Tuesday, 15 December 2009

New Labour and the Forces

My last rant was aimed at Gordon Brown but I could never have imagined how predictable he would be. In order to save the lives of the British soldier in Afghanistan he is prepared to scupper RAF Cottesmore, the major employer in Rutland and also to reduce the navy and MOD staff. One can only assume that the people who should be made redundant at the MOD, the ex officers who have wasted millions in arms procurement and contract negotiation will probably be saved.

Now don't get me wrong if he needs to save money then it should be saved because we must protect our front line soldiers. They are dying because this government have been profligate in their priorities. Even now the new Chinook helicopters will not be in service for three years!

The thing that really sticks in my craw is the wasted money being thrown at Europe and Climate Change! We are trillions in debt, we have never been given a referendum on Europe, we are fighting a political war in Afghanistan which frankly we cannot afford and yet Gordon the Moron can announce grandiose plans to waste public funds which we cannot afford on dubious climate change projects.

Gordon obviously doesn't get it because he cannot recognise that he and he alone has 'almost' bankrupted the country! In his almost autistic fashion he ignores his participation in this scandal. He postures around the world always looking ridiculous and ill at ease and even though he has squandered the inheritance of at least a generation he continues to blow our money at every opportunity!

We still await a date for the next General Election and it is no shock to discover that Gordon will wait until the last possible moment for the inevitable. Frankly assassination is too good for this man!

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