Sunday, 30 December 2012

In Mourning!

I have always retained a personal aspect to this blog because it is  also my link to families and friends.  Yes I know that I go on a bit but it is purely my way of telling people how evil our mainstream politicians and media have become.

However, on Saturday evening my 96 year old mother breathed her last.  I was regrettably 15 minutes too late but then I could not have made a difference.  It was her time to go. 

As usual our small but close knit family have rallied and supported one another. This is why I believe that the family unit is so important to our society. Nothing can replace a family unit which until the last few decades was the bedrock of our society. 

We hand down moral values from one generation to another. We preach loyalty, responsibility and love. We instill a code of behaviour. In my household nobody swears. Yes we allow the 'bloody' and the occasional 'shit' (if it slips out) but the rest of the vernacular is not practiced. I know that my lovely grandchildren learn the words at school but to teach sex education to 7 year olds is frankly treasonable.

My mother was fortunate. She past to another world without realising what her generation had lost. She was the last of her generation who courted in the 1930's and produced children in the 1940's. They survived the Second World War and most of their parents remembered the First World War.  The Rothschild bankers were alive and well in those days as well as today.

So farewell Mum, you lived through an amazing era. You kept the family together even though both my brother and my father passed away in the 1970's. You set the rules and the standards that I maintain today.  You did your job and I just hope that there is an after world which you can enjoy because you deserve a wonderful afterlife.

I promise you that what you taught me will be passed on. Unfortunately I am faced with an army of officialdom who will do their best to oppose my values. At this moment I cannot trust any politician or public official (Nigel Farage perhaps?) but my lovely family will rally together. I won't need to rally them because my mother left a legacy that everyone will attend. Farewell Mum you were the best! 

Thursday, 27 December 2012

The Reality of 'Modernisation'

If anyone still doubts the consequences of the politics of 'modernisation' then you only have to witness the hordes of non English faces at the front of the sales queues in London. The character of our capital city has been changed forever and the trend is irreversible.
Today much of the mainstream media are beginning to realise the damage that David Cameron has done to the old Conservative party. Many commentators talk about the 'detoxification' of the party which maintained national beliefs and traditions.  However it was only poison to those wishing to destroy those beliefs and traditions.

I still remember when David Cameron wanted your votes he made a great play on his belief in marriage and promised tax concessions for married couples.  He omitted to state that he meant 'gay marriage'!  Just a small matter but it would probably have lost him so many votes that clearly it was intentional. I am afraid that this is the measure of the PM.  He is a wonderful orator as was Tony Blair but both have the priceless ability to make a statement that is entirely misleading with a straight face.

It is very naughty. But when your job depends on your ability to deceive the public so that others can change the character of a nation then I have to admit that the farce being enacted in Westmonster is admirable in its duplicity.

So whenever the PM talks about the EU, Foxhunting, the freedom of the press, Immigration or in fact almost anything that the average Englishman might view as sacrosanct then try and look beyond the words and the gestures. He is not on our team.  He isn't even on the substitutes bench and I'm not the only person to believe it!

Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

Today we had a pre Christmas pub lunch with my family from Derby. This is what Christmas is all about for me because families make a real effort to join together. Actually there was no lunch we just shared time together (and a few drinks) before my sister in law, my niece and the impressive father of her daughter departed to visit my mother.

Regular followers of this blog know that I am family man who hates the Political Class because I regard most of them as traitors to their heritage. My mother is in her final days (I hope) because her quality of life is negligible. We can only hope that she is comfortable and that is why we all visit regularly.

My mother was the bedrock of the family but today she is unrecognisable. Even my beloved daughter was shocked at how different she has become.  It is time for the end.

So everyone Christmas is a poignant time of year. On one hand we celebrate the birth of a new member of the family and yet we may have the death of a much revered person who, in her time, has been a genuine mother and grandmother to us all.

Today, it is past midnight, the girls will delight us all by their reaction to their presents. They are always spoiled but we can do it. Nobody in my family goes into debt for Christmas (to my knowledge). I love the family atmosphere and the togetherness and I hope that my family in Derby keeps in touch. They are the family of my late brother who tragically died aged 38 many years ago.

Despite that may I take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Christmas and let's hope that next year we take the fight to the politicians again. Did you really expect me to wish you anything else? Celebrate our lives because they end too soon. Merry Christmas1

Thursday, 20 December 2012


The Andrew Mitchell saga is taking some very unusual twists.  It has already embroiled Number Ten as he was after all the Chief Whip who the PM was forced to sack. Now the Chief of the Met, Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe, is also getting embroiled as he has entered the fray by supporting the original statements of the police officers who were allegedly threatened by the former Chief Whip.

The whole affair is becoming so convoluted that it is difficult to know who to believe and who the public can trust?  Clearly a police officer has apparently committed a misdemeanour by claiming to be a member of the public and penning a false witness statement.  Why would he do that?

But then there was CCTV evidence that has subsequently emerged on news programmes showing quite clearly that there were no 'visibly shocked' members of the public witnessing the confrontation between Mitchell and the police at the gates of Downing Street.  So the original log written by the officers concerned, supported by the Met Commissioner, was also false.

Why has it taken so long for the CCTV evidence to emerge? Surely that would have been the first evidence to be scrutinised? Perhaps it was and the PM has known all along that the police statements were false. Have the politicians been playing a waiting game hoping to flush out members of the Met who were stitching up the politicians?

Whatever the facts something is amiss.  Apparently the Cabinet Secretary investigated the incident albeit, in hindsight, not very thoroughly. I have no sympathy for Andrew Mitchell because I remember his performance as International Development Minister and anyone who loses his temper so readily that he swears at the police has no right to high office but who is behind the campaign being waged by the MET?

Recent events seem to suggest that the top brass at the Met appear to be very 'accident prone' and the the Police Federation made huge capital out of the incident. So the issue appears not to be 'who is telling the truth' but more about 'is anyone telling the truth'.  It does not surprise me that so many organisations so expertly infiltrated by Common Purpose are now in disarray. It is nothing short of shocking!

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A Revolution in Europe?

There are reports that groups in Spain are plotting a coup against the EU.  There are riots in Greece and I personally saw the graffiti in Athens.  We 'Brits' tend to let bygones be bygones and we tolerate the fuel poverty and the food banks because we have become a cowed nation.

Today England is East Germany because everybody fears the government. The letters in the post from the tax man, from the local council and from any government body have adopted a threatening vocabulary.  My mother's local care home recently threatened me because I had not paid one paltry bill which I had not received. When I rang the lady concerned and complained about the tone she agreed but pleaded that the letters were just standard procedure. Why can't standard procedure be 'nice'? Why does she not insist that it is nice?  

Everyone is scared! Everyone is threatened by authority! Everybody realises that if they challenge authority then they face lengthy and costly legal cases which the council/government/authority can afford because if they lose it costs them nothing personally. If you win it is not their money it is your own money. If you win then you just win your own money back because government errors are never culpable.  In government circles they never get surcharged if they make a mistake. That is a recipe for disaster or autocracy or both.

So clearly we now have a situation where we have a Political/Government Class that can do anything that they want and are backed by legal representatives at no costs to themselves.  On the other hand we have the public who have grievances but who can never afford to prosecute!

Are you getting the picture?

In some places in Europe they have got the picture. How long before the 'English' also get the picture? The 'British' have already got the picture but they understand power. We English have always had power but we are about to realise how difficulty life can be without it! You heard it here first! 

Monday, 17 December 2012

Where are our Politicians leading us?

There is a rump of the Conservative Party who are trying to reign in their party leader, David Cameron, who seems determined to destroy so many of the basic beliefs upon which this country was founded. 

I watched him this afternoon skilfully dismissing challenge after challenge from his backbenchers on the issue of the European Union.  He is an astute parliamentarian.  He knows the rules and he manipulates them. Consequently he dodges all the difficult questions by astute replies which deflect from the original question.

It leaves me and many of his own politicians with a sense of frustration. I have said many times that this country is under attack from our own politicians who are in thrall of billionaires who have sponsored them into Westmonster. 

In the meantime the Tories are losing credibility and membership but actually does David Cameron care?  He is in the 'modernisation' club so he cannot lose.  If he loses the next election then the baton is passed to Ed Miliband who continues with 'modernisation'.  They continue to promote 'modernisation' policies when the economy is actually in meltdown.

We have thousands in 'fuel' poverty and yet we give away our tax revenues to Africa. In this twenty first century under the auspicious of that paragon of trade virtue, the European Union, we have food banks in England.  I ask banks in England!!

Have you ever heard one politician in Westmonster question why, in this country, do our people require 'food banks'?  It is a devastating indictment on the Political Class. Red Ed has never stood up at PM's Question Time and raised the plight of the 'working class' who require food banks to survive.

It does not concern him because most of the people who need food banks to survive do not vote. They are the poor, white, underclass  and therefore do not have any sort of representation. The days of Keir Hardie have long gone as the millionaire front bench of the Labour party dismiss the concerns of the underclass.

So now we have fuel poverty and food banks?  What else will they heap on the poor in order to pay homage to the bankers and the EU? They are despicable! When will we find a true leader?

Friday, 14 December 2012

Norovirus on the Oriana

Tonight on the news I listened to a Director of P&O blaming passengers for the outbreak of the norovirus on their cruise ship Oriana.  It has been well documented in the mainstream media but I think that we are not being told the whole truth.

My wife and I had a wonderful cruise on the Oriana which began on 17 October and ended on 16 November.  On the third day out we learned that norovirus was on board and that people were being taken ill. I got the impression from the staff that it was not the first time.

Immediately the crew swung into action and the passengers all cooperated and although we lost some luxury items like salt cellars and other condiments the captain kept people in touch and they contained it. They put into operation an extensive cleaning plan.

Two days before the cruise ended everything went back to normal but we were surprised that they had not continued their 'austerity' programme until the end of the cruise.  P&O turn their ships immediately around.  As we got off they were preparing for their next cruise that day. There is no time for extra maintenance.

Therefore to maintain that the new passengers had brought that virus onto the ship only 10 days ago is rather disingenuous.  Clearly the ship has a problem as this norovirus has returned yet again.  Would it not be more realistic to look closely at the crew.
They are very professional but they are a league of nations from many different communities. They are also the only constant factor of this repeat outbreak.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Northern Ireland

Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane
Pat Finucane
I see that David Cameron stood up today in 'Westmonster' and apologised for the farce which followed the murder of the solicitor Pat Finucane.  An enquiry led by Desmond Lorenz de Silva has long since been described as a 'disgrace' and many more adjectives.

I am always concerned when a politician calls for an 'independent enquiry' because I suspect that someone from the legal profession will be hand picked to ensure that nobody who belongs to the Political Class will be indicted. 

I served in Northern Ireland both in the seventies and the eighties and it always amazed me how close we were to the protestant community even though we should have been neutral. I personally witnessed a British Staff Sergeant almost attacked because he 'forgot' to stand up for the National Anthem at the end of a social evening in the Sergeant's Mess of the local UDA!

It was an unreal situation but there was little doubt in my mind that we, the British Army, sided with the protestant community even though we always knew they could cut up rough if we did not adhere to the official policy.  Don't get me wrong I liked them but I was working undercover and they were not the target.  I always thought that they were capable of a violence that would probably exceed that of the IRA...which says it all!

So can we trust 'independent inquiries'? In my opinion none of the Political Class and that includes politicians, the judiciary and the police will ever be 'independent'. They all have agendas and so we cannot trust them.  The inquiry into the death of Pat Finucane proves just that!  

The millions spent on the Leveson Inquiry also proves it. He has jogged off to Australia leaving behind him an unsolved mess. The only winners are always the lawyers.  It is time that this ceased.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Someone Like Me!

One of the great joys of blogging is discovering that you are not alone!  Like most of us I read the mainstream media and I listen to the BBC (my wife disappears into another room at the mere sight of Andrew Marr!) because his presence is almost akin to self harm.

It is my contention that we are fed a diet of unadulterated claptrap. Our society is under a huge threat from 'modernisation'. Every one of our mainstream politicians have signed up to a policy to change the traditional British society. Yes I know that there is a rather large rump of the Conservative Party who keep making a nuisance of themselves but they are not serious enough to defect to UKIP.

So when I discover a like minded individual who is actually clever enough to pen for a national newspaper and does not mince words then I rejoice.  Step forward James Delingpole in the Daily Telegraph because he writes it as it is.  He has the ability to translate my thoughts into words.

James Delingpole is clearly identified by the barmy socialists as a 'fascist', if my comments mattered I would be similarly labelled.  It is meant to be an insult but personally I would replace it with the word 'patriot'. 

I particularly like his link to '' near to the end of the article because he has exposed an example of why this country is in such a mess.  I had never even heard of Bogpaper's hero George Monbiot, late of Burnley Polytechnic, but 'Bogpaper' probably doesn't realise that the modern Bedouin camp is a tourist attraction.  The Jordanians are selling holidays in them! 

The non de plume was apt! This 'fascist' has 25 years military service on his CV and I do wonder what 'Bogpaper' has on his CV. Well we do know one item on it don't we?

Saturday, 8 December 2012

We Could All be 'Fracking' Rich!

This morning former Chancellor Nigel Lawson has penned an article in the Daily Mail which promises us all a very bright future owing to massive layers of shale which contain a huge amount of natural gas and oil  According to Lawson the breakthrough of technology which now allows us to extract this fossil fuel could change the balance of power in the world today.

This feat has already massively reduced the price of gas in the States and China is planning a huge operation to extract their share of the new find.  What a difference this could make to our economy and you would think that with the absence of good news in recent years it would be welcomed.

You would be wrong.  Step forward the Minister for Energy Lib Dem Ed Davey who claims that it won't cheapen the price of gas, it won't happen tomorrow and it is too early to predict the amounts involved.  After all we can't let the people be happy about anything can we?

Contrast the optimism of Nigel Lawson with the attitude of an environmentalist from the Guardian called Damian Carrington.  Already the battle lines are being drawn but my thoughts are that if this technology has been successful in the States and is being explored by the Chinese we cannot ignore it.

Yes it might upset the europhiles and the environmentalists but the benefits far outweigh their concerns.  We must just ensure that this time the public enjoy the fruits of this lucky find and the profits do not all end up in the pockets of shady shareholders and even shadier politicians.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Care for the Elderly

I am currently watching the Politics Show and Ann Clwyd MP is reciting the story concerning the death of her husband.  It is a tragic episode and a scandal which taints the NHS. Firstly I have to respect the views of Grumpy RN and other medical professionals who inhabit the blogosphere but we cannot ignore the torrent of complaints that are in the main justified.

I have seen with my own eyes nurses only doing the very minimum which often includes dispensing medication and routine checks on blood pressure and heart rate.  After that they do not go near the patients and care involves mental as well as physical care.

Communication is minimal.  They don't even inform the nearest relative if they if the relative moves wards or even hospitals!  I find it difficult to get someone to give me a progress report. Something must change.  It may be staffing levels and it may be time but it is also attitude.  I do wonder if the number of nurses obtaining degrees affects attitude.  Is it now beneath them to attend to the needs of the patient. Whatever it is something has changed the attitude of nursing staff, not all of them of course but...far too many!

Perhaps a leaving proforma would be the answer but only if it is not ignored.  If the family or the patient is concerned about their experience whilst in hospital then we should be able to name and shame.  It would also highlight the nursing staff who are doing a good job which is just as important.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Stripping the Public of Wealth!

Watching George Osborne yesterday and later Ed Balls I was minded what a huge game our politicians are playing out on behalf of the masters that they serve.  They appear to be absolutely determined to strip the public of wealth.

We had thirteen years of 'New Labour' during which time they involved us in two long term wars, sold off our gold reserves and borrowed so much from the Rothschild Central Banks that, by the time they left office, the country was broke!  That is to say not quite because the markets still have confidence in our bonds!  No wonder because when you can tap the public at every opportunity you will never run short of funds.

The Coalition have followed on from 'New Labour' and have continued to rob the indigenous population of their wealth.  We still have mass immigration and no hint of a policy to restrict it.  Don't believe the propaganda because the EU are determined that we become the dumping ground for the dregs of their domain.

People have descended on this island from probably every country in the world.  They have entered legally and illegally and yet the UK Border Force or the Home Office seems to be incapable of  accounting for them.  This has put an enormous strain on Education, Housing, the NHS and the Prison Service. The worst of it all is that so many can almost instantly claim benefits. Who decided this? Who voted for it?

I don't need to mention our contribution to the EU or our Foreign Aid commitment because the first thing Davis Cameron mentioned on taking office was his ring fencing of 'Foreign Aid' just before he reneged on his promise of a referendum on the EU. Did he tell us that before he 'shared' the election.  I did not vote for Nick Clegg and I would rather slit my throat than support him.   

So now our 'Planning Minister', Nick Boles (remember him), wants to build on Green Space despite the fact that there are 'Houses to Let' in every city in the land. What planet is he on?  I'm afraid he is on planet 'Bilderberger' but most of us Brits still believe in independence and democracy.  We are still free thinkers but not for so much longer if our politicians have their way.

In the meantime my car tax has now reached £250 per annum and the price of my whisky has gone into orbit. Every utility imaginable has been increased as have fuel prices, train tickets and Council Tax.  The politicians are stripping us of wealth at every conceivable opportunity. 

I planned my old age many years ago. I should have just gone on the dole. Every year I am being slaughtered by tax because the tax authorities ignore Starbucks, Google and Amazon but jump on me at every opportunity!  We are systematically being stripped of our wealth and it is being distributed to the new incomers.  We are likely to be stripped of our countryside for the benefit of the new incomers. 

I don't know anyone who voted for mass immigration.  I don't know anyone who voted for anything other than a trading market in Europe.  I don't know anyone who votes for increases in taxation. I don't know why we have over 600 MPs when most decisions that affect the country are made by unelected commissioners in Brussels.  I do know that the Political Class is destroying the Paying Class!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Care for the Elderly (Continued)

So my poor mother who is 96 years of age broke her hip and had to have an operation!  You remember the plot?  She is now in the care of the NHS.  Lucky Mum!  She was operated on yesterday after 30 hours of pain from a broken hip.

I got a call from Leicester Royal at 10.40pm asking ME for the number of her care home because she did not have a fracture and they were sending her home!  Consequently I went down to her home on Saturday morning to be told that she had not arrived!  Leicester Royal (bless 'em) were keeping her in because at 11pm Friday evening (she arrived at 8am Friday morning) they discovered at the second attempt that she actually did have a fracture!

Of course nobody thought we might be interested.  In the end the Care home rang me and eventually there was a follow up call from the Royal. By now it is well into Saturday.

We live in Loughborough so there was no point in visiting Mum in Leicester after she had been operated on late on Saturday afternoon.  We arrived today armed with evidence that I was her Power of Attorney which had been requested.  I handed it over to the charge nurse to be photocopied.

We then discovered my mother lying in a lot of discomfort (she is 96) and she cannot swallow pain relief tablets. We suggested liquid pain relief but we were informed that there was no liquid pain relief on the ward and it had to be requested!!! I repeat this lady is 96!!! Eventually we suggested soluble pain relief and eventually ... and I mean 30 minutes ... somebody decided that they would put themselves out to help her!

In the meantime the document proving that I was her Power of Attorney had been given to the charge nurse to be photocopied. Oops the photocopier was not working and so they set off to find a photocopier that was working. It was Sunday so they tried office and office to find a photocopier that was available. This is one sheet of paper folks! You cannot believe that this took almost an hour!

I have yet to comment that when we arrived my mother was lying in bed with no false teeth. Now what does it take to ask an old lady if she wanted her teeth back in?  Did none of them realise that this little bit of dignity was important?  To be honest this was the straw that made me realise that the NHS has forgotten how to care. They actually don't care!

They have been taught not to care.  They ignore all the important aspects of care.  Don't get me wrong because they are all pleasant and they are all courteous but they don't actually care. They don't know how to care because they spend most of their days either in front of a computer or on the end of a phone. Please don't ask them to go and talk to a patient because that is beyond their remit! No it is not because at a designated point they deliver drugs!

They have a delivery system when a senior nurse actually comes around and you your pills.  The other point of contact is when a consultant, first thing in the morning, comes around with his entourage and that is your only chance to actually talk to a human being.

It was bad when I was seriously ill but I that was 12 years ago. My mother has me and my wife to cater for her.  We ask questions and try to ensure that she is looked after.  In the next room to my mother today was an old lady who clearly had nobody.  She was deranged and was  continually asking for some kind of assurance.  It was pathetic but nobody considered that she needed any kind of consideration!

Care is clearly a dirty word in today's society!  

Why will they not follow public opinion?

Today we had the same old, same old, Andrew Marr Show when a long list of socialist sympathisers were, once again, paraded to air their prejudices when clearly people are bored with the whole issue.  In amongst them, a lamb to the slaughter, was a Tory Chancellor of the Exchequer, but not before Marr had his usual spat with Ed Balls.  It is all so contrived that frankly it is a waste of air space.

Then on came George Osborne spouting the same old claptrap. Amazingly the austerity plan that he has personally authorised may have to last longer than he anticipated!  Big deal! Big surprise! The billions they pour down the drain on their EU supporting policies cannot be undone but...wait for it...we can tax more people more often!

When will this bunch of EU supporting Politicians listen to to what the public want?  Clearly it will not happen and so the electorate will once again give up on them.  That is what they want!  They want you not to vote. They thrive on their 15% vote because they know that they can get their core supporters out to keep them in power. These are the very people who are government employees and profit from the non vote.

I will continue to campaign because you should not spoil your ballot, you should not refuse to vote because this is what they want. You should vote against Con/Lab/Lib. They are all against the public. I do not exonerate the Right Wing Tories because if they were honest they would defect from a party that they can no longer support. 

People like Bill Cash clearly does not agree with his leadership but he cannot divorce himself from the gravy train! Neither can David Davis both are dishonest men.

Until some of them find a conscience then we are stuck with a corrupt system.  What we need is a major defection to UKIP from the Cameron led Tories and until we get it things will remain the same and the so called 'eurosceptics' will continue to enjoy their subsidised lifestyle without any conviction.