Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The Dangerous Tony Blair

Now that the cat has been let out of the bag and the NoLab policy of destroying our civilization and social history by allowing mass immgration then we can draw our own conclusions. When I worked for the Asylum Appeals Authority I was shocked by the shambles that we inherited. I have blogged this before but the Home Office was a joke.

I drew the conclusion almost 10 years ago that the immigration shambles had to be intentional. Nobody could ignore it unless they had created it and of course Jack Straw was Home Secretary at the time. So we can perceive that Tony Blair was in charge, Jack Straw was his very willing accomplice and along the way they picked up others like Barbara Roche and a cabal of ambitious Civil Servants keen to jump on the gravy train.

Others are too close to Blair to be ignored, The Milibands, the squalid Prescott, the ultra Socialist Blunkett, Hain and Mandelson. All have been complicit in the destruction of the social structure of the UK. I won't bang on about what they did because we are all painfully aware but now we know that their ultimate aim was to destroy the country and they have come damned close to it.

Well now we are only 6 months from getting rid of them and beginning the repair job to rid the country of this bunch of villains and probable traitors. There is only one problem...the very man who led us into an illegal war by telling parliament lies has emerged again. This time he is angling after the top job in Europe. Just think that if he succeeds in his quest to be President and all the usual suspects are backing him then what would that mean for our democracy?

He could impose as many different laws upon us as he wishes. Our democratic election would be rendered impotent because now he could finish the very job that he started. No wonder David Miliband is backing him and backing a campaign for Turkey to enter the EU. That would mean legal access to the UK for millions of Turks!

No wonder the right wing press are screaming blue murder. David Cameron has suddenly realised that if Blair is shoehorned into the Presidency then his Premiership is worthless.

I just wince at what these NoLab cronies have imposed upon us and the depth of their deceit. I also wonder what the hell the rest of the Westmonster 'honest' politicians were doing to allow all of this to happen? The facts are however that if Blair is granted the Presidency of Europe (notice I omit the word 'elected') then we are all in for a very hard time because Tony Blair must despise the UK. Still it might mean that David Cameron will withdraw us from the EU just to save his job of PM.

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