Monday, 30 April 2012

Accountability within the Justice System

We are regularly informed by the mainstream media that career criminals who are apprehended by the police are routinely granted bail and then released to continue their criminal practices. There seems to be no rhyme or reason behind granting bail to violent criminals but when things go wrong and members of the public are assaulted or killed as a result nobody is accountable.

Recently the police arrested a career criminal who had been sentenced to 8 years in 2004 for stabbing a householder during a burglary. He had been arrested, wait for it, for a sexual offence and assault but the had also been charged with theft, trespass and possession of cannabis! How on earth does someone decide that this person is safe to be on the streets? Clearly he is a danger to the public and of course he was because now he is being hunted suspected of committing two murders.

So who made the decision? What were his/her reasons? Will he/she ever again be allowed to grant bail to anyone after such cataclysmic errors of judgement? The answer is that whoever made the decision cannot be held accountable. We don't know who they are and very likely they are making the same decisions today.

Until someone brings back justice to the justice system then this country will continue on the downward spiral into an abyss. The criminal club which today includes the perpetrator, the police and the legal profession (but rarely the victims) appears to flourish across the land with criminals being given every benefit of the doubt imaginable. Will anyone challenge it? Don't hold your breath!

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Missiles on the Rooftops?

Today I heard that Londoners had been warned to expect ground to air missiles on some of their rooftops! Is this for real? What are the government scared of? Are they really using the Olympics to scare the 'Bejasus' out of the rest of us? They are spending a small fortune of taxpayer's money protecting the Political Class but guided missiles?

I have said it often. We are an island nation. Nobody should enter this country without the knowledge of the authorities. They themselves conspired to weaken our natural defences for political gain. Do they really expect North Korea, Iran or Pakistan to launch a missile at the Olympic Games? 

If they are expecting an attack from within then we have only ourselves to blame. The people did not import terrorism, the people did not declare war in the middle east and there was a time when we only fought wars to defend ourselves or our colonies. 

I hope that I am wrong. I really hope that I am wrong but I foresee an Olympic disaster. I just do not know what will occur. I have always been an Olympic fanatic and that is probably why I hate the way that these Games have been hijacked for profit. The public will pay and a few will profit. I just hope everyone will be safe. Time will tell.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Our Borders and the Olympics!

It is all coming home to roost. The travesty that we have all known for years that our borders were deliberately made as porous as possible now threatens the Olympic Games. The Political Class, in their quest to swamp the UK with undesirables, have seriously undermined the Border staff. Clearly they cannot cope but now it is about to have an adverse effect on their beloved Olympics. 

I believe that we are hopelessly ill equipped to deal with the influx of the numbers about to descend on the UK. Unless they reverse years of neglect very quickly they cannot possibly cope. I suspect that London cannot hope to cope. The transport system is inadequate for every day use so what happens when the world arrives?

For the sake of the athletes who have trained so hard for so long I really hope that the Political Class will forget their malign agenda and their quest for profit and produce a memorable Olympics. The problem is that it has been organised in such a cack-handed fashion that too many people have been left disappointed and disillusioned. Many volunteers have been rejected for no discernible reason.

I only know two people who have received the tickets that they wanted and they are interested in a rather minority sport...volleyball I believe.  Nobody else bothered for a variety of reasons. Travel is expensive and unreliable, hotels are expensive and unaccommodating and crime is rife in the capital. We just do not see police on the streets and immigration has changed the capital into an unrecognisable and alien society.

I will always hold my hands up and apologise when I am wrong but the portents for these 'Lord Coe' millionaire's bonanza are acute. Apparently Spain has returned huge numbers of tickets, the football is seriously under-subscribed and I suspect at the last minute huge numbers of unsold tickets will suddenly appear on the market where they should have been in the first place.

Everything has been mishandled. Here in Loughborough we have a world class, renowned Bell Foundry that we are proud of and they bid for the production of the Olympic Bell. They lost to a London based company who then sub contracted the production of the bell to a Dutch company because...they could not produce it locally! Now forgive me but...surely Lord Coe (who in his heyday studied and trained at our local university) and our local MP, Nicky Morgan, could have verified that the winner of this prestigious contract were capable of making the bell in the country hosting the Olympics? 

Companies associated with the UK seem to have been systematically ignored when bidding for Olympic contracts. It is typical of the 'modernisation' lobby that at every turn the ethnic UK  businesses are either being ignored or sold off. Am I wrong? Tell me if that is not true. In my opinion these Olympics have been sullied by politicians and the public know it.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Town Hall Fat Cats!

I have often posted about the inflation of local government salaries which in recent years have gone through the roof at the same time that services are being cut countrywide. Today I noticed that the Taxpayer's Alliance had published their Town Hall Rich List for 2012 so I had a quick look at Charnwood Borough Council and I am outraged!

Charnwood is not a large area really. It comprises Loughborough and a few surrounding Leicestershire villages so I was amazed to discover that we fund 12 council officials all of whom are paid over £100,000! Top of the heap is the Chief Executive who has a salary package of £122,000 but that is not all. Two senior officers, The Director of Development and the Director of Partnerships and Customer Services had salary increases last year of over 96%!! They already earned over £82,000 in 2010 so now they are earning over £160,000. This at a time when they have closed public toilets in the town and allowed local brooks to silt up.

I cannot imagine any other walk of life when officials (public servants) would be granted a doubling of their salary in one year. My anger is reserved for the useless councillors we have elected because they are the protectors of the public purse locally. They must have sanctioned these increases and then hidden it from the public. 

I then turned my attention on County Hall (Leicestershire County Council). They have been cutting services and laying people off for years. They have a Chairman who is serving under suspicion of fraudulent activity and refuses to resign but it takes 29 members of staff with salaries in excess of £100,000 to administer Leicestershire! The Chief Executive earns £230,000! 

Once again Councillors who should be protecting the public purse are engaged in a charade. Nobody in local government should be earning more than the Prime Minister. This is Leicestershire it is not Surrey or Berkshire!

I get the impression that Town Hall government has descended into the abyss and we allow it. The job titles are deliberately nebulous obscuring the functions that these people undertake. It is a farce and once again stems from an unhealthy association with Brussels. Visit the Town Hall Rich List and see what you are paying for and then you will be armed the next time a councillor comes knocking on your door asking for your vote!

The Leveson Inquiry (continued)

I did suggest in my last post that if you inconvenience the Murdochs then you may pay the penalty. So after almost a full day when James Murdoch appeared to lose his memory at a remarkably young age we are left with a Culture Secretary being encouraged to resign by a the leadership of a politically opportunistic Labour Party. Did we ever expect anything else? One thing about modern politics and the Labour party is that, after 13 years of disaster, they grab every opportunity to attack the opposition.

Don't ever however, ask them to put forward a concrete proposal which would benefit the electorate. Yesterday Ed Miliband was given such an opportunity on SKY news and replied that he would wait for the next election before presenting any sort of manifesto. Clearly he has no beliefs, no passion and no conviction. The name of the game is power.

But back to the Leveson Inquiry...who is Jeremy Hunt? When Vince Cable was sacked (for showing off to two young, attractive female journalists) from his quasi-judicial position of deciding on a billion pound media deal involving the Murdochs he was replaced by one Jeremy Hunt. I had never heard of him so I wondered why he had been selected for this controversial position.

Now it has become evident that he already had a slant on the deal. The Murdochs have released a stream of EMails which appear to suggest that Mr Hunt was on 'their' side. Why they have done it is still a mystery to me.  So who appointed Mr Hunt? Now that is the conundrum because the PM appointed him and has he not got form where News International is concerned? This is beginning to smell and the smell is drifting ever closer to Downing Street. At some point somebody might just start to join up the lines and link Brooks, Coulson, Murdoch, Cameron, Hunt, Blair, Brown etc etc!

Labour cannot deny their links with the Murdochs. We are beginning to see the cracks in the web of corruption. There is of course one person who has presided at the heart of these years of political decadence who never gets drawn into the spotlight. The Head of the Civil Service, Gus O'Donnell, always stays out of the limelight and yet he spins the web. I wonder when someone will call him before the Leveson Inquiry?

Monday, 23 April 2012

The Leveson Enquiry

On Wednesday I intend to watch SKY News when Rupert Murdoch and son James attend the Leveson Inquiry. The recent revelations from other sources means that they will be unable to get away with their normal 'bullshit'. They know that they have been rumbled so will they now attack? Will they begin to threaten? News International must have so much 'dirt' on so many people but will they expose, or threaten to expose, leading public figures?

There has been so much hypocrisy, mendacity and duplicity in modern politics that it is becoming difficult to recognise honesty. All the mainstream politicians lack sincerity, belief and passion. They do not communicate their beliefs because most of them don't have any. There only belief is power. It does not matter how it is achieved because it is the only goal.

This has led to the Leveson Inquiry. We have seen them all paraded forward. Many of them have been economical with the truth but piece by piece the truth is slithering into the public zone. Phone hacking was not the practice of the odd journalist, editors were aware of this method of obtaining information and senior police officers were regularly entertained by News International.

So my starter for 10 Mr Murdoch is ....who could you not buy?

Is the EU on the Point of Collapse?

The people are speaking at every opportunity all across Europe. They have at long last  realised the damage that the European Union has been doing to every national economy with their ridiculous euro. Already Portugal, Italy Greece, Spain and Ireland are facing severe hardship and now the people of Holland and France are opposing austerity measures and embracing nationalism.

It is the same old story whenever the elite socialists manage to coerce power. Their philosophies cannot match good economic principle because all they ever want to do is to spend money that they have not got in order to enslave the people. There is never a hint of enterprise, never a hint of good practice; just a slavish acceptance that they must adhere to their socialist dogma.

I have constantly blogged for a few years now that this EU is doomed to fail. History repeats itself and history has always shown that socialism is a flawed principle. Even my grandfather, a passionate early member of the first Independent Labour Party, realised that his beliefs were not achievable.

How on Earth our main stream politicians can divorce themselves from reality escapes me. Even dyed in the wool, paid up EU servants like George Osborne and David Cameron must by now realise that they must plan an exit strategy. If the Chancellor goes ahead with his £10 billion 'loan' to the IMF to prop up the euro then it will only prove that he is either delusional or obeying orders. 

Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Home Office Mandarins!

During my time with the Asylum Appeals Service ( not the real title but it changes frequently) I regularly came into contact with the Home Office. From the very first day that I was appointed it was clear to us all that the Home Office was not fit for purpose. They were allowing the importation of people from all over the world and they were concealing the scale of it.

On our induction course we were informed that the backlog of files awaiting our attention was nine time the area of our car park! Immigration files had been hidden in as many cupboards as the Home Office mandarins could find. Some had even been dumped in  containers parked in lay-bys and then forgotten. When I read the files of the incomers I soon believed that Home Office officials were touring the globe encouraging waves of immigrants to take advantage of a system designed to favour them.

In the late 1990's and the early years of the twenty first century every man and his dog were given leave to enter the UK. On top of that the illegals were allowed access from any port that they favoured. When they were caught they were just told to report to an office in Croydon which almost had a welcome mat at the entrance. No effort was ever made to deport them. The occupation of the UK had clearly been sanctioned by the Home Office and they conducted it like a well rehearsed orchestra.

Fast forward to 2012 and the Home Secretary has just been embarrassed by the very same Home Office mandarins (and of course she is not the first). They have been orchestrating the social engineering that is changing our country and now they have just stitched up their boss! Can you believe that they persuaded poor, deluded Theresa May to stand up in the House of Commons and announce that we were deporting Abu Khatada and then announce that they had miscalculated the date!!!   

Of course he can now appeal and he will be set free which of course is the agenda of the Home Office. These senior civil servants control the country. They are referred to as the 'Sir Humphreys' but I would bet that they all have close links to the EU and Common Purpose. In PM's Question Time this week the PM ducked a question from one of his own backbenchers about the power of the Home Office mandarins. He dismissed it all too readily because he knew that it was aimed at the heart of his deception.

It is now obvious that the mandarins rule the politicians and so our vote means nothing. It matters not how you vote because the mandarins will rule as they always have. The hilarious BBC comedy  programme 'Yes Prime Minister' is actually not so funny now that it is reality! 

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Jack Straw

Jack Straw
Jack Straw MP
I have always believed that the nadir of British Politics in the past thirty years were the Blair days. Tony Blair and his 'kitchen cabinet', in my opinion, corrupted parliament. They bypassed the constituency MP and then misled parliament.  Subsequent events have illustrated that the 'Blair Years' were the years that ruined the country and led to the problems that we have today. He alone introduced the European Human Rights Act and quietly he was beavering away to ensure that the European Union and Common Purpose would be entrenched before most of us were aware of the problem.

In the midst of the 'Blair Years' one or two men were constant. Chief of these were Jack Straw and John Prescott. I would almost guarantee that these two have never batted for Britain in their lives. Jack Straw knew that his existence as an MP depended on the Muslim vote in Blackburn.

So I am ecstatic that one of the leaders of the rebel forces in Libya, Abdel Hakim Belhadj, is suing Jack Straw, a former Foreign Secretary, for having him abducted and tortured. At that time nobody could have possibly thought that Colonel Ghaddafi would be deposed and disposed. I hope that it means that good old Jack has to appear in court on oath. If he does then will he not have to implicate the then PM Tony Blair because if Jack was doing the good Colonel a favour surely good old Tony would also be complicit?

Many of us believe that one day justice will catch up with these people. It is extraordinary that their demise should emanate from their rabid attempt to court a tyrant. It should have come from us the people but we would always have been stitched up. I just wonder who will be appointed to judge the case? I bet the search is on for someone who can be persuaded to be non neutral!

I suspect that the trial of Jack Straw will be very illuminating!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Is UKIP on the Move?

I have long since lost faith in the accuracy of the prediction polls. I have never been asked my opinion on any election and a random straw poll of my friends and relatives confirms that nobody else has been canvassed for their opinion prior to an election.  So the news that UKIP has stolen ONLY 10% of the people who voted Conservative at the election comes as a surprise.

All over the blogosphere I see people defecting from the Conservative party. The Tory grass roots have lost faith in David Cameron and his europhile, socialist supporting Cabinet. I therefore suspect that the defections are considerably higher than being reported. The people are waking up! They thought that they were getting rid of Gordon Brown and his loony left and have discovered that they have just elected a different version. NONE of the promises of the Tory election manifesto have been followed up.

I admit that the British electorate are complacent and to be honest, not well educated, but most of them still have inherent decency. It is almost impossible to destroy centuries of tradition by indecent government. The people still know that rule from the European Union is indecent. They recognise as each day passes that our society is under attack. There is never any good news. 

The students pay too much for their 'education' and cannot get jobs. British companies are being sold off. We cannot even harness the mass of water which falls on our country! We are famous world wide for our inclement weather and yet we now have a drought scenario. 

Our justice system has degenerated into a joke where those prisoners who have eventually deserved a prison sentence are treated better than our elderly who have paid their taxes all their lives and in many cases fought for the country.

Some hospitals are allowed to treat their patients with contempt. Medical care has never been better but compassion is at an all time low not only in the NHS but also in companies charged with caring for the elderly and infirm in their own homes. The profiteering from care for the elderly is a national scandal as each 'carer' is 'timed' and 'managed' until they no longer care or can care.

We must return to traditional British values. We can only do that if we vote for a body of people who campaign on traditional British values. We have tried the union funded and driven Labour party who had 13 years to ruin the country and probably succeeded. 

We then returned to the Tories who in the 1990's we could not get rid of soon enough and so far they have demonstrated that they are incapable of joined up government. They have actually abandoned every one of their core manifesto promises. Every promise that they made which gained them 'a share' of government have been abandoned.

The LibDems are worse! They are communists in disguise. They are much further to the left than the Oxford educated toffs who lead the Labour party because they are so committed to the European Union and they actually want Moscow to reappear in Brussels which of course it has.

I cannot forecast the future. I have no crystal ball but I have my hopes. George Galloway played a trump card because he had researched the Muslim passion. We need an English Messiah. Someone who can carry the public into the next election on a wave of national hysteria (where is Princess Diana when you need her?) but more than that we need the public to recognise that the major parties are actually poison for most of us!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

An NHS without Compassion!

NHSRecent reports that patients are being released throughout the night from NHS hospitals and  being sent home without money or food highlights much of the problem that we public, have accepted from the politicians, without complaint.

There was a time when our hospitals were clean. There was a time when we knew without question that our doctors and nurses could speak English. We also knew that they were in their professions because they had a caring nature. They could be tough but underneath most of us knew that they cared for us.

During the last twenty years or more the NHS has suffered extensively from political interference. It is just as if it is being systematically stripped of public confidence. Scandal after scandal has emerged involving poor care and even poorer administration.  It now transpires that finance supercedes care in the NHS. What else can possibly motivate nursing staff to try and free up beds in the middle of the night?

I have been thinking about this for a long time. I have had quite a close relationship with the NHS and I have been treated well but then I am still confident and can articulate sufficiently well to represent myself.  If I was discharged in the middle of the night I would visit a hole in the wall and pop into Tesco's but then I can. What would happen if I did not have money in the bank?What would happen if I did not have immediate family?

What is lacking in the NHS is compassion. It has forgotten to care for the individual. Nurses now spend more time in front of a computer screen than they do talking to a patient. We do still have great nurses but we have far too many who do not care. They are lacking in compassion and compassion comes from within and cannot be taught.

Similarly if a person is going to work in a British hospital it is quite important that they have a GOOD knowledge of English. I don't just mean a working knowledge I mean a GOOD knowledge because you cannot communicate compassion if you don't know the words. 

Most of the patients who frequent the NHS are working class and many are elderly. They do not know how to handle someone who they cannot understand.  It comes back to compassion and now the NHS has lost compassion it has also lost its soul. I have no idea if it will ever return.

Friday, 13 April 2012

The Fire Service

Fire service changes 'a complete failure' - MPs
The Daily Mail this morning is carrying a story which typifies the attitude of the modern emergency services and is also the type of story which makes the public very angry.

Apparently a seagull had become entangled in a plastic bag and the Fire Service was informed. Some clown decided that this warranted the despatch of FIVE fire crews! Of course when they arrived at the scene the obligatory risk assessment had to be ascertained (after all they are only 'emergency' services) so 25 highly trained and highly paid fire crew stood around. 

It was so ridiculous that a local bird sanctuary volunteer donned a pair of waders walked out in three feet of water and rescued the gull. The repercussions on all concerned is immense. Who sent all those men and why? How much risk is attached to a fit fireman from three feet of water? Why are the crews being made to look cowardly and useless?

I think the public deserve some answers. I also believe that the cost of this mission should be surcharged to the senior officers who sanctioned it. I would also like to remind David Cameron that this is the type of activity that he promised to sort out once he became Prime Minister. No doubt that is is yet another election promise that will be conveniently so, so many others!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Do we need to march!?

As the people of the 'affluent' west continue to see their living standards eroded by corrupt politicians and bankers I begin to wonder how much the people will accept before they say 'I am fed up with this'! What will it take before the masses suddenly begin to understand that they have been totally ripped off by the New World Order? 

As the economies of countries like China, India and Brazil take off into the stratosphere the 'old guard' of world peace struggle to meet their debts. The people are being systematically impoverished. Old fashioned 'Law and Order', old fashioned 'Fairness', old fashioned 'Morality' have all been under attack from a silent and secret foe which is attacking the principles of 'Christianity'. 

So as a pawn in this power game what can I do? How can I retain a semblance of sanity when all round me I see devilment. I am not a 'believer' but I do recognise the difference between good and evil. The basic principles of Christianity has served us well for centuries. The ten commandments have always been the building blocks for any decent society. 

How far will we, the public, allow the elite to descend into the abyss before we say 'This is not right'? What will it take before we have to defend our children, our property and our meaningful lives from well almost any threat?  Who is protecting me from the foreign invasion? OK so far it is not a direct threat but look at the London riots last year when the police melted into the background.

How long will it be before the banks apologise for losing your money? How long will it be before your pensions cannot be honoured? What will it take before you realise that you have been screwed beyond your imagination and your life is valueless?

I know you will think that I am a nutter and I seriously hope that I am wrong but this is the direction into which we are heading. I know that you all believe that in our society it could not happen but I remember the 1950's. In those days we had never heard the word paedophile and all children played happily, without any parental control, in the parks and streets.

In those days many men went to work in a hard, physical, environment and brought home a regular, guaranteed, wage packet. Thousands had a camaderie that served us well in two World Wars. Mum stayed at home and was always on hand to stabilise the family. Loyalty was the code and if anyone broke that code then they were dishonoured. The only people who ever broke that code had money and attended universities like Oxford and Cambridge (and still do).

If anyone had told me that the society of the 1950's could have been dismantled to such an extent that by 2012 criminals could commit over 200 crimes before they were jailed I would have scoffed. As you know I could continue with many examples. So if I say to you that we must reverse this trend because if we don't then one day you will be forced to barter so that your family will avoid starvation would you listen? 

If you continue along these lines someone will steal your house. If we continue along these lines some of you will beg for water in a country that has more water descend on it than almost any in the planet. The directors of these public utility companies would prefer to take millions in bonuses than mend the leaks and you accept that!

If you continue to believe that you are in 'safe hands' and that the Queen is still your monarch then I am sorry but you will deserve all that you get. Angela Merkel has more authority than Elizabeth Windsor. Get used to it! If you don't like it then change it or at least challenge it. We are the public and we can change it and challenge it. We can do it in any which way that we want. We can switch on and do it through the ballot box or we can get real and do what we have to do. 

We pensioners have power but we just do not believe it. If you want to save the nation then we must only do one thing we must ....MARCH!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Ultimate Deception?

Who is He?
I don't quite know how to approach this because we are almost entering the realms of impossible fantasy. There is a campaign being mounted at the moment in the United States proclaiming that Barack Obama is a fraud. There is evidence to suggest that he is not eligible to be the President of the United States and that documentation that has been submitted to confirm his background is fraudulent.

The web site that breaks so many on the edge news stories has recently published this video which questions the President's background and credentials. If only a fraction of the speculation is accurate then the consequences are outrageous! I am advised that this story is about to become a major issue but you notice that it is not appearing in the mainstream media.

Surely a foreigner blagging his way to the Presidency is well...treason?  Apparently the few documents that the pursuers have been able to obtain regarding the background and history of the President have been forgeries; sometimes quite crude forgeries. What this video is stating is that Barack Obama was never eligible to stand because he does not fulfil the criteria according to their constitution.

I still cannot believe that anyone could aspire to such eminence without anyone checking his background. What is going on? I await the outcome with interest but can you believe the consequences if it is proven that he is a fraud? However, all will be well, because all he has to do is produce his birth certificate which of course will prove that he was eligible all along...won't it...?

Monday, 9 April 2012

The Boat Race and Protesting!

I am a great believer in legitimate protest. We have so much to protest about that I have difficulty condemning anyone who wants to display anger at our modern society. I cannot however support the guy ( I won't even name him) who ruined the spectacle of the university boat race.

Some events need to be sacrosanct or we will lose all perspective. In my opinion that also applies to the Olympics. There are a number of public events which cannot be policed. They are usually the events which rely on commitment and courage. The long walks, the marathons, the triathlons and the cycling immediately spring to mind.

It would be too easy to halt any of them and would achieve nothing apart from public anger. I have no qualms about invading Parliament, or bringing London to a standstill because that inconveniences the people who have caused the damage. I realise that it would also cause inconvenience to so many others who are only going about their business but...if we don't protest then the bankers and politicians will continue their pillage of the public accounts.

As you all know I personally believe that the Olympics have been destroyed on the cross of greed. Lord Seb Coe and LOCOS have probably made their personal fortunes out of the allocation of the tickets and the reallocation of the Olympic accommodation. That is down to them and I know what I would like to do to them!

But please don't blame the athletes. Do not ruin their one chance of glory. They train so hard to represent their country and they are unconcerned about politics. Seb Coe was allowed to win his gold medal and none of us knew what was in his heart. At the time we were only interested in what was in his legs. In my opinion the talent he had as an athlete has now been matched by his duplicity as a human being.

He wins gold medals on both accounts!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

How could this happen?

Everyday I learn more and everyday I fear for the future of my grandchildren. It would appear that, thanks to a nefarious collection of bankers and politicians, the financial system that we all depend upon is being wrecked from within. Major economies are systematically having their credit rating down graded because the financiers fear that the individual countries cannot meet their debts.

Recently France went down the tubes ( I won't even talk about Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain) but at least we always have the good old USA to prop up the western economies with their sound dollar...but do we?

I have just read an article which gave me the 'heebie jeebies' because it confirms the rumours that 'Uncle Sam' has been ruined by four years of Barack Obama and his mates in exactly the same way that Gordon Brown ruined the UK! Our PM always talks about the importance of our triple 'A' credit rating which is so important because it ensures that the financiers believe that our economy is stable and we can pay back our debts. 

Now comes the news that the United States has lost their AAA rating. That should be a huge story in the mainstream media but did you know? It gets worse because the USA lost it's AAA rating in July 2011 and the recent downgrading was from AA+ to AA!! Can you imagine that the United States is financially in the same state as Greece!!!

In reality, thanks to the policies and agenda of Barack Obama and his cohorts, the United States is skint. Read the report ....they are broke! So what does that mean for the world? When the USA cannot keep ahead of the arms race then someone will challenge them. That could lead to a World War. 

I fear the world is in a parlous state. There is little doubt that there has been a concerted effort from on high to rebalance the scales and reduce the 'comfort' of western European society. We have been invaded, our culture has been denigrated, our economy wrecked and   our military power reduced. It is so intentional and obvious but at the same time they have also dumbed down education and cushioned the 'unwashed' from reality.

The 'people' are being protected but the 'educated' are being attacked and destroyed. We 'the educated' do not have too many opportunities left to vote 'them' out of power. It may already be too late. Our next opportunity will be at the May local elections. It could be the last! One thing is for certain they are not telling us the truth. They dare not tell us the truth. The truth is extremely scary!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

I do not want to believe this?

I do not want to believe the article that I am about to post on here. I know nothing about the author or his origins but I only know that so much of it has the ring of truth. We are daily getting warnings from so many quarters that the bankers and the corporatocracies have become so greedy that they have 'corpsed' the financial system which we all have trust in.

The major western governments are so desperate to retain their hold on power that they are wasting billions on war and sacrificing thousands of lives. Our financial system is in disarray because we are printing money to meet our commitments. If we do not find another way of balancing the books then what is left? What can we trust? Who can we trust?

If you are a seriously minded individual read this article and then think about what is going on. We all know that it cannot continue in the same vein. It is crazy economics to allow the bankers to grant themselves these enormous bonuses. It is crazy economics to allow Town Hall fat cats their inflated salaries. It is crazy economics to give away a nation's wealth to countries who do not deserve or need it. It is crazy economics to grant millions every day to an unelected political union that the people do not want. 

I reckon we have very little time left to get rid of the Political Class who have corrupted the country. If we don't turn the tide then we will face the consequences. The Britain today is unrecognisable from the Britain that I grew up in. They are wrong and we are right so please use your vote wisely in the forthcoming local elections. Please do not endorse their nonsense! 

Are we ignoring something very important?

I am posting a clip which was sent to me by 'Before its News'. I am not a practising Christian but if I was I would be concerned. Now I know that in this modern day and age it is possible to make a point by clever editing. However we cannot deny that these events are occurring, one after the other and increasing in violence.

Many take place in the United States where almost any unusual event is immediately flashed onto televisions screens but what about the more remote areas in the world? What is not being reported from Asia, Africa or South America?

I wonder how some of you view this clip. The politicians create 'climate change' as a political scam but I notice they are not tackling climate violence! If this is, by any chance, a warning from above I just wonder what will happen to Tony Blair when he finally faces his creator!

Olympic Tickets

When someone like the father of Sir Chris Hoy is forced to complain about our leading cyclist's limited opportunity's to purchase tickets to allow his family to watch the cycling then you know that we have a problem. I have complained from the onset that the complex and unfair system was designed so that someone somewhere could cream off the best tickets.

Now it is becoming increasingly clear that these games will be tainted because many of the people who have supported, trained and encouraged our athletes will be unable to attent the events whilst others who are rich and socially connected will have access to events that they know nothing about. It is likely to have an effect on performance. Any sportsman knows that having the right people around you is a spur to greater achievement.

When greed and avarice is allowed to dictate a national event so that the people themselves cannot get involved in a fair and sporting manner then someone is to blame. Clearly the Political Class have manipulated these ticket sales to their own advantage and they will not be forgiven.

Friday, 6 April 2012

The People's Pledge

I am in touch with an organisation entitled 'The People's Pledge'. They are campaigning for a referendum on the European Union by organising a series of mini elections in a variety of areas throughout the country. Their first foray was held in Thurrock yesterday. Now I have to admit that I doubted their ability to coax the public from their normal lethargy but to my astonishment and to their credit they got almost 31% of the electorate in Thurrock to record a vote!

This was a magnificent achievement because some MPs have been elected on a lesser turnout. They also record that the sitting MP (majority of 92) or her Labour opponent would not engage with them during their campaign. That hardly surprises me because when push come to shove the mainstream politicians hate any involvement with public opinion. 

Today they published the result of their first campaign and many more are to follow. The result showed that 14,590 voters (89.9%) want a referendum on our membership of the European Union. That is a huge kick in the teeth for out mainstream 'modernisers' but then I am not surprised. We all know that membership of this undemocratic, contrived political union is wrong. It interferes with our own democratic process and contravenes our national law. The British people are now well aware that something is wrong.

We have suffered enough believing the lies and propaganda of the mainstream parties. We will soon have local elections. Please everyone send them a message that they will not be able to ignore. If you do not have a vestige interest in maintaining our membership of the EU then vote against it. Let us get our country back!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Frightening Pictures?

Islam in Britain
My link to the States educates me almost everyday. The trends and the reactions to life in the UK are very interesting. They regard some of the photos taken reflecting life in London as 'frightening' but we Brits have been educated to accept the 'frightening' as  just a few Muslims kicking off. The photos featured in this link do not appear in out mainstream media.

The only people who regularly rail against the Muslim incursion are people regarded as the extreme right. These people who are members of the British National Party (BNP) or the English Defence League (EDL) are closer to the problem than most of us. They are probably at the lower end of the social scale. I do not mean to be cruel but they are largely uneducated and are reacting to a situation which has been forced upon them by an uncaring government.

Almost unanimously they would, at one time, have voted for the worker's party the Labour Party (Democrat to you Americans). Today in the UK they are regarded as being further right wing than Genghis Khan but they are trying to protect their job prospects. Labour only has a bunch of 'geeky toffs' leading their worker's party these days.

So why do our friends in the States find photos of militant Muslims threatening violence to the public 'frightening'? Is that not normal behaviour? Do we here in the UK not have countless Muslim enclaves threatening our Christian lifestyle?

Apparently not, according to our 'Conservative' Home Secretary, Theresa May.  We threatened Brits, who are at war, cannot deport the worst of our terrorists back to Jordan because he may be tortured and that is against the European Human Rights Act! What planet is this misguided woman on? They have all become so politicised by their paymasters that they have lost the ability to think logically.

I would not mind that (well actually I would) but President Sarcozy of France does it all the time!  In Holland it is even worse! In areas of Rotterdam; Sharia Law is now an everyday occurrence.

 So my friends in the States, particularly 'Cousin' Conrad in Paducah Kentucky, you frankly do not have to be concerned. The Muslim people are peace loving and wish you no harm as long as you give them licence to build mosques on almost every street corner of your local block. Sleep well!

So much Water and not a drop to Spare!

Dripping tapIt is one of the world's great conundrums that a country like the United Kingdom, which probably has more water dropped on it than almost anywhere else, is so badly administered that in some areas they have imposed hosepipe bans! Yesterday in April many areas had so much snow that power was disrupted!

In my particular small area it actually rained/snowed all day. We had more rain yesterday than countries like Cyprus get in a year. You would really think that the companies licensed to distribute our water would be able to cope but half of England has had a hosepipe ban slapped on them because they refuse to address leaks which is costing us millions.

We are not a large country. In some terms we are tiny and yet in this era of high power technology our politicians have failed to address the need for water. They have failed to provide the public with a system which will transport water from the north of the country to the south. In February I drove back from Scotland for 200 miles with my windscreen wipers on 'fast' wipe. In the Lake District the water was tumbling down the hillsides. I well remember thinking then that it was probably a preclude to a hosepipe ban!

Now comes the news that the directors of the water companies who have failed the public have been awarded bonuses totalling millions of pounds! When is this nonsense going to cease? When will we elect a politician who will represent the public? Will we ever see Boris or Ken address the shortage of water and the profligacy of the water companies in their quest for votes in the run up to the election of the Mayor of London?

It is our own fault that we have no water in some areas. It is our own fault that a first class stamp in the UK now costs 60 pence. It is our own fault that we are the most ripped off public in Europe! You dear public keep voting for them and they keep giving you what you have voted for! If Boris Johnson, Ken Livingstone or Brian Paddick win the election for Mayor of London then I will despair but I will still be able to pay my way. Many who have a vote will vote Com/Dem/Lab and vote for their own ruination.

We could get rid of them all at a stroke...if we would stop just for a moment to think about why we were voting and what we were voting for!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Lord Mayor of London

Tonight on Newsnight two clowns clashed! What a pair of total prats! These are the two people actually standing for the prestigious position of Lord Mayor of London and they have been allowed by the BBC to dominate the debate on the forthcoming election.

If this is what politics has become frankly we need a change. They are just scoring petty political points from each other. Neither cares a jot for the 'Londoner' they believe that they are already just a single issue. It is just Boris against Ken...nobody else matters. You Londoners do not have a choice between the clowns. It is just Boris against Ken with a little distraction from Brian Paddock, a sometime Liberal gay policeman who believes that he matters. 

You 'Londoners' however also have an opportunity to follow up from Bradford West. You also have candidates from UKIP, the Greens, the BNP and an Independent. You 'Londoners' could  send a message to the western world. You  could overturn the political platform. You may only have this one opportunity to tell Boris and Ken that their day of duplicity is done.  

This is a REAL opportunity for the electorate to send a message to the Political Class. Once again I beseech you to ignore Ken/Boris/Brian and cast your vote elsewhere. They are all self obsessed twats. Please protest when the day arises. Look at the policies (or lack of them) and make your choice BUT please do not forget that all the mainstream parties have consistently lied to you.

We must make this election count. You must acknowledge that these two clowns will always lie to you. They are abject mainstream politicians who care not for you and they have been allowed to dominate the BBC engineered debate. It beggars belief but the population of London largely mirrors that of Bradford.

The candidates are purely a joke!  Unfortunately there is not a George Galloway standing in London.

Are the American People living in Fear?


Since I began to receive a 'trending' feed from the very large 'Before It's News' website I am viewing 'Uncle Sam' through entirely different eyes. I cannot quite comprehend whether I am reading a series of articles intent on scaremongering or if there is such a social and political problem in the States that much of the public have a genuine fear of the future.

Let me give you a cross section of stories to illustrate the point. For some time now there have been rumours that President Obama has problems relating to his birth which could have made him ineligible for the Presidency. Here is a story exposing some shabby behaviour.

Lots of doubts have been cast about Obama's suitability for President and how the National Debt has grown four times as fast under Obama rather than under Clinton or Bush. This web site is like a giant octopus because no matter where you look, or under which theme you search, the stories just multiply. I cannot help smile because just after Obama was elected I did warn you (05 Nov 2008)!

The stories generally uncover criminality, suspicion or corruption but in addition they convey fear of the future. There is a trending theme that the public are about to enter a period where they will suffer irrevocable damage inflicted on them by the corporatocracies and the Political Class, you can find it here and here and here and these are but token examples.

The reason that I have highlighted these examples is that there is a theory that what happens in the States arrives on our doorstep a few years later and already we are (usually in hushed terms) beginning to discuss similar fears. Everywhere in our society there are basic injustices and it almost entirely emanates from the EU.

I said prior to the last General Election that we should use it as our final chance to have a referendum on our membership of the European Union. We could have all voted UKIP and ensured our return to independence. Most of you did not and look what you got?Believe me nothing else really matters because once we are out of it we will be awash with cash which currently disappears down a large black hole.

Derby County

I must post on a somewhat lighter subject. It is some time since I have commented on the progress of my beloved Derby County. One of the reasons that I began this blog was to regularly comment on 'The Rams' because these days it is the only voice I have got.

One again our American owners have insisted that Derby County stand on its own two feet. They refuse to pump any money into the club and appear to have insisted that the manager sorted out the books. So Nigel Clough has ruthlessly got rid of all the high earners signed by previous managers and concentrated on cheap signings from the lower leagues and Scotland and developing an academy.

Now this policy will in my opinion never get us into the Premiership and if we get there we won't remain there. Having said that I must be fair and point out that Swansea and Norwich have not spent wildly. Norwich have a striker in Grant Holt who apprenticed in the lower leagues and the leading scorer for Swansea is Danny Graham who Rams fans will remember as a loanee who never scored a goal for us!

So is the policy of growing and developing our own talent realistic and how far has Nigel Clough gone in this direction? Well he has raided the lower leagues and Scotland. He went to Crewe and grabbed John Brayford and James Bailey and frankly they haven't done badly. He went back to Burton Albion and brought in Jake Buxton and reserve keeper Adam Legzdins and they have both surprised me. Buxton in particular has filled in for injured captain Sean Barker and has appeared solid. Ben Davies arrived from Notts County and sometimes flatters to deceive. Tom Naylor recently arrived from Mansfield and is very promising. Most of them are progressed and can play at championship level

Craig Bryson and Chris Maguire arrived from Scotland and one has succeeded and one failed (so far). We have also taken other players like Theo Robinson, Gareth Roberts, Nathan Tyson and Jamie Ward from championship level rivals with mixed success. Roberts has done well but players like Robinson and Ward will probably keep us in the division but no more. Tyson has failed.

So what about the academy? Here we have an unqualified success. This year alone we have fed Jeff Hendrick, Mark O'Brien, Callum Ball, Mason Bennett (15 years of age), Will Hughes (16) and recently Kwame Thomas (16) into the first team squad. I have no crystal ball so I don't know what the future holds but the three younger ones regularly turn out for the England age squads.

It would appear that Derby County are only prepared to pay proper money for centre backs (Jason Shackell and Sean Barker) but we need a strong midfielder and more than anything a finisher. Sometimes a club does have to push the boat out to compete. We remain a middle of the table unambitious outfit who play boring, uninspiring, football. We shut up shop at every opportunity and revel if we get a one goal victory.

Consequently this well supported club are losing fans. Every game is a struggle because in my opinion the manager has only one aim and that is to survive at this level. His 'fear' is often translated onto the field of play. They very rarely have a comfortable victory which was emphasised recently when they went 3-0 ahead and completed the game hanging on for dear life!

Football is an entertainment. People pay to be entertained. If you do not intend to entertain then you should find another profession Mr Clough. Your Dad knew how to entertain both personally and professionally and that is why he was so successful.

Monday, 2 April 2012

They still don't get it!

'Geeky Toff'
One would think that after the hammering that the Labour Party got in Bradford West at the hands of George Galloway last week that at least one of them would understand what happened? Listening to Ed Miliband today it is clear that he still doesn't get the message. 

I strongly hope that, at long last, the British electorate have learned from the last election that we have been duped. Having almost been economically destroyed by 13 years of Labour, the nation once again, gave the Conservative Party an opportunity to make amends and they have blown it. They have reneged on so many election pledges that the bond has been broken. 

The public are sick of listening to geeky toffs like Ed Miliband thinking that we will still believe their baloney. Once again he stood up blamed everything on the other party and yet still did not present one concrete proposal. He has decreed that the Labour Party will now concentrate on Crime and anti social behaviour. They had 13 years to sort this out when they were in government and it got worse. 

He still fails to give any detail on how he would tackle it. Would he build more prisons? Would he toughen the prison regime? Would he encourage longer sentences? Would he appoint judges with one foot in the real world? Not one concrete proposal and he thinks that we have not heard it all before. He is insulting the electorate and he will pay a high price. I think he is dead man walking but the alternative is yet another 'geeky toff' with no concrete policies.

These upcoming local elections are important. We could if we are shrewd break the stranglehold that the main parties have on the town halls across the country. All we need to do is copy Bradford and vote for the minority parties or the independents. If we don't get the choice then we don't vote but if somebody is willing to stand for election against the Political Class then we should get behind them. 

This Political Class is so arrogant that they believe they will continue their deceit forever. They are still claiming unreasonable expenses, they still jolly on their fact finding missions in exotic resorts and they still award themselves long holidays. It must cease!

Sunday, 1 April 2012


I have been posting for some time now that our politicians, or at least a faction of them, want to turn this country into another version of East Germany. We have always said that it could not happen but this Coalition cabinet under a 'Conservative' Prime Minister are proposing to pass a law giving them access to our private E-Mails. It is ludicrous! As ever they do everything under the pretence of the security of the country.

These politicians have imported terrorism, they have imported Mafia style killings, they have imported 'grooming' and more than anything else they have imported a sex trafficking trade. The visitors to our capital city during the Olympics could be confronted with every perverted industry imaginable. London is the pits!

So now we face intrusion into every aspect of our lives and it will be legal. What are these politicians on? Why do they need this type of control? We all know the threat and it is not white and Christian. Absolutely no way should we allow them to introduce further restrictions to our freedom? 

When NoLab wanted to do this the then Conservative party refused to consider it. It would now appear that we do not have a 'Conservative' party. A lot of people are beginning to realise that but not as many people who have realised that conversely we do not have a 'Labour' party.  I do not like George Galloway because I don't trust him but then the performance of UKIP is really not up to par. They only have Nigel Farage which is not enough. I am too old to be a candidate but I am not too old to plot a revolution.