Thursday, 10 December 2009

The Policing Pledge

I keep seeing adverts on this political gesture called 'The Policing Pledge'. The so called 'Policing Pledge' is interesting because it highlights all the things that the police should be doing and do not. We in Leicestershire know all about this because apparently Leicester is the city with the worst crime record in the country!

This multicultural nightmare is also one of the lowest in the Education ladder. It goes on and on and we all know it. There are some areas in Leicester where one can play the game 'spot the white face'. I am not denegrating the immigrants because I do not blame them for coming to a 'promised land'. I do however, blame the NoLab politicians, who encouraged them here and then left them to fend for themselves.

We could not afford the influx of these immigrants because they came from all over the world and we could not even afford to give them the police protection because frankly the police reneged on everything that the 'Policing Pledge' advocates. We had the case recently where a woman and her daughter were so desperate about bullying that the mother set fire to their car and committed suicide.

If that was not sufficient to provoke resignations and we were assured that the police would react in future. They were frankly lying because yet another case has emerged in Blaby where out of control teenagers made life hell for families and requests for police assistance were surprise, surprise ignored!!

This 'Policing Pledge' appears to ignore the City of Nottingham and there was a case in Loughborough recently where every police presence in the town was diverted to a brawl in one pub.

The 'Policing Pledge' is a political trick. They are spending millions on covering their tracks. They obviously know what they should be doing because the 'Policing Pledge' covers it all. They cannot do it because NoLab have destroyed our police force and replaced them with a neutered, politically correct, scared to act, useless set of pseudo police, who even if they caught a criminal (Ha!) do not have the physical strength to detain them.

I know that is a sweeping statement and that we do have strong policeman but they are vastly outnumbered by the fat, female, weak, gormless individuals who patrol our streets. One of whom recently pulled up in her car and asked me directions to the local police station...aaaagh!

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