Saturday, 25 July 2009


Mrs Meldrew has packed. I am still packing. The garden has been watered. The eldest Meldrew child, the one with the law degree, is on his way down to revamp Mrs Meldrew's kitchen. The youngest Meldrew child, the veterinary nurse, is supervising her brother because she has got all the money! As the youngest I suspect that she has waited a long time for this kind of power over her brother.

The car is fully fuelled and raring to go. The 93 year old mother is now snugly farmed out to sister in law in Derby. Good luck Jane you are truly a heroine! We no longer have dogs so that is not a problem.

Tomorrow we will leisurely drive down to Southampton to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary with a Mediterranean cruise. The Great Train robbers got less but there are many places I must visit before I get too old. This is the best way to visit Malaga, Barcelona, Cannes, Florence, Rome, Gibraltar, Lisbon and Vigo.

On the way we may eat, drink and gamble too much but hell after 40 years we deserve it. Time to relax. In two week's time I will be back to continue the attack on the injustices that our political classes heap on us. I know that I sometimes go over the top but this blog is my only outlet. I have no other influence on what is happening to my country.

Millions of ordinary people have no redress to what this government has done and what the previous government began. Ted Heath took us into Europe in the 1970's and ever since we have lost our independence. Our three main parties collude and pay homage to an illegal, unaudited organisatiion which somehow has usurped power in Europe.

For two weeks I refuse to worry about it anymore... but then I will be back! Thanks to anyone who reads my ramblings. Byeeeee!


Congratulations to the voters of Norwich who yesterday did their bit to get rid of Gordon Brown. Even the morons of the NoLab party are beginning to get the message that this man is a one man electoral disaster zone. I am however amazed that little more than 6000 people in Norwich still voted NoLab.

I just wonder what it would take for them to change their minds? How much lower do we have to get in this country before it will penetrate their brains that Gordon regards them with contempt. I realise that many of them may depend on NoLab for their jobs with over inflated salaries but 6000?

Further down the list I see that only a little under 1000 people voted for Craig Murray standing as 'An Honest Man'. Craig Murray has revealed much of the malpractices of the establishment in his books but clearly the voters in Norwich did not value 'honesty'. Keep voting for the main parties and you will get what you deserve...dishonesty! After all their track record in that field is second to none.

Friday, 24 July 2009

The Royal Household Bowls Club

Today my bowls club hosted a prestigious fixture against the Royal Household Bowls Club from Windsor Great Park. We first applied for this fixture three years ago when we were celebrating our 60th anniversary. Since then we have been invited back twice more so today was our opportunity to reciprocate.

For my sins, I am this year, the President of my local club so it was very important to me personally that we had a really good day. The weather forecast was dire and we in the depths of Leicestershire have had some desperate weather in the past few weeks. Most of we bowlers have been drowned during the last few weeks and I must confess I expected the worst!

At precisely 2pm the rain arrived at and 2.15 it disappeared. From then on until 5pm we had a lovely afternoon and the atmosphere on the green was frankly second to none. These people who work for the royal family have a special presence. They know how to enjoy themselves!

Today was a lovely day! We all enjoyed ourselves and as such we have been promised a fixture next year. This is a real feather in our cap because many clubs request this fixture and cannot get near it. I joined my club probably ten years ago and I have seen the club through some difficult times. Recently we have had an influx of some new members who are already beginning to make their mark. The whole character of the club is changing.

It needs to change BUT there is potential in this club and I predict that we will shortly become a really successful club because there are people knocking at the door who can bowl my club into prominence. Today however, was my day as President and the whole club got behind me. I was really chuffed because we all support each other and today was our day. It was a real success.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Dental Charges

Yesterday I had a back tooth extracted which exposed me to dental charges. I have had toothache for the past three months which has only been controlled by cocodomol. During this time I have had to pay for every appointment while my dentist extracted as much as he possibly could from my bank account. He wanted me to pay over £500 for root canal filling but the second opinion I sought from a dentist at a local hospital ensured me that root canal filling was not an allcure.

So eventually after this extraordinary time frame I was introduced to the 'expert' who was qualified to take the tooth out. You see the dentist who had delayed this 'operation' did not trust himself sufficiently to extract the tooth. The expert was brilliant! I was in the chair for minutes even though my teeth have a history of difficult extractions. She wiggled this bloody tooth pressed firmly and it was gone. I was really impressed because in the past I have had to suffer such drastic extractions that in 1976 I had four stitches in my gum at 4am at the local hospital because the bleeding would not stop.

So am I a happy customer? I am not because when I arrived at my local dentist (the guy who has been regularly extracting money from my bank account without guaranteeing results) wanted me to make an appointment so that he could check that the extraction was now sound! Everybody in the world knows that teeth heal very quickly. Already within 24 hours my gum is healing so this guy is ripping me off.

So am I happy? Only if you think that £175 is a fair price for the relief of toothache! Yes folks we are now prisoners of the dental industry because they know that we will probably pay almost anything to relieve the pain. It took possibly two minutes to extract my tooth and she was paid £175!! Think on because we all pay for NHS treatment and for most of us it is now not available. Another success for the NoLab government which supposedly represents the working class. Yeah right!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

How much longer?

How much longer must we accept this disfunctional lying Prime Minister who is clearly trying to run this country into the ground. He has clearly accepted that he is not up to the job and he patently realises that he will be destroyed at any election that he dares to fight. This is the reason that he is waiting until the last possible moment to announce an election.

The problem is that every minute that this lunatic remains in office the country loses millions. Nothing works anymore because for twelve years he has been purely engaged in some kind of ridiculous social engineering policy which is bringing everybody down. Political correctness does not earn income. Social engineering does not earn income. The policies of NoLab have destroyed much of this country's industry.

They have never supported our major industries, because that means employment for the masses. This is the reason that their policies are reducing taxable income and yet they still rob us blind. Up and up go taxes because they have no policies to rejuvenate the economy. There is no good news because the plan is never to have any good news. We are being systematically destroyed by an incompetent inner circle of NoLab politicians who gorge themselves on our taxes but who never improve the lives of the common man.

There has not been one single NoLab intiative which has been to the advantage of married couples who are employed and have children. You know these people are still the vast majority of the British indigenous population. We are being milked to support the ridiculous policies of a ridiculous government who know that their time is up!

Monday, 20 July 2009

Swine Flu!

Can any other government in this world get so much wrong? There is no direct advice on swine flu and the reason is that frankly they have no idea what they are facing. We have newspapers like the Daily Express and the Daily Mail with huge predictions of doom and gloom and yet the government has no coordinated plan to deal with the problem.

Why is this no surprise? They have never had a coordinated plan to deal with anything. There are now reports that there are five major government departments which cannot pass an audit... including the Treasury! Do you know I so fear the real consequences of the NoLab regime will be that the we cannot afford the state pension!

Down here on planet Earth in rural Loughborough things actually do not seem too bad because the impact of mass immigration has not really bitten apart from the downtown district but we all know that it will. I know very few people who have contracted swine flu' ... nobody is dying of swine flu' here... yet.

In the meantime the MPs now break for what..a three month holiday despite the possibility of a swine flu' epidemic and the very fact that we have soldiers dying daily in a dreadfully debilatating war. Surely they can stagger their holidays like everyone else so that some MPs will always be available to deal with emergencies.

Is that too much to ask? It is under NoLab the party 'which looks after the people'! Ha!! I am just beginning to think that swine flu' is a government invention to distract us from the reality that they are useless. I just hope that I am right.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Edinburgh Napier University

On Thursday Mrs Meldrew and I travelled north for the graduation of the eldest Meldrew child. We attended the Edinburgh Festival Hall for the ceremony which was quite emotional for us as the eldest Meldrew child is 37 and he has gained his degree by the sweat of his brow and his personal character.

Edinburgh Napier University on first sight appears to be a modern university. That means that it is not one of our traditional academic universities but combines the academic skills with the commercial skills. There were many graduans with challenging names for the compere which pays tribute to the commercial acumen of this particular university.

I have only one sour note. Some of the degrees appeared to be purely social degrees. They could almost have been labelled 'this degree is to qualify this young lady to be a Chinese waitress'. I think that our commercial universities should be careful to maintain their standards.

Apart from that we had a great time and it was particularly pleasing to meet Dan and his family. Dan is similar to the eldest Meldrew in that they have achieved an Honours degree in Law but will not practice. He shares a house with the eldest Meldrew and they also share a car insurance deal which is too complicated for me to understand!

I would like to thank Ronnie and Gwen for their hospitality and I enjoyed this slight insight into the social life of the eldest Meldrew. Their son Dan has ambitions to be a Police Officer with a degree in Law and I I believe that we need young policeman like him, well adjusted and with his feet firmly on the ground.

Thanks son for a great weekend. We are so proud of what you have achieved!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Things can only get better...!

Can anyone remember the mantra of NoLab when Tony Blair first conned us into voting for him? He was right of course but we have learned from that. We now have amazingly a far worse situation than ever in our history. In the East Midlands alone we have 169000 people on the dole! Can you believe that?

There are reports that over one million people have been continually on the dole in the last 12 years. Good God what have they been living on? Does anyone believe that these people have been living solely on benefits for the past 12 years?

We now have almost half the population on the dole! This is the United Kingdom, the home of innovation and invention. We are the people who have led the world for centuries in new technology and now under Gordon Brown we have been brought to our knees.

We used to have a joke about good news and bad news but today there is never any good news. We have been destroyed and undone by a treacherous bunch of politicians, bankers and media barons. They appear daily on the television and in the controlled media proclaiming that normality remains in our society. They are all in the same club and that club is led by the European Union.

At this moment in time the blogosphere is the only freedom that we have but give it time. They will find a way to shut us down. I really do not know what it will take for people to realise that our three main parties are all in the same club. They pretend to be different but at the end of the day they are all preaching the same message. That message is that Europe is good and Europe will look after us but shit look what has happened to this country since we entered Europe. We have lost our independence, our agriculture, our fishing industry and our justice system.

We have in reality a useless parliament. They pose as our MPs but they must bow to Europe who are making the laws but who are they? We seem only to have one European commissioner and she is Catherine Ashton who as I have said ad nauseum has never had a vote cast for her anywhere! Google her! She is a joke and an insult to democracy!

The problem is that our people do not want to think about politics. In truth most of them are so uneducated and disinterested that they fail to realise what has happened.
They are cherry ripe for the political class to strip them of their identity, their heritage and their human rights!

It is ridiculous...we need a revolution which will shake us out of our lethargy. We need to rebel against the body bags passing through Wootton Bassett, the Muslim Council of Great Britain, the Black Police Officers Association and the financial practices of our banks. We should rebel against all our professional politicians who have let us down. It is time to go to war against our politicians!

Tony Blair - President of Europe!

Well is anyone surprised? He is apparently our OFFICIAL candidate. Another reason to vote anyone but NoLab. They are incorrigible! He should be in court on the charges of war crimes. One day!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The Derby County Diary

Oops that was a bit of a bloomer. I was about to begin a Derby County diary for the season and then thought better of it as it was late. Little did I know that I had hit the wrong button (It must have been late)!

The purpose of this diary will be to track the progress of Nigel Clough as Derby fans have such high hopes this season. I must admit he has had a proper clear out and is obviously concentrating on reshaping the defence. Tito Villa has returned to Mexico, Mears has gone to Burnley, Dickinson to Brighton, Nyatanga to Bristol City, Sterjovski and Andy Todd are bound for Australia, Davis is apparently having his contract cancelled and some of the more prominent youngsters have been freed to join other clubs.

Today he signed the Blackpool captain Shaun Barker after a prolonged chase for his signature. Barker follows some quite surprising signings. There is no doubt that Nigel has been scouring the lower divisions for talent and he has astonishing faith in the abilities of some of his former Burton Albion players.

I must admit I could not see Jake Buxton and Saul Deeley ever making the grade three divisions up and that could also go for Dean Moxey from Exeter and I thought the signing of Pringle from Ilkeston was a touch barmy. In footballing terms it is a long way from Ilkeston to Derby. First reports are that young Pringle is a good 'un so I will reserve judgement.

The most surprising potential signing is the Aussie Patrick Kisnorbo who was only recently a hero at Leicester. Apparently he got injured and Leicester cut him loose so he can be considered a risk. If he can be coaxed back to his best then he could be a genuine bonus.

This leaves Lee Croft last seen being relegated with Norwich as being the only other signing alongside Barker who has proven ability at this level. Having said that the squad does look balanced with cover in all positions. All the major injured players from last season are back in training so it will be interesting to see who emerges as the first team and how they play under Nigel. Time will tell!

The Multinational Force in Afghanistan

I am continuing on this theme because it is very topical and such a threat to our forces. One of the many lies, half lies and downright porkies that Gordon Brown has perpetrated whilst trying to defend our presence in Afghanistan is the joke about the multinational force.

Apart from us the Americans and some Canadians the other European countries cower in the background. The blood of our soldiers is being used to excuse the other European countries from taking a full part in this war.

Helmand Province is the battlefield. It is Helmand which borders Pakistan and it is Helmand which poses the problem. Why is it then that our guys are kept permanently in Helmand while the others skulk elsewhere. If this was a proper multionational force then every country would take turns in Helmand. We would take six months and then be withdrawn. If all the others then did their bit it would be a few years before we had another go!

That is what a multinational force is all about. You know fairness. The financial costs would be shared, the military costs would be shared, the manpower would be so good that even Gordon Brown would have time to equip our boys properly before their next turn.

Even the Taliban might twig that they could have a quiet 6 months when the Brits were in and wait for the turn of say the Greeks and the Portuguese before turning up the wick! That way we would judge just how important this war is because when the body bags began to return to Athens, Rome, Lisbon and Madrid I reckon we would soon discover that well... er perhaps it isn't so important after all.

No Gordon this is not a multinational force at all and until you can persuade your European mates to take their share then only our girls and boys will die and that is why your lack of fairness exposes your your genuine contempt for our forces. If the Taliban really threatened Europe then the rest would want to get involved. They don't so I guess it just ain't that important. It is only your excuse to tie our ill-equipped army up for a few years whilst you get on with whatever you have planned for the rest of us.

Wootton Bassett

Gordon Brown has spent quite a lot of time trying to define Britishness. Well he need worry no more because the people of Wootton Bassett and the bereaved families of the soldiers who returned home from Afghanistan in coffins have amply demonstrated what we do in hard times.

I take my hat off to the British Legion in Wootton Bassett who, by a simple act of respect for the fallen, began a trend which has escalated to what we saw today. Hundreds lining the street paying a last homage to the young lads who recently lost their lives. Honest men and women who have brought huge credit to their little town by a simple act of respect.

The honour they bring to their community contrasts vividly to the shame of our politicians who have constantly refused to acknowledge that our troops are fighting with one hand tied behibnd their backs. Gordon Brown and David Cameron think that a few mealy mouthed words of condolence prior to PM's Question Time is sufficient. To be honest I wish they wouldn't conduct this pantomime as their complete lack of insincerity is unseemly and disrespectful.

When are any of the politicians going to join the good citizens of Wootton Bassett and pay a proper respect to the dead soldiers? Who will be the first to break ranks and find the courage to join the people? Who will be the first to risk a lynching?

Monday, 13 July 2009

Gordon Brown v General Sir Richard Dannatt

It now appears that we have, at long last, a Chief of the General Staff who actually is concerned for his soldiers. As the body bag count mounts it is being reported that he is requesting 2000 more soldiers for Afghanistan along with many more helicopters.

Let's put it more simply it is ridiculous to expect our troops to fight the Taliban to a standstill and then withdraw from the territory that they have won at such huge cost only for the Taliban to walk back in when they withdraw. We must have sufficient men to hold what we have won! We are also losing men because instead of flying them into the forward line in helicopters they are being transported forward in inadequate vehicles. Most of our fatalities have been caused by the IED devices.

So where does our 'brave' PM figure in all of this. He has committed us to a war which frankly will be very difficult to win. The reason being that the so called Afghan government is not as 'clean' as we would hope. Politics in Afghanistan is not the 'democracy' that we have been conned to expect. This is an extremely complex country and they do not think like we do or as we would want them to think. I have continually emphasised that other countries do not understand our way of life.

So here we are then... Gordon Brown says he will not send more troops to Afghanistan and that we has not got the resources to send more helicopters to save the lives of our troops. General Sir Richard Dannatt disagrees.

Now the question is who do you believe? Who can you support? Remember we have a PM who is so ashamed of his actions that he has yet to face a single member of a family who has lost a soldier. He has also got a Cabinet who also ignores the families of the fallen. This is a Cabinet so ashamed of their actions that they dare not face the consequences of their actions.

The question is who do you believe? One is a serial fabricator, a professional politician, a guy who has brought this country to its knees and the other is a guy with an honour for bravery in Northern Ireland. Yeah I know the choice is so difficult and yet so many come polling day still vote for the bastard! Which bastard I will let you work out.

This PM has probably killed more troops than the Taliban but then he has never been a friend of the army. Even now he is plotting to reduce the forces. His instinct is to destroy the nation, he is one of the many professional politicians who have led this country to our present position.

He has all but destroyed our economy, we are involved in a war which has NOTHING to do with us, our social structure is dying, we are being flooded by immigrants and we are aligned to a European organisation which is illegal. An organisation which has never passed an audit! Sorry folks but I continue to harp back to our problems.

This PM is a bad 'un. He is so very bad that he starves the forces of funds to protect our lads on the front line. He is not to be trusted. He has another agenda. I do not know what his agenda is but it does not augur well for any of us.

I just wish that General Dannatt or any other General (other than Jock Stirrup) would continue to challenge this abject government. We are losing men needlessly and it must stop!

Saturday, 11 July 2009

A Teacher cracks!

None of us know the details of this case but initial reports seem to suggest that this poor teacher should possibly not have been in situ or was left to face a hostile class when so many people knew that his health was at risk. This could be a landmark case because teachers are at the front line of the war against youth.

In line with the laws of Europe nobody is allowed to punish, chastise or challenge the kids of today. They have become immune to authority and they know it. They have immunity to any type of authority because we are not allowed to punish them. We cannot smack our kids, we cannot disturb them and of course we cannot challenge their train of thought.

As a consequence the poor little devils cannot play outside or develop normal friendships. They remain trapped inside their houses communicating purely through websites like Facebook. It is the most intense failure of our politicians that they fail to guarantee the safety of our kids when they play in the park.

I understand that messages of support for this teacher are flooding in. Let us hope that they swing the case. Taunting a vulnerable teacher is unacceptable but then his reaction was also unacceptable... but then just perhaps it is a lesson well learned.

Respect your teacher or he might just bash your head in!

The Legacy of NoLab

It takes a particularly useless or determined bunch of politicians to take a major western democracy and all but destoy it, socially, culturally and financially. Not so long ago this country had a social structure which we all understood and recognised. Couples got married and then moved in together. They had children with one father and one mother. The parents could generally look for support to grandparents and therefore stable families were the order of the day.

In every area there was a local policeman who knew his 'patch' and who you could turn to in times of trouble. We all had a local hospital which would cater for all ailments. It was clean and tidy, well run by efficient nurses all under the eye of a matron. Rubbish was collected once a week regularly from one dustbin.

The children attended a local school and the vast majority learned to read and write long before they left. They also had a good grasp of local geography and a knowledge of our heritage and history. We all knew that if Britain was threatened we had a first class and well equipped army, navy and air force which could protect the nation.

We had laws which protected our citizens and youngsters were taught to respect the law, their parents and teachers. Not one youngster wanted or needed to carry a weapon. If a fight evolved it was man against man and involved fists. After it was over there were no grudges.

Buses and trains ran regularly and were cheap enough to cater for all members of the public. The transport system served the public and was run by the government.

That was how simple life was but for the past forty years our politicians have gradually unpicked every aspect of our national character and heritage. They have systematically turned this country on its head and every one of the aspects of our life which I mentioned earlier no longer exists.

Most of it has been destroyed since we unwittingly joined the so called Common Market. Ever since successive governments have tinkered away at everything and nothing has improved. There has been a concerted attempt to destroy the nation and although the worst elements have been led by NoLab they alone are not to blame.

We seem to be unable to find a patriot strong enough to withstand the concerted attempts by our 'professional' politicians to discredit him or her. We have had the Greens, UKIP, the BNP and a myriad of smaller fringe parties but nobody has been able to dent the very parties who have abolished everything that we held dear.

The only people who seem to maintain their spirit, their loyalty and their determination to act in a proper manner are the forces. So what happens to them? They are vanquished to an unwinnable war, stripped of cash and forced to use equipment which cannot possibly protect them against an opposition who hold life cheaply and seemingly have an inexhaustable supply of manpower.

The 'Old Holborn' blog which is very good seems to believe that the situation between the white lads and their muslim counterparts is so combustible that something will 'kick off' very soon probably in Luton. Is that what we need? Is this what the politicians want? The ultimate breakdown of our society. I would like to think that 'Mugabe' Brown would be attempting to head it off but I won't hold my breath.

The police will run and hide and the forces are too stretched to intervene so anarchy will be the order of the day. It is unfortunately a natural progression but it just could lead to the emergence of natural leaders. Once the cork is out of the bottle and the people have been forced onto the streets then next stop could be Downing Street! Think about it Gordon! Do something before it is too late!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Phone Hacking!

Newsnight is currently tackling the phone hacking problem! Where have they been all these years? What on earth do they think that GCHQ is all about?

Phone hacking is fine as long as it is used for our own security but now the press barons are using it for their own ends. We must realise that if any of us are talking about affairs which we do not wish to be overheard then we should order secure equipment which will 'scramble' our conversation.

Thereby hangs the tale because GCHQ are so adept at phone monitoring that if they want you they will get you...sleep well!


I just cannot get my head around the government's excuse for our presence in Afghanistan. Currently we have lost 176 soldiers in this excuse for a war and in comparison Germany, Spain, France and all our other European 'partners' have apparently lost less than 10! That is unbelievable!

The excuse for this war is that it threatens Britains's security! No it doesn't. If we had proper border controls, if we had sensible legal requirements for illegal immigrants, if we monitored the student visa problem we could draw up the drawbridge and live pleasantly.

We are an island. We have our own security. We just need a government which is not intent on destroying our society. Gordon Brown could clear this up with a stroke of his pen. The question we must ask is why does NoLab want to continue the war in places like Iraq and Afghanistan? We have so called European partners and yet they are not risking their soldiers. Why is it only British troops in Helmand Province?

If we are equal partners in Europe then we should withdraw our troops from the war zone and ask the EU to replace them with the Danes, Germans, French, Spanish etc etc.
We all know of course that would never happen. Our troops are sacrificial, our troops are the dogs of war for the European Union. We are expendable! That is our legacy to the EU which of course costs us £38 million pounds a day.

This NoLab government is so anti-British it is almost criminal. They are trying to destroy us all. Make no mistake about it we British (English) are under such a huge threat that we must organise ourselves against the NoLab threat. We cannot rely purely on the Political Class because they have already shown their colours.

Sorry folks but we need to get up of our arses and march for our future. Our soldiers are being killed for a political ideology. It is time we protected them.

National Memorial Arboretum

My wife and I visited the National Memorial Arboretum yesterday with long standing friends. It is a very impressive place and a fitting memorial for the personnel who have fallen in the service of their country.

Each organisation that has served the country have constucted their own separate memorials and some of them are very impressive. I would recommend a visit for anyone who has served the country or indeed anyone who wishes to remember a relative of loved one.

The above photograph is dedicated to Tony Blair and Gordon Brown as a gentle reminder to them of all the people they have sent to their death. This sector is purely down to them and remember it does not include the others who have had their lives ruined.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Parking Offences!

Today the gestapo turned up in my street and in a blink of an eyelid booked my daughter and my wife for parking on a strip of tarmac outside of my home. They have committed no offence because this strip has recently been tarmaced and does not obstruct anyone anywhere. The pavement is unobstructed and the only difference between us and householders fifty yards down the road is that we have double yellow lines painted outside our houses because we live close to a dangerous bend in the road.

It is a naked attempt by Charnwood Borough Council to generate revenue from honest tax paying householders. It is ridiculous and I can just imagine the glee of the two bitches (sorry but they deserve that misnomer) when they slapped the tickets on the windscreens. People have been parking like we have done for sixty years or more but suddenly we are felons because the council needs money.

They now have a problem! My son recently passed his law degree and we are challenging these tickets. I have just received his challenge! I nearly fell off my chair and although I realise that the council may decide to take up his challenge I suspect that they will realise that it is a fight worth conceding.

If we win then I will let you know how to contact him because he is well worth it and he is cheap...if you are quick!

Monday, 6 July 2009

Foreign Aid?

I see that the mainstream media are focusing their attention on quangos which tells me that they are trying to hide the the type of expenditure which they are committed to but which the public would not approve.

So let us begin with Foreign Aid which has never been aired in public. David Cameron is in fact on record as saying that he is prepared to 'ring fence' Foreign Aid. Here we are in the midst of an economical catastrophe and they want to give money (our money!) to countries like Pakistan, Zimbabwe, China and India. Please someone explain the economics of this.

I also read that we pay £38 million each day to Europe. Is it any wonder that we are skint? We actually receive nothing for this. This money goes to countries who are considered to be worthy of charity. They are collectively referred to as 'PIGS' which means Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain.

This government for political reasons is throwing a shed load of our money at people who frankly must hee haw with mirth at their profligacy. We could afford a great standard of living in the UK if our politicians would ceased squandering our taxes. They are robbing us blind! Our money is being exported abroad without our agreement. Nowhere on any political manifesto do they consult us about foreign aid to African despots, or to the Chinese, the Indians or to Pakistan.

What is that all about and perhaps we should have a public debate about the 'ringfencing' of Foreign Aid! We can no longer afford to 'bribe'people who either hate us or who are richer than us! I look forward to the debate on foreign aid and out contributions to Europe! Yeah right... we should start by cutting here and not with the forces or the police.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Where do we cut?

The political shows today were full of people acknowledging that the finances of the country have detereorated so badly under NoLab that huge cuts in public expenditure are inevitable. It is now crystal clear that Gordon Brown has financially almost driven the country into the ground by his rewarding of political allies with huge salaries.

He has apparently ring fenced expenditure on Education and Health but there could be speculation that this is where the major cuts should occur. The NHS is being horrendously over managed and this is where the cuts must begin. They must spend the money more wisely. The men in grey suits who interfere with the teaching profession should also be culled. Let the teachers get on with the job and stop the political interference.

Then we have the ego of Gordon! He will not admit the extent of the problem. He comes across as the macho PM in parliament but all the evidence suggests that he is a weak character serving only himself and his party. The country deserves so much more. But do we deserve so much more because we have allowed him and the political class to rob us blind. We see people who have been branded crooks by their own people to make comebacks into political life and yet we do nothing.

We are so complacent. We have forgotten how to fight for our rights. Our workers are being thrown out of work by the very government which is propped up by the Trade Unions! Our unions have absolutely no power because NoLab has been replace by the EU. That means that it is more important to allocate British jobs to foreign workers than it is to pander to the unions. One day the British public will wake up to discover that they lost their independence and never raised a glove to halt it. Happy days eh?

Saturday, 4 July 2009


We are very swift in this country to condemn people throughout the world who do not follow the rules of democracy. Democracy is after all a western invention which we hoped to export to the world. The idea is that the people decide, by secret ballot, who should form a government to represent their views.

We therefore condemn countries like Iran who are currently involved in a controversy over vote rigging. We also condemn Zimbabwe for vote rigging (but we continue to support the Mugabe regime with foreign aid) and we condemn countries like Burma and North Korea.

We are often quoted as being the 'Home of Democracy' but in recent years we have seen examples of vote rigging in this country. We have politicians who are openly lying to their own Parliament. That includes our own Prime Minister and many, many of his ministers and their advisors. In the past 12 years and to be honest probably for much longer we have been misled, mistreated and misrepresented by our political representatives.

They are not even in charge. In charge are a group of European Commissioners most of whom have never been elected! Take our current European Commissioner, Catherine Ashton; she is our top person in Brussels and yet has never had a democratic vote cast for her. By definition she is probably the most democratic leader not to be elected. In comparison the non-election of 'Mugabe' Brown is small beer. The real power behind the throne is Catherine Ashton but then who gives a shit!

They got caught out about their expense claims! So when did we ever expect anything else? We are being fed red herrings because the big battle is about to be fought. The Germans are not happy with the EU. A grandson of the guy who tried to kill Adolf Hitler is now trying to kill the EU. He has been so successful that apparently he has postponed the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty until after our next General Election.

That means that David Cameron might just have to honour his pledge to give US a vote on the EU! Wow! Just hold on a minute however because in accordance with our normal democratic process we have never had a vote on the EU! We have never been given a vote even though NoLab promised us one.

The German people have also been denied a that not strange? They have now got a high profile champion which we English do not appear to find and so even David Cameron has been outflanked. One day we English will get a vote to save our country but will it be a fair one?

Thursday, 2 July 2009

What is wrong with us?

There was a time when we English were famed for our democracy, our stubbornness and our bravery in the face of adversity. The English of the pre-nineteen seventies routinely faced dangers and trouble with a fortitude that the rest of the world admired.

Today we are regarded as a destroyed, weakened, population who are ripe to be plucked by anyone who wants to enter the country and grab what they can. We are so cowed, so browbeaten and so downtrodden that we no longer protest about anything. This has happened basically in the last 12 years since the NoLab bunch arrived claiming (as they still do) to be the party of the people.

What happens when people to take to the streets is obvious. First of all they are 'kettled' that means imprisoned on the streets and then if you refuse to be 'kettled' you can be killed. I suppose that would deter most of us.

The aristocracy who we used to turn to for leadership, have almost all disappeared onto their estates. They last protested en masse for their right to hunt where many of them got their heads bashed in by the police. Royalty have long since ceased to do anything bar making the wrong type of headlines and the Forces have been neutered by their continued presence in some weird war in Afghanistan where so many are valiantly losing their lives.

The blog 'Old Holborn' draws everone's attention to what we should be doing and what we could be doing. The blog rightly states that 642 MPs are keeping us all in almost slavery. They steal from us and they ignore us and yet we do not challenge the obvious! They allow minority groups to form racist bodies which we indigenous English cannot join or oppose. The BNP are berated for saying that they will only accept white people into their organisation and I agree with that. There are many people who have been living in Britain for years and are grandparents who are black, brown or sky blue link shot with a carrot but they still deserve a voice.

We still do not have a cohesive immigration policy. That is madness! The economy is in meltdown and yet Gordon Brown burbles away about things that are actually inconsequential. We all know that the reason that we are in so much debt are the policies of NoLab and Gordon Brown in particular.

We all know that I could go on and on (and probably will at a later date) but the question I would like to leave you on is ...what do we do with our children? Currently we are not allowed to chastise them, punish them, threaten them, smack them or in any way be parents or grandparents. So what do the great and the good do with the consequences of their so called policies and actions?

What is wrong with us and where do we go next?