sycophants. There is no independent arbiter to drag us out of this mess.

Nothing happens to the Political Class when they are caught out. The reason being that they look after their own. They will, like Hazel Blears, try and con the public by offering up a cheque to cover up her cheating. Sorry too late luv! People cannot in retrospect pay for their misdemeanours.

The public all know, and they tell us that later this week that real horrors will emerge that these politicians have cheated the public purse. They have done it knowingly. There is no excuse and they must answer for their conduct. I keep saying, no more apologies, I am sick of apologies, apologies cover up corruption, this time we need action. We must be strong and insistent. We need MPs in court. The Green Book is quite explicit about the conditions that MPs can claim expenses. It has been ignored and therefore some MPs have acted against the rules.

David Cameron

Well at least someone has made some decisions and partially done the right thing. It would appear that unlike Gordon Brown, David Cameron knocked some heads together and is trying to bring about some common sense and retribution. It does not excuse the wanton disregard of honesty by his party members who in my opinion should face something more than merely paying back a few thousand quid which they can all easily afford.

His action however leaves Gordon Brown and the NoLab party exposed as the 'do nothing' party! The Speaker has also been exposed for the mean little scrounger that he is and of course they are all so mired in sleaze that they have just frozen. They just do not know what to do because that means making some meaningful decisions, then taking these decisions and sticking by the consequences. This cannot be dismissed by a soundbyte or a gimmick. Money cannot be thrown at the problem of integrity.

Their problem appears to be that they do not recognise integrity. It is a foreign word to a NoLab Cabinet Minister and so when they are faced with implementing an honest workable system they don't know what to do.

These champagne socialists operate as wheels within wheels. They have all got 'something' on someone else so unlike David Cameron nobody can impose themselves on the party. Decisions cannot be made because it will always upset someone who owes someone a favour.

David Cameron stole a huge march on Gordon Brown today. It will be interesting tomorrow at PM's Question Time to see who will accuse who of being the 'Do Nothing' party.

Monday, 11 May 2009

The Speaker

I see today that The Speaker lost his temper with a NoLab MP Kate Hoey because she was questioning his authority. There is no question that this particular Speaker has been a shoddy individual. He has, during his time, continually exploited the rotten parliamentary system and he more than anyone has created it. When Elizabeth Filkin was the guardian of probity in the House of Commons it was Michael Martin (The Speaker) who got rid of her.

After she left then the expenses system exploded! Nobody seems to have even attempted to control it. All the people appointed by the Speaker have allowed almost every claim no matter how ridiculous. It has been a free for all which of course they are now all backtracking from. Michael Martin has been a disaster as a Speaker and should be removed and then investigated.

I understand that moves have already been made!

More Apologies!

I have written on more than one occasion that I sick of people who have been caught bang to rights apologising and thinking that is sufficient to make it all go away. Apologosing once you have caught out is too late because everyone knows that if the apologist had not been caught then the wrongdoing would have continued.

So today Mugabe Brown, the man who never apologises, made a kind of half hearted attempt to say sorry on behalf of all MPs. The trouble is that not all MPs are involved and I hope that when the Daily Telegraph have outed the guilty then they will also hail the innocent.

I would be more impressed if Brown had announced that all those MPs who had committed offences against the spirit of the 'Green Book' would be suspended until the appropriate investigations could take place. But then he would almost be left without a Cabinet.

Generally though it would appear that MPs still seem unaware of the contempt in which they are generally held by the public. They are still trumpeting the same old lies and excuses which is why some of them should be charged with theft from the public purse. We can start with all those who 'flipped their houses to claim the same thing twice over which is naked fraud. Once one or two are sent down it will soon concentrate the mind to paying back what they have illegally obtained by deception.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

The Political Class

The Political Class are in panic! By The Political Class I mean the MPs aligned to the Westminster Three, the NoLab party, the Tories and the LibDems. They have presided over a corrupt and disreputable system which has apparently allowed MPs to frankly steal from the public purse. There appears to be strong cases for certain cabinet ministers and shadow ministers to be arrested. If we did not have such a corrupt judiciary and police force then they almost certainly would be arrested.

This of course also applies to the European Union which has not passed an audit for 14 years. No reputable auditor would touch this unauthorised political union which takes £40 million pounds a day from the British public! Can you believe that?

The Political Class constantly reinforces the message that Europe is good, that we would be damned if we pulled out and of course we, the electorate, do not have the democratic right to vote on the issue. Gordon Brown the 'son of the manse' the man who arrived unelected to the position of PM and who has proven himself such an utter disaster supports the EU. Well of course he does because it supports the Political Class.

David Cameron the leader of the Tories, also supports the £40 million pounds a day EU because he is also from the Political Class. If you doubt his credentials then watch very carefully the Tory claim that they will give us a referendum on the EU. The LibDems under Nick Clegg also support the Political Class and therefore they are 100% behind the EU and the Political Class.

We have to rid ourselves of this snouts in the trough Political Class and how should we do this? We vote BNP! They have consistently and constantly exposed the sheananigins of NoLab and the postal vote. They consistently oppose the scandal of the immigrant vote and the march of the Muslim. They are therefore slagged off by the main stream media who of course are part of the Political Class.

The BNP are the only group of citizens who stand between the working class and the political class. The only reason that they are dubbed racist, venal and fascist is that they threaten the Political Class. In fact they are very brave, honest and organised people who are trying to save our way of life. If you don't believe me look at the expenses of the Political Class!

Saturday, 9 May 2009

VMB's Election Poll

There was only one local By Election last week at Rossmere Hartlepool. I would think that this is one constituency where people get excommunicated from their family for voting anything other than Labour but even I was shocked that NoLab, even when their government is mired in sleaze, actually increased their vote by over 50 votes.

So there you have it, the NoLab MPs are treating the voters with utter contempt. They are 'flipping' their houses every year in order to claim money for renovating every property that they own. The PM is up to every trick in the book to claim expenses which any normal job would disallow without a thought. Some of them have acted against even the rules of the 'Green Book' like the waster Phil Woolas who even claimed for tampons! No matter to the voters of Hartlepool they have 'Labour' after their name so that is good enough for them! Keir Hardie and John Smith would be swivelling in their graves.

Mind you I have blogged many times that this is not exclusive to Hartlepool. The core NoLab vote has not collapsed in these by elections and this week they are now ahead of the Tories on the percentage vote. UKIP did surprisingly well but they did well in this constituency before and even though they did well to come second it only raises their percentage to 3.125% and they have only fought 12 out of 73 by elections this year. They appear to be tactically using their few candidates to challenge the BNP vote. A ploy which will be welcomed by the Westminster Three no doubt if they can ever raise their noses out of the trough.

The publication of the rampant excesses of the dishonourable members at Westminster surely proves beyond all doubt that they are unworthy of our trust and we need new parties to challenge them. The problem is that our political system is geared towards corruption so that new parties struggle to get a toe hold. Only one party (The BNP)has constantly dared to challenge them and they are holding their percentage at 16%. Here are the figures.

NoLab 24.44%
Tories 24.26% (They came bottom in Hartlepool with only 105 votes!)
LibDems 20.05%
BNP 16.43%
Greens 5.28% (Unchanged)
Independents 6.8% (Unchanged)
UKIP 3.125%

Remember this is how people are actually voting and the figures come from all over the country. It is a four way fight despite what the main stream media tell you. The BNP are not allowed on Question Time, they have no media access apart from 'Freedom' their own newspaper, no party political broadcast on TV and they still have sufficient support to be a threat.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Nadine Dorries MP

The Conservative MP who was smeared by Gordon Brown's henchman Damien McBride, has decided to sue the aforesaid McBride, Dolly Draper and more interestingly the Cabinet Secretary Gus O'Donnell. This has the fantastic anticipation that their boss the Prime Minister might end up in the dock.

If he does he will find it much different to the farce of PM's Question Time because this time he will be on oath and he will HAVE to answer the questions. The prospect of Gordon Brown having to honestly answer a question without quoting a Tractor statistic is something that we should all relish. He only has a few stock answers to every question but this time he could not reply that Nadine was the do nothing woman, that he was just getting on with the job, that it was a global economic problem or they have spent more money on her than the Tories.

He will have to be HONEST! Can you imagine that, Gordon Brown in honest mode, Gordon Brown stripped of his authority, Gordon Brown unable to throw a Nokia at the judge and Gordon Brown the naked Prime Minister? I wonder who will try to buy Nadine off.
Can you imagine the terror in the Brown household...Sarah I will have to give an honest reply...I am finished!

Well done that woman... but don't mess up...we want him in the dock!

The Great Westminster Robbery

Well now we know from The PM down that our MPs are by and large 'dishonourable' members. It would appear that very few have remained steadfastly honest although we have not yet heard the extent of the fraud. Initial reports suggest that members of all three parties have taken the public for a ride.

It really signals the end of democracy in this country. Once all the information is in the public domain then The Queen should dissolve Parliament. We cannot be ruled by a crowd of thieves and twisters. In the following General Election any person who has been seen to have claimed anything other than reasonable and just expenses should be disqualified from standing as a candidate. In the more extreme cases the police should get involved. You know expenses for items like, food, tampons, bath plugs and nappies should be declared criminal. As should the practice of 'flipping' properties between first and second homes so that one year renovations can be carried out on one house and then the next year the second house is spruced up with tax payer's money.

'The Great Westminster Robbery'is now making me doubt that we have any honest men in authority. Certainly finding one who works under the NoLab banner appears to be really hard to find. The Cabinet under Gordon is a cess pit of sleaze. They cannot be allowed to continue for another year now that their moral authority has collapsed.

The problem with the high level NoLab politicians is that so many seem unable to resist any from of temptation. In the days of my father and my grandfather the very term 'socialist' meant that you supported policies which helped your fellow man. Since the coming of New Labour most of them have regularly appeared in the mainstream media accused of a variety of misdeeds. Lord Mandelsson seems to particularly attract adverse press coverage and recently we have had Baroness Uddin apparently living in a Housing Association house and claiming for an empty property.

They are shameless but I think this story is about to run and run and it could get much worse.

UPDATE: They are now claiming for manure!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Madeleine McCann

Hm! Oh dear! Gerry and Kate McCann come across as decent, responsible, parents. They are both after all medical professionals. The documentary tonight was of course very professional and cast them both in a very good light.

There was just one problem! On the night that his daughter disappeared his prime witness, the one person to observe someone carrying off his daughter (we assume), could not remember where he was standing. She had to be reminded (by Gerry) where he was standing on the night that his daughter was abducted. This woman (Jane Tanner) was the principle witness to the abductor! Surely she knew where Gerry was standing on this most important of evenings! On the documentary that we saw she was sure but was willing to be corrected by Gerry.

When the McCanns have been so severely attacked and are under such an intense scrutiny they must have a bombproof case. To argue on their own documentary about positioning which has already come under question from the Portuguese detective who led the investigation. He cast a shadow over the their positioning and their route to their children.

I live in Leicestershire and I dearly want to believe the McCanns but something is pulling me up short. They should face down the Portuguese detective who is accusing them of so much devilry. Get him into court Gerry! Don't let him do you down! Madeleine is too important for this ridiculous individual to allow your campaign to be questioned.

Madeleine McCann

I see that yet another documentary on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann is going out on Channel Four this evening. I shall probably have to watch it but with very mixed and uneasy feelings. On 2nd Feb I posted about the video currently in open domain on the web which had been made by the Portuguese detective who led the investigation into her appearance and was then taken off the case by politicians.

Now I know how easy it is to fake a video. I know that tricks can be played but no matter which way one views it the evidence in this video poses questions which should be answered. This detective has put together evidence which utterly refutes the 'abduction' and seriously casts doubts on the integrity of the McCanns. Not one of our mainstream media has even reported it. It is ridiculous. This video is there for all to see.

To utterly ignore it suggests to me that there is some kind of political ploy to cover up the evidence which does not adhere to the story suggested by the McCanns.
I cannot for the life of me see why? If I was a parent who had lost a daughter under such circumstances I would be hopping mad to be accused of her death. If I was an innocent parent I would not be able ignore it. I would be screaming blue murder about the injustice that allowed this detective to produce this film and I would be sueing him for everything that he possessed!

Has that happened? No it has not and the British Media, the British Police (even though some of them, particularly the dog handlers, appear to agree with the theories of the Portuguese police)and the British Judiciary are just ignoring what, if untrue, are quite scandalous allegations.

Tonight we view yet another (the third) artists impression on some ugly individual who had been hanging about for days hoping to snatch Maddy. It won't matter how many drawings are produced it is much more important to get this detective and his evidence into a court of law so that he can be challenged and all concerned put on oath. Until that happens the disappearance of this poor little girl will not be resolved.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Mental Health

Mental Health under this NoLab government has become a joke. I have blogged this many times before but we are sick of apologies. Apologies do not bring back our loved ones, apologies cannot replace competence, apologies will never replace good government.

All we hear today are apologies but nobody appears to have the ability to actually change the culture that the NoLab government have instilled. They spend fortunes on Europe, they spend fortunes on wars that do not concern us, they spend fortunes on propping up evil dictatorships in Africa but we cannot find the money in our own country to protect our own mentally ill.

We used to have lunatic asylums but today we release the mentally ill onto our streets and predictably people are being murdered. It is a joke and a very unfunny joke. We must combat the tendency to save money by releasing the mentally ill onto our streets. It really has to cease.

If we can find the money for the New Labour Project then we can find the money for the services that are essential to the safety of our citizens. Money is always found for the comfort, benefit and support of our MPs but where the public are concerned there is never any money available. It is a joke!

Monday, 4 May 2009

Ross Kemp - Afghanistan

I have just finished watching the series done by Ross Kemp on his return to Afghanistan. It was shown on SKY 1 but it was so authentic that it should be shown to everyone because then they will experience first hand the challenges being met by our soldiers.

What it does demonstrate is that the British Army is in good shape because the heroism and professionalism shown throughout this programme ensures that the lads come out of it with great credit. Kemp covered all aspects of army life and even included the injured soldiers so shamefully ignored by the government.

He should receive awards for this programme.

Pause for Thought

We are now only a month away from the European Elections and I get the feeling that everything is on hold until after 4th of June. Gordon Brown must be constantly looking over his shoulder and yet I get the feeling that all the guys (and gals) wielding the kukris are waiting to see what happens to the NoLab vote.

In the meantime there appears to be a lot of realigning going on. People are not behaving normally. Everybody supports Gordon in public and yet they know he is a loser. Hia little nest of vipers has been outed and it is now apparent that Gordon knows a lot about politics but precious little about government.

He has allowed public expenditure to spiral out of control in order to be in control. The economy has consequently suffered but Gordon cannot cease the New Labour Project because then he would lose control. He will therefore continue until an election where most people seem to believe he will be slaughtered. I am still not so sure because there are a lot of people who depend on NoLab for their jobs and immigration status.

In the meantime the Tories are talking about referendums on Europe which I find strange because I always thought that David Cameron was committed on the European question.

As a result the country is in limbo. Nothing is really happening. In truth we are all waiting fot the next General Election but then we won't know just how bad our finances are until someone else gets a look at the books. By that time it may be too late.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Madeleine McCann

A blog run by someone called Anna Raccoon has published a video put together by the Portuguese policeman who was in charge of the investigation of Madeleine McCann's disappearance. He was removed from the case by politicians. This video has put the whole scenario of Maddy's 'abduction' under the microscope. It some ways it is chilling and I believe that once word gets around then this video is going to cause a substantial change in the public perception of the McCanns.

The stars of the show are two little dogs who have been trained to detect 'death'. Apparently they have not been wrong in over 200 cases. They detected 'death' twice in the McCann'a holiday flat, once in a cupboard and once behind a settee. They were also certain that a vehicle hired by the McCann's over 20 days later had the same odour of 'death'. The behaviour of these dogs is compelling.

Another English couple saw a man carrying a child through the holiday resort on the evening that Madeleine disappeared and subsequently identified that man as Gerry McCann. Their evidence was ignored.

It is very difficult to know what conclusions to draw. If Maddy did die in that flat then why was Gerry McCann so keen to dispose of the body so quickly? Accidents happen - OK they could be accused of neglect and may have been charged but is this not worse? Were all of their friends complicit in this cover up?

I have just summarised the main points of this video but there is much, much more evidence which implicates the McCanns in a spectacular cover up.

There is one final point made in the video. For some reason that I find unfathomable Gordon Brown is accused of interfering at the highest level to draw a closure to this case. Why would he do this for an unknown doctor from deepest Leicestershire? I have to draw the conclusion that something stinks and when the public begins to view this video then serious questions need to be asked not least of the PM.

Friday, 1 May 2009

VMB's Election Poll

There was only one local by-election yesterday at East Ecclesfield in Sheffield. Since I began this survey on how the public were actually voting instead of how the pollsters believe they are voting there have been 76 By-Elections in all parts of the country. That is quite a wide variety of constituency.

A clear pattern is beginning to emerge and it is nothing like the pundits are calling it. Listening to the TV predictions and reading the main stream media they have David Cameron miles ahead and almost a certainty for a large majority at the next election. They also reckon that the NoLab vote will collapse thanks to the bumblings of Gordon Brown.

Well it isn't happening folks! Yesterday in Sheffield the Lib Dems won easily and the Tory vote collapsed. The Tories were comfortably beaten not only by the Lib Dems and NoLab but also by the BNP.

The NoLab vote is holding up in the inner cities so much so that they and the Tories are neck and neck. Not far behind are the Lib Dems who seem to be making up ground and the BNP are holding on to their national average per cent of the vote. If they can poll the 16% which they are holding onto they will have a sizeable representation in Europe which of course brings with it much needed funding. Here are the figures:-

Tories 24.53%
NoLab 24.47%
Lib Dems 20.25%
BNP 16.76%
Independents 6.8%
Greens 5.28%
UKIP 2.31%