Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Are People Waking Up?

Someone that I regard as a friend who hopes to be the UKIP candidate for Loughborough is, on his own initiative, canvassing the public.  He just takes off wearing his UKIP rosette and chats to all and sundry.

Generally he has been treated well and often, once they spot the rosette, people approach him.  As a result he is able to identify the current trends.  Now I know that some people may lie to his face because they do not wish to offend him but far, far too many are looking in the direction of UKIP to save the country.

I get the impression that the UKIP bandwagon is on the march.  The 'switched off' public are beginning to realise that if they want to get the country back on track then an exit from Europe is the first essential. To be ruled by an unelected elite without an auditable process is so undemocratic that my first question to any mainstream politician must can you support it?

If you vote UKIP your lives will change overnight. All the money being squandered by the EU will be at our disposal.  They will probably use the current expenditure on Foreign Aid to the benefit of the British people.

I am a member of UKIP so I want the end of quangos and I want their members in the dole queues. I want the British military out of all foreign conflict unless it threatens this country. I want the police back on the streets protecting the public and I want all the senior police officers who have emanated from Common Purpose sacked. 

I will go even further.  I want EVERY person who has embraced Common Purpose to be sacked from every government position and replaced by former servicemen.  Servicemen who have lost their jobs from government cuts!

I want patriotism to be rewarded instead of being denigrated.  I want a total review of all those currently involved in the justice system.  I want an end to the 'closed shop' for judges who belong to the 'masonry' or the 'gentlemen's clubs'.  We need judges who do not have a political agenda.

I want an end to people 'lobbying' for their own ends. Bribery leads to corruption and corruption leads to wars and the 'bankers' and the 'regime changers' have used this influence to control the world.  If we are not careful our government are leading us into a third World War because they are being paid to do it.

It is happening even as I type.  Ukraine is aflame. Syria has not been resolved. Putin is mobilizing his tanks and his fleet because he is alarmed at the actions of the CIA.  The CIA is owned by the bankers and they disrupt any government that does not reward the bankers.

It is time to replace them... but you must vote in droves, because they have already devised a system, piloted in the States which, ensures that democratic elections can be manipulated.  That is why the mainstream parties are already trying to get people to sign up for postal voting!

Monday, 24 February 2014

The Postal Vote!

This morning I received a communique from the Conservative Party encouraging me to sign up for a postal vote!  It included two applications to vote by post so that it would now appear that anyone can apply for a postal vote withour any proof of identity. 

There have already been many examples of electoral fraud involving postal voting but still the mainstream political parties embrace it.  Accompanying these applications was a message from David Cameron and a questionnaire entitled 'Standing Up for Britain'.

The overriding message was that the Conservative Party was protecting hardworking people and was going to negotiate with the EU for a fundamental change so that the EU works for Britain. How much this exercise has cost the Conservative party beggars belief as it also sent a prepaid envelope which I will take great delight in using.

They will not like my response!  They know that David Cameron CANNOT 'negotiate' for a change in the rules which govern our membership of the EU.  They have no intention of allowing the British people an IN/OUT referendum on our membership of the EU.  Any responsible and informed former Tory voter has long since defected to UKIP and more will follow.

This communique is an exercise in deception and my only regret is that too many people will be fooled by it.  I therefore reiterate that the only party that will take us out of Europe is UKIP.  The Tories have had four years to convince the electorate that they are genuine with regard to the EU.  They have failed!

We must change the one party state that exists in Westmonster!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Seeking the Truth!

I have always been curious.  I inherently believe that the British people have been persistently betrayed by a cartel of leading members of our society.  It has been going on for years but because they are supported by the very people that they have placed in power we are left to discover the truth for ourselves.

We will never learn it through the mainstream media.  They owe allegiance to their paymasters.  Most of our politicians have the same paymasters so we are left to search the Internet which is the final redoubt for freedom of speech and expression.

Every now and then I stumble upon an alternative opinion which sheds some light on my theory that Britains have been betrayed.  With this in mind I discovered a web site called 'TheTruthseeker' which covers many of the stories that interest me.

This site uses many authors but it was only when I read an article by an author called T Stokes that I really sat up.  This man Anthony Thomas Trevor-Stokes actually died last year aged 93 after leading a remarkable life.  It is my opinion that he was actually an old fashioned patriot and as such he emptied his head before he died.

Clearly he had suffered much in his life but he had to have a vivid imagination to fabricate most of his opinions.  If you look back on history with an uncluttered mind and deal in plain fact then I reckon this guy had an insight which explains many of our modern problems.

I would welcome comments on his opinions on Winston Churchill for example!  If T Stokes is correct and he seems to have remarkable sources then when do we begin to rewrite history and reeducate the public? 

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Syria Did Not Work...Let's Try Ukraine!

The problem with lurking in the murkier depths of the blogosphere is that patterns begin to emerge.  There are a lot of voices on the web all trying to reach the truth and the choices of who one believes remains paramount.

The cold war may be over but there is little doubt that President Putin is a major thorn in the flesh of the 'regime changers'.  He effectively vetoed the invasion of Iraq at the Security Council. Blair and Bush went ahead anyway thus seemingly turning themselves into 'war criminals'.  He then refused to sanction support for an invasion of Syria so clearly he is fighting a battle against the 'regime changers'.

Ukraine is a very large country.  The government had a choice of whether to ally themselves with the EU or with Russia and opted for closer ties with Russia.  Suddenly a riot mob emerges and begins a pitched battle with Ukrainian police.  

Now I can accept that a section of the public did not agree with their government but then the propaganda machine goes into action!  Suddenly the usual subjects, people like John Kerry and the corporate leader of the UK, David Cameron, wade into the action and suddenly the villain of the piece is Ukrainian PM Victor Yanukovych.  

I get the impression that the 'rebels' are being supported by 'regime changers' and already there are reports that Moldovans are being paid to join the rebels.  Just remember that historically almost every war has been the work of 'regime changers' with links to the banking industry.  I guess they are trying once again and this time they are on Russia's doorstep!

Monday, 17 February 2014

Police Betrayal!

If you have ever wondered how deep we have sunk then you must view this clip!  This is East Germany in action so for all you people who do not believe that the UK has plummeted to the depths of any third world country then here is the evidence!  

How can we trust our police when they protect such criminals in uniform? These people must know that they are immune to prosecution.  The people concerned must have known that he was being filmed but did not care.  He was filmed trumping up a charge against a member of the public knowingly lying through his teeth!

If you want this to continue then stop voting!  If you want this to be perpetuated then vote Con/Lab/Lib because you will be next.  It may not be you but it might be your family or your friends. Only one party can save this situation. Only one party will change the scenario of police bullying the public.  Please do not cease voting. Please vote against this deplorable situation. Please VOTE UKIP!


Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Lessons from Wythenshawe and Sale East

When we study the results of our most recent By-Election one thing becomes very clear.  The real winner was 'None-of-the Above' because 72% of the electorate stayed at home.  This is actually a shocking indictment on our politicians because the verdict on them is that they are not worthy of our time.

It also means that yet another Labour politician has joined the long list of people living off the public purse even though only about 15% of the electorate voted for him.  I have written about this before because how low does the turnout have to fall before the result is declared null and void.

The answer to that is, 'it won't happen' because most of our current politicians have no shame.  In particular low turnouts are advantageous to the main parties who can still rely on postal votes and activists to get some of the people to the polling stations.  The 'doubters', the people who could change all of this, still believe that, by not voting, they are registering a protest.

It is not working and it will never work.  To protest one has to vote against the system which is strangling and destroying the identity of this country.  It is the only peaceful weapon that the public has left.  We must sweep them from power which means electing sufficient 'independent' politicians to get us out of the EU and bring back power to the people.

If we cannot convince sufficient people by 2015 to vote AGAINST a corruption which is becoming endemic in politics then we will get what we deserve.  The apathetic and ignorant masses most of whom have been educated by the mainstream news media to accept a facade of so-called respectability cannot be bothered to seek the truth. 

They are by and large content to sit at home and believe the tissue of lies spewing from their television sets and from the pages of their newspapers.  It is only when tragedy strikes that the real aims of our political class will emerge.  Everyone accepts that the recent rains have been exceptional but the flooding has been assisted by government malevolence.  The folly of ceasing to dredge the rivers and clear the drains has come home to roost.  It was always more important to send cheques to African despots!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

The Day that the Public met the Politicians!

Recently the politicians could no longer ignore the people.  For day after day as the flood waters arose the politicians ignored their plight but then they were bearded every time they appeared in public.

They could hide no longer and their embarrassment was clear. Suddenly and it is 'suddenly' all manner of help emerged and the flooded streets were awash with help from the army, the police and the fire service.  Clearly the word had got out 'get off your arses and do your jobs'.  'Suddenly' there are no 'risk assessments'. no mention of 'Health and Safety' because the people have shamed them into action.

Did you notice how uncomfortable Ed Miliband appeared when he had to meet a member of the public!  He addressed her as 'Madam'! What 19th century convent has he attended?  He seemed unable to talk to people in a normal, unaffected manner and this is the 'man of the people'.  This is the leader of the 'Labour' party who claim to represent the 'working class'.

'Suddenly' our politicians are beginning to realise that this flooding (and I refuse to believe that it is not the work of HAARP).  Now if you don't know about HAARP and Chemtrails are then I suggest you begin to understand what is happening to you.  Google both terms because I do not have the space to explain.

If you cannot be bothered then your future and the future of your families will probably be at stake.  In the meantime please be reminded that some families in Somerset suffered for weeks before the floods reached the Thames Valley where influence and political funding is significant.

You must remember that they are shameless. They will promise you the earth and give you nothing. To underline this, let me repeat David Cameron's promise...'We are a rich country so we will do everything necessary'.  Suddenly we are a 'rich country' but we are only a 'rich country' when someone suggests that we cut the Foreign Aid budget.

By the by I know that weather is unpredictable, I know that it varies from year to year but....are we now seeing scenes from around the world which are exceptional.  The lack of support for the public for so many days was inexcusable.  I just hope that the people remember this deliberate lack of action when the elections come around.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Weather -Can This Be True?

I have often thought that the seasons have been changing so dramatically and the weather has become so unpredictable that just possibly it is all a little unnatural!  The recent spate of flooding really concentrates the mind as does the droughts in California, the heat wave in Alaska and the many earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunaamis which are happening with regular frequency.

Throughout history we have had irregular weather patterns which have caused disruption but I have never seen so many unusual weather events one after the other.  So when someone tackles this phenomena and produces some evidence that the weather is being manipulated then I sit up and take notice.

It takes a bit of wading through but it does go some way to explaining what is happening.  By the way this is not the only blog tackling this subject so possibly the story has some legs!  It is really quite scary but why have the mainstream media not broached the subject? I think we all know the answer to that!

Monday, 10 February 2014

Was All the Flooding Deliberate?

Yes I know that I can be termed a conspiracy theorist but come on...who decided that dredging the rivers should cease?  Who decided that adequate drainage should be abandoned?  How is this linked to EU directives?

Why has the crucial funding for flood defences meant that the normal measures that for years have defended the properties of the people close to our rivers suddenly disappeared.

I don't trust any government authority.  I always believe that in this day and age it is us, the people, against them, the government.  So when people are desperate enough to sell to anyone who will buy; what will stop the 'bandits' from buying up farms and homes and then ensuring that the normal defences against flooding are reinstated.

Just a thought!  

Sunday, 9 February 2014

What Has Happened to Common Sense?

We live in precarious times.  We are under attack from extreme weather which will always challenge our government.  If they are competent and well organised then clearly we will have no complaints. If however they have been incompetent and profligate then bad weather will be the first indicator.

So if you have invited, allowed or demanded that millions of foreign immigrants invade your country without a second thought about how you will cope with them then surely housing will be a priority? So what did they do?  They built on the flood plains, particularly in the very attractive south-west and now we have oodles of problems.

We also have a vital rail link to the south west which passes through Dawlish.  This link is so important that it had to be protected.  So who thought that such an important rail link would be destroyed by bloody weather? They are prepared to spend huge sums of money on a High Speed Railway but then fail to protect links that we depend on!

You would think that with thousands losing their homes and businesses that PM's Question Time would concentrate on solutions to the crisis but no they were more interested in the lack of women on the government's front bench.  Ths sight of them going apoplexic at this non event was distasteful to say the least.  Where is common sense when you need it?

We all know that this unusual weather is unpredictable but if a government is competent then we should fear nothing

Thursday, 6 February 2014

The Truth about Libya?

I have long thought that the world would be a much more peaceful place without people I have dubbed 'regime changers'.  There is little doubt in my mind that the Intelligence Services of the United States cause more problems than any other grouping.

Unfortunately we, as a country, have been linked into many of their nefarious projects by what is euphemistically termed a 'special relationship'.  That means that when they say 'jump' our politicians generally reply 'how high'.  Only a total cock up stopped us being forced into a war with Syria.

Now a business couple who were caught up in the Libyan war are telling their story.  I have never heard of them but every word that they recount rings true.  Of course if what they say is indeed true then surely David Cameron becomes our second PM to warrant the term 'war criminal'.  If you lie down with dogs you get fleas!

It is not the first time that I have written on this subject.  I had my suspicions two and a half years ago

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Are the Gloves Coming Off?

The By-Election at Wythenhurst and Sale East is hotting up.  This is normally a safe Labour seat and has been so in modern history but it would appear that UKIP are beginning to call a spade a shovel

Sooner or later, even the most intractable of the Labour supporting public has to realise that they are being taken for a ride by the multi-millionaires from Islington.  Once the deck of cards comes tumbling down then UKIP are waiting to fill the void.

The next year or so could be very interesting if UKIP can get enough people onto the streets to take the message to the public.  I will watch with interest at how low and dirty the BBC, the rest of the controlled media and the Westmonster politicians will stoop to in order to hold onto power.  It will be bare knuckle that is for sure.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Is UKIP the First People's Party since Keir Hardie?

In the early years of the twentieth century a guy called Keir Hardie founded  what is today the Labour Party.  It was a party founded to represent the people, the working class. against the tyranny of the aristocracy and the industrial bosses who ruled their businesses with a ruthless efficiency.

Since that day the working class have clung to the hope that the Labour Party and their own Trade Unions would represent their interests at parliamentary level.  They have been sadly disillusioned because since Tony Blair arrived, the Labour movement has been run by multi-millionaires most of whom have never done an honest day's work and would not recognise honest toil if they fell over it!

So having said that who exactly is representing the British worker? It cannot possibly be people like the Milibands, Ed Balls or Harriet Harman because they chill out in Islington which is a million miles from pits, steel works or muck and brass.  They are clueless when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of industry.

Since Keir Hardie nothing and nobody has emerged to challenge the authority of government.  Consequently we now have a one party state with all three major parties manipulating the system to contain any rebellion from the people.  We all know that the British people want a referendum on our membership of the EU but all three major parties refuse to allow it because they would lose which brings me to the point of the post.

When all three major parties are colluding to rule the country for the benefit of influential groupings like industrialists, bankers, Bilderbergers and the European Union then just who is representing us the people?

Step forward Nigel Farage and UKIP.  This is the first party to have made any inroads into the power game and the stranglehold that the puppet politicians have on British politics.  In the last few years UKIP has picked up votes from all across the political spectrum as the electorate turn against mainstream politicians.  UKIP could now be on the verge of a breakthrough which could eventually bring power back to Westmonster from Brussels and give 'the people' a voice once again.

The forthcoming European elections may be a marker which could measure the support for UKIP nationwide.  If they do as well as predicted then the 2015 elections could be the most significant for many a year because at last the people have a party that does not represent the interests of the lobby group.