Thursday, 29 September 2011

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Florida

This is a commercial for Busch Gardens at Tampa Bay! If you don't like unruly children, foul language, drunkenness, dirty toilets, bad food, long queues, surly staff and rotten weather then I suggest that you visit Busch Gardens.

My granddaughters had a ball running from spectacular ride to spectacular ride and having two, three or even four rides without queueing or paying extra. Everywhere the atmosphere is pleasant and I was so impressed that there was not a burger in sight. OK some people like burgers but for one day it was nice to try something else.

The entertainment was also first class and even though I am almost completely theme parked out this was something different. Tomorrow is the day that we swim with the dolphins at Discovery Park. I really hope that it lives up to the billing!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

British Politics

It is quite amusing watching events in the UK from afar. British politicians just seem to stumble from catastrophe to mediocrity with far too monotonous regularity.  I fell off my chair into the swimming pool when I read that Harriet Harman confused the Miliband brothers! I mean if ever a leading politician had a care of duty to disseminate between feuding siblings then surely this is the leading case.

Then poor old hapless Red Ed after being coached in waving to his disciples for hours is left high and dry when his key speech is blacked out by technicians as it was carried live by the BBC and SKY!

From what I hear all the former allies of Gordon Brown are rather belatedly standing up and confessing that they ruined the country during their time in government but they want the electorate to give them another chance to finish the job!

I cannot understand how the utterly discredited Labour party have not swept them all away. What for example can Ed Balls contribute after being at the centre of everything that has destroyed the economy of the country.

Thank heavens that I am well away from it all. Well away from the confession from Mrs Balls (Yvette Cooper) that Immigration has driven down living standards. Listen to them all...they are after the other apologising for their mess, for their divisiveness, for their social engineering and for being plainly dishonest.

What a shambles this Labour Party conference has become because when you put it all together we can come to the conclusion that they are apologising for failing on almost every account during their thirteen years of government. But then most of us have been reporting that for a very long time.

Busch Gardens tomorrow!!

The Land of the Free?

We are almost a week into our 'Disneyland' visit and the 'oldies' are having a 'down' day which has given me time to digest the holiday! They call the United States the 'Land of the Free' but I often wonder who or what they are describing?

We landed at Orlando International Airport and immediately had our thumb and forefinger prints taken and then moved onto a retina recognition test (even my eight year old grandaughter). Now my inclination is to rail against the erosion of individual freedom but if our immigration authorities employed this strict entry criteria then every single, individual 'Mohammed' could be identified.

Our luggage was pounced upon by a large, black, jovial porter who counselled us to follow him because he knew 'how things worked'! My first British defensive mechanism kicked in when I reasoned that all he was after was a tip. Ten minutes later we doubled his tip because he had been fantastic! When you hire a car over here you get a choice of vehicle...just pick one, load up and drive off!

The roads are almost too safe. There is a speed restriction on every yard, traffic lights on every corner and overtaking in every lane. It is however, easy to get lost!! We were offered a satnav for $140 at the onset and declined....on hindsight it would have saved us time.

At Disney the fingerprinting continues. Your every move is monitored and I never thought that I would have to give up my very personal identification to get into a funfair!! What a simple way to collect personal information without disclosing your eventual motives. How free is free I find myself asking?

I find the American people generally very helpful and always polite. Service is an artform and as yet I have not begrudged a tip. The weather has been blistering and stormy.

The grandkids triumphed when they conned grandad onto a really, 'gentle', roller coaster called 'Everest'! I must be getting old! They also joined me for their first sea swim in the Gulf of Mexico amidst some surfing rollers which was some 'first' for the girls who described is as 'awesome'. The tropical storm that lasted for well over an hour on the return journey was also awesome. Go Grandad Go!!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Don't say that I didn't tell you....!

Even from here in sunny Orlando a story on the Mail on line caught my eye purely because I warned of endemic corruption some weeks ago. The sale of Olympic tickets has been a scandal of epic proportions but now the sell off of the Olympic village accommodation has uncovered further dodgy deals. It cannot all be a coincidental that a donation has been paid to the Conservative party and that his father has particular influence in this sphere.

Monday, 19 September 2011


This blog will be on holiday for the next two weeks in Florida. It is time to swim with the dolphins and treat the grandchildren. We are all looking forward to it and it will be my first long haul flight for ten years following major health problems. I never thought  as I lay in intensive care that I would ever get to this point again.

I have also just passed 4000 visitors to the blog which is another milestone! I thank you all for your interest. It began out of pure frustration that I didn't have a voice and nobody was representing has not changed...I still have not got a political platform but I feel a lot better shouting about it.

My tenure of President at my local bowls club is almost at an end so hopefully I will have more time now to develop some themes on this blog and do more research. The comments that I receive often give me themes to follow up so I do appreciate them (particularly Bewick).

I must mention Julian because I feel so useless. He is my blogging brother but has fallen on desperately hard times. I still cannot send him my support because of my technical ineptitude (my son would have sorted the problem in seconds I know). If anyone can explain to me how I can comment on his blog I would be grateful. I get the impression that I am dense!

By the way I don't know where the ads came from! I had a quick peep at Adsense, did not sign up for anything and they appeared the very next day! That is really quite scary but I don't think they are doing any damage so they can stay for the time being. Any comments on them would be welcome.

In the meantime I suspect that I will be off line. The laptop is coming with me but I suspect that the memsaab will not be too happy if she suspects that I would prefer to blog rather than hug Mickey Mouse!  Psst....perhaps late at night!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

What next in our farcical Legal System?

Day after day we can open our daily paper and wonder what has happened to justice and common sense. Someone somewhere is appointing people to the bench who appear totally out of touch with the modern society. We regularly see puny sentencing which only encourages the criminal and was highlighted in the recent national riots. Most of those who ransacked the shops already had criminal records as long as their arms.

Today I read that a judge presiding over a child rape case 'released' a member of the jury because it was her 21st birthday and she had appointments at beauty salons! Can anyone credit the lunacy of that decision? Anyone on jury service can request a postponement for legitimate reasons. Birthdays however, can hardly be regarded as legitimate...bad luck of course but let us be serious for a moment. Children have been raped! A man's whole life could be at stake! These are very grave charges which merit serious consideration. The birthday of a juror surely does not come into the question?

This judge, in my opinion and clearly in the opinion of many others, has demeaned his office and should himself be discharged.  His appointment was said to have 'split opinions'. I am not surprised!  

Friday, 16 September 2011

Yet another rogue trader...!

Kweku Adoboli

 As my much more famous brother would scream 'I don't believe it' now that yet another rogue trader has been discovered squandering a large sum of money in what is effectively blatant gambling. Clearly the banking industry has not learned from their previous exploits which nearly wrecked the country's economy.

If they cannot install effective controls upon their staff then surely it is the responsibility of government to ensure that banking methods are secure and that public money is safe in their hands. The greed of the banking fraternity is legend and clearly they are unable to rein in their employees.

This episode has fortunately revealed that the culture of 'playing the markets' still exists but it should only be done with their own money! It is therefore time that the government once again called in the bankers and read the riot act. This irresponsibility must be curbed.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Beware of Greeks...wanting your money!!!

I have fallen in love with Greece. Bless you Greece! Bless your utterly stupid socialist government and bless you the people who refuse to accept that the government have ruined your economy and you must pick up the tab! Greece is about to destroy the economy of the EU because once Greece defaults then so will so many others.

Angela Merkel (possibly the Adolf Hitler of the modern era but without the arms and the concentration camps) is finding it difficult to contain the German public and the French banks appear to have a huge investment  into Greece. I love it! These imbeciles, the people who thought up the EU without the expertise to make it work properly, are now facing the consequences of their actions.

If Greece defaults on it's debt then the whole hideous experiment has been a joke! Our mainstream politicians have poured billions of taxpayers's money into an operation which could not be audited because it was so utterly corrupt. All of them supported this catastrophe and all of them should be held to account.

All of you who wanted to wee and could not find a public toilet. All of you who had elderly relatives who had to sell their houses to pay for care, anyone who needed assistance from public services, like the police, will one day find that everything will return. The soldiers will come back from Afghanistan because one day, once the EU has been destroyed, they will have no role. All the quangos will  go because they depend on the EU for finance.

The country will rediscover what it was like to be British thirty years ago and so, so, many politicians will be utterly discredited. If the EU dissolves then there is no way that any of our mainstream politicians can explain why they refused our continuing requests for a referendum on the EU.

They may grovel but don't believe them. At the next election PLEASE  remember that they have squandered YOUR  money for thirty years or more! It doesn't matter what mainstream party they claim to represent... they don't represent you! DON'T VOTE FOR THEM!

David Cameron

Gaddafi and David Cameron
Was anyone else uncomfortable about the posturing of David Cameron and William Hague in Tripoli today? Was it really necessary for them to enter into that rabble and what were they trying to prove?

It is not yet all over. They have not yet caught Colonel Gadaffi or his son Saif. The fighting is still continuing and yet Cameron and Hague are attending a victory party?  OK perhaps I am being mealy mouthed but I hate to see people gloating. We don't yet know the make up or the intentions of the rebel government. We don't yet know who is actually in charge. We have in effect taken sides in Bedouin politics so we backed one side against another or one tribe against another.

I realise that Libyan oil is important to us but when I saw Cameron today I had a flashback to Blair and Gaddafi. I find that happening more and more. Blair was never a socialist and Cameron is not a conservative but both know how to tweak an audience. It is not a route that Cameron should go down beause I still believe that one day the courts will catch up with Blair. We all know that he was guilty of so much but the lawyers may have to decide what to charge him with! It is a conundrum but how about my suggestion of treason. 

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Trade Unions

Two headlines caught my eye this morning both relating to Trade Union activity. The first banner headline in the Daily Mail predicted that train drivers were to be rewarded just to ensure that they turn up for work during the Olympics! Nice work if you can get it but surely once the other unions realise that the politicians can be threatened and money for bribes is available then they will all be at it? This is a treacherous act of cowardice but consistent of the fear that someone will wreck the Olympics.

Then I read that 300 TU bosses and their Shadow Cabinet colleagues shamelessly spent over £10000 on one meal at a luxury eating/drinking establishment described as being 'one of London's most decadent bars'. What I cannot understand is that they will lavish this opulent lifestyle on themselves and then smugly appear in public claiming that they represent 'The Working Class'.

These champagne socialists are a disgrace to the union movement and I wonder why traditional union members continue to fund this scandal. Why would an average worker pay union subscriptions just to see it squandered on a lifestyle out of reach for most of them?

They also appear to be hellbent on destroying what is left of our national identity. They are planning strikes on a huge scale particularly where education is concerned. By the way have you seen the behaviour of striking teachers? These people purport to be teachers! I do wonder where Maggie Thatcher is when you need her? It is time that the government refound the conservative determination to tackle these thugs and it is also time that the 'Working Class' took a close look at the Trade Union leadership and their motives.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Tony Blair

I cannot believe the consequences for the Political Class if the European Union disintegrates. They have for so long supported an illegal and criminal organisation which has been distributing billions of euros in every direction in the belief that they were bomb proof.

If it unravels then so many of these discredited politicians could be in the dock. I read that the one politician capable of holding the EU together, Angela Merkel, is under pressure at home. The Germans have had enough of this socialist nonsense and if they withdraw their support then the whole economic climate of western Europe will have to be redefined.

We in the UK already know the consequences of government by socialists. We are broke, our local companies (like Bombardier) cannot win government contracts. They spend money like water because they are irresponsible and most of them have never had to earn a salary from the sweat of their brow. For some unaccountable reason we British accept that these politicians (who are all rotten to the core) have a right to corrupt our constitution for their own ends.

They have had a free run for almost twenty years because the EU has poured money into almost every corrupt direction. If the plight of Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain and Italy is anything to go by then this reign of terror may someday soon cease but what then?

What then indeed? Who will replace the EU? Who will come to the fore with sufficient clout to, for example...point Anthony Linton Blair   and so many of his cohorts in the direction of The Hague! 

Is the writing really on the wall?

I have never had any doubt that the European Union was a blight on all our lives. It was originally 'sold' as a Common Market but it soon became clear that the real purpose was a 'socialist' inspired plot to gather member nations together and squander their money at unprecedented speed.

Since the EU became a political state nobody has prospered apart from individuals like the MEPs, officials and commissioners. Some of them have made so much money that they are now in the megarich category where once they were mere mortals. Top of that category must be Peter Mandelson but I would wager that the Kinnocks are close behind!

The stories that have been leaked about the lack of accountability are legend but the lack of audit has made corruption almost mandatory. In this way the EU has bankrolled many of our Quangos so this circle of evil continues unabated.

At last however it would appear that the writing is on the wall. Pundits are appearing on news programmes predicting that Greece cannot possibly service its debt and that also applies to Portugal and Ireland. Even some of the mainstream correspondents are now declaring that the EU is fatally wounded. The latest being the Daily Mail's Max Hastings.

So what happens now? Well financially it will be bloody but I suspect that the French and German taxpayers will be hammered because the banks have to readjust their figures when the Greek, Irish and Portuguese fail to meet their debts.

I await the squirming of all the mainstream politicians who supported this lunacy but down here on Planet Earth I would like to see the promised 'bonfire of quangos' when the EU money dries up. What are all these 'Common Purpose' wasters going to do then? Believe you me the Quango industry is immense! There are hundreds of them all employing large well paid staffs. The chickens are coming home to roost!

Monday, 12 September 2011

The Right Wing is wakening up!

Ever since the Conservative Party aligned with the Lib Dems to form a Coalition I have been uneasy about the Alliance. The only reason that I have ever countenanced this alliance is that it prevented the appalling NoLab party another opportunity to pillage the economy.

Having said that I must agree with Nadine Dorries (Conservative MP) that the current PM appears to be, all too willingly, ditching his election promises and Conservative values to keep Nick Clegg happy. The tail is all too viciously wagging the dog and at long last the Conservative MPs appear to be losing patience with their leader.

This is absolutely not what the electorate wanted when they voted 'Conservative'. They almost unilaterally voted for a return to nationalism. They did not vote for an increase in the EU budget, they did not vote for the 'ringfencing' of International Aid (International waste of taxpayer's money!) and they did not vote for a continuation of the banker's benefit society or the bloated welfare system. They, in the main, voted for a return to common sense and a return to traditional family values.

David Cameron got a vote because he campaigned on family issues. He is clearly a family man and exudes the traditional values that we all maintain. The mainstream media may campaign through their jaundiced columns that 'gay' is normal, that muslim extremism should be tolerated and that 'the travellers' should be allowed not to  travel and then desecrate the countryside. I really have nothing against gays, muslims or travellers but they must not be used as a stick to beat us all with. They are what they are and unless they step outside of the law (that of course is always the questionP) they should be accorded all the respect that their calling deserves.

It does not wash because we are British and although we can see what has happened to us we do not understand why anyone wants to ruin a democratic society. We have actually been under the same attack that Gadaffi has faced but without the bullets although I suspect that the same protaganists have campaigned against us. That is right ...the same forces that have attacked Colonel Gadaffi are also trying to bring our society into the gutter. I mad can that be? 

Suddenly a few Tory MPs have decided to find courage. Some of them are questioning the political aspirations of David Cameron and wondering where his Tory commitment has gone? Heh get with it guys! I have questioned this for many months. Go to my many posts on David Cameron over the past year and discover how behind the times the MSM is? Dave is not a Conservative but then I don't know where his loyalty lies and that is the problem!

Saturday, 10 September 2011


Everybody remembers 9/11 for different reasons but I remember it for a very important reason. At the time I was working as a lowly Civil Servant long after I had retired for the umpteenth time. As I left the building ( I worked 6 hours a day starting at 7am) I was informed of the first aircraft and by the time I cycled home my wife and my daughter were sat in front of the TV having witnessed the second aircraft.

My story however, began 10 days later, when out of the blue I collapsed at home and was rushed into Glenfield Hospital Leicester in a very poorly condition. I fought for three months to regain my life having survived a collapsed colon, peritonitis and  septicemia. My wife tells me that there was nowhere in my body where a tube did not protrude (well within propriety!).

So when most people remember 9/11 for the correct reasons I remember it with mixed emotions. After 10 years I am still troubled by tummy problems but I have been blessed to see my granddaughters growing up. I will however, always remember that the first person that I recognised when I came out of the coma was my son who was killed last year.

It was only the skill of the surgeons that saved my life. To this day I cannot believe that I pulled through to live the life that I lead today. So forgive me if on this very memorable day I raise a glass to life itself. It is such a very personal poignant date and I make no apologies for it.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

The British Army

The findings of an enquiry into the treatment of Iraqi prisoners by British soldiers makes very uncomfortable reading for every ex soldier. There cannot be anyone who has served in the forces who has not met bullying NCOs and weak officers. When wars happen people get hurt.

Nobody is chasing the Iraqis who set fire to the British soldiers who had to bail out of their armoured vehicles in Basra. Nobody has ever charged the murderers of the six Military policemen who were caught out by a mob very early on in Iraq. I cannot excuse anyone who was party to the type of aggression that we have seen on the TV but war is war and bad things happen.

We cannot have the army under the same kind of pressure that we have placed the police under. They must be allowed to react without fear of subsequent prosecution. In Northern Ireland some of the constraints that we were under in the seventies were ridiculous.

What concerns me more are the actions of our politicians. This Iraqi was killed in 2003. Since then we have had a plethora of Foreign Secretaries who have stood up in Parliament and denied/excused/lied that these events happened. More and more it appears that the NoLab politicians under Blair/Brown did not have a clue what was going on.

I just wonder if one day Messrs Blair and Brown will face a judge because they really deserve the opportunity to explain to the public how they managed so much damage in such a few years and why they did it? 

Joan Collins for Prime Minister!

Joan Collins's heaven and hell
Joan Collins

I am currently watching 'The Wright Stuff' and I have been astonished. The last person that I would have credited with 'intelligence' would have been Joan Collins. I always had the impression that she led a vacuous life and was self obsessed. This of course is the impression that I have gained from her publicity and her career. My life is a million miles from her life and there is absolutely no way that our paths could have crossed.

Suddenly however, I found my self cheering her pronouncements. She has been criticising the European Union, the squandering of Foreign Aid and talking such common sense that it is so refreshing. She is of course of an age that she will remember when we did not put foreign causes above our own people.

She remembers life before the EU, before Common Purpose and before the Town Hall fatcats ruled our lives with their own vindictive sense of duty. She remembers life before traffic lights (on every street corner) and speed ramps, she probably remembers police on the streets and proper prison sentences... in short she is old enough ro remember common sense!

I am so impressed and I only wish that she would use her power and influence more often. This is the voice of reason that the country needs. She could be the author of this blog...and would probably do it much better!!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The killing of Osama Bin Laden?

I am currently watching a Channel Four documentary about the killing of Osama bin  Laden. I have probably never seen such a propaganda programme. It is horrendous because it has been contrived and frankly it makes me sick that they can put out this kind of crap in the mainstream media.

Let me explain... there is not a SHRED of evidence to support that he was killed. No video, no still photographs no body, just a few contrived images that makes everyone believe that he has been killed. 

I am sorry but seeing is believing... if they had really killed him then we would have seen the pictures. There is no evidence anywhere that the American Seals killed Osama bin Laden. They had every opportunity to take at least one photograph of a dead Osama. He was the most wanted man on the planet and yet there are no photographs of his dead body.

This programme illustrated that there was a camera man tracking every move of the heroic Seals but there is no footage of the downed American helicopter. There is nothing to prove the whole raid! It was contrived to prop up the Obama government. Sorry everyone but this whole episode only illustrates the desperation of the Political Class and the Channel Four programme proved it. If you disagree then show me the evidence!

On the evidence of this I have created a new label called 'Who do we believe'. I think that I will be using it quite often!!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Another one bites the dust!

MPs' expenses: Former Labour MP Margaret Moran to face 21 charges
Margaret Moran

Margaret Moran, former MP for Luton South, who clearly broke the rules regarding the MP's expenses is about to be charged with a massive fraud. She faces 21 accounts of fraudulent activity and no doubt will face a week in a proper jail followed by several months in a cushy option.

She was clearly guilty of a huge fraud and given her position of trust and responsibility she should be locked away for a really lengthy stay behind bars. So where does that leave Jacqui Smith, the former Home Secretary, who was afforded a let out clause which enabled her to apologise to 'the House' for defrauding the public purse of huge amounts including the purchase of her husbands adult films!

If Margaret Moran is guilty then surely Jacqui Smith is just as guilty? The New Labour cabal which plotted to ruin the social structure of this country by inviting in hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants and then failing to deal with them may rue their traiterous behaviour.

I believe that Margaret Moran deserves to be sent down but then so does Jacqui Smith and all the others who 'flipped' their houses for profit. We may as well clean out the whole lot of them. Margaret Moran is a little fish encouraged to abuse the system and then punished once they discovered she mattered little. It is high time that the CPS tackled the big fish!

The big fish have been well documented!

Now he has leave to sue us...the taxpayer!

Abdel Hakim Belhaj
Abdel Hakim Belhadj
According to the mainstream media one of the leaders of the rebel Libyan army is about to sue us, the British Taxpayer, because MI6 colluded with the Gadaffi regime and as a result he was the victim of torture. If he wins his case the guess is that he will receive one million pounds from us the hard pressed taxpayer!

Have we gone mad? What further nonsense will we tolerate from our politicians before we realise that they are actually taking the mick? Typically the politicians who were in office at the time, in this case 'slippery' Jack Straw knew NOTHING about the maschinations of MI6 even though at the time he was responsible for their activities!

I sometimes wonder who was running the country during the years of the New Labour administration because frequently those in office give the appearance of the three wise monkeys, hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil. Time after time events conspire to prove that most of them were up to their armpits in sleaze which of course the blogosphere has been reporting ad nauseum.

If Mr Belhadj was tortured (and it doesn't seem to have stopped his momentum too much) and if MI6 was involved then he should sue the person in charge because most of us taxpayers had nothing to do with it! It is high time that some of these NoLab politicians were put in the dock under oath and charged with crimes relating to ruining the country.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Libya... the aftermath...and the Political Class!

As the rebel troops take Tripoli and drive Ghadaffi underground the captured documents begin to indict the former Labour government.  Some of the leading Labour politicians are beginning to squirm because they were part of this awful regime which cosied up to Colonel Gaddafi and his dreadful family. Let's face it they cosied up to almost every form of wealth that they could get access to.

Top of the list is of course Tony Blair who kissed Colonel Ghaddafi at every opportunity and close behind him comes Peter Mandelson who has  ready access to Russian obligarchs. Today I heard Harriet Harman readily endorsing Foreign Aid to East Africa conveniently forgetting that here at home we cannot support our own elderly.

Today I visited my mother in hospital at Leicester General and it is sorrowful. The staff who are almost entirely from a foreign nation (thank you all) must cope with wards full of the pitiful elderly because there are very few care homes left. The money has all gone to Ethiopia, Somalia or Zimbabwe. Why doesn't Harriet Harman visit the wards in Leicester? Why does she not face this line of questioning from the mainstream media?

These leading socialists are one by one being exposed. First Tony Blair who most people agree is a war criminal, then Gordon Brown a useless Chancellor and even worse PM and on and on it goes... the lecherous Prescott, the venomous Balls (and wife) the duplicitous Ed (and his betrayed brother David) Miliband, they have all been at it and now the charges are coming home to roost. I haven't even mentioned Jacqui Smith and the jailed MPs!

Then look at the LibDems...are they not even worse? Nick Clegg lied to everybody on his election manifesto. Chris Huhne is facing serious motoring offences which everyone suspects that he is guilty of and that is the least of the charges against him. He comes across as a very unsavoury character. Then we have David Laws and his dodgy sex life...who cares apart from him and his family? Not to mention Lembik...!

Our Political Class are crass! Most of them have been corrupted long before they enter the hallowed corridors of Westmonster. Everywhere they are at it. Every office of state has been corrupted. In almost every department we have Ministers who have an agenda which does not support the English people. They are desperate to squander our taxes on projects which do not support the elderly or in fact any of us.

We all know it. Everytime we meet and discuss, usually in hushed voices, our mistrust of our politicians and police we all agree. The people know that they have been let down, the people know that we cannot trust them but as yet they don't know how to respond. I believe that one day somebody will harness this resentment and when they do then the Political Class, and the Bonus Class will feel the full force of the public anger!

I am missing something...?

Manu Tuilagi
Manu Tuilagi
I read  yesterday that one of England's rugby world cup stars is actually an illegal immigrant! Manu Tuilagi who is the latest in a dynasty of Samoan born brothers arrived here on a 6 month holiday visa and like thousands of others overstayed. It has long been the favourite method of beating our immigration regulations.

The Home Office apparently discovered his wheez but allegedly after an intervention by Leicester Tigers and three local MPs he has been allowed to stay. Why? He has now been declared English so that he can represent my country at rugby at the World Cup. How? He is no more eligible to play for England than any other South Pacific player.

I would be hopping mad if I was a really good player born and brought up in England and replaced by someone who has no claim to be regarded as an English national. I would just love to know how they bent the international rules to allow this to happen? Even in cricket, players (and there are plenty) must have a lengthy residential period behind them before becoming eligible for the England team.

I know that he is a very good player. I always want England to do well in any sport but I think that this is cheating. If he plays and we win it will take the sheen off it for me. Cheats should not prosper!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

David Cameron

I have often complained that David Cameron is so good with words but not so good with actions. Today in the Mail on Sunday he writes passionately about the social problems facing us in the modern UK (scroll down for his article).

He clearly understands what is necessary but so far he has been unable to engineer the changes that he outlines. OK I understand that it takes time to unravel the myriad of legislation imposed on us by the socialists both in and out of Europe but it can be done and if we are to save our lifestyle it must be done.

Your article proves that you understand the problems PM so now just ignore the LibDems and make yourself a national hero. You have an opportunity to become a Churchillian figure in the history of our nation. Gordon Brown ignored everyone to become a force for evil now you need to ignore everyone to become a force for good. If you did you could rule forever!!

Labour lied....surely not!?

Alistair Darling
The mainstream media are full today of revelations that the government under the Labour party was unfit to govern! Well would you believe it? For almost three years I wrote scathingly about Gordon Brown and his cohorts and now one of them, Alistair Darling, has now confessed, albeit for profit, that Gordon Brown was to all intents and purposes unfit for the position of Prime Minister.

Why did he wait until he could profit from the revelation? Why could he not have stood up to Brown when the chips were down? Why was he such a coward when the British public needed honesty?

History always outs the dishonest politicians. Someone is always prepared in hindsight (usually for profit) to divulge what most of us knew was the fact at the time. Alistair Darling appeared (usually on the BBC) time after time and refused to criticise Gordon Brown. He continually supported the party line throughout the time that he was Chancellor of the Exchequer.

He was just one of a cabal of Labour politicians who I am convinced that history will record should have served prison sentences for what they did to this country. To this day I cannot understand how some Labour MPs are in jail and others, Jacqui Smith comes instantly to mind, are free to enjoy the spoils of their time in office.

Just remember the Labour party installed Gordon Brown into office without an election. The Labour party, even when everyone could see that he was unfit for the role, continued to support him. Most of them are still on the opposition front benches so when they next stand for election (Ed Miliband, Mr and Mrs Balls, the Eagles sisters, 'wee' Duggie Alexander etc etc) just remember they ALL knew that Gordon was a moron!

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Care for the Elderly

Two days ago I posted about the situation regarding my 95 year old mother who despite being so frail and forgetful was pronounced by Social Services as not being 'substantially' in need of care. I informed the assessor at the time that her decision was likely to cause my mother suffering in the future.

This morning we received the inevitable call that she had fallen overnight and her morning carer and found her on the floor. This had the knock on effect that the home had to call the paramedics who had to admit her to hospital. This will mean an extra strain on A &E and the additional resources required to process her through X Ray and a ward before we, once again, have to bring her back to her room (a round trip in this day and age of 30 miles). This is the fourth time this year that we have gone through this procedure!

The politicians and their Bonus Class employees in the public services are happy to squander our taxes in this way rather than keeping the essential care homes open. The manner in which we treat our elderly is not worthy of a third world country and remember we will all get old.

Billions is spent on the workshy some of whom have never earned a taxable income in their lives but the elderly must suffer even though they have probably worked all their lives, never mind fought in the wars that the politicians revel in. The inequality in modern day society is a scandal that those in Westmonster should be ashamed of. The problem is that only those involved seem to care.

Friday, 2 September 2011

The Benefits System

This signpost probably mirrors my thoughts as I read a Daily Express headline today which declared that 4 million households in the UK today are on benefits.

It was compounded yesterday when a man, who attempted to trip up a guy with a knife making a getaway after a stabbing at the Notting Hill Carnival, was concerned that he would lose his disability benefit if identified! He is Ukranian.

Now I must just pose this question...why the hell are we supporting disabled foreigners? What on earth has he got to offer this country? Who made it possible for him to come here and claim benefits?

This benefits system is clearly out of control. The Coalition must get a grip of it. In the United States they only allow unemployment benefit for 2 years and it is a system that we should adopt. Too many families are being allowed to overclaim for year after year which eventually condemns them to a life of hopelessness and poverty.

This nation should recover our spirit of independence and lose the spirit of dependency. It is up to the government to lead the way and break up this dependency on the state. Human nature dictates that if you are paid more for slacking than you are for working then you will slack! It is time to change.


Very rarely in these modern times do we see a headline from the mainstream media which actually promises to improve our society. Long before we shamefully surrendered our sovereignty to the  unaudited and unelected socialist/banker inspired European Union our society had been under attack from left wing conspirators.

The most despicable attack has been on Education where for decades the teaching unions have supported a decline in educational standards and classroom discipline. Everything possible has been thrown at education to undermine achievement and discourage ability so when I read that Michael Gove, our Education Minister, plans to bring back classroom discipline I just wonder how he is going to do it?

There are so many forces at many tiers of education who will automatically rail against any reversal of their damning and disastrous policies that it would take an enormous effort to unravel and unpick the web of deceipt which pervades English education.

I therefore await with interest the future classroom confrontations as teachers attempt to regain a modicum of control after so many years of contempt for their authority. Somehow I cannot see the classroom anarchy changing overnight but at least it is a start.