Tuesday, 20 October 2009


People who have read this blog will know that I am, from a distance, a supporter of the BNP, purely because they shake up the establishment and no other party have addressed the problems that face the white minority. I do not support their so called racist element but I do understand their anti Muslim reflection.

None of the mainstream parties are helping the very people who are desperate for their help, the poor, white, indigenous population. Is it any wonder that they are seeking assistance from a party who feel their pain.

This country has undergone a major demographic change which some of us can adjust to because we have the finance, the education and the intelligence but what happens if you haven't? Who do you turn to when Pakistanis, Muslims and Somalis are given help, advice and priority with the basics of life.

This morning I listened with interest to Keith Allen (the Sheriff of Nottingham and father of Lily) who publically declared that the government were turning a blind eye to the importation of cheap booze and fags so that the kitchen sink estates would not riot.

This is appalling! How can these politicians (Labour politicians) leave these poor people to this fate. According to Keith Allen his family (the family he joined for the TV programme) were kept alive by smoking 600 cheap cigarettes a week and a constant supply of cheap booze.

We all know that Gordon Brown and his cohorts can sink low. We all know that they can sink really low but...this low...to sink so low is to almost disappear into an abyss. We have seen our so called students, let's call them our youth, being encouraged to blot out their brains.

I cannot wait for May and an end to the constant madness which Gordon Brown and his Cabinet have imposed upon us. Then perhaps we will have the arrests because if we don't have the arrests then we will relinquish democracy.

The BNP have nothing to answer for when one considers the crimes of the NoLab party. Peter Hain, who has so many misdemeanours to answer to, continues to climb on the political band wagon in his attack on the one party who are trying to represent the lower class white society. Believe you me the Political Class are scared. They know what they have done to this country.

Keith Allen is right! This government have kept the lid on a very serious problem. The BNP have addressed this problem and the government and the Political Class are embarrassed. That includes the Generals of the British Army who have constantly let down their soldiers in their quest for knighthoods and political power.

I look forward to Nick Griffin wiping the floor with his opponents on Question Time next Thursday and they had better be scared because he will. He is wrong, but he is not as wrong as the likes of Ed Balls, Jack Straw, Peter Hain and the great NoLab guru Gordon Brown! Let the games begin!

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