Monday, 14 December 2009

Gordon Brown and Afghanistan

My oh my there must be an election of the horizon! For how many years has Gordon Brown ignored the requests from the military for finance to combat the lethal IED which have killed so many of our soldiers? So after one photo opportunity which included his hapless attempt to shake the hand of a saluting soldier he now announces that he is allocating money for the forces!

Wow! Gordon the Moron is allocating money to the forces. He has spent a lifetime contracting the forces, depriving them of essential funding so that he could downgrade their importance, downgrade their needs and downgrade their tradition. Gordon Brown has spent a lifetime opposing the forces because he has the Marxist, political and ideological attitude which is of course diametriacally opposed to his own.

Soldiers make instant decisions, Gordon does not. Soldiers think of their mates, Gordon does not. Soldiers are brave, Gordon is not. Soldiers face down their enemies Gordon does not. How dare he try to align himself with the forces after decades of trying to deny them the funds which would have saved so many lives.

He is a disgrace and always will be. Hapless is too good for this man...he is really in the same position as the man who sponsored him...Jack Jones. Read about Jack Jones elsewhere...!

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