Thursday, 29 October 2009

Derby County

So we lost our Chairman today and for one I am not sorry. He arrived in a blaze of publicity and immediately sacked Billy Davies and appointed Paul Jewell. Ever since then my club which attracts premiership level support week in and week out has constantly let the fans down.

He appointed Nigel Clough as manager even though he had not managed in any of the four leagues. Nigel seems to believe that if he signs players from the lower echelons with one eye on the wage bill then they will propel the team to success.

His father successfully followed this principle and unearthed many gems from the lower leagues...people like Roy McFarland and Archie Gemmell but the modern game is different. If people like Dean Moxey, Shaun Barker and Buxton are marked as the type of player who can give us the success that the fans deserve then statistics may prove him wrong.

I am however more concerned with the basics which coaches should instill into the players. I watched the game last Saturday and my team simply could not pass the ball! They had a great start and yet they were so inept that they were run off the park. We have so many players who frankly are not up to the job and as far as Derby are concerned they are drawing money under false pretences.

I know that we have a lot of injuries but to sign people on loan simply because they are good for the dressing room is ridiculous. Yes the wage bill for the club may be now on course for solvency but to sign ageing professionals is a mistake. How can Lee Hendrie and Paul Dickov be used to block the chances of the young reserves. How can we play Dickov ahead of Prijovic? If Prijovic is so useless then perhaps he should be binned.

So much wrong and I really feel for the loyal fans. My gut instinct is that we all support Nigel but he is not his Dad. His Dad was his own man and had a plan. This team does not have a plan which worries me. They simply run around like headless chickens and if Nigel had a plan then his team don't know about it! Get a grip Nigel even you only has limited time.

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