Tuesday, 28 May 2013

More on Syria!

The heat is clearly on!  Once again the mainstream media have treated us to shaky, grainy clips of some kind of atrocity which they  admit are not substantiated.  Every time I see this joke I shake my head. Nothing is substantiated so we are shown 'leaked videos' followed by unknown females claiming their families have been killed!

Nothing is proven. Nothing can be proven. It is the worst type of journalism.  Don't get me wrong if it has happened then I would be horrified but we never get any proof and they have tried this trick once too often. They manipulate the news because they can.

Then our Foreign Secretary follows up by declaring that the European arms embargo has now ceased because Britain and France proposed that we can send arms to the 'rebels'. William Hague has misjudged this issue. This country is sick and tired of being the servant of the 'regime changers'.  He is clearly acting on orders from  'on high'.

Nobody in this country wants any more involvement in stupid wars which do not concern us.  We are sick of seeing our sons and daughters returning in body bags because some banker (sorry 'regime changer') wants to conquer the world.

Clearly most of Europe do not want to become involved so William Hague has been exposed.  He is desperate to involve us in Syria, so desperate that he is now been outed as a servant of the ban...(sorry 'regime changers').  What an apology for a Foreign Secretary. Folks, this is yet another reason to vote UKIP!  We just have to bin these mainstream politicians (most of whom should be in jail) and vote for a new type of politics.

We need honesty in our national politics and freedom from the 'regime changers'. It will be difficult because the amounts of money thrown around are difficult to ignore.  The 'regime changers' can bribe or blackmail almost everyone (and have) so the UKIP candidates must be ready to harden their resolve.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Another Act of Lunacy!

England+gypsiesI have long suspected that there is a hidden agenda within the Political Class to waste as much taxpayer's money as they can possibly get away with.  Daily we have exposures in the mainstream media that chronicle vast failures costing the taxpayer millions in wasted revenue and hardly ever do we hear of anyone being held accountable.

In my opinion the largest 'white elephant' remains the EU simply because it appears to be unauditable (is that a word?).  Then we have foreign aid which is also very difficult to trace but as long as we get poor, starving, African kids on our television screens on a daily basis we must assume that most of it is not arriving in the right place.

More recently we hear that the BBC (bless'em) have just wasted almost £100 million on a Digital Media Initiative which does not work.  In this case the Chief Technical Officer has been suspended until someone decides what went wrong but surely members of the Board (Lord Patten) are also culpable?

Then someone (the EU?) dreams up high speed rail (HS2) and at an initial cost of £32 billion will cut huge swathes through our countryside and probably in practice achieve almost nothing.  Every time we, who are all in it together, lose another local service the Political Class dream up another expensive plan.

The latest however, had me spluttering because they have now put aside £60 million pounds to build 884 new gypsy campsites with all mod cons.  These people purport to be 'travellers' but there is hardly  a town in the land which has not had to clear up after them.  Now it would appear that they don't want to 'travel' anymore as long as our government will pay for their new facilities.

I doubt very much if they have ever entered the mainstream of our society and paid conventional taxes. Until they do I do not believe that we should offer them a penny.  If they want an alternative lifestyle then they can pay for it.  I suspect that we all have at one time or another helped to pay for their lifestyle but for the government to put aside a huge sum of money for their comfort is astonishingly profligate.  They will then wonder why we taxpayers vote UKIP. While this continues we have no other choice!

Friday, 24 May 2013

The BBC and Newsnight!

The BBC and their flagship 'Newsnight' programme last night gave air time to a radical Muslim who is actually condoning or refusing to condemn the murder of the British soldier yesterday. Anjem Choudary is the man responsible for the Islamic lunacy committed in Woolwich and yet he now appears courtesy of the BBC to further his views and further offend viewers. How on earth is he still in this country and walking free on the streets? There again I suppose he is yet another 'on the radar' of the security services who are allowed to commit murder before being picked up!

This is disgusting! Once again the BBC is misjudging the mood of the people.  They are trying to justify some sort of Islamic fanaticism by bringing together various factions of the Muslim community to DEBATE this atrocity!

They actually allowed a supporter of the people who committed this murder air time to try and support the murderers. They have lost the plot and of course the response will probably be futile anger.

The BBC have often shown that they have scant regard for the views of the people who fund their nonsense but this time they have gone too far. If we had a government worth its salt then the BBC would lose its publically funded licence fee and their producers should be held to account for the bile that they allow to be aired.  Lord Patten himself should be held to account.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Another Case for the Death Penalty?

Well now we know that a soldier really was murdered by Muslim fanatics on the streets of Woolwich yesterday.  The actuality of the crime was so graphic that it brought back memories of Enoch Powell's 'rivers of blood' speech way back in the nineteen sixties.

Our useless politicians have pussyfooted around this problem for far too long.  Their gentle approach to what is a very dangerous situation is betraying the public yet again. While they whittle on about 'gay marriage', 'foreign aid' and 'eurosceptics' there are people walking along our unprotected streets waging a war against our society.

When WILL someone of the very many overpaid police chiefs realise that we have a problem?  When will Westmonster address the subject? Oh I forgot they are once again on a holiday recess. Does David Cameron not realise that the public are aghast at this event.  We have been told for years that in some mosques Imaams are preaching 'hate' and radicalising their communities and yet nothing happens because they all have 'Human Rights'.

Well that poor lad serving his country also had 'Human Rights' unless they disappear with the colour of his skin and his uniform.  The two attackers are still alive. I don't know how or why because now we will have a judicial problem.  Why should this pair be kept alive for years at public expense? What punishment can we apply when they are so pitifully beyond the pail. 

We are apparently at war and yet our government will not recognise it.  They say that they are waging a war so should the death penalty now apply? We must do something.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Legacy of Traitors?

There are rumours appearing in the mainstream media that some sort of Muslim terrorist organisation killed a serving member of the forces today in the general area of Woolwich. I do not yet know if this is true but if it is I am really not surprised.

I am probably the epitome of a swivel-eyed loon in the eyes of 'The Political Class'.  I could also be described by the same people as a bigot, a racist or a fruitcake but I also have other qualities. I am honest, loyal, family orientated, patriotic and intelligent.

I know right from wrong and I want to teach my grandchildren right from wrong.  When the New Labour politicians began to 'import' Muslims from across the world all decent British people (and some are Muslims) realised that we were importing trouble with a capital 'T'!

Mass immigration of people who knew nothing of our culture and only arrived on our doorstep because of the generous benefits that were offered was always going to be a disaster. Now 'Lord' Peter Mandelson arrogantly confesses that they had to 'search' to find people who wanted to come to this country.

I define this as treason. The people who organised this influx of foreigners deliberately undermined British culture. The death of this one young man is totally down to the New Labour elite. We all know who they are and what they did and yet nobody appears to have the will to accuse them of the crime that they committed (one of them is currently speaking on Newsnight and I do mean John Reid).

There is a sense of entitlement emanating from the Political Class which has bridged generations of traitors.  Most of our mainstream traitors have come from the 'establishment' with links to the Oxford and Cambridge Universities. That is with the exception of the Trade Unions who are also clearly linked to the destruction of their native country.

They have for generations committed unspeakable crimes against the nation and yet they remain untouched because of money and influence. This country is no longer a democratic country that it presumes to be because it is run by a very narrow cartel of ex public schoolboy politicians who are influenced by another group from a higher plateau who dictate their course of action.

Just remember a terrorist today apparently hacked the head off a serving soldier in South London and nobody will be found guilty!
When will we, the public, begin to blame the politicians for their profligacy. This has all happened because some of our politicians have sold their souls to people who are trying to unbalance the world. Today Syria came to the streets of London because the same people are to blame!

Monday, 20 May 2013

Hillsbrough the Aftermath!

Tonight on  BBC Panorama has aired a documentary on the cover up after the Hillsbrough fiasco which killed so many people.  Clearly it has now to be recognised that a major police cover up flourished after this dreadful event.

The very senior officer in charge (David Duckenfield) had so little experience that one wonders if his appointment was the result of Common Purpose training? South and West Yorkshire are hotbeds of Common Purpose infiltration.  David Duckenfield retired on a full pension ostensibly through ill health!

The Panorama programme also implicated other people who ignored the evidence to protect the guilty. The politicians and the West Midlands Police who apparently investigated this disaster have now been proven to be flawed and I do not mean that lightly.

It was a major cover up! They all lied  over and over again and still they retain their pensions and privileges. I want to see these people in court facing up to their obligations. So many people are involved in this cover up so let us name them. Those people involved are always protected by convention and lawyers so let us begin with Jack Straw who confesses that in hindsight he was wrong. 

Nobody implicated in this disgraceful cover up should be allowed to resign or disappear into the ether.  I want to see Duckenfield and Sir Norman Bettison in the dock facing the relatives of the dead and trying to explain why they did what they did!  Full Stop! 

The 'Loons' may soon be Running the Asylum!

Ever since I began this blog I have insisted that the mass immigration that was inflicted on this country by NoLab (as I called them at that time) was controlled and organised by the Home Office.  At that time I worked for the Asylum Appeals Centre and had access to the case histories of so many so called immigrants.

Now the arrogant and dubious Lord Peter Mandelson has apparently admitted that the mass immigration program was organised by NoLab.  Surely that is treason? He may now be out of the firing line but what about the current front line Labour politicians? It is now clear, following the revelations of Mandelson, that the Labour Party actively organised mass immigration into this country with the connivance of the Home Office.

He has however implicated most of the leading Labour politicians of today who must have known the NoLab agenda. How can Ed Miliband, Ed Balls, Mrs Balls, Harriet Harman and the rest of this dubious crew face the public now that we all know their awful agenda?  They changed the face of the country and they think that  we don't know.

Across the country they have paid for their duplicity. In the recent county council elections the support for Labour has evaporated. From Cornwall to Kent right across the southern counties with hundreds of seats at stake Labour gained just 60!  This included nothing in Dorset, one in Surrey, Buckinghamshire and Somerset and only two in Cornwall..

Apparently they owe the Co-Op bank three and a half million pounds and yet week after week Ed Miliband opposes David Cameron just as if he is a Prime Minister in waiting. Their support comes from pockets of inner city immigrants and the north who seem to be lost somewhere at the beginning of the twentieth century.  

We desperately need an English Parliament to correct the imbalance operating at Westmonster. Labour is clearly being propped up by support voters from Scotland and Wales and both countries have their own parliaments.

Don't get me wrong I have family and friends in Scotland which is probably why I am so militant on this subject. New Labour corrupted British society for their own ends. All of them committed treason by inviting alien nationals to enter the country illegally and them giving them a vote and it is still happening.

People who have never paid taxes are being granted the same rights as native born English people who have paid their taxes for so many years. These incomers have also been granted equal voting rights so who decided that?

The people are biting back through UKIP. This protest vote will grow now that the doubters can see that it is not a wasted vote.  David Cameron is a lost soul because he tried to be a LibDem whilst leading the Conservative party and the grass roots won't have it! I really doubt if the Coalition will last until 2015.

Cameron will realise that unless he dumps Clegg he will lose his premiership. If he dumps Clegg then they will all pounce on him. He is in a lose lose position and Farage is waiting in the wings. Unless they get their act together they will not last until 2015 which is brilliant. UKIP are organising for next year's MEP elections  because they are sniffing blood and all the main parties will suffer for their complacency. 

This political earthquake is long overdue and these arrogant mainstream politicians are at long last fearing the electorate.  I suspect the 'Loons' will soon be running the asylum!

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Scotland's Embarrassment!

The treatment of Nigel Farage in Edinburgh recently is, in my opinion, a national embarrassment for the Scottish people.  They may not realise it but UKIP is currently being supported by at least a quarter of the English people.  Yes I know UKIP does not have a council seat north of Harrogate but even in the Labour heartlands a fifth of the population has still voted for UKIP.

This means that Nigel Farage has leapt in a very short time from political nonentity into the mainstream limelight so to physically harrass him on the streets of Edinburgh demonstrates a political naivety bordering on the fascist. This was a deliberate attempt to destroy democratic process and I was amazed that Alex Salmond did not condemn the behaviour.

I despise many of our mainstream politicians because of their lack of candour and lack of support for the general public. I would never however, deny their right to voice their poisonous rhetoric.  I therefore have to conclude that shutting Farage up was motivated by fear. Fear that his no nonsense straight talking might just resonate for many of the Scots currently disenfranchised by their two party system!

Thursday, 16 May 2013


The BBC has once again led on an unsubstantiated report backed up by shaky amateur videos of supposed chemical attacks on Syrian people by so called government troops.  This is becoming a ridiculous scenario. They do it all the time and yet they continue to trumpet it as major news.

I have news for them. Nobody believes your propaganda! Stop these ridiculous attempts to influence the public. If President Assad was ever to use chemical weapons against an enemy who cannot defeat him then he would become an international pariah.

He does not need chemical weapons but the regime changers are losing so they must concoct any story to influence BBC news.  This national mainstream media news outlet continues to betray their remit.

The BBC was once an admired media all around the world.  They have become a joke! 

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

They Refuse to Resign so who will Sack them?

Chief Constable Sara Thornton
Sara Thornton ignored the evidence!
The facts behind the case in Oxford where young girls were 'groomed' by Asian perverts and were used as sex slaves is horrific! Time after time relatives and friends asked for help from the police and the Social Services and were ignored.

Now it transpires that the screams for help were genuine.  So why were they ignored?  The people in charge of the police and the social service once again apologise and ask us to move on. They refuse to resign even though their service, the service that they were in charge of, put some young girls through hell!

They had all the warnings but refused to help the girls in question. Now if you were in that position and you realised that your inactivity ensured that some of these girls were branded by a hot needle would you not feel ashamed of yourself?

Despite this the female chiefs of both organisations refuse to resign. They have of course no shame probably because they were appointed through their association with Common Purpose (I have no knowledge if this is true but it has all the hall marks of Common Purpose because it is incompetent and corrupt). So who will sack them? Why can they refuse to resign and not be sacked?

Can I ask one further question? Why is it that every time there is a question about police competence a female is paraded before the cameras?  Is that pure coincidence or a tactic? Often these women have been proven themselves to be incompetent so they should be sacked! They seem to rely on appearance rather than ability.

 If we don't sack them then the Asian perverts will prosper and continue their despicable activities. We either want to stop this behavior or we don't and if we do then both heads of departments should resign or be sacked because they clearly failed.

If we fudge the issue then we support that branding of young girls is  permissible.  These incompetent females should be sacked full stop. They should not be given the option of resignation because the victims suffered far too much through their complacency!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

This Disgusting Cover Up!

The cover up which appears to be perpetrated by leading members of the police and the government continues.  I am referring to the activities at a B and B called Elm House in Richmond where very many so called leading members of our society availed themselves of the services of young boys from care homes.

The Jimmy Savile exposure seems to have stirred up a hornets nest but the only people that are ever charged with historic offences are ageing celebrities.  'Aangirfar' covers the subject very well so I won't elaborate but all the police can come up with are a Catholic priest and the former head of a care home.

I am sorry but I do not believe it. Here is another site that exposes the cover up extensively. It is ridiculous to charge the small fry but allow the money men to walk away.  Gradually piece by piece the blogosphere is getting closer to the 'sick' culprits who are being protected by the police and the mainstream media.  I suspect at a 'certain' level of society the names of the guilty are well known.

Today we had the case in Oxford where disgusting individuals seriously abused a series of young girls supposedly 'in care'. It follows on from the Rochdale case and do I really need to emphasise that none of the offenders are European in complexion!

Please tell me what prevents the law from kicking this disgusting crew out of the UK for good and I don't mean just the men.  I mean every direct member of their family, the parents, grandparents and their children.  We must discover an antidote to depravity. We must inject fear into anyone who believes that they can dominate young people forcing them into depravity.

We have a duty to respond so please don't quote me 'Human Rights'  or try to defend their behaviour. It is happening far too often and and I want to see the mainstream politicians addressing this sexual conduct. We elect an MP and yet they then tolerate abysmal conduct and a judiciary that at time is so lenient on sex crimes that it beggars belief!

Surely someone at sometime will bite the bullet and begin the process to unveil the predators at the top level of our society.  The arrests of so many ageing celebrities, the odd minnow and the Asian sex gangs does not disguise that at the heart of the problem are seriously famous people.

Once again the police and the social services think that an 'apology' is sufficient. IT IS NOT! Heads should roll in this despicable case. The police have become a joke and social services are seriously not fit for purpose! I despair!

By the by I suppose the guilty will be sentenced to huge sentences which will be then be reduced by a quarter just like Chris Huhne and Vicki Pryce! No wonder people are turning to UKIP!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Are Leading Politicians Immune from Police Investigations?

Last Thursday I pronounced my cynicism at the arrest of so many ageing celebrities.  I did wonder why Operation Yewtree was only discovering people from one walk of life who had committed offences against the under age.  

Then I came across this and I began to understand a lot more.  Ben Fellowes is a former child actor who is now an investigative journalist and clearly in his youth he encountered a lot of sexual advances from people who should have known better.  He recounts an experience he had whilst working on 'The Cook Report' which in it's day was quite controversial.

Despite the clearest account of a sexual assault committed on him by a very well known MP (you will have to follow the link to find out who it is) the police are apparently refusing to follow up so  does this mean that the police are protecting high profile political figures?

I followed up the story and this account of a 'sting' that was being perpetrated on Ian Greer associates during the 'cash for questions' scandal in the nineties clearly mentions a good looking young black lad called 'Ben' working for 'The Cook Report'.  So if he is being truthful about the event why would he invent the assault?

I am very uncomfortable that this is not being pursued. There were witnesses and they may of course deny it but surely the police are duty bound to follow up and ask a few questions?  I have been looking around the web since I read this.  A lot of people think David Icke is a loony (like Nigel Farage) but the trouble is he keeps getting it right!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Compulsory Voting?

The recent turnouts in both local elections and by elections have highlighted the apathy of the British people towards their mainstream politicians.  This has resulted in some local councillors being elected onto local councils with only 10% of the support of their constituents.

Even some national politicians have been returned to Westmonster with under 20% approval.  It is ridiculous so something has to change.  My wife believes that compulsory voting is the answer and recently a couple of the regular contributors to this blog have suggested the same course of action.

In Australia voting is compulsory so it is possible.  It would possibly force some of the young to investigate who their candidates are and what they stand for.  The emergence of UKIP has brought back some interest in politics because we now have a genuine opposition to LABLIBCON who all sing from the same hymn sheet and then pretend major differences on minor issues.

It always amuses me when Ed Miliband jumps up and down about tax breaks for the rich when he is the very person enjoying them! It is also refreshing to see the leader of a political party Nigel Farage) answering  questions directly and not hiding behind a plethora of platitudes.

I still believe that we should not elect a politician until he/she has secured a major percentage of support from the electorate (30%,40%,50%?).  The concept being that if the electorate cannot be bothered to turn out then they forfeit representation. That should then force the politicians to get the vote out.  In our recent local elections the publicity was limited to leaflet dropping.

If our mainstream politicians really thought that the public were worthy of consideration they would tighten up the system, particularly postal voting involving immigrant communities, where electoral fraud has already been uncovered.

If we are to engage the young in politics then they must be targeted through the medium that attracts them (thanks for the idea SAB). The traditional evasive politics practiced by the mainstream politicians has switched off or even disgusted generations of the public. So perhaps compulsory voting is the only way forward!

Friday, 10 May 2013

When will Someone Get a Grip of the Town Hall Fat Cats?

Today I was sent a copy of the 'Town Hall Rich List' as published by the Taxpayer's Alliance.  It merits the attention of everyone because in this age of so-called austerity the same people are milking the system and each year there are more of them.

Many of the job appointments in this particular area of the public sector have often caused comment notably for their nebulous titles. The recruitment of  Town Hall staff appears to be continuing unabated despite the continual squeals of councils that they are being bled dry of money.

They continue to close libraries, public toilets and other necessary services but they never seem to address the outrageous salaries being allocated to senior staff.  The fact that over 2500 relatively unimportant people are earning over £100,000 each for what is a mundane role in society is ridiculous.

This is Council tax money that should be filling in potholes and maintaining parks and waterways.  I came across a table listing the salaries of senior officials at Leicestershire County Council for 2010/11  and 28 of them were earning over £80,000 per annum. This is rural Leicestershire where generally prices are reasonable in comparison to the sunny south. It meant that just 28 individuals are taking two and a quarter million pounds out of the economy and that was 2010/11!

It is statistics like these that are driving people towards UKIP.  Nick Clegg is always talking about 'fairness' but what is fair about these Town Hall Fat Cats taking more than their fair share?  I have posted about this before but nothing seems to shame councils into constructing a reasonable pay scale for their officers. Mind you when less than a third of the population bother to vote then what can you expect?

Thursday, 9 May 2013

The Arrest of the Elderly Personalities!

Am I the only person to feel uncomfortable about the arrest of so many high profile 'celebrities' on charges that happened half a century ago. I have to admit that people like Jimmy Saville was clearly a wrong 'un and so it would appear was Stuart Hall.

I can accept that serial offenders should face the full force of the law even though I cannot agree in this retrospective justice. If it was a serious offence it should have been reported then and not many years later.

We are currently living in a culture light years away from the days of the sixties and seventies.  In those days we had 'groupies' who put themselves on the line because they were 'up for it'. This has always been the case.  Young girls have always pursued the male celebrities so why have we now had a spate of cases against these venerable but famous former stars.

Once again somebody has an agenda.  Nobody can compare life today under the current PC demand with life fifty years ago. Almost everyone who lived through those years knows that life was different. We were not exposed to sex education so we found out for ourselves.

What is happening now is ridiculous and it does not make sense so... as 'Judge Judy' would say... 'if it does not make sense then it is wrong'.  Just why are these aging celebrities being pursued when almost all of us who belonged to that generation had guilty secrets?

I would bet serious money that serious money is involved in these accusations.  Someone somewhere has seen a gap in the market and in those days so many girls were groped inappropriately that it could become a growth industry!

Saturday, 4 May 2013

They Still Don't Get It!

File:Nigel Farage Autumn 2008.JPGThe dust has yet to settle on the political earthquake which erupted on Thursday resulting in UKIP advancing onto the mainstream political scene.  The reaction has been predictable because the arrogance of those in power has prevented them from understanding what is happening.

They still appear in the media refusing to answer direct questions, they still talk over each other (Chuka Umunna is the worst) and they still believe that UKIP is a minor protest party which will disappear when the PM promises us that he can renegotiate our relationship with the unaudited EU.

The people have spoken, well sufficiently enough to begin the fight back but there are still two thirds of the electorate who have given up and cannot be bothered to vote.  In this modern political world councillors are being elected into office by only 10% of the electorate! In Loughborough two Labour councillors gained office by polling 10% and 11% respectively.

For UKIP it is just the beginning.  The 147 councillors bear a huge responsibility and will have to learn the ropes very quickly.  They will come under huge scrutiny from all corners.  They are challenging a huge political machine which includes, politicians, civil servants, the mainstream media, quangos, bankers and the might of the European Union.

However, as ever, the public have sufficient weight of numbers to win every battle.  The mainstream politicians have had it so easy for so long that they have forgotten who the real boss is. I believe (rightly or wrongly) that the pensioners are supporting UKIP because we are the only group who can remember what life was like before we fell foul of the EU. 

If this momentum continues the European elections next year will be a blast.  The MEPs are elected by proportional representation which should be a huge advantage to UKIP as they draw support from the whole country rather than pockets of partisanship.  There is a chance that UKIP could send an angry and noisy presence to Brussels.

In the meantime I await the frantic efforts of Westmonster to deny the reality of their plight. Come 2015 so many of them could be facing the consequences of seeking work in the employment environment that they have helped to create!

Friday, 3 May 2013

It is Getting Serious!

The success of UKIP today is having serious consequences for the mainstream media. They do not know how to handle this totally unexpected public disapproval of the Political Class. They have in effect lost control of British politics and they don't know how to deal with it!

Let's face it UKIP could not field sufficient candidates to deal with their support.  Here in Loughborough people were heard to be complaining that they did not have a UKIP candidate to vote for! They will next time.

UKIP have a major battle ahead because they must face the natural prejudice of the mainstream media which they do not own.  They must then have sufficient experience to combat the Civil Service who have now been bought and paid for. Then they have the problem of the quangos who are all on the EU payroll and finally the Town Hall fat cats owe their re-numeration to Common Purpose who have corrupted almost every avenue of public service.

The battle has just begun. So much needs to be dismantled and reconstructed.  Nigel Farage could in future years be this generation's Winston Churchill!  He must have immense courage to face the forces against him.  Hitler never had the firepower that the anti Farage brigade can muster.  

Today was a game changing election. I have for five years been seeking anyone trying to break the stranglehold that these political animals have on this country. At last we have a party which represents the public and have a sufficient organisation to threaten the established parties.

One day they WILL get seats in Westmonster and then once again it may become Westminster. It is game on folks which is wonderful news.

NOW we are moving forward!

On 16 April 2012 I posed the question 'Is UKIP moving forward'? Yesterday in South Shields we received confirmation that UKIP is moving forward and the movement is gaining momentum.  I predict a real fear within the Political Class because democracy has become so corrupted in this country that they fail to recognise honesty and decency.

They are dismissing the vote for UKIP as a 'protest' vote which of course it is. The people are protesting against the corruption of Westmonster and the corruption emanating out of Brussels where they still refuse to countenance an audit.  Why is it that our mainstream politicians continue to ignore this lack of accountability?

One other thing concerns me. Our political system has returned an MP from South Shields who only has the support of one fifth of her constituency.  Only 40% turned out and she only got 50% of the turn out! That means that 80% of her constituency have no faith in her politics and that reflects South Shields the bedrock of socialism.  So Mr Miliband how do you explain that away?

This is exactly the impression that I got wandering around the centre of the town and observing the canvassing on Tuesday.  Nobody was really interested!  In particular the young seemed not even to understand what was happening.

Surely it is time that we put a limit on the level of support that a candidate must receive from the constituency before they gain admittance to the luxuries of the taxpayer funded club called the Houses of Parliament. Surely 40% of the vote is not too high a figure to ensure election.  If the public do not turn out then they do not warrant an MP!

If people deserve an MP they must vote.  It would then be the role of the committed and the educated to persuade the others, particularly the young, that voting is a duty and if they do not vote they forfeit representation. Until we face this problem our democratic process will continue to be a joke and will favour the mainstream parties. 

Even so fear is now in the air!  The smearing of UKIP will increase so courage will be necessary but yesterday proved that the public are rebelling in large numbers. Just remember when you hear the words, 'Nazi', 'racist'or 'homophobic' it is actually the sound of mainstream politicians losing votes!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

UKIP and the Opposition!

Nigel Farage in South Shields yesterday
It continues, the outpouring of hatred because one party dares to challenge the mainstream political authority.  Yesterday I went to South Shields just to witness the campaign and personally get a flavour of the atmosphere.

It is a strange little place. I saw more people smoking on the streets than I would normally see. Many of the young women were dressed in an overtly sexual manner (even on a cold day) and so, so, many more were pushing baby buggies (without a visible male partner).

There were three Griegs shops on King St which is the main pedestrian thoroughfare and at 1pm the pubs had a good clientele even though it was almost entirely male.  The Monster Raving Loony Party were in evidence and apparently 'monstered' Harriet Harman although I did not witness that! I heard about it when they retired to the pub.

The local UKIP candidate Richard Elvin was very enthusiastic trying to get the young to appreciate politics even to understand what was happening but got little response.  All I heard everywhere  was people discussing Newcastle United and their relegation plight!

Nigel Farage arrived at about 1.45pm and was immediately approached by a small media presence.  An interview was set up and at that very moment somebody cycled past and began to vocally recite 'NAZI PROPAGANDA' loudly and repeatedly in an attempt to ruin the broadcast. 

That sums up the Socialist Republic of South Shields because nobody challenged him.  He had the confidence to mouth off in the full knowledge that nobody would dare to challenge him. He was a berk but at that moment he was the mouthpiece for South Shields.

I only saw 2 people in King Street representing the Conservative party and I did admire them. I never saw a single Liberal Democrat. So to sum up I believe that the state rules in South Shields. As long as they can smoke and drink and Newcastle does not get relegated then all is well.  There is no aspiration or ambition.

UKIP are battling for the hearts and minds but when there are few minds it is difficult to win. Don't get me wrong these people are lovely, they tolerate the elderly, they are so generous and I heard one old guy tell people that he had traveled far but South Shields was his home and that is why he kept coming back.

What a shame that they have been so ill-educated that they will still vote for public school educated millionaires who have never worked for a living and probably do not know where South Shields is located or even care. Harriet Harman did not stay long in King Street. She probably could not understand the dialect and after all there was a biting cold wind!