Thursday, 29 July 2010

Derby County

Well here we are at the dawn of yet another new season. This is the time of year that all fans are filled with optimism and that this year their team will challenge for honours. I am no different although these days I watch from afar through the medium of television and by logging onto NewsNow/Derby County.

Last year we saw the coming of Nigel Clough with his seemingly definite ideas of the way forward. In the early days his Dad, the legendary Brian, delved into the lower divisions for nuggets like McFarland (Tranmere), Gemmill (Preston) and McGovern (Hartlepool). His predecessor had also picked up Hector (Bradford City) so I don't blame him for hoping to replicate this cheap way to glory.

The question is though can a team thrive without that extra bit of class? Can a team thrive without proven experience at Championship or Premiership level. Clearly Nigel believes it can. Since he arrived at the club the only player that has cost Derby real money has been Sean Barker from Blackpool (who then got promoted without him). He also bought Chris Porter from Motherwell but £400,000 for a decent striker is hardly breaking the bank.

The rest have been acquired in my opinion with a hope and a prayer. He has opted for Moxey (Exeter), Buxton (Burton Albion), Brayford and Bailey (Crewe), Deeley (Burton Albion) and Pringle (Ilkeston Town). Nigel also appears to be a shrewd student of free transfers because he acquired Paul Green and Gareth Roberts from Doncaster, Tomasz Cywka from Wigan and Russell Anderson from Sunderland. All of the frees appear to have been good business.

He also generously allows players to trial in games that have little meaning and this pre-season a young American called Conor Doyle has emerged from nowhere and reports claim that he will sign as a full time professional soon. 18 year olds who can instantly play at Championship level are rare indeed and although I have yet to set eyes on him I suspect that he can play a bit.

There is a clutch of youngsters also in the academy side who are knocking on the door so on the surface the future is bright but it brings me back to the first question can a team win the Champiionship without spending substantial amounts of money? Well Derby still have seasoned pros in their ranks. Bywater in goal, Leacock in defence, Savage (needs no introduction) Stephen Pearson, Kris Commons (a joy on his day), Stephen Pearson, Rob Hulse and Luke Varney. Heh that sounds quite good and they are currently 40-1 at my local bookie! Come on ewe Rams!!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Police Brutality

There are increasing examples of police brutality appearing on the Internet. Of course the most public example was the assault on Ian Tomlinson which probably led to his death. The police are in a difficult position because they are in today's very violent society always at the forefront in the fight against crime.

They face on a daily basis the probabability of injury or worse as in the case of the policeman shot in the face by Raoul Moat but it is my contention that they must, even under severe provocation, act with restraint. Once police officers lose control public confidence is lost and if the police lose the respect of the public then everyone loses. In my military days we were always taught to think of the consequences before making a decision. The adage was always, 'What will you say at the Court Martial'.

The CPS appear to be very reluctant to prosecute serving police officers and I can see why but where the evidence is irrefutable then police officers should be asked to account for their actions. It is happening all too often today and something must change.

The officer who batoned and violently shoved Ian Tomlinson in the back had a history of violence. He was not under threat. His actions were not in keeping with his role of police officer. He should have faced a judge and the decision not to make him explain his actions has harmed public confidence in the police.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

New Politics in the future?

I just wonder if we will soon witness a change in the dynamics of our political system? It appears to me that when Nick Clegg aligned with David Cameron they almost created a new political force. This new force however, has not pleased all of the people in their own parties. The right wingers in the Tory party are obviously displeased that we are not questioning our membership of Europe. The traditional Liberals also feel uncomfortable being assocated with the Tories. After all in many of the southern constituencies the Tory and Liberal activists are mortal enemies.

So where does that leave us? If the Cameron/Clegg coalition thrives and steers us through the chaos left behind by New Labour would they part for electoral purposes? If not where does that leaves the Nationalists? The more extreme of the sandalistas may be tempted to join the Socialists particularly if someone like David Miliband decides to try and bring some organisation to the Socialist dogma.

I can envisage three major parties lining up along the lines of Coalition/Nationalists/Socialists. At least if they did we would have some choice which wasn't the case at the last election when nobody quite knew what any of them stood for.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Libya, BP, Tony Blair, Scotland and a rather nasty smell!

The other story which has emerged recently is probably a story which stinks even more than the Iraq War. Predictably Tony Blair is linked to all aspects of the story and predictably he remains free of reprisal.

The American Senate want to talk to Jack Straw, BP and Kenny McCaskill, the latter being the guy who basked in the glory of releasing the Lockerbie bomber. Frankly I have never believed the idea that this Libyan brought down the plane. I still think that he was set up by world politics as a fall guy so that he would be released and then rewarded for his inconvenience.

The destruction of this aircraft above Lockerbie was I suspect much more complex than we were led to believe. The conspiracy theories are rife and we will never know why that aircraft was brought down. I feel so sorry for the relatives of the victims. I suspect that both the UK and the US governments know far more than they are prepared to release.

In the meantime Tony Blair sucks in millions....

Normal Service is resumed....!

During the past two weeks when I have become very well acquainted with various routes from Leicestershire to Edinburgh and back I have only had limited access to newspapers and the news. In normal times I am a news addict but as you all know life for me has not been normal.

It did strike me however that although we now have a new Coalition government and frankly they are trying really hard to rid us of the NoLab legacy. they have not gone far enough. The BBC still cock a snoop at public opinion. We, the licence holders, still pay their wages but their objective is still to promote the abject NoLab politicians.

I am sick of seeing people like the Milipedes, Ed Balls, Mandelson et al being given air time. They are irrevelant! They are part of the inglorious team which almost destroyed the country. Hell in my opinion their intention was to destroy the country. They certainly did nothing to prevent the Brown/Darling bandwagon from printing money like Mugabe, selling off the country's assets to pay for their barmy ideas or destroying their electoral chances.

Since then what has happened to Gordon and Sarah? They have disappeared apart from one episode (which Guido has chronicled) where they were invited to a wedding of two sycophants who instantly paid for their idiocy because Gordon and Sarah managed to be two hours late for the wedding! AAAAgh!

We must rid ourselves of this cabal of nonentities and replace them with people of integrity. The late night drinking sessions at the House of Commons bar does not fill me with hope.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Iain RIP

We cremated Iain at Mortonhall Crematorium in Edinburgh on Wednesday. There were a lot of people who came to bid him farewell and mighty impressive they were to. Iain always reckoned that he was the only HGV driver to have an Honours Law Degree and his ability to mix at all levels of society stood out a mile.

My wife and I rubbed shoulders with University lecturers, rough hewn lorry drivers, former military personnel, stunning young girls, police officers, family friends, committed Christians, former girlfriends and did not hear a bad word about our beloved son. All the compartments of his life came together, mixed together and discussed his strong personality, his talent and his humour. It was lovely and I was so proud of him.

The reception was exactly as he would have wished. We drank ourselves silly but happily. No tensions, no arguments, just an appreciation of Iain's life. I want to thank everyone who travelled so far to be there. A bond has been established and my daughter will establsh a Facebook page so that those who knew him can remain in touch with each other.

This has been a terrible tragedy and we will never replace or forget Iain but out of an utter catastrophe we have discovered so many lovely people. We have discovered an extended family of young people, every one of whom I would be honoured to adopt. Iain has left a legacy which is purely down to his personality. Even the staff at the pub in the village of Bonnyrigg knew him and allowed us a great deal of freedom to celebrate his life. We did him proud!

PS Tomorrow it will be back to normal folks! Things need to be aired, politicians exposed, controversial issues discussed because my grandchildren need a better life than they have at the present!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Iain RIP

My family are holding up following our dreadful loss. Our son will be cremated in Edinburgh next Wednesday. Everyone has been marvellous and out of this tragedy has come revelation after revelation. Iain had this instinct of attracting really nice friends. We have met some lovely people and I believe we will remain in touch.

Firstly however, we must remain practical and send him off properly. It will be an emotional day for everyone. Can I also thank those people who responded to my griefstricken post last Saturday. I don't know any of you personally but I will never forget your kindness.

To my local friends who dip in and out of my ramblings. I will be back in circulation soon but frankly I don't want to embarrass anyone and I am really fragile.So many people have been so understanding that it brings back faith in the human race. Iain died too young but we had him for 38 years and we must be thankful for that.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Iain RIP

This morning we received the dreaded visit from two female police officers who informed us that our beloved son had been killed in the early hours of the morning in a head on HGV accident. This has without doubt been the worst day of my life. I know that all normal fathers love and admire their kids but Iain was the most multi talented individual that I have ever met.

Not only did he hold a law degree and an HGV licence but he was a real genius with computers. There was nothing that he couldn't solve. He was also a skilled car mechanic often contributing to the Rover forum on the Internet. He installed my wife's kitchen, built our summerhouse and also installed his own under floor heating. He could build patios, cook like a dream and was an electrical whizzkid.

If that wasn't enough he was a mountain bike rider, he conquered the infamous 'P' company assault course to gain his red beret and at a very young age was an accomplished goalkeeper. I cannot ever remember walking into a room with him without all the female heads swivelling. Not only did he have the magical 'it' he was also eloquent and charming.

I know that life goes on but I will never recover from this loss. I will always miss him. It will be a long time before the crying ceases in my household. Rest in Peace my handsome, intelligent lad we are all devastated.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Baron John Prescott of Kingston upon Hull

No wonder he looked sheepish! He is absolutely typical of the New Labour hierarchy. My real concern is that the Labour party fsithful cannot understand that their subscriptions and their belief have been usurped by shysters like Tony Blair, Peter Mandelsson, David Blunkett, Jack Straw, John Prescott and so many others.

I am sorry to tell the traditional Labour voters but you have been shafted by the New Labour leadership. Your beliefs, your ambitions and your objectives have been ruined by the personal ambition of multi millionaire Tony Blair and the Barons Mandelsson and Prescott!

Can you now seriosly believe that they wanted to represent you? Are you so naive to believe that people like Bob Crow and the Unison collective really have your interests above their own? Can you poor deluded employees of BA really understand that you are really a pawn in their game for self gratification. Get real... your union subscriptions are only an excuse for your so called leaders to piss on you and they do it regularly!

The Modern Police!

Well despite the input from dozens of police forces, 20 Armoured vehicles from Northern Ireland, the SAS, helicopters and at least one jet plane with heat seeking capabilities Raoul Moat remains at large.

He has this habit however, of dropping mobile phones all over the place. How many phones did he have and why does he keep losing them? I can't help thinking
that he is taking the michael out of our modern police force.

Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones summed up our politically correct justice system when she commented that we had failed to arrange a 'multi agency risk assessment conference' when releasing Rauol Moat.

Bloody Hell what is that? This guy had openly threatened his former girlfriend. He was obviously a really dangerous guy and yet nobody thought to protect his girlfriend and in effect condemned her boyfriend. What planet are these people on?

When are we ever going to get an effective police force? It is ridiculous that this one individual cannot be located by such a massive technical force but then listening to the robotic press conferences of the Chief Constable and her media savvy assistant then it is believable. They look and sound inept and I am sorry but Temporary Chief Constable Sue Sim is not the type of copper that we need in this situation.

I suspect that this guy, who needs to be caught, will eventually emerge by accident because I don't think that Sue Sim will catch him.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The Hebrides

On Monday I head north on my own armed with a car, a Tent, a gas cooker, a portaloo, my keyboard and a metal detector. What...I hear you say! Why? Well almost ten years ago I had a very trying health problem. To cut a long story short only the skill of a consultant surgeon saved my life.

That is the short story but the recovery period has been a lot more difficult. I now approach that dreaded three score years and ten and I am absolutely determined to max out on my life. I still want adventure. I still want something different so on Monday I head north with my eventual destination the Outer Hebrides.

I love my foreign holidays and later this year my wife and I will cruise to Venice and the Adriatic but...I am so looking forward to the challenge of the few days In the Outer Hebrides. There are very few opportunities in modern life to get away from it all. I will be self contained and hopefully the weather will be kind. I would hate to be driven into an hotel!!

The Modern Police

Is it just me or is this hunt for Raoul Moat becoming faintly ridiculous? This modern police force led by a woman who comes across as someone who is so far removed from the image of a competent copper that it is almost amusing. They have nominated someone who has decided that he will talk directly to Raoul Moat through the media. It is like something from a very bad 'B' movie!

We have a whole police force dredging through the countryside with automatic weapons, terrorising a peaceful community and not one sighting of the fugitive. They come across as clueless. I have the feeling that most of them are terrified because this guy has declared that he actually wants to kill them.

The risk assessment, modern, police force is looking what it is... not up to the job. Don't get me wrong Raoul Moat needs to be caught and soon but... I get the impression that he has slipped through the net and will strike again the very minute that they drop their guard.

I really hope that I am wrong and I will apologise if they get him tonight. However he is a really large, powerful guy who is instantly recognisable. Once again the justice system in this country is getting what it deserves! This time however the people who prop it up may eventually regret their stance.

Monday, 5 July 2010

I don't understand.....!

I am quite an enthusiastic supporter of the coalitiion because at last we are, on the surface, getting common sense politics but I am realistic enough to realise that no politician is perfect. I am happy that Nick Clegg has binned many of his manifesto policies for the good of the country (and Nick Clegg) but I don't think that they are bomb proof.

Now I believe that many of the major cuts should involve 'International Development' which we used to call 'Foreign Aid' and the NHS. The NHS in particular is an example. It consumes billions every year and apparently is unaccountable. This afternoon I spent a couple of hours as a prisoner of the NHS when I spent time with my 94 year old mother as she attended a 'falls clinic'.

I watched an old man trying to get to his feet aided only by his wife while a vastly overweight nurse stood back and watched them struggle. Not once did she offer the assistance of her huge power! I have seen many nurses in the past few years (sometimes from a hospital bed) totally ignore the need of the patient while they congregate around the safety of their central socialisation point and discuss boyfriend/girlfriends for lengthy periods.

Twice I saved my own life by being forceful when I had to be but there are many more people who lie in bed without my articulation, eloquence(!)or sheer will to survive. I was ignored (until I grabbed her arm) after I had suffered peritinitis to alert a passing nurse. My last words were 'please call the consultant's team or I will die'!

Sorry but I do not have the rosy 'Florence Nightingale' image of our nurses. Yes of course we have wonderful nurses and I have met many of them but... one bad nurse can do so much damage. One nurse I encountered spent five hours trying to put a caffeta (spelling) into my arm. I remember it so well because I almost missed 'Match of the Day' which was in those confined circumstances was so important to me.

So do we ringfence Internatuional Aid and the NHS? No we don't because they are two of the prime targets for cuts. Nothing should be ringfenced! If we can afford the unaudited, illegal EU fees then nothing should be safe...not even the expenses of Mr and Mrs Balls.

New Labour Hypocrisy!

Once again that arch hypocryte Ed Balls has featured on our screens criticising the coalition for their spending cuts. Not one mention of his part in the destruction of the national economy...not a hint of an apology...not a word on what his party would have done...heaven help us had they won the election.

Not a word on the absolute disappearance of, not only Gorgon Brown but also Peter Mandelsson who, having done the devil's work, can blend into the background and count their ill-gotten gains. This bunch of sleaze bags are now only content on the criticism of the people who are trying to repair the damage that they created. They never had any solutions, they never had any plans, they only had socialist dogma to fall back on...a dogma which none of the leading members ever adhered to!

The Political Police

Yet again a matronly police officer appears on television confessing that they have failed to act on information given which has resulted in calamity. Over the years that the police force has ceased to protect the public and begun to protect the state these incidents have regularly occurred.

I am frankly sick of these senior officers coming on television reading their politically prepared statements and apologising. I have blogged many times that we don't want apologies we want and need resignations. The police must be reformed from the NoLab days and reformed root and branch. We must get real coppers back onto the case and all these pseudo political police should be retired into the background from whence they came.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

The German Football Team

Well damn me they have done it again! In every major football tournament the Germans turn up with their worst team in the history of German football and then proceed to uncover future world stars! This is not an accident. They are so well prepared and the underlying reason is their education system!

Honest I know that you don't believe me but the German education system is superb...well it was when I spent 15 years in the country. During the time that I was on an interpretership course, paid for by the British Army, I witnessed their youth football programme and I also witnessed their education system. They understand the value of education which successive British governments have done their best to malign.

In this country in the meantime we have, thanks to Tony Blair and Gorgon Brown, abolished competitive sport in schools. The boys now have to take part in poncy dance performances alongside the girls who of course love it. I know because I witnessed my beautiful granddaughter (and she really is special) dancing alongside lads who frankly hated the whole deal! The future footballers are prancing about to songs from Abba when they should be learning ball control.

The problem is that at primary school level the male figure is non existent. The football coach is so far removed from the primary school in England that only the sons of dedicated parents are introduced into the English footballing system. Therefore only the kids who have ambitious parents will eventually play football, the rest will probably join gangs and experiment in drugs despite what Dianne Abbot our esteemed black,female MP maintains.

In Germany they begin at 5 years of age. Every village has a club. Every village hosts a tournament and if everything is level then kids take spot kicks! My own son was the goalkeeper for the State (county) age team at the age of eleven. I saw their system at first hand. It continually produces first class German players even if they are sons of immigrants.

Education is the key but in England at least the ladies who run the schools generally don't like sport they like dance! I saw so many fat kids the other night that it is obvious that dance does not replace football unless of course they are very dedicated! Hell dare I offer my services to my grandaughter's local school... naw don't go hell here we go again! Never mind I am 68 so I would be rejected!

The NHS beyond belief!

At last the salaries of government executives are being leaked into the public domain. These are the men who have taken full advantage of New Labour's inability to keep a lid on public expenditure. One of the most trumpeted of Gorgon Brown's excuses for losing grip of the public finances was his oft repeated excuse that the recession began in the United States. Every time he was approached about our serious financial position he called it 'The World Recession' thus deflecting blame from him and his useless cabinet.

Now we know why we had a serious financial position and it was one of the first topics that I blogged about when I first set up this blog. That was two and a half years ago I was really concerned about the dreadful waste of public money then. The word I used was 'untenable' but I had vey little idea how many people were drinking at the public trough and to what extent.

Today we learn that 320 executives of the National Health Service were earning more than the Prime Minister. 53 of them are earning more than £200,000 and let's hear it for Ian Miller who as Interim Director of Finance and Investment for the South East Coast Strategic Helath Auhthority who took pole position when he negotiated himself £305-310,000 for 9.3 months! Wow that is breathtaking! I wonder how many members of the public lost operations because of this salary. How many paramedics could have been recruited? How many special bits of equipment could have been bought to save lives?

This is the problem you see...these people were actually taking a far, far too large a slice of the cake and someone has always got to suffer. Now remember this is the NHS and now we all know why billions were poured into this monster and billions were obviously eaten up without an operation being completed. We must also remember that if these National Health Service Trusts would agree these salaries what were they spending on consultants and quangos?

I suspect that we may never discover the full extent of the profligacy in the NHS but David Cameron now knows where to begin the cuts...pass the knife PM I know where I would stick it!

Saturday, 3 July 2010

The Political Police

My daughter today sent me a clip of a sixteen year old photographer being harrassed/bullied by our glorious Metropolitan Police. You know the same guys seen killing a drunken bystander at the G20 conference. The subsequent footage taken by the young man who was miked up illustrates that we have more than a few police offiers who believe that they are bomb proof.

The footage continually demonstrates that the police are out of control and that they believe that they can trump up charges willy nilly. Taking photographs of a military parade is not a crime in this country. Taking photographs of berks who are being over officious is still not a crime! Some of the police officers seem to believe that the New Labour Project is still alive and well.

Well I now hope that our new Home Secretary, Teresa May, will seek out these officers photographed by this young man and re-educate them. Now we do not need diversity courses for some police officers but we should redeploy them. These bullies should be promoted to the very front line in South London when this Coalition tackles the young black lads who survive through crime!

These Gestapo police must now realise that they are the servants of the people and that they cannot bully, patronise or bribe the public and that we must be allowed to go about our lawful business. Has it taken one courageous... one 16 year old to demonstrate that these Metropolitan Police Officers really believe that they are bomb proof.

Nick Clegg... you want suggestions about the laws that we want to be repealed. We want the police back under the control of the public and the new diversity courses should illustrate how our police can no longer bully the public. Read the riot act to the Met! They think that they are invulnerable. Teresa bring these bas***ds into lline!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Ken Clarke or David Howard?

Ken Clarke has horrified the traditional right wing Tory support by advocating that we reduce the prison population and search for alternative methods of punishing the criminal. Iain Duncan-Smith is currently advocating on 'Question Time' that we have a problem by just locking up kids who have never had a chance in life. The kids on the 'sink' estates who have no family support which is of course dependent on that support.

The real problem is that prison is not what most of us regard as prison. Most of the major criminals live a life that they really could never afford on the outside and that is why their existence costs us so much. We have provided the criminal with luxury accommodation and it must cease. They are provided with every luxury imaginable. That is the problem along with the drug culture.

I cannot believe that prison officers could not prevent the importation of drugs if they were ordered to stop it. They have decided that this drug culture in prisons cannot be stopped... it has to be stopped! Prison should become prison yet again and not a socially convenient environment which allows the career criminal a convenient rest from their profession and a chance to indoctrinate the vulnderable.