Thursday, 8 October 2009

David Cameron

I am watching David Cameron giving his closing speech at the Tory Party Conference. He is giving one helluva kicking to the NoLab party and one thing is becoming clear our two major parties have swapped shirts at half time! If even a fraction of David Cameron's ambitions can come to fruition then the Tories will become the party with a social conscience.

Policy after policy is ripping up the 'big government' approach by NoLab and handing power back to the people. He has a helluva challenge ahead of him but he sounds as if he has got his finger on the pulse of the streets. Every sentence is designed to win back the votes of the heart of our country. He has recognised everything that is rotten at the heart of NoLabs policies. He has underlined and emphasised all of the issues which are at the core of our misery.

This man could be a Prime Minister!

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