Tuesday, 30 November 2010


How often have I blogged about Pakistan? The world continues to be concerned about North Korea which remains isolated. The middle eastern states are clearly concerned about the possibility that Iran is developing a nuclear capability and yet nobody appeared to be concerned about Pakistan. Wikileaks has today disclosed the powers do have discomfort about the Pakistani nuclear capability and about time too.

Damned right they are concerned! Pakistan has long been a pariah on the international market and they have the nuclear capability. They are the sole access for the Muslim terrorist. The Muslim cause is so violent, so prevalent and so all consuming to so many who follow the teachings of the Koran that it must be regarded as dangerous.

When so many followers are prepared to die for their cause and they are prepared to use mass murder as their medium then we must guard against any access to nuclear weaponry.

Someone, somewhere should ensure that the access to nuclear weaponry in Pakistan is so tight, so locked down and so inaccessible that no Muslim terrorist can get near it. I am really concerned that this access will not be safeguarded. This is Pakistan after all and they have a nuclear capability. Time to really worry folks!

Snow, snow everywhere...

My wife and I don't really disagree about that much...well not that often..and not really seriously (gulp) but when the snow falls we have our annual disagreement. When the snow falls British drivers are in the main hopeless. It generally falls every year and every year we have the same panic problems.

Now for fifteen years I lived in Germany. Most of this period I was either in Berlin or somewhere along the former inner German border. Some of the snowfalls that I witnessed were really serious and one had to use everything to just get home or get to work. I often worked shifts which meant that I had to drive through snow at all hours of day and night.

The snow that we get here is minimal. It sometimes gets up to a few inches but generally it is just a covering and yet it invariably sparks a crisis. The reason is that most of our drivers do not use their common sense and more importantly they never learn.

Time to upgrade the driving test and ensure that drivers use a skid patch. No excuses we live in the northern hemisphere and we should all know how to control a skid... even mummies on the school run!

Monday, 29 November 2010

Corruption in high places...

Is it any surprise that the BBC Panorama team has uncovered corruption in high places amongst the delegates appointed to select the country for future World Cups? Corruption is endemic in high places.

In this country we used to pride ourselves on providing honest men for government but in recent years that has become a falacy. Certainly ever since the inception of the EU honesty has become a joke. For example, to be elected a Euro MP is to be granted a ride on an extravagant gravy train!

Most of us cannot contain our enthusiasm for European elections and yet they are so important. Do any of us understand how these candidates are selected? How many of us know our MEP? The most famous example of this is the election of Cathy Ashton to the role of European Commissioner. Nobody in this country has ever cast a vote for Cathy Ashton. She is a product of the corrupt socialist infrastructure which rewards party loyalists for their slavish loyalty.

'Baroness' Ashton was a former treasurer of the left wing CND so she had paid her dues. She is obviously regarded as a safe pair of hands. The EU is an organisation born out of the Soviet Union so she fitted the bill and it does not surprise me that her mentor was Gordon Brown the pupil of Jack Jones.

MEP's are bribed by huge salaries and even nore extravagant expenses. They are bribed to maintain a travesty of a so called government. The whole purpose of this organisation is the redistribution of wealth. They demand huge sums from their member states so that they can spread socialism across the world.

That is the reason that they cannot pass an audit. Nobody knows who receives money from the EU. Nobody accounts for anything so nothing can be detected. It is an utter joke and yet David Cameron, Nick Clegg, all the NoLab front benchers, William Haig and almost every leading politician are in cahoots to support this left wing organisation.

That is right you read it hear first. I did say David Cameron... because unfortunately he is not a Conservative that we voted for. Unfortunately and I do like his demeanour he is somebody's puppet and that is disturbing.

You will also read that every election pledge that Cameron gave will probably be reneged upon. He grabbed headlines with his promises regarding the Human Rights Act and knife crime and well... who cares he was lying.

I won't even go near Nick Clegg and the socialists don't have a clue so where do we go from here? Panorama should not confine their accusations of corruption to the World Cup panel they should tackle what is so blatantly bloody obvious!

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Coalition Politics

And while I am at it on this cold and frosty morning am I alone on thinking that Coalition Ministers are beginning to resemble NoLab Ministers. Marr also had Andrew Lansley on his show and he is the Health Minister. He is supposed to be a Tory...you know the kind of guy who doesn't want the State to run your life!

If even half the problems highlighted by the mainstream media in the National Health Service are true then Lansley has got a really difficult task ahead of him. Nursing for example has, in so many hospitals, reached crisis point where care seems to have been superceded by record keeping. Certainly leadership and discipline appears to have vanished from so many of our wards and I have witnessed that.

So what is concerning Mr Lansley? He is concerned about the colour of cigarette packets! I ask you what planet are they on? He had a huge opportunity to launch a radical plan to bring back care on the wards and dwells on fag packets. Perhaps he could use them to jot down a few ideas which would help the electorate?

The Labour Leadership

I have just watched Alan Johnson on the Andrew Marr Show and I doubt if I have ever heard so many soundbytes and platitudes in such a short space of time. This man is so glib that they all trip off his tongue at the mere hint of a difficult question.

He talks about eradicating poverty and a fair society as if he were a new kid on the block not one of those who after 13 years in government ruined the country's economy. I sat open mouthed at his nerve and at the ineptitude of Marr for accepting all his nonsense without question. But then this is the Beeb after all!

What I find mind boggling about the Labour Leadership is the total absence of an actual policy. They never propose a plan of action. Their cupboard is bare of ideas because if they haven't got our money to waste then there is no plan. Now they have spent the money then there is nothing left. This is why Ed Milliband is facing a blank sheet of paper and by the sound of it it will remain blank for some considerable time.

Maybe he should start with 'the eradication of poverty' and then ask his 'mate' Alan Johnson how he intends to do it!

Human Rights

I will never understand how we vote in well over 600 members to the House of Westmonster and only a few of them actually seem to matter. In the lead up to the General Election I distinctly heard David Cameron questioning the European Human Rights Act which Tony Blair adopted on our behalf.

It is probably the most pernicious piece of legislation ever introduced into our constitution and and has actually turned what was up until then was a fairly even handed judicial system on its head. Case after case flounders in our courts because of this piece of judicial nonsense and yet nobody challenges its existence.

Just what is it about our MPs that the minute they get elected they lose all courage. They lose their sense of justice and they lose their moral outrage. It is quite clear that the Human Rights Act protects the criminal. Our jails are full of foreign criminals who for one reason of another 'cannot' be deported. If we did deport those who do not deserve our largesse then we could then begin to jail our own felons.

Our prison population has only been monumental since good old Tony decided that he would ruin our justice system but that brings me back to the original question. Why can't we find a single MP who will stand up in parliament and demand the removal of the Human Rights Act from the statute books and more importantly why do our political elite want to retain it?

Thursday, 25 November 2010

It is that time of year....

Here we go it's humbug time! You know that I talk to my mates and we all dread Christmas because it take us out of our comfort zone. We have to go shopping for female things! Ouch! We are no longer single men with any sexual charisma and so we cannot anticipate what is right and what is wrong.

I mean what do we know about jewellery, handbags, cosmetics and suchlike. It is ridiculous! I wandered around town today groping for inspiration. The helpful shop assistants asked if they could help but how can they when I have no idea what I want/need/like!

Tomorrow I meet my mates and the last thing that we will discuss will be Christmas. We all love our families and it is lovely to spend time with them... but presents? It is so often a waste of money. We try to please and spend money that we would normally never even consider but somehow for some guys it is never enough and it ruins the occasion.

Fortunately I have the best advice a man could have. I have an absolute expert on shopping, someone unparalled in the art of pleasing her mum, someone who every year saves her dad from shame and ensures that her mum is happy! I just hope that she is reading this.

Student Riots!

Am I alone in believing that the modern day student is being manipulated by the political left wing? They along with union activists are the one group that can regularly be persuaded to march on the streets. The other grouping are Muslim activists but that is another question.

The National Union of Students has always been an arm of left wing politics which is probably natural as young people like to be revolutionary before they mature. Even so the modern NUS appears to be in the hands of political activists who are not averse to a spot of violence.

The destruction of a police vehicle highlighted yesterday's student protest one day after a student was charged with pelting the police with a fire extinguisher. Now I realise that not all modern students are brainless morons but unfortunately when a nation gives access to higher education to huge numbers of youngsters on the grounds of dodgy grades then it is likely that some will not cut the mustard.

I believe that the vast majority of students don't really appreciate the facts behind their marches. They have been fed socialist propaganda which manifests itself in small towns like mine when the local university buffoons marched onto the HQ of the local Tory MP. Nowhere else just that one target.

Don't get me wrong today's student has a lot to get angry about. They should be marching about their education because they have been short changed and manipulated. The problem is they should be addressing their grievances to the Students Union and the Teacher's Union not allowing themselves to be conned that it is the fault of everyone else!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Who represents us?

The Libdems were never destined for power. They never expected that they would be occupying ministerial limousines but they grabbed the opportunity and now they are paying the price. I suspect that for short term gain they will pay the price at the hustings.

Nobody will ever trust them again. Their activists are particularly aghast at the lack of trust which Clegg has demonstrated but then what about the Tory activists? David Cameron has suddenly dropped so many of the Tory policies and has abandoned all the Eurosceptic promises.

So what do we have on our political horizon? We have Labour who have been totally discredited by their abysmal economic performance which must never be repeated; we have LibDems who have sold their heritage down the river for a sniff of power and we have Tories who will not address the most desperate worries of their avid supporters.

To be honest none of them kept any promise. They were so dishonest that the whole General Election was a joke. Probably the only honest party were the BNP and we all knew what they stood for. The problem was that their leadership was so flawed that they had no chance of credibility. The same goes for UKIP who stand for a split from Europe but precious little else.

So what happens to the voter who wants the middle class, middle of the road, honest non racist decent citizen who pays taxes and has no preconceived aggravation towards anyone or anything? You know the normal, Caucasion, law abiding citizen who still make up (so far) the vast majority of the population.

The answer is that nobody cares about us. We pay for almost everything and yet we have no voice. I know that this is true because I hear it daily from all my friends and colleagues. I heard on my recent cruise, down my bowling club, through my British Legion membership and in my own living room.

We the payers, the people who puggy up (who cannot even rely upon a fair and honest tax system) have no voice in Parliament. None of the political parties represent us. Yes they represent all of the majority groupings like for example the Unions, the Students, the Bankers and the Businessmen but ...who represents us..the honest citizen?

Education and the BBC

This morning the BBC continued its campaign to criticise any attempts by The Coalition to introduce standards back into our education system. I sometimes think that the BBC are the official opposition where so many government matters are concerned. They continually support left wing policies that have failed despite huge sums of money being invested into them.

As usual the BBC invited a serving headteacher to lead the attack on the proposed changes which was tantamount to giving one of the perpetrators of our great education fraud a platform to defend himself. It is people just like him that have put into place a system which limits the opportunites of the poorest in society. They dumbed down the exams and enhanced grades to such an extent that the hardest working and brightest kids find it difficult to rise above the general mediocrity.

The BBC are in danger of showing their hand because instead of being a national institution they are rapidly descending into a force that could be
widely regarded as anti UK. A dangerous game for an organisation which relies on public money to fund its jaundiced activities.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Apparently the Education Minister, Michael Gove, is tomorrow reintroducing testing for children. He also has other plans to challenge the education establishment which are long overdue.

Already the education battalions are drawing up their battle lines to maintain the very principles which have hindered the education of our children for far too long. Yesterday morning the BBC (who else) brought on an Executive Head Teacher (a what?) from an Inner City school to endorse the very principles of education which have ruined our kids. He is Sir William Atkinson and the web site of his school typically endorses all the NoLab rhetoric which is designed to keep poor kids poor.

Michael Gove has a hard road to plough but I look forward to my granddaughters being much better educated than their mother. I look forward to testing without parent input and I look forward to competitive sport. I look forward to the bright being acknowledged and the less bright being given a challenge. Aspiration must be reintroduced to the education system.

The lefties will howl with rage but I suspect that Michael Gove already knows that. Many people have positions to protect. Many should and I hope will be sacked but the important aspect of this change in policy will be that our kids will be given a much better education. An education free of political indoctrination.

A Blank Sheet

It was probably just an unfortunate lapse but then when you lead a political party you should pay attention to what you say. Ed Milliband, who has been busier changing nappies recently than leading his party, declared that when discussing future party policies he would start with 'a blank page'.

Well no surprise there then! Many of us reckon that it just about sums up the contribution of the NoLab leadership in recent years. They continually chunter on criticising The Coalition but they have completely run out of ideas. That is the problem with socialists, if they have to stop spending money that they haven't got, then they are clueless.

Now the books are being written spilling the beans about all the poisonous backbiting which the socialists are famed for. They are still fighting like ferrets in a sack and I suspect that Ed Milliband will have to watch his back at every turn.

I really don't know how they do it. Nobody actually seems to like anyone else and yet they smile blandly pretending that they are all on the same side. They spend so much time plotting against each other that they don't have time to achieve anything. Their whole philosophy is so vaccuous that it is laughable and yet so many people cannot recognise how bad they are.

I have to laugh because now that they are out of power they all jump on the bandwagon. There is a serialisation currently being aired in 'The Daily Mail' exposing the plotting that didn't happen behind Gordon Brown's back! Apparently they all agreed (possibly after a few glasses of socialist champagne around at Hattie's pad) that Gordon was useless and had to go. Fair enough even they got that bit right but how could they do it and who does it?

This is the funny bit! Jack Straw bottled it (Ha!). Mad Hattie arranged it and then ducked under the table and they all left it to Pat Hewitt and Geoff Hoon to be the fall guys! Of course the plan failed as it was always destined to do because Gordon frightened the 's**t out of them. Well he was rather unpredictable and he did employ an army of thugs to watch his back.

Do you know if a talented scriptwriter wrote a parody about the NoLab party it would be regarded as being too far fetched. This is the party of the working class, the party created by courageous men and women to improve the lives of the poor people and they all end up quaffing champagne at Mad Hattie's pad!

My grandfather would rather have died at the Somme. My father would never believe the shame of this bunch of upper class twits and lower class thugs. The Labour movement is no more but how does one convince people who don't want to think about it?

Sunday, 21 November 2010

The European Union and its currency

Anybody who regularly visits this blog will know that I am an implacable enemy of the EU mainly because I see it as a socialist conspiracy. We were all conned into voting for it originally as it was presented as a Common Trading Market and it has since developed into a monster, swallowing huge sums of money which cannot be traced.

It has never passed an audit which I believe actually makes it illegal and yet so many of our politicians want you to believe that if you oppose this ridiculous union then you must be quite close to committing treason. We have never been granted a referendum on any of the changes which led to the political union and if any member state votes against it they are either ignored or told to vote again.

I cannot believe how they get away with it! But hold on... the Euro appears to be in real trouble thanks to some of the weaker member states who have actually wrecked their economies like socialists always do. Greece and Ireland are having to be bailed out by other member states (well Germany and the UK actually) to the tune of billions and billions!

Now way back in the last century Margaret Thatcher actually told anyone who would listen that a common currency for a variety of countries who had vastly different economies was not viable. Every man and his political dog rushed to denigrate her opinion and lo and behold she was right!

We, the British public, having just been forced to accept probably the worst cuts in our public services in living memory, thanks to our own socialists, are now being told that, as a member state, we must bail out Ireland even though we are not in the euro! It is amazing how the British puggy up every time someone fouls up.

You will remember that the Irish actually voted not to join the EU but were told to vote again until they got it right. Now they are paying the price for their weakness because once they have accepted the inevitable they cease to exist as an independent country. What price Irish heroes now? All that murder, torture and criminality for nothing. Perhaps the relatives of Captain Nairac and so many other dead British soldiers will raise a glass.

There will be much more of this but the more compelling question is whether the western economy will survive? I find it unbelievable that all these rich countries are being brought to their knees by some kind of weird banking crisis. It just isn't credible. Somebody is engineering a megacrisis from above. Don't ask me who is pulling the strings but please don't meekly accept what the politicians tell you.

Ever since the EU came into existance we have been under attack. Human Rights, Mass Immigration, Crooked Bankers... it only happens to us. If we need a public service it is never available but when the politicians want a service it is always available...through the EU of course. Get real folks!

Friday, 19 November 2010

I got Reviewed...!

Wow! I got reviewed by someone who looks at blogs and accordingly thought of this crazy little hobby as something worth commenting on. I really am quite chuffed because it began as an antedote to the frustration that consumed me whenever I saw the greed, the corruption and the arrogance of the Political Class.

I was spawned as a child of a socialist family. My family were Clydeside communists and my beloved grandfather was almost a founder member of the Independent Labour Party. As such he was a genuine conscientious objector but when push came to shove he was eventually forced to join the Cameronians where he was the only member of his school class to survive the Great War.

My great grandfather won a silver kettle for being the best marksman in The Cameronians; a regiment known for marksmen. I still have the medal and the inscribed kettle. I served for 25 years with the Royal Artillery and the Intelligence Corps and my son was a Paratrooper.

My family have served this country and so I believe that I have a right to comment on the utter depravity which pervades our so called Political Class. My review describes this blog as not for the f(e)aint hearted but then I only tell it as it is. I have no axe to grind and all my friends who read my ramblings have yet to blank me.

Indeed I am the President of my local bowls club (for the second time) so I have some measure of respect in my local community. I really appreciate that someone somewhere has stumbled across my personal attack on the people who are trying to destroy the freedom that my granddaughters should enjoy.

The day that they can leave their front door and play in the streets like I did then that will be the day that I stop shouting. What kind of society have we created that imprisons our children? Why in our so called democratic society can our children not run free? That is the crucial question which should face our Political Class.

Our Political Class have actually created a society where our children are imprisoned and yet nobody will address this question. Will someone please address it? When my beloved youngsters can leave their front door, protected by the police, protected by the government and protected by our pathetic judicial system then I will rest peacefully.

Until then you bastards I will expose everything that you hold dear. This has always been the purpose of this blog! Comments are welcome!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

How can he be found not guilty?

Do you remember the case of the Wiltshire custody Sergeant who lost his temper and bodily threw a woman into a cell after dragging her across the station floor? He was videoed on CCTV and the outcome was that her face was bashed in when she landed on the cell floor. My Gawd we could see the blood drippin onto the cell floor!

The whole episode shocked anyone who watched it because frankly it was abuse of power. Even his police chief condemned the act and openly stated that the sergeant would lose his job.

Well we forgot that this is Britain 2010 and even this guy could appeal and guess what...I know that you don't need me to tell you... he was cleared and can continue to bully the public. Disgust is too polite a word! What kind of judge could watch that video and then decide that the custody sergeant was not guilty of absolutely crass behaviour?

When will The Political Class realise that this kind of judgement offends any decent minded person? Will it ever end?

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Edukation, Educashun, Edookayshun

A remarkable young lady graced the Politics Show platform this lunch time and in an amazing manner demolished the myths of our Education system. Her name is Katherine Birbalsingh and she of the wild hairstyle was last seen basking in a standing ovation at the Tory party conference after a speech which blitzed the education establishment. It cost her her job which of course emphasised the lengths that the socialist teaching unions will go to protect their flawed principles.

This lunch time she once again layed bare the myths behind the examination fraud which is annually perpetrated on the public by the teaching profession. She compared today's Maths papers with those written in the 1970's and pronounced that the difference in difficulty was immense.

She criticised government (mainly NoLab I suspect) for interfering in classroom discipline and in every sense was campaigning for honesty in the education system. Her premise is that children should be made responsible for themselves and that we should stop making excuses for weakness.

She was articulate and enthusiastic steadfastly refusing to apportion blame but insisting that the kids were being let down by a soft system. Her proposal is that children should be allowed to fail in order that they be allowed to eventually succeed.

If David Cameron wants to become a national hero he should sign up Ms Birbalsingh, listen to her very carefully and implement her views. He could be saving my grandaughters from the unprincipled fraud into which they have just stepped. I do hope that we hear more from Katherine Birbalsingh.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A Royal Engagement

I will not go overboard about the announcement today because enough is being said but I did ponder about what faces this young couple. On the surface she sounds like a well grounded young lady from a family outside of the aristocracy. She must have courage to take on the role but what an opportunity she now has to do so much good.

Her former mother in law developed into the role and belatedly realised the power that she wielded. Unfortunately she did not always wield that power to good effect BUT she left a legacy which will always be admired.

William Wales is a young man with immense power but he is also a grounded young man. This couple have tested each other for a long time and have survived the test. They have decided to marry and I now believe that we have discovered a modern marriage that can have an unprecedented effect on modern life.

Already they have outflanked Ed Miliband by endorsing the union of marriage. They are a very modern couple and I believe that they have the potential to change, by example, so much that is wrong with our society.

Monday, 15 November 2010


We have lost so many good soldiers in Afghanistan that it is difficult to envisage any sort of compromise. In my opinion our intervention in that godforsaken country was, as usual, ill judged and ill advised. It is no surprise that when we entered into the conflict Tony Blair was the PM and that awful Jock, John Reid, was his Foreign Secretary.

We always have to support our lads and lasses but this particular war will,in my opinion, be recorded as a useless waste of life. Once again our socialist politicians will be found guilty of a major lack of judgement. Their war is not against the Taliban or even Al Queida...their war is against you and me.

Make no mistake these communists/socialists are all about total power. They want to control everyone and yet their philosophy is disastrous. Their economic policy is unrealistic and time after time they fail in their aims. My grandfather was a far left supporter and so was my father but I guarantee that when faced with the ideology of today's left wing they would realise that their hopes and ambitions have been usurped by political activists!

Please be aware of what is happening because the future of our grandchildren is at stake. Fortunately for all of us, Gordon Brown emerged and even to the uninterested he was such a disaster that we were all alerted. It was even more pronounced when his mentor, Jack Jones, was outed as a Soviet spy. Ouch!

I believe that Gordon blew the whole game. He became a figure of fun and as such destroyed the socialist ideology. Gordon was a gift to the right and they have swallowed it. Gordon destroyed the NoLab philosophy because he was so dreadful. Thank you Gordon, you appeared on Remembrance Day, dishevelleved as usual and a reminder of your pitiful performance.

So what would make you happy?

Apparently David Cameron is proposing a campaign to discover what makes people happy? Why would he want to do that unless he intends to follow up on it and how could he? It is quite obvious what makes people happy and even more so it is also obvious what makes them angry.

Most people want sufficient money to have a good quality of life. Most of us hold our family dear and value our friends. These are personal values most of which the PM cannot change. What he could do however, is deliver a fair society. There is so much inequality in our modern society mostly caused by the past thirteen years of socialist manipulation.

He should bring back family values which would also help to bring morality back to the country. We should also bring back fairness into the job market particularly in the Public Sector where far too many people are employed for their political beliefs rather than their ability. The Civil Service in particular should return to promotion examinations so that those who merit promotion get what they deserve (and more importantly those who don't...DON'T).

He should discontinue the Human Rights legislation which is designed to favour the criminal and above all the should tell the European Union that they will not get a penny more from the UK until they pass an audit. Then we should begin to repatriate all the foreign criminals currently filling our jails and costing us a fortune thanks to the deliberately engineered mass immigration programme.

He MUST revolutionise education in this country which is generally woeful. We used to have a fair society and we should return to it. It begins at school where closely supervised examinations should discover who deserves a university education and who should find a job. Streaming should return so that the academically bright are recognised and valued. Returning to competitive sport would also replace the physical loss of living in a country where we are too scared to allow our kids out to play!

David Cameron talks a lot about a 'big' society but fails to address the problems of an unfair society. When people start to believe that we are living in a fair society it would not be long before the feel good factor returned.

It will of course take courage. He will have to face down the public sector unions (that will be inevitable at any rate) but I am certain he would get huge support from the British public because above all else we British recognise fair play even though we haven't seen much of it for a long time.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

The evil from within....

Sometimes it is difficult to comprehend the lengths that some modern day public servants will go to maintain a measure of power. I have long held the belief that some of our more prominent politicians/government officials are following an agenda which is designed to force change on our way of life.

It is difficult to believe that people who have reaped the rewards of living in a relatively free society would wish to bring it down but no matter which way one slices the cake it is clear that forces have been at work during the past twenty years or more attempting to change our society.

Today I read a remarkable article in The Mail on Sunday written by Brian Paddick, a former Met Deputy Assistant Commissioner, explaining why the police failed to react to the student demonstration allowing them to partly demolish the Tory Party HQ. Now I have no doubt that Paddick has an agenda of sorts but he alleges that former Commissioner Sir Ian Blair on assuming the role of the Met's top copper deliberately replaced all the experienced officers in charge of Public Order. Such was the extent of the purge that it left the Met short of experienced leaders on Public Order.In addition he alleges that Sir Ian Blair also watered down the intelligence gathering capability of the Met.

Now if this is true then why would the former Commissioner wish to do that? After all it would have been an act so foolhardy that one could almost direct a charge of treachery against Blair which is actually what Paddick is doing. It is a most serious accusation in print and I would expect legal proceedings to emerge in the not so distant future.

What I find uncomfortable however, is that Sir Ian Blair was well known to be a supporter of the New Labour cause to such an extent that when Boris Johnson assumed the role of Mayor of London one of his first acts was to sack Blair. I now wonder however,if the damage had already been done? I must admit that I was astonished at the non reaction of the Met to the hordes of students descending on the capital. I was more astonished at the lack of protection for such an obvious target as the Tory Party HQ.

I never believe that people who have ascended to roles of power are totally inept (although some are trying to prove me wrong) so the question has to be asked...are their high ranking officers in the Met who are prepared to aid and abet anarchy to forward their own weird agenda? It is all very well for the present Commissioner, Sir Paul Stephenson, to be 'embarrassed' by the absence of police on the ground but what is he doing about it?

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Our National Debt

The Taxpayer's Alliance has recently issued a statement which details that our National Debt is £4.8 trillion which is so huge that we cannot contemplate the consequences. We all knew that we were in trouble but to THIS extent?

Recently I surmised that Ireland may be close to bankruptcy and I suggested that we, as a country, also had problems but I never thought that we were so close to ruin. This is really serious folks. If this continues we will be close to bartar!

What I find really hard to get my head around is what our Political Class were doing to run up such a debt. I mean we had a Prime Minister who had previously been Chancellor of the Exchequer. In one remarkable outburst in the Commons he claimed to have saved the rest of the world but who in office was squandering taxpayer's money to such an extent that he has apparently ruined the economy.

In doing so he, of course, sold off gold reserves at rock bottom prices and raided the pension pot. He then blamed the bankers, who he could have regulated, for the problems facing the country. During his watch the country's MPs carried out their own raid on the public purse and government officials throughout the land awarded themselves unbelievable pension pots and salary increases.

It still continues unabated because nobody in public life can resist the temptation to raid the public purse. They are all bloating themselves at our expense. Nothing changes apart from our contribution increases annually...witness yesterday's gas prices rise... and nobody bats an eyelid.

Sorry folks but trillions in debt and socialism still rampant. I have yet to hear one word of contrition from the previous government. They just ignore the consequences of what they did. To hear them you would never realise that they presided over the worst financial diaster that the country has ever faced. How can any group of people be quite so arrogant? It beggar's belief!

Friday, 12 November 2010

A Local Derby

Tomorrow my football team, Derby County, play Leicester City in a championship league game. Tonight down at my local sports club the banter was aimed at me because I am the sole Derby fan and all the rest are avid 'Fester' fans.

Tomorrow afternoon I will get out my prayer mat and hope that my team can continue their wonderful run which is as good as I can remember in the past ten years.

Please, please don't lose to Leicester City! It may not mean much to the average Rams Fan but to me it is crucial! Sad isn't it?

UPDATE: Oh well back to the drawing board! Aaaagh!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Game on...!

So now we know that some of the NUS leaders were actively involved in the attack on Tory Party HQ. It is being said that they misled the police regarding the number of students attending the demo but I find that difficult to believe.

Either police intelligence has become so naive that they have become ineffective or someone decided to give the students a head start and kept the bad boys away from the front line. The extent to which the left wing throughout Europe will defend their power grab should not surprise anyone. They have had 13 years to infiltrate all levels of public life and now we are seeing the consequences.

The unions are gearing up for a battle which was expected but the NUS? Yes they have always been left wing but militant to the extent that they will destroy property and pelt the police with fire extinguishers from nine floors up?

Yesterday I watched the riots through the medium of SKY NEWS and they interviewed many students who were shocked by the violence. These same students must now realise that they have been manipulated by politically motivated activists in the NUS.

Many of them clearly came to London to make a point that they had every right to make but their Union had other ideas. This will continue so if they do not like the violence then they should stay away or form an alternative group to challenge the NUS within the student group.

Whatever else the battle lines are being drawn. The government must organise themselves because the left command a lot of troops who are prepared to descend on the streets and fight for their cause however misguided. The rest of us must realise that if we do not want to be the slaves of the public services or if we don't want to be subjected to a Soviet style tyranny then we must prepare for a battle. It really is 'Game On'!

More riots to come...?

Apparently the Facebook pages and Tweets are full of forthcoming events being arranged through the National Union of Students to protest against government cuts and increases in university fees. There seems to be some kind of general agreement that what we witnessed yesterday will inevitably be repeated but on a much grander scale.

Unfortunately I find myself agreeing that we are heading for trouble on the streets but not purely because of the austerity cuts. People in this country are generally unhappy about so many aspects of their lives.

The Political Class in general have proven themselves to be untrustworthy and I mean politicians from all parties. Not only do so many of them support the unaudited, unelected EU but so many have also stolen from the public purse and they routinely break promises and ignore electoral pledges.

It is their amoral attitude, their petty bickering and total disregard for the electorate which is behind the deep rooted dissatisfaction fanning the public. It matters little who talks to whom the conversations always meander onto our disquiet with our politicians and government officials.

Most of us didn't vote for mass immigration, we still haven't been given a referendum on Europe, we didn't adopt the Human Rights Act, we didn't send our lads and lasses to Afghanistan and we didn't let the bankers ruin the economy.

We don't agree with the huge public sector salaries, the massive expenses, the huge increases in council tax or the cutbacks in care for the elderly, training for the youngsters and maintenance of the highways. We didn't get a vote on the dumbing down of education, the ridiculous increase in university places and the lack of classroom discipline.

We could all go on and on because I have yet to even mention about the Hospitals, the Transport system, the Police or the Tax authorities. Everywhere that the public look we see complacency, incompetence, deceit, ignorance, greed, arrogance and foul play. It breeds despair, anger and revenge.

I don't like seeing these young idiots hurling fire extinguishers down onto the police but I suspect that one day it will get worse until someone, somewhere in the bowels of Westminster decides to consult the electorate and stick to their election promises.

As we saw at 11am today the British public still have that inbred sense of respect and decency which separates us from so many other countries. It was uplifting to see so many people observe the silence which honours our fallen without a prompt from anyone. It is this legacy which the politicians would do well to follow.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Riots in London!

The National Union of Students is traditionally a left wing organisation which in the past has been led by people like Phil Woolas and Jack Straw so when they decide to hold a 'peaceful' protest in Central London one would expect that the Metropolitan Police Force might suspect trouble.

According to the NUS they had cosily arranged with the Met that everything would be fine so a police presence would not be necessary. Well I don't really know if that was the deal but as there were thousands of students on the streets and only a couple of bobbies one has to speculate.

Of course if there are thousands of left wing students on the streets and the Conservative Party Headquarters is just down the road then is it likely that it would come under threat? Once again the Met beggar belief when it comes to leadership, planning and strategy because lo and behold everything kicked off and the police were not placed to repel the threat.

Whenever I see the high ranking, female, police media representatives then I know that there will be, or has been a cock-up. What on earth has happened to real police officers? We either get the bullying agitators that we saw in the G20 problem or we get the prissy, ineffective plods who look scared to death. Where were the bullies when they were needed?

It seems a shame that with all the problems that we have in this country the only organisation that can bring people onto the streets is the NUS. I watched the blanket coverage on Sky this afternoon and many of these young people were genuine but unfortunately the lunatics took over the asylum and unless the NUS can police their own show then they will always get a bad press.

What a weak country we have become because the police were hopeless and I do wonder if this was politically motivated. When the left are involved we get the ladies but if the public are involved we get the bullies. It does need addressing Mayor Boris because you are supposed to be the Mayor of London and you are supposed to be a Tory!

Auditors reject the EU....yet again!

For the 16th year in succession auditors have failed to sign off the EU accounts claimimg that about £4 billion has been spent unwisely. Apparently farmers have been paid for crops that they didn't grow and animals have been double counted.

It is becoming an annual farce which, if the EU commissioners had a modicum of shame, would be addressed. The fact that they continue to ignore this embarrassing situation emphasises the incompetence which member countries should protest against.

If they can squander £4billion in a year then they have no right to ask for any increase in contributions. I still cannot believe that almost everyone of our leading politicians are quite happy to continue to support such a level of incompetence and waste. It is a modern day scandal.

False Accounting

The news today that the three MPs accused of 'false accounting' will now be tried in a criminal court is welcome to anyone sickened by their greed. How they can deny the charge is beyond me but so be it and all three must risk substantial prison sentences if the law is upheld.

What I find puzzling is that only three are being been prosecuted. Why only three when the actual number of MPs who could be accused of 'false accounting' must run into the hundreds? Throw in the members of the Lords who have also been exposed as 'swindlers' and the numbers continue to grow.

For example the general practice of 'flipping houses' is corrupt because the perpetrators knew that they were cheating the system. Illegally claiming expenses that they were not entitled to should also surely be termed 'false accounting'. Even Gordon claiming his SKY subscriptions was dishonest because he knew that the system was not meant for that.

That is before we look at the Jacqui Smith case and the McNulty fiasco and so I return to my original question. Why only three of them when so many have apparently infringed the rules to such an extent that a charge of 'false accounting' could be appropriate?

Perhaps these are the test cases and more will follow but I won't hold my breath.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Is Ireland actually Bust?

Today I listened to a programme on BBC Radio 2 which made me sit up and take notice. The subject was the financial position of the Republic of Ireland which has been brought into question by at least one major bank.

Apparently this one bank has lost so much money gambling that it has brought down the country's economy. Now I know that the Irish have a reputation for gambling and I have personally witnessed their reckless disregard for their personal finances at the Cheltenham National Hunt Festival but to ruin the economy of a country is farcical.

Now I have to ask...and I will continually.. how can a country, under the umbrella of the EU, collapse like Greece and now Ireland?

How many other countries will we see going to the wall under the umbrella of the EU. Who will be next? Spain, Italy or Portugal or dare I suggest the UK? I see all the western nations dashing to the east for trade agreements. They are all scrabbling around India and China... does this mean that in general the western economies have been wrecked?

Have the world financiers decided that they must now change direction and that the western countries will now become the poor countries of the future. I have a horrible feeling that my granddaughters will soon be learning Hindu or Mandarin.

Phil Woolas and Mrs Speaker!

I cannot believe the tangle that the Labour Party is getting itself into over the question of Phil Woolas. Let us be clear he is a real little shit who has continually flaunted every aspect of his political career. Witness his run in with Joanna Lumley over the Ghurka question when he was made to look like the inept little man that he actually is.

He was clearly panicking during the General Election (where he scraped home by a little more than 100 votes) when he issued an election pamphlet which apparently racially slandered an election opponent. Now New Labour have almost traded on their diversity agenda and here one of their foremost advocates is seen trading on racism in an effort to win votes.

Clearly a judge has decided that he was out of order and declared the election null and void...so...what happens next? Well the Labour leadership agrees that the legal decision is correct and throws little Phil out of the party. Wow! Whizzbang!

The wife of the Speaker (of all people) decides to guest on the telly and support Phil Woolas and not long after the Speaker gives him a stay of execution. Now he is after a Judicial Review and apparently there is a revolt in the Labour Party against their own leadership.

In this modern political age does this not just emphasise the concerns of the public about The Political Class? They are really incorrigible. They are demonstrating a level of corruption that even their own colleagues cannot accept and yet they still support someone who lied in his election address and was actually guilty of a racial slur!

Well let's face it he is a member of the Labour party so anything goes. They are absolutely without shame and it does not surprise anyone that Sally Bercow, who apparently has a reputation for indiscretion, uses her husband's position to air her jaundiced opinions.

I really now question the appointment of the current Speaker! I always have done but now his wife is ensuring that he is the wrong man for the job. How can Parliament accept a man who is actually so weak that he can be compromised by his wife. I know that in this day and age traditional values have been trashed but can Sally Bercow not realise that she is compromising the neutrality of her husband.

Apparently not!

Monday, 8 November 2010

What is his game...?

Like most people I lost confidence in our politicians some years ago and that is why I am intrigued about David Cameron. He keeps hinting that he wants to bring our country back to its former glory and that he wants to reverse the socialist trends.

Is he for real? Does he really want to bring back our former freedom? Will we really get back our freedom of speech and escape the clutches of the Health and Safety Nazis. Can we believe that he will actually repatriate thousands of criminals to their original countries? Will we really get back our police from the socialist charlatans who have usurped their power?

The questions continue and I remember well that I blogged about Barack Obama when everyone thought he was the saviour of the world...yeah I remember saying...be careful because politicians need major finance and the people who provide that finance rule the world. Somebody, somewhere owns Obama and somebody somewhere also owns Cameron. I know he is a rich man in his own right but there is always an angle.

The super rich do not think of you and I but perhaps it suits someone, somewhere to reinstate the United Kingdom to its former glory. Let us hope so because at present the EU is sucking the blood out of all the member states and for no good reason.

Perhaps the bankers who actually rule the world (like the Rothschilds and the Rockefellas) will decide to change tack and allow David Cameron a little freedom to become a great Prime Minister. If they do (and he is married to an Astor) then David Cameron has an opportunity to change all of our lives!

Cynical I know but also realistic!

Friday, 5 November 2010

Now how do the Coalition fight a By-Election?

The declaration of the Woolas election victory as void has given the Coalition a real headache. Given that the majority was a little over 100 votes both the Tories and the LibDems must feel that they can win the seat.

The problem is a real headache for the electorate as well. Just who do they trust? NoLab have proven that they cannot be trusted with a national economy and their representatives do tend to tell lies. The LibDems ditched most of their principles when offered a sniff of power and one can hardly link the current Tory leadership with anything vaguely hard line conservative.

In every direction electoral promises have been broken meaning that manifestos are not worth the paper that they are scratched onto. It might be an extraordinary election or it might not even get off the ground. Perhaps the voters will just snub the whole charade and ignore all the nonsense that will come through their letter boxes.

Another one bites the dust...

I doubt if too many people, outside of his personal circle, will bemoan the toppling of Phil Woolas from his lofty perch on the NoLab front bench. He has always come across as a nasty character, full of his own importance and his character assassination of an electoral opponent has finally caught him out.

Politics has always been known as a particularly dirty game but it is amazing how the NoLab party in particuklar seems to attract so many 'dodgy' elements. One after another they are caught out either fiddling expenses, abusing their power of various activites which display character defects.

One only has to look at Blair, Brown, Blunkett, Jacqui Smith, Mandelson, Prescott etc etc. The list also extends into the House of Lords where the NoLab peers in particular have been caught out time and time again abusing their positions. In Scotland it appears that they are even worse where allegations of wrongdoing are never far away from the Scottish Labour MPs. I do wonder how it is that this party seems to attract the worst types.

Even the current leader was prepared to stab his own brother in the back to win the leadership contest. Not nice at all!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Derby County

On Saturday my beloved Rams take on another inform team when they play Portsmouth live on SKY TV. A few weeks ago we were lying third from the bottom of the Championship and looked a demoralised and threatened team. Now we lie seventh and look a revitalised outfit.

Credit has to be given to the manager Nigel Clough and his coaching staff because the club is being turned around. Everyone suffered after the ill fated promotion three years ago which destroyed morale. Then followed the Paul Jewell era where players were recruited regardless of loyalty or effectiveness.

It now transpires that Nigel came with a plan. He raided the lower divisions and the non-league circuit and recruited ambitious young raw players. Personally I lived through the era created by his Dad and I cannot believe that he is repeating the process.

It is still very early to make conclusions but the portents are good. The first team squad is very young and very precocious. In between there is experience featuring people like Robbie Savage, Sean Barker and Dean Leacock who are all quality performers but the excitement is with the 'kids'!

Two players recruited from Crewe, two from Burton Albion, another from Exeter, and one from Ilkeston Town! A free transfer from Wigan Athletic and a couple of out of contract players from Doncaster Rovers and this cheap and relatively untested squad are playing good teams off the park.

Saturday will be an important game because Portsmouth have a lot of Premiership players relegated last year wanting to re-establish themselves. If the Rams win then I will begin to believe yet again that we are on the way back. I cannot wait!

The continuing problems with extreme Muslims...

It is really ironic that the enquiry into the only ever attack on the London underground system has coincided with the trial of the woman convicted of attacking Stephen Timms the East London MP. It highlights that the lax attitude to mass immigration in this country has contributed to the crime statistics and in my opinion will continue to do so.

What I find particularly irritating is the people demonstrating outside of the Stephen Timms trial goading the British public with their obnoxious placcards. Why were they not arrested and deported? Why are they continually allowed a freedom not allowed to the indigenous population? We just cannot have these lunatics polluting our society.

The police should be given clear guidelines by the Coalition about the treatment of extreme Muslims. It now transpires that two of the underground bombers were on the radar but were not 'lifted' which had dire consequences for so many commuters. A soft approach never succeeds. We must clamp down harder but as usual we won't and therefore I fear that one day someone will succeed in a repeat attack. Regrettably more lives will be lost until we learn our lesson.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Listen to the People...!

So Barack Obama is losing ground in the United States because, so the media state, he has lost the confidence of the people. Does that not resonate here as well? Hell we had 20 years or so of Tories who didn't listen to the people and that was why we generally voted for someone like Tony Blair.

He sounded so plausible and so eloquent and yet turned out to be exactly what we didn't need... a self serving, manipulated, weak excuse for a human being. He gave away to Gordon Brown (and remember we didn't get a vote on him} who turned out to be a sociopath hell bent on wrecking our economy.

So is is not about time that we got a government that we have actually voted for? Well there a few hundred thousand LibDem voters who didn't vote for a Coalition and there are a few million votes who voted Conservative and once again didn't get what they wanted.

The big question is ...when will we get what we actually vote for? When will the political manifesto be held to account? For example how can David Cameron question our membership of the EU and in the same breath say it makes him 'physically sick'?

Is it not time to question the honesty of our politicians? The whole political problem is encompassed by our membership of the unelected, unaudited, conglomorate of socialist opportunists who squander vast amounts of public money. While politicians like David Cameron support this Union and deny the British public their vote on that Union then they face the charge of political corruption.

Sorry to continually go on but it is so important! Our whole politicial system depends on this EU membership. David Cameron stands up in parliament and wrings his hands about the European Human Rights Laws...he is our Prime Minister and he is telling us all that he has no power to change a lunatic European Human Rights Act!

Listen to the people David or you will get the same response that Barack Obama got in the States. You can only blame the NoLab party for so long and then it is down to you.

Human Rights!

Once again the spectre of Human Rights legislation has reared its ugly head and the establishment are wingeing because a former prisoner has taken the government to task and insisted that convicted prisoners are allowed to vote.

Make no bones about it this person, a murderer, comes across as a human cesspit. He is aggressive, unrepentent and rude. Behind all the lack of human compassion however lies a cunning brain and it probably takes such a man to insist on a principle which most of us find repugnant.

The real problem is of course the legislation imposed upon us by Europe. Human Rights legislation is a lawyer's dream and if our politicians had had the courage to opt out like so many have hinted prior to most recent elections then we would not face the problem. Once again it has taken a human rogue to expose the rotten laws introduced by the European Law Courts.

So you get what you deserve! Until someone seriously challenges the Coalition to allow the population a referendum on the EU then we will continue to fear these ridiculous challenges. If David Cameron feels 'physically sick' about the outcomes emanating from the law that he refuses to remove then he knows what he should do.

As usual however he poses as a Eurosceptic, complains about almost everything and yet steadfastly refuses to take one positive step to remove the source of the problem. The Human Rights Act is a source for evil and should be repealed in this country and if nothing else the murderer John Hirst has demonstrated it.

Monday, 1 November 2010


I have had an idle night this evening just surfing the net and generally watching Blackpool beating West Brom and also watching that wonderful series 'Spooks'. This is my little paradise, my computer, two tellies and my keyboard. I am never bored and I can seek out my mates whenever I want. Downstairs is my wife of 41 years tapping away on her DS games player secure that she is at long last free of watching SKY Sports!

Like so many others I 'Google' the past and present and tonight I 'googled' my old school. Way back in 1954 I achieved the almost impossible for a kid from a Council estate beause I passed the 11+ and qualified for a really elite grammar school. It was called Derby School and it had 400 years of tradition behind it.

This poor kid from a Scottish working class family actually qualified for a school for the 'posh' kids and my parents were ecstatic! Unfortunately neither of us could,at the time, cope with my achievement and I failed miserably when it came around to the GCE results. However my REAL education had been achieved and I have never looked back from the wonderful Derby School education that I received.

Tonight I 'Googled' Derby School and found a wonderful photograoph of my teachers (or so many of them). I could not believe it! There in front of my eyes were Fizzer, Loopy, Jack, Rocky and Boris! The Internet is a wonderful tool if used properly. Tears in the eyes folks...if only I knew then what I know now!