Wednesday, 27 February 2013

'The Lord is Sleeping' but what about Eastleigh?

Today was a sad day for the Catholic Church because they lost Pope Benedict.  However, he left with a message which did not resonate with 'ill health' as an excuse for the first Pope to 'resign' for 600 years.

He appears to believe that 'The Lord is Sleeping' which is a very nice way to describe an evil beyond belief. All of us who monitor the dreadful power of the bankers to corrupt our society now know that he has uncovered something that has probably disgusted him...something so bad that he could not tolerate it.

Tomorrow the public vote at Eastleigh. We have an awful corruption in our society because the bankers own the media and our mainstream politicians.  One party stands alone against this corruption...UKIP.  One day they will fight against the bankers' parties and win because one day the public will understand that our children deserve to play unmolested in the streets and fields of this country.

I am now an old man. Very few people in this country grew up with the freedom that I had. It has been destroyed by a concerted campaign orchestrated by the bankers and their untold wealth to drive our kids indoors.  At the same time they limited the ability of parents and teachers to discipline the children.

Tomorrow the people of Eastleigh can fight back. I have constantly been invited by UKIP to attend and campaign. Unfortunately my campaigning days are over and to drive 400 miles in one day would be silly for me.  However, I have my hands together in prayer that the voters of Eastleigh will wake up and smell the coffee.  Perhaps even Pope Benedict will join me?

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Derby County

This evening the youth team of Derby County reached the quarter finals of the FA Youth knock out competition. They did it by beating the youth team of Manchester City 2-0. Now Manchester City are the moneybags club. They recruit from the world and at least one of their players was scooped from Real Madrid.

Last year the youth team of Derby knocked out Arsenal away from home  and only went out by a single goal to Manchester United. The academy of every club is the future and in this aspect Derby appear to have it right.

Recently they fielded so many kids that it was unbelievable. Michael Hogarson is 18, Will Hughes is 17, Mason Bennett is 16, Jeff Hendrick is 20, Michael Jacobs is 20 and they are not alone because coming up behind them is Jamie Hanson who is already in the first team set up.

Next up is Chelsea and by that time Will Hughes may be available. Who knows what might happen but this team ensures a really bright future for the Rams. I have been supporting them now for 54 years now when as a kid I walked in at 5 years of age at half time and was passed down to the front.

Not a paedophile in sight and total freedom in my childhood. How far we have fallen? 

Despite that I really hope that this Derby County Youth team will compete against Chelsea. They must be aware that a team who can defeat Manchester City this year and Arsenal last year has to be respected. Good luck to the kids!

Monday, 25 February 2013

Syria...Who is to Blame?

As most people who follow this blog know, I sometimes follow avenues which to the man in the street are impossible to believe and I accept that. I see that John Kerry today arrived in the UK to discuss the situation in Syria! 

What links the UK to the United States with regard to Syria? Well as I remember correctly President Assad does not have a Rothschild sponsored bank in his country. They managed very well without the intervention of the world's bankers. They were doing exactly the same as guess who...Saddam Hussein and Colonel Ghaddafi!

Suddenly they have had a determined challenge from 'rebels' who are funded by people unknown. Suddenly people are being massacred by people unknown and nobody knows why! To mount such a challenge requires a huge amount of money. That amount of money does not exist in this world unless you are trying to fund something like the European Union.

The United States and the British servants of the bankers (William Hague and so many others) are ratcheting up the pressure on President Assad. So far he has defeated all their nefarious armies. He stands alone and defiant. He does not want the Rothschilds in his country but then neither does North Korea.

Wait for the excuses, wait for the rhetoric but as we leave Afghanistan with nothing having been achieved then wait for the excuse to get involved in Syria. John Kerry is only in this country as a servant of the bankers and he is meeting with William Hague. 

I predict that suddenly, as our troops pull out of Afghanistan, they will be committed to the conflict in Syria.  They are probably already involved. Our politicians are purely the playthings of the bankers. They pay them well but they are only stooges.

I bet every time that David Cameron opposes Ed Miliband  across the despatch box the bankers are laughing their heads off. Yes Rebekah Brooks 'LOL' is suddenly not very funny! It is only time before our troops are being used as mercenaries for the bankers yet again.

The bottom line is that all our mainstream politicians are being paid by the bankers (from the unaudited accounts of the EU) to perpetuate an enormous fraud on the public. We the public are now aware of the deception . Eventually we will communicate this deception to the public at large. 

In the meantime Eastleigh is upon us and we do not want politicians happy to destroy our sons and daughters in a far flung foreign land just to satisfy a banking class who are  ruining our economy.

Come on Eastleigh PLEASE  make a difference! 


Unsurpassed Political Sleaze!

Oh No! Not just before Eastleigh!
With the Eastleigh By-Election only days away the Lib Dems are embroiled in yet another scandal which of course they deny, just like they deny all the other political scandals involving their members.  Recently a string of female activists have come forward to accuse Lord Rennard of molesting them.  These accusations go back some time.

Once again party leader Nick Clegg originally denied all knowledge but as the nooses tightens he has suddenly remembered that he was actually aware of 'non specific' allegations against this party backer.  If I was a party leader hearing about 'non-specific' allegations and I had a shred of honour I would have tried to make them specific!

Our front line politicians are a pretty dubious bunch but of them all I personally regard Nick Clegg as the most duplicitous.  He campaigned vigorously that student fees should be abolished and then reneged on the deal. I cannot remember one of his policies that would actually benefit the British people. He is a dyed in the wool rabid Europhile which indicates that he actually dislikes his own country.

The Lib Dems are being exposed for what they are... contemptible!
The public have now observed cover ups in almost every aspect of government. Recently we have seen the NHS chief allegedly responsible for thousands of deaths being supported by the PM. We have seen a BBC report heavily redacted. We witnessed Chris Huhne, a leading LibDem, denying for a year that he had coerced his wife to take penalty points for speeding and then suddenly doing an about turn.

They have no shame and no principles. Some of us remember Jeremy Thorpe but most of us remember David Laws who had to resign after giving £40,000 of public money to his gay lover. He is now back in this despicable government. Remember Mark Oaten (rent boys), Mike Hancock (adultery), Charles Kennedy (alcohol), Simon Hughes (secretly gay when elected), Cyril Smith (allegations of child abuse) and even Paddy 'Pantsdown' (adultery).
What a bunch and that is what has appeared in the mainstream media! What don't we know about?

I read that the Eastleigh By-Election is becoming interesting with reports that UKIP could be polling higher than 20% of the vote and mainstream politicians receiving hostile receptions on the door step.  I keep looking for a game changer in our sordid EU controlled politics. I keep hoping that the public will recognise what is happening to the country. I will probably be disappointed yet again but day!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

No Longer 'AAA'!

The slump of our country under the auspices of pitifully poor politicians and the European Union continues unabated. I well remember the emphasis that our abject Chancellor placed on our prestigious 'AAA' credit rating but inevitably our economy is in such tatters that we cannot be trusted anymore.

No matter, the madness will continue. The madness of pouring billions into the EU every year and the billions being poured into the continent of Africa where, despite this, evidence of undernourished children is still emerging.

In the NHS alone millions have been spent keeping people quiet about the astonishing neglect in many of the wards. There must be a huge slush fund somewhere in the treasury that can be used to hide government embarrassment. 

I will repeat ad nauseum that while our corrupt and self serving mainstream politicians pay homage to a foreign power (the EU) which refuses to be audited then our financial problems will continue. You see it is deliberate.  The EU is an immense fraud being perpetrated on the people of Europe to bring down our financial power and our freedom.

Listen to Aaron Russo on Youtube (there is a lot of material on him). Mr Russo passed away a couple of years ago but before he did he opened the eyes of many people. If you listen to him then everything suddenly begins to make sense. Who created the EU? Who selected the people who have never been elected but who run it? What happens to the money we pay in? Much of it comes directly back into the back pockets of the quangos and the local politicians who ensure it remains in place. It is a racket of immense proportions.

Mr Russo will open your eyes. Just remember almost all of our front line politicians are involved and that is why our money is disappearing at an alarming rate!

Friday, 22 February 2013

Another BBC Cover-Up!

How can the BBC, still a public body funded by us, expect the public to believe their sincerity when they issue a report which has been so heavily redacted.  If what has been said could have legal consequences then it should not have been in the report.  This vast amount of black pen just gives the impression that they are covering  something up.

I may be wrong but Chris Patten gives me the creeps.  Whenever something goes wrong with the BBC then Lord Patten is somewhere to be seen.  He had been leading this public company every time they have been held to account for bias in their reporting.  I seem to remember that Chris Patten was once a Conservative MP but his actions and beliefs always appear to be socialist in nature.

The public are tired of being denied the truth.  Redaction is the modern term for concealing the truth. Public reports should not be redacted. If they want to conceal the truth don't write it in the first place!

Eastleigh By-Election

Not long to go now before the good citizens of Eastleigh get the latest opportunity to show an independence of spirit and snub the mainstream Political Class.  Let's face it if you want a continuation of the domination by the Banking Class, if you want politicians to ignore the collapsing economy or if you want a future where your children cannot find a job then just vote Con/Lab/Lib because there is not any difference between them. They may argue semantics but when push comes down to shove they all pay homage to the EU.

That is not the only issue so let us examine the facts. They all support the war in Afghanistan, they all support the burgeoning Welfare State, they all agree on Foreign Aid, they all want a continuation of immigration, they all continually overspend, they all want gun control and they all ignore Magna Carta. In addition they love gagging orders and love to bury the facts of any embarrassing incident that the mainstream media cannot cover up.

They will even support the head of the NHS even though there is damning evidence that his policies have led to an astounding level of neglect in some of our hospitals. There can be no excuse for him not resigning and yet our PM supports him. This is a level of insanity that I cannot even contemplate!

So good citizens of Eastleigh the facts are there before you. YOU have an opportunity to make a difference.  You can begin a rebellion against the very people who are causing us misery. I believe that if UKIP get one candidate into Westmonster others will follow because the timid electorate who are force fed garbage through the media may just realise that voting UKIP is not a wasted vote it is actually the only vote that will really count!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Interviews for Jurors?

It had to come. Finally we stumble across a jury panel who generally do not have a clue about the legal process in this country. Because of the lack of safeguards and checks they get allocated one of the most high profile cases in recent months.  The mainstream media has been full of Chris Huhne and his wife Vicki Price for at least the past year.

This jury comprising eight women and four men of which only two were white.  At least twice, the court finished early because a jury member had a 'religious observance' to keep.  Now pardon me but in this country we fit our 'religious observance' around our civic duties.  I am astonished that the judge allowed this to stand and that is probably part of the problem.

We have allowed our tolerance and apathy to superceed our common sense.  From what I read most of these people had little idea about formal attire so that the solemnity of the occasion was not respected.  Clearly their knowledge and respect of our court system was minimal. It is not entirely their fault. We have allowed this lack of respect for our country to develop. The incomers have been encouraged to disrespect our systems, our traditions and our customs.

The politicians and the judiciary have gradually given up so much of what we valued that yesterday's farce was inevitable.  May I respectfully suggest that potential jurors arrive early and are then subject to a swift interview to ascertain suitability.  If they are dressed incorrectly or do not understand the procedure or cannot understand English then they can be dismissed and struck off the juror eligibility list.  I would also fine them but that might then become complex.

In my entire life I have only been called once for jury service. I am of course not what they want.  It is much more likely that I will judge events on the evidence and not on what the courts want the verdict to be. I would also raise the age of eligibility to 25.  Too many of the victims of our modern education system cannot choose a breakfast cereal never mind reach a legal conclusion!

If our politicians and judiciary want to prevent a repeat of yesterday they must narrow the criteria for eligibility for jury service and enforce our traditional values. We only have ourselves to blame.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Suppressing the Truth!

I trawl around the Internet because it is a hive of intrigue. You see in this complex and controversial world every government appears to want to disguise the truth. To do this they employ the judiciary to hide their nefarious activities.

Now many years ago they decided that the public did not need to know the fact that people like General Kitchener had committed genocide. It was not good for his public image. Similarly unsavoury events that took place in the First World War were buried deep in the archives under the pretence that they would affect national security.

Now don't get me wrong, I can understand that in the fog of war nasty things happen and it is not necessary to publicise them.  Sometimes the public should not know the brutality of conflict and personally I would agree with that.

However I recently came across two rather contradictions to this ethos. Friends of Doctor David Kelly, who apparently committed suicide, after exposing the Blair government of duplicity over the war in Iraq discovered that there is no way past the legal mothballing of fact.

We will not be allowed to know how David Kelly died for 70 years! Most of us suspect that he was probably murdered by government authorities so it is no surprise that the evidence is now to be mothballed so that no living being can be inconvenienced.

Now I read that the case involving Thomas Hamilton, who committed the Dunblane atrocity, has been mothballed for 100 years!  Surely it is an open and shut case. Thomas Hamilton entered the Dunblane primary school and killed the kids. He then committed suicide. What more do we need to know?

This is not a matter of national security. We have a nutter who entered a school and committed an act of such depravity that nothing is left to discuss... that is if you believe the mainstream media. They have not buried this case for nothing. They have a humungous secret to hide! So if you want a clue visit and search for Thomas Hamilton.

There is something suspect north of the border which apparently involves many leading figures. I discovered this some years ago when I unearthed the case of Hollie Greig. They have buried this case, not for national security but to protect some VERY senior political figures (who could be that important?).

I will not live much more than, what 20 years if I am lucky, but I will pass this down to my family so that one day we will know who was abusing kids...but even now we can all have an educated guess!

Friday, 15 February 2013

At Last! An NHS Whistleblower!

The extent that NHS chief Sir David Nicholson was prepared to go to cover up the damage that his targets were doing to patients has at last been revealed. The former head of United Lincolnshire Hospitals, who are currently under investigation because of a high mortality rate, claims that he was paid off to the tune of £500,000 as long as he signed a gagging clause.

It would now appear that his conscience has got the better of him and he is defying the gagging order even though it could cost him a fortune. It does however reveal the duplicity of the top level administrative management of the NHS and just how desperate they were to cover up their malignant policies.

It also exposes their total disregard for the public purse. If the statements that Mr Gary Walker has made to the media are proven correct, then we should see the mother of all scandals emerge from any subsequent legal action. On the surface it would appear that the NHS targets imposed on the NHS by Sir David Nicholson and his side kick Dame Barbara Hakin have inadvertently caused the deaths of thousands of patients.

If one is to believe the mainstream media a culture of bullying and threats has existed within the NHS affecting anyone complaining about patient care!  What I find amazing is that the press is full of this story but the politicians are silent.  I suspect that somewhere in this tawdry tale we will uncover the fingerprints of the European Union.

All our mainstream politicians support our membership of the EU. Consistently they have refused the British people of a voice on this issue. The tentacles of the EU are everywhere in British public administration. People like Sir David Nicholson are so deeply entrenched with EU support that they are very difficult to remove.

David Cameron now has a problem. He must suspend any person at the top of the NHS who can be linked to the period under review. This scandal must then become the subject of a criminal investigation.  We owe it the thousands of people who have suffered or died under this evil regime to uncover the truth and punish the wrongdoers.

I suspect that when push comes to shove it will eventually become so large that many of our senior public administrators will have blood on their hands. If the PM does not go down this line then we will all know that our politicians are just bag carriers for the EU and if so our votes count for nothing.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Dale Cregan a bombproof Case for Capital Punishment!

Dale Cregan.
Today a nonentity called Dale Cregan changed his plea from not guilty to guilty. His plea involved the murder of two female police officers in Manchester. He lured them to a dwelling and then brutally murdered them both.

He then pleads 'not guilty' even after he told the police that he had done it. He is a career criminal with a long history of violence.

He has no place in our society and yet now we must keep this beast in luxury for the rest of his life.  He knows it and has never resisted his inevitable incarceration. But would he feel the same if he knew that his neck would be stretched? Sorry to be so crude but this guy is going to cost us a fortune over the years.

He will have three meals a day. He will watch SKY TV. He will have access to a gym. He will have access to drugs. In fact this guy who has murdered two female police officers in the most brutal manner will now live a life that so many people cannot afford.

I cannot illustrate a better case for capital punishment! If this country is going to discourage thugs from murder then we MUST bring back capital punishment. I bet Dale Cregan would not be so cocky if he thought that his guilty plea meant that he would face a hangman.

We must find a deterrent for Dale Cregan and his ilk. Everyone knows that he should hang. The only people who would argue against capital punishment in our modern society are those who have never had a friend or relative who has been murdered. They may also include politicians who want to change our society!

How many more people will die before we threaten the criminal class with a deterrent that they will respect? The huge amount of violent criminality being enacted in this country (much of it by our immigrant population) is being encouraged by our political class  and our judicial system. Until someone changes it the murder of police officers and others will continue.

Eastleigh By-Election

I know that Nick Clegg fired the starting pistol for the Eastleigh By-Election rather quickly and that there are only sixteen days to go until the big day but you would really think that the Labour party would be prepared!

Up to now nobody knows who will be representing the Labour party in this forthcoming by-election. There are only sixteen days to go but they don't care. The reason that they don't care is that they are no hopers in Eastleigh. Labour's presence in this constituency is an irrelevance. 

They are however, a major political force in this country (despite Blair, Brown, Prescott, Mandelson, both Milibands, Ed Balls, Jacqui Smith, former MPs in jail, peers in jail and a plethora of politicians who were allowed to take from the public purse without recourse...phew I feel better now) and as such one would think that they would be better prepared.

In the meantime UKIP were ready and begin from a platform of 16% support. They are after all the only party who care about public opinion. The rest merely break promises and campaign on behalf of the EU which costs us billions every year and cannot be audited.

They are also keeping very quiet on the effect that hundreds of thousands of Rumanians and Bulgarians will have on the social services in this country when they are allowed to walk in (courtesy of the same EU) next January.

We only have a very short time to find a voice in Westmonster who will force the government to act against this criminal act of irresponsibility. Have they forgotten just how many Poles arrived? We do not have the infrastructure to deal with this mass influx but only UKIP will campaign against it. I just hope that someone is parading these facts in front of the citizens of Eastleigh!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Once again...the NHS!

I am trying to uncover the real hideous aspects of the NHS. You see I personally owe the NHS my life. It is now twelve years since they removed my large bowel and ten years since they replaced it with an internal pouch (the worst decision of my life by the way). During my extensive period in hospital I learned how to play 'the game'.

My advantage was that I could speak good English, I was educated and articulate so I could communicate my problems to almost anyone.  At that time the very first foreign nurses were being introduced into the system.  Some of them came in as agency 'nurses' who were needed to cope with the 'midnight shift'.  They soon realised that this particular old guy would not tolerate sub standard care.

That is the crux of the matter. I was able and capable to gain their respect. Today thirteen years later, when my mother needed care I realised that the NHS had been flooded by foreign staff at every level.  Don't get me wrong we probably need them because British doctors/nurses have probably gone into the private sector.

The trouble is that most elderly people speak with a heavy regional accent. They simply cannot communicate with a foreign nurse. The foreign nurse speaks 'English' but not the regional English (Scottish GRN) that our elderly speak. I don't think that the foreign staff can understand the elderly who never expected that they would need an interpreter!

So in every aspect of our governmental life, foreigners are allocated  a translator (at huge cost) who ensure that these incomers get a fair deal.  May I pose the question that why are the very people who have paid into the system all their lives being denied an interpreter now that the NHS by and large is being run by foreigners who cannot understand regional accents?

If a nurse has limited English (good enough to communicate at grammar level)  who is checking to ensure that the old granny is being represented at her desperate level.  The answer is that nobody has even thought about it! We have set up a system that caters for almost every dialect/language from almost any part of the world, I know because I used to book them on behalf of the Court Service but nobody thinks that it is important for our elderly and our regional accents to be protected.

Our elderly need protected against the over reliance on foreign nursing staff. It is a problem which merits a lot of attention but our elderly are not a priority for the Coalition, our politicians or our NHS trusts. The elderly of this country are only important as long as they can communicate...think on because one day it will be your turn!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

The European Union

I hate to pour cold water over David Cameron's sleight of hand deal with the EU but there is one fact that he coveniently forgets every time that he voices his support for this corrupt organisation.  It is now eighteen years since their accounts have been signed off!

I do not know any other publicly funded organisation which could exist anywhere else in the civilized world without passing an audit.  It means that our PM and our Chancellor and all the Treasury officials and the Bank of England agree to give this organisation hundreds of billions of taxpayer's money and have not a clue how it is being spent.

I have concluded that it is the largest fraud that has ever been perpetrated anywhere in the world.  Audit is the only way that can prove that an organisation is behaving correctly.  If an organisation cannot be audited then one must conclude that it is criminal and yet all our mainstream politicians refuse to question the validity of the EU.

It is one of the questions that should be asked of the PM at PM's Question Time and never is so once again one must conclude that they are all in on the scam. They all continually prop up the myth that the EU is a normal, legitimate, serious organisation and the public don't care sufficiently to question it. 

I repeat that without a set of audited accounts not a penny more should be sent to Brussels. It is the responsibilty of our politicians to question it but most of them one way or the other are being paid by it.  This buys their silence.  It is truly shocking!

Friday, 8 February 2013

Eastleigh By-Election

The speculation has begun. The bogus polls are trying to influence public opinion but in reality I don't think anyone knows which way the Eastleigh electorate will swing when push comes to shove. They have a dilemma but they also have an opportunity to shake up the mainstream politicians.  We have already had thirteen years of Labour which ruined the economy of the country and as a sideline brought us Mid Staffordshire NHS trust and a few more similar predicaments.They preach dogma, doctrine and targets without accountability and we can have no more of that.

They were followed by yet more nonsense from a Coalition cobbled together to allow a bunch of rich boys a chance to retain the nonsense inherited from Labour.  We should have had another election once the people knew where we stood.

The Coalition cannot agree on anything. We have discovered that about half the Conservative party (including most of the Cabinet) are actually not conservatives. We have spent valuable parliamentary time on same sex marriage which was never announced on anyone's agenda. It has just been a distraction but it has uncovered the duplicity of the politicians. Now they want to increase taxation yet again and yet they seem unable to spend our money wisely so where does that leave the electorate? 

Well Eastleigh has also got the Huhne factor. They all voted for a man who in hindsight was despicable. He used his family to get elected and then dumped them. His political life was dodgy as he was a driving force behind the discredited global warming campaign. He fought a dirty battle against 'Calamity' Clegg for the LIbDem leadership and clung onto to his parliamentary salary and expenses for a year before caving in and pleading guilty in his recent court case.

Despite all of this the polls are still predicting a straight fight between the Tories and the LibDems. I should know better by now but I do wonder just what will it take before the public wake up? I just do not understand, now that all our mainstream politicians have had an opportunity to run the country, why people keep voting Con/Lab/Lib?

I know that I am repeating myself endlessly but surely there are enough people in Eastleigh who are as sick of this nonsensical sideshow in Westmonster as I am? Surely it would be worth just once to shake them all up and let us here a different voice in parliament. The Eastleigh electorate seem quite evenly split. I just hope that they are sufficienty brassed off to give UKIP a chance but then we get what we deserve! Did these people really deserve Chris Huhne though?

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Horsemeat = Beef Lasagne= Findus!

Don't get me wrong horse meat for me is not an issue. For years in Germany we ate Frikadella which we were told was horse meat but it was a late night delicacy after a night on the booze. Frankly we didn't care and it was nice.

So I don't particularly object to horse meat in the food chain. I just want to be informed what I am eating. Already Tesco's have  admitted some of their burgers have contained horse meat. Now although I am not offended by this I object to this duplicity.

Today we now hear that some of the giant Findus companys' products which they labelled 'Beef Lasagne' were in fact horse meat! Now that is fraud. As I have said I don't object to horse meat but what else is Findus and Tesco including in their products. We now know about horse meat but what do we not know about?

Can we trust these producers of mass meat products. Clearly not ... so it is back to the local butcher for me. At least they know that if they sell dodgy products they would be out of business. The multinationals clearly do not care.  The multinational mass producers are now being proven to be dangerous. They have driven cost cutting to an art even to the point of deception. Who could be the first person to be poisoned by a supermarket?

I now want to know what our useless politicians will do about it?

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Apologies are simply not Enough!

The inhuman treatment of so many patients at the Stafford Hospital is inexcusable.  There has to be a real witch hunt which must expose so many of those concerned. When we hear details of what was tolerated it is unbelievable that the man at the top of this dung heap, Sir David Nicholson, is refusing to step down. What must happen for that man to develop a conscience? What must happen for David Cameron to despatch him into obscurity? Why is he not in court?

There just has to be a paper trail to the perpetrators of this abomination. They must all be made accountable. I mean every member of the Trust, the administrators, the consultants, doctors, sisters and nurses. A special court should be set up to deal with their evil. Every person who served at Stafford Hospital during the period under review should be dragged kicking and screaming before a court and publicly be made to explain why they allowed this hell to happen!

Now don't get me wrong I do know that not all the medical staff are heartless but for heaven's sake what has happened to nursing, to care and to common decency? Whatever happened to Human Rights when it concerns honest, hard working, indigenous, common people who have no political agenda to trumpet? Yeah right! 

Today David Cameron actually (can you believe it) supported Sir David Nicholson and kept him in his job. This man was in charge of a system which murdered so many people because of their callous neglect. In modern Britain what does it take to impose accountability within the Political Class. It sums up modern politics...if you are in 'the club' you can commit murder and nobody cares. Cameron is a disgrace! He apologises and then supports the guy in charge of everything!

This is the tip of the iceberg. I saw at first hand the treatment that, at times, (and I repeat times) my very aged mother received particularly at the Royal in Leicester. Now 5 more trusts have been indicted as being under the microscope...hell what is going on?

I believe that the government should look at the activities of the NHS unions and their opposition to every and any change to practice. They oppose every change and clearly something must change. Julie Bailey who has led the campaign to expose the neglect of the NHS is a heroine.  She should receive an honour for her tenacity. She has exposed these bastards for what they have done. The members of this Trust MUST all go to jail!

Sir David Nicholson must be the first to go to jail!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


The term 'modernisation' is coming out of the woodwork. There is a 'rump' of the Conservative party who have recognised that the term 'modernisation' is actually a threat to our society. Since I began this blog I have identified the threat to our society from politicians and the media who are trying to change the face of our society.

Let me assure you that I have nothing against anyone who is euphemistically termed 'gay'. When I grew up the word 'gay' meant something else. I hold no brief on their sexuality because I don't care and it is none of my business. I do care when this tiny minority and that is what they are, are being used to deflect attention from our real problems.

As I speak the BBC are trying to influence opinion by interviewing one lone female who lives in ...Maastricht! As usual the BBC, who are publicly funded, have their own agenda as they did when Jimmy Savile was alive. It is typical. When an organisation is awash with public money they will abuse it. The BBC should now be enforced to generate their own funds. 

I would actively campaign for these overpaid servants of the New World Order to be privately subsidised because that is what they are. They trumpet their own agenda at every opportunity. I challenge anyone to illustrate one instance when any Con/Lab/Lib politician has introduced ONE bill/act/proposition which would be applauded by the British public!

They are destroying our heritage. They are taxing us out of existence. They are the servants of a foreign power and you know what these people used to be termed with a capital 'T'!! They are shovelling HUGE sums of cash into the EU and Foreign Aid because if they don't they may have to pay the elderly a decent pension, care for them when they need care and provide a decent lifestyle for a new generation. For example our kids could be educated from primary school to university without racking up a five figure debt.

We no longer have mainstream care for the vulnerable. Everything that was once in place has been destroyed and replaced by sub standard plausibly explained alternatives.

That is the legacy of modernisation. It is a tool being used to bring the country down. So whenever you hear an MP talk about 'modernisation' or anything being 'modernised' then automatically think the 'T' word because they are being paid by a 'foreign' power.
Then you will know who you can trust and more importantly who you cannot trust.

Eastleigh - A Blogger's Dream and a Political Nightmare!

What a farce! The Coalition, that is in ideology light years apart, have been handed the nightmare scenario following the confession of Chris Huhne that he had lied to everyone for at least a year. The discredited Huhne has not just destroyed his own career but  potentially could embarrass both the Coalition parties.

They must now square up to each other in what is actually a marginal constituency. Recent results have indicated that, after his student fee about turn and his total disrespect for public opinion Nick Clegg is about as popular as the plague! He has become the champion of lost deposits and clearly has slipped behind UKIP as the third party in the country.

David Cameron is haemorrhaging support from his grass roots activists following his stance on gay marriage. Both on this issue and the EU his party is hopelessly split and the public know it. These two leaders have tried to cobble together a coalition that fools nobody and as such they have lost all credibility.

The Gay Marriage issue was never in the Tory election manifesto, it was never in the Coalition agreement nor in the Queen's speech so one can only conclude that it has been raised to disguise an inept performance by most of the Cabinet. 

All the big hitters in today's Gay Marriage debate in the Tory party were on the backbench. There are some very able MPs who do not agree with their leader.

Eastleigh is probably about as far away from Labour heartlands as could be possible. In the deep south Ed Miliband is an irrelevance so he must be observing from a distance with a malevolent grin on his face. So...where does that leave us?

After being let down so badly will the electorate turn out? There is little doubt that in many areas apathy rules because our politicians are generally useless and Brussels rules so why should they bother?

The unknown factor is UKIP.  Apparently they are now polling 14% of the vote.  Personally I mistrust these opinion polls but there is little doubt that this could be a major chance of a breakthrough. If the public are angry enough to turn out and demonstrate how disaffected so many of us are with the three main parties this could become a sensation. 

For whatever reason Nigel Farage has turned down the opportunity to fight this by election so just maybe he is not as optimistic that I am. Even so this is going to be fun! 

Just one final thought. As Chris Huhne, since being charged and pleading 'Not Guilty', has benefited from a year's parliamentary salary and expenses should he now not be asked to pay it all back? He knew all along (as most of us did) that he was guilty so surely the parliamentary authorities should not let this blatant abuse of the public purse go unchallenged? Just a thought!


Monday, 4 February 2013

Chris Huhne Pleads Guilty ... At Last!

Today the inevitable happened and after 9 years of perverting the course of justice Chris Huhne was forced to admit that his wife had taken penalty points for speeding on his behalf. This is after months of denial and lying to almost anybody who would listen.

I emphasise this because if justice is done and the fact that, he is a member of the Privy Council does not colour the decision of the judge, then his elaborate act and multiple public denials should be taken into account.

It strips him bare of all decency and it concerns me how such an absolute toad ever managed to get into parliament. Well no, it probably doesn't surprise me but it does emphasise the type of person we have at the top of our political system.

The By-Election in Eastleigh should be great fun because Labour is probably non existent in Hampshire! Could this be a chance for UKIP?

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Cameron is Finally Destroying his Party!

Gay marriage is a step too far for the Conservative shire associations.  We British will tolerate many things but for the traditional Conservative this is a step too far.  David Cameron is destroying himself in the eyes of his grass roots supporters by his insistence of following the modernising policies which proclaim that 'Gay Marriage' is a natural step forward.

It will be however the cross on which the 'modernising' Tories impale themselves. Their natural and traditional supporters cannot believe that this PM is prepared to go down this road.  I suspect that UKIP will profit from this nonsense and I wonder just how many of the parliamentary MPs will now find it difficult to remain within in this travesty of a political party.

The Conservative party is split down the middle! They are led by people who are only interested in serving themselves or their masters who hide in the background.  There are some backbenchers who remain the only rump in Westmonster who have a conscience and who still serve their constituents.

The rest all support the policies which have ruined this country for almost 50 years. We voted for a trade agreement 50 years ago not a Moscow style political union. They are terrified to give us a referendum because, even though they will muddy the waters yet again, I believe that they know the British people will overwhelmingly vote 'No'. If that is not true then why don't they risk it?

Now Cameron has gone a stage too far. You see not all of his supporters believe that 'Gay Marriage' is top of the agenda. We have large swathes of countryside and the lives of people being decimated by HS2. We have the threat of an invasion from Rumania and Bulgaria and we suspect that this Coalition are retaining all the policies that were used to ruin the economy of the country by the Labour Party.

Nothing significant has changed since the last election. Modernisers are still in charge. They just push us further and further down the path to the social destruction of out traditional society. 'Gay marriage' is just another step forward into the abyss...believe me!

Biggest Jail Shake up in 60 years!

Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling, is announcing the biggest shake up in jails for 60 years in an effort to curb a lifestyle that most honest working families could not begin to afford! So what will this entail?

Well amazingly he will stop prisoners watching SKY Sports in televisions in their own cells! What!? When was that nonsense ever introduced into prison life? He may go even further and not even allow televisions in cells!

Then he may not allow them to wear their own clothes and may even introduce 'drab, grey, prison overalls'.  I can just see the 'prison reformers', probably paid for by the European Union', gnashing their teeth at this monstrous outrage.  It is after all a massive breech of 'Human Rights' to deprive a prisoner of his/her own clothes even though most of them have committed a plethora of crimes to even qualify for prison.

However, even worse is to follow. The right to use 'pocket money' (they get pocket money?) to buy toiletries and sweets could be curbed. I just wonder how much 'pocket money' they actually get and where can they buy their toiletries and sweets?  We pay for these luxuries everyone!

Now the next one is hilarious! Gay couples may not be able to share the same cell and may (wait for it) be even moved to separate prisons! It leaves me with the image of a guy lying back on his bed watching Manchester United, in his own clothes, chewing a Mars Bar, smelling sweetly and stroking the head of his lover.

Finally Mr Grayling proposes to disqualify any prisoner from early release if he behaves badly.  Well now that is pretty revolutionary!  So of course I can see why these decisions could be challenged by special interest groups. What he has actually done however, is to highlight why we have so much crime in our society. He has highlighted that under the Labour party our prisons became luxury holiday camps and the Coalition has so far done nothing about it.

The cost to the hard pressed public must be mountainous in an era where austerity is a byword.  There is not one reason why the prison population would want to be returned to society and every reason to believe why they cannot cope once they leave their swish cells, lose their pocket money and possibly their love life! Mr Grayling will have to go much, much further before he will be applauded by me even though he is making a much needed start.

He may even begin to suggest that drugs are banned and that the staff begin to guard the prisoners! Someone recently suggested that a large number of honest, hard-up, pensioners should exchange places with the prison population so that they could achieve a life-style which in modern society is not available to them. Until Mr Grayling badgers the PM and the EU to reverse this trend then the criminal will not have no reason to fear prison life.