Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Derby County

I have refrained from posting on my beloved Rams because I have been giving Nigel Clough every opportunity to emulate his father. Unfortunately the whole team is in disarray and some of his summer signings have proven to be disastrous. To be fair it is not all down to him because the owners, in this day and age of spectacular footballing purchases are well...the best word is parsimonious!

They refuse to spend money. Not only do they refuse to spend money but they ordered all of the high earners in the club to depart. So Nigel Clough was hired to ensure that the club paid for itself and to his credit he has ensured that the club pays for itself! The problem is that in this day and age it is a recipe for relegation. The club has to compete with clubs down the road like Leicester City who have Thai owners committed to premiership football regardless of the cost!

That however is not the real problem. The Rams began the season with four consecutive victories which saw them share top spot. I blogged at the time that I thought that Nigel had got lucky. He then had to build on his luck because last year we had a similar start which faltered and eventually we were close to relegation.

Once again he is failing because psychologically this team is weak. We almost always concede goals at vital moments and we never, ever score late goals which change matches. We were two nil up at Peterborough, allowed them back to 2-2 and then for some reason Nigel brought on a 16 year old right full back in the final minutes and of course Peterborough scored the winner. We have not won a point since that decision!

We are at Derby at last developing real talent at the academy. They are being promoted into the squad in desperation. No way should Mason Bennett (15 years of age) be exposed to championship football...so often! 

Mason Bennett is keeping some of Nigel Clough's summer signings out of the team. Aberdeen went to a tribunal over the fee for Chris Maguire...is he so useless? Tommy Cywka has largely been ignored so who was at fault for signing him? Dean Leacock who, the last time I viewed him was a talented defender, is being ignored completely. He can play right back or centre back so why play Paul Green at right back when he is a talented Irish international midfielder? 

Stephen Pearson was a Scottish international midfielder and yet he was also ignored and was recently transferred on loan to Bristol City. Bristol City have a talented new manager and immediately he grabbed Stephen Pearson and instantly the form of Bristol City improved. Pearson scored the first goal which turned their fortunes around. I suspect that both Leacock and Pearson were on high wages and therefore had to be distanced.

Derby County are on a downward spiral. No club can rely on kids to keep them in a division to which they do not belong. Yes one day Callum Ball, Mason Bennett, Will Hughes, Jeff Hendrick and Mark O'Brien will emerge but we need leadership today.

Players like Craig Bryson (ex Kilmarnock) or Ben Davies (ex Notts County), Chris Maguire (ex Aberdeen) were cheap but they are not good enough at this level. Similarly we have been lucky with Jon Brayford and James Bailey (both ex Crewe) but both are average championship players. We need a premiership player(s) who will propel us towards the future but they need paying. 

Derby County are probably in the top dozen clubs in regard of their support. Other teams would love the revenue that Derby's board receives. I suspect that their ambition on the football field does not match the ambitions of the fans. The fans should vote with their feet. Last year they were conned by a glib chairman talking about marquee signings (one who is so crippled that he has yet to play for the club). Next year I suspect the fans will find another hobby. I bloody hope so because that is the only way that they will regain their club!!  

National Debt is 1.47 trillion pounds!! All out brothers!

The Chancellor today fed everyone the bad news and now we know that the National Debt is collossal. This is the backdrop to the Public Service workers strike tomorrow where they will take to the streets waving their flags demonstrating to retain a pension that the nation cannot afford.

I can understand that they want to keep their wealth but the country is in the mess because their party, the Labour Party, ruined the economy of the country. It was 13 years of socialist mismanagement (which had to be deliberate) which has cost them their pensions so there is no point in continuing to be angry because they supported the very people who let them down.

Let them ask Gordon Brown where the money went! let them ask Gordon Brown why he signed us away to Europe! Let them ask why our soldiers are constantly assigned to wars that we cannot afford. We are skint and we have been fighting a pointless war for years now.

I have been listening to the politicians and their petty point scoring but nobody seems capable of addressing our real needs. They must have known that Bombardier in Derby desperately needed the railway contract that they awarded to Siemens. Our politicians, on all sides, should start backing Britain. All major government contracts should stay in the country.

We must tell the EU that we cannot keep subsidising their profligacy. All Foreign Aid, with the exception of emergency aid, should cease immediately. We must tighten up on immigration and that means seeking out 'illegals' who are milking the welfare system. We must also seriously review welfare payments and introduce a time limit on unemployment benefit. I would also limit child benefit to two children.

I have no idea what penalties the government placed on the banks but if they still owe the nation money then that money should be repaid before they pocket any further bonuses. The Tories should also implement their election promise to cap the salaries of the town Hall Fatcats.

If we could only see an effort being made to reduce the huge expenditure by the politicians then I think that many who will walk out tomorrow may think again. However it doesn't appear that any of those responsible can stop our taxes from being frittered away in a never ending tide of ineptitude. The public sector will march tomorrow knowing full well that what they want is unaffordable but what the hell when you are surrounded by greed it becomes contagious.

It gets worse...!!

Judge Esmond Faulks. Photo by UPPA/Photoshot
Judge Esmond Faulks
After my latest rant at the ineptitude of our Criminal Justice System which rewards violent criminals for their actions by 'sentencing' them to  rather short luxurious holidays in surroundings that most of us could never afford, I noticed this case in the mainstream media.

Of course none of us knows why the judge would postpone sentencing until the New Year, allowing this thug to spend Christmas at home, but the effect on the victim must have been devastating and this is my point! Does nobody in the Justice System think about the victim? Is it all about protecting the violent? My goodness she was paralysed and he continued to attack her!

The behaviour of this lout was so premeditated, so calculated and so callous that a life sentence should be the minimum. After all his victim has now got a life sentence and according to the report it could have been anyone unlucky enough to be passing by so why the delay?Apparently Judge Esmond Faulks adjourned the case to study pre-sentence reports! How long will that take?

It is not the first time that Judge Faulks has hit the headlines so perhaps he will this time do the decent thing. I will not hold my breath because most of them love the headline but consistently refuse to challenge the system which allows thugs to paralyse women and then spend Christmas at home!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

How bad do things have to get?

On Thursday I posted my thoughts on the Criminal Justice System that poses as law and order in this country. I was particularly scathing on sentencing and prison conditions because it is my contention that criminals have NO fear of justice in this country. We tolerate the most horrendous crimes and watch helplessly as the perpetrators are given slaps on the wrist and then released very quickly to commit repeat offences against the public.

So when I read that a 79 year old lady has been murdered trying to defend a handbag containing her husbands ashes then I really have to ask the question...how bad will things have to get before someone in Westmonster admits that we must change the system? How bad must it get before someone stands up at PM's Question Time and demands justice for victims? How bad must it get before we convert our publically sponsored holiday camps into proper prisons with harsh conditions?

If we ever catch the person who mugged this old lady why can't he/she be publically flogged or even (better still) executed. When will we insist that the punishment fits the crime? Why do we tolerate uncivilised behaviour and insist that the public abide by civilised actions? It is time for a return to medieval punishment because it would herald a return to civilised behaviour!

There is a sizeable minority in our society who choose criminality above honesty. They choose that path because they have nothing to fear. Their is, at the moment, no deterrent which would persuade them that criminality is actually not worth it.

We are rapidly descending into the abyss. Crimes are bordering on the unfathomable. Very soon some of us will not be able to imagine the type of crime unfolding. It must stop! Somebody in government...anybody of any party...must realise that the system we use, the people who administer this system..must change their direction. We have to announce a dramatic attempt to introduce fear into the criminal fraternity.

I would suggest that the government commissions a mozzy ridden, uninhabited Scottish island close to the Outer Hebrides and convert it into a prison! Drop food in on a weekly basis! Let them fight for it! Some might die but I reckon nobody will want to go back. The very mention of a sentence on this island would very soon strike terror in the heart of every criminal. Sentences could be short (3 months should be enough), it would be very cheap to administer and should only be used for the nastiest of crimes.

You may dismiss this idea but then I challenge you to instigate anything else that will instantly stop crimes where old ladies are killed trying to defend their husbands ashes!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

The Criminal Justice System

Is it not about time that our politicians re-examined the Criminal Justice System? Why has the justice in this country swayed towards the criminal rather than the victim?

Every time that we see a major crime, or a repetitious crime or any kind of violence the punishment never fits the crime. So where do we start?

Well we all know that the police have disappeared from the streets at least where the defence of the public is concerned. No matter what the politicians say we do not have bobbies on the beat and consequently we are vulnerable to local thugs and in many area this means gangs of kids.

So what happens in the unlikely event that one of these criminals is actually brought before the court? The victim is ignored. Then all the excuses are brought into play by defence lawyers who frankly are well versed in the 'game' of getting their thug (client) a soft sentence.

Then when they have committed so very many similar crimes and it is apparent that the public would no longer tolerate this individual on the streets a sentence is concocted. They are 'sentenced' to a period of detention by a judge who knows very well that the 'system' will NEVER allow that sentence to be served in full. Time after time criminals are allowed back into our society (no matter the crime) to enjoy a freedom they do not deserve. It is appalling.

So what happens when the habitual criminal, the so very bad person, actually commits crimes against society and is locked up? They face a life of luxury which most of us could never afford. Free meals, free medical care, free dental care, free gyms, free libraries, free access to degree courses, free accommodation and free... well I don't know... but even drugs are readily available in our prisons.

Our prisons are luxury salons for the very worst of our criminals!

So let me pose a question to our politicians...when will you introduce a system which will punish a CRIMINAL!? How can we the public continue to support a system which rewards crime and subjects our children and grandchildren to a life behind closed doors?

David Cameron why do you allow this in a so called democracy? Why do you appoint a europhile like Ken Clarke as a Justice Minister? Ed Miliband... why do you not lead this as a leading question at PM's Question Time?  Are we, the public, not worth protecting?

Nick Clegg...oh never mind!

Until we redress the balance of the lack of criminal justice then we will never have a decent society. I don't know what drives our mainstream politicians to accept what blatantly is an injustice but they never seem to address the major problems that causes this injustice. They never address it! Why? Because it keeps us all in our place and the system is actually corrupt. In my opinion our courts are actually illegal...that is one of the very many reasons that they soft pedal on crime.

We the public accept everything because we are apathetic. We never get on the streets and demonstrate like the Greeks, Egyptians, Italians, Tunisians, Bahrenians, Syrians and we have a similar gripe. We should never need to take to the streets but increasingly our useless and corrupt justice system is letting us all down. They are politically driven and it is not enough.

Care for the Elderly?

This morning live on BBC television a care worker from Norfolk burst into tears at the complete madness of her care industry. It would appear that she was on the verge of insanity at her inability to change a system which is clearly rotten to the core.

At the centre of this mayhem are heartless Town Hall fatcats who are trying to cut costs (so that they can claim their bonuses) and reduce care for the elderly to a time management issue. The care worker in question had just revealed that she did not have sufficient time to care for her clientele unless she worked unpaid in her own time!

Clearly care for the elderly has become a local government cost issue and consequently the fatcats will be determined to cling onto their monstrous salaries, expenses and bonuses. In my opinion it is time that Westmonster layed down guidelines but then where do we start? Nobody with a hint of compassion can stipulate rules for care in the community. Only the care worker can judge each individual situation as it arises and if they are employed as a care worker then they should be trusted to deal with each individual problem.

Greed is the problem. I would suggest that whenever we discover an example of neglect then we immediately sack the appropriate manager. If they were under this type of threat then it might just encourage them to care slightly more for the people on their books!

This never happened in the days when town hall employees were paid a reasonable salary and everything else was spent on the public. Until we return to sanity and end the greed culture our elderly and everyone else will continue to be deprived of the services that we need. 

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Nigel Farage

Prior to the last election I encouraged people to use the election as a referendum on the European Union. I believed that this would be the only chance that we would ever have of bloodying the noses of the politicians.  Of course it didn't happen...everyone trooped off to the polling booths and cue normality they voted Con/Lab/Lib so we got what we deserved. 

In Brussels one man is batting for Britain! One British man is fronting up to the European disaster. Only one man has the courage to face the eurocrats and tell them the truth. He stood against the Speaker at the last election and mysteriously had to survive a plane crash!

I cannot tell you how high I place Nigel Farage on my list of great Britains. He has immense courage to (sorry) piss against a gale. His speech to the EU parliament is a masterly display of British intolerance. Watching Nigel Farage almost compares to the defence of the Dunkirk beaches. He is alone! He is just one man trying to defend us all.

So I now produce his speech to the European parliament which is fantastic. He should be our next Prime Minister because we all know that he bats for Britain and we cannot say that for so many of our useless/corrupt/greedy (oh hell pick your adjective) politicians.

I now give you Nigel Farage and you can see the reason WHY!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULns-cSUeVs

Monday, 21 November 2011

Where is our party?

I spoke to a friend this afternoon. She is really non political like most of the indigenous population but she is unhappy about the state of the country. She recognised that things should change but like most of us had no idea how it could happen.

Most of us feel helpless to change the system largely because 'The Political Class' have stitched up the electoral system. Every major party have the same values and they conduct an elaborate charade to protect their position. They all support the EU which most of the free thinkers know is dead in the water. It is only a matter of time before it comes crumbling down bringing most western economies with it. Everywhere the people are recognising that they have been 'had'.

So what happens then? Who do we trust? Who can challenge the 'professionals' with their vast revenue sources? Is there anyone in the country who has the leadership potential. the energy, the charisma to rise from ground zero?

The blogosphere has a vast resource. There are so many bloggers who are challenging TPTB but who is coordinating this effort? I believe that we need a coordinator, a leader, a beacon for the rest of us to follow. Surely someone out there can take up the challenge? There are some really major blogs with readership clout but do they want the responsibility?

They are being gassed in Cairo! Can we not show some British courage to match the Egyptians because if we don't we will always have our children cowering in their houses scared to play in the streets! Think about it! 

Sunday, 20 November 2011

UK Uncut

Back in March I penned a series of reports about UK Uncut, a group of people who believed in peaceful protest and specialised in disrupting activity at high profile locations. In a well publicised event back in March well over a hundred of them 'occupied' Fortnum and Masons.

Despite the assurances of a lady police inspector that, if they left peaceably, they would not face arrest they all walked out to be arrested by the TSG. It was later reported that the charges against 109 were later quietly dropped but the remainder were found guilty of 'aggravated trespass' last week. What hasn't been reported is that the judge just let them 'walk' and did not impose any penalty.

I often wondered if the actions of the police had intimidated this group because they were quiet in the summer months. What I missed when I was in Florida in October was a protest that took place on Westminster Bridge on 9th October so I include a clip which demonstrate that some people still care and know how to protest in a non violent way. 

I may not agree with some of their left wing opinions but I like their willingness to get on the streets and irritate authority. I just hope that they retain their independence and do not get swallowed by union influence. 

Spitting on the Public!

Labour peer Baroness Uddin
Baroness Uddin

The press are carrying many stories at the moment which almost proves that the Political are continuing to 'spit on the public'.
One of the worst cases is the refusal to deal with Baroness Uddin. She is reported to have lifted £125,000 from the public purse for stating falsehoods about her property dealings. That is my polite way of stating that she really needs to be investigated before the politicians can declare that all the 'dirty deals' which were uncovered by the Daily Telegraph have been dealt with.

I admit that a few of the fall guys have been jailed for limited periods  but many, many more escaped punishment and Baroness Uddin is one of the worst and most publicised cases. It is no coincidence that she was elevated to the peerage by Tony Blair. Almost every time that we hear of a sleazy episode somewhere in the background is the hand of Tony Blair. I can only hope that the capture yesterday of Saif Ghaddafi will eventually expose him for what he has been.

Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Chris Huhne
Chris Huhne MP
Then we have the case of Chris Huhne, the Lib Deb member of the cabinet who for months has eluded charges that he forced his wife to take his penalty points for speeding thus avoiding a driving ban. Today a Mail on Sunday journalist recreated the journey which Vicky Price (his estranged wife) would have taken to be behind the wheel when the offence occurred. She concluded that even if she had driven like Lewis Hamilton it was very unlikely to have been possible!

Is it not about time that the CPS announced that he be charged or not as the case may be. In both cases it appears that individuals are being protected by a sleazy system because they are politicians. They needn't worry because, even if found guilty, it has become clear that if you have influence and money your sentence will be cut to almost nothing and then you will immediately rejoin the system from whence you came!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Our troops in Afghanistan!

Can anyone please tell me why our troops are still dying in Afghanistan? Why have we allowed ourselves to be tied up in a never ending war? We don't belong there... we never have belonged there... this is a war which can never be won!

It has nothing to do with our personal security. It has never been about our internal security because we are an island and if we wanted to maintain our security then Brodie Clarke would never have been appointed.

We have never won the war of hearts and minds because frankly we don't belong there. It is nothing to do with us and history confirms that Afghanistan is probably the worst country in the world to try and impose authority. Any invading force has always lost! Ask the Russians... ask our own Victorians! They don't take kindly to invaders. They are tribal and ferocious and dogged.

So if we want our sons to be picked off one by one then let's continue this wanton waste of humanity. Let this war linger without any conclusion. We will never win, we cannot win because the people don't want us  and don't understand why we are there. Nobody can impose western values on a tribal society.

Bring the troops home!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Youth Unemployment

We are now seeing the result of decades of plotting and planning by persons unknown that has resulted in the cream of British youth being unable to find employment despite reams of 'A*' grades and university degrees. Today the unemployment figures were announced which frankly are a disgrace to a civilized country.

This country has a proud tradition of innovation and entrepreneurial skills second to none which could only be dismantled by design. Our education system first came under attack in the sixties when left wing loony socialists decided that the grammar school system, which throughout the world, was probably the only way that kids from council estates could get to Oxbridge without paying a penny, was abandoned.

Systematically exams were reduced in severity, discipline was challenged and the role of the teacher undermined. New teachers did not have to meet the educational requirements of their predecessors and subsequently the standards dropped. Don't get me wrong we still found decent people who had a teaching vocation but their authority was being constantly undermined.

Outside of education we, in this country, always had a practical apprenticeship programme. This served the young who did not have academic ability. The plumbers, electricians, hairdressers and bricklayers could be fed through this scheme so that by the time they reached 21 they were time qualified and well trained.

In the early 1980/90's these schemes were also undermined. They became YTS schemes which received much bad publicity and eventually somebody came up with NVQs (National Vocational Qualifications) which frankly did not fit the bill. I know because I had to implement them. In fact It went just that bit further because if we did not ensure that our trainees passed the exam (regardless of ability) we lost our funding, which meant we lost our jobs! Looking back now the manipulation was unbelievable and everyone...and I mean everyone, accepted that this was reasonable. 

By that time Tony Blair arrived on the scene and made his 'Education' speech! He decided that all our kids deserved a university education and just to emphasise his determination he closed down the local authority training schemes. My own highly successful scheme was going to be closed down so in 1996 I took the incentive of an enhanced pension. They more or less rewarded me to disappear because today I am living off it!

Then the scandal really took off. Now all our kids were in mainstream education. Now there was no alternative to edukashun and boy did they milk it. Year after year the exam results became sensational and year after year they all went to university...apart of course from the sub class who could not be controlled. So we had a two tier education system.

We had a smiling, grinning brain dead generation who played the game and a nasty, uncontrollable, degenerate group who became criminals, or had kids by different fathers or just sat at home watching day time television. The decent parents were persuaded that the system was 'kosha' because their kids were getting brilliant grades! What parent wants to challenge good grades obtained by their kids? Only the kids knew that they did not deserve their grades and how many of them will complain when they can hug their friends (sometimes live on the BBC) celebrating their success.

And so onto immigration! By the time we entered the new millenium our youngsters had a new threat. Hundreds of thousands of incomers were being allowed into the country and not all of them were ignorant Somalis and Afghans. Many of them were very clever Eastern Europeans and Scandanavians.

I know a family who have settled in my home town. He is Rumanian and she is Russian. He is the local club tennis champion and their daughter now attends the Dan Maskell school of Excellence for tennis. She is unbelievable and is one of my grandaughters best friends.  I know that they are so committed to the UK that it is painful. He is a lecturer at the local university and his wife who spoke NO English when she arrived is now employed as an accountant.

How can our ill educated youngsters compete with this element of expertise. These people speak multiple languages and are socially aware. They are determined and committed and they are the real competion to our children.

Until we organise our education system to compete with the world or stop the immigration riot then our kids have no chance of getting a job. They have the wrong attitude, the wrong qualifications, the wrong direction and the wrong politicians. It will not change until they themselves get angry. I don't mean union (student union) angry I mean genuine, I will put my body on the line angry, because that is the only way that they will change this corrupt, disfunctional, complacent system.

If we got rid of the Political Class and got back to a fair and honest system then we could look after our youngsters but they will have to fight for it. The Camerons, Milibands, Blairs, Cleggs, Balls will not release their grip on power without a fight. I say to the young that you will have to fight for your future.

Rant is now over!

Olympic Games Tickets - now they are prizes!

I have been scathing about the allocation of tickets for the 2012 London Olympic Games because it was not as transparent as it should have been and wide open to abuse.

People complained bitterly about not getting the tickets that they wanted and then it transpired that the government had bid for some of the most prized events.

Now we have EDF Energy advertising Olympic tickets as prizes in a competition that they are running. I notice however that they are not advertising what events these tickets are for? Did they receive these tickets through the back door like the politicians did or are they actually valueless...you know nonentity events which create little interest?

The problem with a system that lacked transparency is that it creates suspicion. EDF are not the only large company using Olympic tickets as prizes so I wonder how many tickets disappeared before the public got a look in?

Capital Punishment

I see that probably the most prominent of the political bloggers Guido Fawkes (Paul Staines) has created an E-Petition asking the government to reintroduce capital punishment for people who murder police or children.

He has a wide readership and with the improvement of forensic science probably making errors less likely in this modern era I believe that we should make this ultimate deterrent an option once again.

You can sign it here.

The Job Centre...does it work...and why not?

I worked for 18 months in a Job Centre and it was the most soul destroying time in my life. During that time I did not deal with the long term unemployed because I was earmarked to deal with employers. The reason that I was profiled to deal with employers was because I was educated, I had professional telephone technique and at that level I was a jewel!

I was also a nuisance because I questioned the culture of the Job Centre which eventually led me to transferring elsewhere (1999). So perhaps it is time to examine what I questioned. I asked why we continued to allow claimants to 'sign on' when they were clearly 'working'. I mean when a guy jumps down from a lorry, wearing paint stained dungarees and runs in while the lorry revs up outside the Job Centre then there is a good chance that he is working!

I questioned why we issued temporary national insurance numbers to foreigners who could barely utter a word of English. All they had to do was pretend to be interested in a job and they were allowed into the system with no proof of identity required! That is how they did it folks!

I questioned why vagrants, with no fixed abode, were allowed to abuse the staff with no recourse. Why were they allowed to enter the premises carrying opened cans of strong lager? Why could we not impose minimum standards of behaviour on these louts?

Mostly however I questioned the use of the statistics which the Job Centre manufactured to prove how efficient they performed. It was done through a system called positive outcomes. If a claimant obtained employment via a Job Centre advertisement then it was counted as a 'postitive outcome'. Nobody however checked on how long that job lasted! We had one guy who had 14 positive outcomes in a year. He was a complete waste of space but he was continually allowed to apply for jobs when he was sober!

So it is little wonder to me that the young have discovered that if they want a decent job then your local Job Centre is probably the last refuge. In my opinion once you decide to enter those doors you  have probably reached rock bottom! They are a national scandal!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Ground to Air Missiles??

missile defense systemWTF? How on earth can we the British people be contemplating the use of Ground to Air Missiles to protect the Olympic Games? What is happening? Who do we fear and if that is the suggestion why did we bid for this toxic event?

Ever since we prevailed in our bid for the 2012 Olympics the British people have been betrayed. The sale of tickets became a commercial enterprise. The building of the Olympic village and the stadium still reaks of sleaze particularly when it comes to its disposal. Everything has been arranged behind closed doors and clearly under the auspices of Lord Seb Coe huge profits have been concluded.

All of my life I have loved the Olympics. I have loved the ultimate competition and celebrated all of our medals. Suddenly, typically our sleazy, Political Class have achived the ultimate... they have actually turned me off. Why should I bid for tickets when all the corporate bodies had already been allocated the very tickets that I wanted?

Why should I bid for tickets for minority events which frankly do not interest me? Those people who naively submitted their credit card details for something that they didn't want will now find themselves spectators to uninteresting activities. They are being used to fill up the empty spaces. 

Sorry but if they really believe that we may need Ground to Air missles to defend the Olympic Games then I will watch on the telly! 

Saturday, 12 November 2011

An Art Attack!

Eleanor Cardozo
I am not an avid art connoseur but like most men in the street I know what I like and I most certainly know what I don't like. Some of the horror shows that pose as art are ridiculous and at every opportunity the 'arting' fraternity seem to prefer controversy to talent. So when I saw the snippet below penned today in the Daily Mail by their irrascible columnist Quentin Letts I sat up and took notice.

Give this sculptor a gold medal

Could the London Olympics have found better artists for its posters than Britart splodgers Tracey Emin and Martin Creed? Sculptor Eleanor Cardozo spent months imploring the Games’s organisers to give her a chance. She received ‘over 100’ letters of rejection.

The Russians had better taste. Miss Cardozo, 45, has now been hired to create scores of works for their Olympics team, some of which will be displayed in London.

As this example of her work shows, Miss Cardozo is an unfashionable exponent of classical figurative line.

She never stood a chance with the trendy-art loonies down at the London Olympics!

Too diplomatic to slag off Emin and Co., she simply says: ‘It sometimes seems that in London all you have to do is produce something provocative or disgusting and you are famous.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2060461/Holding-mirror-political-cronies.html#ixzz1dW7sHyXN

I immediately googled Ms Cardozo to see her interpretation of art and found her homepage. Mr Letts describes the London Olympics organising committee as 'trendy-art loonies' and I have to agree. The pieces crafted by Ms Cardozo are beautiful and how they could turn down this talent in favour of the grubby crap produced by people like Tracey Emin cannot be defended. Lunacy really is the only word!

Your new Prime Minster is...?

It never ceases to amaze me how the Eurocrats dispense with democracy at every available opportunity. In the very rare event that people are consulted on the question of the EU then a 'No' vote is ignored and another referendum arranged so that the 'right' result can be 'arranged'.

So when the elected Greek PM decided to consult the people on the austerity measures being imposed on his country one could almost hear the shrieks of horror from Brussels. Inevitably he had to leave office so one would presume that an election for his successor would be held. Election? (more shrieks!) Oh no the Greeks were presented with an unelected eurocrat appointed to ensure that everyone did as they were told. What has amazed me is that the Greeks who will violently riot at the drop of a hat seem to have accepted this situation.

So let's swim across the Ionian Sea and drop in on Italy. We have the same situation there only a lot bigger. Their PM is a mate of Tony Blair so clearly his CV is dodgy and because he had presided over a massive financial mess he too is being pushed out (allegedly). So cue elections? Not on your nelly duff as eurocrat number two is being prepared to guide Italy through their austerity measures.

So it got me thinking what would happen if the UK went bust and the EU decided to remove David Cameron and replace him? Who would be the best candidate? No point in holding elections because all three parties agree with each other so that would be a waste of time. We could bring back Gordon Brown but there is one drawback ...unbelievably he was actually elected back into Westmonster! He never attends but who cares?

So who else who doesn't stand for election but is crooked enough to support the EU. I know we have one outstanding candidate. Step forward Peter Mandelson a man who had to resign from high office twice, a man who routinely courts Russian oligarchs and a man who apparently made a fortune during his time as an EU commissar.

Nobody in the UK would ever vote for him so he would be perfect...
and he even has the right initials!! I know the idea is ludicrous but that is what has happened in Greece and is likely to happen in Italy. Suddenly democracy has disappeared and that is why you will never get a referendum.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Poppy Day

We the British people will honour our dead on Sunday. It is part of our culture, something so revered that it has become sacred because almost everyone knows someone who has been killed in the service of this country.

We, the indigenous population, are accutely aware of the importance of 'Remembrance Day' but what about the incomers? Do they recognise that, when on Sunday, a procession of heroes walk past the Cenotaph, what that parade represents? It represents our heritage, our values and our culture. Sunday is OUR day it is the day that nobody can deny.

So step forward the insignificant, pathetic, rabble rousing, pitiful muslims (small letter) who think that they can disrupt us honouring our dead. I cannot think of a Home Secretary in the past what 20 years that has been worthy of the title but at least this one has declared that any disruption of Sunday cannot be tolerated. I just hope that when these characters decided to burn something and shout something then some police officer will step forward and cuff them!

Yeah right! We all know that nothing will happen. It is a disgrace that even our Remembrance Day cannot be respected!

The European Union...but can you blame me?

Everyone who has ever passed this blog knows that for over three years I have criticized and denograted the efforts by some leading members of the EU to lead us into the promised land! The EU has corrupted every aspect of our national values and is determined to banish democracy into the wilderness.

Nothing about the EU is democratic. The only people who have any real power are the commissioners and I don't think any of them have been elected. Most of them have been appointed like 'Baroness' Cathy Ashton who picked up a NoLab peerage on her way to being our most important politician despite the fact that none of us have ever voted for her.

So is anyone surprised that the people who have formed this toxic liaison have actually buggered it all up. Greece is bust...there are questions about well...Ireland, Portugal, Spain, France and even the UK!! However the most imminent economy under the spotlight belongs to Italy.

Now let's not mince words...Italy!? Italy is a huge economy...it would take an absolute genius to spend Italy into a financial catastrophe! What on earth were the worlds' bankers doing lending Italy and Greece so much money that they would eventually go broke?

It would now appear that every mainstream politician in Western Europe has been an ignorant and irresponsible t**t. All of them have been incapable of responsible government...except Angela Merkel. So why is Germany the only responsible government in western Europe? What is different about Germany? Which country has been behind the EU from the start? Which country has retained a huge manufacturing base? Which country appears to have control of the banks?

You see I just don't believe that all these countries have spent their way into oblivion unless it was engineered. I have always suspected that dirty work inside the EU was afoot and the efforts of Gordon Brown and his NoLab cohorts to ruin our economy backed up my feeling. He knew what he was doing and he also knew that he would not be facing a judge so who was protecting him? Who allows these politicians to spend the wealth of their country so wildly that they end up trillions in debt?

I do not believe that they were all that idiotic so on this scale it must have been a massive conspiracy. I just wonder what the ultimate aim of these people will turn out to be?


Tuesday, 8 November 2011

When thieves fall out!

Brodie Clark, national head of the UK Border Force, visited North Shields Ferry Terminal and Newcastle Airport
Brodie Clark
Ooops I have just got the impression that the keich (Glaswegian expression) has just hit the fan! We have two groups of the Political Class who suddenly find themselves in opposition. We have, on the one side a female Home Secretary who seems desperate to carry out the aims of  her boss (The PM) and as such has suspended the head of the UK Border Force, because he exceeded his authority.

Now the aforesaid Brodie Clark is fighting back apparently for unfair dismissal. This is the first chink in the armour of the Political Class that I can recall. I cannot remember a case of a Civil Servant taking on a Cabinet Member but you know what they say. When thieves fall out the secrets come tumbling out. Game On!

UPATE: It is on Newsnight now and the battalions are taking sides. Keith Vaz of all people is representing the government and they have a guy from the quaintly termed 'First Peoples Service' representing Brodie Clark! It is a a very strange throwback to the famous TV programme 'Yes Prime Minister'! What a problem for David Cameron. Things are falling apart but then they always do when all the leading people are living a lie.

NHS - Complaints!

This is one for the locals who pop in and out of this blog! I read today in the Daily Mail that they had compiled a league table to record the number of complaints against the behaviour and attitude of nursing staff members in NHS hospitals.

Top of the table, way out in front, was LEICESTER ROYAL INFIRMARY who racked up 275 complaints in 2010!! Now why am I not surprised at that? When my wife and I were on a short break my daughter marched in and was so concerned about the condition of my 93 year old mother that she discharged her and took her home! Not one person asked why!? That was after one nurse took her to the toilet (she was recovering from a fractured hip) and left her in there. She was only released after a passing catering lady heard her tapping SOS on the toilet door!! Well done the Royal this was an award richly deserved.

Oh and by the way Leicester General climbed to 8th in the league. Not bad considering the number of NHS hospitals in the country. Perhaps we should be looking at who is training these people.

Monday, 7 November 2011

The 2012 Olympics

I am almost incandescent with rage! Now that takes something special because at my age rage should really be avoided. Rage causes stress and stress for the elderly is a condition which must be avoided at all times. So what has brought me to this critical point of my life and I will direct you towards the Olympic Games.

I am an avid sports fan. No that is too mild because I am almost obsessive about sport. I am even more obsessive about the Olympics because I have glued myself to the television at every Olympic Games since... well I remember watching the 1948 London Olympics at the cinema with my Dad.

So when we 'won' the Olympics for 2012 I was pleased. At my age I was probably too old to apply for tickets but nevertheless I thought it was good for my country. Then the jiggerypokery began! Lord Seb Coe who was a magnificent athlete and a dreadful person led the British bid and in my opinion was, for the public, the worst person possible and for the Political Class, the epitome of their dreams! 

Under his leadership a more corrupt scheme for the allocation of tickets could not have been devised. What was left over was offered to the public and to get any kind of ticket they had to register a credit card and had no idea what kind of ticket they would obtain!

I mean can you imagine this happening in any other walk of life? You will pay up front but you do not know what ticket for what event you will achieve. It was a nonsense and two thirds of the public didn't get anything at all and that included parents, friends, advisors, coaches or personal sponsors. I could not believe what was happening but then where were the good tickets going? What was happening to the 'golden' tickets  and now we know.

For months we have seen corporate bodies advertising Olympic tickets as prizes for their sleazy competitions. Now today the crunch has been uncovered. OUR GOVERNMENT spent three quarters of a million pounds of OUR money in securing the BEST tickets for government supporters, civil servants, quango queens and well anyone who is in 'the club'.

They defend their scandalous corruption by declaring that these government officials will 'pay' for their tickets! Oh goody so these servants of the proletariat will actually pay for the 'golden' tickets but who will monitor that? Who will ensure that the 'club' members actually pay for the very best Olympic tickets or will we through our taxes ensure that the most corrupt people in our society get the best seats?

How long are we going to put up with this utter  corruption?They are spitting on us the public and they don't care. They have corrupted the Olympic Games and no matter what happens now they have corrupted and ruined the 2012 Olymic Games. Only our Political Class could achieve that. The trumpeting of the journey of the Olympic torch will never diminish the scandal of the distribution of the tickets!

Saturday, 5 November 2011


Brodie Clark, national head of the UK Border Force, visited North Shields Ferry Terminal and Newcastle Airport
Brodie Clark

I have often blogged about the immigration scandal mainly because, even at a low level, I witnessed the lunacy which posed as government policy.

When I gained employment within that system (1999) I could not believe how chaotic it was. The Home Office had allowed literally thousands of files on prospective immigrants to build up until the 'system' was unmanageable. I remember thinking that this was no accident because any senior civil servant could have sorted it.

I then witnessed at all levels such mind blowing incompetence that I came to the conclusion that it had to be deliberate. Someone, somewhere and it had to be a conspiracy was pulling strings to flood the country with immigrants.

Now comes the news that the Head of the UK Border Force and three other senior officials have been suspended from duty for allegedly  dismantling our immigration border checks. They even abandoned the checks which keep the public safe from terrorist suspects!

This could be a great day for British democracy because once the most important of these criminals has been uncovered then surely the police can work down the line asking why subordinates had not questioned actions which must be considered treasonable. Then they can investigate all those who supported Mr Clarks' promotions for the past 20 years and eventually we could, if we have the political will, unmask all those who have created the immigration racket that has changed the face of most of our large cities.

I suspect that the list will be endless and highly embarrassing and then we will have to find a justice system to deal with it. Do we have one? In my opinion Brodie Clark deserves a very, very nasty fate for crimes that are indescribable. He should never see the light of day again!

Friday, 4 November 2011

A European Mess!

I have been posting for well over three years that the European Union was a corrupt mess. The longer that I have been shouting from the rooftops the worse it has got. There is nothing that will make me retract one word because we have only been allowed to remain a member because we pay in such huge sums.

I have written before that I know nothing of the intricacies of international finance so I cannot understand why almost every country attached to the EU is in a parlous financial state. How is it that countries like Greece, Ireland, Spain, Italy and Portugal have all been allowed to rack up such debt?

I read today that Greece is almost on the verge of being kicked out of the EU (lucky Greece!) and the Italian debt is so vast that there is not enough money in Europe to service it! What? How on earth can these eurocrats have allowed that to happen? I asked the same question when Gordon Brown seemingly with intent drove the economy of the UK into the ground.

Why are they not in jail? How can anyone be allowed to mismanage the accounts of a nation, to the extent that they cannot meet their debts? These were not poor nations. They collected vast sums from public taxes and yet a group of politicians clearly have gone out of their way to destroy their nations. It is tantamount to treason.

All these nations were doing fine until the EU came along. It is only since they created this behemoth that the problems have arrived. They tell us that if we resigned from the EU our trade would suffer but how come with the advantage of this huge internal market the member states are all broke (except Germany)? How is it that we are not all trading with each other and ignoring goods from China, India, Japan and Brazil?

That may be naive but everyone knows that the only reason that cheap goods arrive from these emerging super powers is the cheap labour. Come to think of it why are we still bunging them foreign aid? I reckon that a fairly, honest man in the street with half a brain and no 'agendas' could turn any of these countries around!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Police

I am becoming increasingly concerned about the actions of our police. We used to wonder how the people tolerated the actions of forces like the Stasi, the Volkspolizei or even the Gestapo for that matter but increasingly the actions of our law enforcement officers are causing concern.

Today in the Daily Mail (as ever) they report outlandish behaviour of the police  and of course nobody is culpable, Nobody is punished and nobody loses their jobs.

This comes hard on top of a report that hundreds of police who have been guilty of misconduct are being allowed to resign in order to retain their pensions.

Then we have reports that some police in the United States are also guilty of behaviour which is contrary to any semblance of lawful regulation. Watch their behaviour...they are out of control and we in a democratic society cannot countenance this behaviour. An innocent woman was forcibly stripped by a mixed force! It could be any of us and they always predict that what happens in the States soon appears on our streets.

We must be aware that the police should be accountable to the public not to the politicians. They are absent from the streets. Criminality is rife. Where are they when the thieves are able to desecrate war graves for metal? Where are they when our kids cannot walk the streets safely? Where were they when the riots occurred? Clearly we, the general public, have been abandoned to any fate which might just happen to us.

Beware folks...we are rapidly becoming the Soviet Union/East Germany and nobody in Westmonster is challenging it!!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The European Union

What a laugh! They stitch up everyone and then one rogue member decides to consult the people. What!? Consult the bloody people? What the hell have they got to do with it? We are politicians and we never consult the people...we routinely lie to them, particularly at election time, but we never represent them.

Don't get me wrong, the Greek President has no chance of implementing his referendum on the brand new EU plan to save their currency (ie beg the Chinese for money) He will be bullied and battered (just like the Irish were) and as usual the EU bullies will win. It is however another example of their desperation to keep the public under control.

Nothing will change, we will all eventually go to hell in a handcart to save the EURO but at least we are seeing the lengths that 'Merkozy' will go to hold onto power. The Greeks are the most militant of our European 'partners'. They are also the most exposed to world finance. Membership of the EU has been a disaster for the Greeks. I wonder if they will realise it.

One final thought... the Footsie  responded positively to the original EU plan...it didn't take long for them to get back to normal. The professionals know that 'Merkozy' preside over a disaster zone which unfortunately will eventually change all our lives.   


The indigenous population in this country have quietly witnessed a huge immigration scam organised by the socialists some ten years ago which has changed the face of many of our large cities. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants have been allowed into the country unchecked and unmonitored. For five years I worked at an Asylum Appeals Centre and I was staggered not only by the numbers involved but also how so many people centred around the Home Office were committed to maintaining the flow. These people included senior civil servants, politicians, judges and educationalists.

The flow continues and it will be no surprise to discover that no attempt has ever been made to round up illegals and send them home. Only the BNP have ever promised to tackle the problem and yet all these people are clogging up the systems that the British pay for through their taxes.

They are filling our houses, schools, hospitals and prisons and still they are allowed to pour into the country through the many loopholes created by the Home Office. The largest appears to be the student visa scam where anyone can apply and nobody bothers to check the validity of the application. Pay the money and you are a 'student'.

At long last Sir Andrew Green the Chairman of 'Migration Watch' has launched an E-Petition aimed at giving the people a voice on the problem. I really do not know how effective this will be but if we don't sign it we can't complain when our kids are disadvantaged by a torrent of incomers. You can sign it here.