Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The Iraq Enquiry and this Government

Could anything get much worse? Military leader after leader are now coming forward to humiliate the NoLab government over their inability to cope or organise the post situation in Iraq. There is a general malaise in this government as they are unable to cope with anything other than political spin and ideological doctrine.

This is their world and even today in parliament when they admit that they have got everything wrong they continue to play politics. The pre-budget report today was horrendous. Nothing is the fault of Gordon Brown or his cohorts and of course it is all the fault of ther dastardly Tories and their wealth and private education!

They have bankrupted us and yet they rely on puerile political point scoring to blind the concrete brained NoLab traditionalists to hopefully win the next election. Make no mistake about it they only care about power. They have no plans for the future but they do want any incoming goverment to inherit a totally impossible situation!

You see where people like Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling are concerned it is all about power. It is not about me and you, or the country, or patriotism because in essence it is all about them! These privileged Marxists who have never had to struggle are prepared to bring down the whole country just to fulfill their political ambitions.

Assasination is really too good for them!

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