Monday, 21 December 2009

Climate Change

In the last couple of days the Met Office has released their stored data regarding rainfall and temperatures since their records began. Now to my mind these are the true records which could decide how much we are warming up as the politicians claim.
With Gordon Brown's reckless claim that he had 50 days to save the world I decided to have a look at how bad the situation actually was.

I took three cities, Armagh, Durham and Oxford at random purely because they were the centres which all had records going back to 1880 and beyond. I also selected them because they represented different areas of the UK.

I then decided to concentrate on July because it is usually the hottest month and I recorded the Met Office temperature for every July since 1880. I then averaged out the temperature for each decade to make the results more easily assimilated.

Here are the results:-

Armagh Durham Oxford
1880's 20.17 20.13 20.92
1890's 21.67 19.87 21.14
1900's 19.39 19.99 21.83
1910's 19.48 18.78 20.72
1920's 19.27 19.20 21.66
1930's 20.57 19.07 21.50
1940's 20.10 20.10 22.22
1950's 19.67 19.67 21.59
1960's 18.35 18.20 20.92
1970's 19.39 19.39 21.87
1980's 19.81 19.81 22.18
1990's 21.30 20.29 22.91
2000's 19.90 20.00 22.54

Note: I apologise that the presentation has compacted in publication. It was much clearer in the edit but the figures can still be seen.

It is incredible! Why are the politicians trying to scare the living daylights out of us. Here is the proof nothing is changing at all. Sometime we get a hot year and at other times it cools down (like now for example!). That is the climate and we cannot change it. All the people who, for whatever reason, have climbed on the global warming bandwagon (like Ed Miliband for example)have tried to con the public.

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