Monday, 2 November 2009

Still no Good News!

As the country staggers blindly towards the proposed election next May (still 6 months to go) I still search for a modicum of good news without success. All we are fed is a diet of lies, deceit and dishonesty from over six hundred MPs who despite being exposed as cheats and liars try to hang on to the discredited expenses system as grimly as possible.

Very few are worth support next May but the system is so rigged that no doubt many of the same band of chancers will emerge yet again with wives and partners in tow to plunder the public purse all over again. It's even worse in the House of Lords! NoLab have stuffed it full of their cronies most of whom purchased their peerages when Blair was holding his hand out. So many of them have such little integrity that the Upper House is now rendered worthless (as was intended under the NoLab plan to ruin the country).

Our soldiers continue to be picked off one by one because Brown won't supply them with helicopters and now we are granted the Great Election Farce. Mohammed Karsai the west's pet poodle, rigged the first election so badly that the opposition candidate just packed up and went home. Undeterred the Afghans had a second election with only one candidate to elect their New President and predictably Gordon the Moron calls him Afghanistan's democratically elected President. Mind you how surpising is that? It is the kind of election Gordon would love to have (well that's how he got his job) so I can easily see him ignoring the idiocy in Afghanistan.The difference is that when Gordon got his position no soldiers got killed!

Elsewhere when we are bankrupt and drowning in national debt, when parents are reduced to lying in order to get their kids into a half decent school, when failing hospitals are still failing, when the young are drinking themselves to death what does Gordon come up with? He today addressed Parliament on bloody Climate Change!

I believe that this fixation on climate change is arrant nonsense. How can we affect climate change when countries like China and India have no intention in reducing carbon output? No it is the refuge of the scoundrel because nobody can change the climate.

We want parliamentarians addressing the problems on the streets. We want the police back. We should be disbanding the useless CPS. We should be building super prisons with little luxury and we should instruct judges to fill them. The sentences should carry no remission. We must retake the streets from the young thugs who dominate them at the moment. Of course all of this social breakdown is a major part of the NoLab plan to hand the country over to Europe. Soon no doubt we will have European super cops on our shores with a role to protect the Political Class from the people.

By the time that people realise that they have lost their sovereignty then it will be too late. To be honest it probably is already but we may just have one election left to fight back. I hope that we take it.

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