Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Lessons from Wythenshawe and Sale East

When we study the results of our most recent By-Election one thing becomes very clear.  The real winner was 'None-of-the Above' because 72% of the electorate stayed at home.  This is actually a shocking indictment on our politicians because the verdict on them is that they are not worthy of our time.

It also means that yet another Labour politician has joined the long list of people living off the public purse even though only about 15% of the electorate voted for him.  I have written about this before because how low does the turnout have to fall before the result is declared null and void.

The answer to that is, 'it won't happen' because most of our current politicians have no shame.  In particular low turnouts are advantageous to the main parties who can still rely on postal votes and activists to get some of the people to the polling stations.  The 'doubters', the people who could change all of this, still believe that, by not voting, they are registering a protest.

It is not working and it will never work.  To protest one has to vote against the system which is strangling and destroying the identity of this country.  It is the only peaceful weapon that the public has left.  We must sweep them from power which means electing sufficient 'independent' politicians to get us out of the EU and bring back power to the people.

If we cannot convince sufficient people by 2015 to vote AGAINST a corruption which is becoming endemic in politics then we will get what we deserve.  The apathetic and ignorant masses most of whom have been educated by the mainstream news media to accept a facade of so-called respectability cannot be bothered to seek the truth. 

They are by and large content to sit at home and believe the tissue of lies spewing from their television sets and from the pages of their newspapers.  It is only when tragedy strikes that the real aims of our political class will emerge.  Everyone accepts that the recent rains have been exceptional but the flooding has been assisted by government malevolence.  The folly of ceasing to dredge the rivers and clear the drains has come home to roost.  It was always more important to send cheques to African despots!


Anonymous said...

People don't want the truth Bryboy, they want to be told what they want to hear...which is fine for the status quo, because all three cheeks of the same arse party will do exactly that, tell them what they want to hear.

Tell them the truth and they look at you aghast, like you're some bloody alien being, they don't want to hear the truth from the likes of Farage, its too distressing.

I really think deep down that most people know the whole political scene is a sham, with greasy snake oil salesmen flogging their worthless wares, but they're happy with that.

They will hear the lies in the party broadcasts, they'll soak up the spin the bought and paid for media peddles for their paymasters, and then tribal like they'll go out and vote for the one party state to continue, you couldn't make it up.

Farage, and your good self and others who are still able to think independantly will tell them the truth, it frightens them, they are like lost little children, they need to be cosseted and told fairy tales.

The most amazing thing, that i can't fathom about all this, is that they will vote yet again for the same traitors who have lied and led them into the toilet for the past 30 odd years, whilst feathering their own nests Blair style, and they'll, yet again, expect a different result.

Its bloody lunacy, turkeys voting for Christmas time and time again.



bryboy said...

I could not put it better myself. Judd, you have hit the nail right on the head. In general the public are scared of the truth. If they allow themselves to believe the blindingly obvious their worlds will crumble.
What I do not understand is why Farage is not more strident? Perhaps he does not want to scare people off. His softly softly catchee monkey approach is making progress. I just wish people would start voting and not stop voting. If only half the 'none of the aboves voted UKIP they would landslide every constituency in the country.