Saturday, 31 March 2012

So who represents the Worker?

We have had a miserable week in this country. Our politicians have, once again, proven that they have no idea about what happens down on planet Earth. Purely for political reasons they created a fuel panic which was inexplicable. For a modern day Cabinet Minister to stand on the steps of Downing Street and urge the public to panic buy fuel and even store it in jerry cans speaks volumes for his competence and even more for the common sense of the public.

As a consequence everybody went mad and for days there has been queues at every filling station in the countrry. So I began to ask myself what is the background of these leading politicians who frequently  appear to be out of touch with the working class. Even I was astonished when I began to research their backgrounds. Almost without exception they attended a fee paying private school, followed by a period at Oxford and then further education either in the United States or Europe. None of them have actually had to work for a living. Most were indulged by rich parents who could afford them to play at politics.

David Cameron    Eton and Oxford
Ed Miliband         Oxford, London School of Econmics and Harvard
Nick Clegg           Westminster School, Cambridge, Univ of Minnesota and College of Europe
Ed Balls                Nottm High School, Oxford and Harvard
Yvette Cooper      Oxford and Harvard
George Osborne   St Pauls, Oxford and Davidson College N Carolina
William Hague     Oxford and INSEAD
David Miliband    Oxford and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Danny Alexander  Oxford and later The European Movement.

Clearly they are just a selection of our leading politicians but they all have one thing in common. They have never had to be concerned about money.  Real life has no concerns for them. Doors were opened for them because of who they were. This is the reason that all of them are 'modernisers'. They want to change the country because it is part of an academic exercise thought up by professors at Oxford, Harvard and elsewhere in the States. They are all playing a political game because they have never done anything else!

Friday, 30 March 2012

What was her Name?

We, here in the UK, don't know a great deal about the Trayvon Martin case which has caused outrage in the black American communities all across the country. It has even reached the White House and involved President Barack Obama.

Basically Trayvon Martin was unarmed when he was shot dead by a local community policeman named Zimmermann. Black politicians have immediately condemned the policeman and claimed that it typifies the the attitude of the police to black communities.

One of them in this clip used her position as a Congresswoman to make an issue of it on television. The interviewer who, like so many Americans, uses icy politeness to mask her distaste found an opening and pounced! It illustrates profoundly that if you lie live on telly it can backfire dramatically. The look on the face of the interviewer is priceless!

By the way there is a witness who has stated that the six foot three 17 year old was sat astride the policeman punching his face in just before he was shot!

The Bradford Effect!

I must admit I never saw that coming! I did briefly wonder why George Galloway was standing for election in a predominantly Asian constituency in Yorkshire given that he is a white Scotsman. I did notice that huge placards had suddenly appeared on the Bradford streets announcing that this one man party was standing for election as the 'Respect' party . I did wonder how good old George could afford that kind of publicity and now we know.

Years ago when I left the army I attended a resettlement course in London. Sometime during the course I was partnered with an RAF Corporal called Patel. We had to devise a business plan to sell 'widgets'. Now I had never met a 'Patel' in those days or a 'Singh' or a 'Mohammed' as I had spent 22 years in the army being cushioned against the rising tide of immigration. I was therefore unaware that racism existed and I thought that Corporal Patel was a decent guy (he was). He scribbled down a few figures for our business plan which I thought were ludicrous but his reply has forever remained with me, 'Sir you may outrank me by a good few tiers but you Brits know nothing about business. Leave this to me and we will wipe out the rest of them'...and we did.

At lunch he educated me about the millionaires in the 'Patel' club and how the money was all going back to India. He loved the RAF but could no longer reject the opportunities open to him in civilian life. I suspect that the is now a very rich guy...but back to George.

I think that George has recognised the power of the Asian community in our midst. Traditionally they have voted Labour (ask Jack Straw MP for Blackburn) but I believe that for whatever reason they have given Labour a kicking. Don't get me wrong because the Labour party has deserved a kicking for a long time but this is highly significant. Bradford West could be a turning point.

George Galloway is an eloquent and articulate orator. He is once again entering Westmonster so he has got his wish. The Asian community, who chaired him out of the polling station, have also won because they now have a British candidate representing them. I wonder what the trade off is? Somehow and I don't know why but I don't think that this is a good day for democracy. I should really be pleased that a minority party has defeated the 'modernisers' but something troubles me about this result. I suppose time will tell.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Pasties and Petrol!

According to our Political Class we are still in the grip of a financial crisis even though we can still afford to throw billions at an unwinnable war, we can still pour billions down the black hole we know as the EU and we can still dish out international aid. In addition government spending has never waned and the only people who ever suffer are the public.

We must go back to a point that I make almost ad nauseum and that is that all three parties are led by 'modernisers' which means that they are all in the same camp. Ed Miliband is sponsored by 'Unite' and therefore supports 'Unite' and that union is promoting the tanker driver's strike. David Cameron is advocating extra sales of fuel to offset the proposed strike. One senior cabinet arch 'moderniser' Francis Maude yesterday proved himself unfit for purpose by suggesting that we stored fuel in the family garage.

The message is clearly for the people to panic so that the people will buy more fuel than normal and isn't the 31 March the end of the financial year? What a lovely boost to the books at the end of the year. The reaction of the public however is not typical. They are actually panicking! We British, in the old days, were known for being phlegmatic and stoic and the stiff upper lip was our watchword. All this has been made to disappear by years of breaking down the national character.

The bodies returning from Afghanistan and the heroism by individuals indicate that the British spirit still exists in individuals. It is difficult for even these evil 'modernisers' to eradicate the character of the British people so they have imported the characteristic of almost everyone else. Gradually the stiff upper lip is being replaced by the wobbly lower lip.

So now where are we? We are at the point where our PM declares to the media that he too eats pasties! However, he wants to ensure that pasties are made equal to fish and chips so that both qualify for VAT. Can you imagine that? We have people panicking that they will not be able to get to work next week and he is addressing Pastygate! I just need to know how many people will be employed testing the warmth of pasties so that the VAT can be extracted from the pasty makers! The mind just boggles at the ineptitude of our mainstream politicians. Please folks don't vote for them!

We have local elections on the horizon. It is yet another opportunity to show our disgust. If you have queued today to fill up then please don't vote for more of the same. You have seen them all Cameron/Clegg/Miliband you would object if your daughter brought them home so DON'T VOTE FOR THEM!  If you must vote then look for a minority party but don't vote for more of the same and that means Con/Dem/Lab!!

UPDATE: George Galloway takes Bradford West for RESPECT!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Iceland and the EU!

Daniel Hannan MEP
I have been sent a clip of MEP Daniel Hannan addressing the European Union on the rise of Iceland after the demise of the country caused by their bankers. Mr Hannan is well known for his eloquent euro sceptic speeches and once again he tells it as it is.

It only goes to prove that all the rubbish that our 'modernising' politicians feed us that we could not exist outside of the European Union is false.

Contrast his speech with another report featured by 'Before its News' which reveals the activity by the Bank of Greece to pay their bond holders. It is quite clear that countries are much better off out of the EU. Surely it can be only a matter of time before the people insist upon it?

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Riots!

The riots in Croydon!
So our politicians have decided that they know what caused the riots? Well I have a few ideas of my own and you will not be surprised that they actually do not coincide with the opinions of the Political Class.

So let us recap! We import people from all over the world, by courtesy of the Home Office. People who have no knowledge of OUR culture and who have a lifestyle which is diametrically opposed to our own. We then call them 'British' and grant them maximum benefits but dump them in the poorest areas. Amazingly they become resentful because by and large they are unemployable and are condemned to a life on the lowest rung of the ladder.

They have one resort and that is criminality. So they commit crimes but then they realise that when they arrive in court they are excused. They are slapped on the wrist and they are also told that they have 'Human Rights' which allows their lawyers to get them off the charges.  Off you go boys and girls to rape and pillage because nothing will stop you! So amazingly they did! No police on the streets, no judges able to hand out meaningful sentences and for those who were caught a luxury jail to enjoy!

The Political Class have created this nonsense and they are ALL guilty. There is not one politician belonging to any major political party who is not complicit in this calumny. They are ALL guilty. The only political party with a foothold in the political system who cannot be accused of treachery is UKIP.

You are all being blinded by a media machine which is in full throttle so that you will believe that everything is normal. The Queen is still the monarch (She is not!). We still have three major Political Parties who have differences (they are all 'modernisers') and our legal system is still in accord with the principles of the Magna Charta! Yeah Right!

When the young people who will never read this blog eventually discover that their future is being destroyed by the politicians then they may stop grinning, worshipping Simon Cowell and believing that their whole lives are just about getting pissed and shagging anything in sight (I am sorry about the language but I am preaching to the uneducated) . You will sooner or later have to take to the streets just like the people of Libya or Syria if you want a fair deal. If you want a wife and a family and a pension like I had, then I am sorry but you will have to fight for it.  

Sunday, 25 March 2012

How can we fund Cheats?

David Cameron easy access?
All three Political parties have issues over how they are funded. The reason being of course is that if they allow the general public equal access to the electoral system then they may lose power. So they have dreamt up a system where businessmen/women can gain favour for cash.

Not what is wrong with that? NoLab under Tony Blair apparently dished out peerages for cash so that the formerly esteemed House of Lords is stuffed with people who bought their ermine. The House of Lords has subsequently become a joke but who cares about democracy when power is at stake. Some of the peers have since been arrested for misdemeanours which means they have been careless.

These MPs are so anxious to retain their status and remain within the EU that they will corrupt anything. If smaller parties stand against the proletariat then they get wiped out because nobody can withstand the tide of money which swamps then. 

I cannot understand the UKIP candidate for Bradford West. She has an open goal because so many of her opposition are discredited and yet she prefers to campaign on local issues! I am now a member so I have a voice. Where is Nigel Farage? These by-elections are so important to UKIP so where is the publicity, the attack on the EU and the attack on established Westmonster?

Is money the answer? Of course it is and that is why the so called 'Treasurer' of the Conservative party has been uncovered. They are all as bent as a nine bob note. Of course you will still vote for them won't you boys and girls? Onwards and upwards!

Bribery, it what you want!

This morning the 'Treasurer' of the Conservative party has had to resign following disclosures by the Sunday Times (News International) that he had been selling access to the Prime Minister for £250,000. Interested businessmen would get their 'concerns' put before the Policy Committee and would gain a photograph with the PM.

What I do not understand is why this should cause such an uproar? All of our main political parties have been selling access to power and influence for as long as politics has existed. The system of 'lobbying' is well known and scandalously corrupt but nobody has bothered to curb it because it has become a cottage industry. This is the way that they make their money.

I am just amazed that the British people, the so called electorate, continue to be bamboozled by the Political Class. They continue to absorb all the corruption and the lies and then, come the time, they dutifully stroll down to the local polling station and vote for it to continue!

Today comes the news that the Labour Party has an 8% lead in the opinion polls! What? Has nobody yet realised that this crowd not only ruined the culture of the country but almost ruined our economy. I say 'almost' but it has yet to be proven that they didn't because we are just printing money to stave off the inevitable.

So for the umpteenth time let me implore anyone reading this post to stop perpetuating the roller coaster. They have all had their chance and all of them have been proven corrupt and inefficient. They lie all the time! So let's start with the upcoming Bradford West by-election. Please give them a kicking by showing the Con/Dem/Libs that we have had enough of them. The option is yours because you can either vote for a minority party or don't vote at all. We can do it, it is in our hands but do we really care enough?

If you need any encouragement you can find it here.

Thursday, 22 March 2012


Islamist insurgents ae beleived to be holding Judith Tebbutt in Kismayo, along the coast from the resort of Kiwayu where she was seized
Add caption
I fully support the family of Judith Tebbutt who have gathered together a huge sum of money to pay the ransom to get her back. I cannot believe that anyone in the same situation would not do the same. 

What I do find worrying is that we have admitted a huge number of Somalis into our country and we also clearly give them Foreign Aid! Now surely they must be encouraged to respond to that aid. Please do not tell me that their government could not stop this if they spent the Aid in the correct way. Once again our largesse is being ignored. If we stopped it and then repaid the Tebbutt family their outgoings then perhaps they would rethink?

It is the language they understand. Simple innit!

A Budget for the Working Class?

In order to work in this day and age most people must travel. Yesterday in Westmonster George Osbourne concluded his budget speech by declaring that this was the budget to get Britain working again and then he put fuel up by three pence.

We have the highest fuel charges in Europe. We are fast approaching £1.50 a litre which is ridiculous and most of it is the tax imposed by the government. This comes on top of huge increases in Road Tax most of which is not spent on the roads and accelerated MOT costs. In addition insurance prices are going through the roof because the driving test is not fit for purpose and 17 year olds today do not have the same sense of responsibility that we had in yesteryear.

So let's sell the car and take to public transport? The appalling rail service is a joke and once again it costs a fortune. The government allows them to increase prices way above inflation so that the commuter has to fork out a small fortune just to get to work. I have a niece who has just had to finish work because the travel and child care costs do not make it viable!

They are not helping people to work. They are in fact preventing people from working. They are still rewarding the feckless and rewarding young girls for producing babies which will become a social problem in the future. Nothing is changing it is just being spun in a different way. The 'modernisers' will not loosen their grip on our society until you force them out.

Please remember that NoLab (my old name for the Labour party because they did not have any socialist principles) who are led by Red Ed (I stabbed my brother in the back) Miliband is not an alternative because he too is a 'moderniser' not batting for Britain. They had 13 years to put their stamp on the UK and they did it! They did everything that the EU wanted them to do and we, the indigenous population, will never recover from their calumny!

They don't want future generations to work they just want them to be prisoners of the state!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Queen's speech to Parliament!

Did anyone else notice the front rank grinning at the Queen's Speech on the occasion of her Diamond Anniversary? It was a representation of the 'modernisation' of our country. They were all supposed to be political opponents but they so comfortable in each other's company because they all know that they are all in the same club.

They are 'modernisers' and unfortunately 'The Queen' is in the same club. So who was in the front rank of 'modernisation'. Can you believe this crowd? Gordon and Sarah Brown, Sally Bercow, Nick Clegg, Harriet Harman, Tony Blair, Ed Miliband and Mr Slippery (sorry David Cameron). 

There they all were, probably a larger collection of well.... how can I describe their qualities ... they do not bat for Britain...they do not want to maintain our national independence...they care not about the indigenous public ... and finally they care not about this country. There used to be an old fashioned world for them but how did the Royal Family get drawn into this? The Windsor Family have for decades been sustained by the public and yet suddenly they are entertaining 'modernisation'. Why?

They had it all but the history of our so called Royal Family is littered with suspicion. I do not have to remind people of their dodgy history where Edward and 'Bertie' were concerned. Then we had the exploits of Princess Margaret. And finally we had the 'murder' of Princess Diana and yet still the British revere this family. Are we really surprised that on her so called Diamond Jubilee speech in Westmonster she had such a line up of political villains on the front row? Please think about it folks!


Trans European Network (TEN-T)


A few years ago I visited a friend who lived high in the Spanish Sierra Nevada mountains. While I was there I drove on a brand new motorway which was being constructed to carry traffic through the Sierra Nevada's down to the southern Mediterranean coast.  It was very spectacular but the most spectacular aspect was that the European Union (us!) had paid for it.

Yesterday Mr Slippery (sorry I meant David Cameron) announced that he was considering toll roads as some crucial roads were 'not fit for purpose' and he specifically mentioned the A14. I have got to the point that whenever any of these 'modernising' politicians make an announcement I immediately suspect skulduggery.

Why the A14? Well it leads from the port of Felixstowe to the M1/M6. What is beyond Felixstowe except the EU? Now I had read recently that the High Speed Rail project had been ordered by the EU and even if most of us found it a pointless and destructive exercise they were determined to complete a high speed rail link across Europe. That is why we will spend 32 billion pounds to reach Birmingham 15 minutes quicker. 

Surely I thought...this is not another EU project? So I looked it up and there it was TEN-T (Trans European Network). So, far from being our government running our country they are once again spending our money (on top of what we send annually to the EU) to complete yet another demand from the EU. 

What are the point of our politicians? What is left for them to decide? If Spain can get the EU to pay for their transport network then why can't we get some of our money back? Mr Slippery should just wring his hands and tell us that there is nothing that he can do. At least that would be the truth.

Monday, 19 March 2012

HM Revenue and Customs

Today I followed instructions and rang the HMRC help line! Recently I have been bombarded with threats from the Tax authorities that I had a penalty notice of £100 for failing to submit an online self assessment. These penalties would rise to £1600 if I did not comply with their diktat!

What actually happened was that the software rejected my input so I sent in my P60's by snail mail. They refused to accept the physical evidence of my pensions but at least confirmed that I had submitted the evidence on time.

I rang the help desk and spoke to a clued up lady who assured me that actually I did not qualify for self assessment (pensioners rarely do) and she would sort it out. 

Since then I have had threats from all quarters. You know the letters written in bold red capitals insisting that you are guilty of a misdemeanour even when you know that you are not. It is high quality bullying and would frighten to death anyone who did not have the financial capacity to withstand the threat. The whole system resembles a revenue generation exercise.

However, credit where credit is due, because apparently my helper has cancelled my penalty notice and taken me off self assessment. I have used this helpline twice and been treated with courtesy and respect. What a shame that the rest of the HMRC machine is so aggressive.  

The lesson is that you must fight your corner. Do not accept their red letters! I suspect, and I am an ex Civil Servant, that all is not well at HMRC, but the people are still human when you get to speak to them! So ring them up if you have  a case. Do not accept their false payment cheques. It all looks so official but it is not. Don't do it  challenge it. They are making huge sums of money out of the ignorance of the public because so many people do not understand what is happening. They are using fear as a tool. It really is undemocratic but what is new?

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Peacetime Martial Law - is this the Ultimate Solution?

There comes in everyone's life a time when one has to make a serious decision. I have just had a notification from 'Beforeitsnews' which they have asked me to circulate. I have read this disclosure a number of times because in essence it will change the lives of almost every living American and would appear on the surface to be quite sinister.

To introduce Peacetime Martial Law when apparently there is nothing or nobody threatening the United States is an extraordinary step. This article suggests however, that the consequences of this Bill could be massive. For example they could, under the provisions of this order, introduce rationing even though they are not under threat. They could commandeer almost anything using the Order as their excuse. Every available consumable could be controlled by the government or by any other corporatocracy that they appoint as their agent.

It is a license for mayhem but more importantly it is a license for certain people to become very rich and very powerful at a stroke. It is total political domination which normally is only used as a last resort. For example, it was used by this country when every available means was required to repel Hitler.  

I have long thought that what happens in the States is usually only a few years away from the UK. I suggest we watch Westmonster very carefully. Perhaps the flight that David Cameron took on Air Force One had more significance than just a smart way to get to a basketball game and avoid the traffic?

Gay Marriage?

Gay Marriage is a subject that I personally will not waste my time discussing. I know the difference between right and wrong. It is however of deep importance within the churches of this country. There are a huge numbers of Christians in this country who hold a fierce commitment to the teachings of the bible. My daughter is one of them.

This argument about gay marriage is yet another attempt by the 'modernisers' to change our country. They are attacking Christianity knowing full well that there is a hard core of Christians who will never accept 'gay' marriage. If they follow their deeply held convictions that 'gay' marriage is wrong according to the bible then they will have to leave their mainstream church.

What they do not understand, in their misguided attempts to change the mainstream religious faith, is that already the true believers of the bible have in huge numbers already abandoned the mainstream politically inspired church. All over this country true believers have given up on the Church of England and set up their own groups. For the true believer in the Bible the politicians have already gone too far!

The 'modernisers' will never understand that the British spirit is still alive and well but they just don't have a voice at the moment. They are playing a dangerous game because one day all the insults, all the degradation, all the imposition will surface. I don't know when or where it will surface but in this country at the moment there is a deep seated resentment. This attack on mainstream Christianity and the imposition of an act which the vast majority of us cannot agree with (whether practicing Christians or not) is just another nail in their coffin. They have already lost the battle for hearts and minds which they think is so important when they invade a foreign country.

Mr Slippery?

Cameron Obama Hot DogI am an avid follower of the 'Mail on Sunday' columnist Peter Hitchens who sometimes seems like a lone voice in the wilderness. His right wing opinions contradict almost every popular conception of government. He has for example been referring to our PM, David Cameron, as 'Mr Slippery' and I know that like me he does not think that David Cameron is a Conservative.

So if 'Dave' is not a Conservative then what is he and who is he representing? We have just seen him being welcomed across the Atlantic by the President of the United States. But hang on is Barack Obama not a Democrat? That means Socialist to you and me ! Is GOB (Good old Barack) not the natural enemy of the right wing because if you follow the run up to the American elections then you would really think so. So how come they suddenly became so chummy chummy....could it be that secretly they are on the same side?

Is it really possible that 'Dave' and 'GOB' are actually representatives of the corporatocracy and actually therefore don't have any political conviction. I think that Peter Hitchens believes this and in today's Mail on Sunday he once again exposes David Cameron.  I have already posted about Dr Michael Pinto-Duschinsky and his opposition to the members of the moribund commission investigating the Human Rights Act set up by the PM but Peter Hitchens goes that step further.

In my opinion almost all of our leading politicians are bought and paid for. They do not represent you and I. They represent the people who pay them and who put them into their jobs. In the States it does not seem to matter whether they vote Republican or Democrat because they just get more of the same. It is similar in the UK. This Coalition is a marriage of partners (some gay some not) who ostensibly campaigned on vastly different agendas.  This has given them an excuse to renege on all of their election promises because they actually have no political conviction. Perhaps we just all voted for News International because we are just getting more of the same.

Any of us who fell for the same old rhetoric and consequently voted Con/Lib/Lab have no reason to complain. We voted them in and we have to live with the consequences. By 2015 who knows what we will be facing but I can assure of one will not be nice!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


There has always been a debate on the blogosphere about where will all the independent bloggers discover a rallying point. The people know all about the corruption of the politicians, the power of the corporations and the threat of the courts. 

In actuality we only have one rallying point if we want to maintain a democratic principle that we decide our government by means of the polling booth. The ONLY credible party that is batting for Britain is UKIP. The leader Nigel Farage has continually harangued the EU leadership from within ( you know like David Cameron pretends that he wants to do). For this he is derided by the Political Class but there is no doubt that Nigel is batting for Britain.

The enemy within the British Isles is 'modernisation'. If you have an MP who is on record as being a 'moderniser' then he/she does not want the Britain that you want. They want to change the country into a politically driven state similar to East Germany. They are intent on changing the country that most of us once knew. They are doing it right now.

We now have the situation where the enemy of the country is 'modernisation'. Forget the old political parties. All three of the major parties are being led by a 'moderniser'. It is likely that if you are not a 'moderniser' then you won't be adopted as a candidate in any future election. Consequently Westmonster is inhabited by hundreds of 'modernisers' all committed to the unelected EU. 

Yes I agree there are a few Tory eurosceptics who every now and then vote against the odd proposal but they are never strong enough to resign the whip. They are almost a confirmation that ensures that the public believe that we still have a democracy. It is almost like a put up job to con the public. If they seriously believed that we should be out of the EU they would protest much more effectively.

So back to my original point because in this corrupt and complex world the only constant is UKIP and that political party should be the rallying point. We have nothing else! So tomorrow I will do what I have never done before. I will join a political party. I will probably become an activist because I must do something to halt the march of 'modernisation'. Personally I deem 'modernisation' as akin to treason but then the 'modernisers' aborted that crime. Well they would wouldn't they?

The only game left in town is 'Modernisation' against UKIP... you decide!

Links to New International

News International
The story that surrounds employees of News International and the links between them and leading politicians and police is building. Ignorant members of the public like me have no way of telling where it is all leading but clearly someone in the Met is driving it on which means that they smell corruption.

Nowhere are the links more closely examined than a chart designed by the BBC website which has brought all the leading players together  and displayed the type of association. I do have to admit that the inclusion of Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron is an interesting distraction.

Many people believe that democracy is largely dead in the water and that the world is ruled by the multi national corporations. If this theory has legs then the link between some of our leading politicians and a corporation as large as News International would be a natural progression. 

When a person as close to power as Rebekah Brooks is arrested for a second time and charges as serious as 'perverting the course of justice' are being bandied around then someone, somewhere is onto something. It would only take one honest, incorruptible policeman or policewoman with the courage and commitment to keep digging before a whole can of juicy worms could be uncovered. Remember Elliot Ness?

Monday, 12 March 2012


I have blogged for years that the war in Afghanistan was a political ploy without a shred of credibility. Over the years since I began this blog I have never wavered in my criticism of this ill conceived war. Anyone who knows anything about history can tell you that every major power has floundered on the cross of Afghanistan.

They have their own society.  They have their own code of conduct and nothing, not even the banking barons of the Rothschild Family will change this. I have a theory. The Rothschild family want to own the world. Every country that resists them is attacked. I think Saddam Hussein defied them. I think that Colonel Gaddafi defied them and now they want to conquer Afghanistan. 

This will be their downfall because nothing changes Afghan society. The warlords are in charge and tribal differences will remain as it has done in Iraq and Libya. We will not change this. The bankers will not change this and perhaps we should rejoice that these backward tribes are prepared to take up arms when the rest of us are not even prepared to march.

The defiance of the tribal society is perhaps not a bad thing. They are not a threat to us and they might just be the saving of us! 
The actions of one disillusioned American soldier may at at last  ( along with the killing of our six soldiers) bring this dreadful war to an end. We are achieving nothing (like we have for so long) and yet the Political Class continues to trumpet their oft rehearsed message that this extended war was in our national interest. (Bo***x)

Now the whole game is up! Nothing will save this calamity. When I was in the forces this type of attack by one individual soldier was not possible. Nobody was allowed to wander around with live ammunition. This was a failure of command.  Cameron is already backtracking. We have failed on every account and over 400 young soldiers have lost their lives. The many thousands who suffered serious injuries will have to deal with them. They did us and themselves proud.

Once again the political posturers will try to excuse themselves and it is already happening. They have been found out. It is a shambles and the Political Class have yet again lost. They are dishonest and corrupt and that is why they have lost. We will leave Afghanistan with our tails between our legs and our politicians will have lost all credibility. We have lost so much so where are Gordon Brown, John Reid, Ken Clarke, Tony Blair, David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband, Ed Balls, Yvette Cooper, Harriet Harman and so on now?

They are running for the hills!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Now we know.....!

Screen Shot 2012-03-11 at 11.40.29
Dr Michael Pinto-Dushinsky
This morning on the Sunday Politics Andrew Neal interviewed a guy who was unknown to me. Apparently he was a Conservative appointed member of a Commission set up to examine the Human Rights Act. He announced live on the programme that he was resigning from the Commission because Ken Clarke and Nick Clegg were 'sidelining' the Prime Minister and were determined to ensure that the European Human Rights Act would remain in place despite all the adverse publicity.

He was actually very frank and more than once directly accused Ken Clarke in particular of at least disloyalty and at worst of exceeding his authority. Now anyone who knows me will be aware that it is my opinion that Ken Clarke does not bat for Britain. I don't know who he bats for but he does have friends in high places. His appointment as Justice Minister is one of the reason that our justice system is in such a mess.

Dr Pinto-Dushinsky could have done him a lot of damage. He has at least exposed him for what he is an intransigent europhile prepared to sacrifice anything British to please the EU commissars. It is so ironic that he purports to be a Conservative!

The BBC and politics

If anyone has ever doubted that the BBC has a political bias to the left then all they have to do every Sunday morning is to tune into to the hideous 'Andrew Marr Show' which for years now has paraded a gaggle of discredited politicians (most of them from what is called the Labour party) to air their jaundiced views publically.

Today it is the turn of the nauseous Ken Livingstone to try and explain why he has apparently not been paying his taxes. Of course it is a smear campaign, his accountant is to blame, his wife beavers away in the attic supporting him and at any rate Boris Johnson (that rich bastard) also cheats on his taxes. For some unaccountable reason what is left of the Labour party cannot find anyone else to oppose Boris Johnson for the position of Lord Mayor of London.

Ken Livingstone has made a living from using words. The mainstream media has often accused him of dodgy practice and even racism but like a bad penny he keeps turning up spouting his mediaeval politics generally based on envy and class related nonsense.

If he is the best that the left can do then they really are struggling for credibility. However if the position of Lord Mayor of London is a straight fight between Red Ken and Bumbling Boris then why would anyone even want to vote?

Friday, 9 March 2012

What can we do to restore Democracy?

The blogosphere is alive with riteous indignation about the state of our country. Everywhere people want a rallying point, an organisation or someone to take the responsibility to challenge the authorities and force the government to acknowledge our concern.

Most of us want a referendum on the corrupt European Union. Most of us want a major reform of the corrupt banking system. Most of us want to reform Westmonster as it is clearly not fit for purpose. We want the troops out of Afghanistan and we want an end to events like the corrupt sale of Olympic tickets. We also want the end of international aid and a proper border control system. We want the illegal immigrants and the criminal to be deported from whence they came.

So how can we make THEM listen. Well we destroy their world. We don't build tented cities because they call on the Territorial Support Group to kick us out. We don't riot because then we look bad and stupid and we hurt our own. We actually call up a million pensioners to invade London probably during the Olympics and we walk. We walk across zebra crossings.

It is called people power. If we persuade enough people to descend on London and walk across a series of zebra crossings London will grind to a halt. We the law abiding will just continue to walk across zebra crossings and we would be doing nothing wrong. The traffic would be unable to move. The fast lane to the Olympics would be blocked and we old folk would continue to cross the road.

If we did this often enough then THEY would have to listen. We could innocently destroy their world BUT we must be prepared to put ourselves out. We must be prepared to get up off our arses and save our country for our grandchildren. We are to blame for this government. We continue to complain but we must now act. 2012 could be the year of the pensioner. It is really up to you! Just a thought!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The British Army and Broken Britain!

Further to my last on the attitude of British politicians to the forces and particularly to those who are no longer of use to them here is a practical example.  Clearly this lad needs all the help that we can give him but is it not a scandal that Melton Council will not help him?

I wonder how many of the great unwashed, who have never volunteered for service to their country, are occupying premises which could be adapted for Peter Chapma. Ex Servicemen, particularly those no longer fit for action, should have priority as a reward for service to their country.


It is now 10 years since we first deployed our troops to Afghanistan on a false premise. The premise being that this island nation could be threatened by events in Afghanistan. I think most of us now realise that the premise was and always will be flawed and no matter how long we stay there we must will never change this blighted country. The minute we leave the Taliban will reoccupy the country and it will all have been for nothing!

Despite all the evidence, today at PM's Question Time our 'modernising' PM and his 'modernising' opponent agreed that our troops should remain until local Afghan police were trained and in position to defend the country. We have been hearing this for years! How long will it take to train these people? Are they trainable and will they not just melt away when left on their own to face the Taliban?

Channel Five has recently shown the 'Mission Afghanistan' series which has not only highlighted the bravery of the Royal Marines but also what happens to them when they return home with terrible injuries. We all know the figures relating to the deaths in Afghanistan but we should also remember that thousands have returned with life changing injuries both physical and mental.

The Royal British Legion does its best to look after these people and they are constantly and desperately trying to raise funds. Meanwhile the politicians help by proposing that married quarters are culled to save money. These are the same married quarters which in some cases have been allowed to fall into horrendous states of disrepair. Such heroism by our troops deserves more than words from the reptiles in Westmonster they need action.

2015 is too far off. Our troops are dying and being injured for no good reason because this engagement is unwinnable. Bring them home!

Sunday, 4 March 2012


Someone, somewhere is not advising David Cameron very well. I see that he has just lost his chief advisor, a guy called Steve Hilton, who has just deserted the 'sinking ship' for a position in sunnier California. The mainstream media speculate that he had a series of clashes with europhile Civil Servants which led to his departure.

The Leveson Inquiry is uncovering some murky relationships which are becoming embarrassing to the press, the police and the politicians. Least amongst these revelations was the fact that the police allowed Rebekah Brooks to borrow a pretty clapped out horse for her recreation. Why this happened and who sanctioned has not been made public. Do I care?  Not a jot!

Well at least I didn't care until the PM got involved. What is wrong with David Cameron having a social gallop with Charlie Brooks husband of former News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks? He is entitled to a social life.

What I find intriguing is how long it took for him to admit that he actually sat on the horse. Apparently his former aide, Andy Coulson, who of course famously worked at the News of the World, actually denied that it had happened. Why? What were they trying to cover up? The truth has had to be forced out of Downing Street. It is stupid!

The PM has always been a smooth operator but suddenly he is being exposed and he is appearing less than kosher. I have for some time speculated that he operates under a false premise. He is much closer to the EU and the Lib Dems than he wants us to believe. He was also far closer to News International than he wants us to believe. The cracks are beginning to appear.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Olympic Tickets (continued)!

This just won't go away. It is threatening to be a national scandal of unprecedented proportions. It could in fact ruin the Olympics because even the most mild mannered of our compliant public are now suspecting that they have been ripped off! Just last night I heard of a couple who had applied for £2000 of tickets and not received one...not even for the ignored football.

Then I am handed a cutting from the Sunday Mirror claiming that bankers Goldman Sachs had splashed out around £4 million for tickets for their staff and clients. Apparently 'Prestige Tickets' the company which specialises in corporate hospitality has unlimited supplies of 'blue riband' tickets which they will bestow upon their rich clients if they can afford them.

They are still claiming that 75% of the tickets are going to the public but how can that be when one firm is paying around £4 million and it has already been reported that Thomas Cook had also splashed out millions for the top tickets. In theory the public may get 75% of the tickets but what kind of ticket? The tickets that we all want, the tickets that friends, family and supporters also want have been earmarked for those who can afford them.

LOCOG have tainted these games like never before.  They are switching the public off by their sleazy exploits. A private company should never have been give this amount of power. Too much public money is unaccounted for. The 2012 Olympics are turning into a prime example of how to take the public for a ride. No wonder the unions are threatening action!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Olympic Tickets

Ever since LOCOG began their jiggery pokery with Olympic Tickets hiding behind a cloak of secrecy I have been very suspicious about their integrity. It has all been too complex and amidst the complexity comes the accusations that the best tickets have been held back for those that can (a) afford them and (b) merit them.

Of course, I write from a platform of ignorance as I do about so much, but at my age I have a well honed nose for scandal and  criminology. What has surprised me is that the Political Class is keeping very quiet about the antics of this private company LOCOG and it seems that, as with Common Purpose, nobody wants to be the one to open the can of worms.

I understand however, that they are about to release another batch of tickets onto the open market. I wonder why? Have these tickets previously been allocated elsewhere and not sold? You see I know that the sports nuts will always support the Games but unless you get access to the fast lane available to the athletes, the officials, the politicians and the downright rich then London will be chaotic!

Amongst the genuine visitors will be thousands of criminals. Pickpockets will have a field day as will muggers. London is not a safe city and I for one have not forgotten the riots last year. Now if I think along those lines then so will many other people.

Today I discovered this radio conversation featuring Baroness Dee Doocey who just happens to be the Chair of the London Assembly's, economy, culture and sport committee. Now if LOCOG will not respond to her enquiries then what chance the rest of us? My nose tells me that something is not right and by the time we discover what it is the killing will have been made.

Secret Justice

I have often posted about the malign agenda that our Justice Secretary, Ken Clarke, appears to promote. His ideology often contradicts British public opinion and coincides with almost everything that emanates from the European Union. Personally I cannot think of anyone worse to uphold British Justice but his latest plan to extend a 'secret court' system in this country almost beggars belief!

As usual the excuse for this absolute mockery of justice is 'damage to the public interest' rather than 'to cover up government incompetence'. It always make me smile when our europhile politicians propose measures which in effect curb our freedom but are always about 'public interest' or 'democracy'. The minute someone like Ken Clarke or Nick Clegg mention the word 'democracy' then I know that they are about to propose yet another threat to the British way of life. They are not 'modernisers' for nothing!

They are hell bent on turning this country into East Germany or North Korea or ... well any country that prefers totalitarian government to democracy. I just hope that we have enough politicians in Westmonster who are prepared to stand up and expose this nonsense but I would bet that David Cameron won't be one of them.