Wednesday, 2 December 2009


So yet more troops poured into this country which history shows cannot be defeated by force. They love it! Their warlords have been rejecting foreign invasion for centuries and yet our beloved leaders still believe that more soldiers are the answer!

How can more soldiers be the answer? We cannot impose our democracy on people who do not understand it. We can pour double the number and it still will not succeed. It is a useless and unnecessary waste of life. Our so called European allies already recognise it as they refuse to match the same number of deaths that we have to endure.

Our lads are being slaughtered in Afghanistan for reasons other than those that our informed and respected government will admit to. It should cease now. Our government has rowed in with the American government when it is quite apparent that they cannot win an ideological war. The problem is that that the Americans always believe that might is right. It won't work this time. It didn't work in Vietnam and it will not work in Afghansitan.

To defeat the Muslim surge we must copy Switzerland. We must then target every single Muslim in OUR country. When they PROVE themselves to be loyal, integrated and grateful members of our society then they can remain. The Luton boys must instantly be kicked out! It is that simple.

This is a war (that is what they believe) and we should not be taking prisoners!! We must get real and stop appeasing the Muslim faith. It threatens our very existence.

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gemini098 said...

I tend to agree with you up to a point. I think singling out muslims for special treatment, as you suggest, is not the answer however. Why not lighten up and take a look at my blog for a laugh, www.satiricalmugs.blogspot.