Friday, 18 December 2009

NoCopenhagen agreement thank God!

The politically conspired Copennhagen conference has failed to reach an agreement which will save most of us a whole ton of money. As we freeze here in Leicestershire then it is very difficult to agree that global warming is viable. It is a nonsense and nobody can blame the Chinese for ignoring it.

John Prescott who has a track record second to none for bullying and is currently on Newsnight looking totally knackered and the fact that he is desperate to justify this climate control policy is interesting. For whatever reason Prescott is absolutely desperate to advance the argument for climate control. That means to me that it is unnecessary, corrupt and out of control. Prescott is the worst of all politicians; he has lived off the hog of the land whilst purporting to represent the common man.

This man was sponsored all of his life by the unions and then decided that he would exploit their patronage by claiming everything that he could as expenses. Probably nobody from the Trade Union movement has ever enjoyed such luxury as John Prescott. He reneged on his background following his affair with Tracey and of course he now has continued to pursue any policy which will cost the country money. He is good at that!

I say again climate control is a politically inspired idea which generates money for those who are unscrupulous because it is a nonsense. It has been concocted by the western powers to explain their profligacy with our money. They can generate any amount of cash if they justify it by claiming climate control. Now that is why Gordon and John Prescott are so supportive of this crap!

In the meantime we freeze in Leicestershire!

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