Monday, 16 November 2009

Can David Cameron really mess it up?

I cannot believe it! David Cameron has not learned from the demise of NoLab and has actually angered his grass roots by imposing unsuitable candidates on them. I cannot believe that he is prepared to fragment his party purely for idealism. Whatever we say about NoLab they have created a climate where they are guaranteed a huge vote from the people that they employ!

The Conservative grass roots are by nature, would you believe, bloody conservative and they believe in traditional values. Don't tell them to embrace multiculturism, homosexuality or war crimes because they only have one set of values. These values have guided these people and their famiilies through centuries of practice.

It is probably not the right time for one of our major parties to fragment but David Cameron is failing and it is is really time that those conservaties who are sceptical of Europe and do not want a Tony Blair style of leadership should rebel.

If the Conservative party splits then only an Anti-Europe vote will save us from another term of Gordon Brown! Hell he has destroyed the country financially and socially and yet he may get yet another chance to finish us off. As my brother would say 'I don't believe it'!!

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