Friday, 31 January 2014

Foreign Criminals to Remain...Thanks Mr Miliband!!

Sorry folks I must apologise.  I closed the blog down for January so that I could take Mrs Meldrew to the Caribbean on a cruise!  I did actually announce it in a comment but then if it does not interest you then you will have missed it.  Sorry...even my American cousin was asking what has happened?!

You have all surprised me because I only began this blog to rant and apparently I am not ranting alone.  Let me tell you about the cruise.  We left Southampton on 02 January and we were immediately pitched into a storm.  We endured 60 hours of Storm Force 10 or worse before we arrived at Madeira.

Our tour guide in Madeira was a German lady with a keen sense of humour who informed us that Portugal was at the mercy of the EU and the elderly in Portugal were drawing a pension of 240 euros a month.  In addition the Madeirian bananas did not qualify to EU standards so their natural fruit had been ignored!

We then sailed for the Caribbean under quite a lot of cloud and docked at Barbados. Our tour guide was great.  He explained the education system in detail which frankly mirrored the British education of the 1950's.  Consequently they had retained the eleven plus and their smartest kids qualified for scholarships to leading universities regardless of background.

Their kids all wore school uniforms, parents were punished for the truancy of their kids and surprise, surprise, crime rates are very low! In the classroom the teacher is still in control, children are taught respect and society benefits.

Barbados appears to be an exception because elsewhere there is a lot of poverty and the Chinese are avidly propping up some islands by building properties like hospitals. Generally benefits are not paid but essential food stuffs grow everywhere so nobody starves.

Back here nothing changes.  An MP introduces a commonsense Bill to prevent foreign criminals from using the Human Rights nonsense to remain in this country thus retaining the threat on the streets and predictably  the LibDems and Labour think that it is a good idea.

As usual David Cameron, the corporate leader of the country, proved that he is in office but not in power by having to rely on opponents to stifle any common sense from his back benchers who clearly are concerned about the threat emanating from UKIP.

The next time some foreign thug murders an innocent Brit then just remember that Mr Miliband thinks we should keep him in one of luxury prisons at our expense for as long as he likes before releasing him back into the community probably to repeat the process.  I cannot understand such treachery!