Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year!

I wish any passing reader a Happy New Year! It is now two years since I began to ramble on this blog expressing my frustrations about modern life in the UK. It, of course, continues unabated with, in my opinion, little hope for the future.

Today I watched Michael Portillo fronting a programme about Great British Railways and it struck me just how much the Victorian era did to enhance the lives of the people of the day.

The Victorian values have almost disappeared in modern life. Courtesy, honour, respect, dignity, decency are all words despised in modern society and we seem to have nobody prepared to champion them.

Tonight, New Years Eve, there were so many young kids running around unattended at 11pm as I left my club that it reflected the state of the nation. Their parents did not give a damn, the kids had no respect for anything as they played wild around the bowling green and, shame on me, but for just one moment I wished for a malign force to descend and scoop one of the feral little gits off! It would take a tragedy of such a magnitude to force it onto the heads of these irresponsible parents that they have a duty of care.

So that is my final moan of the year! Next year I will continue to expose, complain and embarrass all of the authority forces who continue to break promises, steal from the public purse whilst destroying a once orderly society.

I really wish everyone a Happy New Year but I believe it may be a bumpy one!

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Quangos - What you Pay for?

Tonight as I watched the crisis involving the Northern Ireland Water authority a guy from an organisation called Waterwise briefly appeared for a quote on a news programme. He was from 'Waterwise' which I had never heard of so I googled 'Waterwise'!

Now this is very interesting because 'Waterwise' has a mission, a vision and values! Please bear with me because you will not believe this...

The Vision - Water will be used wisely everyday, everywhere!

The Mission - We will ensure that water efficiency is integral to everyone's life!

The Values - (wait for it) partnership, innovation facilitation, independence.

Now have you got that...this is serious stuff...water falls from the sky free and they have formed a quango to deal with it! But wait because surely we cannot have too many people involved in this nonsense. I mean it is kids stuff. In the words of my brother ...'I cannot believe it!

But it is true and this is the extent of how serious they are because firstly let me introduce you to The Board...

Head of Water Environment Agency
Independent Corporate Finance
Advisor The Transition Studio
Freelance Communications
Chief Executive Straight PLC
Managing Director Waterwise
Managing Director Veolia Water Outsourcing Ltd (yes really)

Now that is the Board of Waterwise but it doesn't end there Oh no! After that we have the Team!

Water Efficient Product and Technologies Specialist
Operations Director
The Communications Director
Technical Research Manager
Policy Director
Head of Research and Tap into Savings programme Manager.

Tap into Savings? Never heard of it but it also has a team! Programme Evaluation Manager
Project Facilitator Mersthill and Redhill (what!?)
Project Facilitator for Coventry and ... there is a project facilitator for Braintree.

Have you had enough? well unfortunately we also have the usual consultants... Waterside Consulting Ltd... Kathryn Rathouse Social Research... an Internet Technology
Consultant from Sebenza Systems!

This how the quango system works. Somebody gets an idea and then they expand it. All the people earn loads of dosh so nobody ever exposes it for what it is. The reason is that they are all in the same boat. Their mission is a myth. None of them are needed but they all need that job. They all depend on that job because mark my words it is a well paid job.

This is what we face. Tens of thousands of university graduates who actually have non jobs but who take millions from the public purse without a backward glance. They cannot afford a backward glance because a backward glance is reality. A backward glance means hardship, a challenge and a meaningful life.

I have no grudge against 'Waterwise' or any of the people that I have mentioned. I do not know them but they are in my humble opinion typical of the quango that is taking far too much out of our precious economy.

Message Jacob.. don't go on the telly because people like me are watching!

Here we go again!

It is somewhat ironic that the people who probably get soaked more than any other nation in the world, the Irish, are queueing for a meagre supply of drinking water supplied to them by Scotland!

It truly is an astonishing state of affairs but once again it highlights the inability of the Political Class and the Bonus Class to run anything for the Paying Class. In Northern Ireland of course many of them were formerly of the Criminal Class so it is no surprise to discover that they have feathered their own nests first.

The Northern Ireland Water Board is run by the state and consequently it has clearly suffered from a lack of serious investment. After all with so much water pouring out of the skies surely there would never be a shortage of water?

I knew immediately this morning when I saw the Head of the Customer Service Dept 'apologising' on telly for the cock up that It would be catastrophic! They cannot even gestimate when the service will return. If anything has shown that the Bonus Class cannot metaphorically run a piss up in a brewery then this has. Someone should surely resign, but then when so many pigs are feeding from the same trough they will rally around. Resignations? They won't even lose their bonuses!

Tuesday, 28 December 2010


My wife and I spent a really pleasant afternoon today with friends who we had not seen for a good dozen years at least. We had been friends throughout much of our army careers sharing highs and lows.

From the moment that we met it was just as if we had never been apart and I think we all realised what a unique set of experiences we shared in the army. It brought people together and forged a bond which stands the test of time.

I know that it won't ever again be a dozen years!

What we would really like in the New Year!

There always appears to be a vast discrepancy between what the majority of the public want and what the politicians give us. On the run up to the last election David Cameron often mentioned or touched on issues which he must have realised would gain him a measure of popularity.

Of course he was only canvassing for votes and as he has proven he didn't really mean to cap immigration, hold a referendum on Europe, repeal the Human Rights Act, reform the fat cat Town Hall salaries or listen to the public!

So having listened to friends and family I would like our politicians to address the following issues.

1. Capital punishment to be returned for violent crimes.
2. Let the people vote on the question of the European Union.
3. Get rid of the Human Rights Act so that we can address our internal problems.
4. Stop throwing our money at countries like Somalia, Sudan and the Congo. Spend our money on the people who contribute it.
5. Punish the Criminal Class properly with suitable sentences in suitable drug free prisons.
6. Stop all immigration until we can sort out the question of who should live here and who should not.
7. Cap the salaries of Public Service employees.
8. Stop the senseless waste of lives in Afghanistan.
9. Make election pledges mandatory so that if it has been promised it must be delivered.
10.Ensure that Muslims follow the laws of the land.

I could of course continue but for the time being that will do. I do not know why the Political Class consistently refuse to even consider any of the above. Economically we would save billions which could be used to fund care for the elderly, student fees, hospitals and schools. We could also reduce our debt to manageable proportions without the Paying Class once again being forced to pay for the follies of the Political and Bonus Classes.

Monday, 27 December 2010

Predictions and Book Titles!

It is the season for predictions! So I predict England will retain the Ashes and I also predict that Derby County will not gain promotion. The only reason that I predict the latter is that I hope I will be wrong!

Shall I predict a little more? I think that David Miliband will reemerge to embarrass Red Ed. I don't think for one minute that this rivalry is dead. David has a lot of support within the party and he is too driven to let it lie. The socialists are also famed for their plotting and duplicitous behaviour. They love the intrigue, it is in their genes so I believe that David will emerge again.

I regret to say that I believe the Coalition will not survive. Personally I think we need it because the alternative is far too awful to contemplate. I cannot even conceive that NoLab, the old Labour Party or any other Labour party could ever get voted into government again but too many people depend on the state for their living.

Book titles? After receiving a book by Quentin Letts describing '50 people who buggered up Britain' I got to thinking about other book titles for the New Year. How about '200 hundred MPs who should be in jail', 'Five hundred champagne socialists'... number one Harriet Harman, number two Ed Balls, number you know who I am talking about!

How about 'Spot the Copper on the Street','Nurses who Patrol the Ward' or 'Judges/Magistrates who jail Criminals'? 'English footballers who could win the World Cup' (naw it would be too thin).

So there we have it. It is obvious that I have little faith in anything political. So let me donate the awards of the year.

The Political Class - Ken Clarke for insisting that he is a Conservative when he is a paid up member of everything socialist.

Award of merit (jointly) - David Cameron for abandoning all his elections promises and Nick Clegg for the same reasons.

The Bonus Class - Gawd all the Fat Cat Town Hall bosses who continually grab our Council Taxes and stuff them into their bank accounts and...the Bankers of course...but most of all the boss of Heathrow, Colin Matthews who is obviously useless.

The Criminal Class - so many rabid Muslims who continually escape arrest!

The Paying Class - all of us! Will we ever find a person who is courageous enough to lead us AND will we have the courage to support him/her. Are we prepared to step out of our front door to protest in support of our convictions? Do we care about the future of our grandchildren? Do we care enough?

Family Award - my daughter who lost her brother and supports us all!

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Boxing Day

I really quite like Boxing Day because the pressure is off. This is a guy talking and the build up to present giving has gone. We have either won or lost but whatever, if you rely on your daughter for advice you will probably back a winner and I did.

Tomorrow us guys are a bit back to normal. Sport is back on the agenda and we normally have a full football programme, usually Horse Racing is back and down under we continue to contest The Ashes.

The ladies in my family concentrate on food and we usually have a cracking lunch. I will have to entertain the girls which I love but I always have one eye on the game at Pride Park Derby. One good consequence of this really bad weather is that the Kempton Park race meeting featuring the King George VI champion chase has been put back one day! Yippee!

Horse racing is a passion of mine. I have had a great season recently and I have often thought of opening up this blog to my thoughts on betting. I was at one time what the Intelligence Corps described as an 'Analyst' and I was in love with the job. When I left the forces only horse racing replaced the buzz.

And so back to Sky TV and the Ashes series...and we have just won the toss!

Christmas Presents

As usual we had a lovely Christmas Day! My grandaughters were treated to an X Box so we spent the day prancing about in front of the telly throwing the javelin and discus, hurdling, sprinting and ten pin bowling. The wonders of modern technology!

I also received a couple of books one by Quentin Letts of the Daily Mail entitled '50 people who buggered up Britain' and another quaintly entitled 'Crap MPs'! Perhaps I should try and tone things down a bit. My daughter obviously thinks her Dad is a revolutionary! It did however give me an idea for a follow up book 'Even Crappier MPs'.

I would probably be spoiled for choice!

Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas

This year has been a really bad year for the family but when one sees grieving relatives on national television then it puts everything in context.

Tomorrow my small family will once again gather for Christmas Dinner safe in the knowledge that we support each other and in comparison to so many less fortunate people we are fortunate to be healthy, warm and well fed.

I would like to wish all who read my ramblings a very Merry Christmas!

Thursday, 23 December 2010

The Consequences....!

Is it not heartbreaking watching the parents of their missing daughter confronting the media in the hope that their appearance will bring her back. They clearly believe that she has been abducted and their grief will never be understood by the Political Class.

I am sorry but the only reason we have such awful crime in this country is because we have a Political Class who will not punish wrongdoers. We must begin to confront the Criminal Class because until we do we will have the embarrassing spectacle of the poor parents grieving over the disappearance of their daughter. I cannot even envisage their agony!

Despite their high profile performance their agony is being reflected all over the land. This is a really shocking case but it is also shocking when your child is killed trying to fetch milk. All over this country the Criminal Class are winning the war. The Political Class refuse to address our fears and the Bonus Class refuse to protect us.

We were a really decent people until we were attacked by socialists with an agenda that most of us will never understand. This agenda was exposed slightly today when Tommy Sheridan, a well known socialist activist, was found guilty of perjury. I could not believe that suddenly people realised that Tommy was a liar. He has built a career on telling lies. He has grown rich on his lies.

In my opinion every Union leader is a liar and every Socialist supporter has an agenda which frankly does not favour this country. We have a war on our hands but unfortunately the people who will be conquered do not even realise that they are under attack.

I know...I am a nutter...I am the type of person who should be sectioned...but I recognise the threat and it is very difficult to articulate the threat when nobody wants to listen.

Well done Wiltshire Police!

Hardly had I finished slagging off the Bonus Class when one of them has amazed me! Wiltshire police have sacked the bullying police Sergeant Mark Andrews even though a court found him not guilty on appeal.

I can rarely remember the Bonus Class doing the 'right' thing as can be witnessed by the Court of Appeal who exhonerated him after his shocking attack on a small woman in the police cells which was caught on CCTV. That was a typical example of the Bonus Class proving that they always look after their own.

So well done to someone down in Wiltshire! This is the type of decision that gives us back faith that good people do exist even though it is surprisingly rare in the modern UK.

The Bonus Class apologises

As I recently blogged, the Bonus Class can usually be relied upon to fail to reach even the minimum standard leaving the Paying Class without most aspects of the vital services they require to survive.

In my youth we had world class GPs who responded to most emergencies in a timely and responsible manner then along came NoLab and negotiated to increase their salaries (into Bonus Class standards) whilst allowing them to opt out of unsocial hours call outs. It was ludicrous and left the Paying Class without essential medical cover which had proven itself ever since the NHS was born.

Some time later they tried to correct their error by introducing NHS Direct where nurses were expected to fill in for doctors. Now guess what? It is winter and there is a flu epidemic so NHS Direct can't cope.

However never fear because one thing the Bonus Class is world class at and that is apologising! Today along comes Nick Chapman, The Chief Executive from NHS Direct and apologises. He doesn't have a plan to put things right but he can apologise really well. They must take advanced lessons in apologising which of course really helps the rest of us!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Oh dear I am beginning to think that the Cameron/Clegg axis is being undermined by all concerned. The LibDems in particular are looking unfit for government. Time after time they are being caught out by the mainstream media in their desperate attempt to be taken seriously.

I make no bones about it that we in this country must become nationalistic if we are to save our way of life from an ever increasing attack from socialism. We must find a rallying point but it never happens. I can really understand that Nick Griffin (BNP) is not everybodies cup of tea but go to their website and see if you disagree with their policies.

One day the Stasi will come to your house and arrest you because your granddaughter has said that you swear at the telly everytime somebody like Gordon Brown smiles and tells you that you have never had it so good!

I am serious...our way of life is under attack. Our kids can no longer play freely on the streets! Criminals are routinely being allowed to reoffend. We have gangs of black youths shooting their enemies and anyone else who gets in the way.

If you had written a book in the nineteen fifties about the state of our nation today it would have been regarded as an unbelievably sick joke.

Muslims rioting in LUTON? The tubes in London being blown up? The kids not being able to play in the park without an adult present? The elderly starving to death in a hospital?

The mentally ill roaming the streets slashing throats? Thousands of eleven year olds who cannot read or write? Literally millions of foreigners occupying huge swathes of East London and English prisons? British companies non existant and foreigners in charge of Manchester United/Aston Villa/Chelsea or Fulham.?

It continues unabated and we do nothing. We accept it all because it cannot happen here. Our grandkids will never report us to the authorities! Yeah dream on!

The Bonus Class

I recently blogged about the changing class system in the UK. I coined the thought that we were divided into three classes in this modern era and named them as the Political Class, the Criminal Class and the Paying Class. I did however omit a fourth and very important class...the Bonus Class!

These are the people who run Public Services and then reward themselves with huge bonuses to top up their huge salaries. The Bonus Class comprises, Police Chiefs, NHS bosses, Town Hall fat cats, Bankers (of course), Energy chiefs, senior Civil Servants and any other senior officer who has the capacity to make the lives of the Paying Class a misery.

Generally they are complacent, arrogant and incompetent. Their answer to any problem is to increase the price of any commodity which the Paying Class needs to survive. Everything they touch usually declines but despite their ineptitude they march on untouched and on the way they collect enormous sums of public money whilst ruining the Public Service for which they are responsible .

Step forward the Head of the British Airport Authority, Colin Matthews, who has presided over the recent airport shambles at Heathrow. After admitting that he was responsible for the debacle affecting thousands of passengers from all over the world he declared with head held high that he would forego his bonus this year. This is the man who, the BBC reports, earned £994000 last year in salary and bonuses which by the way didn't include any share options that he had negotiated.

I don't think it ever occurred to Mr Matthews that having demonstrated his utter incapability to do the job he should at least resign and that dear reader typifies the attitude of the Bonus Class. They regard themselves as untouchable. They have no shame and no conscience and their greed only matches their incompetence. Look around you at the mess that you witness in every walk of life and inevitably the person in charge is a member of the Bonus Class.

David Cameron promised to address this inequality but like everything else he forgot his promise. The Bonus Class is generally in league with the Political Class and the only people who benefit are the Criminal Class.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Vince Cable

What a prat! Is he not the vainest man to fall for two pretty faces and attempt to impress them? Some of his comments were so utterly inappropriate for a man in his position that frankly he cannot be trusted and in a brief moment he lost everything that he had. Is he not typical of the Political Class?

He had so much responsibility. He had so much admiration, he was so almost revered and he had a cause which everyone thought that he believed in. Ha! What a phoney! They are all so weak and week after week we are exposed to the cesspit that these Political types wallow in.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Since the Coalition was formed the LibDems are being exposed. David Cameron should be very careful because his backbenchers, the real Tories, will only stand so much ...unless he promotes some of them of course.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Useless Britain (continued)

This is far worse than anything that even I could envisage. You may realise that I have often held our Political Class to be particularly useless when it comes to future planning. Now (whoopee) the head of the AA has decided that our government may have to plan for the future and prepare for bad winters. That leads me to question what they have been doing so far?

In the meantime the best that the airport authorities at Heathrow can do to help their customers is to ban the SKY news cameras. I heard that Gatwick bought two new snowploughs which has helped keep things going.

It has been left to members of the public to organise accommodation for those stranded at Heathrow and suddenly something is happening to relieve the misery and suffering. The airport authority is apparently doing nothing and saying even less. There appears still to be no information being relayed to passengers who are having to chase and pay for everything themselves.

It is an utter outrage and a national disgrace that we should treat our people like this but it is an indictment on The Political Class. They have allowed the planning, which used to take for granted, to evaporate while they massaged their own egos and fed off the public purse.

We only have ourselves to blame. We allow them to lie, deceive and prosper. If anyone opposes them like UKIP and the BNP we swallow the propaganda and continue to vote for the sleazemongers. I have long thought that in comparison to the BNP the mainstream politicians have far less integrity.

It is in their interest to retain this three party system and maintain a charade of opposition but no matter who forms a government nothing ever changes,

The snow will disappear, spring will arrive and we will continue supporting people who frankly don't give a tuppenny damn about the British people. Only those who had their Christmas ruined by neglect and incompetence will remember this period. One of the reasons that I write this blog is to jog my memory of events as they happen. Looking back now The Political Class has run the country into the ground and it is now beginning to bite!

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Diversity and Multiculturalism

When the two police officers were recently attacked by a knife wielding maniac in Ealing I had a quiet bet with myself because I just knew that this would be another victory for diversity and multiculturalism.

At that time media outlets were being very cautious with any physical description of the attacker which hardened my belief that they were covering an unsavoury aspect of this incident.

After a torrent of foul mouthed abuse aimed at the magistrate he was taken back down to the cells. His solicitor then named him as John Paul Onyenaychi. No doubt someone is already dusting down the relevant sections of the Human Rights Act to ensure that this hideous individual will soon be back on our streets again.

Useless Britain

Five days ago I posted a warning about the prospect of bad weather arriving in the country over the Christmas period. I had a pretty good idea that as usual we would grind to a standstill but I thought that just possibly somebody would regard it as a duty if not a challenge to keep the sirports and railways operating.

Thousands travel prior to Christmas to link up with loved ones across the world and as usual our transport managers have let them down. Now I know that in some places the snow was quite fierce for short periods but that should only delay flights not stop them completely.

If some planes can leave then they can all leave but I get the impression that the highly paid airline executives head to the hills at the first sign of trouble. Perhaps that is the reason that airlines just ignore their customers who repeatedly claim that they cannot prise information out of them.

The real scandal however lies in the fact that our international airports have no emergency contingency plans for stranded travellers. Surely they could open a hangar somewhere with warm drinks and some dossing accommodation?
At least it would give people the impression that they cared but at the moment their attitude is 'tough luck you're on your own'!

It really isn't good enough and perhaps it is time that people stopped travelling with British companies until they learned lessons. I have posted before that if places like Gander Newfoundland can stay open then the technology is out there. Perhaps it is just the will which is absent.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Who is running this country?

I just don't understand who is running the country. I always thought that we elected people who formed governments that made the decisions which ran the country. Increasingly this is being distorted because I get the impression that the current Coalition are only allowed to make decisions which gain the approval of a higher power.

Today lawyers rejected a cap on Immigration proposed by the Home Secretary. Just who are these people who can overrule the Home Secretary that we elected. How many people voted for them and if nobody voted for them what has happened to democracy?

Our Prime Minister tells us that he is 'angry' that a failed Iraqi Kurd asylum seeker who cynically murdered a little girl and has a crime record as long as your arm has been allowed to stay in the UK. For goodness sake he is the Prime Minister...'anger' is not enough! He promised the little girl's father in a hand written letter that he would get rid of the piece of legislative crap called the Human Rights Act and replace with a British Bill of Rights.

He didn't do it so he has to bear the responsibility for the consequences. It is no good being 'angry' when things go awry. The Human Rights Act was spawned within the EU and hoisted on the British public by Tony Blair. We didn't get a vote on it so once again the democratic process was ignored.

I get the impression that The Political Class has dismissed democracy as antiquated which is hugely beneficial for the Criminal Class. Until we, the Paying Class, discover a way to reinstall democracy then we will have to put up with decisions which favour pieces of s**t like that Iraqui Kurd.

Personally I would have him flogged publically so that he could feel some of the pain that he caused the little girl's family!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Human Rights (again)

Asi Mohammed Ibrahim is an Iraqi Kurd who somehow, thanks to our disgraceful Immigration system, found his way into this country. He is a criminal. He totally disrespects the law and drives around without licence or insurance.

In 2003 this failed asylum seeker killed a little girl and then ran way from the scene of the accident. He got four months in prison! Since then he has committed crime after crime. He is a thoroughly bad person and yet our infamous legal system has decided that he can live here because of his Human Rights!

If the discredited Human Rights Act can favour the rights of this excuse for a human being over the rights of the parents of the little girl then is that not the final evidence which should suggest to Cameron/Clegg that they have backed the wrong horse?

When will the Political Class favour the Paying Class over the Criminal Class? It never happens! The politicians and I really mean every MP and EMP will always back a criminal against a citizen. It happens all the time and if they would like to refute this charge then come on this blog and answer the question!


Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The Great Westmonster Robbery (continued)

They just don't get it! After all the fuss and after seeing their colleagues in court on criminal charges they are still attempting to claim expenses without the necessary evidence. Today the National Audit Office refused to sign off the accounts appertaining to MPs expenses.

The figures are staggering! The refusal to sign off the accounts relates to over 14 million pounds! Of that I understand that something like 2.6 million has been claimed with absolutely no supporting evidence!

Now let's suppose that to be an MP one must possess a modicum of intelligence so having established that... how come they are submitting claims without receipts or proof of purchase. I mean it really is not rocket science unless of course they are still deliberately trying to circumnavigate the system.

The other matter which insults the intelligence of the public is the claim that MPs don't have line managers who can sign off their claims. Line manager or not the public still need to provide evidence for their claims. It is ridiculous that some of these people are still complaining because they have been prevented from pilfering the public purse.

2.6 Million pounds is a lot of pilfering so perhaps there is room for more of them to face a criminal court!?

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Julian Assange

I really have no opinion about this young man. He is obviously either very brave or very foolish. How he comes about his information is questionable but just remember Gary McKinnon, the 'autistic' hacker managed to evade White House security to 'invade' their secret information. Ouch!

Now if Gary McKinnon can do it then who else is clever enough to do it? The Chinese, the North Koreans, the Iranians and obviously the Israelis?

Now Julian Assange has obviously given himself up and placed himself before the mercy of British Justice! Gulp! So far from what I read he has been incarcerated for a longer period in solitary confinement than any suspected terrorist. But then that is exactly what he is...he is terrorising governments.

Julian Assange is trying to break down barriers. The western governments have become all powerful and are desperate to maintain a secrecy about their nefarious activities. Anything to do with the European Union should be exposed because it is illegal. The Iraq war was illegal and the Afghan war was unnecessary. We must however be careful of Putin and the Russians and we must be extrememly wary of the Muslims.

I believe that Julian Assange is being set up. I have no proof just a gut feeling that he has upset all the departments of government who cover things up. The spinners will exact their revenge but is this really the beginning of a public revolution? Has Julian begun a long overdue revolt against The Political Class? Is he the man who I have been seeking ever since I began this Blog?

If so I will sleep well tonight and I salute Gemima Khan, Bianca Jagger and in particular JOHN PILGER. They are challenging the corrupt establishment and once one or two come forward they give courage to so many others. Viva la Revolution!

The snow is returning....

Well according to the forecasts the snow is soon to return and the bookies are forecasting a white Christmas. Now we have had fair warning. The rail services and the gritting magnates now know what is about to happen. Is it beyond hope that this time they will keep the country running?

Are our airports prepared for a little bad weather? Will they enable people to escape the freeze at Christmas or will we get the interminable excuses like we always do that they didn't know? I recently blogged about faraway places who scoff at our ineptitude to cope with bad weather. This time we have no excuses and we should not listen to them!

The European Union and its currency

I read with more than a hint of excitement that the Euro is under a majot threat. In fact the eurosceptic MP Douglas Carswell is convinved that it is finished. Now I don't understand the mechanics of international finance but apparently, according to the accountants Goldman Sachs, Portugal, Belgium, Spain and in particular Italy will have to find astronomical sums just to keep it going.

The experts reckon that it is not sustainable and it the debts are so collossal that not even Germany and France can bail them out. It looks as if this socialist experiment will end like all of their weird experiments; doomed to fail having cost shedloads of money.

Perhaps The Coalition will discover an unexpected windfall but no doubt somebody will attempt to keep the bandwagon rolling. Even so just think of all those leeching out of the EU fund who may soon have to fend for themselves.

Monday, 13 December 2010

The suicide bomber in Stockholm lived in Luton!!

Time after time the conservative majority in this country, The Paying Class,know instinctively that the law is not representing them. We know that admitting such a large number of people unable or unwilling to adapt to our culture was a mistake. In my opinion, as you would expect from a Meldrew, it has all been deliberate.

Many of the more militant settled in Luton and since then Luton has symballised Muslim militancy. It was emphasised when the local Muslims barracked returning soldiers from Afghanistan in a much publicized demonstration.

Most of us know that we are courting trouble unless we tackle this nonsense. Veils and the burkha have no place in this country. So was it any surprise to learn that the guy who blew himself up in Stockholm lived in Luton?

Already we are being seduced to believe that Luton is a 'nice' place and a pillar of 'diversity' and 'multiculturalism'. The community all rub along as one happy family. Yeah and the flying pink pigs have lift off!

Justice for All!

I have always believed that Ken Clarke should have been pensioned off years ago. It does not surprise me that he is an arch Europhile because he has that arrogance that few can credit. He has a habit of talking over people when he hears anything that opposes his own views.

For years he has been elected as a Conservative MP even though everything he supports is anything but conservative. He is actually a rabid socialist as his recent pronouncements on our justice system have proven. Even as weak as our justice system has become Ken Clarke wants to weaken it further and has drawn up plans to support The Criminal Class.

Whenever the subject of prison is discussed we always hear the word 'rehabilitation' used to excuse weakness. I have know quite a few reformed jailbirds and without exception they rehabilitated themselves. They decided that they no longer wished to spend time behind bars and they and they alone set about reforming their criminal past.

I would accept shorter sentences if they were rough sentences. Prisons must be a deterrent and clearly at the moment they are far too cushy and far too lax. The ready availability of drugs is a nonsense which should be addressed. The reoffending rate is the yardstick around which any future plans should be drawn. If criminals are returning time after time then the justice system is failing the law abiding. That should be the criteria that nutty Ken should be addressing not his own crazy socialist agenda.

Who did spend all the money?

For thirteen long, weary years we had a Labour governnment which called itself New Labour. When I began this blog I called them No Labour because none of their policies remotely resembled anything that could even ne termed 'socialist'. Under NoLab the weakest in society remained firmly entrenched at the bottom of the social ladder.

I was raised in a Socialist household and so I was weened on socialist principles. I immediately recognised that the public schoolboys/girls who led the NoLab party did not even recognise the aspirations of working class families like mine.

People like Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, Harriet Harman, The Milliband brothers and Peter Mandelson have little idea why the socialist movement was born because they have never experienced deprivation. So they engineered a power grab and when they gained that power they had no idea what to do with it.

Well they had one idea so they spent money. They threw money at every problem but they didn't monitor what has happening to that money. They invented quangos, supported committees, funded trusts but because they didn't have a plan the money was wasted.

Now the same crowd of political chancers are criticising The Coalition for having to clear up their mess. None of them have ever admitted responsibility for the mess that they created but what is worse, so much worse, is that so many people still support them!

They have demonstrated that they are useless, corrupt and discredited. As a political grouping they should be hounded into obscurity and yet today Ed Milliband has the cheek to ask the LibDems to join NoLab. They clearly have no shame alongside no vision and no honesty.

What would it take for some people to realise that the financial crisis that exists is utterly down to incompetence and that The Coalition has no other course of action than to cut back on almost everything to repair the damage? I admit that, as I have repeatedly blogged, I would also stop our contribution to the EU and our Foreign Aid programme but then this is the Political Class at work. They are all far too free with our money.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Class System

I grew up within a well defined class system. We had the Upper Class (the Aristocracy), the Middle Class (the Professionals) and the Working Class (people who grafted for a living). We all understood the differentials and frankly were reasonably happy with it. These days however it has struck me that we have a different class system brought about by politics.

Now we still have a class system but it has changed. Today we have The Political Class, the Criminal Class and the Paying Class Let me explain....

The Political Class leech off public funds. They contribute nothing to the economy and yet they decide everything. They all support the European Union even though it cannot pass an audit because it requires so much money in order to reward its supporters. Anyone who unreservedly supports the EU is rewarded with buckets of money.

This is the Political Class and if you want to join it then you need the ability to lie without a conscience. You also must acquire the ability to smile at your enemies whilst planning to stab them in the back. You will be amoral, corrupt and immoral! If you are a ruthless, traitoress, bastard who has no scruples whatsoever then you will be perfect for the Political Class.

Then we have the Criminal Class. Well in this society they do want they want. They have no commercial skill, no education and are worthless to society. There is however a lot of them and they all claim benefits, they also all have kids and most of them take drugs.

They are the dregs of society who don't give a S**t. Their kids disrupt every classroom and their language, behaviour and attitude shame the country. They regularly go to prison which isn't a problem because we cannot find a Lord Chancellor/Justice MInister who is up to the job. Ken Clarke is a joke...and not a very funny joke!

And then we have know the taxpayer, the honest, law abiding prats who pay for everything. We are the Paying Class! We are the long suffering people who cannot see ourselves in either of the Political Class or the Criminal Class.

We disagree with almost everything that the Political Class feeds us. We hate the EU because we inherently know that it will squander our money. They won't give us a vote on the EU because that would let the cat out of the bag. None of the Paying Class want what the Political Class have in store for us.

We also hate how the Political Class accept the Criminal Class and pander to them. It is unbelievable how they have come up with a buffoon like Ken Clarke to thwart justice.
We despise their immigration policies and despair on their multicultural experiment.

We may soon also have a Student Class borne out of the Political Class and the Criminal Class and still we pay for the damage, the policing (yeah right) and the disruption. The Political Class and the Criminal Class organise everything. They are actually in a minority, a really big minority but then the majority are too busy working and paying for their extravagances.

I will it say only I won't I will continue to say it ... we need a Workers Party...a real Workers Party not a Socialist experiment. We need a Payers Party. A Party who will represent the vast majority of the the Tax payers. We need a Payers Party someone who will represent the people who pay the bills!

Hell how much longer do we have to wait before someone comes along with the charisma and authority to organise the revolution that we all need? It just takes one step...surely somebody wants this opportunity to save the country. Surely somebody can seize the moment and yet it appears that everyone capable is so scared of the EU. The EU has seized everyone to such an extent that every politician in the land has ceased to function.

Perhaps Hitler and Stalin were wasting their time. They had the wrong approach. Money is the root of all evil and perhaps now the Rothschilds rule the world! Maybe they will employ me...but then I am too old but my grandaughters are of my gene!

I dread to think of what is ahead for them.

Friday, 10 December 2010

When will we get energy prices linked to pensions?

Pensioners are being totally ripped off by government after government. The state pension, government pensions and almost every other pension are falling way behind inflation because the index which calculates pension inflation ignores the energy increases.

Can anyone believe that? The most vulnerable in our society are being penalised to save the government money. Last year I was informed that my local government pension would not be increased to match inflation because the index being used to calculate our inflation did not take into account the most obvious problems.

This is ridiculous! The energy companies are hellbent on maximising their profits and there seems to be nobody regulating their activities. The government really must, for the sake of pensioners, limit the profiteering of the energy companies. At the moment they seem to be able to crank up prices willy nilly and nobody questions their reasoning.

Petrol/diesel prices rise day after day, so do gas prices and electricity and yet nobody in government seems to have the power to limit these increases. Perhaps it is time to nationalise this resource and bring everything onto a level playing field. We cannot keep penalising the most vulnerable to subsidise the most greedy!

Student Riots

I watched the riot leaders, a motley collection of scruffy young people, facing the press on SKY news this morning and what came across was how arrogant they all were. They appeared to be dictating terms to the police and telling us what THEY wanted.

Now I initially had some sympathy with them but they have lost all that because it is clear that they are being manipulated into a huge force for evil by the international marxists. This is not about the increase in student funding or education cuts. This is about attacking any government that does not share their warped values.

They had a reason for rioting when Gordon Brown and his clowns were ruining the country but we didn't hear a peep from them because they were on the winning side. This is about power so I fear that we will have no other recourse than to stop messing around and give these masked young fools some real pain.

They are threatening with a smirk to bring 'a million' onto the streets of London on March 26th. well that has given the government three months to form a plan. Might I suggest that it includes water cannons, tear gas and a lot of violence.

When these smug young idiots decide to take on the state then they must bear full responsibility for their actions. The students must realise that twice they have been given a chance to protest peacefully. Twice they have reneged on the deal and caused unneccessary damage. They should be told that the next time they will obey the rules and if they don't then someone will get hurt and this time it won't just be the police!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Soldiers on the Streets!

I see that in that lovely city of Edinburgh soldiers have been deployed on the streets to clear the snow. It is a real credit to them that they are helping the public in return for the public support.

I just mused privately how this could turn into a nightmare. Soldiers on the streets? No it could not happen in the UK today could it? We have seen the scenes in London today. We have heard David Cameron promising to bring the troops out of Afghanistan as soon as he can.

Perhaps we will need them!

Anarchy on the streets?

Has anyone else noticed how many of the masked attackers on the streets are not of the indigenous population? I know that I will be accused of racism and so be it.

A master plan is being enacted. All the 'kids' who always would have problems integrating into our society are now being mobilised to attack the country. Simple innit?

European Bill

Yesterday on the BBC Parliament channel I watched a debate on a European Union Bill which was hotly contested. It went on for hours and Kaye Hoey was particularly brilliant. She continually went against her own party in demanding a referendum.

I was amazed that none of the Eurosceptics mentioned that the EU cannot pass an audit! It is unacceptable that we should support a major organisation which accepts government money and yet cannot pass an audit.

It was not mentioned by the mainstream media which of course must tell everyone a great deal!

Anarchy on the streets?

Well I suppose it had to happen but I don't like what is happening. The British public should have taken to the streets during the Brown premiership but unfortunately only the left wing have the organisation to bring large groups of people onto the streets to disrupt our lives.

This is a major attempt by the Unions to bring down the Coalition. They are using the students to further their aims. They have spread a false dissemination of the facts and the young are so gullible that they swallow almost anything.

Don't get me wrong because I don't believe that the young should pay for their education. Education is a right and if we stopped our Foreign Aid contributions and our payments to the illegal European Union then all our kids would get that free education.

However, we cannot allow these 'kids' to disrupt the capital on such a regular basis and when they start attacking Prince Charles then heads must roll. This could continue almost every week and one day it will get serious. Somebody will get killed and then it will be 'game on'. At the present moment it is being contained but this is just sparring. When the left choose their moment then all hell will be let loose. It is so obvious what the unions are planning but we, the British public, are so complacent and so trusting.

This is really no game. We could soon be fighting for the future of our grandchildren. I have blogged continually and relentlessly that this country is under attack from so many sides that we should really be alarmed.

Today was just the beginning of what could be a regular battle on the streets of London. Then it will spread to the provincial cities and one day it will come to you! Unless we crush it now we could be in for a helluva future.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Emergency Services

Everyone knows that our emergency services are staffed by people who have our very best intentions at heart. Anyone who has been attended by the Paramedics, the Police and the Fire Brigade know that the boys and girls on the front line are frankly the very best that we can offer.

They have a problem however and it has been highlighted at the enquiry into the 7/7 atrocity. They are being led by politically motivated clowns who put political aspirations above the safety of the public. This issue has become so paramount that trained firemen had to watch severely injured passengers stagger out of the black tunnels in the underground and were prevented from helping them.

Now I ask this where we have got? Is this what the Political Class really want? Obviously, it goes with the territory because control is more important than compassion. Does it really matter about the victims when they may have to pay out compensation?

Are our magnificent emergency services really being hamstrung by political correctness and if so why are The Political Class doing nothing to reverse the trend? Some of the people voted for a change from NoLab incompetence and yet so far we have received nothing.

Can we please get our emergency services back to full production? In this cold winter I regularly see the blue lights flashing as they speed to the assistance of us all but please allow them to do their job without political interference! Is that too much to ask?

Tony he in the dock at last?

The Iraq Enquiry have called Tony Blair for a second grilling. I am not surprised becasue every man and his dog knows that he and his little gang concocted up the Iraq War to support his mate George Bush. It is just my contention but good old Tony was planning his lucrative future by rowing in with the billionaire Bush family.

The fact that British troops would be maimed and killed, that lies were told to justify what was an illegal war and that Bliar stood up in parliament and blatantly lied about intelligence issues is unforgiveable.

He is now a very rich man. He became that rich on the back of the Iraq War. Everybody knows that Tony Bliar used the position of British Prime Minister to feather his own nest. He did it brilliantly and consequently he can sail off into the sunset with enough money to cushion any of his future plans.

The problem is that he lied to almost everyone. He engineered his future and just possibly his future will catch up with him. To be honest I doubt it because the British Political Class have a history of protecting their own. Tony Blair is very clever, he will have developed contacts along the way. He has a finger in every pie. In my humble opinion he is bomb proof.

Our Political Class is so corrupt that this man will be protected by deals under the table, behind closed doors and because money talks. I will be amazed if Blair if pointed towards The Hague but mark my words that is where he belongs!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


When I first heard of Wikileaks my first inclination was to abhor what they were doing. After a career in Intelligence I have been conditioned to protect the secrets of the nation. I wouldn't even discuss my work with my wife so Wikileaks was not what I expected to support.

Curiosity however killed the cat and I found myself drawn to this website even though it is clear that it has been under attack and wonder.

They have released a video which is utterly horrific. It is entitled 'Collateral Murder' and is the proof that American troops murdered members of the Reuters Press Corps and then tried to deny responsibility. I was absolutely shocked that servicemen of any persuasion would act in this manner. They are clearly out of control and must now be prosecuted.

Now don't get me wrong because I am no namby pamby. I have witnessed what can happen in the stressful conditions of war. People make mistakes which they later regret and normally I would never criticise soldiers who have acted in times of stress but hell... this was murder.

These helicopter borne troops were just looking to kill someone. They identified press officers (photographers) as being armed and even lied about the presence of RPG weapons (as well as AK 47s) because an RPG7 is so easily identified.
They then mowed down the group.

That was bad enough but after a little while a very brave group arrived to pick up the bodies. They knew the threat because they kept looking up at the helicopter and yet they still tried to help the dead and dying. They had children in the vehicle who were clearly visible and despite this they were gunned down.

When the ground troops arrived they discovered a wounded little girl and other unarmed civilians who had been blasted into oblivion from above. The perpetrators clearly said that these people should not have brought their children into war in order to excuse their behaviour!

This was an act of murder. They had no reason to machine gun the people on the street but what is so terrible is that the American State department tried to cover it up! Reuters tried to get a copy of this tape under the Freedom of Information Act but failed. They knew that it was murder.

Everyone who has served in the forces knows the risks and we saw it just this last weekend when the death of a Para was attributed to friendly forces fire. It is not the first time that American forces have just blatted away and killed their mates. I would still accept that but I will not accept the blatant cover up. We all know that mistakes occur but this was not a mistake.

When the Americans refuse to accept this act of criminality then they lose credibility. They then cannot blame people like Wikileaks for exposing their weaknesses. They are being outed as a very corrupt country. No wonder people in the British Government have had Julian Assange arrested. He is a very brave man and I believe that he has brought about real fear in government which is what is needed.

He has threatened The Political Class and no doubt he is dead in the water. However he has awakened so many more of us.

Monday, 6 December 2010

They are not Tories....

Once again the Tories have reneged on an election pledge when Ken Clarke (a noted Europhile) has dropped the pledge to jail knife carriers. Once again a Tory pledge has been dropped but this time it has nothing to do with The Coalition.

What does it take at Tory grass roots level before they realise that their party has been usurped by David Cameron just as Tony Blair usurped the Labour party. Both major parties have been taken over by people who want to promote the European State which as I have continually blogged cannot be audited and therefore is illegal!

What does it take for the mainstream media to protect the interests of the British people? Why are they not exposing this calumny? What has happened to right wing politics in this country when it is left to the BNP to defend us? Where is the Tory party?

Sometimes I feel like General Custer! All around this blog are people attacking Britain and nobody seems to be reacting to the attack. We have Muslims, Socialists and Europhiles all on the same side and they are all wrecking our society and our country. We don't appear to have any politician on our side and that says so much about our politics.

Last night I viewed a docudrama presented by Jeremy Clarkson about the raid on St Nazaire in 1942. Currently we have the same bravery deployed to Afghanistan in a lost cause. These are the men that we need back here and that is probably why they have been despatched to the back of beyond.

If you view any of our newscasts they never tackle the European Union. That means that the mainstream media has been bought and paid for by the billionaires, the Rothschilds, the Russian Mafia, Rupert Murdoch et al. I fear democracy is dead in the water unless the people rise up and in order to do that perhaps we need Wikileaks.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Mike Hancock MP and the Political Class!

Mike Hancock has a reputation. He has been a LibDem MP for a Portsmouth constituency for some time and always rumours have followed him around. Very recently he had adverse publicity surrounding him regarding a vulnerable, female constituent and if I was organising a spy mission on behalf of any country in the world I would target Mike Hancock.

All of a sudden he is seen with a beautiful, YOUNG, Russian female who he accepts as a researcher/assistant/colleague! It is ridiculous but is he not typical of our Political Class? So many of them are dodgy, corrupt, devious and unscrupulous. They have never got the message that they do not have a divine right to fleece the public.

Currently we have a handful of MPs facing a criminal court. There should be so many more over this second house fiasco and if David Cameron really means that he wishes to sort out the expenses scandal then he should implement a bomb proof expenses system.

I have a suggestion. If expenses are not what can be claimed normally in public service then they should be disallowed. Sorry but you know the deal. Why should the public pay for your mortgage/furniture/accessories/SKY TV/food/duck ponds etc etc! It is not on and it has to be sorted. There are too many Mike Hancocks in the House of Commons and they should be rooted out. Phil Woolass has gone and good riddance but there are still a job lot waiting to be caught out.

I await the exposure with relish... Yeah!

Friday, 3 December 2010

Has anything really changed?

As I trudged home from my local sports club through the snow this evening I began to focus on the conversations which occurred around the table and I realised that actually nothing much has changed. We have supposedly had a change of government and we now have The Coalition replacing NoLab.

The Coalition was born out of the demise that none of the three major parties had an overall majority. So two of them got together to form a government. So far so good because most of us were so pleased to see the end of the inept Gordon Brown and his team that we would have accepted almost anything.

Well it appears that we got almost anything because frankly nothing much has changed down here at ground zero. The Tories and the LibDems had campaigned from almost opposite ends of the political spectrum. Both parties had made electoral pledges and The Coalition has allowed them both to renege on almost anything that they stood for.

We the voter, Joe Public, the people who voted, have been denied almost everything that we actually want. All the British people (well the honest people who bring up families and obey the law) want is a fair deal. Inherently we know that the European Union is wrong for Britain so we would respectively request a referendum.

We cannot understand how our troops are being killed and maimed in Afghanistan so that we remain safe from terrorism when the very people who would cause that terrorism regularly riot in Luton! When they abuse the freedom of speech which we must abide by they cannot be deported because of something called the Human Rights Act!

Now the so called Human Rights Act only applies to people who break the law. When they break the law along comes the Human Rights Act to save them from punishment. It does not apply to victims or the indiginous population because we apparently don't qualify.

When they do get banged up then they enjoy a lifestyle not available to most of us including a regular supply of hard drugs. Now I ask you how does that work? When they eventually qualify for a jail sentence after about three hundred crimes then they also qualify for parole even if they have murdered a headmaster and led a gang that raped an Austrian tourist. I cannot get my head around that.

We have MPs who are quite clearly crooks. I don't mean the few who have actually been sacrificed but I mean those who have friends in high places that protect their mates. We all know this and yet the Political Class act as if we can't see their corruption. We have seen the blatant corruption of the NoLab peers appointed by Tony Blair...the arch villain. In my book he rivals anything that comes out of Russia/Qatar/ etc etc.

To tell the truth the only reason that I write this blog is because I have lost all faith in the political system. Fortunately I remember this country when we had a sane and sensible code of conduct so might I remind people of the system that I inherited.

Dad worked and mum stayed at home. Mum was always available when I needed her. If girls fell pregnant it was a disgrace and would never have been rewarded. It helped to keep the welfare bill down.

Teachers were respected and feared but we loved them. They taught us important subjects like arithmetic, geometry, algebra and calculus. They also taught us English grammar spelling and punctuation. We knew about our history and geography and they also taught us right from wrong. They also picked the school sports team when we played other teams. We ran races in the playground. We competed and the kids who won the races were rarely the clever kids.

Everyone knew the local policeman. He served everyone and was respected and liked. He had total command of his patch and when he caught someone they were prosecuted and jailed...nobody had heard of the CPS in those days.

When we entered hospital we knew that we would be safe. There were no grime born diseases or imported diseases and the nurses really cared for their patients. The matron led the team and her sisters bossed the wards. Everyone knew who the matron was and the sister ensured that the nurses were up to the mark. The nurses cared for the patients and were not allowed to skulk in front of computers and ignore the elderly who could not fend for themselves.

I have started so I will finish but it is getting late so I will continue this tomorrow...I just want to record for my grandkids what they should expect from their government. This is achievable but we must radically change our political system in order to achieve it.

So where was I? Oh yes health and the modern world. We used to have institutions for mentally ill to keep them safe and ensure that the public were protected. These days we have an amazing number of innocent members of the public killed by people who should be lcoked up. I really don't know where we have gone wrong but we just don't seem to be coping on the mental helath front and it is worrying.

The transport system in this country is actually worse than it was in the early sixties. I was brought up with British Rail and it wasn't perfect by any means but the trains ran, the costs were reasonable and the network was safe and maintained properly. Today I would hate to be a commuter and some of the tales that I hear about our railways are horrific.

Consequently the roads are clogged with private cars and freight, some of which should surely be moved by rail. Some motorways grind to a halt day after day and the reason is that rail travel is overpriced, unreliable and uncomfortable. The private companies who now hold thr rail franchises should get their acts together because every country needs a decent rail service.

In the 1950's we would regularly travel by rail to Scotland and the old steam engines would chug up Beattock Summit in the snow. Nowadays a modern engine cannot move in the snow. It is ridiculous.

The really major decline lies however within the justice system. Successive governments weakened the powers of the police and in 1986 the CPS arrived. Now I don't know how it was conceived but I am sure that the original intention was that common sense should prevail. Common sense seems to have evaporated in the justice system. The outcome is that children in Britain are so threatened by the lack of a police presence on our streets that they cannot play without parental protection. That is the most powerful indictment of our failing system and yet nobody seems to be able to reverse the trends.

Local services are always being cut and are under threat and the sole reason is that local government officials have voted themselves astonishing pay increases and final salary pension schemes. Our council taxes rise annually and the services decrease as the council officers are taking a far too large a slice of the cake. It should cease but nobody seems to be even addressing the issue.

And so on it goes and it doesn't seem to matter who gets elected all we ever get is more of the same. I have only addressed a few issues but everyone I meet seems to want the same things. We want the quality of life that a civilized community deserves. It is up to the politicians to deliver but they don't seem to have the political will to care about the public. I am afraid we accept their pitiful performances far too readily.

Why does everyone hate the English?

After the humiliation of our best effort being almost ignored by the FIFA committee when most people knew that we have better facilities and more experience at international level than Russia we must accept that it was a deliberate snub. It seems apparent that certain FIFA delegates promised us their vote and then reneged on the promise so we must face the fact that we are, for whatever reason, disliked in the footballing world but does it go further than that?

The Scots, the Welsh and the Irish certainly don't view England with any warmth. The Muslim community while welcoming our money demonstrate noisily at every opportunity against this country.

Despite the sacrifices of all our troops the Afghans, according to Wikileaks, don't really want us there and who could argue against that. The only people who want us in Afghanistan are a few politicians who can't seal our borders and prefer sacrificing soldiers.

Again according to Wikileaks the Americans don't think that we have done a very good job in Helmand Province and they are supposed to be our closest ally. Certainly we seem to have few friends in Europe as we have ignored the Euro and kept the pound.

We continue, despite cuts in every government department, to fund an enormous Foreign Aid programme and what do we get back from it. On the surface I think that we are just throwing good money after bad and hopefully after his humiliation at the hands of Sepp Blatter and his gang David Cameron will revisit this hopeless waste of money.

We are losing respect everywhere and the decommissioning of the Ark Royal is another example of how weak we have become. I just wish that David Cameron was 'a child of Thatcher' but he most certainly isn't and I fear that we have not had a decent leader since she was betrayed.

It is high time that we got off the world stage and concentrated on our own people. Clearly we are not wanted on it and Gordon Brown and the EU have ensured that we can't afford it.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Winter Wonderland - a laughing stock...

As our transport infrastructure crumbles at the first sight of snow, the media is beginning to reflect the astonishment emanating from the rest of the world. In Yakutsk, Siberia where the temperatures regularly drop to -40 degrees a duty airport officer ironically offered to give advice to Gatwick Airport.

In the really cold countries where snow falls heavily and regularly they shake their heads sadly at the sight of inept travellers not being able to cope. How can we design trains for example that can't cope with snow? Why does Southern Rail just pack it in whenever the snow arrives? How come a major airport like Gatwick does not have the equipment to keep the runways clear when Gander, Newfoundland, continues in far worse conditions.

The local councils are claiming that they gritted the roads and yet it really is not apparent in many of the southern counties. Despite that, it still comes down to driving standards. What this cold snap has proven is that driving standards in this country are very poor. The driving test does not prepare people for adverse conditions or even ensures that they can handle their car under normal circumstances.

When one witnesses drivers (most of the outstanding examples I have to say are female) who cannot reverse, cannot park and have little practical knowledge of the highway code then it is hardly surprising that they cannot alter their style of driving in the snow. The driving test in Germany is much tougher and encompasses motorway and night driving and we should seriously look at following their example.

There should be a far reaching government enquiry into what has happened in the past few days and then we must take action. The airports and railways just cannot be allowed to quit so easily without incurring huge penalties and councils who fail to cope must also be held to account.

The British public deserve a better transport system. It has been allowed under the NoLab government to drift into chaotic disarray and The Coalition must get it back in line again.

World Cup 2018

Well I did tell you yesterday that Russia would win the vote from the esteemed committee that governs who gets the World Cup. The day after Wikileaks suggests that there is a strong link between the Kremlin and the Russian crime syndicates it surprises me not one jot that Russia won the vote.

They wrap it all up with words like history, culture and sport but I still believe that our slush fund just isn't large enough for this game. I doubt if we will ever see the World Cup in England again and we shouldn't waste any more time on it.

Ha! Ha! As I am writing this post Sepp Blatter has just announced that bloody Qatar will host the 2022 World Cup! Can you credit that? Qatar is probably the most unsuitable country in the world to host a major event purely on the grounds of climate if nothing else. However, this rich little oil state would of course possess a huge slush fund capable of greasing so many palms.

Don't tell me that the Panorama programme was out of line. They were spot on and probably didn't quite get to the full extent of the problem.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Ed Milliband

It is becoming increasingly obvious that Ed Milliband has overpitched his ambition. He should have left the leadership ambitions to his brother. He is being ridiculed by David Cameron who is a consumate professional at the despatch box.

David Cameron will continue to eat him alive. It is almost like watching a young Tony Blair attacking John Major. The brilliant debaters will always win the nation's hearts. Ed Milliband has no mandate to attack the government because he was part of the previous administration that wrecked the economy.

Ed Milliband will splutter and bluster but he will be replaced and not a moment too soon!

World Cup 2018

I have just seen quite a sad sight on the national news. It was the sight of an aged Sir Bobby Charlton backing our bid for the 2018 World Cup Finals. He was the most magnificent player the like of which we have never seen again. To see him croaking with hands shaking was to me unnecessary.

This country is the home of football. Our heartbeat is football and we have everything necessary to stage a really professional World Cup. If that so called World Cup committee, who have been accused of corruption, cannot see that we are far, far, better placed than say South Africa to stage a large event then we know that unsavoury motives are involved.

There has to be a reason that this country has not been granted a World Cup final and I can only surmise that we don't have a large enough slush fund. To my mind the result is a foregone conclusion because Vladimir Putin, the Russian leader, didn't even bother to attend. We sent political royalty, constitutional royalty and footballing royalty and I think it will be ignored!

The Winter Wonderland!

How can we be so inept? How can our transport services be so inept? How can the Highways Services be so unprepared for an event that happens every year? How does Helsinki airport remain open every year and yet Gatwick cannot cope?

We are hopeless when faced with adversity. This is the nation which bred the Dunkirk and Blitz spirit and when a few inches of snow arrive on our doorstep everyone collapses. Now don't get me wrong my daughter and her family arrived back from Edinburgh last weekened and they have had real snow.

Further north it can be really difficult. For example in Northumbria they have had bucketfulls and nobody could criticise the shepherds and farmers trying to feed their livestock. That is real hardship.

But down here in the soft Midlands there is no real issue. We have had a few inches but conditions are easily overcome. OK it may get worse but at the moment nobody has an excuse for opting out of anything.

How the rail authorities excuse their performance or those responsible for gritting down south can explain why they have once again let the public down I do not know. It happens every year and every year the nation grinds to a halt!

No Airport should shut! No HGV driver should pull over and claim defeat until conditions become extreme. Obviously there comes a time when winter defeats us all but in this country it arrives far too early and far too conveniently.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010


How often have I blogged about Pakistan? The world continues to be concerned about North Korea which remains isolated. The middle eastern states are clearly concerned about the possibility that Iran is developing a nuclear capability and yet nobody appeared to be concerned about Pakistan. Wikileaks has today disclosed the powers do have discomfort about the Pakistani nuclear capability and about time too.

Damned right they are concerned! Pakistan has long been a pariah on the international market and they have the nuclear capability. They are the sole access for the Muslim terrorist. The Muslim cause is so violent, so prevalent and so all consuming to so many who follow the teachings of the Koran that it must be regarded as dangerous.

When so many followers are prepared to die for their cause and they are prepared to use mass murder as their medium then we must guard against any access to nuclear weaponry.

Someone, somewhere should ensure that the access to nuclear weaponry in Pakistan is so tight, so locked down and so inaccessible that no Muslim terrorist can get near it. I am really concerned that this access will not be safeguarded. This is Pakistan after all and they have a nuclear capability. Time to really worry folks!

Snow, snow everywhere...

My wife and I don't really disagree about that much...well not that often..and not really seriously (gulp) but when the snow falls we have our annual disagreement. When the snow falls British drivers are in the main hopeless. It generally falls every year and every year we have the same panic problems.

Now for fifteen years I lived in Germany. Most of this period I was either in Berlin or somewhere along the former inner German border. Some of the snowfalls that I witnessed were really serious and one had to use everything to just get home or get to work. I often worked shifts which meant that I had to drive through snow at all hours of day and night.

The snow that we get here is minimal. It sometimes gets up to a few inches but generally it is just a covering and yet it invariably sparks a crisis. The reason is that most of our drivers do not use their common sense and more importantly they never learn.

Time to upgrade the driving test and ensure that drivers use a skid patch. No excuses we live in the northern hemisphere and we should all know how to control a skid... even mummies on the school run!

Monday, 29 November 2010

Corruption in high places...

Is it any surprise that the BBC Panorama team has uncovered corruption in high places amongst the delegates appointed to select the country for future World Cups? Corruption is endemic in high places.

In this country we used to pride ourselves on providing honest men for government but in recent years that has become a falacy. Certainly ever since the inception of the EU honesty has become a joke. For example, to be elected a Euro MP is to be granted a ride on an extravagant gravy train!

Most of us cannot contain our enthusiasm for European elections and yet they are so important. Do any of us understand how these candidates are selected? How many of us know our MEP? The most famous example of this is the election of Cathy Ashton to the role of European Commissioner. Nobody in this country has ever cast a vote for Cathy Ashton. She is a product of the corrupt socialist infrastructure which rewards party loyalists for their slavish loyalty.

'Baroness' Ashton was a former treasurer of the left wing CND so she had paid her dues. She is obviously regarded as a safe pair of hands. The EU is an organisation born out of the Soviet Union so she fitted the bill and it does not surprise me that her mentor was Gordon Brown the pupil of Jack Jones.

MEP's are bribed by huge salaries and even nore extravagant expenses. They are bribed to maintain a travesty of a so called government. The whole purpose of this organisation is the redistribution of wealth. They demand huge sums from their member states so that they can spread socialism across the world.

That is the reason that they cannot pass an audit. Nobody knows who receives money from the EU. Nobody accounts for anything so nothing can be detected. It is an utter joke and yet David Cameron, Nick Clegg, all the NoLab front benchers, William Haig and almost every leading politician are in cahoots to support this left wing organisation.

That is right you read it hear first. I did say David Cameron... because unfortunately he is not a Conservative that we voted for. Unfortunately and I do like his demeanour he is somebody's puppet and that is disturbing.

You will also read that every election pledge that Cameron gave will probably be reneged upon. He grabbed headlines with his promises regarding the Human Rights Act and knife crime and well... who cares he was lying.

I won't even go near Nick Clegg and the socialists don't have a clue so where do we go from here? Panorama should not confine their accusations of corruption to the World Cup panel they should tackle what is so blatantly bloody obvious!

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Coalition Politics

And while I am at it on this cold and frosty morning am I alone on thinking that Coalition Ministers are beginning to resemble NoLab Ministers. Marr also had Andrew Lansley on his show and he is the Health Minister. He is supposed to be a know the kind of guy who doesn't want the State to run your life!

If even half the problems highlighted by the mainstream media in the National Health Service are true then Lansley has got a really difficult task ahead of him. Nursing for example has, in so many hospitals, reached crisis point where care seems to have been superceded by record keeping. Certainly leadership and discipline appears to have vanished from so many of our wards and I have witnessed that.

So what is concerning Mr Lansley? He is concerned about the colour of cigarette packets! I ask you what planet are they on? He had a huge opportunity to launch a radical plan to bring back care on the wards and dwells on fag packets. Perhaps he could use them to jot down a few ideas which would help the electorate?

The Labour Leadership

I have just watched Alan Johnson on the Andrew Marr Show and I doubt if I have ever heard so many soundbytes and platitudes in such a short space of time. This man is so glib that they all trip off his tongue at the mere hint of a difficult question.

He talks about eradicating poverty and a fair society as if he were a new kid on the block not one of those who after 13 years in government ruined the country's economy. I sat open mouthed at his nerve and at the ineptitude of Marr for accepting all his nonsense without question. But then this is the Beeb after all!

What I find mind boggling about the Labour Leadership is the total absence of an actual policy. They never propose a plan of action. Their cupboard is bare of ideas because if they haven't got our money to waste then there is no plan. Now they have spent the money then there is nothing left. This is why Ed Milliband is facing a blank sheet of paper and by the sound of it it will remain blank for some considerable time.

Maybe he should start with 'the eradication of poverty' and then ask his 'mate' Alan Johnson how he intends to do it!

Human Rights

I will never understand how we vote in well over 600 members to the House of Westmonster and only a few of them actually seem to matter. In the lead up to the General Election I distinctly heard David Cameron questioning the European Human Rights Act which Tony Blair adopted on our behalf.

It is probably the most pernicious piece of legislation ever introduced into our constitution and and has actually turned what was up until then was a fairly even handed judicial system on its head. Case after case flounders in our courts because of this piece of judicial nonsense and yet nobody challenges its existence.

Just what is it about our MPs that the minute they get elected they lose all courage. They lose their sense of justice and they lose their moral outrage. It is quite clear that the Human Rights Act protects the criminal. Our jails are full of foreign criminals who for one reason of another 'cannot' be deported. If we did deport those who do not deserve our largesse then we could then begin to jail our own felons.

Our prison population has only been monumental since good old Tony decided that he would ruin our justice system but that brings me back to the original question. Why can't we find a single MP who will stand up in parliament and demand the removal of the Human Rights Act from the statute books and more importantly why do our political elite want to retain it?

Thursday, 25 November 2010

It is that time of year....

Here we go it's humbug time! You know that I talk to my mates and we all dread Christmas because it take us out of our comfort zone. We have to go shopping for female things! Ouch! We are no longer single men with any sexual charisma and so we cannot anticipate what is right and what is wrong.

I mean what do we know about jewellery, handbags, cosmetics and suchlike. It is ridiculous! I wandered around town today groping for inspiration. The helpful shop assistants asked if they could help but how can they when I have no idea what I want/need/like!

Tomorrow I meet my mates and the last thing that we will discuss will be Christmas. We all love our families and it is lovely to spend time with them... but presents? It is so often a waste of money. We try to please and spend money that we would normally never even consider but somehow for some guys it is never enough and it ruins the occasion.

Fortunately I have the best advice a man could have. I have an absolute expert on shopping, someone unparalled in the art of pleasing her mum, someone who every year saves her dad from shame and ensures that her mum is happy! I just hope that she is reading this.

Student Riots!

Am I alone in believing that the modern day student is being manipulated by the political left wing? They along with union activists are the one group that can regularly be persuaded to march on the streets. The other grouping are Muslim activists but that is another question.

The National Union of Students has always been an arm of left wing politics which is probably natural as young people like to be revolutionary before they mature. Even so the modern NUS appears to be in the hands of political activists who are not averse to a spot of violence.

The destruction of a police vehicle highlighted yesterday's student protest one day after a student was charged with pelting the police with a fire extinguisher. Now I realise that not all modern students are brainless morons but unfortunately when a nation gives access to higher education to huge numbers of youngsters on the grounds of dodgy grades then it is likely that some will not cut the mustard.

I believe that the vast majority of students don't really appreciate the facts behind their marches. They have been fed socialist propaganda which manifests itself in small towns like mine when the local university buffoons marched onto the HQ of the local Tory MP. Nowhere else just that one target.

Don't get me wrong today's student has a lot to get angry about. They should be marching about their education because they have been short changed and manipulated. The problem is they should be addressing their grievances to the Students Union and the Teacher's Union not allowing themselves to be conned that it is the fault of everyone else!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Who represents us?

The Libdems were never destined for power. They never expected that they would be occupying ministerial limousines but they grabbed the opportunity and now they are paying the price. I suspect that for short term gain they will pay the price at the hustings.

Nobody will ever trust them again. Their activists are particularly aghast at the lack of trust which Clegg has demonstrated but then what about the Tory activists? David Cameron has suddenly dropped so many of the Tory policies and has abandoned all the Eurosceptic promises.

So what do we have on our political horizon? We have Labour who have been totally discredited by their abysmal economic performance which must never be repeated; we have LibDems who have sold their heritage down the river for a sniff of power and we have Tories who will not address the most desperate worries of their avid supporters.

To be honest none of them kept any promise. They were so dishonest that the whole General Election was a joke. Probably the only honest party were the BNP and we all knew what they stood for. The problem was that their leadership was so flawed that they had no chance of credibility. The same goes for UKIP who stand for a split from Europe but precious little else.

So what happens to the voter who wants the middle class, middle of the road, honest non racist decent citizen who pays taxes and has no preconceived aggravation towards anyone or anything? You know the normal, Caucasion, law abiding citizen who still make up (so far) the vast majority of the population.

The answer is that nobody cares about us. We pay for almost everything and yet we have no voice. I know that this is true because I hear it daily from all my friends and colleagues. I heard on my recent cruise, down my bowling club, through my British Legion membership and in my own living room.

We the payers, the people who puggy up (who cannot even rely upon a fair and honest tax system) have no voice in Parliament. None of the political parties represent us. Yes they represent all of the majority groupings like for example the Unions, the Students, the Bankers and the Businessmen but ...who represents us..the honest citizen?

Education and the BBC

This morning the BBC continued its campaign to criticise any attempts by The Coalition to introduce standards back into our education system. I sometimes think that the BBC are the official opposition where so many government matters are concerned. They continually support left wing policies that have failed despite huge sums of money being invested into them.

As usual the BBC invited a serving headteacher to lead the attack on the proposed changes which was tantamount to giving one of the perpetrators of our great education fraud a platform to defend himself. It is people just like him that have put into place a system which limits the opportunites of the poorest in society. They dumbed down the exams and enhanced grades to such an extent that the hardest working and brightest kids find it difficult to rise above the general mediocrity.

The BBC are in danger of showing their hand because instead of being a national institution they are rapidly descending into a force that could be
widely regarded as anti UK. A dangerous game for an organisation which relies on public money to fund its jaundiced activities.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Apparently the Education Minister, Michael Gove, is tomorrow reintroducing testing for children. He also has other plans to challenge the education establishment which are long overdue.

Already the education battalions are drawing up their battle lines to maintain the very principles which have hindered the education of our children for far too long. Yesterday morning the BBC (who else) brought on an Executive Head Teacher (a what?) from an Inner City school to endorse the very principles of education which have ruined our kids. He is Sir William Atkinson and the web site of his school typically endorses all the NoLab rhetoric which is designed to keep poor kids poor.

Michael Gove has a hard road to plough but I look forward to my granddaughters being much better educated than their mother. I look forward to testing without parent input and I look forward to competitive sport. I look forward to the bright being acknowledged and the less bright being given a challenge. Aspiration must be reintroduced to the education system.

The lefties will howl with rage but I suspect that Michael Gove already knows that. Many people have positions to protect. Many should and I hope will be sacked but the important aspect of this change in policy will be that our kids will be given a much better education. An education free of political indoctrination.

A Blank Sheet

It was probably just an unfortunate lapse but then when you lead a political party you should pay attention to what you say. Ed Milliband, who has been busier changing nappies recently than leading his party, declared that when discussing future party policies he would start with 'a blank page'.

Well no surprise there then! Many of us reckon that it just about sums up the contribution of the NoLab leadership in recent years. They continually chunter on criticising The Coalition but they have completely run out of ideas. That is the problem with socialists, if they have to stop spending money that they haven't got, then they are clueless.

Now the books are being written spilling the beans about all the poisonous backbiting which the socialists are famed for. They are still fighting like ferrets in a sack and I suspect that Ed Milliband will have to watch his back at every turn.

I really don't know how they do it. Nobody actually seems to like anyone else and yet they smile blandly pretending that they are all on the same side. They spend so much time plotting against each other that they don't have time to achieve anything. Their whole philosophy is so vaccuous that it is laughable and yet so many people cannot recognise how bad they are.

I have to laugh because now that they are out of power they all jump on the bandwagon. There is a serialisation currently being aired in 'The Daily Mail' exposing the plotting that didn't happen behind Gordon Brown's back! Apparently they all agreed (possibly after a few glasses of socialist champagne around at Hattie's pad) that Gordon was useless and had to go. Fair enough even they got that bit right but how could they do it and who does it?

This is the funny bit! Jack Straw bottled it (Ha!). Mad Hattie arranged it and then ducked under the table and they all left it to Pat Hewitt and Geoff Hoon to be the fall guys! Of course the plan failed as it was always destined to do because Gordon frightened the 's**t out of them. Well he was rather unpredictable and he did employ an army of thugs to watch his back.

Do you know if a talented scriptwriter wrote a parody about the NoLab party it would be regarded as being too far fetched. This is the party of the working class, the party created by courageous men and women to improve the lives of the poor people and they all end up quaffing champagne at Mad Hattie's pad!

My grandfather would rather have died at the Somme. My father would never believe the shame of this bunch of upper class twits and lower class thugs. The Labour movement is no more but how does one convince people who don't want to think about it?

Sunday, 21 November 2010

The European Union and its currency

Anybody who regularly visits this blog will know that I am an implacable enemy of the EU mainly because I see it as a socialist conspiracy. We were all conned into voting for it originally as it was presented as a Common Trading Market and it has since developed into a monster, swallowing huge sums of money which cannot be traced.

It has never passed an audit which I believe actually makes it illegal and yet so many of our politicians want you to believe that if you oppose this ridiculous union then you must be quite close to committing treason. We have never been granted a referendum on any of the changes which led to the political union and if any member state votes against it they are either ignored or told to vote again.

I cannot believe how they get away with it! But hold on... the Euro appears to be in real trouble thanks to some of the weaker member states who have actually wrecked their economies like socialists always do. Greece and Ireland are having to be bailed out by other member states (well Germany and the UK actually) to the tune of billions and billions!

Now way back in the last century Margaret Thatcher actually told anyone who would listen that a common currency for a variety of countries who had vastly different economies was not viable. Every man and his political dog rushed to denigrate her opinion and lo and behold she was right!

We, the British public, having just been forced to accept probably the worst cuts in our public services in living memory, thanks to our own socialists, are now being told that, as a member state, we must bail out Ireland even though we are not in the euro! It is amazing how the British puggy up every time someone fouls up.

You will remember that the Irish actually voted not to join the EU but were told to vote again until they got it right. Now they are paying the price for their weakness because once they have accepted the inevitable they cease to exist as an independent country. What price Irish heroes now? All that murder, torture and criminality for nothing. Perhaps the relatives of Captain Nairac and so many other dead British soldiers will raise a glass.

There will be much more of this but the more compelling question is whether the western economy will survive? I find it unbelievable that all these rich countries are being brought to their knees by some kind of weird banking crisis. It just isn't credible. Somebody is engineering a megacrisis from above. Don't ask me who is pulling the strings but please don't meekly accept what the politicians tell you.

Ever since the EU came into existance we have been under attack. Human Rights, Mass Immigration, Crooked Bankers... it only happens to us. If we need a public service it is never available but when the politicians want a service it is always available...through the EU of course. Get real folks!

Friday, 19 November 2010

I got Reviewed...!

Wow! I got reviewed by someone who looks at blogs and accordingly thought of this crazy little hobby as something worth commenting on. I really am quite chuffed because it began as an antedote to the frustration that consumed me whenever I saw the greed, the corruption and the arrogance of the Political Class.

I was spawned as a child of a socialist family. My family were Clydeside communists and my beloved grandfather was almost a founder member of the Independent Labour Party. As such he was a genuine conscientious objector but when push came to shove he was eventually forced to join the Cameronians where he was the only member of his school class to survive the Great War.

My great grandfather won a silver kettle for being the best marksman in The Cameronians; a regiment known for marksmen. I still have the medal and the inscribed kettle. I served for 25 years with the Royal Artillery and the Intelligence Corps and my son was a Paratrooper.

My family have served this country and so I believe that I have a right to comment on the utter depravity which pervades our so called Political Class. My review describes this blog as not for the f(e)aint hearted but then I only tell it as it is. I have no axe to grind and all my friends who read my ramblings have yet to blank me.

Indeed I am the President of my local bowls club (for the second time) so I have some measure of respect in my local community. I really appreciate that someone somewhere has stumbled across my personal attack on the people who are trying to destroy the freedom that my granddaughters should enjoy.

The day that they can leave their front door and play in the streets like I did then that will be the day that I stop shouting. What kind of society have we created that imprisons our children? Why in our so called democratic society can our children not run free? That is the crucial question which should face our Political Class.

Our Political Class have actually created a society where our children are imprisoned and yet nobody will address this question. Will someone please address it? When my beloved youngsters can leave their front door, protected by the police, protected by the government and protected by our pathetic judicial system then I will rest peacefully.

Until then you bastards I will expose everything that you hold dear. This has always been the purpose of this blog! Comments are welcome!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

How can he be found not guilty?

Do you remember the case of the Wiltshire custody Sergeant who lost his temper and bodily threw a woman into a cell after dragging her across the station floor? He was videoed on CCTV and the outcome was that her face was bashed in when she landed on the cell floor. My Gawd we could see the blood drippin onto the cell floor!

The whole episode shocked anyone who watched it because frankly it was abuse of power. Even his police chief condemned the act and openly stated that the sergeant would lose his job.

Well we forgot that this is Britain 2010 and even this guy could appeal and guess what...I know that you don't need me to tell you... he was cleared and can continue to bully the public. Disgust is too polite a word! What kind of judge could watch that video and then decide that the custody sergeant was not guilty of absolutely crass behaviour?

When will The Political Class realise that this kind of judgement offends any decent minded person? Will it ever end?