Wednesday, 14 October 2009


The sight of our PM, no matter what we think of him, reeling off the names of 37 serving soldiers killed in Afghanistan while he has been on holiday revolts me. How can our elected representatives take so much holiday when our soldiers are being killed in droves. If they are serious about this war then there is NO holiday! I still cannot, unfortunately, see why we are fighting in Afghanistan.

Anyone who has studied history will know that peace in Afghanistan is dependent on the various strengths of their war lords. We will never change that and factually we are fighting to support one of the Afghan Warlords who has probably conned the western alliance that he will defeat the Taliban.

We have never ever been given a valid reason for the loss of all these lives. We have never ever been given a valid reason from NoLab for the war in Iraq. They continue to repeat the pathetic excuse that it is for our own security. Hell anyone can penetrate the security of the House of Commons as has been witnessed this weekend so should we be worried? Should we all be scared about the Muslim threat when the House of Commons frankly don't give a damn! Anyone concerned about a terrorist threat to this country would have capped immigration.

They seem to be convinced that the terrorist threat does not concern them because if it did then they would be a sight more secure. Our MPs are more concerned with a threat to their expenses than they are to their security. They know that it will not happen to them so why are our soldiers dying in Afghanistan. Something is wrong!

No somebody is not telling the truth. Our young men and women are dying for a cause that we know nothing about. If the Rothschild family can manipulate the world like they did in 1815 and 1914-1918 then why not now? It is just a thought.

Now if anyone can google a link between Tony Blair and the Rothschild family that would be interesting but then I bet it couldn't happen.


Anonymous said...

You really are into conspiracy theory territory here, but the connection is J. P. Morgan.


bryboy said...

Hello Christine, Yes I know that you are correct. I know the people who still read this blog although they rarely comment and a lot of what I write is just to keep them informed.
The problem is that everytime the layman approaches the truth about real world politics then they are accused of conspiracy theories.
One cannot refute that but it is becoming clear that democracy as we know it is becoming a myth.