Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Gordon Brown v General Sir Richard Dannatt

I well remember Gordon Brown many times at PM's question time declaring to the House of Commons that the army had sufficient manpower in Afghanistan. Ths question has arisen more than once and every time we have been assured that everything is fine.

Now the former Head of the Army General Sir Richard Dannatt has declared in public that he asked for more men and was turned down. Downing Street has denied that this was not the case. Now General Dannatt is highly respected in military circles and would have absolutely no reason to lie. Gordon Brown is not respected by anyone unless they owe him their livelihood and had every reason to lie. Neither is it the first time that he has been accused of tampering with the truth.

If it can be proven that he lied it should be time for impeachment. I cannot think of any former PM who in a relatively short time has done so much damage to our country. He deserves a very sticky end but will probably sail off into Europe to make his fortune.

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