Thursday, 31 May 2012

Barack Obama ...Hero or Villain?

I have a link to American Politics. I have to admit that I don't understand all the intricacies of their manoevering and I also do not understand their language. Yes I know that we speak the same tongue but when it become political it has nuances that I do not understand.

There seems to be grave concerns about the proposed actions of the Obama government particularly in its death throes. I cannot judge the implications but I feel obliged to pass on the information. If an act of substantial aggression occurs in or around the time of the Obama regime losing the next election then I have done my duty.

So perhaps people should be reading this and then making up their own minds. If there is a drone threat (which I question) then surely in the USA there are sufficient balances and checks to prevent an outrage?

Then surely we felt that about 9/11? Someone, somewhere, allowed Islamic terrorists to hijack so many commercial planes and fly them into the twin towers. Please do not tell me that officialdom did not assist them because I will not believe that. If that can happen once in the States then it can happen again. 

There is genuine fear in America. They realise that their politicians cannot be trusted. Their own President appears to be ineligible for the position and he appears to have backing from people in the shadows. We live in a murky world!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Douglas Carswell and a Private Member's Bill

Douglas Carswell is one of the leading Euro sceptics who is a true Conservative. He continually harangues the government on all aspects of their EU membership. Now out of the blue he has been granted a private members bill. That means that he can propose a bill close to his heart and put it in front of his parliamentary colleagues. Of course it has no chance of being adopted because the 'socialists' in the Conservative party will follow their leader's direction. He is by inclination a LibDem so any radical bill has little chance of acceptance.

Guido Fawkes runs probably the largest 'blog' on the planet and he has suggested five proposals and wants us all to vote on them. Every one of them emphasises that the 'Pastytax' nonsense exposes the Coalition to ridicule. They are clearly not addressing the desires of the public. I personally would vote for all five (most of us would) so now we can assume that the government of today is as usual light years away from public opinion.

When Guido Fawkes can highlight five causes which Douglas Carswell can propose and I could think of at least another five which would benefit Britain then is it not about time that we had a referendum on our membership of this corrupt, destructive, undemocratic, stain on our society? 

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


The atrocity has been committed. The body bags containing children shown by the world wide media. Our Foreign Secretary appears in public with his 'grave' face set demanding that measures should be taken against the Assad regime.

There is just one little inconvenient fact missing. Nobody yet knows who committed the atrocity? They were not killed by bombs but someone entered homes and shot in the kids in their own houses.  What would the Assad government gain by doing this? It would only ensure that the rest of the world would put President Assad into the same category as Saddam Hussein and Colonel Gadaffi and we all know what happened to them.

The Syrian government continue to complain about the 'tsunami of lies' being told about their actions but of course nobody will listen to them. Not when the people who control the world's media want you to believe otherwise.  I am prepared to admit that I could be wrong but I have read the history books and this scenario is all too familiar.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Gay Marriage

I cannot see the point in gay marriage. I have no real view about it as it just doesn't interest me but why in this modern age, where so many heterosexual couples cannot be bothered to secure their relationships, do gay people want to 'marry'? I privately believe that it is just another political agenda designed to promote 'modernisation' that seeks out any cause which will alter the balance of decent society.  

It follows on from all the other political movements introduced to destabilize society which have begun with a 'fairness' agenda and descended into minority groups dictating terms to the majority.  It is sometimes difficult to consolidate the scale of these movements but they are summed up here  

The aim of most of the movements have been to disrupt society and many are also aimed against the tenets of Christianity. They are all part of a plan by the New World Order (bankers, media moguls and industrialists) to change western civilised society. They achieve their aims because the public are generally apathetic and comfortable. That is why the changes in modern society now mean that tracing a family tree will be almost impossible in the future.

All the moral standards of yesteryear have been stripped away and consequently there will soon become a situation where brother will 'marry' sister and neither will know of their close relationship. If you just take a moment to see what these people have achieved it should really concern you.

If you want reality then just watch 'Judge Judy' where case after case is being fought between people who have had numerous short term sexual relationships resulting in many children. The women are invariably obese slags and the men irresponsible shysters. 

It is a culture introduced at the lowest end of society which is gradually spreading upwards. Standards unthinkable 50 years ago are now regarded as normal behaviour. There appears to be no stopping the descent into the gutter and even the church authorities do not appear to have a voice.

I just wondered where it would go next and up popped 'Gay Marriage'. This old man just shakes his head and wonders how his granddaughters will cope with the future. They will probably cope better than me because they will never been part of a 'decent' society. 

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Syria ...when will our mercenaries be deployed?

I have grave reservations about the situation in Syria. My doubts are based on the premise that Syria is one of the few countries left who do not pay homage to the Rothschild banking industry. We have recently seen the invasions of other countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya ruled by 'dictators' who did not have allegiance to the Rothschild Central banks.

So now the Rothschild controlled media are depicting the slaughter of children in Syria. They have yet to win over this country or Cuba or North Korea. Just think, if you are governing a peaceful society without the assistance of a banking dynasty and then you are faced with that dynasty arming a certain faction of your country with the eventual aim of your destruction. Would you not fight back?

So far the Syrian army is winning. They are beating the bankers. So step forward the mercenaries. The best mercenaries that the bankers have available is ...the British Army! So watch for the announcement soon that the British Army will have to enter Syria to 'free' the people! It is a well rehearsed procedure.   

Baroness stupid!

We live in a society created by a power that we, down here on planet Earth, have little access to. What we must learn to do is cope with the hand that we have been dealt. We did not deal the cards but we must learn to play them.

In the UK today we have at least four suites jostling for position at the moment. We have the indigenous population who pay all the bills and yet appear to come bottom the the heap. We have the Jewish community who also pay their way but who belong to some kind of secret society emanating from Israel. They are here but in what disguise?

Then we have the Caribbean/African community who seem to specialise in religion or crime. They are on one hand a colourful, happy group but then we have the scum of the earth. The black community are responsible for so much of the dreadful criminality which pervades our society. Nobody can deny that although so many try.

Then finally and most significantly we have the Muslim population. They are driven by a religion which I do not understand. I have met lovely Muslim people and yet I find myself inherently unable to trust them. I sometimes feel seriously uncomfortable every time I see their flagship ... the headscarf. Why do they have to identify themselves in this way. OK..the burka is for the extremists but why do they have to wear a headscarf to identify themselves as 'religious'.

That is why it is so important that any of these 'community' leaders tread carefully. We are a fragile society. In my opinion if you make a living from being a 'community leader' then you must be utterly honest. There are no half measures. If you represent your people then you cannot afford slips ups. 

So now we have the only female Muslim cabinet minister, Baroness Warsi, accused of fiddling her expenses? How could she be so stupid? How could she be so naive? How could she confirm what so many of us think of her people? No that is wrong; I must resist the temptation to stereotype but it is becoming increasingly difficult when so often it is proven to be correct!   

Once again however, it places the spotlight on David Cameron. How come so many of his 'choices' let him down? Time after time his personal 'picks' subsequently are proven to be dodgy. My old mum used to say to me judge a man by his friends. Surely 'Call me Dave' is not purely a poor judge of character? He is far too astute and he has selected his support staff on their 'merits'. Hm!

The walls are closing in Mr Cameron.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Leveson Enquiry

Slowly, almost ponderously, this Enquiry is uncovering the truth. The many and varied links that all our politicians had to News International. The squalid deference that all our leading politicians paid to the Murdoch Empire and now the cover up. The frantic attempts to deceive the public that they did not set up a bomb proof avenue for News International to gobble up BSkyB.

Anybody who has read my scribbles will not be surprised that I am delighted that the fan is whirring and the sticky stuff is randomly being distributed around the corridors of power. It is obvious to anyone vaguely interested that David Cameron has been closely linked to the Murdoch Empire and I believe it will do for him.

He is a smooth operator. Unfortunately if his personal credibility is destroyed and he is soon to face the beak at the Leveson Enquiry then what next for politics in this country? Will it seriously be back to the Miliband geek and the 'muttering idiot'? If so then get ready for utter devastation.

Having said that what has changed under this EU supporting Coalition government? They are borrowing more per annum than the Brown government did so that they can pay their dues to the EU. Immigration still flows unabated and accordingly the crime rate rises even though a criminal is allowed to commit up to 15 crimes before he is allocated a bed in one of our luxury prisons.

The people who have allowed this to happen are tainted at every level. They have already proven that they are corruptible so it is no surprise to discover that many of our leading politicians actively supported News International in their business enterprises. In their world money is 'God' and morals are regarded as weakness. Integrity has no place in modern British politics.

I don't think we have had one leading politician against 'modernisation' (changing the face of the nation) since Margaret Thatcher was deposed by her traiterous colleagues. It would now appear that she was almost the last of the conviction politicians prepared to put country first!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Votes for Prisoners?

jailThe European Courts of Human Rights (ECHR) has decided to impose an edict on Westmonster that prisoners in the UK should be allowed to vote in future elections. Westmonster has already voted on this issue and overwhelmingly rejected it. We will soon discover that our own MPs are actually irrevelant and actually have no power whatsoever as most of our laws emanate from Brussels.

We must remember that the ECHR is actually a collection of unelected nobodies from a variety of small countries who normally would have no influence on the British way of life. I also suspect that most of the prison population probably have little interest in voting so why the conflict?

It is just another opportunity to show the British people that they no longer have any choice in how they live. Every decision on every issue seems to be against public opinion. It is of course all done with the connivance of the vast majority of our MPs particularly those on the front benches and almost every public official in a senior position. There used to be an old fashioned word for most of them but now using the modern vernacular there are quite a few words to describe them.

The whole point of a prison sentence is to withdraw privileges from those who have committed crimes against society. Wearily most of these privileges have gradually been returned so that life 'inside' is for most of the inmates far more comfortable than they can expect outside of the system.

Still what is the actual problem? Most of us are now well aware that elections are irrelevant. There is no difference between the three main parties. They all refuse to stop wasting taxpayers' money and the largest waste is our daily contribution to Brussels and the ECHR. We may as well give prisoner's the vote because frankly we are in such a mess it simply doesn't matter!

Monday, 21 May 2012

The Olympic Torch

I have been amazed that some Olympic torch carriers have been flogging their torches on E Bay. I am not amazed by the act, because so far there has been so much sleaze associated to these commercially orientated London Olympics, but by the lack of tradition.

The London Olympic Committee has completely rearranged the tradition of these games. There was one torch passed in a relay by athletes who gave the impression that they had a right to carry a flame which symbolised athletic achievement.

Today the flame is being detoured around Britain in an attempt to get the nation involved in what has been largely a London only Olympics. There have been people struggling to jog 300 yards accompanied by a posse of police and the whole process only serves to make the nation look ridiculous.

Now we discover that hundreds of these torches have been produced and some of the nominated carriers have followed the example of LOCOG and profited from their involvement in The London Games. They may be lower down the food chain but the intent is the same.

This morning the flame went out when it was attached to a wheelchair. Further comment would be inadvisable.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

A joke that I missed!

Have you seen this joke?

A black guy,
An illegal alien,
A Muslim,
And a Communist
Walk into a bar.

The bartender asks,

“What can I get you, Mr. President?”
17 May 2012 04:25


Barack Obama WAS born in Kenya!

Can you believe it? All the flak, all the abuse, from so many people because it has been suggested that Barack Obama was not born in the United States and therefore was ineligible for the Presidency has been proven correct! Don't take my word for it just read what his own literacy agent said back in 1991. It has ever been thus. If you live a lie somebody will discover the truth.

So what now for the American constitution? Does anyone really think that he will say 'Hands up guys, I lied and I should not be in the job?' It won't happen and the reason that it won't happen is that democracy in the United States is a sick joke. It is also a sick joke across here in the UK 

Both their mainstream political parties play to the tune of the bankers because only those who are incredibly wealthy can win an American election. The fact that Barack Obama is a total fraud and has a VERY dodgy revolutionary background is irrelevant. He represents the banking fraternity so he is bomb proof. Nobody in the USA has the power to challenge and impeach this President even though they all know that in a democratic country he would be removed.

So now you have it! Make of it what you will. We are mere pawns in this power game but isn't it just nice to know that these absolute bastards are not as clever as they think they are? Well of course they are clever because millions of people accept their diktats and never bat an eyelid. 

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Parenting Classes at Public Expense

So parenting classes are the order of the day at taxpayer's expense just like everything else. I have to  admit our politicians are consistent. They continually ignore public opinion and common sense and more often than not renege on their promises. I well remember in the run up to the last election how often David Cameron promised to support married couples.

He has not done so because it would have been the right thing to do but when your whole aim is to 'change' society in accordance with the wishes of the puppet masters then you will not be allowed to support marriage as it is the bedrock of our society.

The decline of our society almost began when young, uneducated, girls from poor families were encouraged to bring unwanted babies into the world because the government rewarded them with benefits and accommodation. It condemned most of them to a life at the lower end of the social scale but no matter because they did not need to work for a living.

The consequences on society however have been catastrophic. We have spawned a sub culture where children are arriving at primary school not only unable to communicate but not potty trained either! The sub culture is now almost third and fourth generation with a host of thirty year old grannies and rarely a father in sight!

It is really about time that we found a government willing to reverse the trend and stop giving these feckless parents all that they need apart from a sense of responsibility. I agree with the parenting classes but they should be a punishment for proven neglect and compulsory. Failure to comply should mean loss of benefits and their children. It is time to get tough...for the sake of the children if nothing else.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

You really need to know about this!

On 13 May I highlighted the rescue of Iceland from their corrupt government and the bankers who brought the economy of the country to its knees. They have recovered their country by withdrawing their application to join the EU and following common sense well proven policies which benefit their country. I have often posted that our economy was almost slaughtered by New Labour on three accounts. We gave too much to the EU, we gave ridiculous amounts of International Aid to (a) countries that did not need our largesse and (b) to African despots who just bought up huge fashionable areas of Paris and we allowed the British Army to become a mercenary force for banking ambitions.

I discovered just one report on the financial recovery of Iceland reported in The Independent. Now I have found another which details the whole story. I guide you towards it because it proves that prudent and honest government, free from the corrupt, unelected European Union is the way forward. Don't believe these mainstream politicians when they try to scare you into believing that we cannot survive alone. 

Just remember none of them told you about Iceland because that is exactly what we should be doing here. Many of our bankers should be serving prison sentences and we should be replacing our government with non partisan patriots (if we can find any).

Are the People taking back their Lives?

map of Clones
There are reports that the people are withdrawing their money from the banks in Greece and Spain in droves. Clearly trust in the Central Banks is diminishing but the most extraordinary story of the week is the return of the Irish Punt.

People in the small County Monaghan town of Clones, once the home of boxing legend Barry McGuigan, have reintroduced the Irish punt in the hope that it will boost the local economy. They took the idea from the town in Spain which reintroduced the peseta locally.

Recently I suggested that if things really got bad we may be reduced to barter but perhaps this is an alternative method of dispensing with the euro without the assistance of the politicians. If Clones can do it then I reckon others might just follow suit. Are people really taking back control of their lives?

You can read the full story here.

The London Olympics - How Great is the Threat?

There have been constant references recently to the threat of an attack on the London Olympics. Various media commentators have been speculating about this possibility even suggesting that it could be a 'dirty' bomb transported up the Thames. I have always believed that this type of attack was unlikely because too many of our leading politicians would probably be 'in the know' and they would be caught up in it.

Then I read that court hearings were being cancelled for a period during the Olympics. Shortly after that I hear that Civil Servants were being encouraged to 'work from home' during the Olympics. The natural conclusion is that traffic in London during the Games will be unbearable so it is common sense to reduce the flow of workers flooding into the capital.

We were then informed that surface to air missiles launching sites were being installed on the roofs of civilian buildings.  I then came across this article where a number of seemingly unconnected events are being linked together. Finally I digested yet another article which has finally convinced me that I will stay at home in my armchair in front of the telly with my fingers tightly crossed!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Coalition and the Disabled!

I have a dear friend who was once a colleague and we still meet occasionally and correspond often. When she was 18 she was smashed to bits in a car accident which killed two of her friends. She has a magnificent spirit and because of that she recovered to lead a decent life.

As ever however, when people have serious injuries, the problems return as they age and today she walks with the aid of a stick. She cannot work and it is obvious that she cannot work but now she has a problem. Today the government are conducting a campaign against the vulnerable and many of them are really scared. The government is employing a private company to investigate the disabled with the incentive that every person they get off benefits will attract a bonus. I applaud the investigation but reject the bonus incentive because it clearly could have a negative affect.

We all know that there are many cheats in the system. My friend knows of two pensioners who both claim to be carers for each other and get £200 per week as a result. They use it for cruising!!

Is it not about time that the government put into place a system that is effective. We have been waiting for such a system now for a few decades. Why are the most vulnerable of our society a political target? We hear a lot about the efforts of Iain Duncan-Smith to change the system but nothing ever happens.

We need change at ground level. We need medical evidence. Most of those deserving support have huge medical files. The cheats have little medical background and must be challenged. If anyone wants to claim disability benefit we must, as Judge Judy requires, produce the written evidence...the proof.

Far too many people have been allowed to cheat the system courtesy of poor administration. As usual the public servants who have access to huge salaries cannot run a piss up in a brewery! As a result many of our most vulnerable are left fearing for their future. It is a disgrace!    

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Can you Believe This?

I have been juggling with this for a while! The reason that I hesitate to post it is because it is too horrible to contemplate. However here it is because if I don't post it and it happens I would never forgive myself. 

I realise that the politics of the United States is different from ours but we are closely linked and there are too many 'Internet' rumours to ignore. 

Personally I do not have a position regarding the USA. I do however recognise that something is really wrong! Perhaps my recently found friend 'Monkey Boy' can reassure me that this whole scenario could never happen?

Someone is at last in a Dock!

Leveson inquiry: Rebekah Brooks
We live in a rotten corrupt world. The more than I read and 
research the more that I fear for the future. For the past three decades the public have been manipulated and deceived.  At the highest level countries are being brought to their knees by financiers. Our whole lives have been changed and our society has changed completely all in the name of 'modernisation'.

We no longer trust our police and the police are in disarray because of the pressures heaped upon them. We know longer trust our nurses and they in return are in disarray because of the pressure heaped upon them. Teachers are unhappy in an environment out of their control and it goes on.

A huge society of 'graspers' has been created. People who grasp at every opportunity to rob the public, to earn more than they deserve and to grasp every opportunity to betray the public. They not only betray the public but they also betray their friends and families because they are living a lie.

They are following instructions to betray the public and they are everywhere. They occupy Town Halls (and how), they are union officials, they serve quangos but the vast majority are Civil Servants. I don't mean the lower order; I mean those that gleefully accept the vast bonuses (bribes) for just doing their jobs.

Today some of them were charged with 'perverting the course of justice'! They have been involved in a web of indecency which beggar's belief. Rebekah Wade, in my opinion, can almost be characterised as an arch witch! She was in charge of a mainstream media outlet which frankly could not get lower. Well they did because they hacked the private phones of celebrities (and even murdered kids) and then tried to deny it.

At last we have some of them in the dock on oath and hopefully facing a half decent prosecuting counsel. When Ms Brooks is facing a prison sentence then just perhaps she will release some of the secrets that she has kept for a rainy day. I think that there are a lot of politicians and police officers who might be quaking in their shoes tonight. Will she do time to protect the guilty?

I reckon that the only winner in this matter is ...Ross Kemp!

Monday, 14 May 2012

The European Union is doomed!

Most of the past 30 years I have dreamt of the collapse of the EU. It now appears inevitable and yet the misery it will bring fills me with despair. The reason for this is my recent discovery of the power of the Rothschilds. They have been manipulating world events for some 300 years or so and now they clearly have a plan to dissolve the economy of every western democracy. 

I believe that it will begin in Greece but continue throughout Europe and we will not be immune. It appears to have been planned and preordained. Nothing appears to be able to halt this collapse and we should all prepare for an awful period of austerity. I have a firmly held belief that we may in the next five years be reduced to barter.

The European Union is the brainchild of the Rothschild banking dynasty. It was created to reduce the power of the western democracies. I am unable to predict the evil intentions of this all powerful New World Order but it will change all our lives. 

On the surface we maintain an orderly, civilised society. Most of the population have no idea that their lives could be disrupted irrevocably very soon. Greece is such a long way from our shores and so is Iran. These countries have nothing to do with us but I believe in history that they will play a major part in the future.

Just remember prior to the banking collapse under Gordon Brown even the Bank of England did not warn us of the impending disaster. The Bank of England belongs to the Rothschilds. Every country in the EU borrows money from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which belongs to the Rothschilds! Every UK government in recent history borrows money from the Rothschilds to grant Foreign Aid to poorer countries. We don't have that money we borrow it! 

We also borrow all the money to remain in the EU. We borrow it from the Rothschilds and then give it back to them. Currently we owe them a trillion pounds to belong to their club! Good scheme eh?

Common Purpose and every Quango belongs to the Rothschilds so every official employed by every quango and probably every local authority owe their excessive salaries to the Rothschilds. They have corrupted almost all walks of life but most of the people that they head hunted believe that they had been selected for their skill and not because they were corruptible.

It is evil genius at work. It has worked for centuries but it is only since 9/11 that they have almost fulfilled their probable ambitions of ruling the world. Since they engineered the invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya and recently Syria the invasion of the world is almost complete. These were the only countries that the Rothschilds had failed to conquer economically.  Only North Korea, Cuba and Iran now stand in their way. One has to ask if the Twin Towers were spectacularly brought down by banking ambitions?

We all feel sympathy for the rebels in Syria but please remember that the media is owned by the Rothschilds. They pay the rebels to rebel and then blame the regime for their reaction. The government of Syria is trying to keep the Rothschilds at bay and yet the people are being paid to shed blood like they did in Libya. In my opinion they are being paid to die so that a Central Bank can be installed in Syria.

Prior to the rebellion in Libya that country had no sovereign debt. Colonel Gadaffi ruled supreme but he spent the money on the Libyans and did not need the Rothschilds. After the conflict we now have the Central Bank of Benghazi! Nuff said!  Heh all I am trying to do is provoke someone somewhere to think outside of the box. We could be in a lot more trouble than we think. I am already growing vegetables!

Town Hall Fat Cats!

On 25 April I posted an exposure of the salaries of Town Hall Fat Cats taken from the Taxpayer's Alliance Rich List. I concentrated on my local Councils and quoted the salaries of some of the officials who serve both Charnwood Borough Council and Leicestershire County Council. The main thrust of my argument is that no local, relatively low level, local government official should be earning more than the Prime Minister.

My further concern is that local councillors should be aiming to keep these salaries in proportion so that revenue from Council Tax is spent fairly for the benefit of the taxpayers. I went further and sent my observations to the local newspaper, the Loughborough Echo, because it is my belief that if they are doing their job they should be keeping the councillors on their toes. I did not get an acknowledgement.

However, in their edition dated 11 May on the inside front cover one of their correspondents, Matt Jarram, penned an article revealing the top local council earners. I would like to steer you towards it but it does not appear in the online version of the Loughborough Echo. The reason that I wanted to steer you towards it is that the figures revealed in the Taxpayer's Alliance Rich List do not correspond in any way to the salaries revealed by Mr Jarram.

In every instance the Echo's figures are some way short of the Alliance figures. Someone somewhere is distorting the truth. My question is...why would the Taxpayer's Alliance falsify their figures? It would mean that their research was meaningless so...why would the officers earning more than the PM falsify their figures?

I will leave it up to you to decide. 

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Is there a New Game in Town?

During the time that I have been writing this blog I have heard from many interesting people and have ventured down many avenues of discovery. Time after time however, I arrive at the same conclusion that the modern world is under a huge malign influence. It has led me to the conclusion that I cannot trust any of the leading modern figureheads. Most of them have created a huge governmental apparatus protected by the police and as such have changed almost every western democracy into police states largely akin to East Germany.

At present almost every western European country and the United States are mired in unprecedented debt. This debt is threatening to destroy entire countries but how has it been created? Who is lending these countries unspeakable sums which in some cases will never be paid back.

On every occasion the trail leads back to the Rothschild banking empire. It is very difficult to pin down the scale of the problem but I read recently that only three countries in the world, North Korea, Iran and Cuba are not dependent on a Rothschild Central Bank. Up until 9/11 there were more which included Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Sudan and Iraq. Can you see where this is leading?

On 23 August 2011 I speculated on why Colonel Gadaffi had become a target for The Powers That Be. I have no insider knowledge and I have no friends in politics but it seemed pretty obvious why the leader of Libya was following Saddam Hussein. Neither of them would join the club.

In 2008 Iceland faced a huge financial crisis caused by corrupt banking practice and poor government. At the time they were on the verge of applying for membership of the EU. The Icelanders have reacted superbly and done what all countries should do. They replaced their government with 'real people', arrested the bankers and organised a repayment scheme to debtors. You can read about it here.

On the surface it appears that they have rejected the Rothschild approach to finance and elected an impartial government committed to their people. They are surviving without the EU which according to most of our mainstream politicians is not possible! 

Perhaps some of our western politicians should realise that historically borrowing from the Rothschild empire is not a good idea. Perhaps we should invent a new game in town and try to rub along without their 'assistance'. First however we must find people who are prepared not to be corrupted.

Friday, 11 May 2012

5000 Visitors??

I began this blog out of total frustration that I did not have a voice. I well remember sitting down in January 2008 linking into and thinking well bugger it! 

Along the way I have made mistakes. I have posted things that I regret but I have always posted honestly held beliefs. I regret that at one time I thought the BNP might have value. I still think that many of the BNP supporters are genuine but the leadership has let them down. 'Nuff said!

I also have to say that I regret my spat with a regular contributor who called himself 'Harbinger'. His reaction made me realise that he was probably a genuine visitor and not as I thought a troll. If he sees this I apologise but I do ask him/her to allow for another opinion. 

The great joy of this blog has been the friends that I have made who visit me time after time. It has also become a discussion point amongst my friends at my local sports club and then I seem to have a following from Alaska!! Could it be Sarah Palin? 

Yes I am fanatically right wing. I remember the decent days of our society when we played in the parks and streets without danger and were protected by the police. I find it tragic that my grandchildren are so restricted and cannot enjoy the freedom of adventure. The politically correct agenda which has been imposed on the public by an authority which none of us have access to is soul destroying and is meant to be.

None of us can understand how our country has seemingly been overtaken by events and people who we have never elected but who appear to be so important. You know Bankers, Civil Servants and Town Hall Fatcats.  I am beginning to believe that the root of all our problems can be found here. Unfortunately you must take some time to read it but when you do it will rewrite history for you.

Other than that I thank you all for your interest. I will continue to express my jaundiced views and hope that more people will come to my humble house!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Nigel Farage

I always keep an eye open on the speeches that Nigel Farage makes to the European Parliament. He really socks it to them and personally I cannot dispute a word that he says. The glum looks on the faces of the sparse audience reflect that the truth really hurts these europhiles. Their delusionary plans to dominate Europe are falling apart and here he explains why!

How I would love to hear him in Westmonster!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Is President Obama for real?

On 10 April  I posted about the continuing discussion in the United States concerning the heritage of the President. The evidence cam from a site called 'Beforeitsnews' which specialises in publishing the unthinkable. They have been on the trail of the President for some time because it is the contention of many eminent people in the States that Obama is a fraud.

Now comes news that his social security number is also under suspicion! It emanated from Connecticut but there is no evidence that the President has ever had a connection with Connecticut. One of the leading protagonists is a Californian lawyer called Orly Taitz who claims openly that the President is committing Social Security fraud. 'Beforethenews' has published an article which ties up lots of loose ends and shows Orly Taitz confronting a couple of commentators with her evidence.  

Now Ms Taitz may be 'crazy', as one of them describes her, but in my opinion shouting her down and talking over her only serves to legitimise her position. While the political establishment refuse to address or even discuss why the President has a Social Security number from Connecticut then Ms Taitz will continue to have a point.

I would have more respect for Barack Obama if he cleared up the mess. Surely the state of Connecticut has a record of who they issued this particular number to? If it was issued to the President then all they have to prove is why it was issued to a person who has never lived there?

Anyhow, whatever else, it is an interesting read and the video clips are interesting. Clearly many people in the United States appear to have serious doubts about the background and legitimacy of their President. Others are, in my opinion, clearly in cover-up mode!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

David Cameron now has a problem!

Now David Cameron has a problem. He must choose between the electorate and his masters. He must try and woo the Conservative backbenchers and yet he must try and woo the Conservative hard liners but he cannot do both because he has his orders from above...the very people who engineered his appointment.  You know the same people who champion modernisation, multiculturalism and almost every other 'ism' available to man.

Make no mistake David Cameron was tactically placed to be the Prime Minister of this country. He came from nowhere to lead the Conservative party because, until he deprived David Davis of his natural legacy, nobody had ever heard of him. What I will never understand is why David Davis accepted his defeat with such good grace and has left the right wing attack to Nadine Dorries.

I just wonder if she is just a fall person. Is she is being put up to distract the public from what is really happening? Maybe I am being optimistic because as I approach 70 I really hope that I will see common sense in government before I pop my clogs. 

The European Union is a dead duck. They transferred Moscow to Brussels and so many mainstream politicians fell into line because they were paid to do so. Even the Queen (sorry you royalists) fell into line and reneged on her coronation oaths. If she had said 'No' then it would never had happened. She could have stopped the EU with one word but regrettably chose not to!

The Tory party is in disarray. The grass roots are right wing and nationalistic because they are, like Nadine Dorries, true conservatives. The leadership are not Tories because they are actually closet socialists paid for by the EU (and the Rothchilds/Astors) so where do we go from here? 

The eurosceptic Tories should realise that they are now in the wrong party. Well no that is wrong ... their leadership is now in the wrong party so grass roots Tories should work on replacing the leadership. Nadine Dorries has stuck her head above the parapet but the leadership ignore her, in fact they treat her with contempt.

I hear that young conservatives are defecting in droves. The rank and file should be very careful because if they do not get a grip they will lose their seats. The LibDems have been destroyed by Nick Clegg. They will never recover. The Tories could win a landslide majority if they ditched their leadership. The charade today was desperate. Two posh boys clinging onto power but not knowing what to do with it.

We need conviction politicians. They are there but they need to be heard. They will not be heard whilst the BBC hire Labour leaning employees. It is a scandal! For any public service to be so partisan is unbelievable. We have a Conservative led government that tolerates this socialist bias. It really beggars belief. It cannot continue.

We have recently heard much about politicians who have got too close to News International but how about an inquiry into those who are too close to the Rothschilds/ Astors? Or should we not have an inquiry into those close to both the Rothschilds/Astors and News International? Ah that would be interesting...wouldn't it Mr Cameron?

Sunday, 6 May 2012

George Osborne

George Osborne appeared on the 'Andrew Marr' show this morning and in a few chosen words summed up why this modern Conservative party has lost so much support. He has no connection with the conservative support  and proved it by declaring that even out of coalition they would continue with 'socially progressive' policies.

This is the language of an arch moderniser. It is the same language used by Nick Clegg (LibDem) and Ed Miliband (Labour). The problem is that George Osborne is labelled a 'Conservative', he stood for election as a 'Conservative and he did not mention 'socially progressive' policies in his election manifesto. He did not mention that he wanted socialist policies when they were spouting off about a 'British Bill of Rights' and a 'bonfire of quangos'.

When asked about the thorn in the flesh of the 'arrogant posh boys', Nadine Dorries, he confessed that she had always been against 'the modernisation' of the Conservative party and pretty much anything done by the Tory leadership (note the sneeky way he slipped in the final word). Well of course she is George because she is a conservative! Why join a political party when you don't agree with their policies? If it isn't broken then don't change it! This abject Chancellor does not appear to know what he believes in. He just wants to change 'things' because someone has told him to.

He preaches 'austerity' but ducked the accusation that he is still borrowing more than the Brown government borrowed. They must continue to borrow billions if they want to pursue their 'socialist' International Aid programme or continue to prop up the ailing and undemocratic EU. If we ceased throwing money on failing societies we could afford to support the people who are taxed to the hilt to pay for it all.

The electorate have all but given up on the politicians. In one miserable performance George Osborne proved that Nadine Dorries  understands that under his direction we are a lost nation. We desperately need a revolution from within and then the real Tory MP's will see their support return. If they do not rid themselves of the Cameron/Osborne leadership cabal most of them will not be polishing the backbenches after 2015 they will be polishing park benches.

If you don't believe me then read some other right wing journalists here and here. The message is generally the same. If the Chancellor genuinely believed that his policies were honest then he would not have to 'spin' anything. People know when they are being conned and they know who is speaking the truth. Nadine Dorries now needs some backing from many of her colleagues.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Abstaining from Elections

So, it would appear that once again the Great British public have voted to perpetuate the political scandal that we accept as democracy in this country. Once again the sheeple have paraded as required and voted for the main parties who are now able to continue dipping into the public purse at will.

At least on the surface that is the picture but if you delve deeper than the headlines that the BBC splurged this morning...'Victory for Labour'... then a different picture emerges. Early indications are that over two thirds of the public ignored the local elections. Personally I don't believe that these results reflect the mood of the country.

Most people are now so disillusioned with the conduct of the politicians on every side that they cannot see the point of voting. Unfortunately that gives the politicians, yet again, a mandate to serve you with more of the same. It would not matter if only three people voted in a city of two million because when two of them vote for the same party victory is assured. There is no minimum requirement, no quorum rule and no regulation which demands that an election is declared null en void because the people are fed up.

The lesson has to be learned that if you want real change to happen in this country; if you want politicians who will listen to the people then you must vote AGAINST the mainstream parties. If you want to stop the senseless spending of political parties who are unable to balance the books because of their criminally stupid political commitments then you will have to get off your backsides and vote them out!

Opting out, spoiling ballot papers and sticking your head in the sand will not get rid of them because you can almost guarantee that the only people left who continue to vote for the system actually work within it! Anyone who votes for a party that produced, Blair, Mandelson, Prescott, Gordon Brown, the Milibands, Ed Balls, Jacqui Smith, etc, etc can only have one motive and that has to be financial. Decency and democracy have long since disappeared from this poltical class.  We see it daily at the succession of public inquiries which uncover their rottenness. You will have to bite the bullet and vote them out!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The England Manager

Could Roy Hodgson be the next England manager?
Roy Hodgson
So once again the Football Association has ignored the wishes of the public and against all advice has decided to appoint Roy Hodgson as the national team manager. His record indicates that he has vast experience and a fair amount of success but in my opinion he does not have the 'Mourinho' factor or dare I say it the 'Redknapp' factor!

The FA have form. They do not like free spirits. They do not like inspirational managers because inspirational managers create problems. They do not follow orders or respect position. They win football matches and gather the players around them. They develop a team mentality and natural winners only care about one thing. Winning is the only game in town. Politics has nothing to do with winning and of course that is why Brian Clough was never entertained despite his extraordinary record. 

Alf Ramsey won us the World Cup in an era before politicians became all powerful. He was allowed to be himself and manage the team as he saw fit. He dropped Jimmy Greaves at the eleventh hour for Geoff Hurst and was proven correct. Can you imagine Roy Hodgson dropping Wayne Rooney for say Peter Crouch?   

I fear that once again we have deja vous. The obvious candidate has been ignored for a guy who frankly probably cannot believe his luck. At this late stage he now has his old age secured. He only has to produce a winning team. Simple innit!!

Why is Nobody Concerned?

Now that Spain has joined the UK in entering a double dip recession in takes the number of countries in recession to 10. Most of them had strong economic currencies until they were enveigled into entering the undemocratic and unelected European Union. It appears that any country who links in with the EU or its desperate currency, the euro, risks economic disaster (except Germany of course).

What I cannot understand is why none of our mainstream politicians want you to know about it or even want to discuss it like adults. Every Wednesday at PM's Question Time we have the Cameron versus Miliband shouting duel backed up by the screaming children from all major parties and yet they rarely tackle issues of international importance.

I have only been alerted to this dismal state of affairs from the United States so why will none of our politicians alert us to the disaster which is the European Union? Why are all the leading politicians hiding the overall picture from the public? When the economy of almost every member state is in free fall then surely it is logical that they must be allowed to default and revert? 

Clearly the unelected elite of the EU must know by now that their economic policies have failed. To maintain the charade of normality in Westmonster is almost tantamount to treason. One more reason for everyone in Thursday's local elections to vote UKIP. We must exit this evil union as soon as we can. Please folks do not give these mainstream politicians your consent to act like this. I pray that Thursday will become 'Bloody Thursday' for the politicians!