Monday, 28 June 2010


This is the height of summer in the UK and for me and my friends it means lawn bowls. Bowls for people like me and my friends is ideal because it is social and gently physical. We can all bowl as long as we are fortunate enough to have a level of fitness and it is competitive. For example we have a number of people bowling who are recovering from heart attacks and some of them are really good.

It is also quite political. Most of us old codgers have a degree of experience to bring to the table particularly where meetings, speeches and protocol are concerned. For example in my particular club we have a selection committee who are more concerned about their own personal position than the club. They continually look after themselves and their mates rather than the development of the club. It is a real shame because the Captain is actually doing a good job. He doesn't appear to be able to curb the natural instincts of the other two members of the selection committee.

You will gather by now that I am using this blog to put forward a point of view because it is my blog and I am the sole arbiter. That is the beauty of a blog. Whilst I am at it ...we could do with some measure of control at our meetings! The President is in charge of the meeting not the Secretary!

And by the way the secretary is the best that we have had for many, many years!! Local issues are now over folks.

Andy Murray

Here we go again! I first blogged about Andy on 03 Sept 2008. Since then I confess to genuine doubts about his temperament but never his ability. The Scots always have problems with temperament...I should know I am the son of Scots parents but he is doing so well this year.

Andy has the chance to be a super super star almost cosmic if he wins Wimbledon. I cannot believe the pressure he will be under as he comes closer to the Holy Grail. Dare we dare to dream?

The Labour Leadershiship Contest...

Having seen Ed Miliband twice in two days starring on BBC TV blethering about 'fairness' and refusing to answer straight forward questions I return rather reluctantly to the Labour leadership contest. I say reluctantly because none of the candidates have ever apologised to the British public for allowing their former leader Gordon Brown to ruin the British economy.

Neither have they apologised for the rampant immigration which they allowed to happen, or the politicisation of the police and the civil service. They have never apologised for the Iraq War, the raids on the national pensions fund, the sale of gold reserves at rock bottom prices and the broken promise of a referendum on membership of the European Union.

They have never apologised for negligence where the banking system was concerned, the shocking state of the NHS hospitals where super bugs were allowed to multiply whilst those in charge grew rich on their negligence. They never apologised for the scandalous give away of exam grades and the wasted university places which leave students with mountainous debt Need I go on and on and on?

Sorry folks they should not be standing for a leadership contest, most of them should be in jail!!

Sunday, 27 June 2010

The World Cup in South Africa

Well I did give him some advice but Fabio Capello ignored me and now we are out of the World Cup. Do you know I don't mind losing, if you play or follow sport there always has to be losers, but it was the manner of how we lost that disappointed me. I don't know what was or is wrong with this squad but mentally they weere unprepared for this very important game.

Organisation in football particularly in defence is elementary. All the international teams today have their defence organised and that is why goals are so difficult to come by in modern international football. Sometimes this afternoon I could not believe the naivety of Terry and Upson. They were hopeless and the Germans had chances for many more goals. Even after he scored I thought that Fabio should replace Upson with Ledley King. We needed someone who could come on and sort out the shambles.

When we needed a goal he selected Heskey and Crouch never got a look in despite his impressive goal per game ratio. I just do not understand how a renowned coach could get it all wrong when he needed to get it all right. I take no joy in predicting that if Capello did not sacrifice one or two of his sacred cows then we would go out. I don't know if there is anything physically wrong with Rooney but the player we all know never arrived in South Africa and should have been subbed.

I suspect that we are yet again back to square one and that players once dubbed the 'golden generation' will never be allowed to forget this abject performance. As for Capello I must say enough is enough. We MUST have an Englishman in charge and he must have a proven track record. I would still give 'Arri' Redknapp the job but would he want it?

Saturday, 26 June 2010

The World Cup in South Africa

Well tomorrow will tell the tale! Once again we are against our traditional rivals the 'Jermaaans' who we all know bombed our chip shops! The press seem to focus on the bad aspects of this rivalry but there are very many positive aspects to this game tomorrow.

We are playing European rivals and we know how they play. The German team are generally young and at this level they are inexperienced where all of our lads can play at this level. That does not make them easy. German teams are never easy but what amazes me is that the German press think that we will be easy. I hope that Fabio will have the translations of the German press festooned around the dressing room.

I believe that we will win. I have to believe that. Failure at this level is not an option. Tomorrow will be another nail biting 90 minutes and let us hope that Andy Murray has set the precedent... because he is on a mission.

Derby County

I must admit since Gorgon went missing and his trolls thankfully disappeared off our screens life has been pleasanter. However it has made blogging on political issues more difficult. I personally think that we have to give the coalition time and I do like how they have begun to dismantle the New Labour Project even though some of it cannot begin soon enough.

So...let me talk about my favourite subject...Derby County. We fans begin yet another season full of hope. Even the television people seen to think that we may be interesting this year because we have two live matches in August. I believe that the Rams have one of the strongest squads in the Championship when they are all fit. Last year the injury list became a nightmare but this year key players have volunteered for extra training so that they will be fit for the start of the season.

Players like Kris Commons, Steve Davies and Dean Leacock are already training. Our mainstay centre back Sean Barker and Scottish international Stephen Pearson have had summer operations so... manager Nigel Clough is starting with almost a full squad and cover in every position. this is a really strong squad when they are all fit but Kris Commons is crucial. He is the player who makes them tick, Commons has that bit extra at Championship level as he proved when we beat Man Utd last year in the Carling Cup first leg. This year however if he limps off then we have a young Polish lad called Cwvka who plays a bit.

Once again Nigel, like his dad, has raided the lower leagues for talent. It is always a risk but I like the ambition of youth. Just remember currently Derby are 25-1 to win the championship. My fiver will be going to Mark Jarvis ... but will he keep it?

Thursday, 24 June 2010

The mood swing in the country....

It is quite amazing how the mood swing in the country has altered since the General Election. Since Jonah McDoom (as he is mischievously referred to on some blogs) was forced to call an election everything appears to have changed.

The England football team is in the last sixteen in the World Cup. The cricket team have won the World 20/20 and have just beaten the Aussies at the one day game. The England rugby team have also beated the Aussies in Australia. Our athletes finished second behind Russia in the European team cup recording a number of notable victories in the process and lawdy, lawdy Andy Murray is beginning to look like his old self again at Wimbledon.

All the bad luck brought upon by good luck telegrams, personal support and visits to Number Ten where Jonah could reflect the glory achieved by everyone else bar himself seems to have evaporated.

We appear to be re-emerging as a nation that has thrown off the yoke of the Blair/Brown/Mandelsson/Campbell years. In the meantime where is Jonah himself? The leading blogger Guido Fawkes has been campaigning by alerting everyone that Gorgon Brown signed on at Westminster for the money and has not been seen since. He was reelected by the people of Kirkcaldy and since then he has effectively disenfranchised his electorate. OK I know it serves them right but this is the man who has been banging on about 'fairness for all' for how many years?

He is and always has been a charlatan. Everything that I have blogged about him in the past two years has been proven. He will be consigned to history as the worst Prime Minister ever and if the rumours of mental health problems are ever substantiated then it only serves us right.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


We have now lost over 300 servicemen in this war which history has always indicated is an unwinnable war. We cannot impose western will on a tribal society. They do not want us and we will be there for another decade and they will still oppose us because life in this Muslim society is cheap and we hold the death of every soldier very dear.

Now President Barack Obama has sacked his army commander for political reasons. This soldier had the temerity to criticise his political masters. He was the architect of the current strategy against the Taliban but hell if he upsets the politicians then what the hell...he has to go! Can you imagine the propaganda coup that this decision has been greeted with by those who are picking our boys off one by one.

I have never bought into this argument that if we desert Afghanistan it threatens our borders. We are an island for heaven's sake. We have a natural defence. If our politicians had the nouse, the will and the determination to secure our borders then any threat from a Muslim society would be negated.

The figures for our losses always fail to include the seriously wounded, the mentally affected and those who will never recover from this desperate war. The youngsters today do not have the social background that our soldiers in previous decades could fall back on. They have been magnificent but enough is enough. It is really time to that the politicians got their acts together and found an exit strategy.

The problem is similar to that faced in Vietnam. When we retreat we will look very weak indeed. If we do not exit in order; then eventually we will be driven out. I do not want to see our service people subjected to a whipping that they do not deserve. Our boys have behaved impeccably. I was a professional soldier and with the exception of Northern Ireland my generation never had to face what these guys have had to face.

I suspect that the Americans are being flakey. Our European 'partners' have never wanted this war and do not provide any kind of adequate support. We must really reappraise our role in this war. Three hundred dead has become too many.

The World Cup in South Africa

Wow! Such relief and on we go. This was the result that we needed even though we had a few wobbles and although it was better it was not a World Cup winning performance. However, to be fair we are now out of the group and we are going to be very hard to beat. From now on it is cup football and our boys know all about that.

James Milner showed what he can do and for me was the man of the match. At last a winger who can beat a man and cross the ball. He could, now he has got into the game, prove to be a match winner in the later rounds. I must admit I was astonished to see Defoe selected ahead of Crouch but nobody can argue against the guy who scores the only goal.

The defence continues to be strong and reliable with John Terry outstanding and the two full backs very difficult to beat and always in the game. One game at a time lads...steady boys steady!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Budget

George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, is barely into the meat of his Budget Statement and already I detect a steely resolve to reverse the trend of thirteen years of havoc and waste. Some people in the coalition government have really done their homework and I can foresee a real change in the demographics of the country.

He appears to be going out of his way to be fair to the lower paid but has little sympathy for the workshy. At long last we are getting policies aimed at assisting business. At long last we have policies not crafted by political expediency. In fact at long last we are getting policies! At long last I see a future for my grandchildren and I feel like I have just escaped from a very long prison sentence.

My goodness he has actually looked after the pensioners. After thirteen years of pensioners living in abject poverty he has relinked pensions with earnings. No wonder the rows of NoLab MPs are looking grimfaced. Their approach to the poorest in our society is making them shamefaced and so they should be.

Harriet Harman is now doing the impossible. She is trying to attack the government from a position which is untenable. She is sounding and looking ridiculous simply because she was a main player in the previous discredited administration which left us with so much national debt.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

The World Cup in South Africa

It's Father's Day, so before I depart to be 'entertained' by my grandchildren I will endeavour to drop a bit of advice into Fabio's ear. DROP FRANK LAMPARD!! Leave the back four alone Upson or Dawson can still do a job! Gareth Barry is essential as he showed against Algeria. In front of him the problem starts because Rooney is lost. It is quite clear that he is uncomfortable with his position.

So bring in Peter Crouch and pair him with Heskey. That pair would terrify most defences in the air and Crouch is no mean player on the ground either. Move Rooney back where he can do the most damage behind the front two and put Joe Cole and Stevie Gerrard on either eide of him (it doesn't matter whether those two play right of left)!

Now we have four world class players bossing midfield and I would defy anyone to defeat them. Forget the obsession with pace and play people who can pass and cross a ball. Get Rooney involved and then he might show the passion which Carlos Tevez shows in every game

There you go Fabio and it was all for free! Just go out and win the World CUP!!

The Public Finances

As we wait in trepidation for Tuesday's budget I just hope that the Chancellor concentrates on those who have hugely profited from what I term unfair wealth. When job cuts arrive I hope that they focus on those who have milked the system. It would be very unfair to sack people at the lower end of the scale, those people who desperately need their jobs in the public sector.

In my experience the wastage was always further up the line, the very people who benefitted from the bonus culture which disgraces the public sector. I don't know who or when it was introduced but it was never right that public service workers could earn huge bonusses. If you want to earn a large bonus then you should take the risk of the private sector.

I also hope that he tackles the banking system which of course nearly brought the country to its knees. I didn't vote for my money to be used to prop up banks who had behaved disgracefully. I can understand why it had to be done but then to hear that these same bankers who were bailed out by us the taxpayer immediately returned to their millionaire bonus culture made my blood boil. I just hope that George Osbourne finds a way to ensure that their profits now help the country in our time of need instead of just rewarding greedy bankers who are lucky to still have a bank!

Friday, 18 June 2010

The World Cup in South Africa

Can anyone quite believe what is going on? Fabio Capello who we all thought had at long last put together a half decent team is acting like a demented fool on the touchline and his team is reacting to it. He seems to have real blind spots and unless he gets back to reality then we will be home before the competition begins in earnest.

It is quite clear that some of our stalwarts are underperforming. The two principle candidates are Wayne Rooney and Frank Lampard. Rooney appears to be lost. He cannot beat a man, cannot control the ball and his current lack of energy actually threatens the team. Lampard is also so far off the pace that he is rarely seen in promising positions.

Surely Capello can see this? Why can he not recognise that players he has previously seen as essential to his quest are not performing? What has he got against Joe Cole and Peter Crouch? I would like to see Crouch and Heskey just once as a dual strike force but it never happens. Rooney should be playing behind the strike force. Why does Capello persist in speedy wingers with no end product. Most English supporters agree that Crouch and Joe Cole should be first choice players and yet they are consistently ignored.

If we are to save our faces and actually threaten a team like Slovenia (can I believe that I am writing this?) then Capello has got to have the courage to sacrifice a couple of sacred cows. He must change his system of at least find a system. I feel sorry for people like Glen Johnson, John Terry, Ashley Cole and Gareth Barry because they are stepping up to the mark. To be honest Emile Heskey is also really trying but he is all physical and we need some skill up front.

Get it sorted Fabio or some of us will be proven correct when we believed that veteran English managers like Roy Hodgson or 'Arry' would have been better options. I have my fingers tightly crossed.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

The Economy yet again!

We are now discovering the full extent of New Labour profligacy. They were intending to continue to spend money which they did not have until the whole country collapsed in a mountain of debt. They had millions of pounds worth of projects lined up in their own heartlands to buy votes but in effect they knew that they would lose the election so they were attempting to drown the country in debt so that no other party could govern.

We have elected an alternative government just in time. If we had continued with a Brown/Darling/Harman/Milliband/Balls axis then the country would have been frankly bankrupt. They were clueless but they also know how to con the public...already they are attacking the coalition not to increase unemployment knowing full well that their policies would have destroyed the country. Unemployment for some in the bloated public sector is inevitable.

I still believe that the frontline NoLab politicians should be hauled in front of a court of law and made to explain why they, for thirteen years, ruined our economy. Let's be honest Gordon Brown inherited a good financial position and set out to ruin us. His marxist policies intentionally destroyed the financial position of the country. He spent money that he knew he didn't have until such time that he had to print money to keep up with his spending.

This is Britain for heaven's sake! Our population is taxed to the hilt! We are a very rich economy...only a total madman could bankrupt us. It is frankly almost impossible to ruin our economy unless you wanted to do it. I have blogged relentlessly on this because I believe that there is an agenda adopted by NoLab which we, the citizens of the UK, could/would never believe.

We will never accept or believe that a government elected by us could ever set out to destroy our economy. In my opinion this NoLab government tried to drive us into
the ground. They deliberately set out to destroy the economy and their last minute spending plans which they knew that they could not afford proves it.

I believe that the Coalition is our 'Get of our Jail' free card. Hopefully the people who still vote Labour because their Dad did will eventually grow up!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The Labour Leadership Contest...

They are all debating tonight but can we hear one radical proposal? Can we hear anything that would benefit the working class? Every person on the NoLab platform has no idea what it is like to be working class. They have no idea how their policies of the past thirteen years have affected the very people who they claim to represent.

As I write that absolute prat David Milliband is talking bollocks. Now his brother is also talking bollocks! I am sorry but they were all responsible for the horrendous
state of the economy.

This whole charade is a nonsense! They are all so nakedly ambitious that it is almost obscene. Not one of them is talking about real people. Not one of them is even thinking about people on the lowest rung of the ladder. Not a word about care for the elderly about pensions or about welfare.

Make no mistake the horrendous future for those of us who are getting older is not nice. I meet with my mates and we all fear old age. We have paid into the system all of our lives and yet ... only Andy Burnham has addressed this problem.

Why is it that people who have paid into the system are now left vulnerable? Why are local councils routinely closing down care homes? Why are those honest citizens who have never cheated anyone, who have always paid their dues but who now find themselves alone, unsupported and ignored have to fend for themselves in their old age alone and defenceless.

It is a disgrace and typical of New Labour (particularly the Millipedes and Balls) that they are more interested in themselves than their supporters. I must confess how anyone can support this bunch of narcisists is beyond me.

The Saville Report

Has there ever been a greater waste of money? This event happened in 1971 and now nearly forty years later pensioners face the prospect of convictions. This is spite and a vindictive revenge by former catholic politicians who see a chance to claim compensation and justify their vile acts.

So let me try to redress the balance just a little. Who will be punished for the torture and death of Captain Nairac in South Armagh? Who will be brought into court for blowing up paras also in South Armagh? How many murders, killings and tortures did the IRA perpetrate during the troubles. Were they not led by McGuinness the current Northern Ireland Education Minister.

Martin McGuiness apparently led a violent, murderous, unprincipled bunch of bastards who were seen live on television capturing and torturing two Royal Signals technicians who inadvertently strayed into an IRA funeral. When will he be brought to book for that atrocity?

Why is this only a one way process? What is wrong with us? If British troops can be persecuted for crimes committed in a war environment then why cannot McGuinness and Gerry Adams be retrospectively charged with war crimes. Make no mistake folks this pair were apparently so guilty of atrocities attributed to the IRA that they have absolutely no right to any legitimacy.

Their 'boys' committed horrendous acts of torture. Just remember that 'kneecapping' originated in Northern Ireland sanctioned by the very politicians who are today celebrating a victory through the Saville Report. I must record an interest. I was one of those soldiers in the seventies and eighties who had to witness the absolute cruelty of the people led by McGuiness and Adams. I tell you now that they were utterly ruthless.

Today you see Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams as legitimate politicians but I remember these fiends as people who would commit any atrocity to further their political ambitions. If Saville wants to really waste millions of taxpayers money then he should get stuck into McGuinness and Adams. Wow that could cost billions!!!

Monday, 14 June 2010

The World Cup in South Africa

Hm that damned noise is doing my head in but ... I suppose noise is noise! Already we are discovering that there may be a new world order and I suspect that some of the old guard may not be able to march through the qualifying rounds like they could.
The team that will win needs to be well organised and above all respectful of the opposition. One can no longer disregard teams like Japan and South Korea. They are technically very bright which brings me back to England.

We have very few of our multi millionaires who can actually control and pass a ball. They are largely athletes who are physically strong but are limited on the ball. We lose possession far too often, far too easily. So how can we improve? Fabio arrived with a reputation of fairness and has like all the others succumbed to the English press.

In my opinion Gareth Barry is one of our few footballers and if he has recovered he should start against Algeria on Friday. That means the Gerrard/Lampard axis should thankfully be split up. I know that this is heresay but I would 'rest' Frank Lampard.
Gerrard is always up for it but Frank drifts in and out of the game. Joe Cole has to be brought back into the game and in my opinion at the expense of Lennon who has speed but little end product. Oh for Adam Johnson!

At the back Jamie Carragher is too slow. He will be caught out when the games step up a gear. I just wish Fabio had given Michael Dawson a pre World Cup game because he might need him before this is all over. After watching the Slovenia/Algeria game I have little worry that we will not qualify. They are both quite poor but we cannot take it easy and I worry that we may believe the press impression that we have a divine right to reach the quarter finals.

So far only Germany (as usual) have appeared a really useful team. They looked really good against Australia. The rest have been much of a muchness. Little imagination, little excitement and only that damned noise. Things must get better!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins has first appeared on our screnes as an Apprentice on the Lord Sugar program and tonight she is appearing on Question Time. Wow! Go Katie go! She is destroying the politicians because frankly she has so much intelligence and practical experience that compared witb people like Ben Bradshaw she will eat them up!

Katie Hopkins should be an MP! She is exactly the female who defies the sterotypical woman in politics. Her blunt no nonsense approach cuts through the crap and delivers answers through her experience of life. What a refreshing change. I hope that we see a lot more of her.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Diane Abbott makes the starting line!

The race for the NoLab leadership hardly merits a mention because they are all so poor that frankly it is an irrelevance... until now because Diane Abbott at the very last moment has found sufficient backers to take her place on the starting line.

Now I think that this could shake things up a bit. She is the only one of the candidates not tarnished by the disgraceful Gorgon Brown/Tony Bliar cabinets. I suspect that she sat at the back doing her latenight stints with Andrew Reid and Michael Portillo on the TV political programme waiting for an opportunity. Now it has come and she is the only person on the starting lineup who could plead for a new start for the Labour Party.

If she advocates an end to New Labour and a return to Socialist values she might just see off the Millipedes and even with Union support I cannot see the thoroughly discredited and frankly embarrassing Ed Balls winning. If he does then they have no chance of being elected in the foreseeable future.

PM's Question Time...back at last!

I have just witnessed a huge culture change in Westmonster by the re-establishment of Prime Minister's Question Time. After thirteen years of Punch and Judy politics, NoLab MP's howling down opposition speakers and general rabble rousing today we actually saw a Prime Minster answering questions.

The questions from the NoLab opposition were generally inane as the answer so often had to be 'you had thirteen years to do that' and one even asked if the PM could ensure that mainline rail services would stop at Motherwell but the sharp, incisive manner in which the Coalition MPs are settling into their roles was commendable.

There is a new atmosphere at Westmonster. There is a sense of purpose. There are ideas and energy. Looking at the tired and discredited faces on the opposition benches it is now all too clear how deeply flawed they all were.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Priorities for Budgetry Cuts...

Apparently the Coalition Government is going to ask the public to prioritise those areas in need of Budgetary where does one begin? I have blogged often about Foreign Aid which I believe has to be revisited. I also think that our contribution to the unaudited European Union has to be renegotiated. We appear to pay far too much for what we get back.

The NHS swallows billions every year and much of it appears to disappear down an administrative black hole. This I believe has to be a priority and needs to be tackled by people who have an inside knowledge. I get the impression that vast sums could be saved by a pragmatic approach to treatment and by handing back the administration to the front line staff.There is a huge army of administrators tucked away at every hospital and there has to be leeway with such numbers.

I would however reserve my main target for Local Government. Frankly some local authorities are run like lunatic asylums. There appears to be little element of common sense or economical acumen when one views the ludicrous job titles advertised in papers like 'The Grauniad'. There is also the little matter of the volume of Council Officers paid way higher than our PM. Now I don't think any local govvernment officer has more responsibility than our PM but that is not the real problem.

Under the highest earners are layers and layers of council officers earning anything from £30000 - £100000 and that is my grouse. Our Council Tax rises year in year out and so much is swallowed up by huge salaries. This is an area which could be slashed at a stroke and we would never notice the difference. I think the government should introduce a National Wage Scale for Councils and insist that they stick to it. If the rest of us are going to suffer then those that caused the pain should be the first targetted.

We must introduce a Community Service programme where those that wish to register for benefits should work for them. It is bad practice to allow people to fester in bed and then once a week pick up money for doing nothing. We have an army of claimants who could if harnessed properly save councils vast sums of money for carrying out menial tasks currently occupying council employees. I would however go a little further. I would adopt a bonus scheme for those unemployed who worked diligently and attended Community Service regularly.

Nor would I allow the vast number of single mothers to stay at home either. They could form a Community Service creche and man it in rotation which would allow others to work for the Community Service programme. The only people who would be exempt would be those people too disabled, infirm or handicapped and they would qualify for additional assistance to enhance their quality of life. We have so many people who have been forced to care for elderly or infirm relatives who receive virtually no support. It has to change.

I would also cut the luxury items in prisons. I would slash the quangos. I would make the BBC self supporting. I would attempt to place more freight on the trains and then reduce fares to reasonable levels so that the public could afford to travel by rail.

I would also wind down the war in Afghanistan and also set about reducing our massive expenditure on immigration. The crazy benefits given to foreign nationals who have not earned them should cease. No immigrant should be given more than essentials until they have demonstrated a willingness to adopt our culture and an ability to hold down a job. This has to be a priority because if even Ed Balls has to admit that their immigration policies were diastrous then the penny is at last about to drop. Our immigration policy must be watertight, strict and intransigent and more important it should be applied retrospectively.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Can we ever forgive New Labour for this mess?

Now that David Cameron is telling us the truth about the New Labour Project which I have been blogging about for the past two years, is it not about time that we begin to examine the aims of the New Labour Project which has left us almost bankrupt.

I realise that the ultimate aim must be to build a better society for the children in say 2025 but come on are we, will we, never target the architects of this huge budget deficit? It is incredible that Gorgon Brown is walking away from this national disaster. Has anyone noticed that he has not been seen anywhere near Parliament even though he was re-elected by the barmy citizens of Kirkcaldy.

This man has intentionally ruined our economy! He has created a culture which only a Soviet leader could dream of. His ambitions for the country were nil, his vision for the country did not exist but his hatred of anything British shone through like a beacon!

We must never let him away with his betrayal. It amazes me that the New Labour leadership contest continues to attract the attention of the BBC and the mainstream media. They are forgotten, unforgiven, futile prats who slavishly allowed Gorgon to ruin the country. David Milliband who cowardly backed off a leadership challenge to a man who clearly was ruining the country and Ed, his brother, who laughingly joined the Climate Change credit scheme lobby even though they have long since been accused of yet another scam.

That leaves Ed Balls....yeah right!


David Milliband does not think that his party has ruined the economy! Can you really believe that? No wonder this idiot was caught waving a banana at a camera!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

You look at yourself in the mirror...

I looked at myself in the mirror this morning (not a pretty sight) but I tried to visualise those people who fell foul of Derrick Bird and his rampage in Cumbria. Every one of those victims must have looked in that mirror not realising that this was to be their last day on Earth.

It must be so difficult to come to terms with such an unnecessary and unexpected death but the manner of the death was so horrific. It just goes to show that none of us know what fate has planned for us. In many cases there are indications that danger lay ahead but in this case it seems inexplicable other than someone suddenly snapped.

What an absolute shame for all concerned. I reckon I should cease looking into the mirror but it is a huge lesson for us all. Look after your loved ones because you never know what is planned for you (Gulp).

This is a very difficult experience because in this case there appears to have been no warning or even government negligence. How long is it since we have said that? Think about your priorities when you look in the mirror in the morning.. .we all probably know a Derrick Bird and we probably drink with him. I drink with a Derrick and a Bird and I am privileged to know both of them.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Will there be Justice for Professor David Kelly?

There are rumours in the mainstream media that the coalition is planning an enquiry into the death of the weapons inspector Professor David Kelly. His death was pronounced as suicide by one Lord Hutton despite grave doubts about his judgement and some even suggesting that the method of his suicide was almost impossible.

Norman Baker MP has written a book casting great scepticism about the death and venturing to suggest that it was murder. A group of medical people have been trying to reexamine the official documents that Lord Hutton incredibly mothballed for seventy years (presumably so that nobody could challenge his verdict!),

In amongst the many foul deeds perpetrated by the Blair/Campbell government I still believe that this was the nadir. They hounded this public servant unmercifully until he lost his life. The point is how did he lose it? They certainly wanted to shut him up because he was the one man who had the information that Blair/Bush did not want leaked into the public domain. If what he had told the journalist Andrew Gilligan was true then the Blair case for war was irrevocably damaged.

Subsequently we all now know how low Blair can actually sink but back then it was difficult to believe that A British Prime Minister would behave like a treacherous backstabber. I therefore can only hope that this whitewash of an enquiry will be replayed and this time a decent and honourable person will peruse the evidence and return some honour to David Kelly and his family.

Perhaps then we can then pursue anyone found guilty of a cover up and bring them to justice. I still cannot believe that Blair has so far escaped charges of being a war criminal. I still remember his speeches in the House of Commons urging us to war knowing all the time that the evidence was flawed and that he was lying to Parliament. When you are up to your neck that deep then in desperation you will sanction any crime imaginable.

Friday, 4 June 2010

The Police...time for a Change!

I think that one of the most urgent projects that the coalition must undertake must be to reform the Police. They have become a law unto themselves and are now a political force when they should be a force to uphold the law. All too often victims of crime feel cheated by the forces of justice. All too often criminals are allowed to join a cosy club which protects them from the full force of justice.

What prisons that we have are much too comfortable. Most of the inmates could never expect the standard of living that they enjoy when in prison if they remained lawful. It is ridiculous because there must be a real temptation to reoffend just to enjoy the luxuries of prison life. There has to be a balance between punishment and human rights.

In addition the recent case of the Holbrook, Derbyshire, murders underlines that the priorities of our police forces must be revisited. Apparently the murderer had been arrested twice, he was known to have mental health problems, he had continually threatened his ex partner and yet these plonkers let him out to murder her! How can we accept that? What kind of logic allows a decision like that? It is nonsense and should be punished.

The Cameron/Clegg project has a big problem here. The public have quite rightly lost confidence in the Police and mainly in the politically correct Chief Constables who were accelerated into their positions by the New Labour Project. New priorities must be established and those who can't live with them should be replaced.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Foreign Aid!

Tonight on Newsnight our Foreign Aid policy is being discussed! At long last someone is deliberating the extraordinary wastage of public finance. Now you will not believe this but we are apparently giving aid to North Korea for heaven's sake. I also believe that we have continually supported Robert Mugabe.

Our foreign aid policy must come under review because frankly it is a relic of our colonial past. Let us be clear our Foreign Aid policy is actually a 'bribe'. We are bribing these countries to support the UK and nobody will monitor where the money goes.

I have blogged continually that we must review our Foreign Aid programme because frankly it is not being used as it was originally intended. We cannot continually give taxpayer's money to rogue governments. We should not give taxpayer's money to states who are so wealthy that they have space programmes!

We are no longer a world influence because Gorgon Brown and Alistair Darling have destroyed our economy. What is left of our economy should be used to support our own indigenous citizens. Our politicians have impoverished the very people who have supported the tax system for their whole lives. They are now left to watch people who have utterly no loyalty to this country and have nothing to contribute pick up sums of money which our pensioners could never dream of!

It is an utter disgrace and should be immediately reversed. Our contributing pensioners should have their pensions increased immediately and the 'incomers' should face reality. These people who are described as economic migrants should survive on the same sums allocated to the pensioners.

It is time that we looked after our own and made the 'incomer' earn their entrance. If they are worthy and friends of mine are, then they should be supported but not more than the pensioners who have been the backbone of the welfare system which has sustained the nation for years. Gorgon Brown and Alistair Darling, you know the good old Marxist supporters have now destroyed everything that we held dear so I hope that the new coalition will try to reverse trends.

Time will tell and then we will know more!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Israel against everyone else!

Today on the radio I listened to a former Royal Navy officer describing how it was legitimate for navies all over the world to board ships in international waters as long as certain conventions are upheld. On the surface it would appear that the Israeli Commandos upheld those conventions until they had no option but to defend themselves.

The pictures showing their men being violently assaulted and in at least one case being thrown overboard tend to suggest that, although some of the people believed that this was a legitimate convoy delivering aid to Palestine, there were others who thought that they needed to respond with extreme violence to the entrance of the Israeli Commandos.

If this was a legitimate convoy why did they react like that? If they are peace campaigners, like we are led to believe, why did they attack the Israelis as they descended on their ropes. I accept that tensions run high particularly between these people but I suspect that a propaganda coup was underway.

Today I read a comment on one of the blogs which sums up the whole situation. If the Palestinians lay down their arms then there would be peace in the Middle East but if the Israelis lay down their arms they will be wiped out! That folks is the bottom line... if you know that your family is at risk then you will react accordingly. The BBC has once again compromised its neutrality but really what is new?

No Bloody Wonder that the Country is Skint!

I received an EMail from a friend in Australia today which I have copied as it is a shocker. So if you have always voted Labour because your parents did now you know what they did with your money! If you ever believed Gorgon Brown when he talked about fairness in our society now you know what he meant!I really believe that the Coalition should address this imbalance immediately and I mean NOW! Here we go...

Let me see if I understand all this .........



Are you aware of the following?

The British Govenment provides the following financial assistance: -

A comparison between the British pensioner who generally has paid into the system all their working lives and what an illegal immigrant can receieve.


Weekly allowance

£100 £250

Weekly Spouse allowance

£25 £225

Additional weekly hardship allowance

£0:00 £100


£6,000 £29,900

If I was a refugee, why would I look for work?

Please forward to all your contacts so that we can lobby for an increase in the aged pension.

After all, the average pensioner has paid taxes and contributed to the growth of this country for the last 40 to 60 years.

We have just had an election campaign which lasted for weeks and never once did I hear any of them revealing this shocking discrepancy. These figures may or may not be accurate but I think we pensioners should be owed an explanation. This has of course often been exposed in some by the mainstream media but the actual figures are hard to comprehend.

I just hope that Iain Duncan-Smith has these people firmly on his horizon. It is utterly shocking that any government should treat its own pensioners in this way and once again demonstrates that Brown and his cabinet should be answering to a court of law.