Saturday, 28 February 2009

Time for a break!

On Monday my wife and I fly to Gran Canaria for a week in the sun (we hope!). This means of course that this Blog will close down for a week but I will be back renewed, revitalised and ready for the Bowls season.

The sleaze that is currently pervading the main stream media is almost unbelieveable. We have politicians who have been almost slavish in their support of bankers during the past decade are now reneging on their promises in order to curry favour with the electorate.

It won't work. We all know that the problems in this country have been born out of allowing people who have political agendas to be heard above the voice of common sense. NoLab have always pandered to this so called political elite and have subsequently allowed them a voice which has screeched us into oblivion.

Behind it all is the accusation of racism! If a person disagrees with the government then they are automatically labelled with the criminal. One only has to visit the awful Blog run by Mr Kate Garroway to see NoLab in all it's glory.

Before I go on holiday I will say this once and for all.. there is no harm in ensuring that the very people who have provided the money for the services which welcome any newcomer to our shores have a priority where basic services are concerned. Our own people deserve this priority and so do their children and grand children. Nobody can argue against that unless you want to destroy the country.

I feel that our working class are at last waking up to the realilty of Europe, the Unions and the appalling neglect which our citizens have had to endure against the accusation of racism. I have news for the political elite. Racism is alive and well in the UK and it festers in the ranks of the BNP. It was not there before but you NoLab and Tory supporters have ensured that us British will have to row in with the BNP in order to get a fair deal.

NoLab has ensured that a summer of rage will occur. They have trained their 'brown shirt' police in riot control but perhaps they don't know how big the riot will be. When the people sense a weakness in the system that they detest then it will not matter how many police are trained to deal with it.

The people are angry. In every house in the country we have discussions taking place which abhor what is happening to us. It will end in blood but then we will perhaps have to spill blood in order to tell the idiots of this country that we will not be bullied.

I am now off on holiday.

Friday, 27 February 2009

Mr Adam Scott - Leicester, Consultant Surgeon

I have not been posting too often in the past 24 hours...sorry but it has been personal stuff. Yesterday I visited Leicester Glenfield for a Day Case appointment and reacquainted myself with the surgeon who saved my life back in 2001. Mr Adam Scott Consultant Surgeon at both Leicester Glenfield and Leicester General is quite frankly a one off.

He is the epitome of the title a 'gentleman' and in today's society seems to me to be a throw back to what we once considered to be people who we could trust. He is absolutely consistent in that he treats everyone with the same professional concern. He must have seen immense changes in the NHS but somehow 'my' Mr Scott continues to practice the very same ethics that we have always expected from the NHS.

He is highly respected but when I, in desperation,E-Mailed him a couple of years back he came back instantly and fitted me in to his lunch time. When you are desperate and in pain and almost suicidal then for a surgeon to respond in this day and age is so fantastic it has to be recorded.

The NHS comes under increasing criticism but at the broad roots, at the coal face then there are so many people trying to make it work despite the New Labour Project.
People like my Mr Scott succeed despite the New Labour Project because they are so good at what they do that even Gordon Brown cannot dismiss them.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Binyam Mohamed and the others!

On 19 Jan when I was commenting on the closing down of Guantanamo by President Obama I wrote the following:- Yes he may close down Guantanamo because that has run its course but then who gets the inmates. I know who will get most of them because we have already become Europe's dumping ground for undesirables many of who reside in three of our prisons dedicated solely to foreign crooks.

Lo and Behold along comes Binyam Mohamed and as far as I know thirteen others. How many more did Guantanamo hold. Did we get them all? Just who decides on the people who come to our country? How come a month ago I knew exactly what would happen to the inmates of this infamous prison.

What I cannot understand is how come a citizen from Ethiopia, who once once given leave to remain in the UK (Why?)and then opted to live in Afghanistan (Why bloody Afghanistan?) and was arrested in Pakistan (you know the place who trains all the terrorists) using (would you believe) a false passport.

Who is behind this nonsense? What pressure group is backing these Muslim extremists and who decides that they suddenly become British or British residents or even remotely connected to us? Who funds them? Something is really rotten in the Straits of Denmark as someone famously said. It is high time that we began to force these people out into the open.

Electoral Fraud

On 3rd Feb I drew attention to the Guido Fawkes blog which was suggesting that the Glenrothes By Election may not have been an honest result. This election went against all the recent electoral trends in that a discredited government actually held onto a seat when they had lost so many others.

Now comes news that the tables in the counting hall which dealt with the postal votes were not in full view of the adjudicators. It stinks!

I hope that everyone tasked with ensuring the validity of any future election in this country learns from the practice adopted in Glenrothes. Postal voting is wide open to corruption. It should only be used for service personnel who cannot return to vote for operational reasons. It should never be used for immigrant families!
Every postal vote should be verified prior to publication of the result.

We have been warned.

Jack Straw is running Scared!

Last month the Information Tribunal directed that the cabinet minutes dealing with the meetings which decided that we should go to war in Iraq should be published. It seemed to be a sensible decision particularly as there have been many accusations that the war in Iraq was not just ill-advised it was actually illegal. Here was a cast iron opportunity for the Blair government to absolve themselves from any accusation that what they did was underhand, unnecessary and cost the lives of hundreds and thousands of people.

You see when we read these minutes we will then understand why we went to war and that all those who think that Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Jack Straw, John Prescott are actually war criminals will be proven wrong.

Just one problem, the Justice Minister, Jack Straw, who was Foreign Secretary at the time of the meetings has refused to allow the publication of the minutes! Yes folks good old Jack doesn't want you to know why we went to war. He wants you to believe that he is good old honest Jack, man of the people, but not man enough to trust democracy.

Don't worry Jack old man we expected nothing less and now we know all we needed to know. You had better hope that the BNP never get elected!

Monday, 23 February 2009

The 'Do Nothing' Party

I have been trawling the papers and the blogs looking for something juicy to latch onto but there seems to be nothing new. The politicians continue to uncover new ways of abusing their parliamentary privileges. Everyone talks about it, everyone is highly critical but as usual NoLab will not address the problem.

Immigrants continue to pour into the country from all over the world. Everyone knows how draining this is on our limited resources but NoLab does nothing.

The banks continue to act as if the credit crunch which almost put them(and us)out of business was nothing to do with them and consequently they add insult to injury by demanding obscene bonuses and NoLab does nothing!

The government cosies up to the criminal classes by refusing to extend places in jail, refusing to adopt harsh sentencing and refusing to make the punishment fit the crime. Everyone knows it, everyone criticises it but NoLab does nothing.

The European Union continues to enforce their fatuous policies on us. Their Human Rights Act continues to obstruct British Justice and the European MPs drown in luxury paid for by us. We all know it is wrong but NoLab does nothing.

Mugabe Brown is out of his depth. He is utterly useless and everyone knows it. He should be replaced as soon as possible but then that would require a General Election so as usual NoLab does nothing.

Mugabe Brown habitually addresses the Tories as the 'do nothing' party and he is right but then NoLab is the party which should be doing something. We are therefore left with a government which does not govern and an opposition which does not oppose.
After all why should they bother because they both know that in reality our real rulers are the people we should be voting for in the European elections in the summer.

Just remember whoever gets your vote will probably do precious little for their tenure and make an absolute packet unless of course they have an agenda. Perhaps it is the time for the mother of all protest votes! What is needed is a concerted effort to replace all the MEPs from the principle parties with people from fringe parties. We should vote for Greens, UKIP, BNP or any decent independent. It is the only way for all of us to protest about our lack of a vote on Europe. Here we have one opportunity so PLEASE folks make it count.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

The Irish are on the Streets!

The Irish have had enough of the credit crunch and are protesting on the streets of Dublin. This is the country who voted 'No' to the European Union and who have consequently been threatened by sanctions if they don't get it right the next time.

At least they have the guts to show their displeasure. Our Unions and their 'patsy' officials who have reneged on their membership show no sign of protest because of course they have been told to keep the lid on the problem. In the meantime the blogs tell me that the police are on full alert for riot control.

This car company which according to a major union will collapse within days may prove to be the final indignity. If 6000 people are pushed onto the dole queue simultaneously then surely it is high time that we had an election. The sight of Gordon Brown grandstanding on the international stage with Barack Obama when his country is rapidly heading for the buffers is frankly nauseous.

Friday, 20 February 2009

BNP News

Fair play to Iain Dale because he has accurately reported that the BNP have taken the Swanley St Mary's Ward of Sevenoaks District Council with a massive 41.8% share of the vote. I have recently derided the so called national polls as misleading the public when they report that the BNP are polling less than 10%.

This is a nonsense because although Iain Dale was man enough to front up regarding the win in Sevenoaks he missed out the other three elections. Close to me in Thringstone, Leicestershire (NW Leics DC) the BNP candidate polled 28.1% in a former mining constituency.

In Lewisham (Downham Ward) the three main parties each fielded two candidates and the Lib Dems took the first two places but the BNP still polled 10.6%.

Further north In Harrogate (Bilton Ward) which I always thought was a conservative stronghold the Lib Dems won again with the BNP third (just under 10%) where NoLab polled a miserly 51 votes!

I reiterate that I hold no brief for the BNP but I do like to see fairness in politics. If people are voting for them in such numbers then it should be reported. Looking at these election results there appears to be two sets of protest voting. Some are voting Lib Dem as in Lewisham and Harrogate and others are voting BNP as in Sevenoaks and Thringstone (where the LibDems were almost wiped out). It could of course depend on the quality of the candidate.

The voting public are turning away from the big two and the closer that the European elections come in the summer the more interesting it may transpire. Remember if you want out of Europe then the ONLY party that will support you are the BNP. I can just imagine a small but determined bunch of Euro MPs from the BNP causing havoc in Brussels. They would not sit quietly drawing their money like the members of UKIP did!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

It is only 1.5 Trillion pounds!

According to the ITV news we are now officially 1.5 trillion pounds in debt! Can you imagine the level of incompetence which has led to that figure. I have continually blogged over the past year that the New Labour Project is costing us our economy. Thousands of Civil Servants, members of Quangos, Trusts and Committees, false charities, local government officials and the families and friends of MP's have been for years gorging themselves at public expense.

This is the reason that the government never has any money to spend on the public. They throw vast sums of money at organisations like the NHS but they seem to have little in the way of accountability. Nobody ever checks out how public money is being spent.

Despite the evidence the New Labour Project will continue unabated because that is paramount. Nothing will be allowed to derail the profligacy of this NoLab government because they are never wrong. Look at Gordon! He never answers a straight question with a straight answer, he is never wrong and he is never to blame.

I know that I once blogged that my real fear was that if Gordon Brown was wrong he could do a lot of damage before he would be forced to face the electorate. He is living up to all my expectations. He is prepared to ruin the country purely to satisfy his ego. What a bloody hero!

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Jacqui Smith - The Lodger

Newsnight is giving quite a lengthy coverage on the Jacqui Smith issue. This to my mind is unusual for the BBC who normally ignores NoLab sleaze. It is quite clear to anyone even of limited intelligence that her main home is in Redditch and she is dossing at ther sister's gaff to save money.

Now that is quite understandable because I expect she gets on well with her sister and she can relax in her company BUT...she cannot then claim huge sums of public money in order to stay with her sister. It is insane greed! She is, after all, our Home Secretary...this is a position which should be above reproach. How can she believe that the public will not question her integrity?

This woman has been a disaster ever since her elevation from obscurity to Home Secretary. It is really time for her to go but if she does, what next for Gordon Brown? Has NoLab run out of candidates for this most crucial appointment? Has Gordon run out of mates?

Sorry Jacqui you have been have already grabbed the money now just depart back to Redditch where you will ever be known as the housewife who tried to be Home Secretary and almost destroyed her country.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

An Honest Politician

I have just had a thought as the country seems to disappear deeper into the mire. Do we actually have a politician currently in the House of Commons who is not on the take? We could of course extend that to the House of Lords but let's get down to basics. Can any of us nominate our local MP as an honest person? Have they all been corrupted by the easy access to huge amounts of money? How many of them have resisted the temptation to trouser taxpayer's money in order to enhance their future.

I am going to interrogate the website 'Theyworkforyou' to see who is not claiming what the Commons regulations allow them to claim. So the hunt is on for the most honest politician. After all they should be exposed as traitors because honest men should not be allowed to enter the House of Commons.

I will be hugely disappointed if Norman Baker of the LibDems fails the acid test but can anyone else find an honest MP? It could be fun.

Gordon Brown - Global Financial Watchdog!

Do you know I can hardly credit this. We all know that Peter Mandelsson is probably one of the most sneaky politicians ever bequeathed to the nation but to try and get rid of Gordon Brown by hoisting him on the world's economy is a bit far fetched even for him.

Ever since Gordon arrived with the Blair government he has squandered a golden legacy, sold off gold at rock bottom prices, raided pension funds, taxed people to the hilt and poured money into government intiatives without ever checking how the money was spent. He fiddled with the banking industry and created the Financial Services Agency which failed to detect the profligacy of the bankers, the most important aspect of its job.

Everything has failed even though he boasted about the end to 'boom and bust'. The Stock Markets have plunged, the pound is a joke and thousands are becoming unemployed day after day. His whole financial reputation is in tatters (as is the country) and yet Peter thinks that the Germans would accept Gordon as a Financial Watchdog.

This is really the first step to ensure that Gordon is not leading the party if and when the next election comes around. Gordon does not want to face the humiliation and now Peter is engineering an excuse to move him on. The European Union is awash with our cash but I am sure that Gordon will find a way to wreck it. Heh come to think of it this isn't such a bad idea after all. Go Gordon Go!!

Monday, 16 February 2009

The Kissing Zone

Can we imagine the scene at Warrington Council when they decided to create a kissing zone and a non-kissing zone at their local railway station complete with CCTV?

I mean can you imagine the kind of NoLab crackpot who thought that one up and what about his/her cohorts who backed them up and agreed that this was a good idea. Just how far are they willing to go to establish that they have totally lost the plot?

We are all smiling increduously and we all think that this is just gormless but it has happened in England and it has implications. These people are serious about their faith. Their faith is to subject us all to the rule of the state but the trouble is when they introduce such a ridiculous ruling they expose their real motive. The real motive is to ensure that they enslave us all.

I know, I know that 'enslave' is an emotive word but hell can you really believe what is happening all around you? We have crackpots being elected to Town Halls because the rest of us do not care enough. Quietly the Asian and Muslim communities are grabbing the local councillor positions because we have lost interest in who governs us.

They are voting for their own and more and more they are usurping authority. Now I know that I will be instantly accused of racism but hear me out. Some of these people care more about our British society than the British. They realise that our children have been subverted by the political system in this country. They value our freedom because they have come from countries where democracy was non existant.

Could it possibly be that amongst us we have our very own Barack Obama? Is it possible that Hindus actually despise Keith Vaz? Can Muslims really denounce their religious fanatics to make England a better place?

This blog is trying to find a future for my grandchildren. What do you think folks?

The Decline of Civilization

As one gets older and has time in retirement to relect on society the reality of change becomes clearer. There is little doubt that this country is currently in the hands of people who are hell bent on destroying much of what we once cherished.

I have tried to understand what makes them tick because why would they want to destroy a country once described as the mother of democracy? The same country which gave them the opportunity through its democratic principles, its education, health and welfare the openings which they now wish to deny the youth of today.

As I said a couple of posts ago I accidentally stumbled across a twentieth century American philosophist Will Durrant who has written expansively on the decline of a civilization. Now it took me some time to cut through the verbiage but his train of thought was interesting because it can be applied to England today.

Durrant reckons that civilization has usually been built on religion which sets the standard on education and morality. He reckons that eventually religion will be challenged by the secular (scientists and non-conformists) and they will attempt to change the country into something almost anti-religious. He uses the word profane but we witness daily the destruction of our moral principles as obscenity follows obscenity.

This forms a parallel to our problems here. Up until the nineteen fifties/sixties we led our lives largely on the principles expoused by christianity. Not all of us were Christians but most of us led decent lives. Marriage was the norm, justice was seen to be done and children were brought up with security and direction.

It now appears that in the seventies a group of, shall we call them Marxists, got together to change the world that we lived in. This has been their total commitment for almost 40 years and they have all but succeeded in ridding this country of all adherence to Christian principles. Marriage has been rejected, Justice is a travesty and children cannot even go onto the streets to play for fear of their safety.

The problem is that in order to ensure that the state is inpregnable they need a vast amount of money and thanks to our little group of scene shifters we are rapidly running out of it. Absolute state control has always failed. We need to look no further back than the Soviet Union to recognise that.

Now according to Durrant sometime in the future along will come another set of magicians who will give the public something else to believe in and civilization will rebuild itself. It is hope for the future but I am convinced that the next leaders will not be the followers of Islam no matter how hard they may try and I also believe that we have seen enough of the already discredited Conservative party.

We need a total change of direction. Could it come from the Bloggers? Could it be the BNP or is someone else waiting in the background to pick up the pieces? Whatever happens I fear that blood may be spilt.

Sunday, 15 February 2009


There was a time that the financial consultancy KPMG had an impeccable reputation but suddenly they have been mentioned by both Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling as being the paragons of virtue.

Suddenly I am beginning to think that something is wrong. At the time of writing I have no reason to suspect KPMG of any wrongdoing but experience has taught me that any company mentioned by NoLab as being independent usually ends up as being totally biased towards their aims and goals.

Do KPMG also act for any of the banks? As I say I have really no idea but I suspect anything which supports Gordon and Alistair.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Who can we trust?

In most houses in the land where honest, intelligent and educated people meet the same conversations take place. What can we do to save our country? Who can we turn to? Where are the Richard Lionhearts, the Francis Drakes, the Lord Wellingtons, the Admiral Nelsons or the Winston Churchills?

Where are the military heroes who fought at Ypres and Passchendaele? Where are The Battle of Britain Pilots, the Cockleshell Heroes the people upon whom our once great country was founded? Are we all so cowed, so scared of our own shadows, so compliant to this all powerful European invasion that we have lost the will to fight back?

We are now governed by people who are prepared to sacrifice their country for personal gain. There are thousands of them working for this government and ever more thousands lined up to work for the Tories. All of them have the eye on the main chance to line their own pockets. It has become a culture of this country the so called home of democracy to screw your own people.

The only people who appear to be upholding the traditions of the country are to be found in the blogosphere. They have taken the trouble to organise their protests through their own blog and it is a powerful force. The problem that now exists is how to harness this force so that we can turn our views into a rebellion. You see the more that I tour the blogs the more that I realise that a rebellion may be the only chance that we have to turn back the tide of the European Union.

I was about to view a film called 'Apocalypso' out of Saturday night boredom when a quotation hit the screne which amazed me. The quotation was attributed to one W Durant and it stated that 'A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyrd itself from within'. Now I don't know who this fellow Durant was but I intend to find out because he knew a thing or two.

We are in real trouble folks! The political class is so well established that they may be impossible to remove. Perhaps we should unite the bloggers into a political force. Can you imagine the ballot paper? You can opt for Keith Vaz or Guido Fawkes. You can vote between Dolly Draper or Iain Dale. How about Gordon Brown against Victor Meldrew's Brother. My cousin comes from Kirkcaldy and it used to be a really nice town apart from the smell of linoleum. Now all it smells of is corruption!

Could we ever unite the bloggers against the government? Well I tell you what I would try anything but as it stands we are not doing a bad job.


Thanks to Wikipedia I now know that the quotation is down to an American Philosopher Will Durant. I tell you what, this guy knew a thing or two and when I can decipher his high blown literacy I see another post coming on because at first glance he is predicting what is happening in this country today!

Friday, 13 February 2009

Geert Wilders Dutch MP

I think we must accept that it is typical of Jacqui Smith (now being referred to as The Fat Lodger on some blogs) to take the coward's way out and ban the right wing Dutch MP from showing his film to a limited audience in the House of Lords. If he had entered the country (as he has done before) and completed his task then people like me would never have entered the fray. The whole event spiralled out of control when a Muslim peer, Lord Ahmed, apparently threatened that he would mobilise 10000 Muslims if this man was allowed to come here.

If Lord Ahmed is able and willing to carry out his threat at a time when our own armed forces are conducting an unwinnable war in the very countries where a large proportion of this Muslim army emanate from then I am extremely concerned. Whenever has one of our Peers threatened civil (or even armed) disobedience on our streets? Has he not been thrown out of the House of Lords for this extraordinary threat? I find his conduct far more threatening that anything that Geert Wilders can come up with.

And so to the film which I viewed this afternoon on Iain Dale's Diary. It is explicit and gory with many shots from 9/11, 7/7, the Madrid bombing and specific clips of the inhuman treatment of women in Islamic countries. There are a variety of passages translated from the Koran which propose all kinds of aggressive acts against anyone opposing or even not agreeing with the Islamic faith.

He continues by emphasising the march of Islam particularly in Holland and throughout the mainland and demonstrates the recent sharp increase of their numbers in western Europe. I found it a bit over the top but I could not argue against his case. There is without doubt an extremist element within the Islamic community who apparently 'cherry-pick' the bits in the Koran which they accept as being relevant.

These people see themselves as disciples of a Jihad (Holy War) and I must confess that I doubt that the pacifist followers of Islam can contain this element if they decide to flex their muscles. My concern is that if Lord Ahmed can instantly command an army of 10000 to enforce his demands where do our 10000 come from to ensure that his demands are not met.

Are we then not back to Enoch Powell?

This NoLab Government

As each scandal, discovery or lapse is uncovered I am getting increasingly concerned for the country as a whole. It is quite clear that the government has totally lost the plot. The Prime Minister is in denial and is ever closer to being linked as one of the main problems behind our current financial demise. I have blogged on many occasions about the consequences to our country if Gordon Brown was wrong.

Well it now appears that he WAS wrong, his thinking was wrong, his decisions were wrong and his appointments were diastrous. He appears to have surrounded himself with people, many his own countrymen who were placed to keep him in power and not to serve the country. Very many of them have been prone to financial dealings which would be against the moral principles of the man in the street. The rules of parliament have given them carte blanche to cheat the public but that doesn't mean they should take it.

They have gorged themselves on power and yet have little idea on how to govern a country. Every decision they take appears to have one objective and that is to destroy the freedom of the people/society in this country. Every day we here more horror stories about the breakdown of our social structure. Take the many cases of children being tortured and abused. Today we have a tiny tot of 13 who has just become a father. There are bloggers up and down the country screaming as loud as they can that the country is in a state of turmoil and yet Gordon Brown monotonously refuses to accept any responsibility and has no intention of facing the electorate until he has grasped every ounce of power he can squeeze from his premiership.

History will judge this bad, bad, man and if he has an ounce of integrity left he should quake when it is his time to meet his maker.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Jacqui Smith and the Yates factor.

Apparently this part time Home Secretary will never face an enquiry about her abuse of the second house expenses scandal and is that not typical of this government? This guy 'Yates of the Yard' has achieved nothing and I am now of the opinion that he has been 'bought' by the establishment!

We all know (feel) that Tony Blair and his cohorts sold off peerages to those who financially supported the NoLab cause. Gordon Brown must have known about it but of course he went missing when the enquiry took place. Yates of the Yard received a lot of publicity but then when did any of us really think that any of his so publicised evidence would reach a courtroom?

Now once again Yates arrives on time to decide that there is no evidence that dear Jacqui has not duped the public on her expenses claim. Heh the Yates factor seems to crop up once too often where the politicians are concerned. Hollywood used to make films about the bent copper but that could not possibly happen under this NoLab government could it?

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The Depression/Recession

I read that Gordon Brown is revisiting the events after the depression/recession in the nineteen twenties/thirties. There is a thought that Gordon might try and form a National Government which would include David Cameron and Nick Clegg so that the public do not get a vote. After all if you include all the main parties and their agendas all follow the line that we are all in thrall of the European Union then the solution is obvious.

That way all the disciples of Europe can gain a foothold in power and the electorate can be ignored. I am absolutely convinced that Gordon will try everything in his power to avoid a fair democratic election when the times comes. I am almost equally convinced that, however horrible it may be to countenance, that eventually the people in this country will have to take to the streets to restore democracy. I seriously hope not but we are facing unprecedented times.

Jacqui Smith

Surely she is dead to rights? She cannot ethically or morally defend her position to pocket money for a second home when she was really lodging with her sister. What is is about Home Secretaries in under this government? Does power really corrupt to such an extent?

Is it not about time that Gordon Brown realises that the game is up and that he cannot continue to destroy the country financially, morally and ethically? Politician after politician is being uncovered abusing every system imaginable. We have run through almost an entire generation of corrupt NoLab cabinet minsters and peers who have been caught with their snouts in the public finance trough.

Can an honest man/woman get into the Cabinet under Gordon? Ha!

None of them were qualified to run a Bank!

I am watching ITV news and I am absolutely astounded that the heads of four of the major banks who were paid millions of pounds to almost ruin our economy had not a single relevant qualification between them! No wonder they went bust!
The blogosphere is working overtime on this and Jacqui Smith. Some of these Blogs are doing a brilliant job and if you can stand the language I once again recommend 'Old Holborn'.

I have just picked up on Paul Waugh of the Evening Standard who has dug deeply into the problems with the banking system and finds a real live link back to Gordon Brown. Once again the so called Scottish Mafia is the prime suspect and once again the prime suspect appears to have a very shallow banking background.

More on the Simple Plot!

Yesterday when I was thinking up my fictitious plot to take over a target country without a shot being fired I forgot about Education. You see if you seriously want to destroy the infrastructure of a democracy then you have to begin with education. This requires long term planning because it cannot be done overnight.

I would begin with destroying the cornerstone of the education of the country. That means stripping away all the good aspects of education. Now for example in this country in the old days we had a simple system. At aged 11+ the kids who were academically clever were streamed and sent to grammar achools. The kids who were academically not so forward went to secondary schools which helped them improve their reading, writing and arithmetic and prepared them where possible for trade apprenticeships. The really gifted kids went to universities.

It worked and many kids as I have previously blogged went from council estates to top universities by scholarship in same cases. That meant that poor kids did not pay a bloody thing for their education. It was the epitome of everything that a genuine socialist should support so of course it was the left wing who began to dismantle it.

Now I think that this is the perfect example of what should be done to my target country who I am trying to destroy. First off I must abolish the grammar school! That will stop the kids from poor families from getting uppety. I would then lower the standards for those wishing to enter the teaching profession so that almost any old activist can become a teacher and disrupt the classroom.

Then I would begin to make the exams easy, then easier then easier still until almost every kid can pass with a good grade. Once we have most kids getting 'A' grades we can invent an 'A' Star grade and then every kid can go to a university. That means that we would have to create more universities which would be simple because we can adjust the status of all the old polytechnic colleges and with a wave of a magic wand (Hey Presto!) turn them all into uni's.

It would also have the dual effect of destroying aspiration and ambition because you can't fool the kids and once they discover that education isn't education at all but a con on their parents then they will switch off and turn to drink and drugs.

Then just as I have pissed them all off I will introduce my master stroke. I will make them all pay for their useless education! Ha gotya you little sods. You must go to university to get a decent job but then you will get yourself massively into debt and guess what when you have finished you won't have a job to go to at any rate! That means of course you won't be able to get married or buy a house and enter mainstream society for years yet.

Guess what you would do better if you are female by getting pregnant and living off the state and if you are male well let me see...can you play football or strum a guitar? You see by the time I was finished Education in my target country would die and with it the dreams of a large percentage of the kids in the country.

OH and if that didn't work I could always flood the country with kids who can't speak English because that would keep the dedicated teachers busy. Simple innit!

Monday, 9 February 2009

A Simple Plot

I was idly dreamimg the other day of the best way to conquer a country which had not been conquered for say hundreds of years. How could I do it without firing a shot?

Well first I thought that I would dream up an innocuous trade agreement and I would call it the Common Agricultural Policy. I would then get the country in question to sign up promising free trade barriers for all. Once they had fallen for it I could then place this country's agricultural industry at a severe disadvantage.

I would then follow up with an agreement on fisheries and then explain that even though they had been fishing around their island for centuries and depended on the industry for food these waters were now common waters for everyone. I would then encourage the other countries to sail in and destroy the fishing stocks.

Good Start eh? Now what's next? Oh yes I would dream up a major law and call it something like the Human Rights Act which would prevent this country from following its traditional justice system. Of course now I need to find a group of traitors or people with an ancient grudge against the target country and get them to subvert a major national political party. Once they gained power they could then sign up to this new Act. They could follow up by limiting the power of their judges and ensure that they operated only by permission of a Sentencing Guidelines Committee.

Once that is in place I am cooking because now I can flood the country with so many foreigners from all over the world they would paralyse the local resources. My Human Rights Bill would ensure that they could not be removed unless of course they were sympathetic to the accepted way of life like the Ghurkas and the white Zimbabweans who wouldn't be welcome in the first place. I would particularly concentrate on Muslims from Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan because their culture and lifestyle is diametrically opposite to that of the target country.

Now I would attack the local councils by setting up Regional Groups made up of people who support my cause and I would give these people all the money to distribute to the democratically elected councils. If they object to my proposals they don't get the money.

Now the group of traitors and greedy gits can set about ensuring that the public have no voice to protest. Firstly I recommend a couple of fatuous wars which have nothing at all to do with the target country but which will keep their armed forces busy while I reorganise the country unopposed. I would take the police off the streets by tripling their paperwork making crime far easier to commit and best of all I would concentrate on policies which would threaten the law abiding.

What fun I could have! I could introduce recycling which would have all of them scare of overloading their wheely bins because of the massive fines involved. I would impose climate control, yes I know that nobody can control the climate, but what does that matter. Then just for a laugh I would curb free speech by getting the traitors and greedy gits to force political correctness on the public. Once I got this going they are done for because they can't say anything provocative without being arrested or sacked.

Finally the trump card would be Health and Safety. If a guy really tries hard to ruin a nation it can be done through Health and Safety. You see anyone disregarding H&S can easily be criminalised and it is possible to implicate almost anyone on H&S grounds. I would ensure that any political party which does not agree with me would be marginalised through my press and the national broadcasting authority because if they don't do as I tell them then they lose their funding. Any party which refuses to adhere to my law will be branded racist, obnoxious and rabid and will not be allowed any national publicity.

My workers will be rewarded for their loyalty by obscene salaries, expenses and bonuses. This will of course ensure their loyalty to the cause. If they do really well they can be elevated to the peerage to ensure that the upper house also follows the party line. After all the House of Lords can also be a nice little earner for the unscrupulous.

So you see job done but one last little matter. I don't want to upset the indiginous population too much so I allow them to keep their currency to create the illusion that everything is normal. I hope it doesn't go down the pan because then the poor sods would have precious little left of their former lives!

Sunday, 8 February 2009

The Big Questions

This morning the programme 'The Big Questions' hosted by Nicky Campbell on BBC1 shocked me because it allowed two members of the BNP onto the show to air their views in public. I thought they did quite well in the face of some intense provocation by people who were not listening and lying in order to protect their vested interests.

For example it is a known BNP policy that they would assist anyone who wants to return to their country of origin. That doesn't mean that they would clear out all foreigners because they realise that it would be impractical and at any rate so many of the immigrants have really contributed to the country and deserve to stay.

As they said quite clearly on the programme under their manifesto they would expect that immigrants would adopt the British lifestyle and obey our rules. They object to organisations like Muslim Councils of Great Britain and Black Police Officers Associations because in a democracy they are really not necessary. I agree.

The problem is that the majority do not want to listen yet. It has not dawned on them that they may one day have to listen to combat what is happening in government circles. For once at least they got to hear what the BNP have to say and if they were listening properly some of their opinions would ring a bell.

Will 'Question Time follow?

Political Sleaze

Today in the Mail on Sunday they are running a story about our housewifely Home Secretary who has pocketed over £100,000 claiming it is for a second home in London when in effect she stays with her sister. This is the same Home Secretary who employes her husband as a researcher.

The Daily Herald has uncovered another story which implicates Lord Moonie in yet another cash for questions scandal where apparently he has been tabling questions in the Lords in return for money from the American Arms firm Northrop Grummon Corporation.

Almost week after week stories are uncovered about this political sleaze which is almost neverending. Now the interesting background to Lord Moonie is that he gave up his parliamentary seat in Kirkcaldy to allow Gordon Brown to stand. In return he got a peerage. This is the same Kirkcaldy where the register of ballots recorded for the Glenrothes By Election went missing from the Sheriff's Office where it was held in safekeeping.

Now the question I have to ask is who on earth is going to get rid of this lot? Who will then pursue them when the extent of their profligacy is calculated? Who will then take them to court? Who will clear out the vipers nests of quangos, committees and trusts which clog up the system and prevent the country from breathing clean air.

If you cannot answer the question then you will have to admit that we are in hands of a criminal syndicate which is so deeply entrenched that it cannot be broken. I came to the conclusion that only the BNP have the will to fight this criminal establishment but it would be nice to see someone else try.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Derby County - History Revisited

I have been a Rams fan for let's see, 62 years now. I don't attend anymore because football is a young man's game and I have lost touch with Derby since my mother came to live with us. Already I hear all those who spend their hard gained earnings sniff with contempt for my views but then they have their youth and their financial clout but I have my experience.

In 1968 around about the time that I met my wife a young man arrived at Derby at a time when we Rams fans had endured something like 15 years of nonentity. He arrived at a time when we were perenially in the bottom half of the Division Two of the Football League and he transformed the club. Before he was finished Brian Clough led Derby to win the Division One title and gave me the privilege of seeing them play Juventus in the semi-final of the European Cup.

Brian Clough is hailed as a genius but his 'secret' was that he was a great man manager. He was the epitome of 'The Boss' and his secret was that he treated people honestly. He had no favourites, he called a spade a shovel and he was scared of nobody. The players all knew that he managed honestly and they respected that. It is a lesson for our industry today but I will blog that at another time.

Fast forward to three weeks ago when his son Nigel stepped forward to manage Derby County. This was a club which had been relegated from the Premiership with a record points deficit. When he arrived they were facing the prospect of relegation from the Championship. The fans were punch drunk from defeat after defeat.

Nigel had little experience of managing at that level. He had taken Burton Albion to an almost certain promotion fron the Conference to the Football League but apart from his player experience he had nothing to recommend him.

On the night that he arrived the players, freed from the threat of Paul Jewell (the former manager) actually beat Manchester United in the Carling Cup. It was a great display even though we lost the second leg in Manchester. Since then there has been a remarkable transformation on the field. At long last we are the dominant team and players like Teale, Commons and Hulse are on fire.

Gary Teale under Paul Jewell was frankly embarassing and yet in three weeks his play has been transformed to such an extent that the fans are calling him Tealinho! He has also rehabilitated players like Savage, Bywater and McEveley and the team now looks like the real deal.

I wonder, will history repeat itself, is Nigel really a chip of the old block? I tell you what I think even Manchester United might wonder about a visit to Pride Park in the fifth round of the FA Cup. I realise that they have much bigger fish to fry but we were the last club to beat them and Nigel is now in charge fulltime. I have that feeling that history is about to repeat itself and I bloody hope so!

Friday, 6 February 2009

Tameside MBC - Hyde Newton By Election Results

Here are the results of this recent by-election which I have yet to see anywhere in the mainstream media:-
NoLab 1379
BNP 889
Conservatives 485
Lib Dems 172
Greens 69

The BNP got 29.4% of the vote which is creeping ever higher as each little by election is concluded. The forthcoming European Elections in the summer should be a gas! At this rate a major panic will start to set in.

What I would like to know is why the leader of UKIP can regularly find a place on 'Question Time' and the BNP are never allowed to air their case. What is the BBC scared of? If the BNP are so awful then let them destroy themselves live on TV or is it just the case that they do not want an alternative viewpoint broadcast.

Chakrabati versus Griffin would make a mouthwatering prospect after watching her embarrass Hoon last night!

Thursday, 5 February 2009

The Snow and the Authorities.

My second youngest granddaughter has never seen the likes of the snow that we have witnessed in the past few days. Unfortunately her local school is one of the responsible schools that have stayed open and not pandered to popular demand. She has had to rely on good old mum for her time in this unusual snow. Thank heavens that common sense has prevailed but then I would expect little else from my family.

My real beef is the response from the councils who have so called Chief Executives who are responsible for maintaining services. These people are paid in some cases hundreds of thousands of pounds to maintain public services and frankly they do not do it! Planning at the modern day Council House is non existent. They demand that we, who pay their salaries, follow some kind of imposed doctrine but when faced with a situation about which they were warned, they fail to deliver services.

In my home town they were gritting the town centre car park the day after the snow descended and when I arrived to park I had to avoid the gritting vehicle and drive the wrong way round in order to park.

Nobody can excuse that a few inches of snow has brought our inept authorities to account. The rest of the world is laughing at our pathetic attempts to beat a little inclement weather. We have lost the will to challenge the elements because we have become soft, pliable and reliant on our government for our existence and the snow has innocently proven that the New Labour Project is alive and well.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

BNP News

I keep reiterating that I am not a member of the BNP but I am a supporter of fair play. I cannot find any difference between the three major players who every Wednesday repeat their parody of a political discussion called PM's Question Time. Gordon Brown has reduced this so called epitome of discussion to a nonsense because he refuses to answer questions.

My beef is however with the opposition parties because they consistently go along with this pantomine. Nobody challenges the authority of Mr Speaker and yet everyone knows that he is fanatically biased. They all go along with the traditional parliamentary procedure which allows Gordon Brown to (sorry) piss on the electorate!

One party stands alone. On Thursday they are contesting the local by election in a ward of Tameside. You would think that it was the Second World War! Rosalind Gucci is facing all three major parties plus, believe it or not the clergy... who are advising people not to vote BNP!

What the hell has this got to do with them? This is all about fear. The axis of political parties are scared shitless that there is a group of Brits who want to break the mold. It will happen you know because once the working man realise that the unions and NoLab have let them down then they will vote for change. Once the masses decide that they want change then not even the corruption of the postal vote will reverse the trend.

If the mainstream media would allow the BNP a level playing field; if they would report objectively the support that the BNP command then I would support them. Nobody wants a party who approves of racism or who would discriminate unfairly against British citizens. We all know that this would not be fair but unfortunately it is happening and it is not the BNP who has created this climate.

The political classes are milking everything. They have created peers who bought their peerages one way or another and then continue to corrupt the whole process. Witness the NoLab peers who will do anything to earn a bob or two. Seriously you have to ask yourselves do you really want this ridiculously corrupt system to continue or do you want change.

Thousands of political commentators are blogging and they are all drinking at the trough which refuses to recognise democracy. The establishment has destroyed this once great country and yet they fight to stifle honest debate. Do you know my real regret is that the BNP have no knowledge that this blog exists.

Political Correctness

Years ago when I was a serving soldier I often had to travel through the old East Germany to reach Berlin which was an island of democracy in an ocean of communism. At that time the people were even too scared to wave back when greeted as we sped through rail stations. East Germany was a dreadful country and I still remember wondering how it would be if one couldn't trust a neighbour or even a family member because they were all spying on each other.

The introduction of political correctness which has replaced free speech generally regarded as the lynch pin of democracy is changing our society much quicker than I ever thought possible but then comes the case of Carole Thatcher.

Apparently in a light hearted remark she likened the hair of a tennis player (Andy Murray) to that of a 'golliwog'. Anyone who has seen Andy Murray knows that generally he has an unkempt appearance. Now along come all the experts debating the connortations of the word 'golliwog' and almost without exception they refer to the trademark of Robertson's jam which depicted the happy smiling face of a little black boy.

They forget that the real golliwog was a soft padded doll which white kids used to take to bed and cuddle as they dropped off to sleep. It was never meant as a racist weapon.

I agree it is not nice to be told for example "You can shut up Golly" but then it wasn't nice when I was told "You can shut up you Ginger bastard".

The case of the ethnic minorities in this country has been advanced far further than I would ever have believed. Very few people even see race today apart from those who have a massive chip on their shoulders. If they can use a harmless child's doll as a weapon to illustrate racial hatred then in my opinion they should get over themselves. It is pathetic!

Carole Thatcher has been attacked by the BBC because she was the daughter of a former Tory Prime Minister and does not agree with NoLab. It is pure spite.

I now know that she wasn't referring to Andy Murray and was indeed referring to a black tennis player but the sentiment remains the same. People like Jo Brand who poses as a comedienne take their politics very seriously. Her humour is offensive but she is very quick to take offence even when none is intended.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow and the British

This is ridiculous! Thousands of schools closing because of a couple of inches of snow! Many of the roads are actually clear but it doesn't stop the doommongers. In Leicestershire, schools are closing and yet the traffic is moving without any hindrance of snow. At the heart of the hysteria is the BBC who are hourly broadcasting desperate forecasts that we can't cope! It is utterly ridiculous because these conditions are far from extreme. The BBC is encouraging everyone to blame snow in order to skive.

They are deliberately encouraging our children to adopt a skiver's mentality. It should be a challenge to beat the elements but they make it so easy to shut things down that the challenge is never faced. All the reports are negative and it is only when they inadvertently interview a Dane or a Pole that we get the incredulilty which their doom and gloom attitude should be viewed.

I was in Berlin in 1969/1970 when they had (at the time) the worst winter for 125 years. In temperatures of minus 20/30 we (as soldiers) never missed a shift even though the pavements disappeared for six months. Public services fought hard to keep the city going and snow was piled up feet high.

For heaven's sake get a grip. Go to work, go to school and to the public services get your workers back to work. You knew it was coming so why didn't you plan for it?
Why start gritting after the snow comes? Six inches of snow stops nothing if you have the will and the skill to conquer it.

Elections and By Elections

Anyone who regularly passes through here will know that for some time now I have had severe reservations that Gordon Brown would ever face the electorate. I have up until now always believed that he would find an excuse to reamin in power no matter how hated he becomes. My reasoning is quite simple because the people who have been systematically dismantling this country under the guise of the New Labour Project cannot allow anyone else to uncover the depth of their treachery.

Now across on the Guido Fawkes Blog it has transpired that the electoral record of who voted in the Glenrothes By Election has 'disappeared'. It should have been safe in the hands of the Kirkcaldy Sheriff's court but guess what they allowed it to be removed during recent renovations and now it's gone. It seems a bit obvious to remind everyone that Kirkcaldy is Mugabe Brown's home town but I will all the same.

Not only that but postal voting in this By Election increased apparently by 400% and some people are suggesting that NoLab used this particular By Election to see if they could rig the vote in a National Election. You see if you 'lose' the one record which records who voted in the ballot box then you can play your trump card.

It means that all the recently deceased, those who have fled abroad and those blissfully unware that there is an election can all be identified as NoLab supporters and everything in the world is fine again.

David Cameron should ensure that this is investigated and insist that new regulations to ensure probity are introduced. I believe that we are now in a situation that politics in this country has been endemically corrupted by NoLab and they will stop at nothing to ensure survival.

By the way Comres recently announced in a poll that the BNP were attracting 6% of the electorate but in all of the recent local by elections they are polling a minimum of 20%! In Newcastle recently they polled 27% in a local by election. I am amazed that the mainstream media are keeping absolutely stum on this trend but soon even they will not be able to ignore it. The BNP are not as trusting as the rest of us because they do not underestimate the desperation of NoLab to retain power.

Monday, 2 February 2009

British Jobs for British Workers

How Gordon Brown must regret his soundbyte that he supports British Jobs for British Workers. He must have known when he trumpeted this nonsense that it was impossible to deliver.

He was the man who scurried off to Europe to unhesitatingly sign away the freedom of our national labour force to the grey men of Brussels. They can now do anything that they want to do to the working man of this country. Gordon Brown has once again reneged on his national workforce. He no longer has the power to insist that British workers come first because he personally signed it away.

The chickens are coming home to roost. NoLab have let down their core vote. The workers of this once great country will rue the day that they accepted NoLab as the inheritors of the Socialist crown. The real union members, the hard line socialists, may one day realise that they have been conned and that their union subscriptions have been diverted into salaries for the personnel recruited by organisations like 'Common Purpose'.

Winter Weather

Let's face it this is not really severe weather. It is however an excuse not to go to work and not to continue essential services. This excuse is being perpetuated by the News Media who seem to encourage people to stay at home. It also highlights the woeful driving skills and woeful lack of common sense of our drivers.

Tonight I went out to fetch my wife from work because she has been conditioned to expect that she cannot drive when there is a few inches of snow on the ground. The conditions were such that one had to take care but they were hardly difficult. I mean the main roads did not even have a covering of snow.

For many years I lived close to the old inner German border in the eighties and I regularly had to travel 25 kilometres from home to work along roads which were solid snow and ice. Nothing stopped, nothing much hardly slowed down because everyone had learned to cope. This nation has become a nation of wimps. How can schools close down, trains cease to operate, tubes not operate on time and even airports introduce a limited service? It is a nonsense and has to be exposed as such.

Driving on ice and snow is simple. Use the highest gear possible to reduce the revving, double your breaking distance and no sudden actions. Give yourself distance and time because other than that you can proceed as normal... honest it is not dangerous!!