Saturday, 30 April 2011

The 'Royal' she still the Queen?

The Queen to open Terminal 5

Captain Ranty has made quite an impact on the blogosphere by his fearless stance against the establishment through his knowledge of the law. He was recently asked to guest write for a new blog 'Orphans of Liberty' and chose as his first post to explain the difference between 'Freemen' and 'Lawful Rebellion'. His articles were informative but the comments were almost explosive.

He clearly believes and he is supported by others, that the Queen actually signed away her rights to be the monarch of this country in order to become a citizen of Europe. According to Hansard, the official record of parliamentary proceedings, Ken Clarke (the then Home Secretary) declared on 1 Feb 1993 that the Queen was now a citizen of Europe. Now personally I don't see how our Queen can be a citizen of Europe because that makes her equal to say Mrs Carole Middleton!

If that is true then have not the British public been duped? All those lovely people celebrating the 'royal' marriage, singing the national anthem with passion and emotion, cheering and waving their flags were actually witnessing a monumental charade. Since I began writing this blog I have discovered very many charades but could this be one step too many?

I don't want to believe that the Queen has quietly signed away her rights to the monarchy. Surely someone somewhere who has knowledge of the constitutional rights of the monarchy would have stopped her doing it or protested publically that what she was about to do was wrong? Surely there has been a constitutional loophole that Captain Ranty and his supporters have missed?

Ever since I got involved with this blog I have constantly been amazed at just how devious and underhand the European Union has become. Even so to subvert a monarch, our Queen, is surely going too far? I am open for education and enlightenment!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

I am not a royalist  by nature. I have a funny feeling that the Queen signed away her monarchy in favour of the EU many years ago. However this young couple have the ability to do so much good in the years to come. They could be the world ambassadors for decency and boy do we need decency in this corrupt and decadent world.

I warned against the euphoria when Barack Obama was elected but something tells me that this couple are different. They have taken their time, they know the modern challenges ahead and they are comfortable in the spotlight. This is not Princess Diana (thank goodness) because she was betrayed. I think the Royal Family have learned from Princess Diana because the people loved her but her husband didn't.

Look at the photograph above! They really are a couple and a couple who have the influence to change the country and the politics of the country. I find it reassuring that the really dreadful former PMs Brown and Blair were left off the guest list. I believe that this was a statement of intent. We think that you did not bat for the UK so you are not on our guest list.

Brown is a real life 'Jonah'' and Blair was a  selfish 'shit' so they are well rid of both of them. If it is, as it has been claimed, that Prince William is personally behind their exclusion from this wedding then I think that we are seeing an insight into his mindset. Wow perhaps William is determined to be a force for good! My God we need a strong and forceful royal. We need a person of conviction who will bat for us. This couple have an opportunity to change the country.

I really hope that they live up to my optimism. In years to come I hope that my prediction that William and Kate Middleton (as they are now) will become forces to be reckoned with.  I have a funny feeling that Diana will be looking down from above and would approve of her eldest son's choice of bride. She will be and is a stunner. I won't be watching but I wish them all the best because they deserve all the support that we can muster. 

Even more are on the way......

It is often quite difficult to keep one step ahead of the politicians, bankers and those who want to change the world and have the money and power to do so. Sometimes one has to believe the unbelievable and then pinch oneself to ensure that your sanity is intact. Time after time I frown and carry on doing my day to day tasks quite unable to comprehend what my mind is telling here goes!

Why all of a sudden did North Africa go up in flames! Remember first we had Egypt and then Tunisia followed closely by Morocco and finally the piece de resistance when the people rebelled against Gaddafi. Who had the power and influence to ensure that one after the other these people who have been oppressed for centuries would suddenly all rise up together. Apparently it wasn't a Muslim inspired rebellion so why now?

Of course it doesn't concern us back here in dear old 'Blighty' because it is only a bunch of goatherders flexing their muscle against tyranny. It will soon be back to normal again. Then I read about Italian politicians warning of a humanitarian crisis as thousands of Tunisian immigrants had landed on the island of Lampedusa.

Still nothing to worry about...Lampedusa is a long way from Lambeth! Then I read about the French, of all people, wanting to revisit the Schengen Agreement which effectively abolished border controls between EU member states in 1985. What had stirred up the French I wondered...then I found the answer.

With the whole of North Africa in turmoil just imagine if the immigrants wanting to escape the war zone found a way into Europe. It is clear that they are probing and it looks as if Ventimiglia is the weak spot! OK Ventimiglia is still a long way from Dover but it is on the borders of France and France is only 21 miles from Dover. Do you see where I am going?

We already have thousands of people from North Africa living in this country and I suppose they are the more aspirational but with hordes of East Europeans now eligible for benefits can we really open our doors/boundaries to North African immigrants as well? It is verging on madness and make no mistake they will head for the UK because we are the 'soft touch' of the EU.

It has occurred to me that most of us have so far been affected very little by the mass immigration. It is only when we are exposed to the huge swathes of inner city areas where we are now the alien people that one begins to realise the future.  How long will it be before every village in the land will be issued with an ultimatum to accept into their community  half a dozen North African families? If they can protect the 'travellers' they can 'Human Right' us into oblivion.

The people who are turning the world on its head have a plan. Eventually that plan will affect you! The only way to stop it is to vote nationalist on 5th May and elect people who will challenge the established political class.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Further proof....

Highworth Travellers 2007

No sooner had I posted my opinion on public servants earning over £100,000 and not serving the public than further proof emerged on the stance of today's police force. We all know and fear the presence of 'travellers'. No group in our society is more out of control and no group in our society is more protected by the police.

Everywhere they go they cause trouble and cause damage. Councils must spend millions clearing up after them and we have all seen the aftermath of a 'traveller' site.  The filth and degredation is usually appalling and inexcusable. Confrontation is futile but when faced with people cutting down your trees for firewood then you must do something! What you shouldn't do is dial 999 and expect assistance from those people who are paid to assist you. They won't and don't and what is more you will be punished for expecting that help which you pay your taxes for. Here is the proof.

I suspect that somewhere there is an edict from the EU which prevents the police from confronting the 'traveller' and actually protects them from the law. There can be no other explanation can there?

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The £100,000 Public Sector Club

Most of us now believe that  public sector salaries are out of control. This is not just happening in this country it is also happening in the United States and if we are to believe the video on YouTube featuring Curtis Bowers entitiled 'Grinding down America' which I featured a few days ago it is a deliberate attempt to undermine both countries from within.

It is actually a very cunning plan. Some time in our lives we all become vulnerable, we get ill, have accidents, become old, get burgled or have children. In every instance we need assistance which we pay for through our taxes. Invariably we admire the people who come to our assistance because often they face danger and work unsocial hours.

Now if you going to undermine countries from within what better than to subvert the very organisations that we trust and rely upon. I believe that this is what has happened and it has been through the media of 'Health and Safety'. All our emergency services have been neutered by Health and Safety regulations and risk assessments to such an extent that we have had policemen watching people drown unable to act through fear of contravening the rules.

How did it happen? It is my opinion the secretive government recruitment organisation 'Common Purpose' have recruited malleable individuals to ensure that their plan is implemented (Common Purpose is alleged to have EU support). We have therefore seen our vital services disrupted to such an extent that even we can't trust them any more.

In every case we have individuals on salaries of £100,000 or more ensuring that they our vital services remain inoperable. This is their reward for their treachery. This is how their loyalty is bought. It is a classic ploy used by the Rothschilds centuries ago and still appears effective in modern times.

Today in the Daily Mail comes news that 1000 head teachers now earn over £100,000 per annum. Nobody in public service deserves a six figure salary. It is way over the top but every time I read of a six figure public sector salary I damned well know what their brief is. We are probably the only country in Europe where our children cannot play safely in the streets.

Our children cannot play outdoors despite all the six figure public sector salaries. Our elderly are not safe in our hospitals despite the six figure public sector salaries. Our 999 calls are ignored despite the six figure public sector salaries. Many children leave education unable to read or write despite six figure public sector salaries. I could continue all morning but you all know that my laments mirror life for the public in today's society.

So when you read of someone in the public sector being rewarded with a six figure salary then you also know that they are probably serving an alien power dedicated to bringing the country down from within. They have an alien agenda and we must not trust them. This country used to have a crime called 'treason' until the politicians removed it from the statute books!

Monday, 25 April 2011

Immigration - UK - here they come again!

Migrants in UK

As from next Sunday be prepared to be swamped by immigrants from seven East European countries. They all joined the EU seven years ago and under EU rules they could not enjoy the UK benefit system for seven years. So very few of them probably thought it viable to upsticks and move to the UK. Unfortunately the seven years have now expired so the EU plot to turn the UK into a hybrid mish mash population can once again proceed.

I found the report tucked away in the Daily Mail many pages from the front page and of course with parliament in recess I don't see any of our Political Class protesting about this new influx. It has the potential to be enormous and yet nobody in Westmonster has even mentioned it. Despite the pressure in some areas on housing, education, health and crime the Political Class hope that nobody notices it before the 5th May elections.

They want to keep you in the dark so that when it eventually transpires that the taxpayer has an even greater burden to bear it will of course be too late. You will not find this information on any election leaflet issued by the Con/LibDem/Lab parties because they don't want you to know! I did find it here though! Wake up before it is too late and vote for yourselves on 5th May!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Not Wanted at the Wedding...or anywhere else?

View Image

The Sunday media, both in print and on the airwaves, is making capital over the revelation that former Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have not been invited to 'that' wedding! Frankly it doesn't cut much ice with me either way but for them it is a particularly serious omission!

When one has held the highest political office in the land there really ought to be some measure of respect which would ensure a diplomatic invitation even if they were personally not liked but to erase them from recent history is really quite serious. I can't quite remember a more calculated snub given the circumstances so

perhaps Cherie Blair will remember being photographed yawning with her gob wide open on a royal occasion. Oh and of course if I recall correctly she did have a little problem with the curtsey! I won't speculate on how Gordon upset the royals but perhaps they were concerned that he would regard someone with an opinion as a bigot!

That apart I cannot personally be happier than to see the two people, who have done more than anyone else to deliberately destroy the character of our nation, being humiliated in public. They deserve so much more!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

The Unions....a genuine force for evil!

The growing militancy of the Trade Unions in this country ever since their beloved Labour Party got booted out of power by an exasperated electorate is predictable. It is clear to anyone wth an ounce of common sense that the bloated public sector which grew alarmingly under NoLab and Gordon Brown needs to be reformed.

Not so long ago we had the nurses railing against reforms proposed by Health Secretary Andrew Lansley. During this debate it became increasingly clear that the nurses union would not agree to anything proposed by a Conservative Minister. Now the teachers have entered the fray with the NUT threatening 'months of strikes' based on a perceived threat to pensions.

You will note that never a thought is cast in the directions of the patients or the pupils. There are older school pupils who could be severely affected by months of strikes by teachers. You see they only get one bite at education. A strike at the wrong time may affect them for some cases forever! That however is never the concern of the union officials, usually full time union officials and invariably very well rewarded union officials.

Their entire philosophy appears to be based on destruction. Everywhere in the public sector standards have nose dived. More people have been employed but in every case the service to the public has considerably diminished. It doesn't matter where you look the standards have slipped alarmingly and most of this can be layed firmly at the feet of bullying union officials.

Any matron or head teacher who attempts to raise those failing standards is immediately confronted by 'the union'; the same union that will protect and defend, the ignorant, the sloppy, the lazy, the wasteful, the disloyal and the greedy. The government will one day have to confront these unions in a big way but where is the modern Margaret Thatcher when you need her!? Not in this parliament and that is almost guaranteed!

David Cameron and the EU

Well if I have any regular readers they will by now be well acquainted by my firmly held opinion that David Cameron is not a conservative. I don't mind that because we all have choices but what I do object to is that he continually issues europsceptic statements intimating that he intends to challenge/defy EU edicts. In this way he conned a large section of the electorate into believing that he was a eurosceptic.

In fact he has caved in on almost every issue which has confronted the UK. The Human Rights nonsense (remember his British Bill of Rights?) is pervading all aspects of our legal system continually affording the criminal fraternity an advantage over their victims. Then of course we had the farce over the rights of prisoners to vote. The well publicised parliamentary debate which of course changed nothing.

David Cameron is a skilled politician (is that a compliment?) but more and more columnists in the mainstream media are beginning to doubt his credentials. Today in the Daily Mail Iain Martin writes a powerful piece cataloguing the continuing inability of any of the Tories to defy the EU. If David Cameron does not dig his heels in very soon on the Human Rights issues then he will be exposed as a fraud. It is my opinion that he never had any intention of representing the UK within the EU and he has no intention of reversing the lunatic decisions of the European judges.

It is yet another reason to vote nationalist on 5 May. If you won't vote for yourselves then you cannot  blame the Westmonster politicians for treading all over you...and they will!!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

You Have Been Warned!

No sooner do I post about the dangers of further involvement in Libya, than Dr Liam Fox our Defence Minister, confirms the worst of my fears. When someone like him openly predicts that we are on the verge of yet another lengthy and useless conflict then we really must sit up and take notice. It is now crystal clear that our politicians are not on the side of the people. Everything that I have speculated upon, all the conspiracy theories and the wild stabs in the dark about the intentions of the EU are becoming depressingly obvious.

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that the Political Class is so confident of their unassailable position that they care not a jot about public perceptions. How can they involve us in a second 'Afghanistan' without so much as a debate in Westmonster? Where is the opposition? Oh yeah I forgot there is no opposition...only Red Ed Miliband and Ed Balls and their 'children' of the EU sitting smugly opposite a PM who has 'transformed' his party into a middle of the road conglomeration of EU apologists.

What is happening to this country? We have judges allowing those with money to cover up their behavioural crimes. We have foreign criminals escaping deportation. At every turn our society is being disrupted and destroyed. Every cornerstone upon which our society was built is being removed. It is being done with intention and the people who are doing it appear regularly in the media. Years ago we had a word for them and there was a crime called 'treason' until the politicians removed it from the statute book.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Mission Creep!

They are absolutely determined to get us involved in the civil war in Libya. I have blogged from Day One that we should resist any attempt to put soldiers on the ground but William Hague continues to ignore the warnings. Why is it always the British with our ridiculous commitment to the never ending war in Afghanistan and our vastly reduced military capability who have to bear the brunt of NATO interference.

Why can't we keep our noses out? Why can't the Germans be the people who 'advise' the rebels? Why can't our politicians resist the temptation to sacrifice the lives of British troops. Who makes these decisions? Who is it who turns to William Hague and says 'It's your turn again Britain'. Why can't he say 'No'?

You see I am afraid that once again I suspect a plot to keep our troops involved in far off lands while 'mission creep' continues from within our country. I will never understand why so many of our politicians are quite willing to support every attempt to undermine British society. What is so awful about the British people that we appear to be the target for venom from almost everywhere? Why can't we find one leading mainstream politician (apart from Nigel Farage) who will step forward and tell the government that they are out of order.

We have 650 MPs and currently there is a deafening silence about Libya. Come to think of it there is a deafening silence from most of them about mostly everything! We should draw a line and say not one troop more in Libya. I hope that the handful of 'advisors' being sent to Benghazi will see the end of it but I suspect it might just be the beginning. Once again we are being set up for a fall. If William Hague escalates our involvement in Libya then we will know that he is one of the people who is not acting in the interests of his country and there are many.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Alternative Vote v First Past the Post

Captain Ranty has posted a YouTube video on his site and is suggesting that we circulate it to mock the AV referendum vote on 5th May. So here it is! I quite like the idea because the more I see of who is lining up with whom the less that I like any of it. It also now seems likely that the 'No' vote will win, so in essence it has all been a ludicrous waste ot time and money.

This of course is not untypical of our modern politicians so we could do worse than turn the pantomine into what we really want!

More EU madness!

The Daily Telegraph is the latest to highlight the scandals of EU aid to Africa. The lavish, selfish exploits of the African despots in purchasing personal aircraft while their subjects all but starve takes the breath away. It also emphasises the inability of the elite EU socialists to administer the huge sums of taxpayer's money effectively. When an immigration advisory centre in Mali receives £8.8 million to create jobs in Europe and succeeds in finding just six in three years surely even OUR politicians cannot justify that? The problem is that they are all so mired in their crooked little plan to redistribute OUR wealth that they won't even address a scandal of that magnitude.

Just think what we could do with all the money that we are throwing at the EU? We could have care homes for the elderly, decent schools, respectable health care, half decent pensions, a public toilet in the town open at all hours, well stocked libraries and even.... wait for it....a few police people on the streets!

I firmly believe that when the historians write up this period in our history people will gape open mouthed at how we allowed this to happen. My generation will probably go down in history as the most apathetic, lazy, cowardly, British generation of all time. It is not too late to redress the balance but you may have to give politics a little thought before the next election. Then award yourself a vote!

Monday, 18 April 2011

To AV or not to AV... that is the question!?

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that there is no perfect electoral system. I am still working on my attempt to create an English Parliament based on proportional representation just to see if we could get a clear government under that system. So far it has proven difficult particularly when allocating the odd seats gained by UKIP and the BNP. It seems rather unfair that some constitiuencies have to accept a minority party just to fulfill quotas.

It is however clear that in the eyes of the south, east and west (with the exception of immigrant London) and the odd major town (ie Luton) Labour as a party hardly exists. They only come into their own in the major cities or as one moves north. Only the North East remains stubbornly socialist left wing.

Any examination of the electoral results of 2010 highlights that the mass immigration programme initiated by New Labour has actually kept them in business; that and the largesse of the BBC and the mass media outlets. By the time that I am finished I hope to illustrate that this country is profoundly misrepresented.

Of course it doesn't help with the question of AV or no AV. I must admit when I see chancers like John Reid supporting David Cameron against the AV vote against top sportsmen who seem to favour the No AV vote then I do wonder. I do like the idea that minority parties would get a foothold but then I am just not sure that they would.

Heh I still have a few weeks to think about it!

The End of the EU?

News is coming through that the nationalist party in Finland, True Finns, has made huge gains in their General Election to such an extent that it could affect the future of the EU. I first heard about it through 'One Foot in the Grave' and Guido Fawkes followed it up yesterday. No wonder that Guido is speculating that it could give a boost to Nigel Farage and UKIP. UKIP is becoming increasingly important as it is now the largest Eurosceptic party in the country.

I get the impression that the British public are slowly and gradually wakening up to the fact that the Westmonster parties (all in the same EU boat)  under the leadership of Cameron, Clegg and Red Ed Miliband have perpetrated a huge fraud following the last election. We elect 650 MPs and yet so many of them seem incapable of original thought.

It beats me how any of them expect to retain political credibility when the mainstream media reports the squandering of millions of pounds by the EU supporting African despots. What kind of politician seriously expects us to believe that dance lessons in Burkina Faso should take precedence over the closing of our libraries and public toilets? All they are doing is supporting the socialist conspiracy that was outlined in the 'Grinding down America' video and there can be no excuse for any British politician getting involved with that!

If you still believe that the EU have a right to waste your money in this way then vote Conservative, Liberal or Labour. If you disagree then do what the Finns did and vote for yourselves for once!

Friday, 15 April 2011


The bowling season opens for my home club tomorrow. The weather forecast seems favourable and once again old friends and opponents will emerge from their winter cocoons and challenge each other in a sport that is quintessentially English or even British.

This is, of course, not a sport which would interest the new 'incomers' but give it time. At the moment it is a private club which has not been breached by the 'alien' forces from abroad. I just wonder how soon it will take the first turban or burka to arrive on the green. Frankly we should not worry about it but privately we all know that a line must be drawn in the sand.

In the meantime however, we will once again enjoy our release from world politics. We will enjoy our summer evenings and afternoons free from the pressures of the politicians. But one day I fear that that they will find us and descend upon us and ruin our old age. Every bastion of our society has been ruined and destroyed. It will only take them time. In the meantime everyone have a really great season. The anticipation is wonderful!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

The New World Order and the Banking System and us!

The problem with 'surfing' the Internet on a particular subject is that it is so vast and unregulated. It means that anyone can post anything and sometimes it lies dormant just waiting for you to find it.

I have to confess that the 'Grinding Down America' clip made a huge impression on me because it struck so many chords. The history of our problems runs parralel with the those recounted by Curtis Bowers. The time frame is similar so it would appear that both countries had been targetted. Americans have individually been challenging government honesty and policy just like Nigel Farage challenges the EU. There are many examples on good old YouTube but the one I like best is Aaron Russo who, before his death, cast aspersions on so much government activity including the 9/11 disaster.

Then I found a History of the Federal Reserve and I became fascinated. Now I am no expert but in short I think that this guy is actually saying that the banking system is all smoke and mirrors. The Rothschilds found a way to hold countries to ransom with money that they didn't actually have. Frankly it is ingenious but so utterly evil that it has corrupted the world.

It would now appear that the Rothschilds have been responsible for almost every major violent act in the world since the 18th century. They have engineered wars, financial collapses and organised almost every emergency which we have encountered apart from natural disasters.

I am beginning to wonder if our own 26/7 London Tube disaster was not organised. There is evidence to suggest that the Intelligence services knew about the plot beforehand. On the day it happened the inquest proved that the emergency services were actively prevented from entering the tunnel to rescue the dead and injured.

I am now left with one conclusion. We will not save this planet until we have an Armageddon. If we have an event that is so cataclysmic that the Rothschild world is unable to operate. You know like a collapse of power where electricity is no longer available. No computers, no TV, no media and back to the basics, back to basic Christian values.

Do you know if there is a God... and I am no believer... then he must be about to act. The situation has already happened in Japan. Those poor people have nothing. They are back to basics. Calilfornia is on a fault plate! They have had their warnings! I do hope that I am slowly going mad in my old age... (wink) but somehow I don't think so!

This is all conjecture and only used to promote interest in World Politics and poke the Christian people into action. We must become more aware. We must leave a world fit for our (my) beautiful grandchildren or do we just give up and accept the crumbs that they throw at us. Sorry but I care that little bit more. Am I stupid or wrong?

David Cameron and his Opposition!

SKy news has just reported that David Cameron wants to extinguish all extremist parties! What he really means is that he want to extinguish all legitimate opposition. He has yet to define what he means by 'extremist' but I suppose he is turning his attention in particular on UKIP and the BNP who are currently the last vestige of legitimate opposition in the country.

So in the interest of fairness I went back to YouTube to find out some background to these 'extremists' who he is targetting and I found one. I urge you to listen to her and then make up your own mind.

In the same club?


I know that many people have reservations about the Daily Mail and I have reservations about all the mainstream media but we cannot ignore all their columnists and reports and today is no exception. On the front page we have the Prime Minister, David Cameron, castigating Gordon Brown for his mass immigration policy. He blames Labour for the rise in the BNP! Where has he been for the past twenty years?

Does he not realise that one visit to the BNP website on any day in the past few years would have warned him of the dangers of mass immigration and the effects of it on the indigenous  population. How can he reverse the social destruction of our country so late in the day? He is closing the stable door long after the horse has bolted which saddens me.  Coming so soon after his speeches on a recent visit to Pakistan I wonder what planet he is on?

Anyway I then turned to Stephen Glover's column and my eyes widened. Now I doubt if Stephen Glover had ever come near to this humble blog but he has eventually reached the same conclusion that I did months ago.  David Cameron has taken the traditional Conservative party far from the original aims of the grass roots party but he has done it with such skill and charm that he has been allowed to get away with it. As I said yesterday Nigel Farage is one of the few conservatives left in mainstream politics.

Then tucked away in the middle pages is this report that Gordon Brown currently lecturing in New Hampshire, USA, (so that is where he is) is 'favourite' to become head of the International Monetary Fund! What?? The man who ruined our economy is being rewarded with one of the top jobs in the financial world? Who would do that? Why would the bankers want to reward Gordon Brown? Well I was recently informed that the Rothschilds own the IMF and consequently I have to assume that grinning Gordon all along was not on the side of his country. If he ends up head of the IMF it is difficult to think anything else and when you start down that road you really do begin to smell rats in every corner of the land.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Who can we believe?

Some of us who have been shouting loudly about the state of this once great country are beginning to realise just how bad the situation has become. We have been stitched up on every front. There is now a realisation that we are facing the prospect of equating our position to that of East Germany where people were not people they were subjects. When I was posted to Berlin I frequently travelled through East Germany by car and military train and the kids could not even wave at us!

The video that I posted yesterday dealt with a situation in the United States but nobody can fail to recognise the same (if not worse) situation in the UK. Everything has been corrupted. The Parliament, the Police, the Schools, the Hospitals, the Civil Service, the Church fact you name it and it is not operating like it did under the 1958 democracy.

The truth is being hidden from the public. The public have generally been dumbed down, they hardly care, they do not have the time to research, they are happy to be led by the nose, they believe what they read.

As I see it we only have three nationalist leaders, two of them are being constantly vilified and the third is being disregarded as 'out of touch' and 'irrevelant'. The personality leading the lone fight against the EU is undoubtedly the courageous Nigel Farage. As my blogging brother  has already suggested a few days ago, Nigel Farage has actually become the new Conservative party.

The second voice of dissent are the BNP. Every time they are mentioned they are vilified and when I backed them some time ago I almost lost my credibility so deeply have the public been educated against nationalism which was described in the MSM as racism. They are nationalists and sometimes that attracts racists. None of us want to be described as racists. Yesterday I met a delightful ex trainee of mine in town, she showed me her baby and then hugged me in public...her name was Mina Das. She is a sweetie.

The third group who are seething are the committed Christians. I am not a Christian in the strict sense of the word. My daughter is and she belongs to a small group of lovely people who believe in the teachings on the bible. No matter what one personally believes it cannot be denied that the principles upon which this country has grown and prospered have been based on Christian principles. The small free churches which are springing up all over the country believe that the mainstream Church of England politicians have let them down. Same sex partnerships are not for them! Nor are female bishops, feminism is not their bag. They believe in the bible.

So what happens now? You no doubt know that I am on a that is wrong I am really concerned that most of you actually don't care that the country you are leaving to your children and grandchildren is not what you enjoyed. You are walking off into the sunset with your pensions tucked into your back pocket leaving behind you a world not fit for your grandkids.

On 5th May you can at least try and make amends. It does not matter if you vote Conservative/Labour/Liberal it is all a vote for corruption. AV is a distraction... it matter not a jot...don't even bother with it. We should be given a referendum on the EU.  If you want to really protest, make a difference or kick someone in the goolies then choose a small party, vote UKIP, BNP or Christian Alliance... even vote Independent but remember the Green Party are also socialists.

We don't often get a chance to protest without taking to the streets. Most of us are too old to join the kids but we are not too old to protest at the ballot box. You may not get too many more chances before you have the whole of the House of Commons standing up and clapping one leader!

So it was all planned many years ago!

Yesterday I was invited back to my old office as a 'Guest of Honour' to celebrate that a good friend was moving onto to greener pastures. It is five years since I retired with ill health following a life saving operation so I was a little apprehensive to return as an outsider. I expected to see a lot of new faces but I got a huge shock. The place had hardly changed, the same faces were all still there and I got a lovely welcome.

Of course during the conversations I was asked about retirement and began to recount my involvement with the blogosphere and how I had been educated by the 'awkward squad', my use of YouTube to find the truth and I told them of the 'arrest' of the judge at Birkenhead. I could see mouths dropping open because these people do not have time to find out what is happening. They are too busy surviving. It was not a rant and I did use a lot of humour but today it was my jaw that dropped open!

Ever since I began this blog I have been convinced that this country has been under a sustained attack from people determined to change the whole social structure of the country. I left school in 1958 and in those days we had a real structure to our lives. We had true democracy and everyone knew their place in society. There were rules to follow but social mobility was always possible through the grammar school system where everyone got an opportunity to improve their lifestyle if you worked hard and used your intelligence.

Since I left school the system has been corrupted and eroded and I have lived through the changes. I always found it difficult to accept and that is one of the reasons that I began this blog. Despite my misgivings I could not put my finger on the exact cause of my concern. Then yesterday Captain Ranty posted a video from Youtube and I went cold as I watched it. You can find it here...I think that it exposes everything that I have believed. I strongly advise you to watch it and then remember that the book was written in 1958! These traitors have been destroying Britain for fifty years.

Is it too late to turn it around? Do we start on 5th May by ignoring the Westmonster parties!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


ITV news has just delivered a very emotive report from Misrata where the rebel forces are fighting a desperate rearguard battle against the government forces who outarm them considerably. The news reporter mentioned that the so called 'No Fly Zone' enforcers were nowhere to be seen so what is actually going on behind the scenes?

Politicians from all over the globe are now getting involved. Gaddafi has obviously called in favours from the African dictators but they received a hostile welcome in Benghazi. Moussa Koussa is clearly playing all ends against the middle and is being allowed to do so by William Hague when he should have been immediately detained on terrorist charges.

So what is happening? I would bet quite heavily that Hague has received his orders from the bankers. They cannot have the people winning a victory. Ghaddafi probably has support from the world powers. The rebels in eastern Libya are fighting an heroic struggle but they will not be allowed to succeed. The Political Class will fudge a result and we will have to watch Benghazi being wiped out. I really hope that I am wrong but we live in rotten times.

Democracy is dying! Ask the people in Bexley!

I do like to support the 'awkward squad' because in this country at the moment they are the only people exposing the corruption by the town hall 'fatcats'. In so many cases there is unchecked corruption in local government. They have been made to publish their expenditure of items over £500 but their explanations are gobbledegook to the layman. For example a lot of money seems to be allocated to Parish Council 'precepts'. This is the money given to Parish Councils and to me it seems an awful lot.

Unfortunately I do not yet have the expertise to challenge council expenditure but down at Bexley it is a different story. A group of individuals are exposing the disgraceful behaviour of their local council who have a track record second to none. These guys have banded together and are actually waging a war against their council their humour is commendable uncder the circumstances.

I reckon jail beckons for some of these people on the council if the government are forced to act. Of course if the current track record of the Political Class is maintained then it will probably be the individuals who will be threatened and prosecuted. 

You will need some time to follow their battle so I suggest that you bookmark Bexhill is Bonkers and when you have the time return to the fight then also visit 'You've been Cromwelled' and admire their determination. These guys are on a mission they should be better supported by democracy. Perhaps we should ask The Political Class what has happened to democracy in this country but then we already  know their answer.

Remember we vote on 5th May. I ask yet again do not vote for the three main Westmonster parties. Pick a small party, do what you have to do but reject the parties who are supporting the EU. For heaven's sake ..wake up before it is too late!

Monday, 11 April 2011

The Banking Industry.

There have been measures today to reform the banking industry which frankly makes me chortle. The banking industry rules the world. Ever since Mayer Amschel Rothschild uttered his immortal comment 'Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws' his progeny have controlled the world.

If you are a Christian then Mayer Rothschild is probably the devil incarnate. They have controlled almost everything since they got a foothold in the then new United States of America. I would bet my life that the Rothschild family are behind the European Union. I reckon that they were behind the banking collapse that Western Europe has recently undergone and well follows on that they created the Euro. This has allowed them to destroy the economies of the weak nations but eventually they will attack Germany and France.

Captain Ranty,  I know but I am such a fan, has another aspect to this argument when he leads us to a guy called John Perkins. This really links to my theme and takes us back to the philosophy of Mayer Rothschild. It would appear that the USA has adopted this philosophy.

I have this one final question. Who owns and controls the World's Monetary Authority?
When we mortgage our country who do we borrow from? We have the worst debt in our history according to David who do we owe? Who does Portugal, Ireland and Greece owe their money to? Who is backing the Euro or not backing the Euro? I do not have any expertise or political alliance but I think that I am beginning to get the picture.

The Sexualisation of our Children!

So France has banned the burkha and personally I can understand why they have done it....but it is a dangerous precedence. It gives the radicalised Muslims an opportunity to draw attention to themselves. It should be left to the westernised Muslim community, and there are plenty, to win hearts and minds. We in the western world are fighting a totally different battle and that is how do we get our young girls to cover up!

Fashion and the media are turning children into adults long before that change is due. We have a duty to reverse this trend but nobody is addressing the problem. It is huge! Internet porn is widely available to anyone and everyone. Some sites require registration but just 'Google' Tuberholic and the world is your oyster!

Don't tell me that the worldwise kids don't 'google' 'Tuberholic'. Then of course they pass this knowledge to their friends and unfortunately it will arrive with my lovely granddaughters and it will temporarily ruin their lives. I cannot understand why any 'responsible' government does not close down 'Tuberholic' and insist that all such sites should be registration only.

It is a small step but I suppose the problem is world wide and no government has control of another country's media. However  the world communities (the bankers) do wield a lot of power and they could go after the owners of this filth.  They choose not to, just as they choose not to go after the fashion industry for their sexualisation of children or the media for their irresponsibility where our children are concerned.

Everywhere are children are under attack. Everyone is against child porn but nobody stops it! We have a continued effort to expose them but it is never enough. Why have we allowed this? Why is nobody in government exposing it? Why do we tolerate the rubbish which is in front of your nose?

I think that I know the answer but you will have to judge for yourselves.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Government and the Forces!

I have long posted that I believe David Cameron to be the acceptable face of the European Union. He talks a really good game but when we look at his record then that is not so good. He knows what the public want and leading up to the election he wooed the electorate with talk of a British Bill of Rights and a Military Covenant enshrined in law. All good stuff eh?

A manifesto fit for the Conservative party but then...ooops by some miracle they don't win the General Election outright which lets in the limp wristed socialists led by Nick Clegg. The two leaders, both supporters of the EU, join together against the EU supporting Labour does that mean they all support the in what sense are they opposing each other?

All of a sudden there is no British Bill of Rights which has led to the probable certainty that Mau Mau supporters will sue the British Government for millions (how predictable!).  Our kids are being overcharged for their education (what bloody education?) and lo and behold our soldiers are still dying in Afghanistan!

Oh! I have just forgotten that fact! I will say it again... our soldiers are still dying in Afghanistan in a war that we cannot win. So what happens if you are an officer and you get killed in the line of duty. Well, according to David Cameron, it is best you die after 12 noon! If you are unlucky and get blown to bits before midday then whoops ...poor you...your family gets only gets a half a day's salary. You see you twat you couldn't wait until after midday to get slotted. Surely everyone knows that you don't die in the morning?

The man who promised that the military covenant would be enshrined in law cannot be bothered about his promise. It will cost too much money (and of course is contrary to EU policy). He never had any intention of maintaining that covenant but when we hear from the widow of Captain Mark Hale that she only got half a day's pay because he died before midday I just shudder.

This kind of callous regard for lives and families is a product of the EU. Remember Tony Blair began this war without a single military hospital in the country. These boys have been shat on from day one.  They have shown astonishing courage, outstanding bravery and frankly I cannot admire them enough.

So if I knew that my family would only receive a half day's pay for my morning death I think that I would pack it all in. They should just all finish this war in disgust at the lack of support from the politicians. They are now on a hiding to nothing.

My disgust however is reserved for Cameron. Yes we know that we need to repair the economy but I am beginning to wonder if the economy has been damaged beyond repair and their cuts won't achieve the desired result. He stood as a Tory leader and all we are getting are socialist policies. No wonder he is so cosy with Nick Clegg. Let's face it unless you are prepared to vote UKIP or BNP then you will get the EU and their Human Rights nonsense and their huge entrance fee and their Foreign Aid policy!

You obviously won't get support for the forces. They are regarded as cannon fodder! Time to come home guys and support the protestors!

Friday, 8 April 2011

The Mau Mau! My sainted Aunt... what next?

I have often posted that the EU is desperate to find any excuse to throw our money down the drain. It has been going on for years so when another lunatic legal escapade is paraded before the public you just know that it will go in front of a sympathetic judge  and it will eventually cost you and I a small fortune.

These lawyers follow the army around looking for any chink of light and then they dig up an excuse for a legal fight. Look what they did with 'Bloody Sunday' in Ireland the the number of 'abused' Iraqis who have found their way to our shores but the latest is almost obscene.

Who found these people? I learned to read by reading reports of Mau Mau terrorists from the Daily Mirror. It scared me to death because this really was a nasty little rebellion and the British weren't the only ones committing atrocities. Who on Earth would want to dig it up sixty years later? Of course it is all under the umbrella of the Human Rights Act but this is ridiculous.

For years the squandering of British money was carried out surreptitiously but now they are slipping up. Maybe they haven't got much time left before the Euro collapses and like Gordon Brown they are desperate to break us before they go down themselves. Whatever the reason this is ridiculous and if David Cameron is not acting on behalf of the EU he should send them all packing.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

On and On it goes!

The attack on the English indigenous population continues unabated and still most of them are totally unaware that one day they will wake up to discover that the democracy they take for granted is under threat. My blogging brother up in Cumbria has given his eloquent summing up of our relationship with the EU.

Julian is very moderate in comparison with the Penguin who exposes yet another example of wasted police funding. How can they justify this total nonsense?

Then we have the Cameron visit to Pakistan which has outraged so many of us Nationalists see Snivelling Little Bastard and all of them are right. Our Political Class and our Bonus Class no longer represent us the indigenous population. Yet right across Europe there is no sense of rebellion. We have Greece, Eire and Portugal in financial meltdown and not anyone on the streets. We have Belgium unable to form a government and the Italian Prime Minister in court accused of sex offences and nobody on the streets.

We have the Middle East and North Africa in flames but not a flicker in Europe. The Germans for example are paying through the nose for Greece, Eire and Portugal and boy are they paying! You see unlike us, they have an economy so it will take a helluva lot more to destroy them. I suspect that the Germans will protest heavily before they are brought to their knees.

I agree with Julian (One Foot in the Grave) the Euro is doomed. The socialist conspiracy to wreck the economy of the western world is well under way but I suspect the Germans will one day really object to their demise. |In the meantime we continue, through the media , to pay homage to a flawed political system. The same people are dragged before the cameras to continue the facade. Think about it ...what can Ed Balls contribute? Yet he is never off the box.

The same crew perpetuate the myth. Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg, David Cameron, John Prescott, Harriet Harman, Kirsty Wark, Andrew Marr, Stephanie Flanders they are all there to blind you about the reality of our government. They are all being paid by the EU to make you believe that we are still in control of our destiny.

The only thing that you should question is that; why can we bail out Portugal, why can we bomb Libya, why can we continue an indefinite war in Afghanistan, why can we bung Pakistan millions of pounds but when we, the people, need some keep public toilets open, to maintain libraries and to protect our elderly and our children then suddenly we cannot afford it!

It is effing nonsense! Neither David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband or The Queen are on your side. Your only salvation lies in the blogosphere, or with Nigel Farage or....a person who keeps telling you the real truth... here !

Sorry but that is a fact! They keep banging on but in comparison to the parties who sustain the EU they are the only honest guys in town. I know that we don't like the cut of their gib but it takes courage to rail against the EU. Oh dear I have now probably upset everyone but I have to keep telling it how I see it  regardless of popularity.

Time to go to bed! 

Proportional Representation

I have set my self a huge task but I believe it is worthwhile because until we see what PR (or AV for that matter) will bring to the country then how can we vote on it? So far I have completed results for four areas of England and one thing is sure...unless we change our voting habits quickly the LibDems will permanently become the power broker under PR and probably under AV as well

If one counts up all the votes and then distributes them fairly between all parties neither Labour or Conservative will ever get a large enough majority to form a government. So far I have concentrated on the North of England where Labour has their hard core support but even there they cannot entirely break free of the opposition. I don't yet know what the South will prove but I still can't  see the Tories break away sufficiently to form a government.

One thing it does do is give the minority, radical parties a toehold in the corridors of power. So far in all four areas the BNP and UKIP always get one or two seats.

I am allocating each area an MP for every 50,000 voters. Once I have established how many seats are at stake then I allocate the seats according to the percentage of the vote that each party gets. For example if the Tories are the predominant party in a given area  and they are allocated 25 seats then the top 25 Tory candidates who have polled the most votes get the seats (they must have won the seat as well). Once those seats have allocated that constituency has an MP.

Labour then make their choice concentrating on the constituencies that still hav'nt got an MP. The Liberals are usually the third party but by the time they make their choice some of their better supported candidates have already lost their chance as some seats have already been allocated. Usually though a well supported Liberal will gain the seat. Then we get down to the BNP, UKIP and Independents and that is much more difficult because by that time many of the constituencies have already been taken. Still it does ensure that the minorities gain seats even if it is not always the better known candidates whio get them!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Proportional Representation

This is a huge project that I am engaged in and it is not easy. The reason that I am doing it is that I want to demonstrate that a democratic electoral system is quite difficult. I like the concept of AV but frankly it is not viable unless you make voting compulsory like the Australians do. If you don't insist on that it will be very difficult to reach the 50% .

If we abandon the first past the post system then we risk the hideous proposal that the LibDems will forever be involved in Coalition politics. I believe that the only way to take the country forward is for the EU sceptics to forget self interest and bond together to defeat Europe. It is little use to belong to a Conservative party when they are not conservatives. We desperately need a Nationalist presence in this country.

Nationalism in the UK has become a dirty word and it should not be. There is no harm in supporting the indigenous population and it will inevitably include people who were not born here, who came to this country for a better life and who want, not to be British, but to follow the traditional British way of know... democracy!

It is beginning to become a forgotten concept in this country. Some of us belong to this country. It is our home, we don't want to go anywhere else, all our friends are here and we don't want to change our way of life. I have nothing against any Muslim (or any other religion) but I don't want to change my way of life. If I did I would go and live in another land.

It is becoming a straight fight folks and you must make your mind up. You either support the EU or you support  the UK. It is time to take sides... there is no middle! 

Portugal defaults...predictably!

So yet another member nation of the EU has predictably gone broke and still our Political Class support the unaudited, unaccountable elite socialist conglomoration which is hell bent on ruining our economy. Every time one of these financially weak countries go to the wall have you noticed how WE must pour money into their piggy bank.

Is it not about time that David Cameron came clean and gave us the lowdown? OK I will buy the line that we are broke because NoLab left us in the s**t and the bankers are corrupt. I will also buy the line that we have got to tighten our belts because I can recognise that NoLab vastly overspent.

I do NOT buy that we have to bail out Portugal. We are not in the Euro and Portugal's problem is a Euro problem. How can we be responsible for the excesses of the Political Class of another country? It means that any government in the EU can actually evade responsibilty by throwing their hands in the air and declaring we are broke so let the UK pay!

Our mainstream politicians continue to blow our taxes willy nilly on projects we can't afford. Two tribes attack each other in Libya and it is our responsibility to separate them. Pakistan has problems with terrorism and we have to give them aid. It is ridiculous and a nonsense.

I would not mind too much if we, as a country, were wealthy. I would not mind if we cared for our elderly, educated our children and protected our weak. I would not mind if we had an orderly society, a good quality of life or safety for our children but these aspirations are as yet not achievable.

We are bombing people in Libya but we cannot care for our elderly. We are for whatever reason pouring money into Pakistan (why Pakistan... who as we all know will forever hold their hands out and take free money) but we can't give our kids free education.

We see this in every city in this land. We have absorbed (for whatever reason) a million Pakistanis into our cities when most of them were unemployable. The only reason that they are here is free money and the indigenous population have known that from Day One.

When will David Cameron and all our mainstream politicians put the welfare of our own public first? When will they finally support the British people? All the efforts of the Political Class are aimed at expenditure abroad. They show little interest in our plight at home. I think that David Cameron should take a lesson from Jack Kennedy many years ago.

Ask not what your country can do for you...ask what you can do for your country!

It is time that you focussed on your own people Dave but...of course... when you have masters in the EU then it really is difficult. I have to say however that you are doing a much better job of masking the truth than your opposite number (Ed Miliband). You were chosen well but we will end up cursing you.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

UK Uncut

I yearn for a movement from today's youth which is inspired by a love for their country and not by the lunatic ideals of the left wing. I would love to see a group of kids decide that the future that has been created by The Political Class is not what they want for themselves. I therefore hoped when I first saw the tactics of UK Uncut that we had at long last discovered a group of young people who did not resort to violence and who, with a bit of imagination, could protest with style (like the black brolly brigade).

To a certain extent they fulfilled my aspirations for them. They withdrew from the violence of the Union demonstration recently in London and do not want to associate themselves with 'Black Bloc' the other youth movement who seem to admire violence and destruction.

However, before I commit to a movement I like to discover who they are and what makes them tick. So I went onto YouTube, watched the videos and as each name came up when they were being interviewed I noted them down. Gradually I built up a profile of their leaders and sad to say that if you Google them follow their twitter conversations, read their blogs and discover their background then they are yet another left wing, trendy, right on, studenty organisation.

I will follow them with a passing interest but just a memo to Adam Ramsay. If I can do it old son then the police are also doing it. I believe that your organisation could have a future but stay away from the unions. They will buy your soul.

David Cameron and Pakistan

I just shook my head in despair this lunch time when I heard that David Cameron had been striding the globe again, this time visiting Pakistan. Of course as it is Pakistan one has to take them 'presents' and David went well armed with £650 million pounds of tax payer's money ostensibly to help them with 'educational' projects.

Is this not the same man who stands up in Parliament every Wednesday telling the British electorate that we have not got a pot to pee in and as NoLab left us with the largest decifit in our history we will have to 'cut' almost everything. Despite this he manages to find a spare £650 MILLION quid to shove into the grasping hands of a Pakistani politician! How can he expect that we would think that this is reasonable! We already shower foreign aid onto this country like no tomorrow.

He then compounds the felony by showering compliments on an 'old friend' that has spent the past 10 years pouring Taliban over the Afghan border against our troops. He is obviously playing a game that most of us have got no access to but I don't care what game he is playing he should leave this particular country to its own culture. They have no love for us and never will have. Yuck!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Proportional Representation

It is all well and good criticising our politicians for not creating a democratic electoral system.  If you are going to criticise the first past the post system then you also have to create a viable alternative. So I intend to create that alternative and illustrate just how an English Parliament would be comprised.

The English Parliament is the anathema of the europhiles because they want the destruction of the country England. They still fear the power of the English public even though the English public have acquiesced to everything that the europhiles have advanced. Why should the English not have their own parliament when their near neighbours, no their partners  in the United Kingdom have already turned their backs on the alliance?

They already have self government on so many issues which the British parliament fund. For example the Scottish administration trumpet that their students do not pay for their education and that they still have free prescriptions. This is not fair and is probably a result that English taxpayers are paying for these advantages which the Scots enjoy.

So do we not need an English Parliament? Should we not elect one and if we did how would it stack up? Well for a bit of fun I intend to construct an English parliament on the lines of proportional representation based on the election results of 2010. It will take a little time so please be patient but on an initial survey we in Loughborough have a shock. Andy Reed gets elected under proportional representation!!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Ancient Law and Our Law...

For some time now I have been directing passers by frequently to the Captain Ranty blog as he continues to expose the deceit upon which are courts are based. From time to time the legitimacy of our courts have been challenged by individuals (who I think have got a lot of courage) which led to the Birkenhead protests on 07 March where protestors 'arrested' the judge.

Down in Torquay another challenge took place where a guy called Max Cann used ancient laws to defend himself against motoring offences. He was locked up for his troubles (it is all on YouTube) but the court case was recently held and is reported here.

Mr Cann turned the court inside out by referring to ancient laws and walked away scot free. They didn't know what to do with him! His story is here. It is difficult for someone like me to understand how we could have corrupted the justice system in this country to such an extent. However, when we actually take the time to examine the system and challenge it then up pops all this fraud.

I sometimes think that the only place that we can discover the truth is on YouTube because the mainstream media (particularly the BBC) misconstrues the truth alarmingly. The reports on UK Uncut are a prime example of this. As usual the truth appears on YouTube. The modern camera with the facility to video is a wonderful tool and is demonstrated here.

This is happening all over the land. I will leave you to draw your own conclusions.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Town Hall Fatcats!

The Tax Payer's Alliance, the organisation which prides itself on keeping an eye on the public services so that they don't secretly squander our council tax on themselves, has published details of every town hall fatcat who earns over £100,000. Remember that is far more than a bog standard MP earns and doesn't include expenses.

Of course I just had to have a peep at our local  Leicestershire County Council. I actually have been told that last year they wrote to their former employees and told them that there would be no increase in occupational pensions because inflation had not gone up enough!!

So what did I find: Chief Executive £231,000, Director of Children and Young Persons Service £198,000 (27.7% increase), Director of Corporate Resources (what!) £176,000, Director of Environment and Transport £157,000, Director of Adults and Communities (what does that mean?) £157,000, Director of Community Services £141,000, County Solicitor £139,000, Assistant Chief Executive £110,000, Executive Director East Midlands Council, £109,000.

If that is not enough there are a further 10 positions which command six figure salaries but were not detailed in the report on Chief Officers. So we the Council Tax payers spend almost three and a half MILLION pounds and we have not filled a pothole, we have not paid a teacher and we have not collected a bin; all we have done is pay 19 employees!

So that's alright then!

PS Oh by the way the Chief Executive of Charnwood Borough Council is also on over £130,000. I just thought that I would cheer you up! Are you angry yet?

Friday, 1 April 2011

Alternate Vote (AV) v First Passed the Post (FPtP)

Ballot box thumbnail

I don't know about anybody else but I can't make my mind up about the great British vote fight. I suspected that I was not being given all the facts so I decided to try a little research. When I was young there was no thought about AV because all the talk was about Proportional Representation (PR). Basically from what I can remember seats in Westmonster would be allocated on the percentage of the vote cast for each party.

So I did some basic and admittedly crude calculations based on a parliament comprising 650 members. I looked up the results of the 2010 election and calculated what the make up of our parliament would be if we had allocated seats according by PR instead of FPtP.

Here are the results:-

Party                        Current Seats         No of Votes    PR Result
  1. Conservative             307             10,726,614            234
  2. Labour                      258               8,609,527           188
  3. Lib Dem                      57               6,836,824           150
  4. UKIP                            0                919,546              20    
  5. BNP                             0                564,331              12
  6. SNP                              6                491,386             11
  7. Green                            1                285,616              7
  8. Sinn Fein                       5                171,942              4
  9. DUP                              8                168,216              4
  10. Plaid                              3                165,394              4
  11. SDLP                            1                110,970              3
  12. Ulster Unionists              1                102,361             2
  13. English Dems                  0                 64, 826            1
  14. Others (added together)   2               480,000            11 (approx figures)
So as usual the electorate are being stitched up by the Political Class. The only truly democratic system that would give everyone representation is being ignored. At one time it was the cornerstone of every LibDem manifesto and when you see the difference it would make for them one can understand why. Now however, Mr Clegg has had a sniff of power and there is no way that the Tories at Westmonster would agree to PR. We cannot have the electorate being properly represented can we?

Look at the figures in detail....over one and a half MILLION voters put a cross beside UKIP, BNP or English Democrat and didn't get a single seat! Nearly 300,000 voted Green and got Caroline Lucas (one seat). In fact 2.4 MILLION people voted and got Caroline Lucas and one Independent MP. Thie means that 8.75% of the population effectively became disenfranchised under FPtP.

They are even scared that AV may leave a chink open for a right wing 'extremist' (you know someone who doesn't want the EU or mass immigration) but of course Nick Clegg had to half heartedly campaign for a change in the voting system or he would have reneged on everything that he ever stood for before Cameron gave him a key to No 10.

So we have been allowed AV which doesn't begin to address the real problems of our undemocratic voting system. It will be confusing and I believe it could also be corrupted because once people start counting second, third and fourth choices anything can happen.

I don't want either so I won't bother.  What's the point?