Monday, 24 February 2014

The Postal Vote!

This morning I received a communique from the Conservative Party encouraging me to sign up for a postal vote!  It included two applications to vote by post so that it would now appear that anyone can apply for a postal vote withour any proof of identity. 

There have already been many examples of electoral fraud involving postal voting but still the mainstream political parties embrace it.  Accompanying these applications was a message from David Cameron and a questionnaire entitled 'Standing Up for Britain'.

The overriding message was that the Conservative Party was protecting hardworking people and was going to negotiate with the EU for a fundamental change so that the EU works for Britain. How much this exercise has cost the Conservative party beggars belief as it also sent a prepaid envelope which I will take great delight in using.

They will not like my response!  They know that David Cameron CANNOT 'negotiate' for a change in the rules which govern our membership of the EU.  They have no intention of allowing the British people an IN/OUT referendum on our membership of the EU.  Any responsible and informed former Tory voter has long since defected to UKIP and more will follow.

This communique is an exercise in deception and my only regret is that too many people will be fooled by it.  I therefore reiterate that the only party that will take us out of Europe is UKIP.  The Tories have had four years to convince the electorate that they are genuine with regard to the EU.  They have failed!

We must change the one party state that exists in Westmonster!

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"We must change the one party state in Westmonster"
And this would