Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Daniel Pelka...Baby 'P'... how many More?

It is time to ask questions!  We have had so many excuses and apologies but these poor kids still keep dying in horrific circumstances.  How many more before kids will die before they tighten up the system so that no kid can steal food from other kids and forage into waste bins to survive?

Are these teachers blind or just incompetent? Is it that they accept  a slavish dogma of union rules so that they do not want to confront the parents or get involved with the law?  What could prevent a teacher from saving the life of one of their pupils?  There are news pictures of this kid's teacher click-clacking into court surrounded by her briefs.  Am I being unfair?

Surely someone should have picked this brutal treatment up before the ultimate death of this poor child?  I am really angry because I love my granddaughters but at one point I was prevented from recording a school performance because I might have been a pervert!!  How did they think that would make me feel? Did they care?  No they are just following orders but when push comes to shove common sense disappears and a little boy is tortured before he is murdered.  I weep for him but then I would like to see his parents strung up from the nearest lamp post.

Can anyone with compassion argue against this ultimate punishment?  Animals deserve to die like animals and then we should all have a day off to celebrate!!

Monday, 29 July 2013

Out of Hours Healthcare ...a Modern Disgrace!

Our useless politicians spend hours each week bickering about inconsequential petty politics and regularly ignore the concerns of the public.  None of them exposed the scandal of the many NHS Trusts who were killing patients by following the targets imposed on them by a profligate Labour party and ordered by Sir David Nicholson (still in post).  None of them have investigated the Board of the NHS who surely must bear some responsibility for the thousands of deaths of patients who died whilst in their care.

It was the Labour Party under Blair/Brown who decided to hand out huge pay rises to the medical profession whilst at the same time renegotiating their working hours.  The consequence was that out of hours medical cover by GPs was all but abandoned.  Who could possibly believe that this would benefit the public?

The Labour party make huge capital that they are the guardians of the NHS but in reality they destroyed it.  We, the public, are now left with a dangerously understaffed out of hours NHS.  The new 111 emergency number is apparently unsafe and out of hours we are at the mercy of foreign doctors being flown in at huge cost!

Out of hours medical cover is paramount in our lives.  When we are ill or injured we depend on adequate medical cover.  At the moment we are being let down.  Everybody knows that the Labour Party, with some deliberation, wrecked the NHS.  Their Union members (Guido Fawkes calls them 'Pilgrims') are still doing it! The Coalition have had three years to reverse the trend and they have done nothing but introduce the inadequate 111 helpline.

If I had my way I would recall them all from their summer holidays and insist that they work out a system which protects us all and not just those that can afford to pay for healthcare.  That is their job!  That is why we elected them!  Just another reason to vote UKIP and dump the three main, useless political parties.

If you want to know how we came to this point of crisis you don't need to look much further than here!

Sunday, 28 July 2013

How to Detect a Dangerous Food Source?

Nice and Safe?
A friend from Australia today sent me an E-Mail warning that Australia was importing food from unregulated sources.  He specifically mentioned China, Vietnam, Taiwan and Thailand as they grow vegetables using chemicals that are banned elsewhere. They then export these vegetables to countries like Canada and Australia who package them and label them produced in the packaging country.

They must however, include the country of origin on the bar code.  I did not know this but the first three numbers in the bar code indicates the country of origin.  For example 50 is the UK and 93 is Australia.  The ones to watch out for are 690-695 China, 471 Taiwan, 489 Hong Kong and 885 Thailand.

I immediately went through our larder and found 50 on almost everything until I came to olive oil which began 80.  It is hardly a surprise that Italy uses the number 80.  I think that we should all be more aware of the source of our food so if you are interested in a full list of bar code country numbers you can find then here.

Murder and the Public!

I read a story yesterday which summed up the judicial system hoist on us by the Political Class in this country.  Way back in 2011 a pensioner was bludgeoned to death in his own home by two 'travellers'.  Despite the nature of this horrendous murder the police were met by a 'wall of silence' from the 'travelling community'.  Those of us who call a spade a shovel would not expect anything else from this over protected minority group.

The police described them as 'career criminals' but they are only that because our judicial system allows them carte blanche to become 'career criminals', but here is the real rub. One of the offenders had been jailed for five years for a similar attack on a 73 year old woman during a burglary at her home in February last year!!  He had battered the woman to death with her own walking stick!

So let me get this right! This 'traveller' commits wanton murder on a pensioner and only gets five years.  He is after all a 'career criminal' so how many offences has he actually committed? Since when have sentences for murder be reduced to five years and then since when is he allowed out onto the streets within a year?

I want to know who is making these decisions?  Who is placing the elderly in jeopardy by allowing murdering travellers back onto the streets only weeks after the most horrendous of crimes. 

At the moment they are only 26 and 21 years old so after committing two murders against defenceless pensioners they have received sentences of 24 and 22 years respectively.  Given time off for 'good behaviour' they will be out on the streets just in time to bump off more pensioners.  What is going on and when will we get a government that will react to the fears of the public?

Friday, 26 July 2013

Electoral Fraud and the Labour Party!

Today in Derby an electoral official was found guilty of corrupting the British election system by giving relatives ballot papers that they were not entitled to receive.  She is a female Muslim and if television pictures are to be believed she attended the court procedure in full burkha mode.

That is bad enough but to many of us not a surprise.  What is a surprise is that the Labour party who benefited from this scam are prepared to hold onto the seat (won by 14 votes!) and are refusing to countenance a By-Election.  How dirty and low are these scumbags prepared to go to hang onto this seat which clearly was gained under suspicious circumstances?

Do we not have an electoral controlling authority?  What is happening in this country when the Muslim community are allowed to commit electoral fraud?  It is not the first time that this has happened and it does show how far they are prepared to go to gain a seat in power.

We should all be aware that if we do not fight our corner then the Asian communities are well and able to take more than their fair share of political power.  Today was not the first indication that they, given the chance, are prepared to cheat to win.  We should all be warned! 

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Royal Baby!

Am I alone in believing that the media coverage of the new 'kid' Cambridge has been way over the top?  Don't get me wrong but the mainstream media appear to have been almost 'blackmailed' into blanket coverage.

I have never seen such slavish media acceptance to a family who actually signed away the country to the European Union way back in the seventies.  The problem is that the mainstream media did not report it.  If the Queen had not signed over her country to the architects of the EU then we would still be an independent country. She was I'm afraid complicit in the EU fraud but it was not reported because it is beyond our belief!

Today the whole country were held to ransom by the birth of one boy.  They kept us on tenterhooks yesterday for four hours as the production kicked into action.  They are manipulating us all and they give us back very little.  

Just examine the track records of the Royals. Charles and Diana... and now Charles and the married Camilla. Wills and Harry have their 'colored backgrounds' and then we come to Prince Andrew and 'Fergie'. The royals are actually taking us for a ride and we should recognize it.  William and Kate are just part of a family firm that uses women as baby factories...ask Diana;.. aaah but you can't can you!?

If you want to know about history then view the 'The White Queen' because nothing changes when you are clinging to so much power!

Perhaps we should consider another name for the future King of the about King Dodie!

Sport and Education!

We are in limbo at the mo and I have been finding it difficult to find a subject without repeating myself but I just have to pay tribute to our sports people because recently we have had almost unprecedented success.

Despite the reluctance of teaching unions to promote sport in schools we continue to deny their socialist dogma and produce excellent young sports people.  Every time that one of our sporting heroes dips beyond excellence someone else takes their place.

This has been the summer of Andy Murray, Chris Froome, James Desaola (who?) and so many others and yet our schools are still not allowed to devote time to exercise.  Yes, they are paying homage to possibly a new doctrine of playing field sport (for those who still have playing fields) but every school needs a sports enthusiast and in many primary school males have been banished and those who venture into the hen coup are hardly male physical specimens (I am being very modern here!)

We need, at this level, male role models but how do we attract them?  What self respecting male wants to dive into this female dominated world where male physicality and male mentality is conclusively denied.

We have celebrated our sporting success but let us examine it.  Andy Murray went to Barcelona to escape the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA|).Chris Froome came from Kenya, our cricket team includes, South African trained, Pieterson, Trott, Prior and other mercenaries (Morgan)!

Our education unions persistently oppose sport in schools because it is good for the kids.  They oppose competition because it is good for the kids. They oppose discipline because it is good for the kids. They oppose streaming because it is good for the kids. They oppose exams that sort out the kids which is good for the kids.  For decades the teacher unions have opposed every measure meant to benefit the kids.

You may by now be getting my drift!! The teaching unions are not in power to help the  kids.  For thirty (forty) years they have actively destroyed education in this country.  They have manipulated exam results, they have destroyed the credibility of the ENGLISH education system ensuring that English kids are disadvantaged. The education system has been manipulated to disadvantage every child.  Our kids cannot speak English as well as the foreign kids.  The reason is that they have not been educated in English grammar.  Even many of the current teachers do not understand English grammar!

Something has to change.  Someone has to challenge the teaching unions so that we can get education back on track. The Unions are led by socialists not patriots and that is why most of our kids know nothing about their heritage and their potential.  Somehow we must reintroduce traditional education like I had where fairness and competition are not dirty words.  

Thursday, 11 July 2013

When will it Stop?

Day after day we have revelations that some public servants are creaming off huge amounts in almost any available scam.  They can call it what they like but severance payments, bonus payments or huge retirement pension pots are being creamed off by a small cartel of chief executives.  Once you have broken through the glass ceiling then millions are on offer.

The main perpetrators are the Civil Service, the BBC, the NHS, Local Government and a huge group of quangos.  They are all sucking on the teat of the public purse.  There is a huge row on the severance payments of top BBC executives.  They have been gorging themselves on our money. Then G4S have been discovered (not for the first time) to be cheating the public on security.

Let's face it this country is mired in corruption.  The people who are emerging at the top of every tree are generally corrupt. We cannot trust anyone anymore.  The people who the BBC and the mainstream media regularly feature are all playing a game and are being richly rewarded.

The game being played by all our EU supporting politicians/public servants and trade union chiefs is simple.  Spend as much as you want from the public purse because we must bankrupt the country as quickly as possible.  Nobody is even trying to stop it!  Even the politicians are in line for a pay rise despite their expenses and subsidies.

This country should follow the example of Cairo but then we don't care enough.  We accept that all these crooks can grab millions of our public money and they know that nobody will care enough to protest!  We are all mugs and deserve everything that we get!!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A List of Criminal or Dishonorable Actions! I am Astonished!

The reaction of the Obama regime to the whistle blowing exploits of  Ed Snowden has alerted many people that the American administration is not what most of us would expect.  We are far removed from their anxiety but internally all is not well with our Atlantic cousins.

I receive regular feeds from 'Before It's News' which specialises in exposing the news that the mainstream media does not want you to know.  They informed me that Egyptian President had been removed from office by the army before Sky News!

Now some of the contributors are a bit fanciful and alarmist but amidst it all are some gems.  So I thought I would introduce you to  a list of actions by President Obama which could be categorized as criminal or dishonorable!!

I have not been able to digest it all yet but one can fully understand why this Americans administration is hated around the world and with good reason.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

So Yet Another Reason to Leave the EU!

I have said it time after time that this country is under attack from our own politicians.  Every major politician has been supporting the European Union which of course supports the European Court of Human Rights which has just decided that mass murderers should be given a second chance to...well mass murder!

Some people have committed crimes that are so heinous we cannot comprehend the mentality of the perpetrators.  That is why they are locked up forever. We have given these people life sentences because they are dangerous!  We have abolished the death penalty and now they want to abolish life sentences.  What is the objective of the so called European law makers?

The objective is to break down every barrier which would deter a potential killer from achieving their ambition.  Our lawyers never harden justice it is forever softened which only encourages the mentally ill and puts the public in danger.

This is just another reason to leave the corrupt and ridiculous EU.  They have a plan to destroy us and that plan is supported by almost all our mainstream politicians.  They will protest and posture but in the end it will always happen because most of them have been bought and paid for.  The EU pays its employees very well because it has never been audited.

There is so much money sloshing around the Political Class that we the public must vote against the EU and their servants. So many politicians have stood as Conservatives who support the socialist EU including the Prime Minister. The only alternative is an Egyptian style protest where journalists get assaulted in Trafalgar Square.

When are we ever going to get some joined up government? Only UKIP are currently proposing any form of common sense.  The EU is set up to destroy our social structure and our democracy.  That is the reason that they now want to release convicted mass murderers back into our society.  They want to know how much they can get away with? How much more will we tolerate as a society?

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Andy Murray...I did Tell You!

Andy Murray has just won Wimbledon and he played brilliantly.  Five years ago I made what is probably my best call.  I predicted that one day he would win Wimbledon.  He is one tough guy! Well done Andy!

British Politics in Turmoil!

No matter which way we look British Politics is in turmoil.  We have a Coalition government comprising traditional political enemies (particularly in the Shires).  All they can ever agree upon is the implementation of EU policies which actually makes most of our politicians redundant!

Under the leadership of Nick Clegg the LibDems have, electorally, all but disappeared.  So many of their leading lights have been caught up in sleaze that, even to the most committed, they cannot be taken seriously.  The very fact that this minority group of political wannabees has a say in this country's future sums up the undemocratic political scene which dominates us.

The Conservative Party is split down the middle by a PM who rejects conservative thinking.  He is trying to 'modernise' a party that thrives on rejecting 'modernisation'.  Consequently a rather too large rump of his party do not agree with his policies, particularly on Europe.  They have been losing hordes of supporters.  Their electoral manifesto has now been revealed to be a joke and consequently their electoral support is now estimated to be only 1% ahead of UKIP.

The truth about Labour has now been revealed and is all over the mainstream media.  Ed Miliband and the Labour party are ruled by the Unions.  They depend entirely on Trade Union support for funding and consequently their electoral ambitions have been hopelessly corrupted.  Their selection process for candidates has been proven to be flawed and probably should be the subject of a criminal investigation.  Their leader, who owes his job to the unions, could now never be PM but who else have they got?

The British people could be accused of apathy but we are not stupid.  The people know what is going on.  They can see that our political process, which includes postal voting, votes for illegal immigrants and candidate stitch ups is no longer democratic.  MP's are being elected in many cases by a tiny fraction of the electorate. The Political Class are happy to sustain this lack of democracy and that is probably why Nigel Farage is playing to packed houses all over the country.

Nigel Farage is the only politician who will give you a straight answer to a straight question.  In a very short timespan UKIP has risen from being a few individuals to a mainstream political force and has sucked the membership out of the Tories.  I just wonder how long it will be before some Westmonster MPs defect to UKIP?

Our electoral system is antiquated and appeals to the Political Class because it sustains their corrupt practices.  If it was reformed so many of them would be out of a job and the people would have the parliament we need.  Before we can advance as a country we need democracy back where it belongs and that means rejecting the EU!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Labour is in a REAL mess!

Today Tom Watson, who is really a very big fish in the Labour Party, bailed out. I don't pretend to even understand the pecking order in Labour Party politics but I do not believe that Ed Miliband is the true leader.  I think that he is a Union puppet and if he is ever to gain any credibility then he must confront Unite.

Of course he cannot do that because they pay the bills. They sponsored him into office and to be frank they own the backsides (polite) of so many Labour politicians.  Without the Trade Union movement Labour would be dead in the water.  So the British public should recognise that the Trade Union movement is in the hands of dissidents, communists and odd balls. To put it plainly they do not bat for Britain and most of them would be termed traitors until Labour banned the prosecution of traitors!

There has been trouble at the Scottish constituency Falkirk.  They actually elected an MP who has been 'sacked' because he has a tendency to get drunk and punch people.  He also claimed extraordinary expenses.  Now the Trade Union 'Unite' has been apparently signing people up to 'Unite' so that they can vote for the 'Unite' sponsored candidate.  The only problem is that 'Unite' have not told the people that they now belong to 'Unite'!

I have long on this blog spoken about election rigging (all of it so far done by socialists).  Now we have the rigging of election candidates.  Make no mistake if you now vote Labour you are voting for a Soviet style government. The soft, stylish, front of people like Yvette Cooper or Luciana Berger are concealing the hammer and sickle. 

They have overplayed their hand and Tom Watson has consequently bailed out.  Believe you me that is a huge protest resignation!  Ed Miliband is in disarray but that is what you get when you become a leader without a policy or a conviction!

The Truth about the Egyptian Protests!

As usual I suspect that we are not being told the whole truth about the riots in Egypt and just why they wanted their President out of office.  I came across these photographs which I believe deserve a wider audience because it demonstrates the depth of feeling in Egypt particularly against Obama.  It also demonstrates how our media manipulate the news.

One must remember that we support President Obama on almost every issue.  I get the feeling that the Egyptian public are not so easily fooled about his foreign policy and suspect that these signs of dissent are exposing how we are being fooled by our politicians.

A £10000 Pay Rise for the Political Class?

Can you actually believe these chancers?  Of course we all know that it is not them demanding inflation busting salaries it is IPSA, the 'independent' body that allowed them to rack up amazing expense allowances. They can then all parade on the box claiming that this is the wrong time and that they do not deserve this pay increase but we all know that it is irrevocable.

They are snakes in the grass. They protest too much. They all know that it will happen and that they will all benefit when the public are suffering from their 'austerity' program.  We have fat cats in Westmonster  and we have fat cats in every town hall across the country. 

They claim  their basic pay is too low but then they conveniently forget about their generous expenses, their subsidised eating and drinking places and their other opportunities for additional lucrative appointments and contracts.  To increase their basic salaries by so much in a time when we have increasing numbers of people relying on food banks for survival sends out a very selfish message.

The Speaker is acting Disgracefully!

Farage blasts Bercow migrant commentsSpeaker Bercow entered parliament as a Conservative MP.  He was elevated to the position of Speaker which means that he must act in an even handed and fair manner.  Most recently his conduct in Parliament has been disgraceful!  He has been seen as blatantly abusing some MPs while allowing others to misuse the parliamentary system.

His behaviour is all the more curious because he has turned against his own Conservative party and is now seen as actively encouraging members of the opposition.  His wife Sally is a well known Labour activist so how is he getting away with this behaviour?  His Deputy is absent facing charges of inappropriate sexual behaviour so surely Speaker Bercow should ensure that his actions are even handed and above reproach.

Yesterday when a Tory MP, Richard Drax, asked a question the Speaker spat out with contempt that it was 'a complete waste of time'.  It was a nasty, perfunctory, dismissal from a man who is clearly demonstrating that he is biased and therefore not up to the job.  I believe that he should be removed from office!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Egypt might just be the Beginning!

I cannot believe the chaos in Egypt in the past few days because the people have unreservedly rejected the advance of the Muslims. Right across Europe and North Africa and the Middle East the advance of Muslim fundamentalism has in the past twenty years been paramount.

Muslims have arrived everywhere and anywhere into the western world and we, the Christian world, have been browbeaten into accepting their presence!  In the UK mosques have sprouted almost like runner beans and burkas are now accepted even though I cannot run around with a mask on my head.

We all know that this is a threat to our democracy and their presence is a real threat to our future but we cannot protest because that would be racist!  The reality is that the Muslims are the racists! They would never dream of giving a white person priority over one of their own.  We are the idiots as they invade our political scene in serious numbers.

So back to Cairo. They actually voted democratically for a Muslim and then discovered what they had voted for.  They had suddenly become disenfranchised so they did what only Egyptians can do... they protested!!  They protested and how! You see Egypt is a strange country.  I visited Egypt this year and had a long conversation with my guide.  They are immensely proud of their heritage and history. My guide was a Muslim and he was such an intelligent and educated man but he told me that they might have to one step back to go two steps forward.

They are however not prepared to go down the route of Muslim fundamentalism which is being promoted almost everywhere. Who is promoting it and why?  Egypt is the first country to reject Muslim fundamentalism.  Perhaps this is the first step back to normality!

Perhaps one day we will not have people blowing up tube trains and murdering soldiers on the streets. Perhaps one day we will not have burkas on the streets of this country (how can it be right?) and they will be happy to be British and NOT try to change our society.  Sorry but I think that we have battles to fight before that happens.

Somehow I think that the fight back began today in Cairo.

On another topic for another day is it not quite serious that the Army Chief in Afghanistan is prepared  to blame the Pakistani government for their support of the Taliban! Is that not the same Pakistani government which we have supported with Foreign Aid ever since we sent troops into Afghanistan?

We should have a serious rethink about politics in this country because it would appear that our three main parties have been giving money to a country that has sponsored the killing of our troops! But then they also support the EU!  When will the Con LabLib politicians begin to support the British people? Yeah pigs might fly!