Saturday, 29 November 2008

The Conservative Party

We have all watched horrified at the antics of NoLab as they erode our national freedom which goes back to the Magna Carta. We are what we are and it is against our national character to march on Westminster and throw Gordon Brown into the Thames but what is now open to those of us who are genuinely concerned about the conduct of this government.

In practice we only have one recourse and that is for the Conservative party to challenge the government head to head in Parliament and not accept what is happening at the moment. Week after week David Cameron asks Gordon Brown questions about the conduct of the government and Gordon Brown ignores the questions and parrots back the same pitiful excuses for his inability to control the economy or the officials who he has put in place to, for example, protect our children.

The conventions of parliament appear to preclude any meaningful challenge to the government and the Conservative party seem to be happy to abide by these conventions. The Speaker, for example, is the most partizan Speaker we have probably ever had because he is a traditional old Labour supporter who even at the most extreme case could not and would not cast aside his support for NoLab. He will at every opportunity side with his party and if even half the reports are to believed he has personally milked his position for everything that it is worth. We would not expect anything else.

The Tories are being taken for a ride, as are all the opposition parties, because if we have a government which scorns parliamentary democracy and a Speaker who is incapable of instilling it then what happens next? We are being driven headlong into a Soviet style lifestyle and pardon me but I for one do not want that for my grandchildren.

The only reply is one which will take courage but it is one which the children of Winston Churchill would never in the past shrink from. The Conservative party must also ignore the conventions of parliament. When they attack next Wednesday it must be with the skill of Al Quaida. When David Cameron asks questions about the arrest of Damien Green and the Speaker (Gorbals Mick) tries to shut him up then David Cameron should not be shut up! He should continue until he is thrown out of the house and the the cry should be taken up by others in his party. If NoLab want to desicrate Parliamentary procedures then this is the only way to answer.

Damien Green was detained illegally and so the Tories should respond. Gordon Brown is using parliamentary procedure under the auspices of the Speaker to prevent the opposition from questioning his capability and the legality of his authority.

If the Tories are going to have any credibility with the public then they will have to defy Gorbals Mick. Can you imagine if the Tories were evicted one by one from parliament by a Speaker who everyone knows is a servant of this corrupt government.

Around the world it would reverberate that the British are brassed off with their 'leader of the world's economy'. If the British (English) rebel in parliament it will send a message throughout the world that the home of democracy is fighting for its life. BUT if the Tories do not attack and docilely accept that Gordon Brown and more importantly Peter Mandelsson (Lord in name if not in nature)can do what they please then all is almost lost (after all we could still throw them both into the Thames!).

David Cameron has to do something but the big question is will he? My guess is that he won't and the reason for that is that he night upset his European masters.

Friday, 28 November 2008


Are we seeing the end of democracy in this country? Persistently and consistently we see the Prime Minister refusing to answer questions during PM's Question Time. That effectively means that he is not being held to account by Parliament. During Tony Blair's reign as PM he often simply ignored Parliament.

When I was young our Police Force was the bedrock of law and order. The police could be relied upon to assist the public and maintain stability on the streets of the country. In recent years it has become increasingly clear that under the NoLab government they are acting more like the Volkspolizei of East Germany or the Stasi of Rumania. That means they are being used by the state as a weapon to be used against the public.

There are daily reports in the mainstream media of people requesting assistance from the police who are usually 'too busy' to respond. However, if anyone is deemed to be guilty of any form of protest against the state then the police descend mob handed usually in a blaze of publicity. It is not a coincidence. This during a time that the young are running around murdering each other on our council estate streets.

It's the same with the Social Services. They are charged with protecting vulnerable children but we have seen recently with two dreadful cases that they seem to be incapable of decisions demanding common sense as opposed to political dogma. They seem to be hamstrung by government directives which clearly cannot be challenged.

We have never had a vote on the European Union which despite the cost involved is imposing itself on all walks of our life without any form of opposition. No mainstream political party challenges Europe so it is left to various fringe factions to shout from a distance usually too far away to do any damage.

The reason for this is our undemocratic electoral system. It has maintained the two major parties in power since we began to vote. For your vote to count you either have to vote Labour or Conservative. The problem is that in modern times there is nothing between them in policy. Neither of them discusses the major issues which affect the voter. Now if we had proportional representation then all votes would count because the smaller parties would get seats in Parliament according to the proportion of the vote that they had polled. Now that is democratic but it will never happen here because Gordon Brown hates democracy. After all he is in power without a vote, he supports a European Union but doesn't allow us to vote and he is waiting until the bitter end of NoLab's tenure to hold an election because he will lose the vote.

I think that doubt might even be penetrating the hide of even the most hard nosed NoLab supporter when they see the antics of the police and the government. In Mugabe style authority they arrest a member of the opposition and hold him without charge for nine hours during which time they rifle through, his home, his constituency office and his parliamentary office despite the 'privilege' accorded to MPs. If Shadow Cabinet Ministers are not immune then what chance you or I?

This is intensely undemocratic and when the Home Secretary says she knew nothing about it I just had to laugh! These people lie with such expertise that they could give lessons to the mother of Sharron Matthews. The problem is I think worse is to come unless somebody has the courage to stop it!

Thursday, 27 November 2008

The Blogosphere

One of the things that I like about the Blogosphere is that someone always knows what is going on. Something big is about to break tomorrow morning as David Cameron is making a statement.

It didn't take long for someone to post a comment on Iain Dale's Diary that the Shadow Immigration Minister has been arrested by the police for offences aginst the Official Secrets Act. This really must be something quite serious unless it is a NoLab plot to get rid of the opposition one by one!

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Head Lice

There are increasing reports that foreign workers are being employed before British workers and that immigration is still running unchecked. I have no worries about well qualified people from other countries coming here to earn a living. One just has to look at the NHS to see the benefit of employing foreign health professionals.

The problem arises when unqualified foreign workers can elbow out our kids simply because they are more reliable, more willing and more educated. It is shameful that the education system in this country consistently fails the kids who do not have parental back up. If the child has a conscientious parent then that child will probably succeed but if the child has no parental back up then they have no chance of a decent education.

My daughter, who is a conscientious parent and has the backing of equally supportive grandparents, tells me that she spends hours every evening guiding her daughters through their homework. They are aged seven and five. This is surely time that they should be playing and enjoying life but Ed Balls says no they must continue their education.

Then what about their classmates? You know the type of kid who comes in covered in head lice. If they do not have the back up of parents then how do they get educated?
This is the problem. The education system appears to ensure that the kids of the 'chav' society are condemned to the gutter and it shows. This is NoLab in reality.

How can employers employ the unemployable? How can the unemployable kids from the chav estates get out of their situation? This is a Labour government in action. They have done absolutely nothing in ten NoLab years to help the very families who they traditionally claim to help. This is why I have no truck with them as a party.

Gordon Brown has been proven time after time a charlatan. But what then? Is David Cameron going to concern himself with the kids with head lice? He has probably never met a kid with head lice! It is horrible that kids at school are beginning to accept this affliction of the poor as normal.

Which political party is going to tackle this educational problem? When I was a kid my parents lived on a council estate along with the parents of all my mates. We were all poor but when the 11+ came along those of us who were academically acceptable passed the test. The others gravitated towards the trade training route and became plumbers, builders and mechanics and in many cases earned more money than the academics! Tell me what was wrong with that?

These days the 11+ test is regarded as being unacceptable. What has replaced it? The kids leaving school today are uneducated. They have no knowledge of any of the normal educational 'norms'. Who is responsible for this? Who has destroyed the education system in our country? Our kids are so uneducated that they are unemployable and must rely, for the rest of their lives, on either crime or the government. No wonder employers prefer to employ foreigners.

This is the legacy of Britain since we became part of the Euroopean Union which all three of our legitimate political parties support. Our kids at the lowest end of the social system no longer have a route to prosperity. The head lice kids will only produce more head lice kids because they are encouraged by this government to do so!

Can anyone argue against that synopsis?

Monday, 24 November 2008

The Economy

Oh Dear! Who is right? Who is responsible? Who has the answers? This is so important because the future of our children and grandchildren is at stake. We have a Chancellor of the Exchequer who is borrowing like nobody has ever borrowed before to keep our financial system (which failed us) in business. He has already propped up the very people who got us into this mess but has not ensured that they have got the message.

The Tories say that he is wrong. All the financial experts are pitching in and giving so many different answers but who is right? Does anybody know?

Well I have managed my family economy for almost forty years and I can only lean on common sense. My wife and I have always been prudent because we have had to be prudent. In 1976 when interest rates went sky high the British Army sent me, at very short notice, to Northern Ireland and I lost control of our finances because we were living apart and I was spending more than was sensible. I almost lived the life of a single man which meant I spent a lot of time in the bar!

It had its consequences and it took us a good few years to get on an even keel. Despite our problems we did not borrow a penny! We inherently knew that what is borrowed has to be paid back often with interest. Now we were lucky because I always had an income and it was just a matter of managing that income properly.

Now Alistair Darling is in the same situation. He has an income and he must manage it properly but he can't do that if his ideological ideas do not let him manage it correctly. He pays out millions every day (I hear £37 million per day) to the European Union and we get very little back. We still pay out billions in foreign aid to countries like India and Pakistan which they do not need (well India doesn't and Pakistan is no friend of this country). What amazes me is that none of our mainstream political parties attack this huge expenditure! We cannot afford it!

Why are we still in two wars when neither war affects our security. The war in Afghanistan does not concern us. Let's face it we have absorbed so many of their citizens into our economy that both Iraq and Afghanistan should be eternally grateful!

If, back in 1976, my wife and I had borrowed our way out of our financial difficulties then we would still be paying it back. Alistair Darling is borrowing billions just to win the next election and the idiots in this country will cheer. The rest of us know that it has to be paid back with interest. It will not work because most of the public will not rush out to spend the few quid that he has tossed in our direction.

NoLab have frittered away their inheritance and it showed in their embarrassed faces in the House of Commons today. It is poor economics and everyone knows it. Wake up folks Brown and Darling are driving us into the ground and they don't care because despite their fine words they will lose the next election (if we ever get one) and then somebody will have to repair the damage that they have caused.

My worry is that the last time the Tories got their hands on the economy it was a disaster and we were so chuffed when a fresh faced conman like Tony Blair told us that 'Things can only get better'!

So here we are today and where do we go from here? NoLab have proven themselves to be useless and the Tories have also proven themselves in the past to be equally useless. The LibDems have no authority whatsoever so who can lead the country. Maybe we should go back to the monarchy and let Prince Charles have a go (joke folks) but we need a radical approach to our future. Unfortunately we will never get one unless we embrace a new fringe party

Friday, 21 November 2008

Kimmy RIP

This morning my beloved dog had to be put down by the vet. She had suffered two fits which were very distressing so we had no choice. Her last few hours were awful for all of us.

We have had her almost fifteen years and I walked her almost every day during that time. She had a lovely sweet nature and although dogs don't talk she knew exactly how to communicate what she wanted.

Since I retired we have been almost constant companions and her presence is everywhere in the house. I feel absolutely lost without her. She had a lovely life and gave back as much as she received. This afternoon I ate tea by myself and I was heartbroken.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Question Time

I am watching Question Time and Melanie Phillips from the Daily Mail has just voiced what so many of us think. She has just said that the three main political parties refuse to acknowledge that there are concerns about the lack of debate about Europe, and Immigration.

It is of concern that the BNP is the only escape that people like me have because we do not believe that we should be part of the unauditable European Union. Why is it that the only political party we have who declares against this monolithic Europoean Union is declared odious, vile and racist?

In my opinion it is the only peg that we can our hat on. If you look at the cross section of the public who have joined the BNP then they are not all racists. They are really a cross section of society. I see them as people who really care about our society. Yes there will be racists involved, like in NoLab there are communists, but then in all political parties there is a broad church and I can quite understand why people are looking at the BNP because there is no alternative.

One either votes BNP if you wish for exit from Europe and a credible policy
on Immigration or you vote for the three main parties. Is that a choice? Jesus (sorry) I am not a member of the BNP but what other choices do we have?

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Strictly Come Dancing

Two days ago I blogged that John Sargeant was inadvertently in danger of wrecking the BBC's flagship programme 'Strictly Come Dancing'. I suggested that perhaps it was time to remove himself from the controversy so that the programme could return to the original format to discover the best dancer from a cast of amateurs.

Today he did the honourable thing and announced that he will dance for the last time on Saturday night. Well done John you have onbiously given a great deal of pleasure to a lot of people but enough is enough. This year we have the best set of dancers the programme has ever had and it would have been a travesty if a competition in which everyone is absolutely busting a gut to win could be ruined by a prank.

Well done John we see so little integrity in public life today that it was a pleasure to you conducting yourself with dignity. I do feel somewhat sorry for your partner though who has been magnificent.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The News Tonight!

Am I not the only person who is utterly sick of NoLab politicians publicly apologising for their behaviour and then carrying on exactly as before. Remember this is the nauseating Council who failed Victoria Klymbie (spelling) and then continued to follow NoLab dogma which is based on politics and not on human compassion!

They keep saying sorry when they are caught out but they are being caught out on every aspect of their policies. They only care about power and how to achieve it. They do not care about people. They only care about control. They apologise but NEVER resign because they are part of the political class that NoLab has created and is expanding and as such they have no conscience!

I promise you that this is now developing into a war. The British (English) people are under attack from an almost invisible enemy. Witness tonight that the BNP have had their total membership list published on the Internet and it is now in the hands of the press.

This is how to effectively destroy the opposition. It is disgusting! The BNP are a legal political party who disagree with Gordon Brown. To publish a list of their members is an act of betrayal and we have already discovered this week that opposition to Gordon and Ed is not tolerated. Look at Nevres Kemal and I make no apology for revisiting this courageous lady because they trumped up a charge designed to punish her honesty and threaten her most treasured possession. They attempted to take away her daughter!

I tell you what folks get ready for the struggle. You never thought that the Soviet Union would come to England. You never thought that East Germany could ever arrive on our shores. Well tell that to Baby P, tell that to the soldiers coming back from the war zones miles away from home dead or broken, tell that to the uneducated kids deprived of a proper education, tell that to the pensioners who cannot heat their homes and tell that to the members of the BNP who thought that they would support a cause which disagrees with Gordon Brown and tomorrow might lose their jobs!

And just to emphasise the issue they won't find my name on the membership list of the BNP but they bloody well might find it in the morning!!!

We must find a home for our outrage and now we have got one. If NoLab are so troubled by the existence of the BNP then perhaps we should challenge them. Perhaps Nick Griffin is not the best person to lead us and perhaps some of their members are not who we would want to get into bed with BUT their mission statement is clear and unequivocal. They clearly state that they disagree with NoLab and will fight them.

Perhaps if enough of us join the BNP then we can steer them towards respectability. If they do have a racist connotation and I am not saying that wanting to limit immigration or wishing to curb Muslim extremism is racist then perhaps we will suddenly have a fourth and very appealing political force.

I think that it is worth a thought.

Haringey Council

This horror story continues to evolve and the mainstream press reporters are really getting stuck in and rightly so.

It now appears that the Child Protection Officers are all following guidelines layed down by those on high. They appeared to be terrified or unable to use their eyes, ears and common sense. This poor little boy was passed from Social Workers to Police to Doctors for months on end and nobody seemed to be able to make the only sensible decision possible and get him out of that woman's care.

It appears that the guidelines state that the child should remain in the care of the mother wherever possible and so that was it. The kid was obviously being battered senseless but if the guidelines say he must stay then so be it. After all if you go against the guidelines like Nevres Kemal did then you could be up on charges of child neglect.

What type of person terrifies people to this extent? What type of organisation refuses to allow people who work under such pressure to use common sense? Who is such a control freak that they impose guidelines and regulations on almost everyone regardless of experience?

When Ed Balls the Children's Minister stands up and says that he is calling yet another enquiry into Child neglect in Haringey I suspect that he already knows who is to blame. He knows who wrote the guidelines and he knows who imposed them on the staff. I suspect that when he looks in the mirror he is quite close to the culprit!

Sunday, 16 November 2008


Last week an event happened in Boston (Lincs) which failed to capture too many headlines but I think that it is quite significant. In a By-Election for the Fenland Ward the BNP gained more votes than all the other parties combined.

Now before you cut your throat in horror let me tell you that the overall turnout was only 22.1% which just about sums up the public apathy in this country for local elections. I do think though that the result was interesting. The BNP candidate polled 279 votes, an Independent 141 and then came the main stream parties, Conservative 119, NoLab 64, UKIP 24 and LibDems 23.

You see if you want out of the corrupt European Union, like I do, the only parties who you can turn to are the BNP and UKIP. All of the main political parties are aligned to the European Union and like NoLab probably won't give you a vote because they think they would lose. The result of this little election appears to suggest that UKIP have lost their way completely much like the LibDems since Nick Clegg took over.

The problem is that if you read the mainstream media you will not want to align yourself with the cropped headed, swastika tattooed, bovver boys who want to wage war on anyone who is non white and pollute the BNP. If you visit their web site or read their very professional newspaper you suddenly get a different perspective. I cannot really disagree with their mission statement either and some of their news items expose activities that the other newspapers amazingly will not report.

I think that support for the BNP is growing as people become dissillusioned with the nonsense in the House of Commons. Week after week goes by and nothing changes. Nobody is addressing the issues which concern the man in the street. Gordon Brown may have the support of the media, particularly the BBC, but most people I talk to hate the man. David Cameron has an open goal every week in PM's Question Time but can't make Brown answer a question. They should be attacking everything that NoLab stands for and exposing their power crazy antics but they draw back from going for the kill.

I think their unity over the European question prevents Cameron from hitting Brown too hard. Whatever the reason this is not the Conservative Party which we once knew. Integrity appears to be lacking which is a concern. I shall be watching the march of the BNP in the future and if nobody else tells you about them I will.

Nevres Kemal

Nevres Kemal is the woman with the Turkish Cypriot background who allegedly tried to save the children of Haringey from Sharon Shoesmith the Children's Services Director and her Deputy Cecilia Hitchen. She has been labelled 'The Whistleblower' for writing to leading politicians warning them that if Haringey continued with their current code of practice then someone would die. She was completely ignored.

For that she was falsely accused of 'child abuse'. A trumped up case which threatened her relationship with her own daughter. It was a vicious, malicious, nasty attack on her character and an entirely predictable response from NoLab officials who ruthlessly crack down on any opposition. Make no mistake folks these NoLab people are not playing games here. They have an agenda which most of us normal,average people will never comprehend.

It is all about power and we all know what power does and what absolute power also does. We English don't like revolutions. We don't like our politicians but we don't think that in our democracy they intend to destroy us. Then along comes the case of Nevres Kemal and exposes the real aims and intentions of those who serve a 'rotten' borough like Haringey.

The trouble about this case is that it has nauseated even the most apathetic of us. To torture a little boy in such a cruel and barbaric manner is bad enough but what about the women who allowed them to do it? What can we do with people who are so power crazy that they have no feelings for abused children whatsoever? These women put their jobs above the safety of Baby 'P'. Have they resigned? What do you think? A little boy has been slaughtered but it probably won't appear on their pie charts and graphs and therefore according to Sharon Shoesmith there was a lot of 'good practice' in her department. In my opinion she should be jailed as an example to all those NoLab officials who think that colouring in their charts is sufficient to keep them in their six figure salaries.

If I was David Cameron I would offer Nevres Kemal a job to advise the Tories on just how bad NoLab practice is and then attack them on all sides. If I was the Queen she would be on my next Honour's List because there is little doubt that this very brave woman is a heroine.

Friday, 14 November 2008

Haringey Council

Can anyone really believe that the system introduced by NoLab is falling apart at the seams? The system which depends on every government department reaching targets imposed on them by Gordon Brown and his cohorts is failing all across the land but then it is bound to.

Remember the Marxist states of the Soviet Union, East Germany and Rumania? They all failed because the Marxist target driven policies will never serve the people. They only serve the political class. That is why today's police fail the public but serve their political masters. The Civil Service is no longer apolitical. The BBC resemble the former Soviet mouthpiece 'Pravda' (Pravda is Russian for truth).

Today in this country they have created a political class, an army of administrators, trustees and grey suited aparatchiks who depend on this government for their inflated salaries. We also have a huge underclass, a sub culture of scum who also depend on this government for their welfare cheques. Add to that an immigrant population who should be grateful for entrance to our welfare state and this is a huge bedrock of Labour voters.

That is the plan. Make so many people dependent on the state that they dare not vote for any other party. Simple isn't it?

Then along comes 'Baby P' and even the scum bags and the apathetic and the ignorant have to blink and think 'hell what is happening in my country?' The details of this case and the slavish acceptance of NoLab policies by the Haringey Council are so utterly abhorrent that even people who have been conditioned not to think beyond football, WAGS and the X Factor are talking about it.

We have Social Workers working to a plan which makes them partners with sex abusers and murderers. We have doctors who cannot diagnose a broken back and in Manchester the Social Services ignore a mother who then kills her kids! The final insult is that all these people are being paid a king's ransom to fail their clients.

So what happens when someone who is actually concerned about the welfare of the children writes via her lawyer to Labour MPs. They fall back on NoLab principles and cover it all up because the person responsible for implementing NoLab doctrine is Sharon Shoesmith who is one of THEM! She has a six figure salary which entitles her to luxury trips abroad and entrance to boxes at high profile race meetings despite the fact that she knew about the death of 'Baby P'.

This is NoLab in action folks. It is real and in your face and at the head of it all is Gordon Brown the man scared of facing the electorate who despite his promises has denied you a vote on the European Union. You will only see democracy in action in this country when we get that vote.

Gordon Brown has ruined our economy. He has ruined our social services. He has ruined almost everything that he has touched and do you know what... he cannot even tie a tie! Have you noticed that this man who represents our country cannot tie a tie! I cringe every time I see this imposter in public.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Broken Britain

It is now a daily occurrence. Events which thirty years ago would not be imagined are now happening in our homes and on our streets with a regularity which are appalling. And yet we the British stoically keep accepting that we live in a democracy and that eventually everything will be OK.

It is not OK. We were the bastion of democracy fifty years ago. We led the world in almost everything. We had wonderful education which we exported to the third World. Our NHS was the envy of the world and our justice system was strong and effective. Everyone knew what would happen if we committed crime. Crime against women and children was punished so severely that it rarely happened. Crime against the police was socially unacceptable.

Fast forward to today and read the papers and listen to the news. We have lost all sense of propriety. We have a Prime Minister no less (who will never be elected) who refuses to accept any responsibility for the grotesque events which occur daily on our streets. We have black gangs running around our street killing and maiming.

We have young uneducated, unmarried mothers being rewarded for lying on their backs and doing what comes naturally but then we have the consequence of their pleasure. Thousands of largely unwanted children are now clogging up the education system.

I see what my grandchildren are having to do to comply with the demands of the NoLab
Education Secretary (sorry Children's Minister)and yet the mothers of the kids who cannot read, write or think will ignore these targets and their kids will end up polluting the streets.

My grandchildren are being burdened by unbelieveable workloads (at ages 7 and 5) and yet the literacy and numeracy levels in this country are abysmally low. The kids move through the system and unless they are part of the great unwashed they will get 'A' grades but probably 'A' Star grades. They then fast forward to university and we in Loughborough know all about that. Don't get me wrong because Loughborough University has a good record but we as residents suffer. What about the social responsibilty of these universities?

The kids who go to university have a great social life and then suddenly they face reality. By that time they are in huge debt and they have a degree which means absolutely nothing. Oh and by this time they are 24 years of age!

These are the kids who have some sort of social backing and the bank of Mum and Dad will always look after their kids but what about the others? They are being left with no form of support. Mum and Dad (oh sorry because dad has buggered off and the slut doesn't know who the father was or which father fathered which child) cannot help this child with his or her homework because they only copulate. They have been encouraged by NoLab to produce children so that they will receive a home away from their feckless parents!

What about these kids? Who is encouraging them? Who looks after them? Who inspires them? These are the questions that I would like the disciples of the New Labour Project to answer. They have spawned a generation of delinquents. What do we do with them and the same question goes to the Tories.

Every town and every city know who these people are and yet they are being encouraged by NoLab. It has to stop! How do we stop it?

Well this has only happened since the onset of the European Union. Everything has happened since we became part of this horrendous alliance. We are being crippled by the alliance beteen NoLab and Europe. They want to destroy England. Let's face it Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own parliaments and the reason for that is that they are irrevalent because they can now legislate for themselves. The English are not irrelevant they are significant and therefore dangerous and must be destoyed! Argue against me! I challenge anyone to argue against what I say is happening to the English. We are being marginalised, forgotten, abused and degraded.

What should we do?

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Baby 'P'

I find only one consolation in this abhorrant case. I am currently watching Beverley Hughes squirming publically on Newsnight because frankly she has no answers to the fact that this poor mite had his toenails pulled out by this horrendous individual. His back was broken! My wife said tonight that she didn't want to know what had happened to this poor kid!!

None of us want to know and that is the problem! This poor little lad was subjected to abuse which is beyond the belief of any decent person. Hopefully, because we cannot hang them, they will fall foul to natural justice. I cannot believe that I am saying this but when they arrive in prison I hope that someone will turn a blind eye...

PM's Question Time

Last month I blogged that this weekly parliamentary farce was a waste of time because the current PM never answers a question. Today he was at it again and showed himself incapable of reacting like a human being. When asked by David Cameron why the leader of Haringey's Child Protection Unit was being allowed to investigate the failings of her own department he fell back on political rhetoric as he always does.

His inability to recognise the public revulsion about this case was never more evident. It is now quite clear that the most important thing to him is the maintenance of the New Labour Project. The growth of the governing political class must not be allowed to be derailed by the death and torture of a little boy. It does not matter that kids are being shot on the streets. It does not matter that the country is rapidly being bankrupted. The only thing that matters is that the New Labour Project moves forward.

I think that the person heading the Child Protection Unit concerned will no doubt be asked to resign. She will publically resign but after a short holiday she will be quietly employed somewhere else. This is how the New Labour Project works but don't tell the people of Glenrothes because they wouldn't believe you!

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Baby 'P'

I make no apology for revisiting this disgraceful subject after seeing the ITV news this evening. I watched a woman called Sharon Shoesmith, who is head of the criminally neglectful staff, say that there are no grounds to sack the people who allowed this poor child to suffer so terribly. Sacked! They should be jailed! Apparently they got written warnings and that sums up the care that these bloody people have for our society.

What do we have to do to make these politically correct morons understand that the torture of a child is unacceptable. It is so unacceptable that she and all the people involved should be hauled in front of a court and jailed for their utter incompetence!

If we don't jail them then it will happen again and again. How many kids need to be tortured in Harringey before Sharon Shoesmith realises that her values are incomprehensible to a decent,caring human being. She is obviously brainwashed by the culture of the New Labour Project which will always care more for their political aims than the safety of any child.

Our society, our caring society, a society which has always respected the care of our children and our elderly is being systematically destroyed by a political class which is only interested in their political goals. It all stems from the corrupt and unaudited European Union. Come on folks argue against me - the European Union, political correctness and positive descrimination tortured poor little baby 'P'.

Gordon Brown will not care a fig about Baby 'P' but he is ultimately responsible.

PS I am now watching 'Newsnight' the New Labour Project's mouthpiece and they are going on about further training and learning - that is not the answer - the answer is employing the experienced and elderly! Get them to train the next generation of carers, teachers and instructors because they have the last vestige of educated sensibility and that should be passed on to the current generation - Fat Chance!

Baby 'P'

The details emerging of the injuries received by this poor little mite are so harrowing that I cannot think of a better reason to bring back the death penalty in this country. I make no apology that I personally would go even further and publically flog the swine responsible. I know that puts me firmly in the camp of the hangers and floggers which the do gooders love to denounce but have they a better idea?

How long will the decent members of the public have to wait before someone who makes the rules decides that enough is enough and introduces a punishment which will put the fear of God into the type of person who thinks that it is fun to torture a defenceless baby.

And what about the useless pillocks at the Harringey Child Protection Unit (or whatever other trendy name they go under)? How can these people sleep at night? How can we describe the idiots who allowed this to happen after 60 visits!! What were they looking at? What were they looking for? How stupid does one have to be to miss what was going on?

Clearly the recruitment policies at councils like Harringey are not meeting the criteria for the job involved. Political correctness and positive discrimination have replaced experience and common sense. I would bet that there are thousands of grandmothers in this country who would give their eye teeth for the inflated salaries of those who failed to detect systematic torture. Any one of them would have had that baby out of there without a backward glance.

Another class victory for the New Labour Project!

Monday, 10 November 2008

Obese Children

I see the experts are bleating on again about how obese our children are getting. Has it never occurred to them that children who are not free to play outside are bound to get obese. As a child I was free to roam anywhere and played out all day with my friends unmolested. What kind of society have we created when kids cannot play outside because there are so many monsters roaming our streets.

Is it not about time that we began protesting about this outrage. I cannot believe that we have sat back and accepted this situation allowing the likes of this awful Home Secretary to ignore the obvious.

We all know that the lack of police on the streets (which of course nobody is to blame for), soft sentencing and the treacherous Human Rights Act have conspired to keep our children indoors where they lose their social skills and get fatter and fatter.

Sooner or later somebody will have to undo the damage of the New Labour project which has always been designed to allow the state to bring up your children. That is why we have the highest teenage pregnancy rates in Europe, the drunkest kids, the most uneducated children in the last one hundred and fifty years and now the fattest kids in history. New Labour is working for you but you won't like the result.

The European Union

I read that the auditors have refused to sign of the accounts of the European Union for the fourteenth consecutive year! This is of course a travesty of democracy particularly as we have never been given the chance to vote on the issue.

Now I can understand why supporters of the New Labour project would support the EU because they are part of it. They work for the EU after all so they are bound to be involved.

What I don't understand is the reluctance of David Cameron to question the reasons behing the inability of the EU to pass an audit. Why are the three main parties ignoring this failure which by its very existence questions the eligibility of the EU. Every organisation has to be publically audited and after fourteen years of failure surely somebody in Parliament should be asking question.

We pay an enormous amount of money into the EU so that it can be redistributed to the poorer countries when it is patently obvious it would be better being used by us to support the NHS, build lots more prisons and raise the basic pension to a respectable rate so the elderly can afford to heat their flats and houses. Why have the three main parties united behind the EU when it has such an appalling financial record?

Only UKIP and the BNP openly oppose the EU and state that they would if elected pull us out. I am amazed that they don't get more votes and can only put it down to misinformation and apathy. Think about it folks! Fourteen years of European sleaze supported by Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg. It makes you proud to be British!

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Remembrance Day

Last night I met mates of mine with whom I have shared so many experiences. Most of them are still actively enagaged in the TA even though they are all now in their sixties (sorry Dennis)! We had a lovely evening and a really nice meal which we do once a year. They then spend the whole weekend doing the 'right' thing supporting each other and let's face it they are the bedrock of British society.

This made me think, because after that they spend the rest of the weekend engaged in TA activities. I love them all like brothers so why do I not join them? The answer to that is that I do not know. I made a conscious decision that I did not want to be an 'old'soldier and when I left the service then I left for good. Yes I could have earned very good money trading on a very high reputation but I wanted to quit at the right time. In my opinion I had no more to contribute so that was the end of my military career.

Tomorrow all my brothers will attend our local church in uniform and I will do what I always do and watch the proud men and women walk down to the cenotaph and place their flowers in their designated spot. Every year I cry watching these elderly heroes (male and female) strut their stuff because I realise that they are the last of a generation which we will never see again. They pass by with rows of medals, some of them limping along in time to the march wearing row upon row of bravely earned medals.

For me the parade will once again be ruined when good old Gordon Brown, who has done more than anyone in history, to besmirch our armed services, marches forward to deliver a wreathe. He alone has cut back the Armed Forces to such an extent that the standing of living of our heroes can almost be described as squalid.

Believe you me this man is no friend of the Armed Forces and they all know it. When I was a soldier one could expect a good standard of care for the family and when I was away doing 'my thing' I knew that they would be looked after. Today the quarters are a shambles of the standards which I would have accepted.

When the poor guys who have copped it return then they have to beg for adequate compensation. Nobody (apart from the British Legion) ever represents them because they are not an ethnic minority in need of pity/sanctity or politically correctivity!
After all they only give their lives or their limbs for their country and yet so many are living in destitution while the ethnic visitors from countries like Afghanistan live like pop stars!

Make no mistake this is down to Gordon Brown! He hates the forces with a passion! You don't believe me; then just ask when was the last time that a NoLab Cabinet Minister visited or even acknowledged a wounded or dead soldier. They do not visit the wards (there used to be military hospitals until NoLab came to power) and if anyone can prove me wrong I will readily apologise.

The British Army is overcommitted. How do we keep recruiting such magnificent soldiers in this era of social injustice. People like Gordon Brown and Geoff Hoon spit on our soldiers perhaps it is time that the young soldiers of today spat back!


Friday, 7 November 2008

Glenrothes - 20000 blinkered Scots!

Well I did say that it would be close and to be honest it wasn't! I have to admit that I have 'previous' in this region because my parents were Scottish and my father's sister and her family lived in Kirkcaldy.

Glenrothes is an old Labour stronghold mainly because it had a mining background and some of these people are so blinkered that they still believe that Gordon Brown represents socialist principles. He was brought up in the area so they are refusing to believe that Gordon would change sides and alongside Tony Blair put himself ahead of his former principles.

I suspect that the Credit Crunch hasn't reached them yet and the fact that the NoLab candidate was a local school head probably won the day. I get the impression that they are really quite parochial and let's face it many of the Scots realise that English subsidies make life that much easier. NoLab have ensured that they looked after the electorate north of the border and their lives have not been blighted in the way we have suffered in the south.

Education in Scotland is untouched by Ed Balls. The cleanliness standards of the NHS do not seem to have fallen like they did in the south. They still have Scottish Law and so there is a semblance of order. The European Union does not appear to 'interfere' so much with Scotland as it does in England and of course they have their own parliament something not enjoyed by the English.

All that together with the fact that they consider the Tories and the Liberals as 'English' and therefore lower than scum. This is because their history books have been doctored conveniently forgetting that a large part of the army which eventually defeated the Scots at Culloden were in fact other Scots!

People believe that this one result might persuade Gordon to contemplate a General Election. Forget it...there are still an awful lot of English around and he knows it!

Thursday, 6 November 2008

The Banking Industry

I am currently watching Question Time and watching Jack Straw grovel over Iraq is gratifying but the question which really gets me going is the answer about the banking industry.

As I see it we, the taxpayer, have been forced to bail out the banks. We have never been allowed a vote on this (remember we are still regarded as a democracy) but this crowd of idiots who almost ruined the British economy have been allowed to continue in their traditional manner.

They still expect to receive their bonuses which frankly are obscene and yet the banks do not appear to have understood or even been grateful that their sorry arses have been saved. They continue to operate in exactly the same way as before.

The New Labour Project which has sustained these people throughout their money grabbing activities has been shown to be unable to control the banking industry. They have thrown our money at the very people who have almost brought our banking industry to collapse and on the surface they have not imposed any conditions!

What do they have to do before we are regarded as being the poorest country in the world?

What we were saying just weeks ago!

I have shamelessly lifted the following contribution posted anonymously on the Guido Fawkes blog. Guido was running a feature on the No2ID people who have 'kidnapped' the Home Secretary's DNA. It is very interesting but amongst the posts, some of which are so disgusting that they defy comment, was this message completely unconnected with the story.

It describes frighteningly how we were 'persuaded' by the government, the press and the bankers to adopt a philosophy which has eventually lead to financial disaster. Read on and can you recognise yourself? If not then you are probably well placed to ride out the credit crunch!

Politics is boring - no more boom and bust - I will not let house prices get out of control - borrow and spend - spending is good - spending is all - spending is your patriotic duty - what's the point of saving - my house is my pension - Live for today -tomorrow might never come -you can't take it with you -spending the kids inheritance - growing old disgracefully - I have a lifestyle to maintain - we're having a black granite worksurface fitted -sex and shopping - because I'm worth it -put it on the plastic - releasing equity - what's the point of leaving it sitting in the bank - I'm a shopaholic (giggle) - I'm into buy to let - I'm a property developer - houses are a great investment - spend spend spend - ignore the doom mongers - It's different this time - I'll pay you back next week honest - we bought three flats in Bulgaria as an investment - the bloody banks charged me £30 just because I went overdrawn again - we have three holidays abroad a year plus four weeks in Salcombe in the summer - the kids are spoilt rotten but I hate saying no to them - you can make money out of property without even trying - what's the point of money if you can't spend it?

It all seems a bit silly now doesn't it?


Today the people of Glenrothes, a small town in Fife, have a privilege which many of us yearn for. They have the opportunity to vote during Gordon Brown's term of office. The rest of us are waiting stoically for an opportunity to vote for Gordon Brown as Prime Minister of even if we should be part of the great European redistribution of wealth scam.

The last time Scottish voters had a chance to illustrate how much we admire Gordon the voters of Glagow East, up until then a hotbed of Socialism, decided they would be better off with the Scottish Nationalists.

I just hope that the people of Glenrothes are not blinded that Gordon represents Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath(the next door consituency)and is credited with saving the local football club Raith Rovers. It is said that he has been canvassing personally on the local streets but I have never seen that confirmed. I don't think he would risk a public appearance unless it was early morning with specially selected members of the party, sorry public, surrounded by minders three deep.

I think it could be very close because of the local considerations but surely they are not daft. If Gordon loses Glenrothes then surely the game is up. It would be the final proof that nobody wants him and the only reason to remain would be to wreck what is left of our economy.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Barack Obama

Ok it has happened and America has their first half black President (Honest he really is half white!). He is a really deeply impressive orator but I cannot help regressing back in time to the election of Tony Blair as PM following 20 years of Tory sleaze. We all thought that we had our Messiah. Honestly I fully remember so many of us greeting the election of Tony Blair as almost the second coming!

Now we all know what happened after that. Tony Blair was the worst conman that this country has ever produced. He involved our army in wars that were none of our business and as a result committed our forces to wars that we could not win but which would commit them for years to come. He reduced parliamentary procedures to a farce, politicised the bedrock of out society like the Civil Service and the Police, so that their powers were neutered. He also introduced the Human Rights Act which of course employed his wife profitably but has been the demise of any attempt to punish criminals or foreigners who commit crime.

It reminds me of the reaction of so many people to the anointing of Barack Obama. I would just like to add a note of caution. He cannot single handedly fight the evil in our western world. Look at the Bilderberger Group who control so much of western finance and the press. He talks continually about 'change' but so did his opponent John McCain. He would not be in the position that he is or to have spent so much money on his campaign, unless somewhere along the line he has done deals.

Big business would never, ever, allow a novice like Barack Obama into the hot seat unless they know that he will do as he is told. Sorry folks but that is the ugly truth! Somebody, somewhere is supporting Barack Obama and they are not doing that because they want democracy to survive! At that level democracy is a joke.

Having said that I really want him to do well but more than that I want him to survive. Barack Obama has arrived in a wave of sentiment, good will and hope but then so did Tony Blair! Let us hope that the American version is the real deal.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Criminal Damage

My front garden is simple and neat. The guy who designed it and block paved it so expertly did a great job and I have spent a lot of time keeping it neat so that it looks nice.

On Saturday night some lunatic came along stood on my low wall and jumped into one of my neatly trimmed privit bushes crushing it an splitting the whole bush wide open.

I cannot imagine the type of individual who would walk past a neat but unobtrusive garden and decide to destroy it. This is the type of idiot who we have bred in this country during the past twenty years. It is likely to have been a student because we have hundreds living close by and out of term time we live in a very quiet suburban area.

When the students return we are suddenly surrounded by unwanted shopping trollies, discarded road signs, shattered glass and fast food cartons. There is something about the 'yoof' of today which makes them an alien species to previous generations who were brought up to be courteous, responsible and neighbourly.

I know that many of the youngsters are probably extremely decent types but generally and collectively they are capable of being over-sexed, drunken, wasters who display a lack of knowledge and manners which makes them the most hideous generation ever spawned in this country.

I feel so much better now!!

The BBC and the Snouts in the Trough

It is amazing that quite often one isolated incident like the recent furore over the Russell Brand Show often uncovers a whole host of worms which the powers that be want to cover up. Take the BBC for instance because it now transpires that over fifty of it's staff are on salaries which far exceed that of the Prime Minister.

This is from a company which is funded by you and I the British taxpayer. In effect they should be accountable to us and so their salaries should reflect concern about not wasting taxpayer's money. So how have all these people been allowed to raise the salary levels way above that which I for one would consider agreeable.

Well the lucky old BBC has become part of Gordon Brown's New Labour Project (NLP). That means that as long as they follow the party line and broadcast NoLab propaganda then they have the right to grab as much public money as they like.

Ever since the row over Professor David Kelly which saw the resignation of Greg Dyke the philosophy of the BBC has been to be overtly sympathetic to NoLab. It is these days run by a BBC Trust which I believe was introduced by Harriet Harman and I would bet a pound to a pinch of salt that it is stuffed with supporters of NoLab because that is how the NLP works.

So here we go again we pay through the nose for a company which to all intents and purposes is so unwieldy that when Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross go bezerk with power nobody spots that they have gone over the top. It is high time that the BBC forgets the licence fee and make its own money. This fee should be abolished but have you ever seen any part of the NLP abolished. Even when it is crippling the country it grinds remorselessly on swallowing billions of pounds.

The problem is that I haven't seen any sign that the Tories want to halt the NLP either. I suspect that is because the NLP was spawned by the European Union and of course only the BNP wants to leave Europe which is why of course they are so 'odious'. That is the term always used by the Murdoch press empire to any body of people who want to leave the European Union.

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Derby v Forest

Tomorrow my beloved Rams take on their arch rivals the red dogs from Nottingham. During my last years as a worker I was a Civil Servant at a low level because I was just earning a few pennies before my real retirement. This is how I realised how incompetent the fast tracked Civil Servants actually were. The lower level is actually quite good but after that it is chaos!

During this time I met a guy who is really a soul mate. We are both sports nuts and during our humdrum existence we would chat over our computers. The problem was that he was a F****t season ticket holder and of course that is a real barrier to a friendship. Fortunately we are also sensible adults and so tomorrow we will enjoy the game, text each other with humour and banter throughout the ninety minutes.

Nothing will interfere with our friendship AS LONG AS DERBY WIN!!!