Thursday, 15 October 2009

I think that we have finally all gone mad...

I sold my motor scooter today. It was my pride and joy and in fact probably the last link with youth. It is amazing how the sixteen year olds react to a person on a flash scooter even though they have no idea what is under the crash helmet!

The couple who bought the scooter for their son who lives in London are what I would describe as being just normal, respectable, indigenious English people. The type of people who my wife and I readily identify with. There was no bartering, no conning because we had agreed a price and it was paid. They got a good product and we got a fair price. It was like stepping back in time but one thing that we agreed upon in next to no time was that we feared for our children and grandchildren.

Why is it that every time we listen to the news we despair. There is never, ever, any good news. Why cannot we impeach Tony Blair for war crimes? We all know that is what he deserves. Why do we have to put up with the NoLab crooks? We all know that they have ruined the country with a ridiculous idealogy which has now been proven to be disastrous.

The controversy on MPs expenses rumbles on because the man who was charged with sorting it out forgot about the 'flipping' houses fiasco where so many of our leading politicians cheated on the nomination of their second homes to maximise their expenses.

It goes further and it is unbelieveable that this crowd of rogues continue to exploit every advantage. For example it is curious that many of the opposition politicians who should have pronounced a sentence on Jacqui Smith actually missed the meeting leaving her fate to NoLab politicians. Please don't tell me that this was not intentional. This disreputable woman, an icon of sleeze in a party which history will condemn as the most corrupt in living memory, should only have to apologise to the House of Corruption.

It goes much further. Who actually is running the country? We know who is ruining it but when will we ever get good news?

Tesco reckon our kids are not being educated (well we all knew that), dozens of NHS trusts are failing their patients (nothing new there), the elderly being abused everywhere (case after case in the dead tree press), crime rampant, 'travellers' constructing permanent sites on 'green belts' and being allowed to remain...soldiers being killed and maimed but immigrants being allowed favourable housing.

Married couples being penalised while young pregnant females gain priority in the housing queue. Oh we all know that I could go on and on ad nauseum.

The bottom line is that when Gordon Brown ducked the election after he was shoe-horned into the most important and prestigious position that we hold he excused this affront to democracy by relying upon his 'vision' for the future. Well we all now know that he never had a vision for the future unless it was to bankrupt the country.

We all know that we should march upon Downing Street and throw Brown into the Thames but it is not in our DNA and he knows it. However if we don't do it soon we will all go mad! The futures of our kids depend on our action and yet we still do nothing. We must redress this calumny or face the consequences.

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