Sunday, 15 November 2009

Parking outside the House!

I cannot quite believe it but my daughter has received a letter from Andy Reed MP for Charnwood informing her that our battle to stop the traffic Taliban from issuing parking tickets to our friends, family and neighbours when they park outside the house has been won!!

Apparently the enforcement officer at Charnwood Borough Council has agreed that although the double yellow lines exist we are not in fact committing any actual offence. Our tickets have been cancelled and we can now go back to normal.

I am very grateful for the help and support that I received from my County Councillor Peter Lewis and my two Borough Councillors David Walker and Ron Jukes.
I would also like to thank Ian Selby from Andy Reed's constituency office who has also had an input. I do not know who said what to whom but obviously something has worked and I can only say a big thank you.

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