Monday, 30 November 2009


If I believe what I read on other blogs then this is the last night of my freedom. Reading blogs like Captain Ranty and Old Holborn it would appear that European Law enters the UK tomorrow and it means that blogs like this will probably be outlawed.

You don't believe me that freedom of speech in the UK has vanished? Well you had better believe it because as from tomorrow the EU cannot be criticised! That means that I may be arrested at any moment!

I am beginning to feel more threatened by the EU than the Taliban! One day my grandchildren may have to fight on the streets to restore the freedom that I took for granted. Adolf Hitler and Karl Marx must be smiling somewhere!

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Spitting on the Public!

The legal system and the NoLab government continue to spit on the public. The decision to treat the relatives of those slaughtered in the 7/7 bombings with the same partiality as those who caused the bombings is frankly callous.

It is also typical of the behaviour of the Political Class who continue to ignore common decency in order to implement some form of weird Marxist doctrine. This incessant obsession with political and legal equality has no basis in human behaviour. There comes a time when personal action breaks this equality doctrine.

We must, must, destroy this culture of legal doctrine. It is nonsense to ignore personal responsibility. We are all responsible for our actions. We are all adults and we all know right from wrong. The legal profession are now able to twist anything so it is time to rewrite the law. The day that those people who intentionally strapped explosives onto their backs and detonated them to destroy innocent commuters are treated with the same impartiality as those who died is obscene!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Still no Good News!

At the beginning of the month I blogged an ongoing feature which continues unabated and entitled it 'Still no Good News'. Well here we are weeks later and matters just stumble from bad to worse. Frankly it is difficult to know where to begin. Our inactive, bewildered, incompetent government continue to press ahead with no plans to curb public spending and therefore no plan to protect our credit rating. There only plan is to print more money and then squander it by giving it to Islamic organisations which preach hatred.

Two of our major retailers have now exposed our ailing education system, often described by the government as 'world class', by bemoaning the fact that after at least eleven years in mainstream education far too many of our kids are illiterate and innumerate. That of course cuts no ice with Ed Balls who continues to fiddle at the edges while the schools drown in paperwork.

There are still no plans to crack dowen on crime and our judges continue to demonstrate their utter inability to meet the needs of the victims of crime. Needless to say our prisons are at bursting point as criminals take advantage of the wonderful luxuries available to them if they commit serious enough offences. As usual Jack Straw ignores everything and has no plans to build more prisons or even attempt to address the subject even though murder and assault are almost at epidemic levels on our streets.

Our banks who through sheer greed almost brought down the financial system continue to be given every advantage and have just been allowed to impose more charges on the customers who are in the greatest need of assiatance from them.

Another Iraq enquiry complete with loopholes and restrictions which once again will not come close to implicating the two prime offenders who ordered an illegal war. No doubt 'Teflon' Tony will turn up all smiles and apologies whilst apparently Gordon, who of course now loves our forces, won't even be called to expain why he sent the troops into battle with five bullets per rifle!

I could repeat myself over and over again and I haven't even started on Health, Welfare, Transport, the Social Services, Ofsted, Cumbria, Derby County, Foreign Aid or the European Union! Sleep well everyone!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Cowardice... stand up to them!

I believe that when history evaluates this decade then two men will feature heavily as being frankly traitors to the country of their birth. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have systematically taken decisions which were frankly undemocratic. Blair invaded Iraq which was probably just vanity and greed but Brown has destroyed the economy of a major western power.

Why have we allowed them to do this? Why has parliament just acceeded to this heinous pair? Have we all become cowards? Why were they not challenged? Why do MPs from all sides not strip bare the ineptitude of the NoLab leadership? They are useless and we all know it and yet MPs are prepared to tolerate the stupidity of PM's Question Times where the opposition ask inane questions which are regularly ignored.

We really need a revolution. Pop across to the OLd Holborn Blog and he is advocating all kinds of civil revolution. He is right! We (that is my family) recently refused to pay parking tickets because they were unfair. We stated categorically that we were coming to court armed with legal representation and they backed down.

We should all do exactly the same. Do not allow this government to cow you down because frankly it works! Challenge the bastards and they will back down because the system is so stretched that they have no option. Go on try it!

Monday, 23 November 2009

Climate Control

Well at last they have uncovered that this is a modern day invention for additional tax. It just does not add up. How can we little people affect the climate by flying to our holidays when super powers like China,India and USA refuse to acknowledge their part in this so called disaster.

Let us get it right...the Poles are still frozen...we cannot affect climate change...only nature affects climate change. Human behaviour cannot change our climate, It is far,far above our capablilities so leave it alone!!!

Where do we go next?

Looking around the blogs I detect a sense of almost desperation about the state of the country. So many bloggers realise that we are being sold down the river by a government which seems to be implacably anti-British. Most of us know that any referendum would take us out of Europe because it has never passed an audit and therefore is illegal.

So why do all three of our political parties refuse to acknowledge the anxiety of the British public about Europe? Why cannot David Cameron or Nick Clegg understand that this debate must be opened up? Why do they constantly refuse a referendum debate?

Are we being conned by the Political Class? Have we lost the battle for democratic freedom in Britain? Will we eventually have to fight for our freedom on the streets? There are very many questions being asked about the state of our democracy and the state of our freedom.

Our country has changed unbelievably since NoLab came to power. Given that so many prominent members of the current government were guided into power by the Transport and Generals Workers Union during the time that Jack Jones was their President then there are many questions to answer.

Jack Jones was outed by Soviet agents as being a traitor to this country. He was paid by the Soviet Union for many, many years for his patronage. He was the very man who identified Gordon Brown as the best man for the safe NoLab seat of Kirkcaldy.

Am I not the only person in the land who is very uncomfortable about this?

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Catherine Ashton

Well I first told people about Catherine Ashton in June of last year. She was the person NoLab nominated to be 'our' representative in Europe after 'Mandy' returned home to prop up Gordon. I said then that she had slithered up the political pole without any person ever having voted for her.

Now she is probably our most influential politician and yet in accordance with the EU's democratic principle and NoLab's democratic principle she has NEVER faced the electorate. Her appointment is singularly the most undemocratic appointment in the history of western democracy. We complain about Afghanistan and Mohammed Karsai being appointed the President but his election has nothing on this charade.

We are being stitched up! Democracy is being lost in every pore of the EU. They care for nothing apart from power and somehow the British public have been so dumbed down that they cannot see what is happening to them.

Eventually we may get an election but don't expect it to be fair and honest. This government have probably already planned for the postal votes from the immigrant community to be 'doctored' so that they seriously contest many seats that they expected to lose. I seriously feel that we must all be on our toes.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The Queen's Speech

I actually felt quite sorry for Her Majesty having to read out the crap that Gordon Brown had imposed upon her. I bet that she and Prince Philip had a right laugh in private about the nonsense proposed by this ridiculous Prime Minister.

Gordon Brown is looking more and more like an autistic Prime Minister. He cannot yet tie a tie, he cannot write fluently, he mispronounces simple foreign words like 'Alki Ada' and he cannot add up.

This rather flawed character has conned the British public into believing that he can run the country and as a result we have lost our sovereignty, ruined our economy and in every classroom in the country we have feral children. Nice one careful about what you wish for.

Drowning in paperwork...

I have it on good authority that our hapless teachers are drowning in paperwork. It is typical of this maladroit government that they impose such stringent conditions on people who are on the front line of the battle against the awful society created by NoLab's social policies.

Our children are out of control and the teachers know it. They try their best to teach but in every class is a product of the scumbag culture so willingly created by NoLab. The typical child is unsupervised at home, uncared for and undisciplined. They then bring their shocking behaviour into the class room and all the decent kids are subjected to their horrendous language, knowledge of sexual activity and ill discipline.

To combat these reptilian kids the government continue to ignore the problems and continue to burden the teachers with an amazing workload. They have of course done the same thing to the NHS, the Welfare authorities and the Police. This is the NoLab answer to our problems because they neuter our professionals and ensure that their control is paramount and it is so detrimental to the health and safety of our kids.

One day I seriously hope that the kids of Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper reap the rewards of the policies of their parents but frankly that is a horrible thought but we must protect our own.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Can David Cameron really mess it up?

I cannot believe it! David Cameron has not learned from the demise of NoLab and has actually angered his grass roots by imposing unsuitable candidates on them. I cannot believe that he is prepared to fragment his party purely for idealism. Whatever we say about NoLab they have created a climate where they are guaranteed a huge vote from the people that they employ!

The Conservative grass roots are by nature, would you believe, bloody conservative and they believe in traditional values. Don't tell them to embrace multiculturism, homosexuality or war crimes because they only have one set of values. These values have guided these people and their famiilies through centuries of practice.

It is probably not the right time for one of our major parties to fragment but David Cameron is failing and it is is really time that those conservaties who are sceptical of Europe and do not want a Tony Blair style of leadership should rebel.

If the Conservative party splits then only an Anti-Europe vote will save us from another term of Gordon Brown! Hell he has destroyed the country financially and socially and yet he may get yet another chance to finish us off. As my brother would say 'I don't believe it'!!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Parking outside the House!

I cannot quite believe it but my daughter has received a letter from Andy Reed MP for Charnwood informing her that our battle to stop the traffic Taliban from issuing parking tickets to our friends, family and neighbours when they park outside the house has been won!!

Apparently the enforcement officer at Charnwood Borough Council has agreed that although the double yellow lines exist we are not in fact committing any actual offence. Our tickets have been cancelled and we can now go back to normal.

I am very grateful for the help and support that I received from my County Councillor Peter Lewis and my two Borough Councillors David Walker and Ron Jukes.
I would also like to thank Ian Selby from Andy Reed's constituency office who has also had an input. I do not know who said what to whom but obviously something has worked and I can only say a big thank you.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Glasgow North East

My parents were born and reared in Motherwell so I had a pretty good grounding in Socialist dogma which thanks to the appalling social conditions endured in Central Scotland in the nineteen thirties spawned the most entrenched and blinkered communities in the UK.

Not to vote Labour in these communities is almost comparable to heresay so it was no surprise to hear that NoLab had held the Glasgow North East seat by a considerable margin. You see it will never dawn on the average impoverished Glaswegian that his NoLab politicians are feasting on their public money down in London whilst ensuring that their children are devoid of education and aspiration.

Well I believed that until I read that only 33% of the electorate had bothered to vote! It meant in effect that 82% of the same consituency did NOT vote Labour. What a way to win a seat in the House of Westmonster and what an indictment on our democratic system. This shower of nonentities who have given away their country on a plate to foreigners have just switched the country off politics entirely. That of course could be very good for Gordon Brown.

Just think folks if you do not vote at the next election you might just be lucky enough to get yet another dose of Gordon and his crowd of talentless but moronically dangerous political idealists. Just a thought...

Thursday, 12 November 2009

The Bonus for Civil Servants

I am wracking my brain to try and remember when I first had a bonus from the government for doing what I was paid for. It was probably around about 2002 and it was about £30 for the year. Even so I was surprised at the time but I was told that it was performance related. Well to be honest £30 was neither here or there so I didn't overconcern myself.

Now it would appear that this performance related culture in the Civil Service has ballooned as it would when the snouts get into the trough. According to Clare Short this was, would you believe one of Tony Bliar's ideas to bring Public Service in line with the Private sector, but of course the two are not compatible. I have never seen a Civil Servant given the boot for incompetence but I have seen thousands who deserved it!

For Gordon Brown to keep the military short of equipment to such an extent that it caused the deaths of many of our servicemen and then to reward the army of keyboard operators for manning a computer is a gross insult. If he feels that his grotesquely overpopulated Civil Service needs more money (and many of them in the lower echelons do)then he should sort out a decent salary structure. He should not sneak in bonus payments because these bonuses will never reach the people who need or deserve them.

This government should decide if we are at war or not. If, when they have faced up to to the consequences of what that means, then they should throw everything at it. Civil Servants should not get a bonus if we cannot afford helicopters! Don't tell me that it comes from another budget! Reduce the bloody budget and send out kit that detects IEDs.

I still believe that there is a government cell somewhere who are hell bent on trying to cause a public reaction to Gordons' policies. After all this news is certain to provoke huge resentment when servicemen who have lost limbs must almost beg for appropriate compensation. To leak this news only days after the rawness of Armistice Day and the Rememberance Parade is without doubt intentional.

They are spitting on the servicemen. Perhaps the servicemen should withdraw into Camp Bastion and go on strike! Something has got to crack but once it does what then? If this cell succeeds in getting the public onto the streets what have they got lined up in response?

I once read that there is a high powered armed European Police Force all lined up to prevent insurrection. What a better place to deploy it than the UK. After all our army is being picked off one by one in a far off land and our police have been neutered so we are in effect defenceless.

Nobody can really offer a plausible explanation for our presence in Afghanistan to prop up a tainted Afghan government but perhaps this is the reason. If we don't have a defence force then we would have to call on our allies in Europe particularly as we are now full paid up members since Gordon signed away his country.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Gordon Brown is dyslexic?

He is such an embarrassment! He is so dysfunctional! He is such a disaster area and yet he continues to cling to power. This is a man who has no experience of any other walk of life apart from politics. He clings to an ideology that he want to impose on us the public. His agenda is against everything that the indigenous population want and yet still he poses on the world stage.

In the whole history of our country could we ever believe that such a useless person could ever become Prime Minister? He appears in public dishevelled simply because he cannot tie a tie. He cannot write, he has so little charisma that he has to use his wife as a warm up act (twice in succession)and his staff ritually have bullied his party.

He is unelected, unwanted, unloved and now exposed as an illiterate, run of the mill bully who has fought his way to the position of Prime Minister by a devious path which only he could have devised. Useless is too good a word for him...he will ruin the country before he is deposed! He will also try every sinew to ensure that the Tories, if they are to win, have nothing left to win.

One final question! If we are now in Europe what happens to the Queen and our democracy? Why is she accepting the fact that Gordon Brown and NoLab have given away her sovereignty? Time to comment your Majesty!? We need a real leader!!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Remembrance Day

I have always enjoyed watching the march past at The Cenotaph on Remembrance Day. I find it quite emotional watching all the bemedalled veterans marching past The Cenotaph paying tribute to their fallen comrades. It is almost a show of strength from the nation. A show of determination, respect, loyalty and comradeship. Each has a personal story and they are determined that someone will not be forgotten.

As usual everything is timed to perfection until it came to the time for Gordon Brown to lay his wreath. He placed it in postion, stood up, took the required paces back and then stared directly in front of him. I waited for him to bow his head but he turned left and walked off having insulted the whole ceremony.

Following behind him David Cameron appeared to make a pointed gesture by bowing his head in a manner which could not be ignored and everyone else paid their respect to the fallen properly. Only our disgraceful PM could not do the job with dignity and frankly I was disgusted.

Friday, 6 November 2009

What did happen to the Royal Prerogative?

A letter in the Daily Mail today made me sit up and take notice. The letter was submitted by a lady from Wolverhampton and questioned the right of Gordon Brown to hand over the Royal Prerogative to foreigners.

She wrote that the power of the Crown is held in trust by the executive to be passed onto the next executive and that the power of the British Crown is the ultimate authority or sovereignty behind parliament. Interesting eh? Can it really be that Gordon Brown has made Her Majesty subservient to the EU? If so can he really give The Royal Prerogative away to foreigners? Is it his to cast aside? Now he has done it does that mean he is guilty of sedition against the state.

Does sedition against the state still carry the death penalty? Can't the Queen demand her Royal Prerogative back? Maybe Gordon is really in hot water, oh I do hope so!!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Lack of clear government...

Lord Ashdown has been touring the studios today talking a lot of common sense and laying our failures and deaths in Afghanistan squarely on the shoulders of Brown and his mess of a Cabinet. It is now quite clear that there is no real plan for the war in Afghanistan. The idiotic statement made by NoLab stalwart John Reid is now etched in history when he was of the opinion 'that we could be in and out without a shot being fired'.

That of course was the attitude of this government so the lads went in half cocked, half equipped, half supplied with no plan in effect. The lack of leadership is shameful and Brown must be ashamed of himself as he never goes near the funerals or the wounded. The only time he visits the soldiers he surrounds himself with minders and the officers have to respect his position.

I find the continuing ceremony in Wootton Bassett very emotional. The people who turn up every time a coffin arrives back in the country place a dagger into the heart of the treacherous NoLab cabinet. Heaven knows what emotion will be generated when the latest five arrive back.

I have continually blogged that the Afghans cannot be trusted and it pains me to be proven right week after week after week.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Oh dear back to Afghanistan as we lose five more of our lads to the corrupt and untrustworthy allies of Gordon Brown. Our soldiers are so exposed to these decadent Afghans that we will lose more and more. How many must die before Gordon Brown realises that they are on a hiding to nothing? The Afghans are so far away from our culture that we seriously cannot impose our thinking on them.

I had a life career with the forces but we are today, through the NoLab government, asking too much of them. This is an unwinnable war and as usual with NoLab and the forces there is no end game. Our guys have no chance of success. In five years time we could be counting more than a thousand of our soldiers dying, never mind the maimed and mentally disturbed.

In order to escape the misery of the NoLab economic crisis our young are risking their lives by joining the army. Then they have to sacrifice themselves in a useless war.

We will NEVER win this war! Nobody has ever won in Afghanistan where life is so cheap. We must find another way. I want to support all the lads who have been killed or wounded and even more their families and when I say that they died needlessly it is cruel. It is unthinkable that this government has sent all these soldiers to their deaths purely on a political objective but unfortunately that will eventually prove to be the truth.

The crap that this government issues claiming that our presence in Afghanistan is saving lives on our streets is so cheap it is pathetic! If we had effective border controls then not one soldier would lose his/her life! Our Home Office quite deliberately allowed Muslim extremists to penetrate our borders. It is a callous plan but when our forces arrive back home they should challenge their mission.

The more NoLab politicians that we can in the future line up for appearances at The Hague charged with war crimes the more I will die in peace.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Europe and the UK

So now we know that the Lisbon Treaty is about to become European Law and we have never had a vote on it. We the British people who reputedly had the home of democracy have been frogmarched into the EU like a bunch of slaves. Every major political party has moved into line one behind the other and on the sole major issue concerning the electorate have all agreed that there is nothing they can do. What a bunch of sycophants and cowards!

I suspect that many of the Tory MPs are also anti-EU and some are very vocal about it so why do they continue as Tory Party members? Their leader has acquiesced and now any vote that we have next year will be superfluous. Today we signed away our sovereignty and our grandchildren will face the prospect of being ruled by Europe and never knowing what it was like to have a British democracy.

I just hope that the British people next May will vote anti-EU in any way that they can and at the same time remember that most of the serving MPs also stole money from the public purse.

Monday, 2 November 2009

The latest death in Afghanistan

It is incredible! Yet another useless death just to keep this lying government in power. The people who deal with the IED's have so much courage that they shame our politicians. They are in Afghanistan for no other reason than we are keeping our army out of our country while the politicians continue to plunder it.

We are fighting a war which throughout history has never been won. One cannot win hearts and minds of a country in the hands of warlords. One cannot select just one of these warlords and support him because he says the right things. It is ridiculous.

What in the name of heaven are our troops dying for? If this irresponsible government had defended our borders then we should have never had a problem. We are an island for heaven's sake it is the easiest border any country can have and yet this hapless government decided that they could not defend it. Please believe is intentional!

Gordon Brown has intentionally and without conscience caused the death of every one of our soldiers who have fallen in Afghanistan. Tony Blair did the same in Iraq. The NoLab plan demanded the neutralisation of the army so this contrived war in Afghanistan intended to prop up a puppet government which has cost the lives of so many brave soldiers continues.

There is absolutely no utter reason for our troops to be deployed in Afghanistan. There was never a threat to us! The only threat came from the NoLab policy of encouraging every disaffected Muslim in the world to slide quietly into the country. Everything is being contrived but too many people rely on this government for their income so we will always have to fight for our security and our freedom.

Most of them are so selfish that they do not give a tuppenny damn about the deaths of our soldiers. To be honest they despise the people who are giving their lives for the country which is proven by the state of so many married quarters. Their mantra is to hell with the deaths in Afghanistan, my precious salary comes first and because I am earning so much and I am worth so little then it is a fair swop!!

Still no Good News!

As the country staggers blindly towards the proposed election next May (still 6 months to go) I still search for a modicum of good news without success. All we are fed is a diet of lies, deceit and dishonesty from over six hundred MPs who despite being exposed as cheats and liars try to hang on to the discredited expenses system as grimly as possible.

Very few are worth support next May but the system is so rigged that no doubt many of the same band of chancers will emerge yet again with wives and partners in tow to plunder the public purse all over again. It's even worse in the House of Lords! NoLab have stuffed it full of their cronies most of whom purchased their peerages when Blair was holding his hand out. So many of them have such little integrity that the Upper House is now rendered worthless (as was intended under the NoLab plan to ruin the country).

Our soldiers continue to be picked off one by one because Brown won't supply them with helicopters and now we are granted the Great Election Farce. Mohammed Karsai the west's pet poodle, rigged the first election so badly that the opposition candidate just packed up and went home. Undeterred the Afghans had a second election with only one candidate to elect their New President and predictably Gordon the Moron calls him Afghanistan's democratically elected President. Mind you how surpising is that? It is the kind of election Gordon would love to have (well that's how he got his job) so I can easily see him ignoring the idiocy in Afghanistan.The difference is that when Gordon got his position no soldiers got killed!

Elsewhere when we are bankrupt and drowning in national debt, when parents are reduced to lying in order to get their kids into a half decent school, when failing hospitals are still failing, when the young are drinking themselves to death what does Gordon come up with? He today addressed Parliament on bloody Climate Change!

I believe that this fixation on climate change is arrant nonsense. How can we affect climate change when countries like China and India have no intention in reducing carbon output? No it is the refuge of the scoundrel because nobody can change the climate.

We want parliamentarians addressing the problems on the streets. We want the police back. We should be disbanding the useless CPS. We should be building super prisons with little luxury and we should instruct judges to fill them. The sentences should carry no remission. We must retake the streets from the young thugs who dominate them at the moment. Of course all of this social breakdown is a major part of the NoLab plan to hand the country over to Europe. Soon no doubt we will have European super cops on our shores with a role to protect the Political Class from the people.

By the time that people realise that they have lost their sovereignty then it will be too late. To be honest it probably is already but we may just have one election left to fight back. I hope that we take it.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Question of Europe

It never amazes me that we pay enormous amounts to the illegal (cannot pass an audit) and in my opinion corrupt European Union and yet we have never had a vote on it. None of the Westmonster parties will oppose this European Union which has bullied, connived and corrupted so many countries.

Here in this country we have people from every party who would, if they had an opportunity, oppose our membership of this dodgy bunch of chancers. In particular the Conservative Party has a large faction within its ranks who do not want and never have wanted membership of Europe.

The European Question is the most important that we face today. Everyone knows that if we have a referendum on Europe then we,the public, would vote against it. That is the only reason that we are being refused the vote. If we pull out then a huge contribution to the economy of Europe would disappearand it may then disintegrate.

At the next election there is just a possibility that the NoLab party, which actually employs so many people, could win again. The reason is that the anti-Europeans are split. This next election is so very important because it will be the last chance to halt the march of Europe.

If only we could form an anti-Europe party. UKIP are fine but they are one dimensional, the BNP have the racist issue hanging over their heads and the others are too scared to commit outside of the mainstream parties. Some of the Tory MPs actually admit that they are anti EU but will not break cover.

It is time that a political opportunist pulled them all together and demanded a vote on the very subject that we have been denied. Unless our jobs depend on it we the English do not need the European Union. If we don't fight this then the war against Adolf Hitler was unnecessary because we have just been conquered without a shot being fired.